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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  November 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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president-elect trump, saying it is a totally unbiassed unbiassed -- biassed show, nothing to watch at all. my colleague is here, kate snow. >> have you seen this man, the person they are calling a suspect. at this hour, local state and federal forces uniting to find this person as they call extremely dangerous to the police and to the public. conflict of interest to tour to using trump's dc hotel to ivanka trum m sp sitting in the meetin with the japanese prime minister. >> the cold is here and the snow is hitting many parts of the
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country. winter is coming as they say we got a live report from america's snowiest city coming up. lets start with the president-elect trump. katy tur is going to join me here onset to give us all the latest, katy tur, why are these questions being raised right now on monday afternoon? >> we have just heard a while ago that donald trump may have brought up his business dealings and a building he was building in argentina with the first phone call, he had the congratutory phone call. >> the president denying that issue was not part of the conversation. the president-elect trump, the subject both leaders talked about was the institutional relationship and they mentioned the personal relationship they
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have had for years. so this is coming to light, this conflict of interest questions are something that is dogging donald trump. partly because they have not proven at least so far to show they are spraitieparating the fs business and donald trump's dedication to governing this country. at least not yet. we have ivanka meeting with the japanese prime minister on friday and we learned over the weekend that donald trump met with some of his indian business partners who he worked with on properties over seas in india. this is bringing a whole host of questions about whether or not is going to adequately separate himself and be able to close the doors on these nagging allegations of a conflict of interest. even if he does really separate himself and say i got nothing to do with this, i am never going to meet with my business
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partners again, it is going to go to my children, the fact remains that foreign diplomats are staying at donald trump's dc hotel because they want to favor with the new president-elect trump. it would be rude to stay anywhere else. this is tieing in the fabric of a donald trump's presidency. the new normal if you will and there is a lot of questions about how that will play out because we have never been in a situation like this where we elected a leader who has so many foreign ties. >> what is the trump and i keep want to say campaign -- what is the trump's transition team say about these issues. do they have people studying the issue to try to figure out how to weigh through this. >> over the weekend, they'll have a white house council who'll be sensitive to this issue. they're trying to adjust to the new reality. it is only been, 11 or 12 days
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since donald trump, two weeks tomorrow since he won the elections so they're still quite new to this game. they did not know they're going to win. they believe they're fwoigoing lose. their transition process was barely put in place before the elections so they do have to figure it out as they go. this is something that washington ethic lawyers and folks from the republican party -- he used this against hillary clinton really adequately effectively during the campaign saying that she used the clinton's foundation as a pay to play scheme. she was meeting with foreign government and taking money from her foundation in order for them to get influenced of foreign policy -- that's what he says. now, the democrats and anybody who criticizes donald trump will have the same thing to say against him. he's to be fair, been very good
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at just brushing off any criticisms that's coming his way. he has been like rubber in these matters if you want to use a schoolyard talk. at the same time, four years a long time and the american public needs to know that donald trump is making positions based on their interest and not on the interest of one of his properties over seas. >> katy tur. thank you, lets go to trump tower with cal perry doing this cabinet selection. it is an ongoing saga. donald trump assembling his team and catching up on everything that happens on trump tower today. >> reporter: that is beat filled with whispers and bread crumbs. there is two groups of people that came in today. the first group did stop and talked to the peopl inside. we understand she spoke to the president-elect trump on a wide range of issue according to her
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stop. >> scott brown rumored to be running for the da. all of these seemed to be organized by colon rkellyanne c. >> take a listen. >> i am not competing with anybody. you know i think i am the best person but there are some tremendous people out there. >> we got a wide range of issue and his plan and general for america maybe able to help. >> he has all these different people to interview and consult with. until that's time, he's not in a rush to make this announcement. >> reporter: two of the more important meetings, rick perry, former governor of texas was here today. he did not stop by and speak to the media after his meeting. he was actual lyanly an opponen donald trump but he jumped on the bandwagon when senator cruz lost texas. >> the other woman tul
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tulsi gabbard, it is unclear of what they are speaking of her about. >> all right, cal perry, thanks so much. lets dig into how this trump's cabinet is shaping up. i want to go to hugh hewitt, how are you? >> interesting story over the weekend as we talk about the potential people that he's considering for secretary of state and it really looks like rudy giuliani and romney reportedly maybe some of the top contenders. trump acknowledges it much when he came out. what do you make of those two potential cabin members. >> the president-elect trump is very smart in reaching out to all sorts of people and
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including h is allies and opponents and governor romney who was there on sunday or to democrats like today and indeed loyal to have been up and down and i think it is important. he's talking to non partisans and jonah thinks and krcrystal, department of homeland security. dhs is probably the one job where you really do want a non partisan person with trrdinary skills set. it is a complicated business. there is about 40 key appointments. i think the president elect is surprising a lot o f people with his speed. he's ahead of president obama was eight years ago. >> former, you mentioned rick perry, he was there today and former massachusetts senator,
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scott brown and newt gingrich and khou under george h.w. bush. do you think he's seeking advise from people or considering everybody you see on the screen for a position. >> i am not in the room so all i can do is speculate. >> my speculation is a value expertise. i did study for his business dealings, he's a great believerer abeliever and expertise, he does bring in the best of this and that when putting together project team. the longer he keeps digging into the people, the happier patriots ought to become. the government needs expertise. it does no just need friends of friends or somebody knew back in college. you. you need folks who have the
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resume and skills set especially when it comes to the war when it comes to hostile nation and especially with isis and iran. you need folks who are deep into the specific knowledge about the adversary that were confronting. >> getting attention this afternoon. the secretary of state from kansas who's been really involved in immigrations of this country. there is a picture of him walking into the meeting of trump tower and people are zooming in on the document that he's carrying. i don't know if you have seen that photo yet that just came out a while ago. >> this is a guy who really has some very strong feelings about immigration. could he be under consideration do you think for homeland security or something in that vein? >> he's been on the list for dhs. he's in fact expert on the law for immigration and naturalization. dhs is a little different that
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requires cyber security and clearances and liars a depth of background and the threat that is are around the united states. the one thing that would be destructive of the administration because they are destructive of america is a massive attack either cyber and physical. therefore, you think to yourself maybe is a lawyer and the best person of dhs and andy and the head of cke. both the lawyers and the businessman would be good labor department or john bolton will be good for state or united states trade representatives. there are all sorts of list. what i think he's going to do is assassin. i keep on using the term, skills set. what do you need to do to do this? >> those require whether it is architects or down to landscape planning. he knows you need to do a different palette for every
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specific job you got to film. >> that's getting some attention as well. kellyanne conway spoke about this on cnbc a while ago. take a look at what she's saying. >> when you are an insult in trump's world. number two, you have to be qualified and capable to be do this job. that's criteria number one. it is no t h it will happen naturally. >> it will become mosaic of america. they're choosing the most qualified people. do you agree with that approach or does that risk not being inclusive enough in a country like ours? >> i personally don't care if he has a cabinet of all females or all everything. >> if he shows up -- and at the united nation or his nine year
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veteran of the cia and two congressmen from texas in a national security position or former kelly ayotte, or mcfarland, i won't mind. if it is nikki haley, i won't mind. it matters to me and i think it will turn out that the cabinet be unimpeachable. thus far, you go to the romney meeting and the mathis meeting. if i were to pick a cabinet, ill start two people at the top of the list and i will name everybody else that's on my short list for all sorts of great things and you think of the attorney general. he's a white male. >> there are all sorts of people in america who are talented. donald trump is looking for the
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best top 50 or 40 that he's just got to get right. top radio hugh hewitt, thank you very much. >> thanks kate. >> coming up, we'll go through the transition of someone who's been through that, former chief of staff to president george h.w. bush and his former rival as we have been talking about and bernie sanders' supporter. how unprecedented is that? (vo) your love is purely thoughtful,
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tistill tracking the latest development of donald trump.
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right now former chief of staff under george h.w. bush. nice to see you again. >> nice to see you kate. >> for people don't remember, you served as policy director as campaign back with george h.w. bush and you were deputy of staff when president bush came into office. you remember how this is like. how different do you see this time around with donald trump and how similar. >> well, it is similar and it is a huge task that has to be done and remarkably short amount of time. we had half the usual 73 or so days because of the florida recount and the bush year. the trump team is coming in also with a huge task and a short amount of time and government has not gotten simpler since they were around. they did not have a big apparatus built up and they
12:19 pm
replaced their transition leads a couple of days into the transition. they start in the back without the big apparatus of the republican party that would be attached to a republican candidate. trump ran as an outsider and he did it with a small band of folks who were not traditional republicans. they are starting from a difficult place but they got time and it tristrikes me they doing all right. jeremy peters is twitting that she's under consideration for un ambassador. >> she put out a statement. what do you make of that? at one point, the president-elect trump says he will not put any democrats in
12:20 pm
his cabinet but here he is meeting the democrat. >> they're taking an interesting approach in the cabinet process for the in coming bush administration and obama administration and the whole process was done quietly by the team that i worked with, the obama people would float a name of a day or two out and see how people reacted. the trump people are doing something different, they are parading people up to the front door of the golf club with the cameras rolling and saying what positions they would be doing. >> you find that refreshing? >> i don't know how well it is going to work oit fut for them. as to bring in democrats, there is tradition of presidential cabinet that you have at least one member of the other party represented from the cabinet. it needs to be somebody closely align to the miadnistration.
12:21 pm
there is nothing wrong with a diverse set of views and there is nothing wrong with a team of rivals. they have to be in the range of spectrum that the president is in. it strikes me that somebody like tul tulsi gabbard to be far from that range. the un ambassador is sometimes is but not always. josh bolton, it is nice to see you and thanks for being here. >> up next, a manhunt is under way in san antonio, texas rig, t now after a police detective was fatally shot sitting in his car. >> i think the uniform was his target. we are going to take you a live look into texas for an update on the search for this man. i thought i was managing my moderate to severe crohn's disease.
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a manhunt is under way for san antonio for a person that ambushed and kill police detective in his own car. they are asking for the public's help in finding and locating him. nbc jacob rascon is live in san anton antonio. tell us what we know about the attack? >> what we know is that it happens feet away from where i am. i am standing outside san antonio police headquarter. they have some of this on video, the suspect parked behind the detective's carment . he walked over his window and shot him twice. there is no other way than to look at it than it is an assassination, of no other reason where he's wearing his uniform.
12:26 pm
the police department released video footage from inside the police department showing this person hours before the shooting walks inside, he was there for 20 seconds and he left. since then, we got to talk to one of the detective's colleague. we are talking about how difficult it is to be a police officer nowadays. here is what he said. >> it was tough because it was not the way somebody would go especially somebody that was respected as well as he was. ben was an officer that you can count on. he was always there for you. he will give you the shirt off his bed. he was like that. >> reporter: federal state and local law enforcement working around the clock to find what they say a cop killer, yet another one.
12:27 pm
kate. >> jacob rascon, up next, trump rallied against clinton's foundation saying donors getting favors to hillary clinton. could that same argument applies to donald trump now in his business dealings now that he's president-elect trump. don and i met because i'm a volunteer for meals on wheels. we had an instant connection. what was that? i said, "delivering to you is always a special treat." oh. company, companionship, food... we all need those things. when we get in that spot in life, it's kind of nice to have 'em there. (avo) through the subaru share the love event, we've helped deliver over one point four million meals to those in need. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments.
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with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. i am kate snow, top story we are following at this hour. reince priebus says he will not rule anything out. the trump administration is not planning to establish a registry for muslim. new administration could create a muslim registry based on the system created after 9/11. another -- a sigh of rhelease fr
12:31 pm
chicago. hundreds are delaying a tristri after thanksgiving. workers including cabin cleaners and janitors protesting wages. they'll walk off the job on november 29th instead just in time for the trip to chicago. we start this half hour with this, conflict of interest is shaping up to be a big issue for the president-elect trump. donald trump met with three business partners from india who were building a new trump brand apartment complex in bombdubai. eric l eric lipton is joining us now. >> you said india is trump's
12:32 pm
biggest single business. explain why this meeting is problematic. >> the trump organization is focusing on india and seeing it as a growing market and opportunity for them to sell and apartments in some cases as much as two million dollars for a whole floor of high-rise of office buildings. their partner are investing over a million dollars in five different projects. the organization is putting their name under these projects but they are participating with these developers and promoting them. if the president elect or his family is doing something to benefit that financial interest in some way and initial capacity with the office of the president, he could be helping himself financial in his official capacity. that would be the potential for an appearance of a conflict of
12:33 pm
interest. >> over the week, the washington post had an article where they talked about diplomats who quoted them, spending money at trump's hotel in washington d the new hotel he built was an easy way to curve the favor. why would i stay at this hotel blocks from the white house so i can tell the new president that i love your new hotel, is it rude to come to his city and say i am staying at your competitor? is that the exact conflict that people are concerned about? >> yes, again, here the situation where the diplomats may feel a pressure to use that hotel. it shows assign of support for the trump of family and the the -- the president appoints the head of the general service administration that owns that lease. he's both the tenant and the guy that over seas the landlord. how are you playing both sides
12:34 pm
of that tran sasaction. the editorial says that there is pressure on plegt to -- and turning them into a blind trust. it is unlikely to happen but there is an argument that he made that perhaps you should consider it. >> ten minutes ago, we got a note from trump tower from the press pool and kellyanne conway was coming out and asked by reporter about this very issue. she was asked that are you confident that trump is not breaking any law. and her answer is i am confident that he does not break any laws. he's a businessman. he's also working on the transition and yet just last week, ivanka trump said on a meeting between donald trump, the president-elect trump and the prime minister of japan so does it seem like they're sort of figuring this out as they go,
12:35 pm
eric? >> i mean in that situation, ivanka helps run the international marketing efforts of the family hotel change. sitting in with the japanese prime minister if they are considering a hotel in japan. it is not clear that they are breaking any rules or laws. the president is exempted from my ethical rieequirements that other are subjected to. >> it is not clear to me that he's violating the law or the rule. >> it still could create a potential conflict of interest and still could make people wonder if he's under mining the integrity of the office even if he's not breaking the law. that's the question he needs to confront. eric lipton, thank you very much for your reporting. >> during the campaign, donald trump is calling a database to track muslims. reince priebus says they are not
12:36 pm
planning on creating a muslim registry per se. >> i am not going to rule out anything. we are not going to have a registry based on religion. but, what i think we are trying to do is there are some people and certainly not all people. there are some people that are radicalized and some people that have to be prevented from coming into this country. for more on this issue, i want to bring in david cole, the professor at georgetown university and national legal director for the aclu, thank you for being with us. >> you write that the constitution forbids of targeting of rieligious groups. what's the issue at play? >> so the religion clauses och the constitution provideshat you cannot single out a religion
12:37 pm
for favor or disfavor. during the campaign, trump says he wanted to ban muslims from coming to the country and he wanted to create the database and he wanted to surveil the mosques and close down mosques. that's targeting a religion. now, mr. priebus says well, we are not going to do that and chris covak, we are going to come out and focus on people from certain countries and not certain religions. >> right, geographic. >> it is going to be muslim majority countries and the question is, what's driving them. when the government acts out of intent to favor or disfavor religion, it violates the constitution. >> fecif the intention is that, that can be problematic? >> imagine what donald trump has said, we are going to keep blacks out of the united states, we are going to make a national
12:38 pm
registry and close black churches. we would recognize that is race discrimination plain and simple and this is religious discrimination plain and simple. >> they justified this and the argument all along that it is a matter of national security that they are trying to protect against terrorism and trying to keep isis members from entering this country. >> that's right. but, you nofocus on the people o pose a threat and literally billions of muslims around the world and a small subset who pose any sort of threats. those are the people you focus on. you don't paint with a broad brush and treat the entire religion as suspect. if you do, you violate the constitution. if you do, you also under mind to actually identify anyone who poses a threat because you face
12:39 pm
so much resentment within the muslim community and helping us in identifying anyone who poses a threat. >> interview on fox who brought up japanese internment. is that a parallel in any way? >> during world war ii, we d lock up hundred 110 people simply because they had japanese ancestry and the supreme court held that. that was what mr. trump's supporters were referring to. it is been thoroughly rejected and congress formally apologized for those actions and paid the survivors. as of 9/11, eight of the nine sit-in supreme court justices condemned that. >> that's op progressipressive did not do.
12:40 pm
that's what the constitution requires and that's what national security interest, that's the right thing to do. >> david cole, thank you very much for being with us. >> coming up, general james mathis is on the record as a critic of some of trump policies. despite that, he's a top contender for the secretary defense role with trump. we'll have more on him after the break. very interesting guy. the latest of the much watched arrival at trump tower. elaine chao under george h.w. bush is now considered to be under consideration for a trump add mip strags. administration. introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently.
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whether it's connecting one of or bringing wifi to 65,000 fans. campuses. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink. he's a wonderful man and what a career and we'll see what
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happens. >> that was donald trump with general james mathis over the weekend. he tweeted his meeting. mathis is reportedly being considered by trump for secretary of defense. he's a refired four star general who served four years. for more, i want to bring in our military analyst, kevin, it is nice to see you begin >> senator john mccain put a story on mattis, he's one of the finest, high praise from senator john mccain who does not see eye to eye to donald trump a lot. >> this is a guy who does not necessarily support all of donald trump's policies. >> true, but there is hard to find any general, possibly a
12:45 pm
lot, and almost to a vault by washington. this is a real fan boy mattis for years now. >> he's read 6,000 books and where ever he posts in the world. how do they view him and what would he bring to a role of secretary of defense? >> there is a lot being put out and anyone who knows general mattis would be his best friend right now. he's the kind of guy who speaks his mind and well known of his quotes than policy views. he's a general, how much do you know about his policies. he's out there and talking about the war or so, he's kind of gone quiet in the last year, i e-m l e-mailed him last night and he's
12:46 pm
looking forward to speaking with us again in the press if this comes through. he's a guy people think is a real leader. he's a soldier general and elite general as some are saying. he's a guy with combat experience on the ground and as well as the commander and at the top of the chain command. he's got the warrior diplomat credibility and he's been all over the middle east and he knows the region. there is a lot of trust that okay, that is guy that begets i and understands the war and battle. he's the same guy and a good leader and we won't get it wrong and that's the kind of person that -- >> i knew you were at a lunch earlier. does anybody see a downside to mattis. >> it is an unknown quality of what will he do as secretary of
12:47 pm
defense. does he have the political exterior to run the biggest government agency in washington. the public face. you are not a general anymore. you really have to be serving the president and serving the national security community. he would be really a four star that ranks lower than the national security adviser w who -- more through a general flynn, can he do it, can he have general flynn and general mattis coming to some census for president-elect trump to bring forward of policies. >> we don't know if he's named yet, we are just speculating. >> kevin barron, thanks so much. >> as he continue to piece the administration that'll take over the white house in january. donald trump hones in on wall street names and billionaire names and investors. w we'll take a look after a quick
12:48 pm
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let's take a deeper dive in who could be leading the way at president-elect donald trump's cabinet. stephanie joins me live. what do we know about him? his name is steve manouchian. >> one of the most hated industries, you have this guy who went to yale where he was in skull and bones elite society as a goldman partner. he then left and worked for eddie lamp effort and started his own hedge fund. he has a background like that. we have seen guy who is is a former chairman of the job, but if you are going to go with the wall street guy, he is not even among his peers. he is a lot more junior. >> he is not one of the top guys. that's interesting. we will be hearing about jamie
12:52 pm
diamond a lot. >> first he was linked to treasury. i don't want it. >> if you are going to go with a wall street guy which is a huge surprise, donald trump was critical of hillary clinton. if you were to go with a wall street person, jamie diamond, jamie diamond would be a likely candidate because they are part of the international finance community. they go to the g20 meetings and world bank. he is with that skill het. donald trump is not looking for a namy diamond. why would he pick this? it goes back to what we heard for people like this. donald trump likes people who are loyal to him. they have been raising money since the beginning. >> to go back to the diamond for
12:53 pm
a second, and the words were doesn't respect jamie diamond. you will not dump me before i dump you. >> maybe donald trump doesn't respect that, but i don't want to bank with donald trump. you don't look to bank with the trump organization. >> can i ask about wilbur ross. he is a billionaire. that is leverage buy outs. that is not someone who knows a ton about the general population. he worked with the steal industry and textiles, but again he is a guy who is very successful and knows donald trump very well. >> he met with donald trump over the weekend. thanks so much. great to see you. i love the haircut.
12:54 pm
up next, snow vember. nearly two feet snow and more to come. wind gusts are making it a little bit dangerous. after the break, we will go live to upstate new york where it's a winter wonderland. different countries that we traveled, what is your nationality and i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker. i'm everything. i'm from all nations. i would look at forms now and wonder what do i mark? because i'm everything. and i marked other. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at
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>> winter technically may not be here yet, but snow is piling up in upstate new york. some parts can see up the 20 inches of snow by tomorrow morning. blake has the wonderful assignment of being in syracuse, new york. i'm not kidding. i love syracuse. wow. it's snowing hard. >> it's beautiful. you will have to excuse my eskimo hat, but the snow will not let up. it has been falling like this since yesterday afternoon. look at it coming down. this has been shovelled several times today, but people have to come out every few hours or it turns into this.
12:58 pm
i will step in this. we are looking at almost two feet of snow. up to my knee. that's incredible. the snow is expected to continue into the night. in all of november, we are talking more than 20 inches of snow. minor delays at airports and the dig story is on the roads. travel is just treacherous. people advised to stay home. upstate new york into connecticut and massachusetts. new hampshire with two deaths being blamed. don't even try it. it will be this bad into the
12:59 pm
night. now here it is in the lake effect snow from the great lakes. >> i grew up near albany and we used to havebe. this is early even for syracuse, isn't it? >> i was talking to someone. it is expected to warm up by thanksgiving. it will be almost 40 degrees so the snow will not stick around for long. >> that's the good news for grown ups and the bad news for kids. my kids want it to stay. exactly. thank you so much. that will wrap up this hour for me. we will see you back here at 3:00 p.m. eastern. up next my colleague, steve. >> live here in new york, 60 days and counting until donald
1:00 pm
trump is sworn in as president. topping our agenda the auditions continue at trump tower. >> diversity from across the aisle, people coming together and wanting to offer advice and vie for a spot in his cabinet. >> a number of names sitting down with the president-elect, including a top democrat who had provocative words after. on the agenda, conflict of interest? >> very confident he is not break laws. he has lawyers and advisers who tell him what he can and can't do. >> when he becomes president, how much will he stay involved in the business that bears his name and how much can he be involved? and manhunt, texas thfrts on pursuit for the man who killed a police detective in his vehicle yesterda


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