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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  November 23, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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loved ones, get ready, in a fowl mood. politics, it is best not to wing it. i promise that's the last one. how to survive a political debate at thanksgiving. ron reagan, political an list and commentator, and nancy giles. 37% in that poll say they think this will come up at their family thanksgiving. i think the real number will end up being higher. and i think that's a good thing. one thing that became clear is this idea of two americas where nobody talks to each other. a real thing. you get extended family. you'll get two together. how do you keep it civil? what are the keys? >> i'm still in shock. i might as well put that out there. creative visualization exercises and get me over the hump. by the way, i really liked your wing and feather jokes. they weren't fowl at all. i've been thinking one way to bridge the dwap in the conversation is to treat whatever your eating area, kind of in the same way you would an
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airplane once they lock the main cabin door. check your exits to make sure you have an idea, if you have to make a hasty retreat. keep your valuables under the seat, a little bit in front so if you need on make a fast exit, you can grab those things and bolt. make sure you're traveling with a designated driver who are you have your a.m.s for a lyft or uber handy so you're not drinking and driving. smooth over those conversations. >> kit smooth them over but in many cases it makes it worse. i think that's the question. if it is inevitable it will come up at your family dinner, how does it start? instigator but someone will bring it up. >> i would recommend not being particularly if you're on the current losing side in this election.
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it is also important, a lot of people travel for the holidays. all over the country. probably very important to check whether you're going to be traveling to a concealed carry state. and you might want to moderate your discussion accordingly. uncle bob in this case might be and you might not want to cross him. i wouldn't instig tate conversation. >> let me ask you. the two americas that never get together. situation. your dad obviously an icon of conservative republicanism. the reagan household in. >> well, like any other family. i have to say in this particular case, we would not be arguing. nobody in the family would be in disagreement over this particular result of the election. of course, we would have arguments all the time. like any other family, there is
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the kid at the table who wants to always be poking dad and all that stuff. but yes. it is like 90 family. it is about keeping it civil. you can have the discussion and that we all have to be in a kumbaya mood. >> if you are on the losing side, you can always try to be nice and mention things like nice republicans. and ron's father would be one. eisenhower, another one. who maybe taxed on the high side but we got roads and bridges and the interstate. >> find some common ground. >> should there be some kind of rule? if it starts getting heated, who can be the hero who challenges the single?
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history? politics. thanksgiving. how about those cubs? what's up with kanye! or how about those kardashians can get you off the topic. >> change the subject. >> i'm still literally having problems breathing. going back to the airplane metaphor. breathing exercises to make sure the cabin pressure goes down and then i can help others after i've calmed my own breathing down. apprehension heading into tomorrow? nobody at my table will be in agreement on this. and we should on a day like today, the day before thanksgiving. but this is one of those elections that's different than other elections. '60s and '60s and vietnam where the discussions were very heated. heated periods. you can remember 1976 and uncle
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bob giving a roast. election. it is not just that the two sides of the table will disagree about let's say tax cuts or foreign policy or something. were unside of the table is feeling present smug and the other side genuinely worried that we've made the terrible tragic error that will drag our country down. that's a tough thing on swallow. we need to be mindful. >> wow, that really brought me down. >> yeah. thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. and coming up, back to our top story. cabinet. you're watching "hardball."
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thanksgiving, we begin to heal as one country shared by purpose and very, very common resolve. this historic political campaign is now over. but now begins a great national and to restore the full promise of america for all of our people.
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that was donald trump in a thanksgiving video released by his transition team, calling on the nation to come together. that video came as trump's unorthodox transition plowed for more on his transition, i'm joined by our roundtable, joan walsh, raul reyes, and kristin tate, author of federal government gone wild. how d.c. politicians are taking you for a ride and what do you know about it. thank you for being here. i'll start on the trump critic side of our panel. we've got a couple new appointments. nikki haley, absolutely a critic during the campaign. a lot of people seeing that as a signal that trump is trying to give. the team. as a trump critic, if you have vociferous critics like romney and haley, does that give you any reinsurance?
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>> not really. i cannot believe mitt romney would take this job if offered. he would have to put his conscience in a blind trust. about what you said. to then reverse that. nikki haley, it is tough for her too, but mitt really went way farther. so i'm not necessarily reassured. what i see today, i think they are rattled by the critique of white nationalists being associated with the campaign. a behind of possibly dr. ben carson and a woman. so there is a little of that. but also an astonishing lack of attention to any kind of experience on the part of certainly haily and carson if she accept. that somebody who turned down syrian refugees, for example, in south carolina srgs going to be chab rating, representing us with a body so important to the resettlement of refugees wherever we think they might here.
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>> when you look at mitt romney and nikki haley and the things they have said about donald trump, especially in the case of mitt romney. normally see. would that be durable in any way? partnership? your secretary of state? >> look, trump will be a very action and results oriented president. understands that he needs to work with other people to get things done. i think that's why we've seen him tone down the rhetoric. and also why we've seen him reach out to folks like nikki haily and mitt romney. biggest supporters. he is not a candidate anymore, he is now president-elect.
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we've all been talking about how the republican party is in so much party. big trouble. it is the surprise republicans who are running right now. they didn't think he would win this. many that you're seeing. >> we're seeing the picks, discussing today, to me it is the saner heads to main stream a candidate who we know from his own words, is a bigot, a sexual predator, has endorsed the groups. secondly what these picks have in common, none of them as you touched on, are particularly suited for their job.
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even mitt romney. donald trump said yes, he looks the part. remember when mitt romney went to europe in 2012? he went to england saying they weren't ready for the olympics. off to the middle east. saying that jerusalem is the definitive capital of israel and enraged the palestinians. then he went back to poland. so three gaffes. nikki haley has no experience. even ben carson, i can see him possibly in health and human services but he doesn't really have experience. housing and urban development. want political experience. that's what we learned in this election. they want outsiders. trump is going to get doers. people who have experience in the real world. look at the trump organization. he always thirs best of the best.
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>> let's let her finish her thought. betsy devos. the woman whoo he chose to be the secretary of education. trump has said that he wants to bring prosperity to the inner that was the cornerstone of his campaign. school choice to these inner cities. one way that he is going to mark his presidency and be able to lift all americans up. i think that was a good move. >> it is an interesting distinction. you had someone saying the other day that ben carson doesn't think he can be ready. if you look at betsy devos, her back ground. interested in. i can see another republican president appointing her. >> she is such an education extremist. public education is terrifying. >> how is school choice extreme? >> she is not just in favor of school choice. that's a part of it.
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>> she would be a pick. probably any republican >> i disagree. normalizing -- >> she is a very anti-lgbt candidate. she is someone who -- she is not just about school choice. what she is about is using public funds for private schools shelf herself has never, she did not receive a public school education. none of her children have. >> i think we would be having the same debate if john kasich whom she supported. category -- >> i don't think -- >> we have to squeeze a break ke time for black humor on a hosted by chris matthews.
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you can join in at 7:00 eastern as he looks at al the rules that for president and win. you can catch that friday night 7:00 eastern.
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you about, hillary clinton's national popular vote lead over president-elect trump has now much of that margin coming from heavily democratic california remember, trump made it to the electoral votes, could go to 306
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when they certify michigan. nearly 5 million supporters have signed an online petition to urge electors to pick clinton when they vote on december 19. the chances not good. donald trump will be the next president. hillary clinton will win for actual popular votes. >> right. you look for the actual specific meaning, but from a practical standpoint, next year democrats are the opposition party. will that mean anything practically? i think it will give her some spine. she's going to get about 2.5 million more votes in the end. that's unprecedented. it will cause people to challenge the electoral college. if this were fair system california would have 200 compared to wyoming. the growth in the blue states, it's unfair. absolutely unfair.
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over. however, we do have researchers from university of michigan, from m.i.t., from stanford saying not that there is any evidence of hacking but that there could be -- >> we should be really careful -- we should be careful with this because when you start they're looking at, they are explained by population distribution. >> but they do also say that there could be. now, this is something -- >> i got to be honest, this one's making me uncomfortable. i saw that last night and i took a real close look at it today. i got to say i can't see anything to this. there were no anomalies in iowa and minnesota and those are paper ballot states. if the kind of things they're talking about were happening we wouldn't see a two-point race in minnesota and a ten-point win in iowa. this situation were reversed, without any certainty, the
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republicans would be demanding the -- >> we're talking hypotheticals. i get uneasy going down this road. these three will tell me something i don't know.
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all right. we're back. tell me something i don't know. >> during the last year the media has been trying tirelessly to paint trump as an anti-muslim bigot but no one's talking about the fact that three times as many muslims voted for trump
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than for romney in 2012. i thought that was a really interesting fact. >> actually care released this figure. romney received only 4% of the muslim vote, trump got 15%. >> i have a number, 48%, 40%, basically half, that's the percentage of people in the agriculture industry who are undocumented. when we're celebrating our thanksgiving we should think about all those things come from, turkey, sweet potatoes, all those things are labor intensive and they depend on undocumented workers. >> get ready to learn more about the emoluments claus in the talked about a lot. it prohibits our elected officials from taking gifts or financial donations from foreign leaders. washington where foreign diplomats are already staying. he's on a collision course with the emoluments clause in the constitution. tonight.
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>> i'm going to learn what that word is one of these days. thank you for joining us. that is "hardball" for now. thank you for being with us. have a very happy thanksgiving. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. chris hayes is up next. tonight on "all in." >> if i become president i couldn't care less about my company. opportunity for self dealing with a businessman as president. >> in theory, i could be president of the united states and run my business a hundred percent. >> plus the latest cabinet picks of governor for u.n., school voucher for education and dr. ben carson under consideration for hud? inner city. and have spent a lot of time there. minority rule as clinton passes


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