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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 24, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PST

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diplomats are already staying. he's on a collision course with the emoluments clause in the constitution. >> that will be the last word tonight. >> wow. >> i'm going to learn what that word is one of these days. thank you for joining us. that is "hardball" for now. good morning. welcome to msnbc live coverage on thanksgiving day, thursday, november 24th. it is a busy morning outside our studios in new york city. huge crowds already gathering for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we'll get a live report from on the ground and an update on security measures with former new york city police commissioner bill bratton. also ahead, donald trump adding more names to his new administration. we'll go live to florida where the president-elect is building his cabinet with some of the very same people who opposed him during the primary. and later, a look at the weather around the country. millions of travelers making that last dash home for the holidays.
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but first, we begin with the latest developments from that horrific school bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. authorities say a sixth child has died from injuries sustained in the crash and five children remain hospitalized. the driver, 24-year-old johnthony walker faces several counts of vehicular homicide. investigators say the toxicology report shows no signs of drugs or alcohol in his system. however, walker was not driving the approved route. >> in the course of looking at the history of the road, we ascertained that it was not on the designated route for that school bus. that's one of the things we're exploring is, a, has he done it before, and if so, why? >> witnesses tell investigators walker was driving well above the speed limit. the local board of education has confirmed it received complaints about how walker operated his bus and several relatives of victims say he was a known problem. >> it was about him slamming on brakes on purpose, making all of
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the kids hit their heads. >> she said one time before to my mom. granny, that man drives like a fool. >> and turning now to politics. president-elect donald trump is broadening the diversity of his cabinet with two new appointments selecting betsy devos to be his secretary of education. questions were raised about her position on common core. the education standards advocated by the obama administration. now in a statement posted to her website yesterday, devos clarified "i'm not a supporter. period. have organizations i've been a part of supported common core? of course. that's not my position. sometimes it's not just students that need to do their homework." along with selection of nikki haley as u.n. ambassador, he has
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women in two positions and president-elect released a thanksgiving day message yesterday addressing the divisions in the election. >> we finished a bruising campaign. tensions don't heal overnight. it doesn't go quickly unfortunately. but we have before us the chance now to make history together. >> the president-elect says a new national campaign is now beginning to rebuild our country and restore promise. joining us live senior writing at politico jake sherman. what do you have in the playbook today? >> i'm writing it right now. >> it's not in my inbox yet. >> it's thanksgiving. we're taking a step back. we're learning a lot about donald trump and two of the things that we're learning is he's not really draining the swamp by any meaningful standard. he's appointing billionaires and government officials to his cabinet, which is what any standard issue republican or democratic president-elect would do. another thing we're learning is he doesn't care much about
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traditional standards and applicable job experience. ben carson who may be -- >> looks like he may get announced tomorrow officially. >> right. he has no housing policy experience. he's by all accounts a brilliant doctor. some would say a skilled politician. some would say he's not. he doesn't know anything about housing policy that we know. so donald trump again flouting conventional standards as he selects his cabinet. >> so as he's doing this, there is the position of secretary of state that everybody is sitting and watching so closely. you have a couple people who have been mentioned a lot. rudy giuliani who arguably does not have that in his wheelhouse, that kind of experience. then you have mitt romney which would be the ultimate team of rivals in that a lot of people already pushing back against like mike huckabee. is there a third possibility that could slide in there? >> it doesn't look like it. those are the two people his team have floated.
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mitt romney at least has had -- has run a large corporation. you're right. he doesn't have these traditional standards of experience that other secretaries of state have had. but mitt romney's team started off very skeptical he would be offered the job and that he would take it. in recent days, they've quieted down and said that we'll see. they are a lot less staunch in their opposition that he'll take the job. >> let me ask you quickly on the democratic side where some supporters of hillary clinton are pushing for recounts that she's showing no interest in following whatsoever. they still have this position of dnc chair. it's critical. they're fighting over whether it needs to be somebody inside or outside of congress, whether somebody could divide that job. is there a front runner or is there behind the scenes just really a lot of jockeying around? >> the difference is this is a state based decision. people in states, democratic officials in states will make this choice. keith ellison is certainly the
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favorite of chuck schumer and d.c. insiders. if he doesn't get this job, chuck schumer has a big early internal political defeat on his hands and it will show that he's not really as in touch with the democratic base as he thinks he is. >> politico's jake sherman. i'll let you go. finish writing the playbook and come back to talk to us in our next hour. nbc news confirms that president-elect donald trump has received only two classified intelligence briefings in the first two weeks after his surprise election breaking with precedent set over the last 40 years in which incoming presidents began receiving almost daily intelligence reports shortly after their victories. sources tell "the washington post," which was first to report on the briefings, that vice president-elect mike pence set aside time for intelligence officials almost every day. but house intelligence committee chairman nunez of california said that trump is taking national security very seriously. "look how many leaders he's met with. how many phone calls he's done.
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positions he's filled. people who are being critical need to get a life." this morning security in new york city is at a higheneighten state. more than 80 sand filled sanitation trucks block intersections. joining us now, somebody who knows an awful lot about all of this. former nypd commissioner and senior managing director and executive chairman, bill bratton. happy thanksgiving. >> you have millions of people lining the streets of new york city present for the nypd and all of the security officials who are here. >> the event is primarily a crowd management issue. millions of people. traffic control. but over the last several years, the concerns about terrorist related activities have added a new element. >> look at happened in nice,
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france. they changed rules to accommodate that possibility. >> this year the addition of these very large sand filled trucks to block off all intersections to prevent someone from getting on the route with a vehicle was an add-on. during the last two years, we created two new units that are specifically assigned to the parade. those are heavily armed officers you described with long guns and tactical gear and the addition also of the dogs. the vapor wake dogs they call them. they walk along a crowd line and sniff and detect a potential explosive. it's a shame that we have to go to those lengths but that's the world we live in today. >> people lined up when i was coming in around 5:00 this morning. i saw people with little kids. meantime, this is unofficially the kickoff of the holiday season. anybody who works or lives around midtown manhattan knows what that means. the streets are going to be packed from now until the first of the year. you have a new element and it's
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a pretty big one. you have the president-elect of the united states whose primary residence at least now is smack in the heart of fifth avenue. what does that mean? already there are a lot of concerns about costs to new york city. >> the security issue and security issue is being addressed in a very large way. that will taper off over time as things settle down. >> you say settle down, do you mean the president-elect actually moves to the white house because his wife and his child will continue to live there. >> once you get a sense of what his work habits are going to be. will he come back to new york routinely. his wife is staying with his young child until the end of the school semester. it will adjust accordingly. right now you have the beginning of the christmas season, rockefeller tree lighting that will occur in several days but the nypd, there's no police department in the world that's more capable of dealing with multiple issues all at the same time. very good at juggling the balls. >> i think it's a concern for a lot of people if not for
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security reasons for just logistical reasons. do you think that it will be significantly different than the security around trump tower will make a difference to visitors who are coming to new york? >> certainly anybody seeking to get into trump tower is going to have an issue getting in. they will start adjusting to try to accommodate the businesses, the traffic flow in the area and it will all eventually work out. inconvenient certainly because of the uncertainty at the beginning but once the pattern settles in, new yorkers adjust. that's what new yorkers do. >> how concerned should new yorkers be and how concerned are you as someone that's going to intelligence briefings who knows when threats come in. isis has said that they are hoping to provoke president-elect donald trump with some sort of an attack. words or is that something that infrastructure here whether nypd or federal officials are adjusting to? >> you hit on a good issue as it relates to isis. they try to use social media in particular extend its reach.
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extend its fear. and so the idea talking about attacking the parade was all about that. there's no actual intelligence that they have the capability of pulling something like that off other than inspiring that. similarly, the assertions about the new administration, part of that is just to spread their seed of doubt. the seed is fear. fortunately we've gotten pretty good at sorting it out. they are good at what they do but we're better at what we do. >> bill bratton, i know you will go meet up with your family. so nice for you to come in early and stop and talk with us before you went out for your thanksgiving. thank you so much. >> all the best. >> always good to see you. still ahead, if you're getting ready to hit the road this morning, you're not alone. we have the latest on expected holiday travel today. plus, as iraqi forces continue to battle to retake mosul, there are american troops at one base near the front lines marking that thanksgiving holiday. we're going to get a live report. stay with us. eese, "day to feel alive"♪
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from coast to coast nearly 49 million people are expected to travel this holiday weekend. according to aaa, that's the largest number of thanksgiving travelers since the great recession nine years ago. with gas now averaging just 2.13 a gallon, many of driving. atlanta, lax, chicago o'hare, dallas-ft. worth and new york's jfk are the busiest hubs. meteorologist bonnie schneider is here with a look at what to expect as you hit the roads. >> the weekend ahead not so much. get to where you need to be to enjoy your turkey. right now we don't have delays to tell you about, but we are anticipating some. in seattle, we have wind and rain and low clouds that will
4:16 am
cause poor visibility. we could see delays if you are flying in or out of the pittsburgh area with light showers in the morning and clouds lingering on into the afternoon. those of you that are hitting the road, here's a look at the major interstates. today is looking good in terms of weather related travel problems. there are some exceptions. to buffalo to albany on interstate 90, we're likely to see that mix of rain and snow particularly in the morning hours making things kind of slick out there so be careful on the roads even though accumulation will be light. and then as we look toward the west, seattle to missoula, we'll look out for bands of snow in higher elevations and gusty winds are expected. looking at temperatures for this thanksgiving day. they really look nice. we don't have too much of brutally cold air. it's 36 in minneapolis. 53 in new york. great weather for the parade. and we also have nice conditions through texas and oklahoma. very mild indeed for this thanksgiving holiday. chris? >> bonnie, thank you. new details this morning about how the nypd will be
4:17 am
protecting the macy's thanksgiving day parade. joining from us here in new york city, nbc news correspondent stephanie goss. we were talking to bill bratton. there's no police force anywhere that adjusts better or has more experience than new york and this year is no different, right? some new security efforts this year? >> reporter: yeah, that's exactly right, chris. happy thanksgiving to you. you know, nypd is its own kind of military. they've certainly handled events like this before but this is an unprecedented show of force for them. there were police officers already walking down this parade route and getting rounds of applause from the crowd. parade goers that come to this parade every year are used to seeing security and contending with it but not quite like this. the nypd is taking measures they've never taken before. a show of force like never before. a record 3,000 officers on duty thanksgiving day. a critical response command force trained in long guns and
4:18 am
counterterrorism. and 83 sanitation trucks filled with 16 tons of sand blocking cross streets to thwart an attack like the one in nice, france. nypd's chief of counterterrorism -- >> given the current climate around the world and sense of uncertainty in some countries, the propaganda that's out there, we wanted to make certain. >> reporter: what specifically can a sand truck do that a patrol car can't do? >> you're not going to move a sand truck. >> reporter: on monday, a new york city taxi driver was accused of supporting isis. earlier this month an isis propaganda magazine called on supporters to target the parade itself but concerns this holiday season are not limited to the u.s. the state department issued an alert monday to u.s. tourists traveling in europe warning that terror groups continue to plan attacks. >> the main point that we were trying to convey to potential travelers is to be vigilant. >> reporter: in france, seven men were arrested for planning
4:19 am
to strike the famous christmas market according to french security officials. at home, new york police say they don't believe parade crowds will be deterred. >> we are always new york. we remain true to our values. new yorkers are strong and resilient. >> reporter: a nearly century-old tradition is not so easily rattled. along the streets one of the measures that people will see that they haven't seen before is that they are actually shutting down every single cross street along the route. that's roughly about 40 blocks. one problem they do not have to contend with, chris, is that the trump family and trump tower is not that far from here, trump family is in florida for thanksgiving. back to you. >> and crowds are happy for that. thank you so much, stephanie gosk. still ahead, selfies with hillary clinton. we'll show you where she was spotted on this thanksgiving holiday just ahead.
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hillary clinton popped up on social media yesterday spotted late in the afternoon at the local village market. she's doing some last-minute thanksgiving shopping with the former president, bill clinton. chelsea clinton and her grandson and a fellow shopper said the former secretary of state was wishing people happy holidays and at one point said we must stay strong together no matter what. clinton was busy taking pictures with pretty much anyone who asked and bent down for a selfie with little girls and she and her family frequently spotted around the town where they moved to in 2001 after leaving the white house. we don't have any reports on who is cooking the turkey today. joining us now, political analyst and author of gop gps. all right. so they apparently found some voters there. let's talk about the next year. everybody looks in particular at the first 100 days. where does donald trump need to start? where does it look like he's
4:24 am
going to start? >> i think he's going to start on infrastructure because he has the most political capital to use with democrats right now. and that's something that chuck schumer has really wanted. at the same time, he's going to go on obamacare because the rates are going up for these insurance plans, people are feeling that around the dinner table and he needs to provide economic relief for people. >> it seems knowing his personality as we all do, it's go big or go home. he'll want to make a splash at the top. >> if you go in and fix obamacare or infrastructure, the democrats want $1 trillion infrastructure plan. i think his plan is about 600 billion. so we're going to see some negotiations between house democrats, senate democrats and trump. republicans actually are more opposed to it than the democrats. this will be interesting. that's why he was meeting this week. >> where is he likely to run into opposition amongst his own
4:25 am
party? >> we haven't been talking about the entire campaign and now after the campaign is that in 2006, there was border security bill which was passed and we still have litigation with the united states versus land owners because of eminent domain. it's going to take a very long time. this isn't something that goes up quickly. we'll have to be taking property from citizens and pay them fair share but citizens can contest that in court. so what trump actually needs to do is do two things in the first year because that's his real window to be an effective president and get to a second term. he has to have a tangible result and he has to have an emotional result. a tangible result is something that the family can sit around the dinner table and say because of this policy that trump enacted, my bills and costs of living have gone down and that's good. and an emotional result is some sort of disaster hits florida or new york and he rises to the challenge and shows leadership. at the same time, that could also be a major victory over
4:26 am
isis, which we all want. so if he doesn't have that, come 2018, mid terms and then come 2019, democrats say we'll wait two years and we'll have a president of our own. >> come back in a year. we'll see what he has to be thankful for then or maybe the american people or not. we'll see. still ahead, donald trump spending this thanksgiving with his family in florida. there are new questions this morning about the number of intelligence briefings he's gotten since the election so we'll go live to kristen welker in florida. she'll have the latest. they are the natural borns enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile.
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>> after a long campaign season finally turned our attention from polls to poultry. i want to take a moment to recognize the brave turkeys who weren't so lucky, who didn't get
4:30 am
to ride the gravy train to freedom. that's worth gobbling about. malia and sasha are happy this is my final turkey pardon. what i told them is we're going to do this every year from now on. no cameras. just us. every year. no way i'm cutting this habit cold turkey. [ applause ] >> and he's so pleased with himself. i can't even. that was president obama giving his final or maybe not turkey pardon at the white house yesterday. you notice the girls finally talked their way out of it. they were done with it last year. welcome back to msnbc on this thanksgiving day. i'm chris jansing here in new york city. we'll start this half hour with politics. we've been following news of donald trump's latest cabinet picks from all over new york on
4:31 am
his plane and now from florida. joining from us palm beach, florida, is nbc correspondent kristen welker. he said he would hit the ground running. he's working through this thanksgiving period this weekend. what do we know about his prep to assume this role of commander in chief? >> reporter: happy thanksgiving, chris, first of all. donald trump is going to have a little bit of downtime and enjoy the holiday with family here in palm beach. you're absolutely right. he has been busy putting together his cabinet and this morning there is new scrutiny about some of his picks as well as the way he's handling his transition process including intelligence briefings. intelligence officials tell nbc news president-elect donald trump has received only two intelligence briefings since winning the white house. far fewer than the near daily briefings that are expected. the revelation first reported by "the washington post" which noted vice president-elect mike pence has gotten briefings
4:32 am
almost every day. when president obama was transitioning to the job eight years ago, he asked for extra deep dives into topics from iran to syria. while some in the intelligence community say trump, a political novice, is missing a golden opportunity to get up to speed. one senior intelligence official cautions it's too early to draw broad conclusions. late wednesday, the president-elect sending a thanksgiving message. mr. trump also adding to his administration after tapping a succession of loyalist, president-elect trump is aiming for diversity namiing south carolina governor nikki haley as ambassador to the united nations. haley was a fierce trump critic during the campaign quickly changing her tone. >> while i won't pretend to have always been president-elect's
4:33 am
biggest cheerleader. i did vote for him. and i was absolutely thrilled to see him win. >> reporter: trump praising haley as a deal maker but critics say she lacks foreign policy experience and his other b pick betsy devos for education secretary. her selection was haled by jeb bush but not by the largest teachers union which called her an anti-public education nominee. and also this morning, there's growing momentum among democrats who are demanding a recount after several computer scientists say they found evidence of votie ining irregularities in three key states and jill stein raised millions of dollars for the effort. the clinton campaign hasn't weighed in some far. her lead in the popular vote has now grown to more than 2 million.
4:34 am
>> kristen welker, you look great standing on the shoreline there. happy thanksgiving to you even though you have to work. good to see you, my friend. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving. have a wonderful holiday. let's bring in white house reporter for bloomberg news. good to see you. let's talk about this recount thing. it has got an lot of people who supported hillary clinton very excited. you see jill stein raising millions of dollars. kristen talked about michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin, states where they were very close and where they think they're going to gain even more votes. hillary clinton is having none of this, right? >> none of this at all. happy thanksgiving, chris. thanks for having me. you know, look, not only are the clinton political orbit not really engaging in this but neither is the trump political orbit. the fact that they're not even entertaining this idea whatsoever. so, you know, it's getting everybody a little fired up around the holidays. it's something to talk about around the thanksgiving turkey table but the bottom line is
4:35 am
that hillary clinton did maintain a popular vote lead even donald trump has said that. he has even said in the past he would have preferred doing a popular vote count. the way the system is set up, he won the electoral vote and all systems ahead. this is not going to gain much traction. >> let's go back to palm beach where we are expecting maybe tomorrow that there will be an announcement about the hud secretary as ben carson, who of course was another you have trump's rivals. he said just last week that he rather work from the outside than the inside. what's going on? >> i spoke with armstrong williams, one of his closest advisers yesterday actually. i put that question to him. he said, look, kevin, when the president of the united states asks you to serve, you serve. and so i think what i'm hearing is that dr. carson is really mulling this decision carefully over the holiday today. he, of course, is a neighbor to donald trump down here in
4:36 am
florida. i think he's going to be talking with his family over some turkey tonight, and i would expect that formal announcement in the next 24 to 48 hours. >> big announcement everyone is waiting for is secretary of state. do you have any inside scoop for us on that? >> well, you know, i think the names that we're hearing publicly of course. mitt romney is someone that everyone is talking about. i think that there's a lot that could happen with that pick. i think that we're going to have to wait and see where exactly that all comes down. i would look to see if there's any meetings over the course of this weekend regarding that pick. clearly he's facing pressure from some conservatives such as governor huckabee and newt gingrich in criticizing that pick. we're going to have to wait and see. i think there's still some time on that pick. clearly president-elect trump trying to show that he's expanding beyond just the trump
4:37 am
loyalists and looking at folks including one of his biggest rivals, mitt romney. interesting pick to say the least if he does it. >> kevin, good to see you. happy thanksgiving. >> you too. thank you. in iraq meantime, coalition forces continue to make progress in battle to retake mosul from isis. that includes thousands of americans who are advising in that fight. those troops celebrating this thanksgiving far from home. joining us now from camp swift in northern iraq, nbc news foreign correspondent. we are also thankful for our troops but never maybe more so than around the holidays when they are separated from their own families. how will they be marking this day? >> reporter: hey, chris. they've marked their lunch here with 120 pounds of turkey. most of it now in their bellies. that's why these guys might look a little bit tired. it's been a long anticipated wait for this food and they finally had a chance to sit down and eat. it's been a long time in the making. the chefs started cooking at
4:38 am
2:00 p.m. yesterday. 12 birds to roast. 150 hungry mouths to feed. the soldiers here of course are quite far from their families. 50 miles south of mosul. 6,000 miles from home. it's always tough to be away from the loved ones when you're not home especially when you're on this dusty base so close to that fight for mosul. this is an important small operating base. it's the heart and the brains of the operation to retake mosul. the americans here advise and assist their iraqi partners and help to coordinate that fight. critical mission. that fight entering its second month. this is the unit, the team, the base location that holds it all together. they're getting a much deserved break after all of that tough work to eat a little bit of turkey. chris? >> it's striking to look. we've seen these pictures so many times in the past when we've gone on the holidays to various bases around the world that you're surrounded by so
4:39 am
many women. >> reporter: yes. men and women. everyone is here doing their duty, doing their job. it was probably one of the first down time afternoons that they've had. folks were working out in the exercise room. some folks getting haircuts to get in tiptop shape before facetiming with family back home. a real mix of all kinds of people, men and women working hard in operation againto retak mosul. >> give them our best and our thanks not just from us at nbc but all those watching. thanks. appreciate it. you're away from your family as well. still ahead, thanksgiving of course is all about family but also friends and food. food. especially food. and for some people, shopping. coming up, we'll find out if the deals are actually better on black friday and where americans are spending their money. we'll be right back. psoriasis n the way of a touching moment?
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42 past the hour. welcome back. no thanksgiving newscast would be complete without talking about shopping deals out there for the holidays. joining us now is retail analyst and author of the book "black market billions." good to see you. happy thanksgiving. so previous holiday seasons let's get rid of them. what are we looking at this year? >> the big number is 383 -- excuse me. it's almost a billion dollars worth of merchandise that's going to be being sold over the holidays. national retail federation -- there's a lot of merchandise that's going to be sold over the next couple hours here over black friday, thanksgiving going into black friday. mostly people aren't necessarily going into the stores shopping. they're doing a lot of the shopping online. so paypal came out with a study that said people started shopping as of september 30th. so it's not really even black
4:44 am
friday. it's more like gray november going on in there. you see these deals so early. >> how do you find them though whether it's online or in the stores? you always want to think you're getting the absolute best. how do you figure that out? >> a lot of people are downloading apps. people these days, i have a statistic here that says that more people now, about 2.1 billion people are shopping via their mobile devices or own a mobile device globally. and that statistic will go up by 2020. everyone is going out to stores and shopping on mobile devices, coming home and going online. so to the mobile device point, people are downloading these apps. they're using things like camel camel camel. that will show you how price differentiation is happening via amazon, via different and and also retail me not using apps like that to see where the
4:45 am
deals are at the different department stores. >> that will get you a discount. a percentage discount. i still have some sort of post-traumatic stress from decades ago when i was trying to get a cabbage patch kid for a present. >> that was a long time ago. >> i'm not kidding you. i still feel it. what are hot items this year and grab up now and not wait for deals because frankly they're going to go. >> to your point, i was at a party last night and someone said the nintendo really the biggest item out there? i said, listen, everyone wants this nintendo. the newest generation. people really want this. it's selling off the shelves like crazy. also in the toy department, there's this thing called -- i wish i had one here. you remember the ferby. it's like a ferby in an egg. i wish i had a visual to show everyone. if you hold it and you coddle it and it hatches and you have an animal. eye changes color. >> it has a baby?
4:46 am
>> the egg has a baby. >> it coos at you. it's hilarious. flying off the shelves. if you get your hands on one of them, they are really hot. also i think walmart has this barbie carriage priced at less than $400. $398. another one of those hot items flying off the shelves. >> don't go through my experience with cabbage patch kid. get it now. >> go online. >> it's amazing. click. thank you. good to see you. >> you too. still ahead, chances are if you're not out shopping today, you'll partake in another thanksgiving tradition. football. beyond the games on the field, we have the story of one history making woman. the first female football coach in louisiana in nearly three-quarters of a century. her remarkable story is coming up. it was always just a hobby
4:47 am
something he did for fun
4:48 am
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football on thanksgiving is as essential as gravy on mashed potatoes but a few big nfl matchups coming your way on turkey day. first, a battle to claim the nfc north as minnesota vikings will look to fend off the lions late game prowess in detroit. that will be followed up by an nfc east showdown in dallas between the redskins and division leading cowboys meeting for the eighth time on thanksgiving. a loss for washington could mean an end to their playoff hopes and tonight colts host steelers in indianapolis but they'll have to do it without starting quarterback andrew luck.
4:51 am
the first woman to coach in that state since the 1940s. dylan dreyer first reported about their unshakable bond earlier this fall. >> it is about your heart. and the size of your heart. you want to leave them a tradition of winning, of player hard, of having character. whatever it is that is in your heart, you play for those people. >> as summer turns to fall, fields that laid dormant come to life. and in baton rouge, louisiana, history is made every time coach susan grimmal young takes the field. >> come on. >> the first woman to coach high school football here since world war ii. >> separate slots. >> what are you goals for this year? >> win a championship. hands down. >> hands down. >> every thursday night, they take the field together. >> this is our field.
4:52 am
our house. nobody comes into our house and beats us. >> leading the young men at the louisiana school for the deaf into battle. >> we need business right now, today. >> when coach g. first came here as assistant coach 15 years ago, she could barely communicate with her own team. >> let the scoreboard talk. >> so i picked up on signs when i needed to survive for football. >> pretty intimidating to coach a team, a new team, with this new language. >> yes. and football, where there are no women. yeah. >> during the games, she's really tough. >> howard, shut your mouth. >> we know to listen to her. when we make mistakes, she just says come on, we have to move forward, look past that and keep playing good. >> on the gridiron, they line up with eight players instead of 11. the quarterback starts the snap by touch. and calling plays presents its own challenge. >> we have to be very sneaky because if it is another deaf
4:53 am
school, they will try to steal our signs. >> tell the line to block ten yards. move it. >> there's nothing easy about football. and no amount of practice could have prepared the team for this season. >> record flooding is ravaging parts of louisiana. >> in august, the rain came. flooding many of the school's students and staff out of their homes. >> i felt scared. i was feeling like i was going to lose my home. >> the water came in, and i really thought, you know, it was nothing. and when saturday came, my house was gone. we lost everything. but we have to keep on going. i have to support myself and my mom. >> coach g. demands her team play for each other before they play for themselves. and this year, they play for someone who isn't in the stands. >> my mom passed away this summer, and the kids are helping me to kind of dedicate this season to her. and sorry. i get emotional when i talk about it. >> you promise to me you would help play for my mom.
4:54 am
you all saw those stickers? okay, that's my mom's initials. >> my mom would be proud. how we play this season is for her. you know. so the kids know this is important to me because this is the only time they'll see me tear up like this. >> in the shadow of lsu's 1 z 2,000 seat stadium, they're playing arch rival mississippi who beat them badly last year. but this year, the war eagles score early and often. and after the game, the rivals meet together at the 50 yard line, where she gives words of wisdom to both teams. >> y'all are young. y'all are talented. y'all have time on your side. huddle up. go and shower. y'all stink. >> they give me their best, i'm satisfied because i know they can be satisfied in themselves, and that's our goal as a coaching staff, is to get that out of them. that's what's special about
4:55 am
football. >> and you had that impact on them. >> yes, and they had that impact on me. it goes both ways. >> such a great story from dylan dreyer. here's the fantastic post script. the team finished it season undefeated. now they wait to hear whether they get a shot at a national title. still ahead this morning, more on donald trump's latest cabinet picks. how he's diversifying his administration and addressing lingering rifts after the divisive campaign. sglo plus, we're just over an hour away from the start of the ma macy's thanksgiving day parade. what new york police are doing right now to keep crowds safe this morning. we'll be right back. ♪ p is for privileges. o is for ordinarily i wouldn't. l is for layers of luxury. a is for alll the way back. r is for read my mind.
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one of millions of orders on this company's servers. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack. with the help of at&t, and security that senses and mitigates cyber threats, their critical data is safer than ever. giving them the agility to be open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t. may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. good morning. welcome back to msnbc's live coverage on this thanksgiving day. thursday, november 24th. i'm chris jansing. security is tight here in new york city as millions of people are lining the street of
4:59 am
manhattan for, yes, the 90th annual thanksgiving day parade. we'll hear from former new york city police commissioner bill bratton. >> plus, donald trump adds two new names to his administration. both women who backed other candidates in the republican primary. we'll break down the politics of his new picks. >> later, a look at weather around the country as krodz of travelers pack the airports, highw highways, and well, pretty much everywhere in between. >> first, we want to get you up to date with the latest developments on the horrific bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. authorities say a sixth child has died from injuries sustained in the drash, and five children remain hospitalized. the driver, 24-year-old johnthony walker, faces several counts of vehicular homicide. investigators say the toxicology reports shows no signs of drugs or alcohol in his system, but walkerwise not driving the approved route. >> in the course of looking at the history of tally road, we just ascertained that it was not on the designated route for that
5:00 am
school bus. that's one of the things we're exploring, a, has he done it before. b, if so, why? >> witnesses tell investigators walker was driving well above the speed limit. the local board of education has confirmed it received complaints about how walker operated his bus, and several relatives of victims say he was a known problem. >> it was about him slamming on brakes on purpose, making all the kids hit their heads. >> she said one time before to my mom, granny, that man drives like a fool. >> and we will keep you up to date throughout the day on the conditions of those children still hospitalized. >> turning to politics. president-elect donald trump is broadening the diversity of his cabinet with two new appointments, selecting republican fund-raiser betsy devos to be secretary of education. she's an advocate for charter schools and had ties to the education foundation of jeb bush, which raised questions about her posit


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