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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 24, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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sending mixed signals of romney. a sixth child has died of the bus crash. we'll go live in chattanooga where the community is rallied behind the victims' family. the count down is on. shopping frenzy and why some are oping to open much later than in years past. let's start with politics. president-elect trump operated a message of peace and solidarity this thanksgiving. >> it is time to restore the bonds of trust between citizens because when america is unified, there is nothing beyond our reach and i mean absolutely nothing. >> nbc's kristen welker is joining me now from palm beach, florida, good afternoon, happy thanksgiving to you.
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what happened with those comments this morning on twitter? >> reporter: hey there, let me tell you what the tweets say. the first one, some trump loyalists warned of romney. let me read you a second one. kissinger flew around the world. that word there, "loyal," that could be the key. it seems like kellyanne conway is picking sides here and the two tchoices for secretary of state has come down to rudy giuliani and romney. rudy giuliani is a loyalist and he's someone is a lightning run. romney was one of the most critical people of donald trump during his campaign and one of the top that came out and called him unfit for the presidency.
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so the fact that kellyanne conway honing in on that word, loyalty is interesting as president-elect trump gets closer to making this critical decision. you have a lot of republica republicans -- they think romney is a future caantasthoice. he's of course the national security adviser and a hard liner who has a number of controversial positions. i anticipate we are going to get the answers in the coming days possibly as early as tomorrow. i don't think we are going to learn today. today is about family and the president-elect trump celebrating thanksgiving with those around him. >> kristen, donald trump was tweeting as well, making sure we think of him as hard at work this evening, what's he been telling us. >> he's putting out this image where he's not just eating turkey. >> this is typically something that presidents do during the holidays. he puts out this tweet showing this is a little bit of a
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working holiday as well. i am working hard even on thanksgiving, trying to get carrier ac company to stay in the u.s. and indiana, making progresses, we'll know soon. the company has confirmed of the administration. carrier ac has said they want to move their operation to mexico. donald trump's entire platform was about bringing jobs back to the u.s. so his message to those who supported him that he's really working on this. at this point in time, the company says no announcements as of right now. >> kristen, what is his business about donald trump not choosing not to receive the daily presidential briefings which he and mike pence are entitled? >> right, this is the other big story that we are tracking today. first by the washington post confirmed and nbc news telling us president-elect trump only received two intelligence briefing. it is a real break from
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tradition when normally the president-elect trump receives on a daily bases. we know vice president elect mike pence is receiving daily briefings and asked for extra sessions so he can do deep dives into certain topics like iran and pakistan. i have not talking to intelligence officials who say there is a concern about this. donald trump is a nol vest, this is a chance for him to get up to speak. other officials say lets withhold judgment and allow him to focus on his transition and then once he's in office, hopefully, there will be clearly daily briefings that he will receive. i reached out to his transition team a number of time and no response with this. >> kristen welker in palm beach, florida. >> thank you, you too.
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>> thank you, hello to both of you and thank you for being with us. lets start with you. we know donald trump is starting from a position, you know, a little bit behind because he's not been in government. he maybe wanting extra of these briefings. as we heard from the report, it is not -- it is not crucial that he starts receiving the briefings at this point in time and closer to january and absolutely, you would expect that he would. the fact that he's focusing on his transition, it is not as if he's blowing things off. he's really working hard on that. >> the question of the secretary of state is important. if you are not getting your briefings in iran and making a decision of who your chief diplomats going to be, would that be crucial for him to get as much information as possible. >> one thing he has done throughout his career is know how to interview people and choose the right people that he wants to work with and that's what he focused on.
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he will get briefings and he will continue to get them. also, as part of the transition team, mike pence , is playing a big role and he's getting daily briefings. >> let me ask you, trump's people essentially saying it is too early to assign as susan says to assign importance to this. trump's first appointment including an adviser and a national security. >> i think it is concerning. you are the president elect and not getting briefings it i is -- the idea that you cannot make some time for these critical briefings especially trying to figure out who's going on the key members of your national secury and foreign policy team. i think it raises alarm bells and i think you are going to see a lot more concerned if this sometimes how progresses into december and this is still
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happening. you cannot delegate the commander in chief job to anyone else. you got to own that. the key is to be able to have the knowledge and insight that the intelligence teams around the government are providing in that daily briefs. it is concerning. how much -- we'll have to wait and see, it is going to be our start and peeking people's attention if we are talking about this a few weeks from now. >> susan, lets talk about romney verses rudy giuliani . you could knott have a clear difference. they are different kinds of people, there is no question. given the secretary of state, it is an important position and the country's chief diplomat. i don't recall a transition in which camps taken these public stance. i guess social media changes that. the idea that kellyanne conway does seem to take a stand and pushing the rudy giuliani camp verses the romney's camp. we have not seen camp doing this in public. >> correct.
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>> sure, it is happening behind closed doors. >> i would not go into kellyanne conway's tweets. rudy giuliani has been there by donald trump's side all a long. >> kristen pointed out the term "loyal" and that's the i indication. >> there is been a large out cry for those who's not supporting romney or at least apologizing for some mistakes he made about donald trump earlier in the campaign season. so perhaps that's one of the things that they are looking for. however, the fact that this discussion is happening so openly about both candidates, romney and rudy giuliani could also lead us to believe that it may not be any of them. >> what about the idea of romney verses rudy giuliani . i think part of the issue here is democrats would like romney
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more than rudy giuliani which is not relevant to the president elect. >> is there a door number three? bra [ laughs ] >> that's favoring a cold over a pneumonia to some extent for some democrats. he's not clearly what we would prefer having hillary clinton to win the white house but that's not where we are. politically, i find it hard to see how donald trump chooses mitt romney considering what he said in the past. it would send a powerful message if he's willing to let things go. the donald trump we have seen the last almost two years, i would be really surprise by that. the problem with rudy giuliani is, it is just makes that hearing, that set of hearing so brutal. i mean he's going to get some tough questions about his connections and that's something that no administration wants to deal with but maybe trump does. >> and his position in iraq.
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>> happy thanksgiving to both of you. >> all right, chattanooga, a sixth child has died. the bus was speeding when it veered off the road and hit a tree. new questions today about whether the driver of the bus may have strayed from his usual route. mariana atencil, what have you got? >> some children are still in the hospital. the sixth child as you mentioned passed away last night. five children are still there and four in critical condition. this is the latest that we know about the ntsb investigation. jonathan walker was not supposed to be driving on this road to my right, tally road, he was not part of the designated bus route according to the ntsb.
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ntsb are alwaso looking into the cameras. the driver's toxicology report did come back clean. they're looking at durham school service and that's the company who hired this bus driver to begin with. >> you can see this small memorial and that says it all how this community is feeling today. we see families coming throughout the past couple of hours, leaving their thanksgiving table to be here and pay their respects to these children and i want you to meet ali, the tony and the smith family. they drove two hours to be here. >> why was it important you to bring your two children for this memorial today? >> i had wanted them to see the site of what has happened tragedy and anything that happened on the bus. i want them to be cautious and look for their surroundings by sitting down and obeying the law
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with the bus ride. i just want to take the time out and show them what can really happen, you are not paying attention of your surrounding and for the family that had to go through all these, i pray to you and my heart goes out to everybody. it is just painful to see this tragedy really happen. so i broht my 4-year-old son, aiden, and my 11-year-old jaiden tony. >> jaiden, i want to talk to you, you are 11-year-old and you ride the bus, what do you think? >> i think we need to start obeying the bus driver and listening to him and follow rules so this won't happen to us. >> this is gloria right here, you are going to be serving thanksgiving for your family, what kind of a thanksgiving will this be and what put things in perspective for you about this tragedy? >> this thanksgiving will be
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like no other thanksgiving, we have so many tragedies going on with the babies that's passed d their family. i am with my family today. this week, they lost some of their families and they cannot be with them. i am out here today to let them know that i am your family and the city of chattanooga is your family. the world is your family and i want to embrace my family and i wish they can embrace their family and god, he will heal all of us. that's why i am here today. >> gloria. ali, in the past couple of days i see this community coming together. they have collected more than $80,000 for the families and the victims. as gloria put it, families their theirs and across the country with this reminder, just hug each other a little tighter today. >> mariana, you see a range of emotions there. you see the good news when somebody comes out of critical
11:14 am
care and is getting better. 2 24 hours ago you told me someone doing better and went up with another child dying. >> it puts full of emotion in that community. >> reporter: that's right, ali, the anger the bus driver's record, why that did not looked into and the mother complained about the school board about his driving. this family really put things into specific for me. >> mariana atencio, thank you. >> coming up, we are going live to the scene of the biggest macy's thanksgiving parade just wrapped up with a massive police presence. i'm about to start the nature's bounty hair, skin and nails challenge to help with lustrous hair, vibrant skin and healthy nails. so in 30 days, my future self will thank me.
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right now the macy's thanksgiving parade is a memory for those of you who saw it. isis said it was a perfect opportunity for an attack. the nypd strengthened security this year with more than 3,000 officers. tammy leitner is joining me this morning. you could not cross town this morning, there were police in places that are not normally police today. once again, isis promised an attack and did not live through. what did you see today? what stood out? >> reporter: you know, ali, it was remarkable. there were police officers, nypd officers on every single corner, 15 to 20 on every street that was blocked off. it was quite a show of force. 3,000 of them and 500 of them have been specially trained to
11:19 am
deal with any type of terrorist attacks that could happen. there were dogs out here and cops with long guns and and it was an amazing show for us. three and a half million people out here watching it. my first time seeing it up close like that. 24 floats and 50 blalloons and couple of new ones. if you can take a live look back to where i am here on sixth avenue, typical new york fashion, the streets are opened and it is clean. the parade just ended les than two hours ago. that's remarkable, ali. >> tammy leitner, great coverage and enjoy yourself a little bit now. it is new york and the parade is over. it is thanksgiving, you will never see new york unless it is a movie set. tammy leitner in the middle of the streets in new york. we got a lot to be thankful for including our men and women serving over seas.
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americans maybe able to take international politics for hoday this weekend. brexit is havin a national impact and it is reaching america's wallets. >> matt is joining us. >> reporter: i am trying and i am paid in pounds, ali, so there maybe some coals in my stocking
11:24 am
this year. five months ago, british voted for brexit. ever since the pound sterling has tumbled for about 16%. >> it is looking pretty good for christmas cheer here in london and retailers here are trying to attract people from all over the world here to famous carnegie street where the big name brands from all over the globe are having discounts. in america, people are cutting turkey here, it is not such a big holiday. here is the shopping. and black friday is a big ent he event here and it lasts all weekend. behind me you can see, you can get a lot of deals if you are willing to pay quite a bit. but, as you said, american visitors are up 8% on the back of all of this increase in the -- not that you can get with
11:25 am
the u.s. dollar. foreign visitors are up to 30%. that's a massive increase. even if the british economy suffered from the brexit vote in june, there is still a lot of visitors who are still willing to spend quite a bit, ali. >> if you are a retailer who sells things and gets pounds in return for them and all your expenses are in pounds. this could be a boom. >> reporter: that's right, ali, retailers hoping that in the next couple of years, there is going to be something like a $1.25 billion i $1.25 billion windfall especially from americans. so that could be a big boost for a lot of retailers here. >> ali, most britains are not in the retail business and they're going to have a lot of trouble
11:26 am
as brexit moves in late march. that's when the prime minister has said they'll be announcing the actual beginning of the brexit. that's going to set the timer on two years of negotiations with the european union. ali, the pound can still fall quite a bit further as well as negotiation going on for two years. >> all right, good to see you. >> matt bradley for us in london. >> happy thanksgiving. a massive earthquake rocked the coast off of el salvador. it hit 95 miles south of the board. the country's civil defense office says there are no immediate report of damages or injuries. a tsunami warning is in effect from the coastline. we'll continue to follow this story. >> just as hilla clinton leads over donald trump of her popular vote. an effort of recount in key
11:27 am
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he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad.
11:30 am
male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. good afternoon, i am al ali velshi here. here is a check at the headline at this hour. a sixth child died from the school bus crash. five others remaining in the hospital. the 25-year-old is going well above the speed limit is being charged on vehicular homicide. >> president-elect trump is spending the day with his family in margot largo. intelligence officials say he
11:31 am
only had two briefings and far fewer by his predecessors by this time. a black teen was gunned down on monday night. william pollium shot him twice in the stomach. pollium faced first degree murder charge. >> nbc ron allen is joining me live from washington. where does this investigation stand? >> reporter: well, there is a murder charge and there is a court date after the holiday. police are convinced that this was murder. the teenager was unarm and there were some sort of altercation between the two, there was not a physical altercation outside the discount store and in the neighborhood around it. a couple of altercations and
11:32 am
confront tra confrontatio confrontations. police say there was no gun they found in the possession of the teenager. at this moment, the family of the young man was grieving and there is a huge support for them and the young man who died was a freshman and local high school and popular kid and dreamed of automechani automechanic and getting married one day. the family is calling for calm and saying that justice will preva prevail. here is what the young man's mother had to say. >> just to succeed in this matter which is not going to put it in our hands. we'll let the law put it in their hands. >> federal authorities are viewing whether this allege crime is category of a hate crime. if it does, that would mean a maximum of life in i mprisoment.
11:33 am
the alleged gunman stated that, in his mind of the way i look at it, that's another piece of trash off the street referred to the young man killed. that along with the horror of what happened had a lot of people are angry and upset. >> did we hear from the family? >> we are, we just heard from the mother and others are calling for a stray. any posting of social media will be condolences and of their son be loss. they're asking people not to express anger. they have no grudge and they are saying they are ready to forgive and try to move on past all this. >> the bottom line is they want to see justice prevailed.
11:34 am
they see please that the gunman is charged with murder and the federal authority is looking at is as a possible hate crime. al mourning today for a police officer died after being shot. carlin rose, the suspect, deangelo davis is in custody. authorities did not believe he was target . >> we'll take a look at this security footage capturing a small explosion in a wine shop in grand central terminal. an employee of the shop suffered serious burns yesterday after an e-cigarette in his pocket explodes. >> wow. >> he's in stable condition at a
11:35 am
local hospital. kellyanne conway making fun at a brand new push to recount the results of the election. >> kellyanne conway, looking to a new york time on hillary clinton's supporters and backing a and pushing recounts. >> green party candidate, jill stein raising nearly $40 million in the past 24 hours to mount the giants. >> really, political reporters, let me start with you. i understand you got new information about the tweets from kellyanne conway, not about the recount but about romney saying she was getting concerns from trump's supporter for putting romney in as secretary of state. i just received comment on a
11:36 am
different topic, that's responding to the criticism that president-electrump has not been receiving adequate intelligence briefings. >> according to the sources that i am talking about inside the campaign, they say that this report is inaccurate and they say these are former members of the intelligence community who were disappointed they were not offered jobs of this administration. they are argue rg that these are formal members of the intelligence community who are again disappointed by them not being offered for a job inside of this so a strong pa walsh back is coming down. >> we'll see how this developing the next couple of days. >> what's behind it? >> well. >> i think it is hard to know exactly what jill stein's complication -- she's asking
11:37 am
people to make decisions. close to $4 million to do these recount, not clear whether those will go forward or the results would have been. this is something where a lot of hillary clinton supporters would like to see. >> donald trump was criticized whether he will challenge election results during the election, really. >> is there any upside from hillary clinton weighing in on this? >> well, i think there is increasing pressure and so far the clinton's orbit has remained tight lit on this particular issue and really kind of left it to more third party candidate such as jill stein. the trump's political orbit is lashing it off. >> they are slug ling shoulders. >> i expect more announcement
11:38 am
this weekend. perhaps, those notably for doctor jen carson. >> that all is important, the secretary of state position still had people guessing. >> ben carson said he was not fit to run the fall agency. >> jonathan, let me ask you about this recap pushing in. it is coming on the back of a team of activists and scientists, asking if the election has been hacked, as it relates for folks to came in the battleground state. >> people are coming out and say no chances election was hacked >> the despairty does seem a little unusual. >> what they found and say is sort of a statistic and various between the electronic paper valves and counties and looking at all the counties to see if
11:39 am
that holds off. i think that there is a lot of things going into that and trying to determine whether there were some sort of foul play involved here. there is no suggestions from the value government that they believe these election systems were hacked or anything like that in terms of the side board from the formalities. i think there is a long wa way -- there is a long way of this being something anybody had to worry about in terms of the trump team and ocbviously, they think it is funny of the people on the left and democrats think this could turn out to be election changer. it is something to keep an eye on maybe like just a little bit. >> okay, kevin, democrats got those battle going on and keith ellison and some people asking for joe biden. is funny. the democratic natnal committee is 400 or 500 members.
11:40 am
it is a small organization that speaks to why a lot of people don't like these political party because it is a whole bunch of fighting about who's going to lead this small dprgroup of peo. it seems to me it is a distraction that the democrat party does not need now. >> exactly. you mentioned some of the candidates who leaders would like to see. there is also pressure from the grass root community to let this process play itself out. of course, we are coming out from the campaign of populous politics that votes have to deal with. i would be carefully watching how the bernie sanders socialist where elizabeth warren wing of the democratic party goes after the obama wing. both spears are going to be jocking for positioning in terms o f t of the future of the party. what you are watching is a
11:41 am
criticism of a recount is blaming the ground work for an argument that he made that president-elect trump does not have as much of a mandate in governing. that's is more of an issue in terms of governing for the first time and 2017. as we move forward with the positioning again. sanders and obama and whether or not the republicans have a mandate in the first quarter of 2017. >> good discussions and future cast tifantastic to have you wi us. happy thanksgiving. >> we are hours away from the black friday shopping frenzy. some are saying a big no thangs thanks for the big opening. a a lot of stores are gearing up for the big sales tonight, a look at where you can get the most for less. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette.
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black friday is tomorrow,
11:45 am
shoppers all over the country gearing up for the biggest discounts of the year, even more discounts will soon follow on cyber monday. sarah is joining me now for the best deals we can expect out there. lets talk about thanksgiving, happy thanksgiving by the way. >> happy thanksgiving. >> some stores are opening today. what are some of the best, what are some of the general tips first of all. >> absolutely. >> we are going to start to see black friday and cyber monday merging a little bit this year. there are still deals to be had and black friday and cyber monday. tips, tip number one is start early. if you are planning to hit the door busters, get out there before 9:00 a.m. you want to make sure you are hitting up all the best sales for what you need. make sure you have a strategy before you hit the malls. tip number two, you want to start the back of the store and not in the back. think about, most of the crowds are going to start at the front.
11:46 am
a lot of the items are going to get picked up. when you start at the back of the store, you have your pick of the liter sort to say and my third tip is kekconnected to wi. sometimes store wills offer you special deals of 5% or 10% if you actually connect to their wi-fi network. >> and banana republic and macy's. >> anne taylor and banana is a great deal right now and best buy always has great deals and door busters, you are going to find 40% off on large appliances and macy's, always great and greatly known for having great deals on black friday up to 20%
11:47 am
off in stores. and jc penny. if you spend $25, you will get $10 off. >> tip number one, i always recommend getting out there early but for a different reason. a lot of stores are offering free gift s with purchases. what's great about that is you can get those extra goodies and regift them but also getting out there meaning that there are low inventories of those things. get out there early and take advantage of those early examples. >> return policy. >> tip number two, pay attention to return policies. not only you are paying attention to the timetable you have in getting those items back but you want to make sure that some stores will actually charge you in returning things. pay attention to that. you don't want to take advantage of shipping and potentially having returns. >> what do you mean about
11:48 am
bundling your savings? >> this is something new this year. this means when you are shopping online, you want to make sure you are shopping for a promo code so use >> you are only paying $90 and you get to use it for $100. >> twhahat's what i mean when iy bundle your savings. >> i have used those retail me not coupons. >> i like that. talk about some of the deals online that we are expecting. >> walmart as great deal right now. they are going to be offering up to 50% up and more on samsung hd tvs. kohl's have cyber weekend. not just online but in stores. kate spade take 30% off online
11:49 am
which is great. again, talking about the luxury mark. 30% office is a big deal. ulta where you will find a lot of hair product and chi is a nice expensive hair care and tool brand. great deals on some of your peculiarity stores as well. >> the great hair comment hurts me right here. >> if you are an employer, don't launch any projects. >> according to our research, we found out that 94% of people consumer are going to be shopping on cyber monday on the job. >> that, of course. >> don't get mad if you the employer, it is fine. the old days, everybody just smoked and now they are shopping. don't worry about it. don't start. >> sara, thank you very much for being with us.
11:50 am
one thing we are grateful for of our men and women serving over seas. >> troops are spending the holidays away from their loved ones. >> hello, i would like to say happy thanksgiving to my wife lloyd and my daughter. >> i am sergeant melton from south carolina. i am first class from california. >> and i am from indiana, happy thanksgiving! they are the natur n enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful. all finished.umm... you wouldn't want your painter to quit part way. i think you missed a spot.
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so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. painter: you want this color over the whole house?
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11:53 am
. the feiercest battle continues in mosul. commander say today, their troops liberated three more neighborhoods. u.s. troop backing efforts on the ground are away from their families this thanksgiving. >> lucy cavanov is joining me with troops in the front line. >> reporter: it was a big day here.
11:54 am
troops got much needed relaxation time. 120 pounds of turkey to feed 150 hungry mouths. this is something they have been looking forward to for days and not weeks and takes its toll to be away from family away from holiday. most of the troops have been in iraq for eight months and two more to go and that means christmas time without family. we have seen many of the folks here face timing with families and trying to send messages to loved ones back home. it is whathard to be away from d ones especially when there is the battle in the city of mosul. there is a reason why they night and there is as fight they take seriously. >>. >> keeping bad guys away from home. >> it is important for you to be here. >> yes, it is. >> even though it means missing thanksgiving with the family.
11:55 am
>> yes, our sacrifice so others can be with their families. >> reporter: most american soldiers are here are not in the front line but they play a critical role in the fight of isis. they are operating and monitoring those surveillance and important data. this was a much welcome and needed break for thanksgiving, it is now back to the mission and and back to the war. nbc, lucy, thank you. our meteorologist bonnie schneider has our forecast. >> it is warming up and mild with minimal delays in terms of travel. black friday is looking great with mild temperatures and pretty much clear conditions.
11:56 am
a couple of spots we are watching a little bit of rain in boston. good looking weather for friday. for those of you who are traveling over the weekend and many people are, we are likely to see an increase delay. san francisco also is looking at rain and wind and we can see delays in new york as well. on sunday, the same, watch out for delays in the west coast including los angeles and san francisco possibly into the midwest due to wind. overa overall, ali, we are looking at good weather the next day, it gets trickier over the weekend. >> thank you. once in a lifetime basketball shot is something we hear about during march madness or nba playoff. take a look at this. he launched at the top of the huge dam in switzerland, one of the highest in the world. he set a world record and he did, took him three times before
11:57 am
he made it. >> look at that. >> that's amazing. >> do we get to see it again? >> that wraps up our coverage. coming up next, "hardball" with chris matthews. it is time for your business entrepreneur of the week. lesley hanson is a business owner in the beautiful town of half-moon bay. her shop sells products related to science and nature. she will be encouraging customers to shop more all holiday season. for more, watch your business on sunday morning at 7:30 on msnbc. day to get o utnd shop small. a day to support our community and show some love for the people we love. and the places we love. the stuff we can't get anywhere else and food that tastes like home. because the money we spend here
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trump's new hire, lets play "hardball." hey, good evening, i am steve cornacki, i am in for chris matthews. we are following the latest development. trump making several key cabinet picks today. nikki haley seen by many as a rising star and trump naming her his pick to be u.s. ambassador of the united nation. governor haley of a one time critic of


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