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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 21, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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a weekend crammed with meetings for president-elect donald trump and this morning we're getting new insight on potential appointees. plus -- >> mr. trump, mike pence is here. >> perfect. >> hello, sir. >> heard you went to see "hamilton," how was that? >> it was good. i got a free lecture. >> heard they booed you. >> absolutely. >> mike pence gets booed during friday night's performance of "hamilton." the vice president-elect said he wasn't offended, but donald trump is demanding an apology.
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new overnight, the ambush style shooting of a police officer in st. louis, missouri, leads to a shootout with the suspect. we have the breaking details. good morning, everyone. it is monday, november 21st, i'm alex witt alongside ali velshi and louis burgdorf. it was a very busy weekend in bedminster for the president-elect. he hosted 21 meetings, stopping for photo ops as guest after guest arrived at his golf club in new jersey. on sunday he and mike pence both met with rudy giuliani and chris christie, the governor of that state which once helmed the administration's transmission team. >> is the mayor a candidate for secretary of state, mr. president-elect? >> and other things. and other things.
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>> is there a place for governor christie in your administration? >> he's a very talented man. great guy. thank you. >> what's one of the qualities about chris christie that stands out to you, mr. trump? >> many qualities, including smart and tough. >> despite being one of his most vocal critics, on saturday mitt romney made good on trump's invitation under consideration for secretary of state, the two met for an hour and 20 minutes talking about the various theaters of the world. >> we had a far reaching conversation with regards to the various theaters of the world. exchanged our views on those topics. very thorough and in-depth discussion in the time we had, and appreciate the chance to speak with the president-elect, and look forward to the coming administration. >> did you bury the hatchet? >> thank you.
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>> i wou tell you it was not only a cordial meeting, but a very substantiative meeting, and i can say that governor romney is under active and serious consideration to serve as secretary of state of the united states. >> and the picture is beginning to fill in for top national security jobs. jack keene tells npr he was asked to serve as secretary of defense but is not able to, citing the recent death of his wife. james "mad dog" mattis at the top of the list, he spent 44 years in the marines and is known for the 2004 battle of fallujah. mr. trump tweeted that mattis was very impressive, a true general's general. also at bedminster on sunday, marine corps general john kelly, former commander of the u.s. southern command, who trump called a great, great general. >> we've made a couple of deals.
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we'll let you know soon. >> they accepted, is that what you mean by deals? >> we'll let you know. >> could you summarize these two days of meetings for us? what have you accomplished? >> really fantastic days. i think we have some really incredible people going to be working for the country. general mattis, fantastic. we really had some great meetings and you'll be hearing about them soon. rick perry is set to meet with the trump team today. he's expressed interest in working with the department of veterans affairs. scott brown tells the new hampshire union leader he's in the running for the va, as well. as president-elect trump moves forward with his transition, he's moving fast allegations of fraud against him and trump university. eric schneiderman announced the $25 million deal on friday, calling it a major victory for more than 6,000 students of trump university. the settlement applies to three lawsuits, including two cases in
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california filed against his now-defunct for-profit education foundation. in a statement, schneiderman said in part, "donald trump fought us every step of the way, filing baseless charges and fruitless appeals and refusing to settle for even modest amounts of compensation for the victims of his phony university." trump tweeted about the decision saturday saying, "i settled the trump university lawsuit for a small fraction of the potential award, because as president i have to focus on our country. the only bad thing about winning the presidency is i did not have the time to go through a long but winning trial on trump u., too bad." trump will avoid being the first president-elect to testify in open court while preparing to take office. while donald trump is calling for the cast of the broadway show hamilton to apologize to vice president-elect mike pence. when he arrived at the theater,
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audience members clapped and booed as he took his seat. after the show, an actor had this to say. >> you know, we had a guest in the audience this evening. vice president-elect pence, i see you walking out, but i hope you'll hear us just a few more moments. nothing to boo, nothing to boo. we're here sharing a story of love. vice president-elect pence, we thank you and welcome you joining us here, we really do. we, sir, we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. our families, our charn, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir, but we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold all american values and to work on behalf of all of us, all of us. >> saturday morning donald trump responded by tweeting, "our
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wonderful future vp mike pence was harassed last night by the cast of "hamilton," cameras blazing, this should not happen. the theater should be a safe and special place. apologize." then the tweets continued yesterday, the cast and producers of hamilton, which i hear is highly overrated, should apologize to pence. >> are you still upset? >> they were very inappropriate. >> in an interview yesterday, mike pence took a decidedly different tone. >> do you have a comment? >> it's okay with me. >> the entire incident has served as a political test, steven vanzandt, the guitarist for bruce springsteen wrote on twitter, a guy comes to a broadway show for a relaxing night out, instead gets a
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lecture from a stage. lin-manuel miranda tweeted, "proud of hamilton musical, proud of brandon dixon for leading with love and proud to remind you all are welcome at the theater." >> i don't know about calling "hamilton" overrated, i think that's statistically not true. president-elect trump's incoming chief of staff says while the administration isn't creating a registry of muslims, it's not taking the idea off the table completely. speaking on "meet the press," reince priebus said a database would not ban musli completely. >> i'm not going to rule out anything, but we're not going to have a registry based on a religion, but what i think what we're trying to do is say there are some people, certainly not all people, chuck, there are some people that are radicalized and there are some people that have to be prevented from coming into this country.
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he believes that no faith in and of itself should be judged as a whole, but there are some people in countries abroad that need to be prevented from -- need to be prevented from coming into this country, so i think that's where 99% of americans are at. >> president-elect trump appears to be bullish, at least for now, on working with fellow new yorker chuck schumer. he tweeted, i have always had a good relationship with chuck schumer, he's a lot smarter than harry h., goes on to say schumer has the ability to get things done. good news. the president-elect leaded a nearly identical version of that tweet that called schumer far more cunning than reid, speaking why democrats won't be afraid to challenge him. >> look, i know him, we were at meetings together, but i don't know him very well. i know more about him from his presidential campaign, which i
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found disappointing in a whole lot of ways. my hope is with donald trump is what president obama said, that the presidency is a sobering, i think those were president obama's words, experience, and he will rise to the occasion. but if he doesn't, you know, he's going to find the democrats holding his feet to the fire. >> according to reports citing federal election commission filings, president-elect trump, his three children, donald jr., eric, ivanka, along with his son-in-law jared kushner have donated $20,000 combined to senator schumer's campaigns from 1996 to 2010. alex? president obama is back in washington this morning, arriving at joint base andrews from peru just a few hours ago. it was the last leg of a trip that took him to greece and germany, where he spent much of his visit reassuring allies about donald trump and the future of nato. in peru, the president sought to ease economic tensions, especially regarding trade.
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>> the president-elect now has to put together a team and put forward specifics about how he intends to govern. and he hasn't had the full opportunity to do that yet, and so people should take a wait and see approach in how much his policy proposals once in the white house, once he is sworn in, matches up with some of the rhetoric of his campaign. >> president obama also spoke with russian president vladimir putin on the sidelines of the summit in peru. what obama said about their conversation coming up later in the show, ali. breaking overnight, a suspect sought in the shooting of a st. louis police officer sunday night was killed early this morning in a shootout. according to police, they found him in a vehicle around 1:30 local time, approaching him from behind when he took off and fired from the officers. earlier in the day the 19-year-old suspect shot a 46-year-old veteran police
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officer in the face at a traffic light. the shooter was wanted for violent crimes and police believe he shot the officer sunday evening out of fear of being recognized. the wounded officer is in stable, but critical condition, and is expected to survive. the st. louis police shooting is one of multiple on sunday. in san antonio an officer was shot and killed while writing a ticket and a police officer in florida was shot and wounded conducting a traffic stop. still ahead, violence across the middle east from syria to afghanistan. plus, a powerful new weather satellite blasts off from cape canaveral and experts say it will vastly improve your forecast. to that we say what will be your excuse next time, bill karins? oh, throwing shade there. plus all the highlights from sunday night football, including a fourth straight loss for the packers after going head to head with the washington redskins. those stories and a check on weather with the wonderful bill karins. he's going to get me when we come right back. you are gonna love this place. i'm more of a milkshake guy.
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welcome back. at least 20 people are dead and 50 wounded following tribal clashes in southern libya. it all started after three young men reportedly let a pet monkey loose on a high school girl. the girl's family sought revenge, killing the young men and the animal before the city's two main tribes, each backed by armed groups, got involved. since the fall of dictator moammar ghadafi, much of libya is run by tribal militias. donald trump has met with the prime minister of japan and appears the queen of england may not be far off either. the queen has offered him to the uk next summer. a formal invitation is expected soon after trump is inaugurated in january and the meeting would likely occur in june or july of 2017. since winning the election, mr. trump has received calls from world leaders, including russian president vladimir putin and
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british prime minister theresa may. a new u.s. satellite blasted into orbit saturday night and scientists hope it will revolutionize forecasts and potentially save lives. the new technology launched from cape canaveral as part of an upgrade the u.s. weather forecasting system. it will remain in orbit about 22,000 miles above the equator constantly observing the western hemisphere. let's get a check on the weather now with bill karins, who doesn't need that. >> i will. i'll be showing you great pictures. the advantages for satellite information. we usually get satellite pictures 15 or 30 minutes, now we'll get them every minute. it will look smoother, the movie we play out from space, especially when we have a hurricane. as far as the forecast goes, all the story over the weekend was the snow in areas of the northeast. we've had dustings in areas of long island, we've had snow just north of new york city as high as one to four inches of snow, but the heavy stuff, binghamton, new york, 15 inches of snow.
2:18 am
they only d inches all last winter. especially it's been so warm this november. the heaviest snows this morning from rochester, syracuse, watertown, that's the expected lake effect areas and the higher elevations near the berkshires, northwest connecticut picked up about a foot of snow. today, lake effect snow warning continues all the way down to binghamton. the new york state throughway is one of the worst roads. it will be improving in new england during the day. here's the additional snowfall forecast. syracuse to watertown area through the northern adirondacks, that's another six to 12 inches on top of what you've seen. a little more, one or two, three inches at most in the berkshires, and much of areas of western pennsylvania and new york state are only going to see another inch or so. still impressive lake effect snow and very windy, too. if we have problems at the airports, you know, new york city, philadelphia, boston,
2:19 am
hartford, it's because of stroj winds, not because of snow. tomorrow and wednesday, both look really nice travel day, so if you have a choice between today or tuesday or wednesday throughout the region, it does look like tomorrow will be better. the rest of the country, by the way, very cold in the south, but in the south you get a lot more sunshine in the afternoon, gorgeous this afternoon. no problems today in chicago, st. louis, dallas, minneapolis looks fine. by the time we get to tuesday, a new storm in the middle of the country with showers and by the time we get to wednesday, some of that will move into the great lakes. you know, there's nothing horrible for wednesday, that's the busiest travel day, but also not going to be perfect either. >> can i ask, does this mean the weather forecast can be foolproof? if you're getting minute by minute assessments? >> no. the radar images now are about five to six minutes. when we start getting satellite images in rapidly, it will let us know if something's changing and we didn't expect it. >> okay, cool, thanks, bill.
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still ahead for all of you if you were in a fantasy football draft, would you have picked aaron rodgers or kirk cousins? we'll talk about two teams headed in different directions on sunday night football. and yesterday was a rough one for the cincinnati bengals. in a span of a few hours that team lost two major players. louis has the details coming up next in sports.
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dez bryant secures it for the touchdown! >> popped up and picked off! the interception and he's still going down the sideline! bush is in! >> third and four. manning over the middle. touchdown! shepherd. >> palmer sits in. pass is picked off. intercepted by rhodes. xavier rhodes down the sideline and good-bye. touchdown, vikings. no flags. >> on the move again and not sure where to go. he'll go down. dolphins with a sack. >> it's been a pretty nice attack for the patriots. third and eight, completed it! this is malcolm mitchell for the touchdown.
2:24 am
>> mr. baldwin is looking to throw. looking to go back to wilson. it's there for the touchdown. >> welcome back. those were some of the biggest plays from around the league yesterday. the touchdown reception you just saw hauled in by seahawks quarterback russell wilson. you heard me right. ybe he and doug baldwin should switch jobs there. it was a sunday where kickers missed a record 12 extra point attempts. now to the nation's capital for the redskins hosting the packers. a grim realization for green bay, their playoff hopes dwindling after a loss falling 22-24 against washington on the national stage. redskins quarterback kirk cousins passing for 375 yards and three touchdowns in the game, including a 70-yard bomb to pierre garcon. washington improves to 6-3 as they head into thanksgiving's division showdown against the dallas cowboys. that is going to be a good one. a bad day for cincinnati as the
2:25 am
bengals take a pair of major blows to their offense. giovani bernard done for the season after tearing the acl in his left knee in yesterday's loss to the bills. and fantasy owners approaching the playoffs are really feeling this one, a.j. green carted off early in the first quarter yesterday with a leg injury. green is scheduled for an mri today, but things don't look good. reports saying the star receiver will miss the remainder of the season with a torn hamstring. turning to the world of nascar, where the chase is over. jimmy johnson took the checker yesterday at homestead miami speedway, wrapping up his record tying seventh spring cup title. johnson joins nascar hall of famers richard petty and dale earnhardt with the most championships by a driver. congratulations to him, alex. >> i'm excited about thursday football on thanksgiving. >> oh, yeah. >> awesome. >> good day. >> really good. thank you for that, louis. still ahead, pentagon and
2:26 am
intelligence chiefs reportedly push to oust nsa director mike rogers, but he's also floated as a possible trump cabinet pick. plus, kanye west leaves fans scratching their heads after a snow stopping rant in sacramento. what he had to say about hillary clinton and barack obama. we'll be right back. beyond is a natural pet food that goes beyond assuming ingredients are safe... to knowing they are. going beyond expectations... because our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food.
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welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt alongside ali velshi and louis burgdorf. it's approaching the bottom of the hour, so we're going to start with the morning's top stories for you, as it was a busy weekend for donald trump as he looks to assemble the incoming administration. saturday the president-elect met with mitt romney, who's under
2:30 am
consideration for secretary of state. romney called the face-to-face, quote, thorough and in-depth. quote said it, quote, went great. trump hosted 21 meetings in bedminster, new jersey, this weekend, including with rudy giuliani and chris christie. >> president obama is back in washington arriving from peru just a few hours ago. while there the president warned allies on trade, saying he doesn't expect major changes in policy, but there could be some tension since donald trump campaigned hard against the issue. the president also warned against assuming the worst. san antonio, texas, detective ben ja men marconi was shot and killed yesterday after a traffic stop outside police headquarte headquarters. he pulled over a car and as he was writing a ticket, someone pulled up behind him, walked up to the squad car and fired through the window, hitting the officer in the head. a man hunt is under way for the suspect, ali. let's get back to the top
2:31 am
political story in the country, donald trump holding round the clock meetings over the weekend. we talked about some of the bigger names earlier in the show, but let's talk about some of the other folks you might not be as familiar with. saturday the president-elect met with michelle rhee, along with her husband kevin johnson, the mayor of sacramento. rhee, who is a democrat, was once chancellor of d.c. schools and the meeting has stoked speculation she might be favored for the department of education. she took a tough approach to overhauling underperforming programs, forcing out principals and toughening teacher evaluations, but it proved to be divisive for many. betty devoss also got ab invite. she promotes charter schools. also on sunday chris cobat, the popular but often controversial secretary of state from kansas, the two discussed border security and kobach is one of the architects of the well known arizona immigration law. he was a proponent of the self
2:32 am
deportation approach to undocumented immigrants that mitt romney famously supported during his run for president. louis? >> the president-elect has made five appointments so far, many of them controversial. over the weekend senator jeff sessions tapped for attorney general unsurprisingly faced skepticism from some democrats like senator cory booker. his colleague senator chuck schumer had this to say. i know senator sessions and we work out in the gym, but does not absolve him from answering tough questions in the confirmation process, given some of his past statements and staunch opposition to immigration reform, i am very concerned about what he would do with the civil rights division at the department of justice and want to hear what he has to say. sessions also faced criticism from the conservative republican congressman justin amash tweeting, "the a.g. has a lot of independent policy authority and prosecutorial discretion. he added, if a dem nominee held these views, republicans would
2:33 am
be screaming for the senate to reject him." president-elect donald trump met last week with three indian business partners that are building a trump branded luxury apartment complex near dubai. a trump organization spokesman labeled the meeting a courtesy call, yet the three executives have been quoted in indian newspapers as saying they discussed expanding their partnership with the trump organization now that trump is president-elect. meanwhile, the washington post reports the newly opened trump international hotel in washington invited representatives from local embassies to the hotel after the election to encourage them to use it when leaders from their countries visited washington. one asian diplomat said, "why wouldn't i stay in his hotel blocks from the white house so i could tell the new president i love your new hotel. isn't it rude to come to the city and say i'm staying at your competitor?" meanwhile, vice president-elect
2:34 am
mike pence said trump will keep proper separation between his business empire and the oval office. >> should employees of the trump businesses be involved at all in the people's business, in government's business, meetings? >> well, i think during this transition it's very helpful. >> how about during the presidency? >> -- for the president-elect to -- well, i think during the presidency there will be the proper separation. john, what i can assure you and all of your viewers is that all the laws pertaining to his business dealings and his service as president of the united states will be strictly adhered to. i promise you, president-elect donald trump is today and president donald trump after january 20th is going to be completely focused on the people's business and he'll leave his business life in the past. >> and president obama yesterday shared how he handled his assets once he assumed the presidency. >> we made a decision to liquidate assets that might
2:35 am
raise questions about how it would influence policy. i basically had our accountant put all our money in treasury bills. the yields, by the way, have not been massive over the course of the last eight years. just because it's simplified my life. i did not have to worry about the complexities of whether a decision that i made might even inadvertently benefit me. leaders from the pentagon and the nation's intelligence community have reportedly asked president obama to fire nsa director admiral mike rogers. "the washington post" was first to report defense secretary ash carter and director of national intelligence james clapper advised the white house that rogers be removed last month. according to the pape "carter
2:36 am
has concerns with rogers' performance. the driving force for clapper, meanwhile, was the separation of leadership roles at the nsa and the u.s. cyber command, and his stance that the nsa should be headed by a civilian." congressman devin nunes has sent clapper and carter a letter defending rogers saying in part, "i have been consistently impressed with his leadership and accomplishments." nunes also asks carter and clapper testify about "the washington post" report. the news comes as rogers is reportedly being considered by president-elect donald trump to be the next director of national intelligence. rogers took personal leave last thursday and traveled to manhattan to meet with trump. president obama had this to say about admiral rogers yesterday. >> with respect to cyber, the nsa, admiral rogers is a terrific patriot and has served this country well in a number of positions. i generally don't comment on
2:37 am
personnel matters. democrats have done plenty of soul searching to account for donald trump's victory. incoming senate minority leader chuck schumer said his party did not have a bold economic message when explaining why his party faired so poorly in the elections. >> once you lose an election like that, you look it straight in the eye. you don't flinch, you don't blink, and you try to examine what you did wrong. we did not have a strong, bold economic message. we sort of nibbled around the edges. and not just a message, but a platform. that's what we need. now, many of these issues, actually donald trump supported in the campaign. we're going to challenge him to work with us on those issues and not work -- go against them and break his promise to the blue collar people because the republican leadership or the republican establishment doesn't like them. let's turn to business now as donald trump readies for the white house, his team of
2:38 am
economic advisers split on one of trump's signature campaign topics, trade. cnbc's carolyn roth joins us live from london. it's a diverse crew, they have very different views on how to make things work. >> very much so. so on the one camp the hard liners, those that are thinking that there should be more trade protectionism, u.s. trading partners should be slapped with tariffs. companies in the u.s. that move jobs overseas should be paying higher taxes, and in that camp you'll find the likes of wilbur ross, who's tipped to be secretary of congress, also top critic of nafta, then david malpass, the author of the coming china wars. then you have the other camp, that camp is a lot more moderate, they don't necessarily see the need for bigger protectionism when it comes to trade. they, too, want to make the u.s. more attractive for business by slashing red tape and taxes and that camp you have the likes of vp mike pence, but also larry
2:39 am
kudlow, cnbc contributor. which way trump will go, that is too early to say, but that is the billion dollar question. also want to tell you about a big deal happening in the cyber security space. semantics said it would acquire lifelock for $2.3 billion. lifelock is a u.s. identity theft protection services company and why does symantec want to buy them? they see flagging sales at norton, its unit that's relied so heavily on pc sales, but they are lagging, too. >> we're just about at thanksgiving, just about black friday and cyber monday, but reporting out now is that more people who buy things online are going to use their phones than their computers. >> so let me qualify this a little bit, because actually this research, which is according to adobe digital insights says more people are going to be visiting store sites and apps on their mobile as
2:40 am
opposed to the desktop, but when it actually comes to translating that into sales, well, it's not quite the same. the final two months of the year this report says that only 34% of all sales will be made on mobile, because that's because sometimes it's a lot more difficult, a lot more frustrating to buy something on your smartphone as opposed to the desktop, also the transaction sizes on desktop are still a lot bigger than they are on mobile. but still happy shopping, everyone. >> i agree with you there, i do a lot of browsing on the phone, but i'll have to start entering the stuff and that gets trickier. good to see you, carolyn is at cnbc for us in london. alex? still ahead for all of you, just days after telling fans he would have voted for donald trump if he had voted, seems kanye has a lot more to get off his chest. what the rapper said before cutting his concert short over the weekend. plus, bill karins is tracking several storms leading up to the thanksgiving holiday.
2:41 am
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this morning some kanye west fans are concerned and confused after the rapper's behavior over the last couple of days. last night kanye abruptly cancelled his los angeles show hours before it was scheduled to begin, and it was a makeup concert already for a show he had cut short earlier this month. that followed a meltdown in sacramento, where fans say he performed just three songs before going on a 15-minute tirade mentioning hillary clinton, jay-z, and beyonce. here's part of that. >> feelings matter. it's a new world, hillary clinton. it's a new world. feelings matter. because guess what, everybody in middle america felt awake and they showed you how they felt.
2:45 am
feelings matter. it's a new world. it's a new world, barack. it's a new world, jay-z. this is the future. this is the way of thinking to make america great again. >> and that was the end of the show. kanye made waves on social media late last week after saying if he voted, he would have voted for trump. pete davidson's take from this week's "snl." >> now anyone thinks they can run for office, even kanye thinks he can be president. he's been saying he loves trump and is going to run against him. like he heard people saying this was the greatest threat america ever faced and he's like, no, i'm the greatest. we as a country need to agree that if it isn't over a sick beat, we don't want to listen to anything kanye west has to say ever again. >> well, the golden one where kanye cut the show short on saturday says fans will be refunded tickets.
2:46 am
ali? let's get a check on the weather now. good morning, bill. >> breaking news out of miami. 59 degrees. first time it dipped below 60, people are scrambling for their sweaters, they can't find them. morning joke for everyone in miami. cold air made it to the south, but it's the snow getting the headlines. let me show you pictures from late last night. these lake effect snow bans can produce one to three inches in an hour and when they sit over you, they can really cover the roads, plows can't keep up. this was out of rochester, new york. reports of 17 inches of snow, one report of 15 inches of snow near binghamton, new york. the central new york area got nailed. still setting up this morning. you see the bright white, that's where you get the one to three inches. one ban north of syracuse, north of binghamton and we've had snow showers that made it to long island, even a few near the twin forks, so in boston they've had snow showers, seen some cars with people writing words on the
2:47 am
windshield because it's the first snow of the season. additional snow from here, little in the berkshires, white and greens, but the heavier snows will be in the lake effect ban. really 81 and the new york state throughway that will be the worst. let me take you through the forecast for the rest of today. it's still cold, but we're warming it up. don't feel bad for miami, they'll be up to 77 this afternoon and tomorrow the lake effect snow will be gone. we track a new system in the middle of the country, maybe minor, very minor delays. san antonio to dallas, st. louis and minneapolis. by the time we get to wednesday, the busiest travel day of the entire year, that storm will be moving into the great lakes. maybe areas right around detroit and chicago will have showery type weather and then for thanksgiving day, louis, the macy's parade is not going to be a washout, but there is a chance of showers into the northeast on thanksgiving day. >> bill, we were all wondering where winter was in one day, bam, it's here. a few more sports headlines for you. it's never too late to realize your dreams.
2:48 am
joe thomas sr. has made history as the oldest person to play in division one football game. the 55-year-old father of green bay packers linebacker joe thomas jr. took the field in the first quarter of saturday's senior day win over savannah state, where he took the handoff and ran for a gain of three yards. thomas finished the day with four carries and a total of minus one rushing yard. another sight to see on the collegiate grid iron from saturday, boise state's team retrieving labrador was responsible for fetching the team's tee and returning it to the sidelines. that's a good doggy. nally, it's always important to look both ways, even when navigating an nfl field. ask fox sound engineer bernie who ran into trouble yesterday between the cardinals and vikings, colliding with minnesota players as they ran out of the tunnel on to the field. it looked bad. but he had a couple scratches and broken set of specks.
2:49 am
he was able to work the rest of the game. you see his smile there, alex. tough guy. he's a tough guy. >> can you imagine being mowed over by a bunch of nfl players? no, thank you. we're following breaking news from overseas. dozens killed in a suicide bombing in kabul. the latest on that. plus president obama meets with russia's vladimir putin this weekend, but did he ask him about allegations of meddling in the u.s. election? that's next. when standard cancer treatment no longer works
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welcome back. some breaking news this morning as violence erupts across the middle east. in afghanistan 27 people were killed in a suicide attack at a shiite mosque in kabul. over the weekend in yemen, not long after a 48-hour cease-fire went into effect, 20 civilians were killed in a busy market. patients were submitted to nearby hospitals with 21 people dead on arrival. the cease-fire comes at a time when troops loyal to the saudi-backed government made advances in taiz. alex? the syrian government refused a u.n. proposal that would grant the rebel-held eastern section of aleppo autono autonomy, adding the militants in the area must be expelled and also calls on the trump administration to end american support for the rebel groups. meanwhile, new video obtained by the associated press shows the moment eastern aleppo's only children's hospital was bombed on friday. those air strikes hit hospitals that had been attacked days
2:53 am
earlier. the world health organization reports there are now no functioning hospitals in the rebel-held section of the city. others say some are functioning, but difficult to reach in the shelling. speaking from the apec summit in peru, president obama held some choice words for syrian president bashar al assad. >> this is a man who has decided that destroying his country, turning it to rubble and seeing its population scattered or killed was worth it for him to cling to power. that's his mentality. that's not a mentality we support. that's a mentality that the russians and the iranians have been willing to support. meanwhile, president obama and russian president vladimir putin met briefly on the sidelines of the apec summit in peru. in their first discussion since the election, the two leaders talked briefly about ukraine, as well as the ongoing syria
2:54 am
conflict. president obama says the election was not discussed because, quote, that's behind us. adding the conversation was, quote, candid and courteous, although each side was very clear about their policy differences. and in turkey, president erdogan is blaming u.s. policies in syria for plaguing his country, including refugees and a security threat on turkey's southern border. >> translator: we have addressed these issues, discussed them with president obama and vice president biden. they failed to rise to the occasion and handle these issues seriously. this is quite upsetting for us. >> you seem very frustrated with the united states. >> translator: well, let me be very frank in my remarks, and i've been known for my candor, i wouldn't speak the truth if i said i was not disillusioned, because i am disillusioned. in iraq, forces continue to make slow but steady progress in the battle to retake mosul from isis. joining us from erbil, iraq,
2:55 am
lucy kavanaugh. lucy, what more are your hearing about that offensive? >> reporter: hey, ali, windy day here in erbil, but iraqi soldiers are continuing their push into mosul. the city is surrounded to the north, south, and east. shiite officials now focusing on the west to try to cut off the road from mosul to tal afar, that's been a critical supply route for the islamic state fighters. as for the battle itself, we've been talking about how it's been slowing down because of those civilians trapped within the city. nbc news this morning spoke to the joint operations command spokesman who confirmed these civilians are making it really tough for iraqi soldiers to push through any faster. if they use their tanks, their armored cars, they can get stuck in the streets and any sort of operations that they do, they have to consider the fact there are people flooding out and also isis has been launching attacks from within civilian homes, making it very hard for them to
2:56 am
use heavy weapons and heavy fire power. that's been one of the big challenges and that's not looking like it's going to wrap up any time soon, ali. >> lucy kavanaugh for us in erbil, iraq. still ahead, a look at the stories that will be making headlines in the day to come. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen. ♪ ♪ ♪ there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof.
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you guys do not want to know what we were talking about during the commercial break. before we toss it to "morning joe," a check on the stories in the day ahead. donald trump's breakneck schedule of meetings continue today. he hosts rick perry. >> meanwhile, workers at chicago's o'hare international airport announce when they plan to strike as the busy thanksgiving travel week kicks off. 500 workers voted last week to hit the picket line. they are seeking union rights and a $15 an hour wage. as the holiday celebrations kick off, new york city will mark a milestone for the macy's thanksgiving day parade, literally. officials will unveil a permanent plat marking the parade's official start line. all right, that's going to do it for us on this monday, i'm alex witt alongside ali velshi and louis burgdorf. "morning joe" is starting right now.
3:00 am
mitt romney is here. >> really, okay, send him in, please. >> yeah. >> [ applause ] >> hello, mr. president-elect, thank you for taking the time for meet with me. >> mitt romney, so good of you to come. >> this isn't going to work, is it? >> i don't think so. >> great. >> good morning, everyone. it's monday, november 21st. welcome to "morning joe." isn't this thanksgiving week? >> it is. >> it snuck up on us. >> it always does, doesn't it? with us on set, we have managing editor of bloomberg politics and co-host of "with all due respect" that airs at 6:00 p.m. on msnbc, mark halperin. good to have you onboard. political reporter for "the washington post" and msnbc political analyst robert costa on set with us. and back by popular demand, we've been trying to get this guy. he's hard to get. >>


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