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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  November 23, 2016 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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actually be making those decisions and filling those posts in that way. so of course it's up to your viewers and other people to decide what he is doing. but i think the idea is that he is making this case that he is also busy. >> right. right. well, it's very popular nowadays. everyone likes to talk about ho. he certainly is busy. our briefing tonight is over. so thank you both for joining. you've been watching the last word. i'm wishing you and yours a wonderful thanks giving in time for your family. chris hayes is up next. tonight on "all in." >> if i become president i couldn't care less about my company. it is peanuts. >> historically us precedented opportunity for self dealing with a businessman as president. >> in theory, i could be president of the united states and run my business a hundred percent. >> plus the latest cabinet picks of governor for u.n., school voucher for education and dr.
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ben carson under consideration for hud? >> i know that i grew up in the inner city. and have spent a lot of time there. >> then, the prospects for minority rule as clinton passes a 2 million popular vote lead. and fact checking donald trump's latest tilt at wind milles. >> the wind is a very deceiving thing. we don't make the wind mills in the united states. "all in" starts right now. good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes. in his interview with the new york times yesterday, president-elect donald trump described the type of people he wants to work in his administration, quote, we are trying hard to get the best people. not necessarily the people that are the most politically correct people because that hasn't been working. we have experts in the field. some are known and some are not known but they are known within their field as being the best. that's very important to me. so trump says it is very important to get experts in their field. people known to be the best.
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that is what he told the "new york times." here is what he did today. trump tapped as ambassador to the united nation webs south carolina republican governor nikki haley who said she accepted the position out of quote a sense of duty. she was urging republicans to reject him and gop response to the state of the union response earlier this year. trump hit back tweeting in march quote the people of south caroline yar embarrassed by nikki haley, exclamation point. the daughter of indian immigrants will note the top five picks were white men. it is also a gift to one of trump's most loyal backers. south carolina lieutenant governor who nominated trump for president at the republican national convention and who will now be promoted to governor, not a bad career break for him. yesterday trump tweeted that he was quote seriously considering dr. ben carson as head of hud. department of housing and urban
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development. carson suggested he made the offer. writing, the announcement is forthcoming about my role in helping to make america great again. carson is knocking down reports carson accepted the position but if trump were to tap carson for hud it would be a remarkable choice and not just because trump once compared carson's pathological to that of a child molester. >> i don't want some not with pathological disease. i'm not saying he's got it, he said it. i'm not saying he is a pathological liar, i'm not saying it. he says he has pathological disease. >> they all work that out. but much like nikki haley car sop retired neuro surgeon has zero relevant experience. the job trump is eyeing him for. the fact he was pressed on yesterday. >> what would steer to you take a job for which a lot of folks say you have these ample medical degreeses and one of the nation's top neuro surgeons,
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what do you know about doing this? >> i know that i grew up in the inner city. and have spent a lot of time there and have dealt with a lot of patience from that area. and recognize that we cannot have a strong nation if we have weak inner cities. >> if having spent time in the quote inner cities and growing up there qualifies carson for hud there are little rattly millions of people qualified for the job. then this crucially. last week when reports surfaced that carson was considered for secretary of health and human services, his business partner, armstrong williams who speaks for him, said carson simply doesn't have the experience to run a federal bureaucracy and believes it would be, and i'm quoting here, be a diser isses have to t have -- be a disservice to try to do so. carson could lead an age enswi 8400 employees, budget of $48
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will.9 million within one enforcing fair housing laws or doesn't sometimes and oversees funding for 1.2 million public housing. jay i will start with you. i have to say, you know, this feels like he was maybe going to get hhs his own spokesperson says he is not eququalified to a federal agency and now he is floated for hud which seems like a blatant humiliation of the department, frankly. >> chris, i have to go back it last fall when ben carson cared so much about his campaign that he took two weeks off to go on a book tour. this is not the man who has ever cared about being president. this is not man who ever cared about government. this is a man who earlier this campaign season said well i'm kind of endorsing trump because he offered me the best deal. he is grotesquely unqualified for this position. it is an embarrassment he would possibly accept it.
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i think more problematic is this speaks to the mind of donald trump. let me just stick the black guy over in housing and urban development regardless of what his actual skill set may happen to be. but i guess that is fitting for someone who picked a white supremacist to be senior council. >> you know, one of the thing -- i know a lot of people in the housing world. that's sort of a world i'm familiar with. and in a weird way i think there is this idea that like maybe we better have carson who doesn't know anything, than someone who is super qualified to destroy public housing. or wage war on the department. >> maybe. though the thing i find weird about this is that trump made his fortune building subsidized middle class housing. donald trump complained in the art of the deal about the whithering away of federal subsidies for department construction. >> if anyone can find someone they know who is competent and qualified for this job it would be the first real estate developer president in history. >> and the other thing, i would
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not think of donald trump of thinking as hud as a throw-away housing. it is not just managing housing projects. i would think donald trump would think this is an important position. >> it is important. >> but i would expect him to say that he thought it was. there are other things i thought he wouldn't care about. and the other thing is, i wonder if he would get confirmed if he was named. >> i think would he have a problem. >> he is so obviously unqualified. think of the senators who resent people like ben carson who run these campaigns. >> and is going to be president of the united states. >> right. exactly. so if you are -- if you're ben sass or some other senator who doesn't care for donald trump or the circus of the republican party, this seems like a place you might vote no on the confirmation. >> again, you know, nikki haley
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doesn't seem like a terrible pick. but out of nowhere from the experience standpoint and i love the fact that this is a huge promotion for one of its earliest backers who now gets to take the throne. >> yeah. amazing. president-elect trump managed to pay off so many people already in two weeks of president-elect. this is what is problematic about nikki haley. not that she has no international experience one way or another, she had a few meetings with indian business people and given her family connections. not as if she has a large. a foreign investment as governor in south carolina. she knows nothing about this particular area she is being put in. given the fact donald trump has said i want to tear up nato. get rid of the iran deal. i want to get out of the paris agreement it would matter to have someone at u.n. who knows the job.
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>> i do not think it is an overstatement to say that world feels as unstable and precarious right now as it any time in the last 60 years. and the u.n. is a key body to navigate that. >> yeah. although i am trying to prior advertise my outrage -- >> yes, absolutely. >> yes. it's not john bolton. >> someone with foreign policy. >> my sense is that nikki haley is within the mainstream of the republican party. she seems to be a smart talented person. south carolina has an especially nasty politics that she has navigated and i would say diplomatic way that suggests that she might at least have a raw skill set and at the u.n. even if she doesn't have direct foreign relations experience. as for with a why she would want the job and nikki haley probably wants it run for president. she has no foreign policy experience. if she takes this job, she will have foreign policy experience. >> there was something floated
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for treasury today that you were freaking out about. >> yeah. his name is john elson. former ceo of bbt and ran thecato institute think tank. john ellison has the banking get willing rid of the fdic, get rid of federal reserve -- >> get rid of deposit insurance. >> but he said banks should be required to have much more capital. make them have lots more cash. and so the, i think it would be quite a bad pick. he seems like the sort of person who would say in 2008 -- >> let all else fail. >> i don't think wall street would like his nomination so my hope is there would be a coalition of republicans and democrats that would kill the nomination. >> thanks to you both. >> thank you. >> trump's other big announcement is his choice to be the next secretary of education. koch brothers align, mega hard
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activist, focussing on charter schools and vouchers for private schools at the expense of traditional public education. trump is proposing spending $20 billion on school choice initiatives which is almost as much as the country now invests in schools serving poor kids in special education programs combined. both described as driving force behind the school voucher programs if her home state of michigan. and detroit now has a higher amount of kids in charter schools than any other city other than new orleans. they have fewer regulation answers as reported in june many detroit students feel they have lots of choice with no good choice as half charters perform only as well or worse than detroit's traditional public schools. okay, i'm getting the aft is not super psyched about this pick.
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>> no. if trump wanted someone as big destroyer of public education, that's what he got and that's what he looked for. he said there's is no regulation he likes. and frankly there's no public school that he likes. we were concerned about there when he raised $20 billion that is more money than goes to every single poor kid from federal government for education in america right now. and more money than goes to every single special needs kid. so he picked somebody who will destabilize or who will attempt to destabilize and defund -- >> let me ask you this. you represent the teachers union. a large one. if it were marco rubio or mitt romney, could you imagine a secretary of education you would be happy with. >> yes. >> really? >> ultimately you could see a secretary of education that came
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from a state because he had a coalition with lamar alexander and john cline on the change of federal education policy to bring that policy back to the local communities, to let teachers and parents run their own schools. anding make sure the federal government did the equity work but to focus on children and not testing. what we saw chris, is that in detroit where i spent a lot of time this year, the faith community, business community, parents, teachers, all came together on a rescue plan for detroit schools which passed the republican senate in michigan. the one person who hated it was betsy devos and she spent $1.4 million, think about draining the swamp, in about six weeks, to stop that plan.
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the labor rights continued. what did that stop? that plan required charters to require the same playing field and same things for our kids as public schools. she wanted no none of it thaean that's why she stopped it. >> in some ways, this is the first pick that's the most connected to the koch brothers billionaire donor class ideological wing of the republican movement. >> absolutely. >> they give lots of money. she is very clear about the fact that they would like to get rid of the public education. call it government education. this is a very hard-edged agenda. >> and this is what is so ironic. remember, donald trump said the last few weeks, drain the swamp. drain the swamp. this is someone who uses her money to buy influence. let me give you a quote. i know a little something about soft money as my family is the largest single contribute our of soft money to the republican national party. i decided to tstop taking offene
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at the subject we are buying influence. now i concede the point. what they have done is drain funding out of public schools. 31 states pay less for public schools than they did before the recession. and this drains money and doesn't help this. >> this n in an era in which dus at and which think tanks and liberals endorsed charter schools, is the ideological difference between what she represents and arnie duncan represent thread large? >> yes. there is a difference between having charters -- i didn't like what arnie did about testing. >> yeah, you guys are very critical. >> about trying to make, as you heard me say, common core, make it about testing as opposed to about teaching. there are a lot of excess that
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was reigned in. i give the president a lot of credit because he saw the excesses and worked at it. but this is the difference. arnie duncan never wanted to destabilize and defund public schools and use vouchers that way. i run a chartener the south bronx. we have a hundred percent graduation rate. a union represented charter. it got one of the new blue ribbon awards. the point is clarters were supposed to have a role in a bigger system to help ensure that all kids get a descent education. >> randi weingarten. thank you. appreciate it. coming up, two weeks into donald trump's time as president-elect, there are ominous signs about his conflict of interest including his own suggestion he could run his business from the oval office. he actually said that. and what that means for the country. after this break. the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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to whom does he own money? to whom does he owe favors? with wlom is he secretly
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partnered? who is holding an economic gun to his head as he is poised to become the single most powerful person in the world? we don't know his creditors. potential con fliblgts of interest. we don't know the things that really matter and we aren't going to know. one of the things we said on the show during the campaign repeatedly and kept stressing is that the people, political world were generally underappreciating the scope of possible con fliblgts of interest should donald trump become president and allow his children to run the real estate empire ease claimed he would. >> i have ivanka and eric and don sitting there, run the company, kids. have a good time. i'm going to do it for america. >> so put your assets in a blind trust? >> i don't know if it is a blind trust if ivanka and eric and don run it. is that a blind trust? i don't know. >> again, no, that is not a blind trust. in his first interview after winning the election, donald trump said his business was
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peanuts in the importance of running the country. >> this is big league stuff. this is our country. our country is going bad. i'm going to save our country. i don't care about hotel occupancy. it is peanuts compared to what we will do. >> now is trump essentially bragging he could run his business out of the oval office if he wanted to. >> i think there is something where you put something in a massive trust and also -- nothing is written. in other words in theory, i could be president of the united states and run my business a hundred percent, sign checked on my business -- i could run my business perfectly. and then run the country perfectly. and there was never a -- there's never been a case like this where somebody had -- like if you look at other people of wealth, they didn't have this kind of asset and this kind of wealth frankly. just a different thing. but there is a no -- i assumed that you would have to set up some type of trust or whatever
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and you know, and i was actual lay little bit surprised to see it. in theory, i don't have to do anything. but i would like to do something. i would like to try and formalize something. because i don't care about my business. so i don't have to do anything but i want it do something, if i can. >> the totally historically unprecedented opportunity as trump notes for say corruption or self-dealing that comes with having a president with such a large business enterprise is now here. his latest piece is called trump's conflicts will be crippling. it is interesting to me. i feel like this is something that is not really ideological in any real sense. not about obama care repeal. not about public education. just about what you can trust that the president is doing the people's business and not trump's business. >> right. can you pause it, trump at some evil guy, in this just to get himself even richer. but that's totally unnecessary.
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the normal measure we use when measure -- when looking at these things, conflict of interest, do their financial interests everyone a serving the national interest, does that conflict? and obviously, yes. even if it happens on a subconscious level that is something we have to worry about. the example i used is his tenant, the industrial and commercial bank of china, largest bank in the world and state-owned enterprise by the communist government of china. that's a problem. because a lot of our foreign policy clashes with china having the state-owned enterprises. even if he is not trying to enrich himself the fact he has one pull which is how his company would profit and another poll serving the public interest, that's problematic. >> and it seems to me, one of the things about this, that that example which i hadn't thought of, which is that that bank is a tenant in trump tower, they rent
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space, he collects collection he from them. >> presumably. >> is that part of this also, it seems like if i were politically advising him, and i wanted his agenda to succeed, it does seem like something that will be a pain. in the same way that you saw before the election, a lot of people saying, they have to shut down the clinton foundation because whatever you think of it, and i tend to think that the conflict stuff was overblown but the perception was real, you don't want to deal with this everyday. if i were advising president-elect trump, i think i would be telling him the same thing. >> right. elijah cummings and msnbc are going to come after trump for every apparent conflict of interest. >> we care about the business are for the people being done in conflict. >> and it makes it easier to get done what he wants to get done if he clears it away. another things is trump's personality. this is what worries me. we know how impressionable he
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is. a lot of people say oh, he is a hard line right winger. that's bogus. he is very impressionable, what do you think of this person, chuck shumer? oh, schumer was good when i had this real estate deal. how people treat him affects how he sees them. we kind of laugh whed when geor w. bush said he looked into the ice of vladimir putin and saw his soul. now if putin and turkey or someone treats one of his businesses well, is that all it takes to convince trump to -- >> right. >> that's where i'm worried that trump is very impressionable. even with no bad intent his businesses make him susceptible to that sort of -- >> that's a great point too. you don't have to pause at the dark profit mode, that you will use the office for profit. all you have to say is if they start steering business or regulatory favors to turkish properties or if anything happens in another place, right, does that essentially end up
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with state favor with the most powerful person in the world when they have relations with that country? >> right. and you see it on a dozen other level where the international stuff is the stuff that worries me. on the domestic stuff, this is where my conservative free market stuff i think clears up a lot of the corruption. if you're not handing out subsidies it is not that big after deal. but on the global international stuff those conflicts are always there. >> all right. tim carney, thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> boorish billionaire head of state. we will look at the world most presentable donald trump. how that could be a preview of trump's style of governance. that's coming up. the same never quit attitude. that's why i asked his doctor about once-a-day namzaric. (avo) namzaric is approved for moderate to severe alzheimer's disease in patients who are taking donepezil. it may improve cognition and overall function, and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. namzaric does not change the underlying disease progression.
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tank that hosted the event. now found with founder fabian and along with his wife worked with russia and syria in the russian/syrian conflict. after, his wife said there is hope russia and the united states will reach accord in the issue of the syrian crisis because of trump's victory. such hope and belief is the result of my personal meeting with donald trump junior in paris in october. don was addressing a roundtable in paris and shs was present for that talk in a group of 30 people. the timing of this meeting matter. taking place one week after the sus suspended talks with russia over the serious cease-fire and john kerry called for cease-fire for bombing hospitals in rebel-held aleppo which the u.n. said resulted in 376 villain
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deaths over two weeks. just two weeks after u.s. called out russia for war crimes and donald trump jr -- last week upon trump's election there were signs of putton air strikes in aleppo resume as there is new offensive in syria. we don't normally expect that being the child of nation's president is enough to qualify for you key hattematters of sta craft. but of course we are in a different world now. after the break, world leader who may be most analogous to trump and won three election necessitily. necessitily. inecessitily. necess. n necessitily. inecessitily. tneces. . . . . . s is what i'm made of, this is where my ancestors came from. and i absolutely want to know more about my native american heritage. it's opened up a whole new world for me.
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