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tv   MSNBC Live With Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  November 30, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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>> the vice president picked up the phone and called the ceo of united technologies and said we wanted to keep jobs here. i can't remember the last time a president did that. >> that's his new pick for treasury secretary who is praising the deal to keep 1,000 indiana jobs from moving to mexico. some asking if it sets a dangerous precedent. he is set to address the nation for the first time since the election tomorrow and this deal will be the topic. also pelosi survives. >> it's an opportunity that is a special one to lead the house democrats, bring everyone together as we go forward. >> the top democrat in the house faces down the challenge from her own party. did it weaken her? one of the top allies in the house, congressman steve israel will assess the fallout. no charges filed.
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>> in conclusion, after a thorough review, given the totality of the circumstances and credible evidence in the case, it is my opinion that officer vincent acted lawfully when he shot mr. scott. he acted lawfully. i am fully satisfied and convinced that officer vincent's use of deadly force was lawful. >> prosecutors in north carolina said the officer who shot and killed keith lamont scott sparked protest and it was justified in that action. there he is. lots of reaction to this announcement. we will bring you the latest on that and much more. we begin with the top story. a win for workers according to donald trump. he said he struck a deal with carrier, the indiana-based air conditioning company that he hammered for the decision to move thousands of jobs to
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mexico. for days, trump and vice president-elect mike pence remember is also still the governor. they have been pressuring carrier to keep the jobs in the state and trying to strike a deal to do that. carrier confirmed that it will be not be moving 1,000 jobs to mexico after all. trump is headed out to indiana for what he is billing as a major announcement about this deal tomorrow. obviously this is news that will come as a great relief to those workers. it's a major public relations win for the president-elect, but there are questions about what exactly trump has agreed to here. what he agreed to give carrier in order to get it to change its mind and whether it could set a bad precedent for the future. i want to bring in msnbc's kasie hunt. this just crossed the wire. i want to share this with our viewers. the united steelworkers put out
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a statement that could be affected by this and say we thank president-elect trump for listening to our members and following through on the campaign pledge to persuade carrier to keep production of quality heating equipment in indianapolis. we saw it in the returns and the blue collar voters in the industrial midwest. trump won over democrats and these are the voters that the united steelworkers represent. what more do we know about what's happening here? >> steve, it's interesting that you say that. the release from the steelworkers. we were both focused on election night there was a dwight between a lot of union workers and leadership. a lot of rank and file who voted for donald trump. this is clearly something that seems to before he has even taken office underscore all of the things that you out lined that he ran on the way he built
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his campaign. threatening to slap taxes and tariffs, calling nafta the world trade agreement the united states ever signed and pointing this this as an example. this is becoming something that democrats are being very critical of. the democratic national committee put out a release talking about this as a sweetheart deal and saying it sets a terrible precedent for what may or may not be possible for a company that threatens to cent jobs overseas. the insinuation they are making is this could mean any company could say we will move jobs to mexico in attempt to get the president-elect or the state they are working in to try to cut them a deal that encourages them to keep jobs in the united states. the other question here is mike
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pence, the vp-elect is still governor of indiana set to meet with mitch connell and speaker paul ryan over on the house side of the capital. there are questions about his role in this. is this something he of course as governor had been working with the company to try to keep the jobs in his home city of indianapolis in indiana? questions about should he be getting more credit than donald trump in this case? the focus as well on what role did trump specifically play? he tweeted on thanksgiving alluding to having direct conversations. there is an element of donald trump, the deal maker in chief already before president obama even left the white house. >> it is an interesting story. he hasn't even taken office yet, setting a new precedent for how he will deal with the situations
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in the years ahead. on capitol hill, thank you for that. that was not the only big announcement out of trump world today. on twitter this morning he had this news. he said he is leaving his business completely. he claims to fully focus on the duties of the presidency. trump said he will be having a major press conference in less than two weeks on december 15th and in the meantime he is dotting the is and crossing the ts on the documents that will set his plan in motion. so far not much is clear. not much is known about what trump means when he says he is removing himself from the trump business empire. all sorts of questions have been raised about conflicts of interest. let's take you through the three major options he's got potentially. number one, all of the business interest, he has that branding enterprise. he can sell them all to an outsider. he can give it up and sell it and take that money and put it
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in a truly blind trust so the money is being managed while he is president and he has no role. maybe that is the most dramatic option. here's another option. he could sell the business to his children. he couldn't give it to them. all sorts of tax reasons involved. that would raise the conflict of interest questions. his children are very active in his political life. they will play a very active role in his administration whether formally or informally. if they are running the empire while having that role, that could be problematic. he could relinquish control. he continues to be the owner, but doesn't have day to day control and brings in an independent board of directors who make the decisions and there is a little bit more transparency there to the public about what's going on. there is a possibility of setting something up like that. three big picture options. for more on the conflicts of how trump might be handling them, he
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covers interest and joins us from washington. let me ask you the bottom line question. he put the tweets out dramatically. at the end of the day, have we learned anything concrete about what he is planning to do? >> no. at the end of the day i don't think we learned anything concrete about what he plans to do. the only concrete thing we learned is that he heard there is a lot of concern about the conflicts of interest a raising all over the country and the world with everyone from foreign lip lo mats to lo hotels in d.c. >> when we look at the options we laid out, is there one that makes more sense for donald trump? >> the tweets suggest he would be exiting his business operations. i think that suggests that last option. he would just sort of be stepping away and maybe asking us to as the public accepted he
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is not making decisions in the best interest of his business or his kids. hey may be looking to sell his business and liquidate it and get him and his kids away from it. that's the blind trust and what people want to see. he hasn't given us the details of which of those three he is looking at. >> he has been trying to stress that there is no law that compels him to do any of this. this is expected from people. is that true, is there anything he has to do here? >> presidents are exempt from a lot of conflict of interest laws. the president has to do so much. you don't want to spark an investigation every time he has to make a foreign trip, but he is bound by the constitution and his kids are bound by laws governing influence and what it is acceptable to say to
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government figures. there is a question about whether you can get a gift from a foreign government or official. it's not exactly clear. he may have the right that there is no laws governing him, but there are norms and ethics and the constitution of course. >> december 15th is when he will have the press conference and announce how this is going to look. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> it has been a busy day in the trump transition, but no word on the biggest single appointment he has to make between now and the inauguration. that is his choice for secretary of state. there are five names that seem to be publicly linked to this position. you see them on your screen. now we also have word from the trump camp that says they are down to a final four. closing in on a decision in the wake of trump's dinner last night with mitt romney. incoming white house chief of
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staff reince priebus in that picture here. romney has been at the top of the list and many lists for secretary of state despite loud objections from some of trump's closest advisers who said he was disloyal and disrespectful to trump in the campaign and should not be rewarded for that. there was no disrespect evidence according to romney's statement. he said he is impressed by the president-elect and gotten to know him well over the course of the transition. >> he did something i tried to do and i was unsuccessful at. he won the general election and continues with a message of bringing people together and his vision is connected with the american people in a powerful way. >> mitt romney for more. i want to bring in politico's national politics reporter. this is interesting. five names here. maybe we put him back on the
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screen. from what we can tell, corker, giuliani, petraeus, romney and word that there is a final four. do we know who the four are? >> i think you just named them. it is anyone's guess. what we see out of terror is continuing to build the drama and put as much around the final four as there is around the college football playoff. really this is masking a lot of infighting and disagreement among the inner circle. there are strong feelings among people close to trump about the choice between giuliani and mitt romney who represent the opposite polls of the republican and conservative movement. the establishment of mitt romney and as you noted, he was critical of donald trump and someone rudy giuliani is not ideologically extreme, but was one of the staunchest and
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loyalest defenders. a lot of people can't fathom the betrayal that would amount to if trump goes past rudy giuliani. there may be problems with confirming him in the senate and a lot of considerations and drama around the pick for sure. >> not just critical and calling him a fraud at point. we played the statement and he is giving a friendly favorable assessment of donald trump right now. do we have a sense 24 hours later, did his stock rise with donald trump during the course of the dinner? >> it's hard to know. people's stock are rising and falling from minute to minute. it's hard to know where you stand until the decision is made and hard to know what the boss is thinking. the idea around donald trump is this is a person who really rewards loyalty. so far with the cabinet picks that have been easier to finalize and announce, he has rewarded loyalty and the biggest
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donor. something he said he was not going to do and criticized the bushes and the clintons for being in the hold of their donors. s have very different with whose stock is up or down. he loves to have him kiss the ring and give a glowing statement. he loves that media moment. he likes to surprise people and picking mitt romney would be even with the speculation a huge surprise. any sense how long he will drag it out for? we still have seven weeks between now and the inauguration. >> i don't think they feel a t of urgency because they like to turn on the and see us speculating because it is a difficult decision. we have seen consensus about a pick, they get the pick out and
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they announced it early on. i don't think they feel urgency, but again you know from covering this guy and watching donald trump and his team operate, when they say it's not going to be today, we will take our time and look at the other things. boom, they hit you with a pick. expect the unexpected is really what we have -- that's what we live by. >> a good rule. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, steve. >> other news to tell you about in east tennessee. they are still facing the threat of wildfires. seven people now dead. others missing. we have an update on the historic and devastating fire coming up. plus prosecutors announced that the officer who shot an african-american man in charlotte will not face charges. >> it is my opinion that officer vincent acted lawfully when he shot mr. scott. >> this sparked massive protest in september. the details authorities are
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built for speed. built for business. >> now to a terrible story. a second wave of storms hammering the deep south after a string of deadly tornados killed in tennessee and alabama overnight. thousands are without power in alabama. tornados killed three people after midnight, destroying a church and shopping plaza. more severe storms hit the area.
1:20 pm
joining me now from rosaly. this is part of a bigger story and we have been talking about the wildfires in tennessee. the tornados are affecting that. >> no doubt. the shopping plaza you talked about is where we are standing. this is the only one in town. this is the town of rosaly, alabama. the tornado hit after midnight and you are looking at what used to be a convenience store and clothing store here as well. the owner lived here. if you see the bed, he was asleep on this when the tornado hit at 12:05. he is standing just over here. he crawled out from underneath the debris. it was pitch black, of course. he made it out with only a scratch. around the corner, steve, you talked about the three people who were killed.
1:21 pm
there were a number of mobile homes picked up and tossed over the street. we went there and met family members of those who were killed looking for pictures of their loved ones. some homes were here standing and others that are ripped in half or completely gone. in five states, we had 24 twisters reported in 24 hours. right now we have no watches or warnings, but others will last until the afternoon. >> thanks for that and we will continue to monitor the weather situation and there have been several touchdowns in atlanta this afternoon. we are going to have more here as the storm develops. in charlotte, the police officer who shot and killed the man in
1:22 pm
september will face no criminal charges. the officer who is also black acted lawfully after he saw scott rolling a marijuana joint and holding a gun. >> in conclusion after a thorough review and given the totality of the circumstances, it is my opinion he acted lawfully. he acted lawfully. i am convinced that officer vincent's use of deadly force was lawful. insisting it justified the officer's actions. >> stepped out of the vehicle with gun in hand and doesn't run. doesn't drop the gun. doesn't leave the gun in the car. but steps out and steps back.
1:23 pm
assessing each officer. >> scott's family releasing the statement saying they are profoundly digs appoi lly disape decision. we saw the reaction. there was video of this. we were not able to see the incident, but the video that came out a few months ago sparked protest we could see across the country. now this announcement today. what is the initial reaction where you are? >> there was that cell phone video released and the body camera footage as well as the police dash cam footage after police said they were not going to release it. it has been more than two months now. they looked at the case and this was a highly anticipated announcement. there have been no protests and charlotte police department is on alert. police officers are working
1:24 pm
12-hour shifts just in case there are demonstrations later tonight that turn violent. you did mention the family of keith lamont scott, the attorney spoke out and let's take a listen to what he had to say. >> there is no proof he had a gun in his hand. >> and this is an open carry state. how did you jump from an open carry state to now imminent danger and therefore deadly force should be used? >> attorneys for the families of keith lamont scott are looking into the possibility of a civil lawsuit. they released new surveillance video from a convenience store near the shooting scene shortly before that fatal shooting. the district attorney said if you look closely at the video, you can see a bulge in the pants
1:25 pm
of keith lamont scott. the district attorney said that is consistent with a holster and a gun found later at the scene by the investigators at the scene. dna found on that gun and he is saying that the actions of this officer in his mind were lawful because the officers were in self defense. they told him to drop the weapon at least ten times according to state investigators. that is not sitting well with scott's family and they are urging for calm at this point. >> gabe gutierrez in charlotte. in politics, nancy pelosi this afternoon breathing a sigh of relief after beating back an attempt to oust her as the top democrat in the house. >> i have a special spring in my step because this opportunity is
1:26 pm
a special to lead the house democrats, bring everyone together. >> but is she emerging weakened from this challenge to her leadership. i will talk about what went down in washington today with one of nancy pelosi's top allies. steve israel is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. (bing)
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welcome back and time for a check of the headlines. president-elect donald trump will timeout a deal that will keep the air conditioner manufacturer carrier from pulling jobs out of that state and moving them to mexico after trump tweeting that he will be leaving his business empire to focus on running the country. trump also tapping steven mnuchan to be the secretary. among those meading with the
1:30 pm
president-elect at trump tower, he said that trump and the attorney general nominee jeff sessions would like him to stay, but they made the decision after consulting with chuck schumer. also the top democrat. he pursues corruption cases in new york. jill stein officially filing for a recount of the vote in michigan. elections officials there saying it will likely begin on friday. stein's action filed a similar request in pennsylvania and wiscons wisconsin. a recount expected to begin tomorrow. tornado pausches for the keep south. people have died after tornados have touched down last night.
1:31 pm
about 2,000 veterans are planning to gather in north dakota to help protect protesters over construction of the pipeline. they are vowing to stay put after that state's governor ordered a mandatory evacuation of the main protest area. oil prices jumping 9% after nations agreed to cut production by more than a million barrels a day. prices will need to hire prices at the pump in the near future. in tennessee the death toll climbing from the wildfires. providing much needed rain. they are helping to start eight new fires. the cause is unknown, but early indications look like it was
1:32 pm
caused by a person and finding that person is a priority. we r concerned about fobbings who have not been accounted for. we want to assure we will do everything in our power as a community to find their loved ones. that is a priority of ours and it's troubling. we are going to do everything we can. >> kerry sanders is in the heard of the devastation. what's the latest? >> the fire consumed 17,000 acres here in the smokey mountains. if there was good news, it was temperatured by the rain that was falling is also causing problems because it is caution
1:33 pm
problems with the firestorm that came through. the trees are beginning to fall down. they sent crews into the areas where people will be returning home with chain saws. there is upwards of eight people who could be missing. there is chaos, but they say they are trying to get a handle on finding out who may be missing and if they perhaps were vacationers that left the area and have not checked in. those are the details here in an area that has been ravaged by a firestorm that is perhaps the worst fire they have seen here in 100 years. back to you. >> kerry sanders at pigeon forge, tennessee. in ohio, officials search for a motive in monday's attack on ohio state university. the fbi saying that there is no direct connection to terrorism
1:34 pm
that they found so far. but they believe the 18-year-old student, a somali refugee may have been inspired by isis based on facebook postings. >> at this time we are not aware of anyone else being involved in the planning of the attack, but the investigation continues. it appears that artan may have been inspired by them. >> the assailant bought a knife on monday and they don't know if it was used in the attack. >> 911, what's the location of your emergency? are i'm on the campus of ohio state university at 19th and college and a car just went barrelling through and hit a
1:35 pm
police officer and i don't know how many other people. >> stephanie goss joins me now from columbus. stephanie, officials are saying he might have been inspired by isis propaganda. what's the next step in their investigation? >> they are trying to focus on the motivation. it may sound for a lot of people like splitting of hairs. if you are inspired by isis, why aren't you calling this terrorism? investigators are not there yet. what may be possible inspiration, they don't have a clear view of what drove him to it on that day. they say they have interviewed dozens of people. they are going-over the digital devices of his phone and laptop. they do point to the facebook post we have been talking about where it appeared that artan referenced the cleric killed by a drone strike in 2011 and isis.
1:36 pm
beyond that, there are questions that remain about the murder weapon. law enforcement officials tell us that last week artan was in washington, d.c. and while there, performed a knife at a home depot. that trip itself is something of a mystery. they are not sure why he was there. they tell us he bought a knife the morning of the attack here in columbus at a wal-mart. they are not sure which knife was used or where it was bought. they are trying to figure that out as well. there was a call to the public and they want any information anyone has on his whereabouts that morning of the attack. they don't quite have a clearer picture of where he was the entirety of that day. >> out there in ohio, thanks for that. over to the nation's capital and capitol hill. house democrats decided who will lead them with the next congress.
1:37 pm
they have gone with a familiar figure, nancy pelosi holding back a challenge from tim ryan and wins another term as the house minority leader. he tried to convince colleagues they need new leadership after a disappointing showing this this month's elections. >> i think quite frankly we got the message that we wanted to get out. we come out of this leadership election united as democrats that take on the challenges that we need moving forward. >> we have a responsibility and we embrace the opportunity that is presented. we know how to win elections. we have done it in the past and we headache that differentiation. again, this is so much bigger than politics. it's about the character of america. >> steve israel is retiring from beginning and he didn't get a
1:38 pm
vote. this was for the voeks who will be deserving in january. you know this process very well and understand what went down there. 63 democrats, 63 democrats is about a third of them in the secret ballot. they went with somebody else. that's the high level of discontent. in fact we had more than two 30s of the caucus. it's not just the politics and wins elections and the fund-raising, but she gets things done for the caucus and the american people. she is going to continue to do that and now more than ever. you have an administration and a
1:39 pm
speaker of the house and secretary of health and human services who are obsessed with privatizing medicare we are united to taking that battle to republicans. >> when you say she wins elections, the case ryan was making, he is saying i'm from youngstown, ohio. you talk about that on election night and you have the voter who is vote voted for donald trump. these are the types of voters they have to focus on if they are going to win presidential elections or the house back. four straight house elections, she has not delivered a majority. doesn't he have an argument. >> i chaired the committee for four years and with all due respect to tim, i am waiting for leader pelosi's critics to show me one single district we would have won without her. i can show you in this cycle
1:40 pm
alone, five to six districts they couldn't have won. the argument that she is costing us seats doesn't hold water. what's important is that we put this behind us. we want not to second-guess and congress point, but take the fight to preserve medicare and that's what we will do as a united caucus. >> you are retiring and nancy pelosi is 76 years old and the number two democrat. i think he is a-year-older. 77 years old. jim clyburn is in his 70s. tim is in his early 40s. is there an argument to be made going forward? the democrats need to start thinking of bringing a new generation into the top positions. >> she listened to that argument and that is why she expanded leadership by bringing in newer members of congress. the younger members. the caucus elected a newer
1:41 pm
leadership and communications committee which is com surprised of new young leadership. she understands the importance of expanding to integrate and incorporate the views of younger members. maybe i have a unique view because i work so closely with her. i don't know how old she is, but i will tell you, she has more energy than i have. i have been to many places around the country except for nancy pelosi, wherever i was, she was just there or with me or about to arrive. i don't buy the fact that age is a limitation or inhibition. i would like anyone to try to keep up with her. it's not easy. >> congressman steve israel. nancy pelosi. thanks for joining us. >> up next, the most important number of the day. i will give you a hint. if he gets his way, this is a tool donald trump could use to
1:42 pm
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>> the folks around him got time ho tone it down for the last few
1:46 pm
weeks of the campaign. now he returned to old habits. 88 times. it started two days after the election. people were wondering if we had seen the last. remember the protests in the street after his victory? he responded in traditionally trump-like ways and there have been others since then. he went after the cast of hamill when the audience booed mike pence. he put out a controversial without evidence he said many people had voted illegally. he is putting them out just like he did in the campaign and could go doing them all over again. this is raising a question for the media. the media doesn't know what to make of it. this is the investigation taking place in the media. how do you treat these tweets? he is the president-elect. if the president-elect is saying it, if it's controversial or inflammatory or wrong, it is
1:47 pm
news. you have to report it and talk about it. this is a window into how this guy thinks. another argument is he is taking it into a thousand different directions. it could be something totally random and you treat it like big breaking news, you will be support out in a thousand directions and maybe get distracted. it looks like this is something donald trump will be doing not just in the transition, but for four years as president. how do you treat it when he tweets something classically trumpian. that's the question. we have to squeeze in a break and we will trackle it when we come back. it's a quick break. i promise you. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile.
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and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is.
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i think the worst thing he did was to tweet the other night about illegal votes. you know, the presidents of the united states can't randomly tweet without having someone check it out. it makes you wonder about whatever else he is doing and undermines much more than a single tweet. that's the biggest single thing he has done wrong. >> newt gingrich is a close ally of donald trump talking about his twitter habit. gingrich doesn't like it. trump tweeted at least 88 times since election night.
1:52 pm
the meeting with the "new york times." joining me to talk about trump and twitter and what he is trying to do and what we should do to with treat it. i win the popular vote if we don't count millions of illegal votes. he pulls that out of thin air and that's explosive for a president-elect to say. some people say this is a strategic move and he is thinking this out and thinking three moves ahead. others say this is a guy sitting there firing off tweets. do you have a sense from trump's standpoint? >> it doesn't matter. what he thinks is that the best thing ever said about trump. he is a chaos candidate. whether he knows it, when there is chaos and people talking about each other and arguments even if he loses, he wins. into this shouting and arguments
1:53 pm
and no you didn't comes with the man with the answer and the answer is on the hat. he wants to create that atmosphere. some of it is because he has poor impulse control. they took away his twitter in the campaign so he is not consciously doing it. it doesn't matter. what are citizens and what's the media going to do? >> the success question from the media. we showed the headlines and this is a thing. the media doesn't have an answer for you. you have people who are saying look, this ia window into this guy's mind that we don't normally get with a politician, let alone a president. on the other hand, people say you will be sent in a thousand different directions if you follow every one of the tweets. >> figuring out how a president things is very important. i read richard ben cramer and the back story and the motivations are all great for historians and people in the moment. just as richard nixon said when
1:54 pm
a president does it means it's not illegal, it doesn't mean it's news. what does it mean? different media organizations mean different metabolisms. in print, they should downplay the crazy stuff and a correction about the illegal assertion. maybe in their twitter feed really casually deal with it. i have been talking to people with major broadcasting institutions and ways to brand their coverage and give in to the assertions. i wonder and worry about you guys and the other big cable networks. it seems like even if you can define where people get their news and it's not the majority from the cable networks. the metabolism of the cable networks means they have to take these tweets and put them on the air. how do you convince them not to? it's good for ratings and they are good for money. you will tell them make less money? trump knows it and it doesn't
1:55 pm
surprise me that one guy subverts the ecosystem that he understands to that extent. >> it's also before trump if we take trump out of the equation and think about where we are in terms of politics and social media. if you didn't know this about trump and we were having this conversation and a major senator, a leading candidate, the president-elect is using and put out a tweet on twitter saying millions of votes were cast illegally with no evidence. no facts backing it up. that simajor thing to cover. to take that instinct and say we should play that down, that's a tough adjustment. >> i know that and he knows that. it's not just if we forecast and say this. it's the 88 since election day. everything before that. you told me that a guy who weighed in on robert patterson and whether he should be dumped, is that the duty from twilight.
1:56 pm
this is a major thing. he was tweeting about it. if you told me that some guy who had strong opinions about if the dude from twilight should break up with his girlfriend, we shouldn't cover that as news. that's another way to judge trump's tweets. >> the only one i know is the gene hackman movie. he slates the gist. thanks for joining us and over to hampton pearson for the market wrap. >> market is closing mixed after news of a production cut. the dow gaining and the s&p losing five and the nasdaq dropping 56 points. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide.
1:57 pm
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it's that time of year. looking at this. that is the rockefeller center christmas tree. they are getting ready to light it up officially. that will be tonight. nbc 8:00 eastern. that will do it for this hour. mtp daily starts right now. >> if it's wednesday, the party that was predicting a permanent lock on the college discovered they can't win anything. tonight, are democrats out of touch. house democrats welcome back the same leadership that lost 63 seat in six years. >> i have a special spring in my step today. >> fire sale or firestorm. the choices president-elect faces as a president with a vast business empire. how the crisis in the mideast are threatening the world. >> we


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