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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  November 16, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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your friends close and enemies closer with a new name rumored for attorney general. you are going to have to think back to the gop primary to answer that one. that as team trump pushes back on reports that this whole process is not going as smoothly as it should. with the transition under way and the president elect trump busy putting his cabinet together. our reporters are outside trump tower bringing you all the latest as it is happening. lets start with the political story now that the election is over. donald trump's transition into the white house. kelly o'donell is up in capitol hill once again for us. we are hearing with no major announcement today. what are people saying? >> you can imagine, kate, it is of high interest here on capitol hill and one of the names that had sort of popped today is a bit of a head scratcher if you remember some of the conflicts of the primary season, that's
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ted cruz, his name is being floated. we don't know how serious it is for a potential position for attorney general. he's of course, known as someone with a strong legal background and he was a clerk for the late chief justice and -- a legal history is something he certainly has on his resume. during the campaign, of course, he had a lot of tossle with donald trump. and he was booed by those republicans who were there for the trump convention. what a rocky road they have traveled. today ted cruz said he wants to be helpful. he did not directly addressed whether he's contacted or willing to accept any kind of
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position in the trump's administration. it is a delicious parlor game and it is in full sort of flower at this point because people are anxious to know who'll these names be. cruz is a new iteration. i can also tell you that lyndsey graham joked that ted cruz would be voted. that's and sort of a we would vote for him to move onto another position. that was all in humor but it gives you an idea of how ted cruz's name is making the rounds today in trump's world as we play this guessing game. >> so interesting. rudy giuliani 's name has been on our list a couple of days now and newt gingrich. >> we have been hearing from rudy giuliani making a public play for secretary of sate. he, too, may have been a
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candidate for attorney general in the sense that he had prior to be new york city mayor. the laws something he knows. that's not something he's not interested in and wants to be secretary of state. another person missing from capitol hill who's expected to play some kind of role in the trump administration is jeff sessions who's been an ally of trump from the early moments. she was involved in his immigration plan. there were different posts where his name gets associated with from department of defense to homeland security or attorney general, both of those positions would have direct responsibility of implementing immigration policies. he's been very closely involved in the transition working to assemble the name. jeff sessions is one of those names are also being talked about. >> and senator bob corker. >> yes, he of course is the chairman of the senate form
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relations committee. there was a brief moment of time where he was interviewed and went to visit trump at trump tower. he's a serious person when it comes to foreign policy issues and doing the dance of expressing interest of what president elect trump will ask him to serve. he's been contacted or really want to serve if asked. >> that's how the dance is done, is it? kelly o'donell. >> thank you very much for all the news, appreciate it. here in new york, team trump is also hard at work at trump tower. cal perry is out there for us. cal, i understand that a short time ago, you had a chance to speak to campaign manager, kellyanne conway, as she was coming and going out of trump tower. you asked about the rumor of the process being disorganized, what did she have to say? >> reporter: they're trying to
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exude a sense of calm and take a look at what kellyanne conway had to say. >> there is been reports of the team is not going smoothly >> false. very engaged and i looked around the room and i saw folks serving the administration and i looked past them and i saw young men and women who were born after ronald reagan. it is a big job. >> reporter: you discussed the roles. >> yes, i have discussed the role early election night. >> reporter: any chance of sharing it at all? >> no, not yet. >> reporter: we heard from her early in the morning from eric trump of a high level announcement today. i asked kellyanne conway today of what she thought about that. listen kate, we are here and
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ready to be surprised. >> yeah, indeed stake out. >> which means we are standing there and waiting who comes and who goes. bill deblasio, what did he had to say? he met with trump upstairs for quite a while. >> reporter: yeah, over an hour and he came out and told the media he really talked to the president elect trump about three main issues of taxes on the rich and the fears that new yorkers have about deportation and stopnd frisk at all three issues. all throw issues he ran on in order to become mayor of new york. he spoke to the media about some of the fears the community have here. >> take a listen. >> i talked about our muslim community, i let him know that something that so many people don't know that there are 900 muslims members of the nypd protecting all of us and every community and every kind of
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person. i told him that we were very concerned that we had to show all new yorkers including muslim new yorkers that they were welcome. >> reporter: the other story line is we are following here in midtown manhattan is what will happen with the security situation and which streets will remain open or close? he says there will be announcements tomorrow as the nypd continues and working with hands and gloves with the secret service. >> cal perry, thank you very much, he's about six blocks up from me of a major fair. >> today mike pence meeting vice president joe biden. kasie hunt has that part of the story for us. what are your sources telling us what went down inside? >> reporter: we are here in the house of representatives where mi pence used to serve one of the leaders of the republican
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conference. that helps explain why he is being pretty warmly welcomed back. it is not necessarily the kind of reception of distrust fu full -- and republicans here on capitol hill and mike pence and joe biden had a warm meeting by all accounts, at the naval observatory is where mike pence will be moving into and pence joked with reporters where they got the cook tour of the place. you can see the bidens and the pences coming out. he does not think it is going to happen. and about a transition moving forward. mike pence also joking that he
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may talked his wife into getting a new dog to live on the ground of that compound which is not too far from where we are in massachusetts avenue at washington, d.c. >> kasie hunt, thank you very much. coming up, retired general michael flint is seen come and goes for this. what can his influence mean for our national security? ou r mission is to produce programs and online content for african women as they try to build their businesses and careers. my name is yasmin belo-osagie and i'm a co-founder at she leads africa. i definitely could not do my job without technology. this windows 10 device, the touchscreen allows you to kind of pinpoint what you're talking about. which makes communication much easier and faster than the old mac that i used to use. you can configure it in so many different ways, it just, i don't know, it feels really cool. i feel like i'm in the future. here you go.picking up for kyle. you wouldn't put up with part of a pizza.
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we are tracking all the latest developments on trump's possible pick of cabinet. earlier today, jeff sessions arrived at trump's tours fwer f visit. he's reportedly being considered
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for secretary of defense. we are keeping an eye on general michael flinn. lets turn to nbc's hans nicoll who is following all of this today. why are your sources considering that he will play some kind of a role in the white house. >> well, comfort is one. >> and loyalty. flinn was with trump from the beginning. sources say they are kind of closing the transition. in that corner office is president elect trump and national security adviser. he served until just a couple of years ago and forced out. he was head of the defense and intelligence agency. that's the pentagon's in-house and cia. he's close with general mccrystal. he's a bit of a mavericks and one sort of example here where he publishes this report
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critical of barack obama of the direction he's taking. he did that through a think tank and in terms of his war view. there is not a lot of space there. take a look at this quote, this is something he says during the republican convention earlier this summer. he said that my god, war is not about bathrooms. war is not about political correctness or words that are meaningless. war about winning. that was in response to a great deal of concerning within the lgbt community about whether or not gender assignment how that matches of what was happening at birth. you see someone that's very much in line of trump's war view and very hawkish. >> you have been reporting about whether or not there is a team of team trump at the pentagon and learning the ropes. does that happen yet? >> as of 20 minutes ago, that has not happened. there is no communication and
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contact from the trump side. the transition with the pentagon. the way it is going to work out is there has to be a need at the trump campaign and they get in the transition. they get the numbers of who to call at the pentagon. >> if the transition needs to make the phone call has not happened. >> it is only a week and is that typical or are we behind schedule? >> we have to go back to 2000s really and 2008. i have not talked to all the people on transition there. within a week, it seems that it is reasonable of nothing's happened. we'll find out more on how a typical this is. remember 2000s comparison, it was a contested election and the transition is very busy. 2008, we had a clean election results and they hit the ground running and president obama really appreciated the transition and the effort after a decisive campaign that
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president bush handed over to him. he's been clear to everyone that he wants a smooth transition, they are waiting for that call for the transition team. >> hans, thank you very much. i appreciate it. for more, i want to bring in our research fellow at the hoover institution and the former director at defense strategy and requirements for the national security back under george h.w. bush. she was vocal of opposition of donald trump. it is nice to have you with us and thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. what do you think of michael flinn, do you think he's a good choice for something like this? >> well, you know, the kind of qualifications making someone a good national security adviser are prudence and a fair amount of experience and getting team to work well together. the real challenge running the
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u.s. under agency and the government and making the internal part work is getting a team that trust each other and working well together and the way to think about it is an orchestrater of a symphony. is that an endorsement or you are not sure? >> well, i am skeptical that his temperament would be well suited to it. actually, his temperament is suited to the president and that matters a lot in doing that job. president elect trump, he has his right to choose the people around him who understands his agenda and working together. >> from what i hear, tell us the story, he urged people, republicans like you to get involved in the trump's transition. >> well, it was a private conversation so i don't want to characterize it.
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i think the advise that a lot of us who have been principled and anti-trump republicans. even if we don't want to join the administration ourselves, it matters for the entire country. i very much hope that other principle conservatives would so. >> that's what i was going to ask you. you would not do it yourself. >> i believe that our president deserves to have a team and work to carry it out and i don't believe i can do that. >> corey, with the hoover institution. thank you very much for your time. >> it is been a pleasure. isis leader are applauding trump's victory and looking as a way to recruit more fighters. should we be worried here in the u.s.? world ugly and messy.
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new reports of 32 people killed in the syrian city of aleppo as air strikes entered a second day. it is targeting terrorists from syrian government. fi hospitals in ruined. richard engel is joining me right now.
12:23 pm
we are lucky to have him in new york with us. what's happening on the ground? >> the fact remains that eastern aleppo is under attack. and there is been a few pauses of russia and humanitarian pauses and now those pauses are over and there is a big offense under way. the attack targeting hospitals appeared to be carrying out by the syrian regime. i spoke to the doctor, he said regime helicopter dropping bombs. it is shooting fish in a barrel. we are talking about particular part of aleppo. eastern aleppo about 250,000 people inside. it is surrounded by territory that's in government hands and the government now syrian regime back by russia is throwing everything they can not to only
12:24 pm
drive the rebels out of that part of the city but making it impossible to live there. >> do you think there are terrorists inside the hospitaos hospitals. why would they target civilian hospitals. >> the regime calling this a counter terrorism operation. the russians calling it a counter terrorism operation. they consistently said that that it is the terrorists who are holdi holding the civilians a shield. the terrorists to use their words to just leave and the operation would stop. what people in the city say that they are not terrorists. they are doctors and children and it was children's hospital of one of the main facilities attacked today. they are still holding onto their rebellion against
12:25 pm
civilians. >> you have been to some of these parts? >> we have been filming with the doctors for quite sometime. it had the best maternity war in the city of that part of the city. it was the only, there were three pediatricians working for about 90,000 children. >> three? >> three. this was the only functioning children's hospital. >> before i let you go, i have to ask you of an impact of the election. trump could be a "natural ally" in syria. what do you expect to change under president elect trump. >> frankly, it is hard to know. i asked the doctor who was in the basement of the damaged hospital, one of those three pediatricians, well, what do you think about trump's arrival here
12:26 pm
and i mention that kwoed thquot says trump can be an actual ally and the doctor says well, president obama have not done anything for us anyway. he thought maybe with the new president, things could get better. frankly, if you are at rock bottom which is where they are at eastern aleppo, maybe any change looks good. >> it could be wrong. >> i could be wrong though. >> we just don't know. >> richard engel, thank you very much. lets get a closer look at possible national security policy under this new administration. i want to bring in our msnbc senior national security analyst, quan, it is nice to see you, too. >> i feel lucky today that i got everybody onset. >> i am honored today to be with
12:27 pm
richard. he's a great journalist. >> absolutely. >> macy's parade. but, that raised a lot of eye brows and people are concerned of national security and the moment we are in. should we be in? >> yes, i think yes. isis is inspiring individuals to attack and fellow citizens and radicalize. they put out a picture of the macy's parade that it is a good target. this is a viable target to use vehicles and other things. i think the second is in a period of transition and transition of power where the obama administration may feel constrain of what it could do internationally and uncertainty of what a trump's administration
12:28 pm
would do. we are in a period of uncertainty as to how we'll defend yourself and our professionals are great and nypd best among them locally. there is uncertainty of what happens in the national security. >> there are reports coming out that they think a trump's victory is a propaganda to them because they can recruit for fighters because of trump exists. >> there is a lot of potential. they use the fact that we have not intervened in syria and guantánamo to their advantage and trump's rhetoric to their advantage. it is no t any particular thing. the real danger here though is that we exacerbate our dialogue that we alienate others. and we create this reaction to not just what we do but also
12:29 pm
perhaps right wing forces reacting so you create this ecosystem that's a fear that you see in europe and it could be a fear here. i would not put too much thoughts in what the jihadists are saying. >> kansas secretary of state, chris cobach, he told rowhat wo mean in your world for national security if they went ahead and try to create a registry as trump has campaigned on. >> i have to understand what that means. it sounds a little bit uncomfortable from a libraerty' perspective. we do already vet individuals coming from war torn places like
12:30 pm
syria or like yemen or coming through the refugee vetting process. >> it is not like there is no vetting. >> right, there is already vetting and we already know who these people are and they are accounting them. in a sense of registry, there is an accounting for it. if we are talking about something else that identifies muslim americans, for example, that's really problematic. but, i don't think that's what's being suggested. if what we are suggesting, we got to account for the people that's coming into the country and we need more intelligence of certain people coming in the country and tracking individuals of concerns and folks that have caused and perpetrated attack in the country. that maybe important as well. but, we'll have to see what that all means. >> all right, great to have you with us, appreciate it. we have breaking news coming in, on a possible candidate for secretary of state under donald trump. president elect trump, i want to bring in our msnbc joe scarborough by phone, what are you hearing?
12:31 pm
>> well, kate, people close to donald trump have been working with him on selections have said that they're focus on the secretary of state selection has moved and it is moving in a new direction and they are now strongly considering nikki haley who's the governor of south carolina who famously critical of donald trump in the primaries in south carolina and in fact, did not even want to say that she was endorsing him. jacob soboroff, on the convention floor at the republican national convention it was an awkward interview. but, donald trump is going to reach out to rivals in the republican party that had been some vocal critics and is
12:32 pm
considering them for positions of administration which obviously is contrary to what we have been hearing for the first half of this week. >> and joe as far as the timing, any sense for how quickly, is this one of the first decisions they want to go public with in terms of which cabinet positions get named first? >> well, they understand th that -- their time frame is longer and a lot of press would like it to be and in fact, they are expecting make a lot of announcements over the next week but at this point, they are gathering information. today was the first day that after they move some of the
12:33 pm
christie people out, today was the first full day they were sitting around the table and trying to put together a list of nine or ten positions. and it was during that time that it became obvious that nikki haley was actually somebody that donald trump personally wanted to reach out to, to see if she was interested or at least considering being secretary of state or as well as one or two other half republican rivals who were a major figure of the republican party. >> she's a major party and well known in south carolina. is she known outside this country and do you think that matters at all. could a governor of a u.s. of southern state do well as a secretary of state? >> well, i don't know. that would be up for donald trump and his administration to make that determination. i do know that the names have
12:34 pm
been floated this week so far john bolton and rudy giuliani . those names are still on the list. it seems to be and errreported few days ago that one of those two were going to be a selection of secretary of state and my source is telling me that is not the case. there are actually several other names donald trump wants to talk to and he's looking into another direction. >> joe scarborough with that news that nikki haley is being considered as secretary of state. thank you very much for bringing that to us. >> i want to go back to our two mea gentlemen here. richard engel, we don't know much about nikki haley when it comes to foreign policy or
12:35 pm
considering her of representative of our country. >> the people don't know about her at all and to a degree, that's okay. when you are talking about the job of secretary of state, it matters of her relationship to the president. that's the only thing that the people want to know. are they dealing with someone who has direct access to the presidency. it is the same way with ambassadors. there are two kinds. there is ambassadors put there as a favor for donation or someone having a real direct access to the president and can make a difference. what our policies are to a degree and i think a lot of world leaders will look and say okay, if she turns out to be a job. they want to know about how much access she really has. if she has great access, she will be great to work with. >> and juan, the same question to you, does it make sense? >> part of the value of a selection like this potentially, the signal of diversity as well.
12:36 pm
nikki haley coming from immigrant parents. >> she's indian-american. >> exactly in a time where we need to reach out to india when there is a question of the administration value the alliances, it could be an interesting signal and even if we don't know what her policies are. as richard said ultimately, the secretary of state is the exponent of u.s. policy and the president's wishes. she will have to be a voice for that. we'll have a seat at the table to be able to influence. >> john kerry has gotten a lot of criticism for not being able to do a lot of things. there is a high bar there if she does gets this job. it is a tough road. >> you mentioned, kerri. >> he's done some things and has been wanted to take the country in a direction that the white house has not necessarily want
12:37 pm
to. kerry has been meeting with allies and talking to the rebels. this administration does not want him to get involved with syria. if you have someone who's an expert on foreign policy and the president is not listening, well, what's the point of having someone who's got such strong ideas? >> it is possibly a clean slate. >> it creates mixed messages that the secretary of state is not in the line with the president. really, it is not moving in the direction that u.s. policy is following and that begins to frustrate our allies and we have seen ta arouhat around the worl. look at what's happening over in syria. we started our segment a few ago of the bombing of hospitals in aleppo. secreta secretary kerry has been working
12:38 pm
for years to secure -- this is frankly is not doing anything. the fire evaporated as soon as the ink was dry on papers. you have to wonder, you know, will a fresh start for foreign affected? >> so interesting. richard engel and juan, i am glad we have you here with us with this breaking news. we'll check in with the editor on foreign policy on what he thinks of this possible choice. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ is it a force of nature?
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reporting that nikki haley is possible in line to be secretary of state. >> david is nice to see you. we had you scheduled to come in anyway to talk about foreign policy. now, we have this breaking news. your thought of governor nikki haley. >> well, i thought it is impossible to find someone less experience than rudy giuliani , bingo. here is someone with no experience at all. degree of accounting and went into the fashion business and went on to be a governor. there may have been foreign policy types passed through south carolina, i think there is a bmw factory there. foreign policy is not apart of her job or apart of her life. >> does the secretary of state necessarily need that i can hear the trump people say great, that's why we want her. they love outsiders. >> outsiders, we can take this a bit too far.
12:43 pm
we are sort of building a government right now, people with no experience, priebus has no experience stephen bannon, he's a catastrophe in many respects and also no government experience. now, you are talking about a secretary of state with no foreign policy experience and the other choice, rudy giuliani , no foreign experience and except possibly some conflict of interest. >> you need some people in the room who knows what's going on. >> i am not surprised you saying this. you called trump team of the weakest policy team that we have seen. why are you so concerned generally speaking? >> how many tiuch time do we ha?
12:44 pm
>> they signed a letter, we are not getting involved with trump and we don't like the way he's dealing with things. okay, maybe wanted a different opinion. you still need somebody that knows how to run the state department and the intelligence committee, how it works and understands the motivation of our enemies as well as our allies over seas and able to come up with a strategy and not reactant. particularly when the president of the united states, donald trump, has zero foreign policy experience and the people around him zero policy experience, some where, you need somebody with a steady hand and some sense. the other problem, however, is that i don't think donald trump recognizes that everything the president elect does is foreign policy. when he goes and sends a tweet in the middle of the night, the new york times is a lousy publication, the message goes out to around the world, it is
12:45 pm
now okay to believe the perez in the united states. it is now okay to intimidate the press in the united states. if he puts a white supremacis, it is now okay to turn against ethnic dpr ethnic groups. >> they have said clearly dispute that characterization. >> the facts are the facts and if you look at the bright bark and the people that supported him. when in the campaign did donald trump repudiate the kkk support or when in the last week's report. >> i don't want to go down a rabbit's hole. >> as we look at the state department and look at all the appointees and not just the secretary of state. he can appoint, you know a lot of different staffs at states. there is a whole lot of people and i went to school with a lot
12:46 pm
of them who functionare functio. i heard a lot of them are nervous of the transition. >> will he completely be over hauled with u.s. -- or lifelong career people who can keep things on track. >> we have great intelligence community and they can stabilize to some extent. the p does the president have the power to screw things up in a big way with a bunch of key relationshi relationships? >> he actually does. >> at the end of the day, we can look at individuals but the key is what's the cocktail? what's the cocktail of personalities. do they balance and are there cooler heads and is there experience in the president itself is the one who determines who's in the cocktail. if you look at mike flinn or rudy giuliani some of these
12:47 pm
other folks in the mix in the moe moment, what you see are people that's going to make a foreign policy that sounds like donald trump, tough, not terribly experience and -- you know, it is trump written large. that may be is what he wants? >> i am not sure if that the world that the united states needs. >> thank you for being here. >> we are going to stay on the topic of this breaking news that nikki haley is under consideration for secretary of state. we'll bring you more as soon as we get it. stay with us. some say i dance to the beat of a different drummer... i say, i just dance. be up for anything with boost. it's intelligent nutrition. with 26 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. and i'm just getting warmed up. boost. be up for it.
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. we have breaking news in afternoon out of minnesota. the shooting death of philando castile last july. the video of that is disturbing. he was shot by an officer while sitting in his car as his
12:51 pm
girlfriend live streamed the aftermath on facebook. the officer involved in that shooting has now been charged with second-degree manslaughter. the attorney said the officer pulled the car over because he thought castile looked like a suspect in a recent armed robbery. choi spoke earlier today. >> no reasonable officer knowing, seeing, and hearing what officer yanez did at the time would have used deadly force under these circumstances. >> we will continue to follow that story and following that breaking news that donald trump is considering nicky haley, the governor of south carolina as a potential secretary of state. more on that as we come back.
12:52 pm
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. >> we are learning new information this hour about whether or not donald trump's son in law, jared kushner could
12:55 pm
get security clearance. >> all the experts say yes to two questions. he could get a security clearance and could be an adviser to the president once trump is elected. on the security clearance question, i talked to lawyers who have been advising transitions in the past. they say that transition staff needs security clearances to look at the fbi background reports on potential appointees that are classified. the transition the way it works is you find people for the jobs and you ask the fbi to do a background check on them and whatever the fbi gives back is classified. the transition staff has to have clearances to be able to read that. they said there is no show stoppers that prevent him from getting that. when trump is elected, the president has a number of legal options to get somebody like jared kushner a security clearance. the second question is whether he can bring him in as a white
12:56 pm
house adviser when trump is president. the answer appears to be yes, although here i must say the law is not fully developed, but this is what most of the legal experts have said. this is an anti-nepotism law that said two things. a public official that donald trump as president would be can appoint a relative that includes a son in law, to a federal agency. that's the k word. most of the legal experts say that the white house staff is not considered a federal agency so the anti-nepotism law would not apply. there is never been a hard and fast ruling on this. courts said in the past for purposes of other laws, it's not an agency. in 1993 interestingly in a federal case involving hillary clinton's on health care task force, a color court said the law doesn't apply to the white house and it's not an agency for the purposes of that law either. the president can either bring a relative on in a paid role or
12:57 pm
unpaid adviser, there wouldn't be a problem. this is sort of an unclear territory, but the weight of the authority seems to be that there would be no show stoppers for either thing. >> pete williams, interesting reporting. we'll be right back after a quick break. if you have medicare parts a and b and want more coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply. that means now may be a great time to shop for an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company.
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or liver problems. a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about opdivo. bristol-myers squibb thanks the patients, nurses, and physicians involved in opdivo clinical trials. that's going wrap up a busy news hour for me. see you back here at 3:00 p.m. hi, katie. >> i'm katie in for steve today. 65 days to go until donald trump will be sworn in as the next president and topping the agenda right now, breaking new this is afternoon. msnbc's joe scarborough reporting that south carolina governor nickki haley is at the top of the list for secretary of state. rudy giuliani is shopping his name for the job. the president-elect might


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