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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  November 30, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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it is, the iconic rockefeller christmas tree lighting getting under way at 30 rock in new york citya star-studded event. performances by tony bennett, neil diamond, dolly parton, garth brooks and tricia yearwood, that's just to name a few. that's going to wrap up this hour. i'm thomas roberts. kate snow is up next. thomas, thanks. i'm kate snow. we begin with a grim picture in the southeast. the death toll from the massive wildfires in tennessee standing at four people. rainy weather could be helping going forward but it also brings new concerns of mud and rockslides. remember that story about soldiers being forced to pay
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back their re-enlistment bonuses? the pentagon will forgive the reenlistment bonuses that were improperly awarded to thousands of iraq veterans. it's part of a defense bill the house will vote on on friday requiring the pentagon to refund any repayments that soldiers have already made. in other words, they get to keep the money. new this afternoon, the north carolina police officer who shot and killed keith lamont scott in september will not be charged. that's according to prosecutors. they say he acted lawfully. my colleague kristen welker joins me now. you were on the trump transition call today. how did he characterize it for you? >> i asked about the fact that president-elect trump is getting criticism because he talked about draining the swamp and
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steve mnuchin is his nominee for treasury secretary and wilbur ross. steve mnuchin is a wall street guy, former goldman sachs and wilbur ross known as the king for bankruptcy for all of the restructuring that he has done with businesses. so i said, is this really draining the swamp? what would you say to critics that it's not? the push back the transition team says, look, these are winners. they understand the tax code better than anyone else. they now how the economy works and these are the best people to make sure tax reform is done in a way that it helps working class americans and really generates the economy, gets it going and it comes as there is renewed focus on president-elect trump's pick for secretary of
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state. of course, last night he met with mitt romney, had dinner with him, romney, one of the top contenders as well as rudy giuliani and there's been a lot of infighting about the fact that mitt romney was one of the first top republicans to really come out and criticize donald trump. is he really the best person to serve as secretary of state? you can see that they are enjoying themselves and president-elect trump said as much today, said he felt as though they had good chemistry. we are watching the fact that he's going to meet at trump tower with retired kelly. he apparently is in the mix as well for secretary of state. we are told there are four candidates. he's also met with general petraeus and senator corker. >> kristen welker, thank you.
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steve mnuchin was the finance chair for the trump campaign. he worked at goldman sachs for 17 years and founded investment firm do you know capital management. he's likely to be scrutinized for the six years that he ran one west bank. his investment group bought that failed bank back in 2009 and when they sold it, mnuchin got proceeds from that sale. this morning on cnbc. >> as we look at dodd/frank, the number one pblem is it's way too complicated and we want to strip back parts of dodd/frank and that's the number one priority on the regulatory side. >> one person who has not impressed senator elizabeth
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warren, he's the forest gump of the financial crisis. he's managed to participate in all of the worst practices on wall street. stephanie ruhle joins me. >> you're elizabeth warren. goldman sachs used to be lovingly known as government sacks because you would see the senior executives leave goldman to go on to government. why? because the beautiful little loophole that those massive amounts of goldman sachs stock that they own when they go to work for the government, they have to immediately sell it tax-free. that is a win-fall. now, steve mnuchin hasn't worked at goldman for a long time but remember, the subprime crisis crippled people in this country. >> and explain that for people. i was reading up on it. i didn't remember the history of this. he bought this little bank, not so little, in southern
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california that had all kinds of mortgages attached. >> remember, it was southern california where you saw a huge amount of subprime happen. this bank that he was involved in had something like 36,000 foreclosures and even the foreclosure practices were criticized for poor conduct. paul johnson was one of the biggest beneficiaries to betting against subprimes. when you think about what has angered america so much, they lost their homes, their jobs, rich guys got bailed out and rocked on and that's who is sitting on top. let me tell you, there was not a bank ceo. >> and now they are all at the
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trump tower. lots of promises about restoring growth, right? >> he actually spoke about that on cnbc this morning. let's take a listen. >> our number one priority is going to be the economy, get back to 3 to 4% growth. we believe that's very sustainable and focus on things for the american worker. that's absolutely our priority. >> so think about, it's been gridlock for the last eight years. when obama took office and talked about corporate fat cats, corporations across the board feared regulation and just sat there, you know, basically on their hands. you've got trillions of dollars sitting overseas, companies have just been sitting there saying i don't know what regulation is coming down the pike so i'm going to wait. once companies start manufacturing here again, that will be a huge positive. a lot of things that they don't like about donald trump, he's been the jobs guf he can deliver jobs like this carrier
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thing, with whether it's only a thousand jobs or not. >> quickly, taxes, that's a big thing for them. they are going to try to get tax cuts in as quick as they can. >> yes, specifically for corporations. once that happens, they want to get their wheels turning. >> and wilbur ross, he was named as commerce secretary. what do we know about him? >> he's a bankruptcy guy. he's a billionaire. he knows donald trump and is a palm beach neighbor of him and in terms of commerce, he's done a decent amount and wilbur ross is something that they don't know. >> stephanie ruhle, thank you so much.
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i appreciate it. new reporting this afternoon, a source close to sarah palin tells nbc news the former governor of alaska is interested in a position in trump's administration. joining me is kelly o'donnell. there's a specific position that they are being looking at? >> it's unusual to see sort of this kind of outreach going public before we're hearing from the trump side but she's interested in serving in some capacity that has to do with veterans. the va secretary position has yet to be filled. sources tell me that she has been in touch with the trump transition team expressing her interest to work with veterans either in the government or private sector. what is noticeable about this, her son-in-law married to bristol, has been the recipient of the medal of honor for valor
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in combat. she talks about veterans issues and it's been a crowd pleaser. she's resigned her position and she hasn't been in charge of anything. and she's a well-known figure, an early endorser of donald trump. in 2011, there was a film done about the political career of sarah palin and produced by steve bannon, a top trump official. >> there's a tie there for sure. i want to ask you about this video put up by her son-in-law on his facebook page which is an ad for her and her strengths in
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helping veterans. >> reporter: it is what i would call a glossy tribute video which shows her interacts with veterans and her son-in-law with the attention he earned, a lot of people pay attention to what he has to say and he's using this platform to speak on behalf of her son-in-law and the palin family to offer herself up as someone to be considered. now, also important to note, trump transition officials are not commenting on whether she's being considered or not. we have seen there have been times when they do comment on potential candidates and we hear things about this and this case thus far, they are not saying if the conversation she's having are putting her in serious contention for a position or if it is the ongoing relationship she has with donald trump.
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kate? >> kelly o'donnell, great reporting as ever. thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. we're also following developing news from capitol hill. at this hour, mitch mcconnell is meeting with donald trump's nominee, senator jeff sessions. i want to start with msnbc's kasie hunt following the latest on capitol hill. this meeting is happening now, isn't it, with mcconnell and sessions? >> reporter: kate, that's the plan. we're going to see sessions here in the capitol building with majority leader mitch mcconnell. ahead of mike pence coming here to meet with congressional leaders. we've seen him a couple of times already meeting as well as donald trump, coming up here to capitol hill to talk with paul ryan and then with motorcycle. that's where we're going to see today. there obviously has been a lot of changing in the last week and a lot of new faces.
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this impacts congress and they have to confirm all of the cabinet picks and most of the senior advisers to donald trump with a couple of personal exceptions and the house and some of its members are being selected. tom price chairs the budget committee, for example. they are going to have to negotiate all of these things. that's going to be some of the conversation inside these meetings today. >> kasie, let me ask you about the big news on capitol hill. nancy pelosi being selected to be the leader of house democrats after a challenge from a congressman from ohio, tim ryan. doesn't come as much of a surprise that she wins. >> right. >> we sort of expected that she would get this. what's the latest in terms of are they all united behind nancy pelosi or was this election disruptive? >> honestly, this was a bigger group that voted against nancy pelosi and a lot of people expected it.
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i talked privately with some members in that room who were surprised by the number of people that were willing to vote for paul ryan. 63 is merely one-third of the democratic caucus. i think a lot of members were expecting that number to be considerably lower and even he was surprised at how much support he had and said a lot of members talked to their spouses or family members about what had happened in the election over their thanksgiving dinners and told them that in turn they really wanted them to challenge pelosi. he seemed visibly disappointed and it's about the leadership in the house and various problems and issues and it's also where does the democratic party go from here and that's a hard question to answer for democrats right now. i put it to congressman tim ryan. take a listen to what he said.
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>> is it nancy pelosi? >> yeah, to some extent. >> who is going to lead the party for the next four years? >> we are all going to participate in leading the party. now is the time when everybody needs to step up which is why i wanted to do it. a lot of young members stepped up, went public, which is unheard of in a political caucus like this. >> reporter: the way that tim ryan reacted to this idea not saying, well, haven't thought about that, don't know who the future is going to be, i think there are a lot of democrats in washington feeling that way, the fact that leaders in the house have been there as long as they have, the average age is 76. for republicans, it's close to 50. that's a generational gap for the party here and considering what happened on election day with a candidate who had, frankly, been in public life in many ways ahead of the democratic party for quite some
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time losing there's a lot of soul searching and i think this was one important episode in a story that really has many, many chapters to come. kate? >> and tim ryan did get a bunch of attention because of all of this. >> reporter: he did. >> what is he thinking about next? >> reporter: he seemed to have a lot of trouble not saying he didn't want to run for governor of ohio. we asked him several times was he going to run for that governorship position. he said i don't know but noted he was going to meet with his son and wife to talk about what he's going to do next. some of his critics here in the house have suggested that members should have voted against him for precisely this reason because he didn't want to be a house leader. he wants to be governor. the reality is, he got a lot of attention for this. he's said that as he was talking to reporter after that. here you are all sticking
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microphones in my face and that accomplishes something. now he'll be able to say, hey, i challenged leadership in washington and now i want to come home and do something else. kate? >> kasie hunt at capitol hill, thank you so much. up next, an update on the deadly tornadoes and wildfires ravaging the south as the death tolls rise and people scramble to reunite with their families after barely escaping alive. >> my mom and grandmother's wedding dress and my pictures. my mom's hope chest. >> it was nothing but red. i was taking care of an elderly lady. i had to help get her out, our animals out. that's the only thing we had time to get. >> we'll take you live to alabama and tennessee after the
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severe storms move through tennessee and alabama overnight.
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in northeast alabama, a tornado killed at least three people. two confirmed dead later in tennessee. three other people were critically injured at an alabama child daycare center. that was completely destroyed. luckily, it was not open when the storm hit. let's go right to mariana who is following the aftermath of these terrible storms in ocoee, tennessee. what's the latest where you are at? >> reporter: kate, look at the extent of the damage here in polk county after the tornado ravaged through this city overnight. you can see the bins where the mail used to be. two people are confirmed dead at this point, four people are severely injured. i want to be careful because i want to show you these massive trees. look at the power of these tornadoes. the trees have been completely
12:22 pm
uprooted. this is what we see as we drive along highway 411 and the area that received the brunt of the damage. authorities telling us 40 to 50 structures are completely destroyed but they have not finished that assessment yet. they will give us updated numbers this evening. jeff, your house was spared. you lived behind us here. tell us what that looked like when the tornadoes plowed through the city. >> it was all of a sudden the wind got up and a loud roar and it was gone. >> reporter: and where did you take shelter in what happened to your family? >> me amy wife got in a closet and hunkered down. it didn't even last a minute. >> reporter: not even a minute and look at the extent of the damage. so many trees and houses destroyed and they hit the floor like dominos. thankfully people like jeff and
12:23 pm
others taking photos of their home because thankfully not every house was destroyed along this road, highway 411. >> and they have their health at least. thank you very much. now an update on the wildfires in eastern tennessee. at this hour, the death toll stands at 4. let's turn to kerry sanders. he's got the latest from pigeon forge, tennessee. kerry? >> reporter: the aftermath of the firestorm, we now have rain t would seem like that was a good thing because it would put out the fire and while fires are laying low today, that rain is now causing problems. the rain is soaking the soil and the trees. so the authorities have sent in crews with chainsaws to take out weakened trees.
12:24 pm
here at pigeon forge, they are allowing people to return home. the morgans turned home devastated. they had hoped that somehow some miracle would have happened and the fire department would have been able to stop the flames from taking their house but everything is gone. the authorities now say that for many of the people spending the night in shelters, it's going to be a very long road to recovery but they are working with the federal government, that's fema, as well as the local resources to try to help people get started. imagine, you've lost everything but you have insurance but those insurance papers, everything you have, it's inside your house and your house is gone. there are at least eight who were unaccounted for. kate? >> kerry sanders, thank you so much.
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up next, the deal maker, donald trump, makes good on one of his biggest campaign promises. >> companies like carrier simply fire their workers and move their operations to mexico, make their product and sell it back into this country. guess what, not going to be so easy to do anymore. >> the carrier air conditioner plant announces it is keeping 1,000 jobs in that state. ♪
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stop stories at this hour, another record day on the dow. new highs during the trading days before pulling back in the afternoon a big dow winner, goldman sachs trading higher after the nomination of its former banker steve mnuchin as stresh rtreasury secretary. five people have been killed in alabama and tennessee.
12:29 pm
tennessee is still dealing with wildfires. the governor called that state's the biggest fires in 100 years. an estimated 14,000 people have already been evacuated. the man who invented the big mac nearly 50 years ago has died at the age of 98. he served the famous burger at his restaurant in union town, pennsylvania, back in 1967. want to know what the original price of that burger was? 45 cents. into througho throughout the campaign, donald trump made keeping jobs in the u.s. part of his campaign. air conditioning company carrier has announced it will keep 1,000 jobs in minneapolis which was set to move to mexico after a new deal with the company. nelson, what do we know about the deal? because if it's a deal, there's got to be a give and a take. what did carrier get for keeping those jobs in the u.s.?
12:30 pm
>> i think there will be local incentives but donald trump is going to sound some notes in terms of being friendlier to businesses, easing regulations, maybe talking about sort of a tax overhaul that companies would like. so i think he's going to sort of signal that pro business agenda and carrier will get some breaks and i think we can work out a deal that makes them both look good, or at least that's what they hope. >> i want to play some sound from steve mnuchin talking about how trump negotiated with trump technology and this was an interview on cnbc this morning. take a listen. >> it start with an attitude. this administration, this president, this vice president president-elect is going to have open communications with business leaders and you can see that it started because the president-elect called up the ceo of united technologies and said it's important to keep jobs here. and wilbur and i will continue
12:31 pm
that and, you know, again, as he said, this is a great first win without us having to take the job. >> he's talking about wilbur ross, the new commercial secretary sitting next to him. how much involvement was there, do we know, by the president-elect and maybe the vice president-elect because mike pence is still the governor of indiana. >> right. from what i've heard, vice president-elect pence spearheaded the negotiations although mr. trump reached out to the head of carrier greg hayes. i don't think he worked on the details. i think for carrier and united technologies, the threat of more of those tweets and threat of more tension from mr. trump persuaded him to make a deal. >> so more about pr than anything else? i noticed they get a lot of government contracts, right? >> yes. >> could you argue that maybe they were afraid of losing valuable government contracts. >> right. the federal government has much more leverage over a company
12:32 pm
like united technologies. about 10% of the revenues come from the pentagon in washington. this is a well-known consumer brand. if it was a company selling business to businesses, it might be harder to press this. >> what about extending jobs overseas? >> it's an issue. it's certainly a win for those carrier workers and good news for them but it's not an industrial policy or manufacturing job policy. the long-term trend has been for manufacturing jobs to leave for different reasons. what's interesting here is this is a profitable factor so i think companies with other
12:33 pm
companies that think what am i going to do? >> right. >> nelson schwartz, thank you so much. >> great to be here into coming up, during his campaign, president-elect trump chose to repeal the bank reforms that came after the 2008 financial crisis, the reforms known as dodd/frank. after the branch, barney frank joins me to weigh in. men as theo build their businesses and careers. my name is yasmin belo-osagie and i'm a co-founder at she leads africa. i definitely could not do my job without technology. this windows 10 device, the touchscreen allows you to kind of pinpoint what you're talking about. which makes communication much easier and faster than the old mac that i used to use. you can configure it in so many different ways, it just, i don't know, it feels really cool. i feel like i'm in the future. parts a and b and want more coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance
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during the campaign, both hillary clinton and donald trump used wall street as a punching bag. president-elect trump has chosen a banker, steve mnuchin, and he joined cnbc this morning in an interview and talked about the way that banks are regulated under a law called dodd/frank. here's what mnuchin had to say. >> as we look at dodd/frank, the number one problem is it's way
12:37 pm
too complicated and cuts back that prevents lending and that's the number one priority on the regulatory side. >> joining me now is barney frank he helped write that bill. congressman, nice to see you. >> thank you. >> what happens if they do what he just said, if they strip back parts of those regulations? >> well, they are very unclear what they are going to strip back. donald trump is in a difficult transition for him now and, of course, the very fact that he's now appointed mr. mnuchin, who was an advocate this is probably the greatest bait and switch since trump university in the sense that he promised people he
12:38 pm
was going to be tough on wall street and help the working guy and in fact he's wall street's best bet. it depends on what he wants to cut back. in terms of restricting lending, the only provision in the bill that actually restricts lending is the one that says you can no longer lend money for home mortgages to people who can't pay it back. we have this problem, thanks to securitization, where lenders sold the right to repay and that was the single cause of this bad crisis, so we said when the lender alone, that's the only
12:39 pm
thing that i think so. i don't know whether they plan to cut that back. >> the incoming administration talks about making it harder to make it for banks to get loans. >> they say that in general they they will never tell you which provisions other than the banks i talk about. i think banks under 10 billion, and i do agree, they have had in dealing with that, i also believe that banks spent 50 billion in assets. we put that at the level in which you got the extra scrutiny. i think that was too low. >> so you would support changes? some amount of change to your own legislation? >> that's what i was in the process of saying. >> sorry. go ahead. >> here's the problem.
12:40 pm
the largest institutions who want to get rid of the restrictions on derivatives and razzle and dazzle, i'm afraid that they plan to take the legitimate concerns of the smallest banks and use them as a battering ram to get rid of the bigger issue. one of the major things we did was to put information on derivatives and instruments that have traded back and forth, aig was about to get $170 billion in debt and said please help us. the bush administration felt they had to respond and pay you have $170 billion and keep them in business. once again, when they tell me is
12:41 pm
there a provision that prevents lending, i don't know what that means. i'm afraid they are going to use the legitimate needs of lending which i don't think we've cut back, to cut back on these things that enhances more than real business. >> can i ask you, you're watching from the outside, this entire election. i'm wondering about the democratic party. president obama did an interview with the rolling stones and said that working class families haven't been neglected but that democrat policy proposals are not heard by the folks in these communities. what they hear is obama or hillary is trying to take away their guns or disrespect you. do i agree? >> there's an element of that. part of the problem is being in
12:42 pm
power. i also think that there's a great irony here. donald trump is getting a lot of support in the financial can you committee because they think he's going to run up the deficit and he'll do a lot of fiscal stimulus. the irony is when they wanted to do similar levels of fiscal stimulus, we were frustrated by a fill lee bibuster in the sena. and donald trump has now become the advocate. but i do think that president obama made a mistake in that regard by continuing to push a further major trade bill long after it was clear that it was a symbol as well as a reality about people's anger.
12:43 pm
hillary clinton got well over 2 million more votes than donald trump. this is an odd kind of loss thanks to james madison and the electoral college. more voted by millions for hillary clinton than for him having said that, you have a clear path for democrats to spend a lot of energy on pro viting the federal economic policies that stimulate jobs and here's the key. to pull back from this notion that america has to be worldwide and trump puzzles me here. he says america is bearing too much of the burden and the great advantage beyond what we can and must do would be to cut the military. i think going forward, if the democrats say let's cut the
12:44 pm
military substantially, back to what we really think we need to do and put that into increasing medicare and then i think you'll see a different electoral result next time. >> barney frank, thanks so much. >> you're welcome. prosecutors in north carolina say they will not charge the officer who shot keith lamont scott in september. they say the officer, quote, acted lawfully. we'll get all of the details after a quick break. what are you doing right now?
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12:48 pm
and holding a gun and fired at him out of concern for his own and the other officer's safety. joining me now is ari melber. they say the officer acted lawfully. how did they come to that conclusion? >> the gun found on his person, now, this was controversial because in part the multiple video angles never showed mr. scott raising the gun. he didn't fire any shots. so what we saw in this presentation today, and you can see some of the video that we're watching, that was mr. scott that you saw there briefly in the sweatpants, what they showed in addition to this video was new video at a convenience store before this incident and what they said showed the gun on his ankle in this white suv pulling into your screen right now, he got out of the driver's side and walked into the building and although no gun is visible, they isolated the frame, circulated
12:49 pm
the area around his leg and say that it showed beforehand. the officers say they repeatedly called for him to drop a gun. that was shown in the video that he was holding the gun and they were, in their view, seconds away -- >> there it is right there. >> correct. that's the d.a.'s hand pointing there. that's the right leg gun holster. we know from the video, there was video of the right leg pant being pulled up where the gun was. all of that goes to the idea that this was a threat to the officers. having that said, this was, as i've said in our reporting, not an ideal police encounter. this man was essentially alone in the car, believed to have marijuana and in a very short amount of time, i mean, within minutes he's basically swarmed by these officers. they are escalating and then you have this tragic shootout. and i want to play something that the scott family attorney said earlier.
12:50 pm
let's play some sound from that. >> well, at this point, there's no proof that he even had a gun in his hands and so, i mean -- >> this is an open carry state and how did you drop from an open carry state to there is imminent danger and therefore deadly force should be used? >> they are still dit puti dispr whether the gun was a threat. >> so many words are being tossed around and a difference between testimony, what the police say, and in this case the victim is deceased and we don't have his testimony. and proof. they say there was no proof he was holding a gun, they mean the video didn't show that. multiple police officers said he was holding a gun. they can file a civil suit. they haven't said whether they will do so. >> new details as the ohio state community tries to make sense of this week's horrific campus
12:51 pm
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we are getting new details on the attack at ohio state university that left 11 people injured. the investigation is still ongoing and it's still too soon to say whether this attack was related to terrorism. stephanie goss joins me now from columbus. law enforcement releasing new details about the attacker. what do we know? >> reporter: the press conference here in columbus, they talked about the murder weapon and said that the morning of the attack that adbul artan used air knife. they tell us last week he was in the d.c. area in washington, d.c. and he performed another knife at a home depot. they don't know if that was the knife involved in the attack. interesting information around the murder weapon itself. as far as the motive is
12:55 pm
concerned, they were asked directly if they called this attack terrorism. they are not ready to do that at this point. what they did say is that artan may have been inspired by isis and the cleric killed in a drone strike in 2011. they did not say what information beyond that facebook post they have been talking about all week they have. it seems like that at the moment is what they are working off. they made the point repeatedly that this investigation is still ongoing. they do not yet have a clear motive. one other important thing to point out, they said say up until this point, there is no indication that anyone else was involved in the planning of the attack. >> that's a critical piece of information too. thank you so much. appreciate the latest there. we'll be right back after a quick break. ♪
12:56 pm
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12:59 pm
ago. condoleezza rice aliving at president-elect trump's transition office in washington, d.c. she left moments ago. interesting mike pence posted this tweet. great catching up in the d.c. transition office with my good friend. here's what's interesting. remember in october rice called on donald trump to dropout of the race after the "access hollywood" tape was released. we are standing by on who trump will pick for secretary of state. a position that rice held under george w. bush. i will see you back here tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 eastern. you can find me on twitter, instagram and snap chat. my colleague, steve? >> good afternoon, everybody. live here in new york, 51 days away until donald trump is sworn in as president. topping the agenda, a great deal or crony capitalism?
1:00 pm
>> the vice president picked up the phone and called the ceo of united technologies and said we wanted to keep jobs here. i can't remember the last time a president did that. >> that's his new pick for treasury secretary who is praising the deal to keep 1,000 indiana jobs from moving to mexico. some asking if it sets a dangerous precedent. he is set to address the nation for the first time since the election tomorrow and this deal will be the topic. also pelosi survives. >> it's an opportunity that is a special one to lead the house democrats, bring everyone together as we go forward. >> the top democrat in the house faces down the challenge from her own party. did it weaken her? one of the top allies in the house, congressman steve israel will assess the fallout. no


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