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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 24, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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we're live in palm beach, florida, and chattanooga, tennessee. where there's been yet another tragic turn in the deadly school bus crash. a sixth child has now died. this morning, we learn new details about the bus driver not on the proper bus route. and there's unprecedented security this morning and famed macy's day parade that got under way last hour and making its way past 30 rock as we speak as the famous balloons float down the herald square and a live report from the parade route as well.
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>> it seemed like they were trying to bury the hatchet, mitt romney going to bedminister and addressing reporters after the meeting, both men seemed to say that it was a positive outcome and they were able to discuss things and donald trump's campaign managerow part of the transition, kellyanne conway, tweeted questionable things or confusing things. a deluge of social media and private coms. some trump loyalists warn against romney for secretary of state and newt gingrich and mike
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huckabee trashing romney as a pick and say you need to pick somebody to take a bullet for you, not put a bullet in you, alluding to mitt romney's blistering speech he gave over the primary. >> it wasn't just -- >> exactly. and newt gingrich being critical of him and flew around the world, less counselled potus close to home more. and were loyal. good checklist. that alludes to rudy giuliani, who said not to be somebody who would want to travel as much as a normal secretary of state would as john kerry would and hillary clinton did while she was in that office. it's a role that requires a lot of international travel and requires you to be away from home quite a bit. so these are obviously this is us reading the tea leaves on thanksgiving day but it does
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point to what a lot of romney advisors and loyalists i spoke to in romney world were worried about that donald trump brought mitt romney out there just to make a show of having him there, having him come kiss the ring and wasn't actually serious about him for secretary of state. that being said, no decision has been made. kellyanne conway not making the decision. mitt romney is not making the decision. donald trump is making the decision and hard to predict what donald trump will do. >> you know that better than most. enjoyed you and seth meyers. what's your hour? >> after yours. 11:00 hour. in case you haven't had enough of me. >> see you in a few minutes. >> thank you, craig. palm beach where the president-elect is spending the holiday with his family and latest edition to his cabinet, activist, education secretary betsy making waves and then
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kristen welker in mar-a-lago. what can you tell us about this new pick? >> reporter: happy thanksgiving. so great to have you back. congratulations. in terms of this new pick, here's what we can tell you. betsy is a billionaire donor to the republican party and she is someone who's a little bit of a lightning rod. she supports school vouchers and is opposed to common core and made her somewhat, well, it's safe to say that school unions haven't really liked this pick so you have some of the top teachers unions essentially saying that she would be bad for students, bad for public education. you do have a jeb bush though who's come out and said he supports her. he thinks this is a good pick. what is this going to mean for the confirmation hearing? of course, republicans have control in the senate. so it's hard to see any of these picks really struggling but i think it's a topic of heated debate during her confirmation hearings. the other big pick yesterday,
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south carolina governor nikki haley, a former critic of donald trump and you start to see a team of rivals forming here and not only was she the first pick who wasn't in the loyalist circle but she's his first female pick and comes from a diverse background and parents hail from india and gained national attention by the charge to bring down the confederate flag in south carolina and her big challenge, she doesn't have foreign policy experience so there is some concern about that and picked for u.n. ambassador but yesterday, got bipartisan praise. tim kaine even saying her executive experience will serve her well in this role. so those are the two picks in terms of what we're watching. you and katy were talking about secretary of state and my conversations, rudy giuliani is emerging as the front-runner. sort of went in as the front-runner and still seems to be the front-runner. we're not expecting any major announcements over this holiday.
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i think we could get first pick early as tomorrow. >> let's talk about these intelligence briefings reportedly, mr. trump received fewer than his predecessors. just two. what more can you tell us about that? >> reporter: that's right. intelligence officials say he's received two intelligence briefings and that's why it's striking. it's expected that the president-elect will get intelligence briefings on a near daily basis. vice president-elect is getting intelligence briefings on a daily basis and president obama got intelligence briefings on a daily basis when going to the transition and actually asked for more briefings, craig, asked for some in-depth briefings on certain topics like iran. this is a real break from tradition from what is expected and you have some within the intelligence community because donald trump is such a novice, he should be using this moment, this is a golden opportunity for
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him to catch up and to get up to speed on all of these really complicated topics. on the other hand, one cautions, look, this is a transition. he is focused on building a cabinet, so you shouldn't be drawing any broader conclusions from this. i have reached out to his transition team and so far, they haven't responded to these reports, craig. >> kristen welker on this thanksgiving morning, good to see you. >> you too. we are following news out of tennessee about the tragic school bus crash that claimed the lives of six children. let's turn to nbc's mariana atencio from chattanooga. what are we getting from the ntsb, mariana? >> reporter: the ntsb revealing yesterday evening that the bus driver was not an approved route to take these children back home. they're looking into whether he took this route often or whether this was just in this one instance. chattanooga police also
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confirming in his blood test, alcohol and drugs were not found, so the toxicology report came back clean. the ntsb is inspecting the actual bus in the coming days and craig, they have not even been able to look at the footage in the three cameras inside the bus because those devices were so damaged because of that bus flip that they've not been able to review them. the other player in this incident, craig, is durham school services. that is the company that owns 13,000 buses and when hired this bus driver. they have had 142 crashes resulting in injuries reported in the past two years. and the bus driver, because of that sixth child who passed away, he's now charged with a six count of vehicular homicide. that child's name is keyon. the wilson and five children
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still treated. one in fair condition but four fighting for their lives and zakariya and his little sister zoe passed away. everyone coming together. a testament on how this community is coping with this devastating crash on a day like today, thanksgiving. >> mariana atencio in chattanooga, a bad story just continues to get worse and worse. marianna, thank you. security full force in new york city for the 90th macy's thanksgiving day parade. police presence, massive, with 3,000 officers assigned to the parade detail this year. they're using sand trucks and vapor dogs as well to keep everyone safe. let's check with tammy leitner along the parade route. good to see you. how massive of an operation are we talking about here? >> reporter: craig, it's
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enormous. on every single street corner are nypd officers. maybe 15 to 20 on every corner and keep in mind, 3,000 total and these are the officers that we can see. there's a lot of plain clothes officers that we can't. and 500 specially trained new york police officers that are trained to deal with any type of terrorist threat that might arise. the police presence is enormous. hopefully they won't need it but all out here. >> roughly 3.5 million people lining the parade route not including the tens of millions who watch this thing every year. what are the folks telling you on this thanksgiving? >> reporter: the folks here, they have been here since 4:00 a.m., some of them, craig. the folks behind me here got here at 4:15 this morning. crowds, at least 100 deep. every corner that you look on. a lot of excitement. they're interacting with the people in the parade. about 8,000 people in this parade. a lot of them volunteers.
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you have to keep in mind, most of these people, they haven't slept. they have been up all night getting into costumes, into make-up, getting the floats, getting everything ready. a lot of enthusiasm out here. >> what's your favorite float? >> reporter: i love hello kitty. >> hello kitty. >> reporter: don't laugh. >> too late. tammy leitner for us on this thanksgiving morning here in new york city. tammy, thank you. >> thanks, craig. now to donald trump announcing his new education secretary within minutes, i should say, the critics came out in force. one of the critics joins me on the other side of the break. the president of the national education association, this country's largest labor union. a live look here at a thanksgiving parade. there it is. that's a thanksgiving parade in houston, texas, and that appears to be, is that jj watt? probably jj watt in houston.
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got this fresh tweet in from president-elect donald trump. he tweeted this a few moments ago. i am working hard, even on thanksgiving, trying to get carrier ac company to stay in the u.s., indiana. making progress, will know soon. that's from the president-elect. donald trump's pick for education secretary, betsy, already raising some eyebrows. keep in mind here, one of the two appointments announced yesterday, one of two women, of course, the other being nikki haley, current governor of south carolina and nikki haley announced as u.n. ambassador. talk about her later but first, let's talk about betsy devoss.
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she's advocated for education reform, especially charter schools and voucher perhaps. currently, she is the chairwoman of the american federation for children which advocates on behalf of school choice. i want to bring in lilly garcia, president of the national education association which is this country's largest labor union. good to see you, lilly, great for being with me on thanksgiving especially. >> happy to be here and let me just say on behalf that our hearts are with the families in chattanooga who are experiencing this horrible tragedy. >> indeed. indeed. you argue that this pick shows that trump is, quote, out of touch, out of touch with what works best for students, parents, educators, and communities. how so? >> yeah, i was probably holding back on that. this is a horrible pick. and all you have to do is look at michigan to see what happens
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when you have a billionaire as this pick is saying what we really need is unaccountable billions of dollars going to for profit charter schools and vouchers and they can spend their money in secret and not tell anybody how they're doing it. it's been chaotic there. it's probably the biggest chart er experiment we've had and a total fiasco and people called it chaotic and looking at low performing charter schools and nobody can do anything about it. >> you would maintain that the status quo in this country with regard to how we run schools would maintain the status quo is not working. >> i taught here in utah for 20 years and yes, we have problems with underfunded schools. i had 39 fifth graders one year. that was a problem. >> i don't know if utah is the best representation of the
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average school system this this country. no offense. >> well, no offense taken. i'm very proud of being a public schoolteacher and i think that places that really invest but look at the people who offer a bait and switch and say, there's a problem with underfunded, understaffed schools that are tie the hands of creative competent people in doing what they need to do and then they give this false answer instead of saying, let's really make every public school as good as our be public schools which are fabulous. they say, so let's take public school dollars and give them to private schools or put them in corporate franchise for profit charter schools. they give a false answer and it's been a disaster in michigan because of betsy. this is just absolutely a
7:19 am
horrific choice to put in charge of federal programs for public schools. >> for the purposes of this conversation, i am a product of public schools. my mother was a public school teacher for 20 years, in administration now. i've long believed in public schools in this country. you just mentioned investing in public schools. if there was a correlation between per people spending and achievement in this country, if that correlation were direct, we would have achieved success like no other country in the history of the world long ago. we know that there's no correlation between money and student achievement. >> that's not true. that's not true. don't say that. it's not true. look at the highest paraphernal performing public schools. >> usually really white, really suburban areas. >> and they spend a lot of money. they've got ap classes. they've got sports. the arts.
7:20 am
everything. >> they've got the best teachers. they've got the best teachers available in those students. and meanwhile, the schools where they really need -- what you really have a need for good teachers, it's hard to get those teachers in the schools. >> because they're so underfunded that people who get there get so discouraged that they're thinking, i can't do my job. so we already know what works. it works in finland, it works in singapore, it works in canada and our international competition. well resourced programs. you have competent career teachers and support staff and let them do their jobs. none of those are using phony answers like privatization. certainly not for profit companies taking public school dollars for betsy devos has her
7:21 am
entire life. >> not fairly successful in charter schools at underpfrpi underperforming, largely black schools performing where they are now. >> the original concept of a charter school was let's try something in a place that has incredible freedom. let's incubate a create idea. we'll see if it works there and then we can try it in every public school. if it fails there, at least we haven't done it to everybody. that's where it works best, where you are actually accountable to the public system. that is not the separate and unequal system of private charters that exist for profit. and so where you have a difference in those accountable incubators of good ideas like
7:22 am
they have in several states, compare that to betsy devos in michigan where she fought against any kind of accountability. take the school dollar in corporations and we're done. that is what we're facing now. >> lily eskelsen garcia. good to see you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy turkey day to you as well. shoppers in line, in california, camping out all night. that guy looks really happy about it too. what deals are worth the wait? your black friday shopping guide straight ahead and nikki haley tapped for u.n. secretary and a few moments ago. why the choice also helps another key trump supporter. see me.
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to get your turkey out of the oven and maybe stores start opening in just a few hours. among them, jcpenney, target, and kohl's but a growing number of chains choose to close this year. so their employees can spend thanksgiving with their families. even the mall of america will officially be closed although individual stores will be open, we're told. right now, nbc's jolene kent and this is north bergen, new jersey and it's open already. i understand. have the deals started yet, jo? >> reporter: the deals start rolling in. i want to show you where the action is about to happen. we're at walmart and we're seeing they set up the barricades where people will be lining up probably starting midday this afternoon, after the turkey is eaten and you've digested a little bit, come here and then line up. and the parking lot, actually, already full. you can see people getting a
7:27 am
head start and they're already going inside and the best door buster deals start at 6:00 here at walmart and a pushback to a lot of stores closing on thanksgiving and yet, walmart, kmart, macy's, all doubling because they see it as an opportunity despite the fact that last year, thanksgiving day sales were actually down 12.5% and it's been a soft retail year. so walmart and retailers saying, come on in, spend money and help us with our bottom lines, craig. >> one of the top bargains? >> reporter: a traditionally good day and tablets and televisions and even smartphones, computers, washers, dryers, home appliances and miss out today and even tomorrow, watching football, then cyber monday is a good day to shop for things like that and then turn the corner, we talk about accessories, beauty products and other things coming to market
7:28 am
and going on sale, but really, this is a story about the retail season and about getting you in the door and what they can do to get you in. so i don't know, craig, what it would take to get you to go shopping on thanksgiving day. >> nothing. nothing is going to get me there. jolene kent there. you be careful. >> thank you. up next, donald trump's skipping out on daily intelligence briefings, only doing two so far. far fewer than many of his predecessors. what kind of information is he missing out on? (vo) your love is purely thoughtful, purely natural, purely fancy feast. delicious entrées, crafted to the last detail. flaked tuna, white-meat chicken, never any by-products or fillers. purely natural tastes purely fancy feast.
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welcome back to msnbc.
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and sources confirm elected donald trump only received two intelligence briefings and traditionally intelligence officials give a president-elect briefings nearly every day and the school bus crash in tennessee. a sixth elementary school child died last night and six still in the hospital. a l federal investigation continues. a scare in grand central terminal and check it out. this is an ecigarette exploding in a man's pants. while at work. you can see he was treated for third degree burns and expected to undergo surgery. let's check out the weather on this holiday morning. meteorologist bonnie schneider keeping a close eye on the situation for us. any trouble spots for us? just a couple. i've seen worse in terms of thanksgiving travel. we look at mostly good
7:33 am
conditions for those of you flying out. we do have the potential for some delays in seattle and in pittsburgh, both weather-related but for different reasons. some rain and lower visibility lowering the cloud deck across seattle and to pittsburgh, light showers in the morning and some clouds. that could cause delays but so far, we look all right. if you are driving, that's a different story particularly upstate new york, albany, take it slow on the roads, particularly tonight with the temperatures drop with the black ice situation. mostly rain though this afternoon. dry through much of the heartland, the center of the country, the southern plains. watch out for the snow in the mountain west. temperature-wise, again, this is a really comfortable thanksgiving for most locations. pretty mild for oklahoma and into texas with highs cloimbing to 71 in dallas and 58 in washington. overcast in new york, mild and a lot less windy and for black friday, your shopping weather looks great. a little bit of rain towards the
7:34 am
boston area, but dry across the country. really fair conditions, i think that the retail stores are going to be very happy with the weather. it should make for a nice turnout. >> bonnie schneider, thank you so much. check back with you in a bit. president-elect trump spending thanksgiving with family at mar-a-lago resort in palm beach, florida. in a video message posted to youtube, he said his thanksgiving prayer is for the nation to begin to heal our divisions and to move forward. >> in declaring this national holiday, president lincoln called upon americans to speak with one voice and one heart. that's just what we have to do. this historic political campaign is now over. but now begins a great national campaign to rebuild our country and to restore the full promise of america for all of our people. >> joined now by kelly jean tort, the managing editor at the weekly standard and bloomberg news politics reporter kevin from sunny mar-a-lago, good to
7:35 am
see you there, kevin. kelly, let me start with you and it's time to unite. do his two most recent picks help us do that as a country? >> well, i think it's going to take a lot more than a couple of cabinet picks to unite us after such a polarizing election. but yeah, they do go a long way to the complaints that trump is speaking for and was only assigning to his cabinet old white men. we've got a couple of younger women, relatively speaking and nikki haley being a minority and these are surprise picks in that both of these women criticized donald trump during the campaign. nikki haley quite vociferously and prove that you could criticize trump during the election and still be on his team and i wish a lot more people had actually done so and weren't so scared because it turns out, there wasn't
7:36 am
necessarily going to be repercussions. >> kevin, there are folks who criticize donald trump and then there's mitt romney who decided to hold a news conference where he proceeded for 20 or 30 minutes, lay out, at the time, what seemed to be a compelling case why you shouldn't vote for the guy but at times, very personal. these are some tweets from kellyanne conway. here's one tweet from kellyanne conway about meetings that have been happening with romney and trump. receiving a deluge of social media and private coms, re: romney, some trump loyalists argue against romney for secretary of state. and kissinger and schultz as secretaries of state and flew around the world less, counselled potus. it appears that kellyanne conway
7:37 am
not in the romney for secretary of state camp. what do you make of all of this, kevin? the idea mitt romney could become secretary of state. >> well, it's not just kellyanne conway and there's two points that i would make. first and foremost is that if you take a look at the last couple of days, particularly with the pick of folks like governor nikki haley, you have a situation in which president-elect trump is showing that he is looking beyond the trump loyalists to include in his cabinet and in his administration and looking to expand and with some of his more loyalist folks including people like former house speaker newt gingrich and former governor mike huckabee. these are folks who are adamantly against mitt romney becoming secretary of state, and i think that, you know, a lot of
7:38 am
conversations are going to be had within the next 24 to 48 hours and we'll have o sto see. not a bad image to project party unity after the brutal campaign and images of mitt romney and president-elect trump speaking together. perhaps not a bad thing this holiday weekend. >> kelly jane, let's talk about the intel briefings. nbc news confirming that president-elect trump has taken only two briefings since winning the white house. far fewer than nearly daily briefings that most of his predecessors have gotten. are we making too much of this or is this something to concern folks? >> mike pence has been receiving the briefings almost daily and donald trump has only got a couple of them and it is concerning but let's remember whether we don't know this is completely true or not but somebody close to john kasich said before the election that someone from trump's team went
7:39 am
to kasich and said, how would you like to be the most powerful vice president in history? so we've gotten indications early on trump was prepared to delegation a lot of the work and i think we're seeing that already before he's even become president and it is a little bit concerning because these intelligence briefings, people put a lot, i know someone who used to give them daily and people put work into them. all of the agencies come together to decide the crucial facts each day that the president needs to know and they do this for a reason and it's because there's a lot going on in the world and the president needs to be informed so that if something does happen, suddenly, he can make a we informed decision on it. >> kelly jane torrance and thank you for the thanksgiving pun as well. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. on this thanksgiving, we honor the men and women serving in our armed forces who are away
7:40 am
from their families on this turkey day. up next, to msnbc, we will visit some of those soldiers near the front line in the fight against isis at camp swift in iraq. >> hello, sergeant major kbr grayson. happy thanksgiving to my wife and daughter. >> i'm pfc john hunter from ohio. >> i'm from new jersey. >> i'm specialist from florida. >> happy thanksgiving! world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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iraqi led forces in the second month to retake mosul from isis. they are by most reports making some serious progress with the help of thousands of american troops who are advising coalition forces in the fight. that means some troops are spending this thanksgiving away from family and friends there. we turn now to nbc's lucy
7:44 am
kafanov who's been talking to troops at camp swift in northern iraq. what are you hearing from troops there about how they spend this holiday? >> reporter: hey, craig. well, it was a special day here at camp swift. this is a tiny outpost in northern iraq. 150 soldiers. it took 120 pounds of turkey to feed them. 12 birds, all of the traditional stuffings. it might be a small outpost but a critical lifeline in the city for mosul, this base station. just 50 miles below the city but 6,000 miles from home and most of the soldiers here haven't been home for about eight months. one of them is major sanders, she's been showing us around here and enjoying the thanksgiving dinner and if i can ask you, what's the hardest thing about not being home with family in new orleans on this thanksgiving? >> most definitely. i miss my kids, my husband, you miss the traditions you have around the dinner table.
7:45 am
>> reporter: what's the relationship like with fellow soldiers here? have you formed a community? how has it been to spend the holiday there? >> there's definitely a camaraderie with me and my coworkers here. we've been here for months. tight quarters. we're very close knit now and proud of what we're doing here. so to celebrate thanksgiving with them is almost as good as celebrating it with my family at home. >> reporter: what's what you miss most? it's a remote outpost. >> i have to be honest, simple things like being able to run, but to be honest, it's not as bad as people may think. we take time to encourage when the walls may be closing in. so it's a tight group. it's not as bad as people may think. >> reporter: thank you for your work and retake the city of
7:46 am
mosul but of course, sacrificing time and holidays. craig? >> lucy, thank you and an even bigger thanks to major sanders and all of those soldiers there at camp swift. thank you so much. for an update now on the battle to retake mosul from isis, i want to bring in colonel john doin joining us from baghdad. colonel, thank you so much for your time. let's start with an update where the battle for mosul stands as we speak. >> ll, we're in the toughest part of the battle. the iraqi security forces have done a great job of converging on the city and multiple axes advanced and bombs from the air, artillery strikes, rockets, all in the effort to eradicate dash
7:47 am
for mosul. so they've been very successful in moving forward but now they're encountering very tough resistance in the city as expected. dash have used civilian shields. they've dug into some elaborate defenses but iraqis fight bravely and working hard to protect civilian life and they continue to make progress against this very dangerous enemy. >> we just got an update there on how troops are doing at camp swift in northern iraq on this thanksgiving. how are the soldiers there around baghdad doing? what are they doing this thanksgiving? >> well, we're doing what we always do. we're defeating isil. so we're working hard but it doesn't stop troops from taking a few moments to enjoy a really nice thanksgiving meal. one of the things that our
7:48 am
leaders always do is try to line up just a great situation with great food and we can spend time together, enjoy each other before we go back to the task at hand. so we've got a full thanksgiving dinner with all of the trimmings. after i do this opportunity with you, my troops and i will head over to enjoy some of that and looking forward to it. >> we'll let you get to it, sir. thank you for your time and thank you for your services as well. please pass along the thanks, grateful nation to all the folks serving there in and around baghdad. here is where president-elect trump will spending thanksgiving with his family. the trump estate in palm beach, florida, mar-a-lago as it's called, called the winter white house. wherever you and your family spend the white house, politics likely will creep into the conversation. stay with us for advice on how to survive thanksgiving dinner in this heated political season. this is msnbc. sometimes when brushing my gums bleed.
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remember, these are your relatives. try to not see them as political opponents but rather potential kidney donors. stay on their good side. >> true, true. one of stephen colbert's tips for surviving thanksgiving dinner if the conversation menu includes politics, things could get a bit dicey if you're a house divided after this election. so how do you ensure your thanksgiving meal doesn't turn into mortal combat? danielle beltan, thank you for being with me. we all know that this was an election of a different sort. rhetoric, super heated. what should and should not be on the table when talking politics? >> what should be on the table is you should be listening. should listen to one another. i mean, a lot of times, we live
7:53 am
in our bubble and i live in new york city, my family is all from st. louis and because we have different experiences, you should be listening. but you shouldn't be making things personal. this election got really heated, got really ugly. don't bring that ugly rhetoric to the dinner table. not necessary. just because things weren't always civil between secretary clinton and donald trump doesn't mean you have to take it there. >> avoid name calling. >> at all costs. i mean, remember, this is your family. you love these people. >> sometimes, like second cousins. if it's your mother and father, that's one thing. but if it's your second cousin, what's the harm in that? >> it's okay to have a lively discussion. you just don't want to take it to the point where you're ruining thanksgiving. like you don't want to get to that point where people feel uncomfortable or why did i come here? >> leave before the cowboys game
7:54 am
even comes on. honestly, i'm fine with talking politics at thanksgiving as long as no one brings up the status of my womb or lack of ring on my finger. it would appear as if in your house, there are worse things that could come up than politics. >> there's always worse things. your family, they know you. and even if they don't know you, they think they know you and going to ask you and be furious about your life and more treacherous waters. >> what if the conversation does get heated? what's your advice there? >> change the subject. oh my god, look at this football game. the turkey is delicious. how's kids? how's work? pivot. get on something that you can control and manage that's not as passionate and heated. you know. >> before i let you go, donald trump apparently got about 8% of the black vote in this country.
7:55 am
is there a particular danger in african-american households if uncle charlie reveals that he voted for trump? >> it depends on your house. i mean, there's no danger in my household. there might be people who will laugh at you but you'll probably survive. you're blood. >> danielle belton, sounds like thanksgiving will be quite lively. thank you, danielle. >> thank you, happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving indeed. we are rough liv ly an houro into the macy's day parade. 3.5 million people estimated to be lined uprig right outside th building. there's ronald mcdonald, josh berro. a lot are not listening to me right now. they're over on the competition. that's okay. i get it. from start to finish. this is the parade route. we'll be right back.
7:56 am
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that will d it. there's katy tur's head. >> sorry. i was reading kellyanne conway tweets. >> katy tur will pick things up. >> congratulations on the baby. craig just had another baby, guys. >> i was there high-fiving. >> you were high-fiving. >> i was high-fiving. >> have a great broadcast. i'm katy tur live from msnbc headquarters in new york. donald trump's brief holiday break. the president-elect is celebrating thanksgiving in florida with his family. as new questions emerge over how he's handling a crucial part of his transition. intelligence briefings. we're live following the president-elect. and show of force. a record number of police officers are guarding the macy's
8:00 am
thanksgiving day parade which is under way right now. we're down on the streets of new york city for the parade's 90th year. also ahead, a recipe for trouble after a divisive election season. should you pass along politics at the thanksgiving table? how to talk about, not brawl over, politics with your loved ones. but first, donald trump is spending his thanksgiving with his family at his florida residence, mar-a-lago. the president-elect is calling for unity and cooperation this holiday weekend in an online address to the nation. >> this historic political campaign is now over. but now begins a great national campaign to rebuild our country and to restore the full promise of america for all of our people. i appear asking ym asking to jo effort. it's time to restore bonds of trust because when america is unified, there is nothing beyond our reach and i


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