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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  November 23, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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it is the busiest travel day the year. our reporters are fanned out across the country to bring you the latest on holiday travel. we've got to begin with that breaking news. tennessee's governor bill haslem spoke out about that deadly school bus crash that took place on monday and whether or not a parent had filed complaints with the school district against that specific bus driver responsible. >> there have been at least one parent who says that she complained about this driver and actually did it in writing to the school it have you seen the letter? does the letter exist? was the school aware any complaints about this driver? >> i am not aware of that. this is -- like i said, this is my first visit to the school. >> five children were killed when the bus carrying students from a chattanooga elementary school crashed into a tree monday afternoon. 23 students were taken to area hospitals. new this morning, the ntsb said the bus did not contain a so-called black box but there were three cameras on board the
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investigators will examine. the driver was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and reckless driving. here's what the chairman of the ntsb told me last hour. >> we have good information sources. buses rarely have what you call black boxes but they're increasingly having cameras. this one had three cameras. we're now seeing if we can download the information from those cameras. road design is one of the issues we're looking at. we're also looking at speed. that's why these several sources of information will be helpful because we want to determine how fast was the bus going at the time it left the road. >> kerry sanders and mariana intenso are in chattanooga. kerry, we saw you during that press conference. you were pressing the governor, asking about parent's complaints about the driver. they didn't give much of an answer. >> not only the governor but there were of course representatives there from the school. and the real focus i think for a lot of family members now is they're dealing with the grief
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of not only the loss but children who were in the hospital recovering and just plain children who survived this and are home but try to understand what the loss of life is at such a young tender age. is that whether this 24-year-old bus driver should have been behind the wheel to begin with. and one of the parents, jazmine martin, she lost her 6-year-old child in this accident. she says she complained not only in person but in writing to the school. so in a letter to the school, i hammered repeatedly the same question which was, are you aware of this letter, does this letter exist, have you seen this letter? and not only the governor who didn't answer but the school representatives. finally they said, okay, that's enough, we need to go. as if they couldn't answer anymore on that. i think it's a question that knees to be answered because this mother is making a very strong allegation about the fact that she felt that this bus driver was acting erratically and was dangerous to her and
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other children on the bus. at the same time, i spoke to an aunt of another child who died last night. and kanesha jones, 9 years old, who died, and the aunt says one time that 9-year-old had actually complained about the speed that the driver was using while he was driving the bus. understand, marianna can talk more about this, speed appears to be an important issue when the ntsb is at the scene -- >> kerry -- >> this person had obtained his license to drive this bus in april and already you're hearing these complaints. we also spoke to the godfather of zoe nash, another girl who died from this horrific crash, and he said that this driver has to be held accountable and he wants to look at all the information, the driving record. why was that not looked at more clearly. >> now, this driver was in another bus crash already this
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semester? >> he was. it was two months ago he was in an accident. the incident report shows that there was a sideswipe incident. he's traveling in a large bus. these are narrow streets. apparently he got off the narrow street in a way where he sideswiped another vehicle. that was an investigation. he wasn't necessarily cited. there were no injuries. but it was a sense or an indication especially now that people are looking back with hindsight this is an operator of a bus who did not have clear control of the large vehicle on the roads they have to travel in this area. >> another update about the children, stephanie, for you right now coming in this hour. there are six children at the hospital. five in critical condition. and one is stable. >> all right, thank you both. we're going to continue to give you updates as we hear more about the status, the health of those children, and we get more information about the crash, thank you, both. now we're going to turn to the trump transition.
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advisers promised me we'd get more names before thanksgiving and this morning we've got them. south carolina governor nikki haley taking trump up on his offer to be ambassador to the united nations. if confirmed, she will be the third consecutive woman in that role. the 44-year-old mother of two doesn't look like any of trump's other picks. she was the first woman offered a cabinet level position in the incoming administration. a first generation american, she's the daughter of indian immigrants and unlike the first handful of choices, she hasn't always had nice things to say about the president-elect. >> i won't pretend to have always been the president-elect's biggest cheerleader. i did vote for him. and i was absolutely thrilled to see him win. >> nbc's kristen welker is in palm beach florida with donald trump. kristen, let's start with you. this is news out today regarding nikki haley.
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what do we know? >> right. i think you hit the key point, stef, which is that this is the first woman who he is nominating to serve in his administration. this is also someone who would bring diversity for all of the reasons you mapped out. and she's someone who was not a loyalist. was sharply critical of him. she supported marco rubio and then ted cruz. it indicates that trump is starting to look beyond loyalists as he forms his administration. not quite a team of rivals yet, but he certainly is trying to bring some rivals into the fold. she is someone who is widely respected. her one challenge is she doesn't have broad foreign policy experience. she released a statement, let me read you part of it, it says our country faces enormous challenges. i am honored that the president-elect has asked me to join his team and serve the country we love as the next
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ambassador to the united nations. some other names we are watching today. dr. ben cars be of course. he was donald trump's former primary challenger. he has been asked to serve as hud secretary. he is apparently mulling that decision during this thanksgiving break. he would also be a diversity pick. he is someone who has become one of donald trump's top surrogates. he's a political outsider though so he matches the president-elect in that sense. we're also watching rudy giuliani and mitt romney, potential picks for secretary of state. at this point in time, it seep as though the former massachusetts governor may be the top runner here. rudy giuliani talked about being a potential dni pick. >> i want to talk donald trump. he addressed potential conflicts of interest between being president and his businesses. he kind of said, guess what, i've got the law on my side, i can be president, i can run my business. it is what it is. take a listen. >> i assumed that you'd have to
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set up some type of trust or whatever and you don't. and i was actually a little bit surprised to see it. so in theory i don't have to do anything. what i would like to do something. i would like to formalize something. because i don't care about my business. so i don't have to do anything but i want to do something if i can. >> what does that sound like to you donald trump is going to do? >> well, i think he is going to have to do some type of blind trust or some type of trust or at least give more definitive answers on this. because these are questions that are going to rightfully continue to dog him, particularly in this period of transition. now, look, the bottom line of course stephanie is that his adult children are some of his top surrogates on the campaign trail, but they are also some of his closest confidents. and that's fine but if this was chelsea clinton or in any other
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situation, these questions would tib continue to come up. i would suspect, sources i talk with are indicating this, there is going to be more of a hard clear line separation. i think that is needed. i think, again, these questions over the past several days will only continue. so i would look for that in the next couple of weeks, in addition to all of these picks that are coming out over the next couple of days. >> kristen, also in that interview, donald trump spoke about one of his favorite people, his son-in-law jared kushner possibly joining the administration and what characteristics jared has that really he can bring to the white house. take a look. >> the president of the united states is allowed to have whatever conflicts he wants, he or she wants. but i don't want to go by that. jared's a very smart guy. he's a very good guy. he's a quality person. i think he could be very helpful. i would love to be able to be the one that made peace with israel and the palestines.
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i would love that. because nobody's been able to do that. >> can he be part of that? >> well, i think he'd be very good at it. he knows the region, knows the people. you can put that down on the list of many things i'd like to be able to do. >> so donald trump would like to have his son-in-law by his side. but peace in the middle east, that's a pretty high bar. >> it is a pretty high bar, stef, but i think it speaks to how much the president elect trusts his son-in-law and how much of a part of the process he was in getting him elected. this was someone who was by donald trump's side throughout the campaign and really helped with strategy. he wasn't one of the people who was at the forefront of the campaign but he had donald trump's ear. you remember back to the president-elect's first visit to the white house with president obama and that picture of jared kushner with the chief of staff of the white house, dennis mcdonough, the two of them walking, talking.
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i thought that really encapsulated just how highly regarded he is and i would be surprised if he doesn't have some type of role in this administration. >> another part of new york business they have to attend to. still ahead, his picks with republican congressman adam kissinger who's critical of his campaign. and to save the democratic party, but does joe want the job? and it's thanksgiving, we have to talk planes, trains and automobiles. what traveler also are facing on the busiest travel day of the year. ook at geico... geico has a long history of great savings and great service. over seventy-five years. wait. seventy-five years? that is great. speaking of great, check out these hot riffs. you like smash mouth? uh, yeah i have an early day tomorrow so... wait. almost there. goodnight, bruce. gotta tune the "a." (humming) take a closer look at geico.
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it is getaway day. the nation's busiest travel day as people head out to the thanksgiving holiday. we've got reporters at the msnbc
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weather center right here in new york city, on the road in dallas texas, at chicago's o'hare airport, across the country. we're going to begin right here with msnbc meteorologist bonnie schneider. any trouble spots for those who are try to get an early spot here, bonnie? >> there are some, stephanie, but overall travel isn't that bad just yet. we do have some delays, minor impact due to rain, from louisiana all the way up to chicago. this is where we're anticipating some delays. into minneapolis as well where it's cold enough for snow. taking a look at the possible delays we may see, also off to the west in seattle. chicago, light rain. the conditions there will be improving. for folks driving across the country for thanksgiving, if you're taking any of the interstates. if you're driving along i-95, you should be fine. through the center of the country on 55, that's where we could see some trouble along i-10 in louisiana. some strong thunderstorms as well. some of that is right now. just take it slow on the road, give yourself extra time because literally millions of people are
7:16 am
traveling and actually more this year than last year. looking ahead towards the rest of the day today, we'll watch for the airport delays to build in through the center of the country. possibly some snow into northern michigan. that's something to watch. looking at our temperatures. 51 degrees in st. louis. finally, the wind has died down in new york city which is good news for the thanksgiving day parade. and looking across the country,s you can see temperatures right at 71 degrees in dallas. 45 in to billings. looking off to the west, we've got the numbers into the 50s. and 77 in los angeles. really nice weather for thanksgiving. i mentioned the parade. we had such windy weather across much of the tristate area into monday and tuesday, luckily, the winds are not going to be as bad. just a few showers for the par rat in new york city. we'll look for 41 degrees. notice the easterly winds right at 5 to 10 miles per hour. overall, a pretty good travel period for today and into tomorrow. we are going to be watching the midwest for po tential storms.
7:17 am
we have another busy travel day ahead for sunday. we'll talk more about that too. >> we're going to key on traveling down to texas where jacob w jac jacob rascone is on the road in dallas. >> we are going west on i-30. this is near downtown dallas. things are looking so far so good. we have, as was mentioned earlier, more people traveling this week than ever since 2007, the year before the recession. about nearly 50 million people. that's up 2% over last year. 89% of those it so almost all of them are going to be on the road traveling at least 50 miles or so. right now, it's not so bad. the busiest time is usually in the afternoon on wednesday. so that's when we see things starting to pick up just before the holiday. the reason there are more people than usual, there are a number of factors. when aaa projects this kind of
7:18 am
thing, they look at the stock market. they look at even household income wages. they look at even home prices. and they do all of that about a month ago. and so according to their projections, that's where we're getting the numbers. one of the facts is gas prices. right now, we're looking at $2.13 on average in the country. here in texas, it's even below $2. we've seen gas as low as $1.66. also airline gas prices, all of that is look the at. all of that before the election. will be interesting to see how that is affected and what the numbers actually become. stephanie. >> we have to take you now to chicago where nbc's blake mccoy is in chicago o'hare international airport. this airport can get scary. when it comes to crowds and lines. what are you seeing now? >> that's right, stephanie. remember earlier in the summer where those lines were ridiculously long and we were out here every day pushing tsa to do something. well look at the lines now.
7:19 am
absolutely nothing. this is one of the busiest travel days of the year. this is the american terminal here at chicago's o'hare. what they've done to improve the line situation since the summer is they've added a lot more tsa security workers, 1400 new workers nationwide since the summer. they're also on this side of the security checkpoint trying these new automated lanes. what it is, it allows several people to line up and take off their shoes at a time and then they can push their basket into the security checkpoint without having to wait for the person in front of them. they think this new automated checkpoint will speed the process up by about 30% for people. and if this is any indication with the line here, it does appear to be working, stephanie. >> thanks, blake. still ahead, we're going to stick with thanksgiving because millions of people will jam streets of new york city to watch one of my favorite events the macy's thanksgiving day parade. the unprecedented steps being
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3.5 million people are expected to line the streets of tomorrow's thanksgiving macy's day parade. every cross street along the parade route will be blocked off completely. sand trucks will serve as barriers. vapor dogs will be on guard as officers remain on high alert. all of this activity after recent propaganda magazine called the event a, quote, excellent target. t tammy, first of all, vapor dogs, what is that? what other precautions are we seeing police take? >> okay, so the vapor dogs. there are eight of them. they basically can detect any type of explosive scent. which would be a bomb or anything like that. now, there's a lot of things you will be able to see like the vapor dogs and things that you won't be able to see. couple things you will see, the
7:24 am
nypd is doing all the mailboxes on every block. they're already locked. the metal railings. bigger protection are these cement barriers that will be put out overnight. as we talked about, the sanitation trucks that are filled with sand. those will be blocking off every single street. they've never been on every single street before. that's to make sure a trump could not drive down and get through it like we saw that happened in nice. and also the critical response unit we talked about, that was formed about a year ago in response to international terrorism threats. they've got about 500 members, specially trained, to deal with any type of terrorist threat. this is the first time all of them will be out on the street. i don't know if you can see behind me, but they've got the bleachers they've been installing and putting u. and they're getting ready for tomorrow's parade. pretty exciting. we'll be out here all day. >> we mentioned inspire magazine had said the parade is an excellent target. beyond that, have there been
7:25 am
other specific threats about tomorrow's parade? >> no, no, we've been in contact with nypd. no other specific threats. there's going to be about 3 million people out watching the parade. that's why they're saying it is a target. but nypd has taken every precaution they can. they've done a lot of things that the media and the general public don't know about to protect everybody tomorrow. stephanie. >> all right, thank you, tammy litner. should hillary clinton demand a recount in three key swing states? a group of computer scientists and election lawyers say yes she should. then, is north korea the biggest security threat donald trump faces? and are the nation's airports ready for the busiest travel day of the year? ♪
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. at this hour on msnbc, unanswered questions about exactly what happened in monday's tragic school bus crash in tennessee that killed five young children. at least one parent who lost a child told nbc news they had previously filed a complaint about the driver. the driver has been charged with vehicular homicide. the ntsb this morning said the bus had no bloack box but did have cameras they hope will shed light on the accident's cause. a key position for governor nikki haley of south carolina and she accepted. will ben carson accept hud secretary? we're waiting to see more announcements. and the busiest travel day the year. our reporters to bring you the latest on holiday travel. tom costello is at reagan national airport where tsa has
7:30 am
added additional staffing to deal with the increase in travelers. tom, what are you seeing there? >> really nationwide. this is a great a on your phone. download the tosa app. it will tell you how much of a delay if any there is right now. so right now at reagan airport, we're talking about 11 minutes to 20 minutes depending on which checkpoint. it was at one point about 45 minutes. it's now moving pretty quickly. that's what we're seeing nationwide. i just checked on the busiest airports. we're looking at 20 to 25 minutes for the worst delays at the moment. precheck obviously goes a lot faster. here's a quick list of the busiest airports in the nation. really, this is no surprise. it's like this every single day. atlanta, lax, chicago o'hare, dfw and jfk. the tsa opened up a brand-new command center in which they track the airport's nationwide. the 30 becauusiest. they can get down to every single individual checkpoint
7:31 am
lane. they can see if there's a problem at checkpoint 12 at for example o'hare. they know that. they can therefore move resources to that airport, to that particular checkpoint, and if necessary, if they got a developing problem that's getting worse by the day, they can fly in additional people. that is all after the horrendous spring in which the tsa had hour and two hour delays at their checkpoints and that was causing people to miss flights. since then, they staffed u. they're now at nearly 35,000 tsa officers nationwide. they've got about 165 dog teams nationwide. all of that is helping move passengers quickly. the airports and airlines are actually heing out the checkpoints, really kind of helping move people along. reminding people to move their bins along, take off your shoes. the more people involved in that, the better. here's the critical number for you if you're flying today. 2.8 million people are what they're talking about flying today and sunday.
7:32 am
that would be they believe an all-time record for passenger volume. of course, most people actually drive on this thanksgiving holiday. but the tsa and the airlines are going to be put to the test again. one of the busiest travel periods of the entire year. guys, back to you. >> i'm glad to see people going home to see their families. it is thanksgiving. now we turn to the latest on the intensifying iraqi offensive to take back mosul from isis. today, an air strike from the uss ieisenhower in the persian gulf targeted a bridge in mosul. it is not the only global hot spot. there is also afghanistan, iran, pakistan, north korea, sudan, syria, yemen, to name just a few. with me, republican congressman adam kissinger from the state of illinois. i want to get your reaction to the transition news, nikki haley as u.s. ambassador and ben
7:33 am
carson being offered housing and urban development. what's your thoughts? >> i think they're both great, you know, ben if he ends up taking that, he'd be fantastic. i think, you know, if you give a lot of what his upbringing was and everything, he can get in there i think and try to make a difference. nikki haley, i think that's a fantastic pick. you look at the united nations, it's this broad coalition or broad group of people from different backgrounds and nikki haley has been able to come together in south carolina and bring a state together, work through tough issues. as a republican in south carolina, held the way with senator tim scott and said there are people offended by this flag, we need it removed. the deal maker in the way of donald trump. but somebody i think is going to do a great job in the united nations.
7:34 am
>> a lot of people are pretty excited about the idea that mitt romney could be the top choice for secretary of state. like you, mitt romney was pretty critical of donald trump during the campaign. we watched mike huckabee say it would be a terrible decision to choose mitt romney since he was never with donald trump, not from the beginning, and it's about solidarity. what do you say? >> well, look, a lot of these folks, i'm not saying necessarily with huckabee, but they're upset about the idea of mitt romney because, look, a lot of these folks want to be secretary of state and they say he was with trump from the very beginning, and it should be me that gets rewarded. look, i think he'll carry out his mission and our mission around the world. i think mitt romney would be a fantastic pick. number one, it would send a very strong message not just to the republican party that he's trying to unify, but to the country. the country that, you know, donald trump's the kind of guy that can get into a street brawl
7:35 am
basically. can fight things through. but still is wanting to bring and unite the country together. the other big reason i think mitt would be great, he's very good at negotiating. we'll seen that throughout his entire career . he's tough as nails. but he's very diplomatic. that's what you need as secretary of state. somebody that maybe doesn't see eye to eye with anyone on just about anything and say how can we find common ground. i think he'd be great. there's a lot of great names being floated out there, john bolton and others. so hopefully we'll get a solid pick. i've been very impressied with what i've seen. >> mitt romney, a better pick than rudy giuliani? who wants the job and has been with donald throughout the campaign. >> i think mitt romney from that perspective would be fantastic as secretary of state. he looks -- not that this matters, but it does, he looks like a secretary of state. he's very diplomatic. somebody who can walk into a nation, understand how you have
7:36 am
people on very different sides of an issue, whether it's syria or anything else, and say how can we try to find some area of common ground. it's a very, very tough job. >> "the wall street journal's" reporting this morning that the white house told donald trump north korea is the top national security priority for the new administration. you yourself served on the foreign affairs committee. how true is that report? >> look, i think it's amok the very top, if not the top. part of the reason is this, syria, i think, from a stability issue for the world, is actually the top priority. you have a human tragedy. you have this mass migration that's created cultural conflicts in europe. you have 40,000 dead children. in an environment where you're creating isis potential recruiting, whatever the next generation of isis is. north korea is really an existential threat. they're building the ability. we know they have nuclear capability. they're working diligently on the ability to deliver that nuclear capability, not just to our allies like japan,
7:37 am
obviously, south korea south korea's in their cross hairs. but even try to reach the west coast of the united states. i think it's a very top priority and i think we need to deal with them through china who has very strong relations with north korea and also continue to develop the ability to have missile defense, to be able to defend against an attack. so it's a very top priority. >> complicated times. thanks for joining me. still ahead, calls for hillary clinton to demand a recount in key swing states. pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan. i'll be speaking to michigan congresswoman debby dingell next. but first, president obama bestowed honors on 21 high achievers yesterday at the white house during the medal of freedom ceremony and cultural icons didn't miss a chance. i love this. to participate in the mannequin challenge. i'm going to say they rocked it. look at this video shot by tracy ellis ross. tom hanks, el len dejeegeneres,l
7:38 am
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now to what can be another twist in the 2016 election. a group of prominent computer scientists and election lawyers claim they have found evidence that election results may have been fudged or even hacked. in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. states hillary clinton was expected to easily win but didn't. so far, no comments from the clinton campaign about a potential recount. the new york magazine is reporting the group presented its findings to campaign chair john podesta during a conference call last week. as we learn hillary clinton's popular vote lead over donald trump now exceeds over 2 million votes. i want to bring in senior political editor mark murray.
7:42 am
i know you have been digging into this. is there anything tangible in these claims? >> so on the surface there does seem to be something. let me kind walk you through where our map is. so, you know, as donald trump according to nbc's count has 290 electoral votes. we still haven't called michigan nor new hampshire but interedon trump over the 270 electoral votes you need to win the presidency. you end up seeing right now he has about 13,000 vote lead over hillary clinton. you go into pennsylvania, he has about a 90,000 vote lead. we actually called pennsylvania for donald trump. then wisconsin where it's about a 30,000 vote marbgin where donald trump ended up winning the state. what the computer scientists allege is there was a discrepancy that places where there was electronic voting, donald trump did much better than places where you had paper
7:43 am
ballots. there is one way to debunk all of this. in wisconsin, the places where you have paper ballots were in the urban areas where hillary clinton already did very well. and the rural areas, were the ones that had the electronic voting machines. and so just that urban versus rural, what we'll been following, i think helps to explain this. there's one other way to debunk this. minnesota, all paper ballot. no electronic voting in minnesota. it was a very close contest. closer than all the public polling suggested. so the theory is that if hillary clinton was underperforming even in a state like minnesota which she won, that the wisconsin/pennsylvania and michigan margins all make sense. in a way, she has a 2 million vote lead over trump in the popular vote, the reason why donald trump is going to be president is he overperformed in those midwest states.
7:44 am
>> i want to stay on recounts. north carolina governor mccrory is asking for a recount. >> that's right. let's look at that margin. what we end u having is essentially a 6,000 vote margin where the democrat roy cooper is ahead. you end up having mccrory asking for a recount. but 6,000 votes, that is incredibly hard to overcome in the recount. many people who are watching this see that, you know, again a politician is right to ask for a recount but it is so, so hard to make up 6,000 votes. >> we're going to take a break. when we come back, joe biden, his name being floated as next chair of the democratic national committee. here's the question, does joe want the job. we're going to tell you next.
7:45 am
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wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. breaking right now. team trump telling us more cabinet level appointments could be coming today. already this morning we know is be south carolina governor nikki
7:48 am
haley accepted the offer to become the next ub ambassador and we're told ben carson is mulling over an offer for housing and urban development. this morning, many democrats are saying say itabili abiliit ain'. he's not interested in rubbi ir for chairman of the democratic party. to help the party refocus after losing badly to donald trump. the vice president's spokesman says joe biden does plan to remain deeply involved in helping reshape the direction of the party going forward. let's bring in congress woman debby dingell, democrat from the state of michigan. good morning. >> good morning, how are you? >> fine, thank you. former chair says biden is the only one who can put democrats back together. do you agree? >> there are obviously a number of strong candidates out there.
7:49 am
i do think that what we heard yesterday, that the vice president publicly was not interested, i had spoken with some people privately to gauge his interest. because the fact of the matter is i think he does understand some of the issues that we needed to understand and connect with voters on during the election. but also understands the progress imissive issues. we have a number of good strong names out there. someone that can bring us together with our many different perspectives and view points and make us a strong one. >> ellison who's running for dnc chair, does he have your support? >> love keith ellison. he's one of the good strong names out there. i think we as a party have got to do some very strong soul searching. we need to understand what went wrong. see who all of the candidates are. we don't have to race and decide who is that candidate. that's part of the reason we get
7:50 am
in trouble as democrats. the election's not until february. i want to see who all the names are. the people willing to serve. and are all the names going to be part of making sure the democratic party knows who they are and does a better job in that messaging. >> you had been critical of democrats and the clinton campaign for really not doing enough to reout to working class workers in michigan and elsewhere but you're backing nancy pelosi for another term as democratic leader in the house. >> here's why. i love tim ryan. but i also know that we're not a single issue party. that we are a group. that's our strength, that we are so many different -- each of us is a member of congress. members of the black caucus are feeling very strongly now, the hispanic caucus, coast and the midwest. we need somebody who gets it.
7:51 am
i think obama was eloquent this week in saying nancy understands how to bring together a number of different voices. and it's not i'm okay, you're not okay, it's i'm okay, you're okay, and we are strong. we need a leader that can understand that. that can go out and help do all the different things. steny hoyer is also somebody who has different perspectives. they need to be committed to ensuring we are bringing the next leader, team of leadership together and forward and i think they're both committed. >> i want to ask about a story we're trying to parse through. urging the clinton campaign to challenge the election results in your state, michigan, as well as wisconsin, pennsylvania, important states. is there anything you've seen or heard yet that indicates there should be a recount? >> i'm like you, trying to parse through the story. one of the experts is from my district at the university of
7:52 am
michigan. i put a call in to him. i think we've got to be very careful. i want to know the facts. i do believe people need to have confidence in their government and institutions. so i'm not going to speculate until i totally understand something and have the facts. i think the first people we need to hear from is the clinton campaign. >> thanks so much for joining me. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you. as president-elect trump puts together his new team, the issue of jobs is at the center of his plan to pull out of the transpacific partnership tpp. trump plans to dump out the trade pact on day one of his presidency. more on that. >> reporter: ulysses was always going to be a factory worker. >> my livelihood, i can raise my family, take care of my family. >> reporter: in february, the chattanooga factory that provided for their families for decades plans to downsize. those jobs he says shut overseas. >> we can probably do that, do
7:53 am
those jobs now for free and we still couldn't compete. >> reporter: it is a difficult reality he and millions of americans fear will only intensify with a transpacific partnership or tpp which the president-elect says will go. >> i'm going to issue a notification of intent to withdraw from the transpacific partnership. a potential disaster for our country. >> reporter: it's a free trade agreement between the united states and 11 other countries including japan, mexico and vietnam that would lower trade barriers and taxes for u.s. goods. the winners in global trade deals often consumers who pay lower prices. the losers are often american workers forced to compete with lower cost competition overseas. >> it's not possible to save all our jobs and have markets in the world open to american goods. weep got to have some tradeoff and that tradeoff tends to be low value manufacturing jobs. >> reporter: in baltimore, he says ttp would help him add
7:54 am
jobs. >> we need new markets to sell to. we need new clients to grow into. >> reporter: but it's an argument that doesn't convince strauder. it's why he supports trump's view on trade. when he says that's his top priority, that's good news? >> that's good. people hold him to that now. he can't just be saying that. >> reporter: one family fearing a way of life is at stake. jacob rascon, nbc news, chattanooga, tennessee. coming up, one final turkey pardon for president obama. we'll have that and more.
7:55 am
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7:58 am
his daughters sasha and malia will likely join him as they have either other year. today, turkeys tater and tot will be spared as part of the white house tradition. as "the tonight show's" jimmy fallon points out, after eight years, the president and his girls might be over it. >> today, i have the awesome responsibility of grab thing a presidential part be to a pair of turkeys. we can't wait to part be these turkeys. and with that, thing we are going to bistro the official pardon. the most powerful position in the world brings with it many awesome and solemn responsibilities. this is not one of them. it is a little puzzling that i do this every year. oh, boy. oh, boy. >> tater and tot getting pardoned. i'm pretty sure once you name an animal, it's probably too hard to eat it. i'm stephanie ruhle.
7:59 am
you can find me any time on twitter. coming up right now, more news with my friend tamron hall. >> let's get to the real news. thanks, stephanie, great job. right now on msnbc, another donald trump foe turns ally. south carolina governor nikki haley accepts the offer to be u.s. ambassador to the united nations. among her criticism is trump is everything a governor does not want in a president. what nikki haley is saying this morning. developing news from tennessee. one parent said she complained many times about the school bus driver behind the wheel of that deadly bus crash resulting in the death of five little kids and injurying several others. this as we learn about a number of citations on that driver's record. and happening now, more than 48 million americans are expected to t travel overweekend, the highest
8:00 am
nine years. reports from the air as well as the roads. i'm tamron hall. thanks so much for joining us. we begin with the latest on the transition to the white house. nikki haley officially accepting the role as u.s. ambassador to the united nations. she made headlines last summer when she led the charge for the confederate flag to be taken down from the south carolina statehouse. she endorsed florida senator marco rubio during the primary. and was an outspoken opponent of donald trump. >> i will not stop until we fight a man that chooses not to disavow the kkk. >> and that was just one remark. now haley plans to remain on as governor until she's confirmed by the senate. saying she's now honored by the


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