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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 24, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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this holiday. the shooter saying, quote, that's another piece of trash off the street. melania trump, her goals and the examples previous women have set for her. we begin in new york city where a massive show of force has been at the ready to protect the millions of people who have gathered for the 90th thanksgiving day parade. a number of police officers are on duty as they ramp up security. looks like santa claus has already been by. >> reporter: there are still police out here. this may be the new normal, the amount of police officers out here. can you see them milling about you in the middle. they've been a constant presence throughout the parade.
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5,000 new york police officers specially trained. just a couple of quick notes. they will start cleaning up in the next couple of hours. there will be 158 people on hand for the clean-up. 22 sanitation trucks and one other little point, kate, 32 tons of debris is what they picked up last year so i'm guessing it will be the same this year. >> as you say about security, so many threats in the air, none credible threats but a lot of chatter and talk. as you say it's the new normal as we head into the holiday season. >> reporter: i'm having a hard time hearing you. i think you said something about the security. we saw no problems. it is probably because of the enormous police presence we saw. >> tammy leitner on the streets of new york after the parade wrapped up. appreciate it. donald trump celebrating thanksgiving wh his family
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at -- in florida at march-a-lag. trump asking people to put their emotions behind them as they spend time with their families. >> we just finished a long and bruising political campaign. emotions are raw and tensions don't heal overnight. it doesn't go quickly, unfortunately. but we have before us the chance now to make history together. to bring real change to washington, real safety to our cities and real prosperity to our communities, including our inner cities. so important to me and so important to our country. >> the president-elect ushered in the holiday weekend with two new nominations, former michigan governor betsy da voss and nikki haley as united nations ambassador.
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trump aides say there is more to come as soon as tomorrow. kristen welker, one nomination we're eagerly awaiting is secretary of state. it's one of the biggies. we hear mitt romney is at the top of the list, but this morning an interesting tweep from top trump aide tweet, kellyanne conway, taking swipes at romney. are they heading away from romney? >> reporter: you're right, this is one of the positions we're watching most closely, kate. just to break it down, who's at the top of that list, rudy giuliani. what's the difference between the two men? rudy giuliani is a loyalist, always has been, has stood by president-elect trump's side even when that audiotape came out. remember that moment, rudy giuliani was one of the people who was his staunchest supporters. then there's mitt romney. mitt romney was one of trump's sharpest critics during the
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primary. he said he's not fit to serve as president. a lot of people were stunned when he was invited to meet with president-elect trump, and that may be one of his biggest challenge. i've been talking to some of my transition sources and they say it looks like rudy giuliani is the front-runner. those tweets are raising eyebrows. no doubt about that. let me read you one of them. this is from kellyanne conway. she said, receiving deluge of social media and private calms regarding romney. some trump loyalist warn against romney as sec state. we are reading the tea leaves, but it seems she's echoing what she's heard from trump supporters, like newt gingrich, mike huckabee. the fact he isn't a loyalist, the fact he criticized him so sharply during the primary process and campaign may mean the divide between these two men is just too great. in terms of rudy giuliani,
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though, he's someone who's a lightning rod. he's a hard liner on a whole host of issues. he would be a tough pick as well. no doubt president-elect trump is taking all of that into consideration. as you point out, he's enjoying this hole day, likingly making phone calls as well. i don't think we'll get a major announcement today. i think he'll try to take this day to mull over some very big decisions. we may get an announcement as early as tomorrow, though. >> every time we think we know what's going to happen with this president-elect, it tends not to be our plan. one other thing, reports donald trump has only received two intelligence briefings since the time was elected and refused the rest, apparently, which sunday usual. usually president-elects will have a briefing every day. >> reporter: it's very unusual. according to intelligence officials, president-elect trump has only had two briefings since
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he won the election. it is anticipated a president-elect will get daily briefings. vice president-elect mike pence is getting briefings. what's in these briefings? most closely guarded secrets inside washington. they someone who's a novice like donald trump, these could be absolutely critical in terms of getting up to speed. others saying, wait a minute. this is a transition. give it time before you make broad conclusions. but take a look at what his predecessors have done. trump during his transition was briefed daily and asked for extra briefings on issues like iran nuclear program. george w. obama administration his briefings were delayed because of that florida recount. ultimately he started having daily briefings and goes back to president nixon. you'll see the pressure mount on him to start to hold these
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briefings on a more regular basis because he he has tautd the fact that foreign issues are. >> kristen welker in florida following president-elect. happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving to you. i want to bring in brian grimm from "the washington post." i want to talk about tweets from kellyanne conway. she says there are complaints, she's getting deluge of social media, and some trump loyalists warn against romney, she says, as secretary of state. it raises the question because yesterday you had mike huckabee saying similar things that it shouldn't be romney and you had newt gingrich on tv saying maybe it shouldn't be romney. are they trying to send signals
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to donald trump or is the decision made and they're trying to reinforce it? what do you think? >> one thing we should never forget is that even before donald trump was a reality tv star, he was a reality tv star. trump in the 1980s and 1990s lived on his coverage in the tabloid and other media around new york. it's why we know who he is. he's adept at manipulating the media and he's getting good at teaching his lieutenants, too. i think this might be his favorite part of being president over the next four years. this kind of toying with the public, bringing people through the front door, you know, hanging out with them and then taking a couple questions from the press, meeting with them, taking a few more questions, waving good-bye to them. he's treating it as if it's one very long episode of "the
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apprenti apprentice." what fun if you can't tweak your main adversary from the campaign. you dang it will in front of mitt romney. it creates this incredible drama. will the two of them make up because you need conflict for these dramas? and now you've got the drama of the trump loyalist saying, don't give it to this guy and kellyanne is exmroiding this a little bit. it keeps us interested in who's going to get it and who's not going to get it in terms of -- >> i can't imagine mitt romney is going to be happy about this, if he doesn't get the ask. >> reporter: right. who would be the happiest about that? donald trump. he likes nothing more, as he has said repeatedly over the decades in his paid speeches, is revenge. it's one of the guiding principles of his life. he advises his corporate clients, like this is your path in business, to make sure if
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someone screws you over, you screw them over ten times harder back. there's no reason to think he has rethought that approach. so mitt romney may very well be on the end of a trump humiliation here. >> trump not taking a twitter vacation today. he tweeted this morning on thanks gifshgs i'm working hard, even on thanksgiving, trying to get carrier ac company to stay in the u.s. making progress. will know soon. that's about the company that was thinking of taking jobs oversea, the air conditioner manufacturer. that trump being a brilliant deal-maker or is that reflecting no self-control, has to tweet a holiday? what do you make with that? >> i put that on the brilliant side. trump is going to create his own reality with the economy going forward. republicans were successful over the past couple of years saying the economy is dreadful even
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though you had unemployment falling below 5%. what trump is going to do is point to a couple of symbolic victories he's going to have for the american people. he already did it about the ford plant in kentucky. if he can get a win on the carrier plant in indiana, that's much to his credit. it then becomes the symbolism of trumpism that he fought for these jobs and he kept them. i hope for the workers' sake there he succeeds. he ought to be able to. it's pitiful the government couldn't persuade them to stay there earlier because this company gets most of its money from the federal government. if we can't quiconvince them to stay, who can we convince? >> thank you. from syria to north korea, the hot spots the president-elect will be challenged on from day one and could his choice for u.n. ambassador help his business
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empire. later, what happened in chattanooga moments before that school bus crashed killing six children.
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no holiday in the middle east. iraqi forces are inching closer to the center of mosul. troops drove out isis from three more neighborhoods in a massive offensive to take back iraq's second largest city. in syria, the turkish government says three of its soldiers were killed by syrian warplanes. that's the first deadly air strikes on turkish forces since the start of syria's 5-year-old civil war. on tuesday during an interview with the "new york times," president-elect trump spoke in general terms about foreign policy but he acknowledged something needs to be done about the war in syria. joining me now is u.s.
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ambassador marc ginsberg, former middle east u.s. policy adviser. happy thanksgiving to you. >> same to you, kate, and everyone. >> you said in the past that candidate donald trump's foreign poli was, your quote was, neoice slagsism at its best and you also said donald trump's foreign policy is -- >> when he sits down with intelligence briefings, as you know, were not happening frequently enough -- >> he's had two so far. >> two so far. he's well aware of in syria and iraq, there's a major challenge that he recognizes. that, of course, is the future of isis and the role that the united states is going to play in syria with the russians in order to eradicate isis's base in raqqah while iraq continues its offensive in mosul.
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so the president-elect, while he very much would like to disengage the united states from the middle east, the problem is to reconcile that means he has to come up with an effective strategy that is going to adhooef the goal he laid out, which is to destroy isis. >> have you heard anything so far that tells you there is a strategy being developed by the trump -- by the incoming administration? >> during his campaign he said he had a secret plan. you have to have a military strategy ultimately to rid syria of isis in the city of raqqah. isis also has caliphates around middle east, libya and elsewhere. there's already 14 of them existing. we have a secret war the obama administration, unfortunately, tumbled into in yemen. then you have al qaeda, which is another operational terrorist
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organization in the rest of the middle east. what the president-elect has to face is not jus the problem about isis but eradicating islamic forces in the rest of the middle east and coming up with a strategy that is going to keep them from returning. >> yesterday he named south carolina governor nikki haley as u.n. ambassador. what do you make of that choice? she doesn't have a lot of foreign policy experience herself. do you think she'll follow trump's lead on things like russia? >> it's going to be very interesting. i harken back to the fact when shirley temple black was appointed by president reagan, i believe, everyone dismissed her capacity to be an effective ambassador. look, at the ings there are important challenges because so much of what the trump administration is going to accomplish is going to get allies to carry their weight. you need an ambassador to convince the security council to
9:19 am
play the most effective role. a governor from south carolina doesn't necessarily understand her way around what is known as turtle bay in the united states, but she's going to become a member of the cabinet. when you're a member of the cabinet, you'll have to have an effective voice at the table. the voice at the table is going to be someone that has to be more than merely reflecting a lack of understanding but also a grasp of the issues. >> donald trump told "the new york times" that his son-in-law, jared kushner could play a role, undefined role, but maybe a role in middle east peace in bringing an end to the conflict in palestine and israel. your thoughts on that. there's been a lot of talk about what role jared kushner might play. >> i've been involved in middle east peace for a long enough time to see secretary kerry launch his first initiative as secretary and he failed. he had so much more knowledge
9:20 am
than anybody else about the topic. the problem is not whether jared kushner is the right person or the wrong prn. the problem is the palestinians and israelis don't want anyone to pursue an effective role between palestinians and israel because both sides are so far apart. mr. kushner, as i understand it, is extraordinarily intelligent, orthodox jew, close to israel. of course, that raises questions among the mrins over whether or not he can be an effective broker. given how torrid the situation is, i'm willing to throw any hail mary into this situation to see what happens because the situation has deteriorated so badly under mr. kerry's watch. >> marc ginsberg, interesting to get your per speck ty on a thanksgiving day. thank you. >> good to be with you. the fatal shooting of a black teenager in west virginia,
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the shooting of a black teenager by a white man is getting a lot of attention on this thanksgiving holiday because of what man told police. ron allen is in washington with what happened. ron? >> kate, this is a tragic situation involving a young 15-year-old black male from west virginia who encountered an older white man outside a dollar store, a convenience store monday night. words were exchanged. apparently they encountered each other again after the man came out of the store. and the teenager was shot dead. the suspect allegedly fired two
9:25 am
shots into the young man's stomach and police have charged him with murder. the u.s. attorney's office has been ask to investigate whether this is a hate crime. they say that that is an issue under review. it's a serious situation. the suspect says he was acting in self-defense however police say the victim was not articled. and since that time there's been a huge outpouring of grief, a candlelight vigil organized by the victim's classmate, a huge outpouring of sorrow and anger, especially because of the holiday season. the family saying that they want the community to justice prevail. they do not want to see any negative or angry thoughts expressed on social media. they're trying to let the justice system run its course. again, another situation in this country where there's a young, apparently unarmed, black male killed by a young man who is not a law enforcement officer. again, just a tragic situation in this community where people
9:26 am
are trying to understand why this has happened again in a place like that. the police are understanding that the victim was not armed. they charged the suspect with murder. the suspect says that young boy acted in self-defense, he was in fear of his life. according to the statement police have made publicly to reporters and the criminal complaint, there seems to be no indication of that. the next appearance for the suspect in court is monday after the holiday and the case will proceed. >> we mentioned the words this suspect said to police after the shooting. i hesitate to get there but it is what's getting a lot of attention. what did he say about why he did this? >> reporter: the quote -- the way i look at it, that's another piece of trash off the street, is what he allegedly told police during his interrogation.
9:27 am
and that language is obviously what has gotten a lot of people angry and concerned about what happened. his apparent lack of any remorse for what happened. there was an interview the suspect did with some local media in that area where he, again, insist he was being taunted, threatened and in fear for his life but the statement about removing another piece of trash from the street has people angry. >> absolutely. ron allen in washington. thanks so much. still ahead, the political challenge for president-elect trump. could some of his ideas run into trouble on capitol hill? and u.s. troops on the front lines. the orders they're carrying out in iraq right now and what they're doing to add a little holiday cheer. >> i'm pfc john hunter from ohio. >> i'm pfc jonathan fisher from new jersey. >> specialist chris from florida. >> happy thanksgiving. why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance...
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welcome back. happy thanksgiving. i'm kate snow at msnbc world headquarters in new york. here's what we're monitoring. security tight across new york city this thanksgiving following an fbi warning in an uptick in warning threats including isis threats about the m aacy's parade, in particular. extra patrols are being used to protect the area. president-elect trump is using the holiday to tell the nation it's time to come together. >> historic political campaign is now over, but now begins a great national campaign to rebuild our country and to restore the full promise of america for all our people. >> mr. trump quoted president lincoln to encourage unity but it comes as critics are raising questions already about the qualifications of his picks for cabinet, including betsy da voss as education secretary and nikki haley for u.n. ambassador. a sixth child has died of
9:32 am
injuries sustained while that bus careened off a road and smashed into a tree in chattanooga. police say bus driver johnthony walker deviated from his route, was traveling well over the posted 30-mile-an-hour speed limit on monday when he lost control. the 24-year-old is charged with five counts of vehicular homicide. president-elect trump has something in common with president obama. both men prepared to tackle their first term with support of majority. let's map it out for the future of democrats and republicans with maria-teresa kumar, president and ceo of vote latino here in new york and msnbc political analyst alease jordan is with us as well. happy thanksgiving to both of you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> let me start with elise, let me start with you. as we just mentioned, he's got a majority in the house and the senate, but, you know, can he use it to his advantage because
9:33 am
there are many republicans still, you know, more mainstream, paul ryan kind of republicans, who see trump as the outsider still and he's not necessarily pitching to them. he's not necessarily going for very mainstream policy choices? >> well, trump certainly hasn't made it easier for these republicans by appointing someone like steve bannon and these republicans get bombarded with questions about steve bannon. really a complete distraction. but it's going to be interesting to watch how, you know, 51 republican senators in the senate and how is trump going to be able to push his agenda there. we already saw the name john bolton for secretary of state and rudy giuliani, my former boss, rand paul, said he would do anything in his power to fight those nominations because they are different from what trump campaigned on, opposition to the iraq war and less
9:34 am
neo-conservative foreign policy. >> there are some progressives looking backwards. jill steen with the green party has raised $3 million in the last 24 hours to fund re-election -- i'm sorry, recounts of the election in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. three states. could that unwillingness to face that donald trump has been elected and instead looking backwards, does that hold the party back, do you think? >> right now the party is trying to figure out who is going to be their leader. folks feel it's almost leaderless. it happened in a way they expected the republican party to be the one scrambling. it's not the case. you'll start seeing more people float different names, such as a cory booker or cecile richards, someone that can invigorate the base and bring in progressives they've been able to build. the challenge is watching what speaker paul ryan does. while he may not be super friendly with trump, he and mike
9:35 am
pence have a very strong relationship. not only collaborating when it comes to legislation but also a friendship. this is where mike pence becomes incredibly powerful and important. it was, perhaps, a very smart pick on trump's side because he's going to look at the leadership within mike to make sure he can can bring in not only paul ryan but a lot of senators on the republican side. >> donald trump in his big interview with "the new york times" made a lot of headlines. one of the themes is that he seemed to reverse himself on some of the key things he said on the campaign trail. now he's maybe for immigration reform. now he's not sure about waterboarding anymore. he's not going to get a special prosecutor to look into hillary clinton. these are all flip-flops from what he said out on the trail. do you see that as him moderating his views to try to work more with more mainstream republicans? what did the base, and the voters who voted for him on those issues? >> i think donald trump gets a
9:36 am
pass from his first six months from those hard core supporters because they trust in him and trust in his judgment. you've seen that with some of his most hard core supporters when faced with the mitt romney pick, they say, we trust donald trump's judgment if he thinks donald trump should be secretary of state. looking at that "new york times" editorial board and interview with the reporters, i really almost see it as trump moderating his viewers with the audience. he's more a liberal audience and telling them more of what they want to hear. he's been quite good of that on the campaign trail and would even say, if he could see the audience's interest, you know, on the decline, he would spice it up and throw out, you know, some nice sound bites that would capture the audience and the press's attention. so, i think that what he says to the audience is one thing. what i'm looking forward to is how he's going to govern and what the policies are that he believes in and that he's going to push and use the power of the presidency. >> we had a siting of hillary
9:37 am
clinton at the grocery store, doing what everybody was doing on the wednesday before thanksgiving. buying groceries, particularly to cook a meal. there's a picture of that. there's been so much debate about how the party moves forward now. you touched on this. you touched on needing fresh faces. nobody really knows what hillary clinton is going to do next. but i wonder again about the idea of holding on to the recount and holding on to maybe we haven't lost. do democrats need to move past that and think -- >> i think part of the challenge is there was so much media coverage before the election that russia had a hand. he hacked a lot of dnc e-mails and they were responsible for it. that's where it stems from. i do know folks met in private with different lawyers and electoral -- election lawyers and with scientist identifying
9:38 am
was this a possibility. >> this recount. >> this recount was a possibility in three states. now, how helpful is it to move forward? i don't think so. i think it's one reason hillary clinton hasn't been vocal. why al gore said, yes, i accept the presidency and it's going to be under bush. in this case she's doing the same thing. both of them, what they recognize, is it's country before party and we have to figure out how to work across the aisle, make sure the country is healing. everybody is in thanksgiving. "the new york times" gave everybody a crib sheet on how to have those tough political discussions and everybody wants that. >> everybody wants that crib sheet at table. thanks so much for being with us. appreciate it. happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. the fight against isis intensifying on this thanksgiving holiday. iraqi-led troops are closing in on the city of mosul. isis's last stronghold. 5,000 u.s. troops are on the
9:39 am
front lines advising and backing that effort, spending time away from their families on this holiday. but today at camp swift, just outside of mosul, the troops got a very much needed reminder of home -- of home, giving thanks with a well-earned turkey dinner. nbc's foreign correspondent was there with the troops joining us now. lucy, far away from home but the fight against isis is right there at their door steps. how are they feeling on this holiday? >> reporter: kate, happy thanksgiving to you. i want to apologize for our connection. in is a remote base, and the weather conditions are quite intense. that's one of the many challenges that the 150 soldiers on this base of camp swift are dealing with. there's a war next door. conditions are tough. they know they have a mission to complete and they're determined to do it. most of the soldiers have been here for about eight months. they're going to miss christmas, unfortunately. they're going to spend it here.
9:40 am
but they're a critical fight against isis. what they do is gathering intelligence, surveillance from drones, helping to assist and coordinate those air strikes that the iraqi forces call for. but for the people here, most we've spoken to say they miss the comforts of home and miss their families. they've been away from them for months. the holidays are tough on anyone when you can't be with your loved ones, especially when involved in a war. one of the men explained what motivates him to stay in this mission. take a look. >> i love my country and i want to defend it. keep bad guys away from home. >> it's important for you to be here. >> yes, it is, ma'am. >> even if it means missing thanksgiving with the family? >> yes. sacrifice so others can be with their families. >> reporter: they miss fir thaemz but a lot of folks we
9:41 am
talked to said they feel like they found a family on the base. they spend so much time together. they go against these difficult challenging environments so at least they have one another. that's one thing that keeps them going. >> thanks so much. we appreciate their service, as always. up next, the battle for shoppers. groating dilemma for business owners trying to make a buck and also respect the thanksgiving holiday. coming up in the next hour, a university community mourning for a police officer lost. i thought i married an italian. did the ancestrydna to find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. just serve classy snacks and bew a gracious host,iday party. no matter who shows up. do you like nuts?
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hard-core bargain hunters who head out post-turkey. while some retailers are staying closed, there are plenty of places open on this thanksgiving day. jolene is out in north bergen, new jersey, and i think you have to be a shopaholic to get out there on turkey day, right?
9:45 am
>> that's right. happy thanksgiving to you, kate. we're at a wall matter where thanksgiving shoppers are out in droves. we want to quick sw you the parking lot here. it is packed. it's a mix of those getting ready for thanksgiving deals. we see a tv travel willing and people shopping for thanksgiving dinner still. we're here with louisa. tell me, why are you out this morning? >> just last-minute shopping. getting some things here. i'm visiting out of state, so i was raised here in this area, and just wanted to get last-minute for cooking. >> are you shopping any black friday stuff? >> not really. i try to avoid the mad dash as much as i can. makes me really uptight and i feel i do better avoiding those crowds. cyber monday is the way i go. >> you shop online. what are you looking for on cyber monday? >> anything that's a good deal. i have one son, six girls. a lot of girl stuff, beauty stuff, stuff like that. >> reporter: the experts do tell
9:46 am
us beauty and accessories are going to be big discounts on monday, so you're definitely shopping at the right time. what do you make about the crowds and some stores saying, we're going to shut down on thanksgiving day? >> well, you know, i'm of the belief that the lord is the reason for the season so we need to cool down and use these days to remember, especially thanksgiving is a time of remembrance, a time of family, a time of just recollection. i use this time for that and i try not to be out here. it really takes away the moment and the real meaning for why this is all done. >> reporter: well, thank you for joining us. happy thanksgiving to you and your family. a lot of opinions about shopping this holiday season. we wish everyone at home a happy thanksgiving, whether or not you're deciding whether or not to hit the store. >> and sometimes you just need cranberries. i've been there. jolene kent in north bergen, new jersey. thanks. nice to see you. happy thanksgiving. joining me with black
9:47 am
friday, which deals get started today, which deals we should worry about on cyber monday. joining me is regina lewis, a "usa today" contributor. so, there's this sense of urgency from some people. others rushing out to the store doed. >> 60% of people will shop this weekend. interestingly today is the fastest growing online shopping day, up 15% year over year. people want to shop, get in on the deals but maybe they don't to want go out yet. they'll be out in droves tomorrow. we heard cyber monday at the top, expected to be the biggest largest shopping day in history. >> wow. >> let's talk about bargains timingwise on black friday? >> today and tomorrow, think electronic and bigger tickets items. they're practically way televisions. we saw it on the walmart piece,
9:48 am
they have a 32-inch television for under $70. very striking. after that, you'll start to see other categories kick in. you see home appliances, a lot of zero percent finance offers. make sure you know the fine print. then you have beauty products coming up -- >> cyber monday, that's a good day for that. >> cyber monday is good for that. then you see other categories kicking in. toys a little later, i would suggest. very hard to beat walmart on toy prices. >> you say second week in december. >> and later in the game apparel. if it stays warm, i can deeply discount apparel if you buy it the day after christmas. >> don't buy the sweater until right before christmas. >> but i would say this. if you do buy something and the price drops, because of something called price protection, you can go back and say, i would like the new offer. >> you can? >> they don't want peek to second guess and hold out. they don't want you to return it and repurchase it. you can say, i noticed within the last 15 days, price dropped, no problem, i'll give you the new price. >> you told me this and ias
9:49 am
surprised. when you're online andometimes they don't tell you the price of an item, what's that called? >> a hidden price. it throws people off. actually, surprisingly, it's sometimes too good to manufacturer. whether it's dell on the computer side or ugg boots doesn't let them advertise such a low price because they're trying to control their brands. it could be the best price of all. complete the checkout process, start it, if you don't like the price, you can back out. odds are, you'll be pleasantly surprised. >> that's a great cyber tip. thank you. still ahead, melania trump about to redefine the role of first lady. how will the mother and former model navigate one of the most watched positions in america. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently.
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just 57 days until donald trump is sworn in as president, which means less than two months until beloved first lady
9:53 am
michelle obama pass the torch to melania trump. melania, of course, taking quite an unconventional approach to her post, choosing to delay her move into the white house. instead, staying in new york, at least until her son, barron, finishes out the school year. i want to bring in betty boyd carolla with us. thank you to be aring here. the choice to put off the move and stay in new york until the end of the school year, you're telling me it's not completely unprecedented but will it create a distance where maybe she won't be the most engaged first lady? >> well, probably being in new york is not the sanders way to be engaged but there are many examples of first ladies, particularly those with young children, who didn't want to make the move. one presidential family actually moved to a house in washington, some distance from the white house, and they lived there and only went to the white house for special occasions. it's not unprecedented.
9:54 am
perhaps the most famous example is rachel jackson who said she would rather die live in the white house, in that palace in washington. and, in fact, she did die before her husband was inaugurated so she didn't have to. >> i didn't know that story. that's a good one. melania trump planning to tackle cyber bullying during that speech in the campaign. is that a little risky since people look at it and say, that's exactly what your husband is guilty of or can you see her being effective? >> it's something she seems to feel strongly about. lady bird johnson in the 1960s really set the pattern for an activist first lady and showed how really effective a wife could be in herren husband's administration. her project was beautification. every first lady has had a project they identify with her. if this is something melania trump feels strongly about, then i think she can very well attack it with good professional help, of course. who knows how to go after that. it sounds very complicated.
9:55 am
>> she'll need advisers around her. you spent time in her hometown, slovenia. people think of her as this glamorous but she has roots in a place we don't know much about. >> it's a beautiful city and i plan to go back. she's not really a presence there very much. it's not as though there are pictures of her all over town. people do associate with her. they're very proud of where she is. i understand tourism has increased considerably in the last few months. >> you would think. if you had a crystal ball, what do you think she'll provide to this white house and nation? >> as the first foreign-born first lady, we were talking about louisa adams in the 1820ed more than of an american father in london, her mother was english speaking. >> different. >> very different from being born in communist yugoslavia in
9:56 am
1970 and growing up with parents who didn't speak english until very late. so i think this brings an enormous disadvantage to her in terms of just knowing the country and so forth. remember, a lot of first ladies have been very effective. jackie kennedy, for example, took on one project, the white house restoration, and became an enormously popular, really, icon in the white house. >> betty boyd, nice to have you with us, author of "lyndon and lady bird." thank you. we'll be right back. and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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9:59 am
that's going to wrap up coverage this hour. have a very happy thanksgiving. i'm kate snow. back is craig melvin. back from paternity leave. happy thanksgiving. >> you're so kid ind. goes so fast.
10:00 am
happy thanksgiving to you. i'm craig melvin live here at msnbc headquarters in new york. ahead this hour -- the president-elect celebrating turkey day down at mar-a-lago where trump's transition team stands and some new questions about his daily intelligence briefings or, perhaps, lack thereafter. tragedy in sten ttennessee. another child has died following the horrific bus crash in chattanooga. officials revealing more about the moments before impact. also a look at the man behind the wheel and how this tragedy could have been avoided. and without a hitch, the nypdd does it again, securing the macy's thanksgiving parade, a herculean feat. we'll get to that in a moment. we start this hour with politics. president-elect out with a thanksgiving day


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