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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  November 18, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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>> mtp daily starts now. >> if it's friday, there is a friday night news dump. we will have late breaking news in a settlement in the trump dearest case. charting the new course for u.s. national security. what donald trump's three new hires mean for the next four years.
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plus, we will talk democratic strategy on confirmation hearings and beyond. >> i think you have to be careful and particularly in a new administration with an untested president. >> how the president-elect can test the limits. this is mtp daily and it starts right now. good evening. i'm in for chuck todd and we begin with breaking news. donald trump and his legal team settled in the trump university lawsuit. it appears the president-elect will not have to go on trial before heading to the white house. trump and his defense team agreed to pay $25 million, but the ag's office told nbc news it doesn't include an admission of wrong-doing. let's go to it with pete williams. can you break it down for us.
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>> the trial that was going to start in california would be a huge distraction and they asked the judge to delay it. the judge has been urging all sides to settle and now a settlement has been reached. the attorney general announced the settlement a moment ago and said it's $25 million not only for the case he brought in, but the two other cases that were filed out in san diego, one of which was to start after thanksgiving. what he said is for the longest time, trump insisted that there could be no settlement and he had not done anything wrong. now the big change that his lawyers agreed to a settlement, $25 million and some of that will be wait for the lawyering and the rest will be split among
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the students who a tended. two claims were coming to trial that said the promotional colors misrepresented the nature of this program and they said it was a university and it wasn't. it suggested it was affiliated with a university when it wasn't. trump hand picked the instructors which was not true. there will be no trial and it's all over but the writing of the checks. >> no admission of guilt. isn't the fact that he is settling an admission of guilt. >> guilt is not the right word with a civil lawsuit. there is no admission of wrong-doing, but that's the way settlements go. those who are sued often times say they didn't want to go to trial and roll the dies. that doesn't mean they are admitting wrong-doing.
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>> we turn now on the other dig superior. if you were brking for clues, trump named cabinet level posts. is marred by racism and another under fire for making derock tori comments about muslims and another is a benghazi fire brand. all controversial picks and all about to face the most intense gauntlet. jeff sessions is facing blow back from civil rights groups. in 1986, his nomination was rejected smt colleagues testified that he called the naacp unamerican and refers to it as a disgrace to his race and
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thought the can, kkk was okay until he found out they smoked pot. he later said that was a joke. he said i am not a racist and deny those statements. he acknowledged statements about civil rights groups as communist-inspired. >> these comments that you can say about the organization or something, i may have said something like that in a general way and it probably was wrong. >> the trump transition launched the press to defend him, sighting his vote to extend the voting rights act. we should note that sessions voted against loretta lynch, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. michael glynn is facing backlash
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in the intelligence committee obama's director at the defense intelligence agency, but i can report that multiple officials have keep reservations about them. he is a hot head with an abusive leadership style and one called him shallow and reactionary. he said fear of muslims is rational and called the islamic faith a political ideology. then trump's pick to run the cia. kansas congressman mike pompeo. he is a west point grad and one of the fiercest attack dogs. he sugd the cia, the agency that he has been tabbed to run was m misleading congress. he won praise today from the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee.
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and my fellow road warrior throughout the tireless campaign season. let's get to the big picture. what does it say about trump's approach to governing? >> it said he is going to do what he campaigned on. shake-up washington. these are controversial appointments. the last first. pompeo has a reputation for being hard working and a west point grad and a lawyer and is hardworking. he is praised by adam schiff, the ranking democrat and others who said he is really a respectable and credible choice. with a republican committee sitting in judgment on him, he will be confirmed. he criticized the cia, but that said, a lot of people have criticized the agency and been put in with other house
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republicans. mike roger who is was removed from the transition committee and not going to get the cia and you can me if this is accurate or not. there are reports he might be director of national intelligence that eurosupervisee agencies. he will be opposed by the naacp and legal defense fund. they are opposing him not just because of what he said in the 80s, but because of his record since. there are latino groups opposing him because of his hard line on immigration and deportations as well. >> let's talk about jeff sessions. he did not get through confirmations in the 80s. let's listen to ted kennedy in 86 talking about sessions and we will talk on the other side. >> mr. sessions is a throw back to a shameful era which i know both black and white americans thought was in our past.
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it's inconceivable to me that a person of this attitude is qualified to be a u.s. attorney let alone a united states federal judge. he is i believe a disgrace to the justice department and should withdraw his nomination and resign his position. >> he needs a simple majority to get confirmed. what will the democrats going to do to stop that and do they have a chance of doing so? >> i'm not sure they are aligned against him. there is a tradition of courtesy and it doesn't also work. it didn't work in 1989 for the former head of the senate armed services committee. he did not get confirmed to be the defense secretary for george herbert walker bush. this is a republican senate and this is a republican senate committee. senator grassley is the chair and dianne feinstein is the
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ranking democrat. there is i would say a likelihood he will be the next attorney general. >> on mike flynn, he tweeted fear of muslims is rational. please forward this to other. the truth fears no questions. will it be our posture to fear all muslims? >> i doubt that would be the case, but the fact is he will be the last person to speak to the president after conflicts or arguments at the national security council. he will be running a power house agency. it is a 400 person national security council. it exploded in size in the white house. he will have unique ability to be the adviser on all things. he will be at donald trump's side and you have a president who is less experienced in national security than almost any of his predecessors. he will have a powerful roul role and his views on the radicals and muslim religion and
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tweets r going to be disturbing to the arab world and with whom he will have to deal. >> andrea mitchell in washington. >> an msnbc adviser is now with the bipartisan policy center and chris is an msnbc contributor and founder of the "washington post" blog. one of my favorite people to follow on twitter. >> oh, thank you. >> your reaction. what do you think it says about how president-elect donald trump will be governing. >> i don't think we should be surprised. these are the people he feels closest to and trusts. his inner circle. president obama shook it up by naming hillary clinton in the early going, but one thing you have to accept is this guy won
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the election and he is going to put in some people at least that are going to directly counter many of the people who have those jobs currently. i think the voters voted for a radical change and donald trump views this as delivering on it. once we get beyond the first couple, does he picnicky haley or mitt romney? does he pick people no the in his inner circle or people who are critical of him? >> does he find somebody who is not necessarily a reporter? we are finding that that is not necessarily the case. keeping the focus on the cap net picks we know, the naacp's legal defense fund was to say that it is unimaginable that jeff sessions could be entrusted to serve as the chief law
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endorsement officer. do you believe those fears are grounded? >> of course they are grounded. based on what allegedly senator sessions said almost 30 years ago. donald trump is a loyalist and this is not surprising that he is appointing or nominating people loyal to him in the first cabinet picks. the question is whether or not he takes a page out of barack obama playbook or abraham lincoln's book where he puts people in place that quite frankly were against him. whether it's a jeb bush or a senator ted cruz or mitt romney that nbc news reported he will be meeting on later this weekend. that's a true test of character and whether or not you want to put the people in those positions that really have significant influence and not to suggest the office does not. clearly it does. when you talk about the secretary's slot and secretary of treasury and the power
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positions, if you will, the question is whether or not donald trump will put loyalists in the positions or put true qualified people in the positions regardless of whether or not they were critical of him in the past or not. >> speaking to sources in the romney world, they believe this is ultimately going to be a courtesy call and don't think it's that serious thins the men had so much to say about each other in the campaign. i want to keep the focus because there so many questions surrounding what's going to happen if he is confirm and when he is confirm and when donald trump takes office when we are talking about immigration. he helped draft donald trump's immigration policy in the early stages. my question to you, maria, would it be that he is going to be somebody who will enforce all of these more extreme statements that donald trump made on the trail and endorsing a muslim ban or registry and stop and frisk
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across the country and leveling sanctuary cities or refuse them to maintain themselves. and what about immigration? the day after donald trump was elected, they said they voted for him because of the economy. the people in the first nomination as part of his cabinet would deal with building the economy. we are getting the juxtaposition of individuals who have been charged when it comes to racial profiling and folks that have contested civil liberties. the main point is to protect the individuals that are the most vulnerable. jeff sessions is the opposite of that. opposed the voting rights act and violence against women's act. he denigrated latinos and has an opinion when it comes to african-americans and the idea of who should be an american.
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he said his election was testament to people wanting change, but the cast of characters he puts up has nothing to do with the economy, but defining who is and is not american. >> let's talk about the democratic strategies. some want to go nuclear, but so far not senator schumer. >> i'm not going to make quick judgments on any of them a& thee are so important and have to be careful and particularly with an untested president. >> what will they try to do in the next two years to try to
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find a way to reassert themselves? >> i think shumer is doing the right thing there. he is not saying i'm not going to oppose these people. he is saying i'm not deciding on what we are doing yet. even if he has, he is not going to tell anyone. >> what is difficult and you know this, even if all 46 democrats and the two independents lineup, as long as republicans get the 51 or 52 republicans, he is the attorney general. the senate is among the most exclusive clubs and they may hang him around a bit. it may not be 90-10 with a vote, but in this day and age, i think jeff sessions would be thrilled to be confirmed 52-48 right along party lines and that may wind up being what happens.
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>> that are doesn't sound like drain the swamp to me. stay with us. we will talk about it more coming up later. up next, we will keep talking about the democrats and the job that senate democrats almost couldn't give away. we will look at the democrats's leadership scramble and how they will govern come january. and later from business dealings to family ties, the potential conflicts of interest facing had the-elect trump. more on the trump university lawsuit settlement. stay tuned.
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as president-elect trump stocks his cabinet, the cia director is off the board, but many see the most prestigious appointment is still available. secretary of state. many are reportedly in the running including a surprise, south carolina governor nikki haley. she was not the biggest trump supporter before the election,
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but listen on to what she had to say this morning as a federalist society reception in washington. >> we as republicans are going to lead effectively and have staying power as a governing party. we must accept that donald trump's election was not an affirmation of the way republicans have conducted themselve themselves. the president-elect deserves credit for the way he connected, but he did not do it by celebrating the party. >> was she praising the out of touch establishment or suggesting that trump abandon republican values on the path to the white house? statements like these get overanalyzed in the cabinet sweepstakes and we will see if they have an impact on the decisions. we will talk democratic strategy in the post trump world.
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>> if you need a sign highlighting the mess the democratses are in, no one wants to run the committee. they were not mentioned earlier when the democrats rolled out the rest of their leadership. it's one of the most difficult jobs on the hill right now. democrats need to defend 23 seats in a 2018 mid-term and the two held by independent who is talk us with the democrats. ten are in states trump won in november. according to politico, cory booker, chris coons and chis shaheen side stepped the post. chris van hol an is an unusual responsibility for a senate freshman and a tall order. earlier this week it didn't seem like he was gunning for the gig. he said "i'm focused on orientation. i haven't had a chance to focus
2:24 pm
on it. i'm not planning on that." in a statement today, senator schumer said that was his first choice for the job. chris is a democratic strategist and ceo of park street strategies and a democratic strategist and pop adviser to senator-elect chris van hol in and dnc official. doug, you worked closely with van hol in. what does it mean that nobody in the party wanted this job? >> i think they got the right guy. i think chris was the top choice. he has run the d.c. cc two cycles and he knows how to win in very tough districts. he knows a lot of senators who are up. this map is not good for democrats. the map was in place in 2006 when democrats won back the
2:25 pm
senate. it's doable and i think if we continue to see the trump administration behave like they are, it give gives democrats an opportunity to maybe not win back the senate, but keep it to a minimum. >> certainly not that he seemed like he was gunning for. am i wrong to say that? >> it is a difficult job especially for a freshman-elect. he is one of the most talented democrats in congress right now. he has been in tough situations before whether it's negotiating very important deficit or debt deals or being a top adviser to nancy pelosi, prepping joe biden for debates. he has done just about everything you can think of in politics and this is a challenge, but he will rise to it. >> speaking of nancy pelosi, she has been leading the conference for 12 years, but democrats need a new direction. they needed a new quarterback and earlier he also said this.
2:26 pm
>> we got our clocks cleaned in 2010. we barely won seats in 12. we got the clocks cleaned in 14 and here in 16. we are going to put the same leadership in. i come out of the world of sports and when you are in sports, if you are a pitcher and they keep hitting home runs on you, you take the pitcher out of the game. >> is this a compelling argument? >> it's a difficult argument to argue against to some extent. there is a brutal reality that democrats have to accept. we have to accept if we are going to acknowledge what needs to change to be more competitive. this election was an incredible so shock for democrats and we are struggling to figure out what happened and the reasons and where do you go from here? in terms of the reality of congressman ryan winning the minority leadership, i think it
2:27 pm
will be a tough haul given the support that nancy pelosi has in her caucus. i know there is a lot of back and forth about what it means. i think it's a good thing. we should not rush into anything whether it's dnc chairs or minority or majority positions. we need to figure out what we need to be doing message wise to tactics to become more competitive. >> talking about that, the d.c. cc said in their post assessment, the democrats need to tie trump and house republicans together, but they tried to do that all year and it was not effective. how is this going to work in the general? >> it will depend in terms of what he promises. i don't think you can apply the same old traditional playbook to donald trump. if anyone thinks you can, i'm not sure you got the bulletin
2:28 pm
that we got our clocks cleaned. he is going to be a much more difficult individual to frame. i think the way we have to do this this, we have to hold him accountable to what he promised. he promised the sun and the moon and those promises the american people expect him to hold, but if he does do some of those that will have a neckative impact on this country, we have to hold him accountable. a lot of it depends on what he does. simply to apply this logic of how he does, we can then win back the senate and house seats. we, meaning the democratic party have to come up with a message, a vision for the country that is distinct from republicans and appeal to a wide swath of voters. we didn't do that the last election. if we don't, we are battling around the margins. >> what president obama came to office, republicans were obstructionists and it worked.
2:29 pm
trump has a super majority and it never worked well for the democratic party. will it be viable for them to push back against a trump administrati administration. >> they should push back. when trump wants to destroy medicare and take coverage away from folks who have preexisting conditions or take coverage away from 20 million americans or provide tax breaks to billionaires or build a wall or deport undocumented people, those are things that the democrats should fight against. on things such as investments in infrastructure and urban areas or trump said he would think about raising the minimum wage, those are areas where democrats could be supportive of him. i think democrats are probably going to give him a better shot at the beginning than republicans ever did with barack obama. >> why do you think that is? why do democrat dos it when republicans won't? >> that's a question you should ask republicans.
2:30 pm
they made a decision early on that they were going to oppose everything that barack obama did for political reasons. that was not in the best interest of the country. i think democrats are probably focused on how we can get things done for people who are hurting. also stand up for issues and beliefs we care about. we will not roll over for donald trump or the republicans, but we will find areas to work with him. a lot of places we can't. >> thank you so much. still ahead, could some of donald trump's fiercest critics on the campaign trail become closest confidants in the white house? stay tuned. ♪ [beeping] take on any galaxy with a car that could stop for you. simulation complete.
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last night on twitter, donald trump upheld a promise. keeping companies from moving jobs to mexico. they tweeted just got a call from the chairman of ford who advised me they will be keeping the lincoln plant saying i will work hard to keep the plant in kentucky. i owed it for their confidence in me. the ford motor company stopped them to make more troom make more fort escapes. that was based on them with the united auto workers.
2:35 pm
they are reporting that even though the move to mexico would not have cost jobs in kentucky, they saw it as a relatively painless but authentic way to give trump a victory even before he moves into the white house. more mtp daily just ahead, but first hampton pearson has the market wrap. >> a happy friday to you. stocks ending the week to the downside. the dow shedding 35 points and the s&p down by and the nasdaq dropping by 12 points. one of the big decliners of the gap. shares sinking after report of a second quarter of sinking sales. it also said 2016 earnings would be lower than expected. and volkswagen is cutting 30,000 jobs as it struggles to bounce back from the emissions scandal. the plan would help save nearly $4 billion a year. that's it from cnbc first in
2:36 pm
business worldwide.
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back to the breaking news we told you about at the top of the hour. donald trump and his legal team settled the three trump university lawsuits. trump will pay $25 million, but it doesn't include admission of wrong-doing. it does mean the president-elect will not have to go on trial before he is sworn in. just a moment ago, the organization released a statement saying in part "we have no doubt that trump university would have prevailed at trial based on the merits of this case. that headache has been wrapped up and theest are of trump's business empire is leading to conflict of interest questions. first his adult children taking over his company. he said he would hand over control of the trump organization to ivanka, don junior and eric, but in reality that may not be enough to put the questions to rest. trump's children and conin law have been named to his
2:40 pm
transition team. then all his overseas business holdings. he has business dealings in at least 22 countries. a lawyer for the republican party, former general council for the rnc and mitt romney and political analyst. ken cross, an expert of the conflict of interest law. let's talk about the lawsuit. are you surprised that trump went in to settle it so quickly? >> i'm not surprised at all. i would be surprised if he hadn't. i didn't want to be testifying and i'm sure he is happy to have that one in his rear view mirror. >> let's talk about ivanka. she was on the phone with shinzo abe and we will not show you the picture because it was a handout picture, but is it appropriate for donald trump's daughter to be doing that? especially since she doesn't have security clearance and number two, she is by all of the
2:41 pm
accounts going to be running his business. >> as you said, she doesn't have a security clearance and there were no sensitive issues talked about. >> how do we know that? >> you basically know it. donald trump is not a government employee yet. therefore the conflict of interest rules that i think your question is premisesed on don't yet apply. there is an appearance issue as there always is. at this stage of the process, the trumps get to decide what the appearance is. >> conflict of interest laws will not apply to him, but the appearance is tripping a lot of people up. let me talk to you about this. his children will be running the business. it is not a blind trust. they published an op sed urging him to liquidate his stake in the company. they are out of problem and if
2:42 pm
mr. trump doesn't liquidate, he will be accused of a pecuniary motive. how does it harm a trump presidency going forward? >> this will be a constand thorn in his side. every time he takes a position on an issue, he takes the negotiations with china and that's about the loan or investments or something you are building. it's going to come back to haunt him ways until sunday and when it comes to international issues, there are legal problems having to do with constitutional issues. >> you are saying to trust donald trump on a lot of these things, but jared kushner who is
2:43 pm
ivanka's husband is considering a job in the west wing. he is married to ivanka. if there is dealings where he is let in on security issues, he is let in on governmental affairs, foreign affairs and he is married to her, can we presume rightfully there is going to be a wall between the two of them in talking about business and talking about governing? >> there will always be scrutiny of this as there should be. they will verify it and where one spouse was in government and another was in private business. it's not like anything is new. the american people knew it when they cast their ballots and presumably that was built into the vote. >> last question to you on mitt romney since you know him so well. they will have a meeting this weekend from the trump side. they want to offer him or
2:44 pm
potentially consider him for secretary of state. is this something it is often offered that mitt romney would be interested in? >> i think so. mitt romney told everyone that worked with him you owe a duty to the country. this is a time where mitt romney although he and donald trump were rivals and no one can accuse mitt of pulling his punches, hooey is willing to talk with donald trump and donald trump is willing to talk to him. that all in all is a very good signal that donald trump is reaching out beyond the tight circle of advisers on his campaign. >> even if he is not offered the role, the appearance of the two men together if there is a photo that comes out, what does it say to the country? >> it's very reassuring to the establishment republican branch and i suspect the rest of the country that someone of mitt romney's experience is being considered for this job.
2:45 pm
>> thank you both. still ahead in the lid, why president trump has president obama putting off retirement. stay with us. ♪ ♪ see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition.
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2:47 pm
now what? you can see more with chuck sumer and an interview with the outreach chair, senator bernie sanders. we'll be right back with the lid after this. b. one of millions of orders on this company's servers. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack. with the help of at&t, and security that senses and mitigates cyber threats, their critical data is safer than ever. giving them the agility to be open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t.
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you can configure it in so many different ways, it just, i don't know, it feels really cool. i feel like i'm in the future. >> it's time for the lid. 63 days until president obama leaves the oval office, but his career in politics may extend beyond donald trump's inauguration. president obama said he was planning on handing over control to hillary clinton and riding off into retirement, but donald trump's election changed his plans. he said i have responsibility to at least offer my counsel to those who will continue to be elected officials about how the dnc can help rebuild and how state parties and organizations can work together. the panel is back. maria, let's start with you. obama's rule going forward. how the party goes from here.
2:50 pm
let's talk about it. does nancy pelosi keep her role and if she does, what does it mean for how the party will potentially change? >> the democrats to say they are in a in a difficult position is an understatement, katy, they got the wind knocked out of them last week. so when you're looking at realignment and trying to listening to the voters, that is the totality of the progressive movement should be. so not just latino, asian, african-american voters, but also making sure that they are bringing back white progressives. that is the challenge. and people would say that pelosi, while an incredible leader for the last 14 years, that perhaps it's time for her to realign and give -- hand over the reins to someone else. and it may be to ryan, to someone that folks don't know very well, but at least seems to have the semblance of trying to bring in a whole bunch of different groups together at the same time. >> robert, obama said that basically, trump saw it coming. that he saw it coming and he couldn't stop it. have they learned their lesson? >> i don't know, but i will take
2:51 pm
the from tim ryan. tim ryan said, look if you have the same leadership team in place that's lost elections for the past three to four cycles, maybe we need to have a new leadership team. and the question becomes, quite candidly speaking, is whether or not president obama should be a part of that. the reality is, he has a very high favorable rating, about 55% when he leaves office in a month and a half, but the question then comes, whether he was part of the problem in some of these congressional districts, and where he campaigned, if he actually helped. the clinton campaign thought that the president and first lady being out on the campaign trail would boost african-american turnout and also people of color turnout in terms of the latino community. we now know that simply wasn't the case, particularly in philadelphia and some of the other states, where senator -- or secretary clinton underpumped. i think the real question is twofold. one, is the current leadership team in place on the democratic side, is that the right team moving forward, and secondly,
2:52 pm
how does president obama, how does he fit into this. >> chris, i'm not sure you saw this, but "the hollywood reporter" interview with steve bannon, who's been one of the most mysterious figures on the campaign trail this year, i want to put up for our viewers a couple of the comments from this. darkness is good. dick cheney, darth vader, say tan, that's power. it only helps us when they get it wrong, when they're blind to who we are and what we are doing. he also said, i'm not a white nationalist, i'm a nationalist. i'm an economic nationalist. and the annoyed bubble is the ultimate symbol of what's wrong with this country. it's just a circle of people talking to themselves who have no effing idea what's going on. i mean, the media by and large got this election wrong with the poll numbers, the pollsters got it wrong, trump's internal polling got it wrong, the rnc's polling got it wrong. is bannon a much-more -- i don't know, intelligent and forward-thinking person than he's given credit for?
2:53 pm
>> yeah. i have no, no knowledge of his intelligence. i assume he's pretty smart. he's a successful investment banker. he's founded a successful media site, and now he's the senior adviser to the president. i haven't done any of those things. so i give him all that. >> there's still time. >> well, yes, i'm 40 now, katy, there's not that much time for me. >> and chris, you're smarter. >> thanks. >> you're better on twitter. anyway. >> what i would say is that i think what he's doing with some of those quotes like, you know, darkness is good. if the ultimate goal of a senior adviser to the president is to help further the cause of the president, burnish his image, you know, whatever you think it is, that is not helpful to donald trump. this stuff about trying to clarify whether he's a white nationalist or an economic nationalist, you know, that's not terrible. but some of that stuff, where it sounds -- he sounds, those first quotes you read, katy, i thought this when i was reading it, it
2:54 pm
sounds like yoda. >> come on, now, chris. >> there's a lot of stuff in there where you're like, i don't totally understand where he's going. like, we need to, only if we're blind that -- so i don't know if it helps -- >> katy wing one of the things that we should actually pay attention to is that right after he was named senior adviser, the breitbart report basically promised they were going to open four bureaus around the world. is he going to have a hand in opening up those bureaus. >> that's exactly the question i want to ask you. if donald trump has this media wing at his disposal, this idea of a post-fact news world or a post-truth news world, what does that mean for the way that this country is educated? do they just stop listening to people that may have differing opinions, listening to facts, and only find the eco chamber that they want. is that what's going to happen? is he going to take credit for something, like this ford plant
2:55 pm
that he doesn't necessarily deserve credit for? >> yes. >> katy, that -- >> i think -- sorry, maria teresa. i don't think that's something that's new, to be honest. >> but i think -- chris, i do think -- >> -- extension. >> i want to hear what maria teresa has to say. >> katy, i think the fact that all of a sudden these reports are coming that people are paying attention to fake news and we don't have control of it, it's an increased vulcanization of digital literacy. you would be surprised how many times when i go speak at college campuses, how the information that's fed back to me, it's just not right. >> journalism literacy is what we need. they're yelling at me in my ear, i have to go. maria teresa kumar, robert traynham, and chris cillizza, thank you very much. we will be right back.
2:56 pm
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he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad.
2:59 pm
male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. in case you missed it, president-elect donald trump is reality tv star and he really likes reality tv stars because he's considering them for his cabinet. sarah palin, a possible pick to run the interior department wasn't just alaska governor and a vp nominee. she was also the star of "sarah palin's alaska" on tlc. and we all remember former texas governor, rick perry, a possible pick to run the v.a., dancing with the stars on, yep, "dancing with the stars." former governor mike huckabee, according to the jerusalem post,
3:00 pm
might be the next ambassador to israel, we'll see on that, had his own syndicate showed on fox news filmed in front of a live studio audience. even laura ingraham who seems likely to be the next press secretary has her own show. it's on xm radio, but we'll still count it. television, it just doesn't rot your brain, it might be a fast track to the white house. maybe it's both. that's all for tonight. "with all due respect" starts right now. >> i'm donny deutsch. >> and i'm mark halperin. with all due respect to the fox transition, it seems fox news has moved on. >> it's big news in san francisco bay area. mystery foam undulating and on the move. see, we're worth something. we brought you mystery foam. >> we're


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