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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  November 17, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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thank you for your time, that's going to wrap up our coverage, i am thomas roberts. my colleague kate snow is here. >> big names going in and out of that lobby in the past few hours. mike pence is down in dc holding meetings with some of the most powerful legislatures in the country. he met with nancy pelosi a short time ago and the next senate leader, chuck schumer and a party he's meeting with mitch mcconnell, the republican. lets start this hour here in new york with the journalist that knows team trump like nobody else in the business, my colleague, katy tur. i feel like we ask this question everyday and every hour. what do we know as of 3:00 eastern noon pacific about who
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maybe in and out of the cabinet. we know there is this palace entry going on behind the scene and jocking for positions to get the top spot. with e kn we know rudy giuliani wants secretary of state and nikki haley meeting with donald trump. haley is somebody that's considered for that role. a bit of an eye opener for a lot of folks. she is does not have any foreign policy job. she's just the governor of south carolina. it is not one that involves a lot of international news. but, there is henry kissinger that was there as well. given advise on who he would pick, we presume in that meeting and how to move forward in terms of national security. we can say that it is uncloer who's going to get what role, whether it is a donald trump loyalist or somebody like rudy giuliani or somebody that's a
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team of rivals situation or someone like nikki haley that's not necessary a fan of donald trump during the primaries or the general election even. she was critical of him as well. who's in charge deciding these things? chris christie has been involved. there was this very dark and almost -- and behind the scenes last week that was bled into this week purging anybody that was close to christie and that included somebody that intelligence officials were happy about, mike rogers. the former congressman was the head of the cia which we thought he was considered for. that meant that donald trump was going to surround himself with not only with people who know that they are doing but people who could push back on him if they need to.
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cbs a lot aft there is a lot of questions who's in charge. that looks like jared kushner, he's having a ton of influence. stephen bannon and the campaign ceo and priebus who'll become the chief of staffs are the three folks that's making all the decisions. they're doing so at the close ear of donald trump. the problem of kushner doing it, folks say, he's very smart and nice and everyone likes him but also relatively very in experience when it comes to government and he's also very young and giving him access like he's probably going to get and potential access to the presidential daily briefing which are some of the most secretive this country has. that could pose a problem down the line. what if something went wrong in the family. this is why nepotism laws are in place. it is hard to fire a family member. the transition is going to be
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rocky no matter what especially when you are going from a democratic administration to a republican administration, it is more so because this team has not been in government before by and large and it is run by folks who do not have any ties of the establishment. again, that's what donald trump's voters wanted. >> jared kushner for a moment. there was all this injury of what happened last week and was he part of the reason where chris countr christie took a ba or pushed out. that's him with the current dheef of staff of the white house. >> that image said a lot. if he did take a paid role, that could violate federal laws, federal nepotism laws. >> just a moment, that's mike pence ons capitol hi capitol hi.
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he's on his way to the senate republican leader, mitch mcconnell. sorry to interrupt, katy. >> the potential that jared kushner does have a large role in the white house could pose some problems just with federal laws. he could take an informal role. there are loopholes and certainly, the issue of the trump campaign is having and we'll have throughout the administration is the appearance of a conflict of interest and with jared kushner married to ivanka and the other two sons running donald trump's business. that brings up a whole host of question of who's going to be saying what to donald trump and how much will he be involved in the business and how much will they be in government and what does that mean going forward? >> i am being told that our producer, that we have a bid of news to report.
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romney is meeting with donald trump this weekend. that's a big deal. now, we are able to report that he's being considered for secretary of state. >> add that to the list, we have been talking about nikki haley. >> initially we were talking about newt gingrich which today he said he does not want it. >> and john bolton to be fair as well. >> maybe things are changes as we speak. those who are loyal to donald trump are high lly favored. he's the one that's going out and say that i would like to be secretary of state and he alluded the other day. who's getting that job is
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unclear. look how magna must he's being. look at his able ility to bring those who criticize him. again, this is basically what the campaign is like. they are going to throw a bunch of names out there. they'll spin and talk about it and they'll come out of something that my have expected it all. >> this is a pretty big name. >> i am looking at my e-mail. again, that's from one source close to donald trump with direct knowledge of the president elect trump, that this discussion would happen on
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sunday. we have halie jackson, she's not wired up yet. i believe you are reporting. is this your reporting. >> this is for nbc news for some folks who have direct knowledge of this particular source. i james hurst want to cap that a little bit. >> we have a big team, thank goodness. >> it is not just us. >> there is a whole host of people behind the scenes. >> tell me what we know of what i just said. we know the meeting is happening based on sources close to governor romney and elsewhere that this meeting is happening on sunday, according to somebody close to the utah governor. he's being considered not for the position of secretary of state. i kougt a little bit of this. but, it is a very interesting move given that you're seeing these names being floated and put out there for potential and
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there are people who are vocal against donald trump. let us not forget how much of a leader romney was in the trump movement. >> i looked up a couple of quotes, his speech back in march, he called trump not smart and dishonest. that speech went on for hours and how he's not qualified. it went both ways. the president elect trump was no fan of romney for a long time. we bring him up in his rallies and conversation there is been some discussion of this idea. when you look at somebody like nikkei haley is floated for the secretary of state. >> keep your enemy close. >> you have to wonder how, the question would be how legitimate that really is. there is one thing that donald trump has proven through the entire campaign via his actions
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which is loyalty matters most. i want to bring in kasie hunt. she's with us in washington. she covered mitt romney pretty well. when you hear of this idea of him being floated and having meetings of potentially secretary of state. your thoughts. >> can you hear me? >> reporter: well, governor romney above all really will view this as a chance to serve his country. he's somebody i spent a year plus covering him on the campaign trail and his critics would acknowledge this is something that is potentially important to him and you heard in the tone he's used in approaching donald trump since trump won the election, a real shicht s shift of taubilking of the coun itself and praying for trump.
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romney does not have direct foreign policy experience necessarily. he did see the former massachusetts as national guard. he does have some experience in running in the olympic. he came in and helped manage them. he speaks french, although you would not know that because he does not do that in public often. for trump and if you think of how he's lining up these people who criticize him and coming out against him. many ways, there is a lot of values to that. even though he does not pick up one of these people, they are being careful to send a message that they are talking to these people and trying to wrap them in at least in some way.
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i am not sure if i would use the enemy closer analogy, but it is cler that there is a deliberate effort to bring these people in to the full that have been critical of donald trump. you know, i do think that for governor romney and those close to him as well and many concerns of trump in many ways as been, a lot of concerns about issues of religious liberty and freedom. that obviously is something recently and painful memory for many members of the mormon faiths. a lot of donald trump's comments gave many of those and members of the community pause senator jeff flake and somebody here at this building and republicans who also voice numerous concerns. we also know that romney has been on vacation in hawaii with his family and coming back here to the continental united states
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to take this meeting. kate, i don't want to change the subject totally but we have a little bit of breaking news for you. >> i was going to ask you. the democrats. >> yes, forgive me for being abrupt. on the democratic side, we just got word that tim ryan who's a democrat from eastern ohio, one of the areas traditionally been blue but gone red. he's going to challenge nancy pelosi for the position leader of the house democrats. thises is a minor earthquake. her leadership has not been challenged in a significant way. this under scores how divided democrats are right now and they are divided by ideology yes, but
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geographically. tim ryan is from a place, you know that was hard hit by this manufacturing crisis that had presented a challenge of the dem e democratic party. >> nancy pelosi is out there saying she has support. election is going to take place a week after thanksgiving. >> so much is going on on capitol hill. kasie hunt, thank you very much. >> just a few minutes we showed the shot of mike pence walking through the hallway on his way to the meeting with mitch mcconnell. i want to go back to katy tur and halie jackson who remains with me onset. katy, when you think of romney and the possibility of state department. i was thinking of the people that was mentioned and the criticisms that came out and there were even republican party last night and rand paul say it
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would be hard for them to get confirmed. lyndsey graham has not been a fan of donald trump for the past year and the half. lyndsey graham came out and said that he would be happy with either and both republicans would be able to confirm and said that republicans who support rand paul idea could fit the call. bolton, that was time he was confirmed for the un during the bush's adadministration. the democrats control majority at that point, it was harder but he's somebody that's not going to be so easy just so you know fly through the process
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candidate. and either romney is somebody that's a lot easier and someone considered a much more moderate and a lot of respects on both sides of the ail especially after this campaign when there is a lot of folks in the democrat side. gosh, romney was a state man in comparison to donald trump. nobody worried about their competency or fitness or their tone to take office. he's somebody that's well respected. i do want to stress this and halie, you mentioned this as well. i want to be careful of all these names that are out there and creating a lot of buzz and news and making donald trump look very magnamus. sometimes what they're going to do is pick who was there from the beginning and rudy giuliani
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has been there from the beginning. >> we kept on saying, until you hear it from donald trump's mouth, until the president elect trump says it, you just don't know. >> after 2012, there was people after he lost, people sort of rallied around him and a documentary came out and they felt what kind of a warm and different figure he was personally at the time publicly and there were a lot of goodwill created in the last couple of years towards romney. it would be as katie talked about the idea that he would have a fairly not impossible confirmation here is true. again, i think that at this point, casey mentioned jeff flinn. i wonder -- you never know what. >> you do start to wonder if we are seeing the pieces and i am looking down at and taking notes of everybody that's under
12:18 pm
consideration. >> bob corkel -- we are starting to see things fall into place? >> we got to remember this is donald trump. the other day he tweeted he only knows who the finalists are and he has to keep people in suspense. >> a lot of insults. >> yeah, and no. i will push back on one portion of that. he's somebody who sees it all as entertainment and he knows how to keep the news and all of us and talking about who he's going to pick. i will keep you in the suspense. just to your point, halie. he remembers insults but having gone toe to toe with him on the campaign trail and having him personally been angry about some of the reporting, when i spoke to him face to face, he's able to move past it.
12:19 pm
>> he's pragmatic. >> he gives more chances. >> just more -- listen, we'll have a chat on sunday. >> that's for sure. >> i am being told i have to let you guys go because you have a lot of reporting to do and you have to do "nightly news" and all these other things. thank you both. >> i am going to be joined by our robert costa, our national political report for the washington post. i don't know if you had time to work your sources, does that make sense to you? >> it does. a few years ago i was with governor romney in utah. he gave the crowd a tour of the world. he spent much of his political winter ever since the 2012 race thinking of global affairs and visioning himself as someone who
12:20 pm
ran for president again, of course, he did not do that or being someone involved in the world of foreign policy. >> to the conversation that we were just having, robert, do you think that bygones can bygones. there were a lot of negative talks of our president elect trump. >> he has a volcanic temper and the way he has handled certain deals but the other striking thing of the president elect trump, many of his past enemies, another investors he clashed in the past are now his closest friends. he built a team of rival and businesses who has seen relationships are something broken and repaired. >> as far as you are reporting on other slots and cabinet positions, you heard what we have been discussing so far. anybody else that you would want
12:21 pm
to mention that's top tiered at this point? >> what you are seeing with governor haley and governor romney said to me, trump is looking to have a big splash with secretary of state and knowing of some concerns of his reputation in the world and confrontational style and having someone with with different temperament and in that slot is crucial. you do see the loyalist senator session of mayor rudy giuliani part of the discussion for position of attorney general. do you think nikki haley, our hans reporting is perhaps not secretary of state. could you see her fitting in some where else in the cabinet. >> she does not have much foreign policy. she has worked on trade issues and being the governor of south carolina of two terms. she presents such a contrast for donald trump generationally in
12:22 pm
terms of background. she's someone seen as a rising star. with a political future ahead of her, would she want to lead being governor to join the cabinet. >> robert costa. thank you very much. >> we are following breaking news of romney under consideration for secretary of state for trump's administration. more on that when we come back. world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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a source closed to donald trump confirmed that romney for the position of secretary of state. >> david, it is nice to see you. >> it is great to be back with you. >> let me ask you about your thoughts on romney and given to all the people you talked to and
12:26 pm
all our sources, do you think romney is a successful triable balloon? >> we are hearing all thof thes as you are. this one makes a little bit more sense and of the other candidates we heard of rudy giuliani , he's been a mayor and has conducted a lot of business abroad with security firm. but, he's never dealt with security and foreign policy issues and the same thing with haley. >> romney landed the committee, and he has run for president. you may remember that moment in the debate with president obama in 2012 where he talked a lot
12:27 pm
about russia. so today that looks like a better warning. yeah, and i want to transition and ask you about a couple other things, although the mit romney news is a big news, just a couple of hours ago, we had other news and that's the director of national -- clapper is stepping down. i guess he's been planning for about a year. what are you hearing from washington about that? >> no surprise here. i saw him a few weeks ago and he said smig that was very consistent. he's been the director of national intelligence longer than anyone else has held a job. it is considered an unforgiving job and he has made it clear that he's on the far side of 70
12:28 pm
and was plan to retire. all he did was complete the paper work. >> we are waiting from top source that donald trump is expected to name mike flinn to be national security adviser at some point. it is up to trump ultimately, we'll see. i wonder how that fits with an article thaw just wrote. it is sort of unknown and we don't know exactly of what the approach will be as what you write about. how do you think if it is general flinn, how does he execute that vision? >> well, general flinn ran the defense intelligence agency which is one of the least discussed but largest intelligence agency. he's focused on counter terrorism as most military officials came up to his generation had, the past 15 years. the challenge is the national
12:29 pm
security adviser is supposed to be the one who integrates many different views, the state department and the energy department and the defense department and the intelligence agencies and he's not been much of a policy person before. you want a very experienced policy in the nsc job. >> david, i can talk to you all afternoon but we have to leave it that. >> thank you very much. good to see you. >> president obama held a news conference with german chancellor earlier this afternoon where he spoke about president elect trump. >> what makes me cautiously optimistic, there is something about the solemn responsibility of that office that forces you to focus.
12:30 pm
and that demands seriousness, if you are not guilserious about t job then you won't be there very often. >> our chris jansing is in berlin covering the president's last trip. what did romney sound like where you are standing in berlin to the rest o f the world, chris. >> you know one of the big questions here, senior staff members as the obama administration has been telling you this. >> they keep on asking questions that relate to uncertainty. they don't know what the positions are of donald trump and so many issues that are critical here. many that they do know about they are fearful of. mit romney is a known quantity, he's somebody that's out there for more than a year talking about foreign policy and you may
12:31 pm
remember that after the 2012 election loss to barack obama. he did his powerpoint presentation where he talked about why president obama was wrong on so many of these issues and why he was right and it is been kind of a montra that mit romney was right on a lot of these issues. and you know the president said today in that press conference that one way you have to unify the public is sending a message of your appointments. this is a team of rival of appointments for donald trump because, i think it was at the beginning of the summer that romney talked about it was legitimatize and racism if donald trump was elected. i had a chance to talk about the process with susan rice. a rare interview for over seas
12:32 pm
when she's close to the president's side as she is tonight. >> here is what she told me of the transition. >> they are looking at a trans sil serious conditi transition team. there is been a lot of names out there. rudy giuliani for secretary of state and flinn for your job. john bolton who was unable to get con foifirm to your former . how closely are you watching that? >> first of all, the president elect trump's prerogative to choose his personnel and it is not for me to comment on. >> on our side we are focusing on the transition we have is the most responsible and seem less one that can be achieved. that was our commitment regardless of the oung tcome ofe election. >> that's in the national interest, chris, we the united
12:33 pm
states of america, we are leading the world and we don't have the luxury of failing to have smooth transition. >>. >> it is interesting to hear her say we are leading the world and one of the conversations that's happening a lot here is about that title. we are a free world which is always been assigned to the president of the united states. a lot of talk here about whether or not donald trump has a sta chur -- many of those european leaders will be here tomorrow for a meeting with president obama before he heads to the meeting and peru. >> chris jansing over in berlin, night there. thank you very much. up next we are heading to macomb. some areas stunningly flipped from blue to red that puts donald trump in the white house. we'll hear from voters there after the break.
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custom alerts on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade. on a busy thursday afternoon, we are tracking the latest movement in and out of trump tower, the area around trump's building under a height heighten security. governor rick scott was there from florida. he tweeted out a picture of him and donald trump. for more from right outside the building. i want to turn to msnbc's cal perry, he's been there all day and the crowd and the security, this is a fifth avenue, it is a major fair in new york. >> it used to be. >> reporter: i want to give you this unique look at it, we are standing on the tiny strip that they are letting people walk on on fifth avenue. on this side of me, you have
12:38 pm
protests and people who are taking shetak taking selfies. we are taking this unique opportunity to show you fifth avenue. as of so much of the international media. because of the japanese prime minister who we are expecting at 5:00 p.m., all of this at the great dismay of new york city. this is only going to get worse of the holidays coming. >> i was going to mention the holidays. most americans are thinking of thanksgiving and getting out of town. th that's a bottle neck, right? we have been asking the police, are we going to see a spill over of the parade in the area. we are expecting to see the spill over, they are trying to
12:39 pm
control the crowd and it is nearly impossible. when you add to that, we have foreign leader visit, you get so many tourists coming here and there is just no way to control it. >> cal, i mentioned that tweet from rick scott, we can show it now with a nice picture of him with donald trump. cal, i understand that you did not see him coming and some of them were going in through a back door, right? >> there are two ways. here is trump tower here. there are two ways to get up and see the president elect trump. you can go through the big and gold building. his residence, there is a direct elevator on 56th street that goes up to all the white house, that he it is possible that you can come and go and meet the president elect trump and you won't see the media. >> thank you very much. last week hillary clinton lost some key areas of the country
12:40 pm
that president obama carried back in 2008 and 2012. today we are focusing in on one of those areas, it is macomb county, michigan. it is northeast of downtown detroit. it is a county that flipped from blue to red. donald trump winning up there by about 48,000 votes. for more there, i want to bring in jacob rascon. we got a note a while ago, donald trump is going to head that way, he's going to be touring america and kind of doing a victory lap and thanking his supporters so he may be in warren one day soon. >> he may and i was here right before the election two days before in sterling heights. he filled the am theatamphithea people. he flipped 215 counties nationwide and we meet all types
12:41 pm
of voters. this is one of them. we are inside steiner meat market. you were a reagan democrat and you grew up democrat. you voeted for trump. why? >> he promised the change and he's an outsider. he's not your everyday politician so i believed him. he's going to change soon. it is corrupt and he seems like an honest businessman. >> specifically for your business. what will he do for your business? >> some of the regulations that tied me down so i cannot expand and lower my taxes so i can maybe expand more and get rid of obamacare. >> reporter: why is that? >> it does not get me to give my
12:42 pm
employees insurance. i cannot afford it. >> and i am just a small business and with theimpossible. >> public polling shows that he's losing american. >> you thought that he's going to win partly because customers coming in and do what. >> talk to me quietly though. i am with trump and i had a lot of conversations. there were a lot of people. some of them i knew were democrats and they said the other thing i am going to go with trump and that gave me a good feeling and the way everything was going. you know the crowds he had and the news media did not do it right. they kept on beating up on him and people kept ongoing back to his rallies and everything else. i just had the feeling. >> reporter: thank you very much paul for your time. i would add that we run into voters today who never voted and
12:43 pm
came out for trump. others voted for obama twice and came out and wanted change with obama. they did not feel he dlelivered for their needs. we are rolling the dice and willing to do that with trump. >> kate. the faces booiehind all those numbers that we saw. jake, thank you very much for bringing us that. after the break, the fight to retake mosul have isis, we'll hear from some of those who escaped and making their way to refugee camp but were forced to leave loved ones behind and still trapped in a city over taken by militants. ♪
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if you wear contact lenses, remove them before using xiidra and wait for at least 15 minutes before placing them back in your eyes. are you ready to do something about your dry eyes? talk to your doctor about xiidra. lets go over seas now in iraq. today marks one month since the
12:47 pm
major offenses retaking the city of mosul since the militants. >> they are faciinining fierce pockets. lucy is joining me now from iraq. you were at a refugee camp just twelve miles outside of mosul. i have to ask you to hold on for one moment. lets jump over to capitol hill one moment, he's just out of a meeting with senator mitch mcconnell. >> that was a brief shot with mike pence meeting with senator mitch mcconnell, the republican leader of the senate. lets bring in kasie hunt just to
12:48 pm
wrap that part of the story and we'll go back to lucy. >> kasie hunt, it was a quick walk by there, we thought they'll talk to camera. although mitch mcconnell does not like to stop and talk to the press. did we know how long the meeting went or what they talked about? >> reporter: mitch mcconnell do not like to stop at unpredictable situation which was what this was. you may see him walking behind me and governor pence out to the door. they met for about just under an hour, 48 or so behind closed doors at mcconnell's office. they had more time because governor pence allowed his schedule here if washington to last longer. he's not lasting back to new york for meetings with the japanese prime minister. >> although we know governor pence is going to be returning to trump tower tonight presumably to debrief on what's
12:49 pm
going on today. mitch mcconnell is the central figure for the trump/pence administration. kate. l >> all right, casey, thank you very much. >> jeff sessions is in the lobby of trump tower speaking to the press. that's kellyanne conway next to him. >> have you seen hamilton. >> i have not seen high-capacity magazines hamilton, my wife will not be happy. >> i am not -- i am not committed to go through that. >> what do you this oidea and nw we are passing the torch that the campaign is over. >> well, i think it is good that
12:50 pm
the president elect is meeting a lot of talented people and people like romney that are going to be -- he needs good relationships with. i think that mr. romney will be quite capable of doing doing a of things. but he'll be one of those, i'm sure, that's in review. and mr. trump will make that decision. >> do you think you could be confirmed easing in the senate race? >> they would have to make that decision to cast those votes on any confirmation. >> one more question. [ inaudible ] >> thank you. happy to have the support. >> okay, we've been listening to senator jeff sessions in the lobby of trump tower with kellyanne conway.
12:51 pm
senator sessions a long-time ally with donald trump. they've been friends fire whior while. he was one of the first members of senate to formerly back donald trump. he's talking about mitt romney being considered for secretary of state. romney is expected to meet with donald trump on sunday at trump tower, or perhaps another location, but scheduled to meet with donald trump. what senator sessions just said it's good that peopmr. trump is meeting with mr. romney. mr. trump, though, will make that final decision. let's pivot away from politics and back to iraq, if we can. we were going there and then we jumped over to capitol hill. lucy cavanaugh is with us. you were in iraq. we were talking about mosul and the effort to retake that northern city from isil militants and how that he see driving people, civilians, out of the town and into refugee
12:52 pm
camps and situations, and you've been visiting one of them. i think it's about 12 miles outside the city of mosul. tell us about your experience. >> reporter: sure, kate, and it's not too far of a pivot, of course. this conflict in iraq is one that the incoming trump administration will inherit, but on the humanitarian scale of the disaster we've seen, it's really hard not to be amazed at the human capacity to suffer unimaginable horrors. i was in iraq when they fell, and about the horrors they experienced during that time, tortures, executions, women told us about female isis brigades that patrolled the streets, beating women if they did things like wear their head scarf in the wrong way. these civilians fled for safety to the camp we visited, but of course getting out of those neighborhood was also dangerous. they had to survive a fire fight between iraqi forces and isis, and now they're stuck in these camps. we visited one, as you say. let's take a look at how that went.
12:53 pm
a month since military operations to retake mosul began, this is what freedom looks like for countless civilians. more than 56,000 since the start of that offensive, many of them coming to camps like this one just 12 miles outside of mosul. now, you can see the reality of life here is far from easy. many escaped with nothing but the clothes on their backs. they need food, water, medical supplies, mattresses, as you can see behind me, absolutely everything to survive. now, we have seen reunions between families. many have been under siege for as long as two years. but when they arrive here, it is a long and difficult process to vet them for security. they tell us they have been unable to leave, their cell phones confiscated. inside the city of mosul, it is a growing, more dangerous, increasingly unpredictable fight. this is urban warfare now. they're taking district by district, street by street, house by house. we're told the fight could last
12:54 pm
weeks, if not months. and even for those who managed to escape the hell of isis, the nightmare does not end here. they say they still have relatives trapped behind enemy lines, civilians forced to act as human shields, tools of war against their will with no means of escaping any time soon. and kate, just to show you how complicated this conflict is, less than an hour ago, we learned there was a suicide car bomb attacking a wedding in the city of fallujah nowhere near mosul, and that shows you that as the news tightens around islamic states in mosul, they're going to act out in other areas. kate? >> lucy cavanaugh, i'm glad we were able to check in with you, because as you say, it is a situation inherited by the next administration here. lucy, thank you. coming up, switching gears, wildfires are raging in the drought-stricken southeast. we're going to take you live there after the break.
12:55 pm
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more than 5,000 firefighters today are battling raging fires across six states. 107,000 acres have burned with hundreds hospitalized for smoke-related conditions. kerry sanders joins me from the hardest hit state of north carolina. kerry, i know there was a news conference a short time ago. what did the governor have to say? >> reporter: first of all, he believes this could be an arson, so they've upped the reward to $10,000 for the person who may have started the fire. you can see clear skies up here. that's actually good news. it means the smoke has dissipated at least in this area. but the area of north carolina where the fire is in excess of 46,000 acres. to give you an idea, that's about the size of catalina island off the coast of california. it's a huge area. there are more than 1,800 structures that have been threatened.
12:59 pm
in this state it looks like all but one have been saved, so that's really good news. tim is here. tim is helping out the north carolina forest folks here. give me an idea, how much acreage are we talking about here, and it looks like it grows every day. >> it does grow every day. it's up to 612,0of 6200 acres i size. >> how many evacuations? >> just under 1,000 folks. >> thanks for that, appreciate it. one piece of the puzzle is you can see relatively clear skies behind me but not a whole lot of wind. the forecast is that's going to change. this weekend we may see gusts up to 45 miles per hour, and that, of course, will cause problems because it will fuel the flames on this very tinder dry brush here because we've had a drought in that area. kate? >> kerry sanders, thanks so
1:00 pm
much. i appreciate that. that's going to do it for me this hour, a busy news hour. i'll see you right back here tomorrow afternoon, 3:00 east n eastern. we're 63 days away from donald trump swearing in as president. topping our agenda, talk about a surprise. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. >> that was mitt romney during the campaign, but now news breaking that romney could be donald trump's pick for secretary of state. there is a meeting now on the books. we're going to have all the details. this is a breaking story we are following closely. also on the agenda, it is on. for the first time in 14 years as the top democrat in the house, nancy pelosi, now getting a serious challenge. tim ryan from ohio says he is in the race to


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