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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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hello, everybody, i am betty nguyen at msnbc headquarters in new york. we begin with new reaction from donald trump on the audience as pens took his seat. and trump tweeted our future v.p. was harassed by the cast of "hamilton." cameras blazing. this should not happen. and the actress that blaze blur thanked mike pence. >> we, sir, we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious at your new
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administration will not protect us. our children, our parents defend us and i would truly hope this show inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us, all of us. >> trump also tweeting this morning about the $25 million settlement in all three of the lawsuits against trump university. he tweeted this, i settled the trump university lawsuit for a small fraction of the potential award because as president i have to focus on our country. one of the cases had been scheduled to start in just two weeks. the deal does not require trump to acknowledge wrong doing, and he said during the campaign he would not settle. later today he will hold one of his most high profile meetings since winning the election, his meeting with mitt romney, and it
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becomes amid reports that romney is being tapped for secretary of state. and kelly o'donnell is there. how should we be read into trump's meeting with mitt romney today? >> reporter: from talking with various aides, i think the starting point is this is an opportunity for the president-elect to try and heal things with former rival, a former critic, and one of the most prominent members of the republican party to speak out against donald trump, so it's a way to try and fix that situation and come together. i am also told it's about a chance to talk about ideas, and whether or not it kind of extends to a cabinet level job, and that could be too soon to tell and it may also be something that is not knowable until they have this meeting and a chance to sit down and talk. but it gives you an idea of how the president-elect is spending his weekend.
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there's a lot to do. not only holding meetings with romney but other picks for the cabinet and working with his senior staff to go over the plans for the new administration, and there's just a little over 60 days to go. the motorcade pulled in to what soon may be known as the jersey white house, trump's weekend home at his golf resort to work on transition plans. today's big meeting could be awkward. >> here's what i know. donald trump a phoney, a fraud. >> reporter: eight months ago mitt romney led the charge against trump's candidacy w. withering takedown, and their relationship unravelled. >> mitt romney choked, pure and simple and he choked like a dog. >> reporter: but today trump will host romney for a private fence-mending meeting, and romney may have opened the door with a congressionally tweet of
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best wishes. and some say it's more about sharing ideas than a cabinet job interview. he has filled three positions, jeff sessions, immigration hard liner. trump advisers defended the pick sending praise from fellow senators who would need to confirm sessions. 30 years ago sessions was blocked from becoming a federal judge after he was accused by making racial comments, and he denied that. and he turned to mike pompeo, and trump went with another campaign confidant, lieutenant general, michael flynn. meanwhile vice president-elect, mike pence, took in "hamilton" on broadway. his arrival getting mixed
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reviews. the beginning of the theater production, and at the end, after the curtain call the star of the show, who plays aaron burr, and he talked about anxiety in the country about civil liberties. that's very, very unusual. and this morning donald trump is using one of his favorite modes of communication, twitter, to respond. in two tweets this morning, trump at first says our wonderful future vp was harassed at the theater, and noting cameras were blazing, as he describes it, and then he goes on to say the theater must be a special and safe place, and the cast of "hamilton" was rude to a very good man, and calling on
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the cast of "hamilton" to apologize to mike pence. we have not heard from mike pence's inner team yet this morning if he is calling for that, but donald trump defending his running mate and his future partner in government. back to you, betty. >> twitter is always very busy, isn't it? thank you. joining me now, msnbc contributor nicholas con tau sory, and beth fewy. before i get to the question about romney and the meeting today and the important issues, and i want to ask you about the "hamilton" moment and trump's tweet. is he getting caught up in my knew shaw when there are bigger things on the plate. >> the cast of "hamilton" is not harassing -- >> that's a strong word he used, harassed. >> the audience was booing mike pence, and the cast came out and
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delivered a plea of how to think of them in the future, and trump is mixing those two things, and saying the cast insulted pence and that's not true. >> beth, let me move to this. will this be business as usual as, you know, the country club as the president-elect is meeting with romney to try and fill out these cabinet members. we were talking about my knew shaw. >> the fact that romney is on the list and he will go and meet with trump in a place where a whole bunch of reporters are staking out, it's significant. we know there's no love lost between these two men and they are public in their distain for one another and that was during the campaign and now it's time for governing, and he feels maybe mitt romney feels this is
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a way he can make a contribution to direct trump on the matter of the country, and we know that, you know, basically we have seen trump play nice with putin and say positive things about him, and maybe romney feels this is a way to step in, and give advice to the president-elect on how he should play out on the world stage. >> weigh in on the tweets here because we have the major issues and don't see a whole lot of tweeting from president-elect trump on the details of what he's doing, but we see it over the issues of "hamilton" and him feeling mike pence was harassed. how do you balance that? >> we know from trump's interview on "60 minutes," he plans to continue to tweet, and he knew exactly how many new twitter followers he gained since the election and that was the only specific thing we heard from him in that interview, and
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it's a way to get around the media, and he's kind of thin skinned, and certain things get to him. watching that video and seeing mike pence, the subject of attention at hamilton, and president-elect watches a lot of cable news and he is sitting there all morning watching you and us and seeing it's a big story and it gets to him and it's a reflection on him as much as pence, and it's a hair trigger reaction. >> what about the names that surfaced for cabinet positions. are there any surprises to you? >> the people who have been named for sure are the loyalist and the people who stuck with trump in the campaign earlier when most of the party abandoned him, and mitt romney is a real departure of this, and trump, he said he was a fraud, strong words. what role is he being asked to
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fill here? is it to deploy his own credibility on the world stage on behalf of trump and different ideas he might not agree with, or is it to help shape the policies of a trump administration? it's always unclear in the early days. >> beth, are these, i guess political apoints going to be political scores or are they going to be rewarding loyalist? what is this telling you? >> we are seeing a few, rewarding of loyalist and political scores. he put mike flynn in and he is a huge loyalist, and so trump rewarded him with a very important position. on mike pompeo, he was a very important player in the benghazi scenario, and we know trump said at the campaign, he said lock her up, and it doesn't look like they will lock up hillary
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clinton, but bringing up one of the hillary clinton's biggest critics from the benghazi days, it's to check that box and settle the score, if you will, and that's an affective way to do that. >> and then giving insight on steve bannon, and a reporter has met with him more than ones. bannon arguably is one of the people to have most clearly seen it, and he absolutely rejects the idea this is a racial line. i am not a white nationalist, and he quotes bannon saying we are going to build an entirely new political movement and everything related to jobs. and bannon surprised everybody with the victory. >> i can see the outlines of policies that would work at least in the short term for donald trump. a road project and building project that could attract democratic votes in congress and
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provide jobs and stimulus to the economy. it's interesting, i am not a white nationalist, i am a nationalist, and i am not sure what that means to be a nationalist. who is in the nation if you are a nationist, and that is the pluralism, and nobody is really clear who belongs inside the nation he is talking about as a nationalists. >> thank you. and now ivanka trump, and joining me now is monica hessy, a style reporter for the "washington post." thank you for being with us today. your reaction to ivanka sitting
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in with the meeting between her father and the prime minister? >> she is fascinating because she's mysterious, and we are trying to figure her out. in the first interview the family gave after the election, and she goes on screen and says i plan to be a daughter and don't plan to be politically involved, and four days later she is photographed sitting in the meeting with the chinese prime minister. >> what are the chances she will be in the room when her father meets with mitt romney today? >> we do know president-elect trump said his children are his advisers, and they hold high positions in his company, and it's hard to figure out how the family will go about dividing that business from the business of the country, and the campaign did say that it was not going to be continued, that ivanka would
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be in the rooms with all foreign dignitaries, so whether she will be in the room with romney, i don't think we will know that yet. >> if they are going there, and meaning the children are going to run his business, and they are going to be in the room with the meeting with the prime minister, how is that going to work? >> i think that's what people are asking and there are conflicts in more ways than meetings with the prime minister, and when ivanka had the meeting on "60 minutes," she had a bracelet on from her jewelry line, and then they sent out saying this is available online for $20,000. they are used to being in business together and they are used to discussing all matters together, and now they are going to have to figure out how to do that when one member of the
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family has a high security clearance that the others tkaob. >> we have floated the word around, blind trust, and so many are saying that is not possible in this situation. >> it's obviously not a blind trust when it's your children running it, and you are meeting with them on a daily basis and you are inviting them into political meetings and that becomes a much more difficult situation that, again, the family is apparently trying to figure out. >> so will she have a role in the administration? will she have a role in the transition team? where does she fall into all of this? >> she has said that she does not plan to have a role in the administration, and that would violate nepotism rules if she was taking a salary. she said there are a few issues she is passionate about, and he is passionate about child care and women in the workforce, and whether it's possible for her to have a role in the
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administration on those particular issues but on nothing else is a bit like taking a scalpel to her role, and she will have to cut that finely and carefully. >> it's going to be very interesting. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you so much. this election of mike flynn is being called alarming by one newspaper today. why? should the country be worried? some answers, next. and show some love for the people we love. and the places we love. the stuff we can't get anywhere else and food that tastes like home. because the money we spend here can help keep our town growing. on small business saturday, let's shop small for our neighborhood, our town, our home. on november 26th, get up, (all) get together and shop small. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through?
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multiple senior intelligence officials expressing reservations of the appointment of mike flynn. and here's a description of mike flynn. >> this is somebody within the intelligence community, i think, was known as kind of a bull in a
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china shop, and somebody that did not work well with others and had a style that was not conducive to kau lhr collaborat. >> is that fair or is that a partisan take? >> no, betty, that's pretty much the take of many people, both democrats and republicans inside and outside the intelligence community. the interesting thing about the flynn pick is for a while it looked like donald trump, we were seeing a new donald trump with his soothing words on election night and his upbeat remarks after meeting with president obama, and the flynn pick suggests donald trump will govern as a campaign on foreign policy and it's an approach that threatens to not only the obama administration. >> sounds like bloomberg news said it was a reflection of the
6:22 am
fire brand theme. is that what you are saying, too? >> mike flynn is a bit of a character and mystery, and he rose up through the ranks with worked for stanley mcchrystal for the joint operations command and wrote an interesting paper in afghanistan about how military intelligence was failing, and he was removed from the post a year early because he was accused of having a chaotic management style and that set him on a course of growing bitter and critical of president obama. by the time he was on the campaign trail with donald trump, he was making extreme statements that raised eyebrows within the intelligence community and he was leading chants of lock her up, and he was suggesting that, you know, tarring muslims with a brush of
6:23 am
islamic extremism, which troubled a loft people, betty. >> among the history is this tweet from earlier this year saying, quote, the fear of muslims is rational. what are some of the other defining moments, would you say? >> he has been very vocal about the notion, he has been critical of the obama administration for not saying islamic extremism and a lot of republicans weighed in with that criticism, and flynn made a lot of statements that make muslims uneasy, and something about the national security adviser, and maybe balancing out the flynn pick, and mitt romney will be off around the world, and mike flynn will be in the white house helping to make the policy and he will be the first person that the president sees in the morning and last person he sees at night, and talking about the
6:24 am
policy and he will have a sizeable influence in the trump administration. >> what are they saying? >> he's a solid guy and a decorated war hero that called the rise of the islamic state at a time when many obama officials were calling it the jv team and saying there was nothing to worry about, and that's true, and he was warning about the rise of extremist in iraq and syria before the islamic state began to seize territory. >> thank you for joining us today. >> thank you for having me. still ahead, the challenge for the president-elect to separate his new job from his business empire. this one is from channel islands national park. coronado. saguaro. you'll see there's one that's an eagle. my number one goal is getting more funds out to parks because some animals and plants are only found in one place in the world, and that's in some national parks.
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i am betty nguyen here at msnbc world headquarters in new york. the first big wintry blast of the season shifted from the plains to the upper midwest. heavy snow and strong winds are expected in the great lakes region and the interior northeast. the same storm dropped more than a foot of snow in parts of the rockies earlier this week. president-elect donald trump is holed up this weekend and tammy leitner is at trump tower today. he said he will hand off his businesses to his children, but is that enough? >> reporter: that's the question of the hour. he is talking about creating a blind trust and then letting his children run his business, and the real issue is the trump brand is everywhere. i am outside the crown jewel of
6:32 am
the trump empire and he's not here today but he is in new jersey at a country club he owns and he created a global business empire and i don't think we have been in a situation with a president before where there's a possible conflict of interest. >> could we see more lawsuits like this after he takes office? >> reporter: they settled the lawsuit yesterday for $25 million alleging broad, and just this morning trump got on social media and tweeted out -- the first tweet was i settled the trump university lawsuit for a small fraction of the award because as president i have to focus on our country, and then minutes later he got back on social media and tweeted the only bad thing about winning the presidency is that i did not have the time to go through a long but winning trial on trump university. too bad. as we know very well, donald
6:33 am
trump does not like to lose, as evidenced by that last tweet there. betty? >> all right, a lot of people will be read into all of this, and thank you for that. more on transition plans now, and let's bring in our former diplomacy national press secretary for mitt romney in 2012. what was the reaction from the romney camp when the invite came from the trump side? >> i think we were all surprised. romney did reach out to trump after he won to congratulate him, and my understand something the trump team followed up on that call with a request for a meeting. don't know what is going to come or what will be said, but it's encouraging for trump to reach out and speak to other people and not just his advisers and so
6:34 am
littice other voices. >> and so a lot of people are scratching their heads, could this really be the case? >> i think there's only one person that knows that and it's donald trump. you know, i think that it shows leadership on his part to bring in somebody like governor romney to meet with him, even if he does not offer him a position in the administration, and it's good for him to bury the hatchet and he's our president-elect now and he's somebody that is going to move our country forward and i know the governor cares deeply about the future of our country and what is happening to help trump. >> so if romney were to become secretary of state, could that help win over some of the more traditional republicans, the ones that did not support trump? >> absolutely. he would be a tremendous pick for secretary of state. he has the confidence of not only republicans but some
6:35 am
democrats, and i was listening to the news yesterday and some of the democrats were singing governor romney's praises, and he's known around the world and would be a great statesman, and trump would be wise to pick him, but at the end of the day it's president-elect trump's choice and he has the right to choose who he wants. >> what have his picks so far told you about how his administration and how he is going to govern? >> i think he is appointing those on the campaign, and he is doing what he said he would do, to govern and talking about infrastructure and tax cuts and repealing obamacare, and these are people that were around him during the campaign and i don't think it should be a surprise to anybody that followed this election. >> so far we have seen him,
6:36 am
these picks, nominate white men. should diversity be included in this and is that a misstep if he doesn't? >> i think he needs to hire the people and put the people around him that he is comfortable with, and i think he is bringing other people, michelle rhee, she is a strong voice in education, and i think he is going to surround peop himself with people he believes can run the country. >> and we talked about separating business from government and we talked about that and his children. >> people want to see what he is doing, and he is appointing people that were part of his team and he's talking about the immediate repeal of obamacare, and infrastructure projects and
6:37 am
it seems like he's ready to take action on day one and that's putting a lot of peoples' concerns at rest given how active he has been since he won the election a week ago. >> thank you. overseas in peru where president obama is closing a three-nation tour, appearing at an annual naytion pacific summit. ron allen is there following the president's every move. what can we expect to see today? >> reporter: well, the president has a number of bilateral meetings here with the leader of china and the leader of peru. i think what we can expect is a lot of questions about donald trump and where america is going now after this election. president obama focused a lot of his attention on asia and the pacific rim region and he thinks this is where america's future is, and he is really focused on this so-called pivot to asia, and the question is whether donald trump will continue that and the centerpiece is the
6:38 am
trance pacific massive trade deal between the united states and so many countries in the region is dead because trump opposed it and republicans in congress oppose it and the administration is saying it's on pause to describe where that stands, and a lot of questions about donald trump and questions about where america is going and i think the president will try to be reassuring, and it will be interesting to see what he says about the specifics about what donald trump will do in this part of the world. >> there's even questions about russian's vladimir putin who arrived not long ago. any potential meeting between putin and obama? >> reporter: yes, there's the potential for that meeting and we are told it may be happening on the sidelines or informal, and putin is here because russia is part of the summit, and 21 nations including russia. we believe they will talk about syria, and trying to have one last chance, one more chance at
6:39 am
trying to reach some sort of resolution that will bring some measure of a cease-fire, the opportunity for humanitarian aid to get in. we heard in recent weeks about the bombing of aleppo and huge civilian casualties, and the hope is putin and president obama will be able to come to some understanding or agreement of how to stop some of the violence but we don't have any detail about that just yet. >> thank you for joining us live from peru. and then now to mosul, isis is responding with new pledges of suicide attacks. and lucy joins us with more. what are you heard about the new threats from isis? >> reporter: it's not just threats, betty, and they are using things like car bombs, for example, to slow the advance of the iraqi forces on the ground trying to push into mosul, and
6:40 am
they are not keeping that fight limited to mosul, and they claimed responsibility during an attack at a wedding party, and it's willing to act out in other parts of the country. the fight itself is incredibly intense, and it's also slow. there are still a lot of civilians trapped within the city, and when the iraqi forces clear an area, it takes a while before those civilians are able to escape to refugee camps. for example, we spoke to some folks on the ground in the front lines this morning, and they are taking young men, ages 13 and above, and lining them up and they have to check their names to make sure they have no isis links, and for those in camps, the situation is different, and we had a chance to visit one two days ago and i want to show you a taste of what it's like on the ground there. many families fled mosul with nothing but the clothes on their
6:41 am
backs, and they need food, water, shelter and they are no doubt grateful for the assistants they are getting from aid agencies and most are wondering when they are going to be able to return home. you can see they are getting food and they are getting the basic supplies they need, but it's a very difficult situation to live in a camp, you know, and it's families within one home, and they survived for more than two years under siege under isis rules so these are traumatized civilians and they had a hard time over the last few years, and now they are not sure when they can return home. they are some of the luckier members of the population for mosul, because an estimated million people, civilians believed to still be trapped within the city and used as human shields by the islamic state and that's why the fight is so slow and difficult, and you can't go full force in on the ground and you cannot bomb the city because of the civilians and that means we are in it for the long hall.
6:42 am
>> painting a dire picture there from iraq. thank you. it's a democratic power play. where is the party headed now in the wake of the presidential upset? and next hour on "am joy," shutting out the media, and the japanese prime minister, was that an indication he will give the media the cold shoulder?
6:43 am
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6:45 am
i will admit coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do was just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. >> hillary clinton wednesday in washington. her first public remarks since losing the election and she urged her supporters to stay engaged and never give up. joining me, a former senate aide
6:46 am
to hillary clinton. thanks for being with us today. >> good to be here. thank you. >> you worked with hillary clinton, and once she gets past this what do you see her role being with the democratic party? >> that's so interesting, and i am proud of her going to the event after the loss and that's the core of hillary clinton, she's a fighter and i believe that going forward, they are also party builders, and i think that's something that i would like to see in the next months and years as we go into our mid-term elections, that she would do some things behind the scenes to actually build and grow the party, recruit candidates and help support the infrastructure, and also help with the platform as well. >> on thursday, though, here's what bernie sanders had to say when he spoke out about the future of the party. >> the democratic party have got to recognize, and i'm not here to blame anybody or criticize
6:47 am
anybody, but facts are facts. when you lose the white house to the least popular candidate in the history of america, when you lose the senate, when you lose the house, and when two-thirds of governors in this country are republicans, it's time for a new direction for the democratic party. >> strong words there. what are your takeaways as your party conducts an autopsy, if you will, of 2016? >> certainly a reckoning for us and for republicans, quite frankly. i would go further back. if you look at the last eight years, democrats have lost 1,000 seats natalie, governors and senators and seats in state legislators. that has had an incredible impact on redistricting and state policy. i think the party has to sort of come together, look at our policies and look at our platform and also build a bench. i think that's incredibly
6:48 am
important. it's about recruiting candidates and going back to the grassroots. it's something that i don't think the party has lost, but i think it's something that the party needs to re-examine, because the republicans have had a plan to do that for decades, and i think it's time for us to sort of get into a plan for the next 10 to 20 years. >> the challenge from tim ryan to nancy pelosi for house minority leader, what does he bring to the leader that nancy pelosi does not? >> it's a fresh face and it's new energy. if you combine that with the fact that chuck schumer is the minority leader leading into next year and for the foreseeable future for the democrats in february, the dnc will choose its next chair, and there's a movement for fresh faces and a movement to try and re-engage our progressive roots, and again, to build that bench and to go deeper into the
6:49 am
grassroots and make sure that we are engaging a lot of folks who previously were not engaged. look, there are a lot of bernie sanders supporters and other folks that did not vote for president, which is disturbing to me as a party leader because i was so concerned about the entire ticket, but that is something that has to be concerned to us, and i guess the belief is these fresh faces and new energy will bring a lot of people back into the democratic fold and will engage voters from the bottom of the ticket all the way to the top. >> all right. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. new funding for america's roads and bridges is one issue both parties can agree on. next, a look at the opportunities and challenges and the costs. attention: are you eligible for medicare?
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president-elect trump is pledging $1 trillion over the next ten years to rebuild the country's infrastructure. it's a price tag the republican controlled congress might not go
6:53 am
along with though. joining me is dan mcnicole, author of the roads that built america, a history of the interstate highway system. he was advisor on transportation issues for george w. bush. thanks for being with us today. >> thanks for having me very much. >> first up, is $1 trillion enough to fix our infrastructure? >> we are a massive country with massive infrastructure. we need a lot more than $1 trillion. >> how much do we need then? >> it would be the biggest start ever. we didn't see infrastructure investment in 2008 like we needed, and this would be an opportunity to get it going. >> what do you make of trump's approach all together based on what we know so far? first what do you see as selling points, and then what are your concerns? >> i'm really encouraged that both candidates were talking about infrastructure. it's an investment, betty. this is an absolute investment that has return if the infrastructure is the right
6:54 am
infrastructure. but the overall look at this, we probably need $3 trillion investment, but $1 trillion in ten years would be that bolt of energy that we really need. >> when we consider fdr's new deal public works project, how massive does an infrastructure project under the trump administration have to be though for the level of job creation that he's promising? >> i think that depends on how smart it is. if it's extremely targeted, then i think that the $1 trillion figure is a great start or a great beginning, but we are talking about -- i created a top ten list for the "new york times" and that list alone is $180 billion and that's only ten projects throughout the country. >> what's the, i guess, number one on the priority list? what needs the most urgent attention and fixing if you will? >> i think what people see anyway, it's what they see through their windshield when
6:55 am
they're commuting to work, the roads, the bridges and the congestion. since rome, congestion has been the driver for investment. to move freely and quickly, efficiently, safely, that is the foundation of any great economy. and beyond that, we need to protect our grid. >> but is that building more than just say concrete and expanding roads? is this going to take research and technology for new ways to reduce that congestion? >> that's a very good point, betty. one advantage of having waited too long to do this is we know what we need, we know what we have to build and we have projects that are ready to go. i think of the magnetic levitation train, d.c. to boston would be $100 billion. that's a crowded corridor but we know we have the technology to move trains at 300 miles an hour. yet amtrak suffers at the pace of a school bus going up and down the coast.
6:56 am
all across i would say transportation infrastructure, we're looking at a rail renaissance. we're looking at high speed rail in texas, high speed rail in california. there are some projects under way, those both, california and texas, and those would be a great example for the rest of the country to get these desired corridors, these specific routes that are going to monetize and be age to be eventually turned over to private hands to run very efficiently, effectively, profitabilitily like we see around the rest of the world. >> quickly, talk about airports and the future for them. >> president-elect donald trump has a long list of 5ir79airport would like to see upgraded. those are our gateways, but i would say even more than the airports because they're intolerable sometimes and they look pathetic, they look tired, but more importantly, in the
6:57 am
control towers, next generation is a software that will allow us to get off radar and get into the next generation of flying planes. you'll have so much more efficiency in the air, more capacity if the faa can finally push out to the people who own these airports this technology. >> deny mcnicole, thanks for joining us today. >> thank you for having me. >> thanks for watching today. join "am joy" next, the intimidation spreading throughout the country since election day. she's going to talk about what it will take to stop it. leve pm. the only one to combine a sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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good morning, and welcome to "am joy" coming to you today live from across the pond in beautiful london, england. back home in the states, the golden revolving doors at trump tower have been spinning all week with potential cabinet picks and tomorrow appointments arriving to be appraised by donald trump.


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