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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  November 23, 2016 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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president-elect donald trump came to power front business rather than politics. bolter to reporters yesterday that he can quote be the president of the united states and run my business a hundred percent. we learned his children will directly run list international business a. hold willing state craft by holding talks with russian supporters. foreign heads of state. it feels like america entered a new system of government in the last two weeks. if you are looking for global comparisons look no further than silvio berlusconi. he said quote there are some obvious similarities. he made his first fortunate as real estate developer. his critics disagree with him and saw him as unfit to lead the
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country. in the end result, he is italy's longest serving prime minister. served until 2011 when eu leaders forced him to resign. while the parallels are there, there are key differences. while trump steam rolled the party in his way to victory, berlusconi made his own party. as recently pointed out on twitter, berlusconi analogies compelling in many ways but italy doesn't have nuclear weapons end the u.s. doesn't have eu institutions as a check. it would be a terrible mistake for america's political establishment to dismiss trum. 's populist appeal and presume him uneliktable. >> all right, start explaining where you see the parallels as most important between these two figures. >> hi, chris, thank you for having me.
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first of all, as we see it all over the place, the conflict of interest, the fact that they are not only businessmen but they want to continue with their transactional way of doing business, even when they are in office, trump and berlusconi alike continue doing businesses even after elected. berless coney tried to approve 13 laws to help his business or to shield him from indictment. i mean, the smell of corruption is all over the place since the moment donald trump was elected. his daughters, his sons participated at meetings he had with dignitaries, heads of state, talk about the japanese meeting, indian partner meeting, even the phone call with argentina president when after the next day all of his
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businesses were approved. he wasn't even hiding it. i think in the meeting he the yesterday, he said something like obviously his name is becoming hot. he used that word. meaning we will do business all over the place. the problem with that, government around the world would smell corruption and think the only way it please the president of the united states is to allow by to grow in their country. you will have the biggest case of conflict of interest and border line corruption. >> one of the things about burr le le but /* burr less coney, who ran his business as head of state, enduring in the head of state and all kind of behavior feuds with list wife, parties with workers and extremely crass and offensive comments. all sorts of behavior that
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people would thought would be disqualifying and yet he had an appeal that persisted past that. talk about that. >> it is exactly what happened with trum trump. he was deflecting. when he knew what was happen with parties and it was appealing to hate groups and islam phobic and these kind of groups and i would say, neofascists using trump as an after avatar to get back into power. we never knew what he would do on the -- about education. in his way we kept talking about his insults to megyn kelly and to this and that and basically fall into the trap of talking about trump all the time. he personalized politics, just
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like berlusconi. it was dominated like berlusconi. they kept talking about his scandals, insults, gaffs, here and there. and he kept giving them that. and basically he dominated italian politics for so long because he decimated opposition. opposition couldn't come up with any formula to appeal to the public opinion. he saw the public opinion a dream, to become rich like him and have beautiful women around him. he even bragged about he seduci some heads of state who wasn't good looking. he said he had to seduce and sacrifice himself. he used to say he was the jesus christ of politics. trump says he will create millions of jobs. this is what berlusconi did. he promised millions of jobs. by the time he left office, people were more poor and he didn't create any jobs. only person that got rich was
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himself. the problem with that in america, i think, sooner or later, when reality will hit, and it is usually hits, it is like gravitiy, people will wake up to a disaster as foreign policy, disasterous economic policy answers abo policies and above all the smell of corruption all over the lace. >> thank you for joining us. eye appreciate it. while hillary clinton's popular vote lead continues to grow, highlights a major dilemma for the democratic party. and thing 1 thing 2 starts next.
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blow, folks. a lot of times it is killing your eagles and birds and things. >> thing 1 tonight, donald trump has never been shy about sharing his dislike for wind power. instead when pressed about reports he pushed an effort to keep off-shore wind farms away from one of his scottish golf courses during meeting with british politician and brexit instigator trump pivoted way from a possible conflict of interest to possible wind power instead. >> was i involved with wind power recently? not that i know of. >> you brought it up in the meeting, didn't you? >> i might have brought it up. not doing with me. wind is very deceiving. th we don't make wind mills in united states. in germany and japan. >> fact check 2 in 660 seconds.
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powered energy quote we don't make the wind mills in the united states. that is categorically untrue. the reason we know it is categorically untrue is because two years of ago we followed wind turbine blades from a north dakota factory to south dakota. the wind turbines came from ge, an american company. >> it allows to you operate the tush bi turbine in those conditions. >> this is made into reality at factories like lm wind power in grand forks, north da yoeta. business is good. employing 630 workers and runs seven days a week and they expect to produce 1800 blades this year alone. >> about six blades, sometimes five, come out every single day. >> last month ge announced plans to purr chchase lm wind power w
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employs 640 people. according to the wind association 80% install netd u.s. during 2015 uses turbine manufacturer with at least one u.s. manufacturing facility. that's exactly the kind of manufacturing jobs president-elect trump is vowing to save. thanks for loading, sweetie.
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in the two weeks since the election, electoral history is being made in precincts around the country. in some of populous areas of the u.s., counting of votes goes on past election day. clinton las clinton has 2 million votes. almost as large as a texas city. this is 1.5%, historic edge for candidate who lost the electoral college. much bigger than kennedy's win over nixon in 1960 and bigger than nixon's win over humphrey eight years later. when it looked like hillary
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clinton loss w-- it is an unprecedent unprecedented split. increasingly sorting itself along geographic lines. this is the standard electoral map showing which candidates won each state's electoral votes. now compare that the results by county, courtesy of new york times, it is a sea of red across the country surrounded bay ring of blue around the outer edges and chicago. many of those red areas got redder this year. while the blue areas got bluer. check out this map. showing how the vote changed from 2012 also from the times. all those red arrows show where donald trump did better than mitt romney the longer the arrow the more he outperformed. the blue arrows show where clinton outperformed obama. there is a lot more red than blue. but clinton made significant gains in metropolitan areas. for example, harris county, texas, home to houston, in 2012
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president obama barely eeked out a win beating obama by .08%. this year clinton blew trump out of the water by more than 12 point. again this isn't austin by are talking about. this is houston. george w. bush country. geography is one of the many ways the electorate divided itself up. another corresponding one, economic activity. clinton won fewer than 500 counties but those counties supplied 64% of the gross do mett mestic product in 2015. the metropolitan areas clinton won are where most of the new jobs are being generated end where more people of color tend to live, where immigrants settle down and where college graduates move after getting degreeses. these are mapping on to the same geographic distribution we see in the map of election votes, results by county. what this means is that the over
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all demographic bet made by the clinton campaign was in terms of sheer numbers the correct one. there are more clinton voters in this country. but in 2016, demographic coalition is so geographically concentrated clinton lost the electoral college by at least 62 votes. now it is up to the democratic party to figure out how to change that. up next, the fight for the future of the party.
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chairman of the dnc with support from chuck schumer and from elizabeth warren and bernie sanders whom ellison supported for president during the primary. according to the report by new york times ellison may not have the backing of the top democrat in the country. president obama's loyalist uneasy with the and setting off more in the ongoing civil war. nina, i would i path thmagine t that you spent a lot of times on the trails of bernie sanders and no keith ellison you're behind his candidacy. my question is how you reacted to all these anonymous quotes from the obama circle basically saying he is not the man for the job? >> i'm surprised, chris, that they are taking that kind of interest. maybe i shouldn't be surprised. because democrats have been losing ground in this country since 2010. and 2014 we got handed both times. so i wish that people who are
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ill list sitti such concern abo the possible leadership of keith ellison would have had that same concern ads democrats have started to erode our cannot necks to t connection to the people especially governors in governor's mansions. >> the point i just made about the map is a crazy. the obama team put together this incredible thing, two consecutive elections of the majority of the country, not done since fdr. unbelievable monumental -- >> now three consecutive with the country. >> incredible achievement and at the same time, state level, state legislature, state houses and we saw in the electoral college in this case completely decembercated. >> and this is because the geographic sorting of the country is coupled with systems that both state level and obviously at national level that
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completely -- they are completely prejudice against people who live in urban areas. there are overprep zen tags repd it metastasized into a system in which a rural minority is going to essentially rule the urban majority that has now no say in their national government. >> but there is also the fact, nina, that that is -- that's true, there is a structural problem intersected with the combination of the senate and electoral college. but also the fact you've got to build democratic power. the job for this next chairman is build democratic power at the local level state by state, legislative district by legislative district. you have seen it up close in ohio. when you look at michigan, wisconsin and ohio, those three states, those are three states that elected republican governors in the great tea party backlash whose governors hammered organized labor, hammered the interest of the left, did everything to
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disempower and look what that produced in this election. >> right, chris. and democrats have to take some responsibility for this. again, there is an african proverb that one should never build their shield on the democrats. well no party wants to lose but of all the times to lose, you lose right before the redrawing of lines? i was in the ohio city when we were redrawing lines and democrats again decimated because when it comes to the systemic ways of which the power of politics works, we have been losing elections. we have to reconnect to the people so we are elected to office so we are in the positions to make the difference. >> what's the difference, nina? i will come to you in a second, michelle. this is shaping up as an interesting proxy battle. and sanders loses the primary but wins the battle for the party. partly because i think people look around and say clintons aren't going to run the democratic party. obama is leaving. bernie sanders at least had this grass roots vision. what exactly is that message?
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what does that mean? >> at first it starts with making sure that we -- you remember the republicans did an autopsy in 2012 that they didn't really follow. but i'm hoping that democratic party will do an autopsy in 2016 to figure out what went wrong, how it went wrong and how we can recapture, having robust conversations. having a come to jesus meeting and make sure we never lose sight of the grass roots and when people have an outcry, especially about the disproportionately hurts people of color, but don't forget about the poor white siftsesters and brothers too. when they say they are hurting, we have to say we got it. we have to listen more. we have to listen to the people. >> interesting you mention the autopsy. what do you want to say? i don't want to cut you off. >> although it is a proxy war, i think keith ellison is perfectly positioned to bridge. on the one hand you have bernie sanders saying they need to
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ditch the politics -- >> he didn't quite say that -- >> he didn't mean it that way. >> some people in this move that are kind of purely class placed politics will throw women and people of color under the bus to win back the white working class. and keith ellison on the one hand with the sanders movement behind him but he also is never going to work with donald trump. he is going to -- >> right. >> he as invest eted in the resistance in this country. he will never forget that donald trump is an existential threat to his future in this country. he is not going to be deal maker. he is someone again, he is going -- i think he would approach this job as leader of the resistance. >> it is interesting that he is this middle of diagrams now, which is part of why the time story was fascinating to me. oh, we are seeing all these parts come together behind congressm
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congressman ellison and maybe now a little bit after wrench in the works. michelle goldburg and nina turner, thank you very much. that's "all in" for this evening. i hope all of you have a wonderful thanksgiving. and everyone, let's try >> because i know you are an earnest and noncynical man, it gets me a little teary. you make me want to be good to other people, chris. >> let's do that, okay, everyone? >> i believe you. good to see you. joining us this hour. thanksgiving. off for thanksgiving, i am sorry about that. and a half for your troubles. i feel like everybody i talked to this week, this week, week and a half, oh, you're getting any time off for thanksgiving felt like seven out of ten times people were saying, no i don't if that is you, if that is members of your family, i am sorry. and in any case, i'm happy to have you here tonight. okay.


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