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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  December 1, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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tamron hall joining me. sg >> i heard there was a party in your office watching. >> and i was not there. >> me either. so right now, here's what is happening on msnbc. donald trump's thank you tour. the president-elect is set to leave any minute now for states he flipped in the election or won. first stop, indianapolis. and the carrier fanner to where he claims he has now saved hundreds of jobs. but we still don't know what deal was struck and what it means for other companies under a trump presidency. plus we'll talk live with a carrier worker. in tennessee, the wildfires there, seven confirmed dead and now the sad and desperate search for missing loved ones. >> i'm looking for my wife, constance, and my daughter lilly who is nine and my other daughter chloe who is 12. >> and the story that has captured national headlines, a missing mom in california rid nappeded to three weeks, found beaten and her skin branded.
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now she is back with her family and her husband is speaking out. plus what police are saying about her alleged kidnappers. good morning, everyone. thank you so much for joining us. i'm tamron hall from our msnbc headquarters here in new york. developing right now, president-elect trump about to head to indianapolis. first up of course he will tout a deal to keep nearly 1,000 jobs at the carrier air conditioning plant. the plant was set to move to mexico. there are a lot of questions concerning this deal which currently employs, the plant does, 1400 people. the indianapolis business journal reports that the carrier corporation was motivated to retain 1,000 manufactures jobs would i a by an incentive pack and possibility of losing a favorable relationship with federal contractors. but trump is taking at credit saying that he is making good on a campaign promise he made back
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in april. >> i'm going to bring jobs back. we're bringing jobs back to our country. we're not going to let carrier leave. >> now, there are also questions this morning about another promise the president-elect made on the campaign trail. >> we are going to drain the swamp. >> but is the swamp being drabed? trump facing backlash after announcing yesterday that he plans to nominate a billionaire as treasury secretary, steven mnuchin his campaign finance chairman and former goldman sachs chairman. sha sherrod brown accusing him with stocking the swamp with alligators. let's start with peter alexander, he's at trump tower where the president-elect is set to leave. this whole notion of not keeping his promise on draining the swamp, we're learning a deeper dive on some of these
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individuals that trump would have railed against just a few months ago. >> reporter: yeah, that is right. and outside trump tower right now, we are waiting for the president-elect to leave within the next 15 minutes or so. already this morning entering trump tower, we saw a couple other high profile individual, one scheduled to meet with donald trump was larry king. also the former defense secretary robert gates who was escorted upstairs by lieutenant general michael flynn. but he talked about some of the billionaires, some of the individuals who would seem that their nominations go against this idea of the populist message that donald trump touted that includes this former golded man sax, this hedge fund manager turned hollywood financier. some of the public back coming from democrat, but also from some conservative outlets including the "wall street journal."
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they say among other things that the mnuchin's facing a defining moment, and also in effect saying that his choice is at odds with the president-elect's campaign rhetoric. elizabeth, warren and bernie sanders coming together putting out a statement opposing this selection as well writing that donald trump told the american people that he would change washington by taking on wall street, that is not the type of change that donald trump promised to bring to washington. that is hypocrisy at its worst. elizabeth warren referred to mnuchin as the forest gump of the financial crisis for as they described it pedaling mortgage products that blew up the economy and then running a bank that foreclosed on families. so it's that as well as this new lineup of billionaires that includes betsy devos education secretary and bill with your ross who will head up commerce
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alongside his new deputy if confirmed tom ricketts, an owner of the chicago cubs. all of this getting heavy scrutiny. >> and as you reported, some of what we've heard from mnuchin is not in line with what we've heard from donald trump. can you specifically give our audience more clarity on what you mean by that and some of the observation from critics? >> reporter: some of the criticism is this idea that tax cuts would benefit only wealthy and not benefit the middle class. that's why a lot of the criticism is focused on this idea that steve mnuchin's nomination goes against this populist message, that this idea that all americans would benefit. a lot of people even p those analysts who are sympathetic to donald trump say this would widely expand the deficit right now, the tax proposal put together by mnuchin and one now backed by touchdown. >> all right. thank you very much. let's go to blake mccoy live from the carrier plant in indianapolis where workers are awaiting the president-elect's visit there. they have called it a thank you
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tour, some have called it a victory tour. but there are a lot more questions, blake, about the deal that is on the table here and if the people in that building will really benefit. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. what we can tell you about the deal is carrier says it will keep more than 1,000 jobs here in the united states here in indiana at the carrier plant behind me. they have acknowledged that part of that deal includes some state tax incentives from the state of indiana. but our sources also tell us that another major reason that carrier's parent company has decided to keep these jobs here is because of a fear that they could lose government contracts if they move these jobs to mexico. they're worried about what would happen under a trump administration because you have to keep in mind carrier is just a small piece of a really big puzzle, a big company called united technologies. united technologies has about $5 billion in government contracts. and our sources familiar with the deal say that there was a
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fear on behalf of united technologies executives that if they move the carrier jobs to mexico after trump railed about carrier on the campaign trail, that those $5 billion in government contracts could be in jeopardy. so certainly the indiana tax incentives had something do with it, but also the fear that they could lose those contracts. donald trump set to land here at 12:30, he will be touring the plant and giving brief remarks before heading on to a rally in cincinnati. >> and just quickly, union leaders there at least recently said that they were unaware of the details of this deal and that they were cautiously optimistic. but indicated that they had been left out of the conversation on this. >> reporter: that's right. the details of the deal have not been made public at all. we should say we know of the details based on a press release released by carrier where they reference tax incentive, but don't give any details beyond that. and then our own sources. so we're still waiting for a good look at the details.
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>> thank you. this morning the indianapolis business journal says don't get too excited about the carrier's broader impact. and haley, thank you so much for your time. >> thanks for having me. >> so i pointed to your article which says that this may just be in some ways experts see it as a one off, that they can't look at this carrier deal that we don't really fully know and believe it has a broader impact on other businesses who are looking to relocate. >> right. economists i spoke with said that this is a very symbolic gesture by president-elect trump. obviously he talked about carrier a lot on the campaign trail. p it became a big flash point. but deals like there are hard to replicate. most of the manufacturing jobs that have left the united states have done so because of automation, not necessarily because of offshoring. although that has happened. so i do think while carrier employees whose jobs will be
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saved have a good reason to be happy about this, i'm not sure how far it will carry. >> you wrote that this was a deal motivated by a state incentive package of course the governor, the vice president elect mike pence, apparently being influential here. what have you uncovered about what at this point can be referred to as a secret deal because they have not given us details? >> right. i mean, we really don't know that much about the incentives. we know that earlier this year the state clawed back some previous incentives they had offered to carrier. so will they get those, you know, that amount back, i'm not sure. will it be, you know, different source of incentives. we really don't know about the package. >> what information are you getting directly though from carrier? have they been forthcoming? after all, they took to twitter and talked about this deal, alluded to incentives.
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have they been more forthcoming with how this got done and does donald trump deserve the credit here? >> they really haven't been besides i heard your reporter say that they released the press release. that's about all we have as well. we have our own sources at the indiana economic development corporation which sort of approves state incentive deals, but as far as the details, we're not sure and we're not sure how it actually impacts carrier employees because as we said, the carrier union has also the not really been included. >> haley, thank you very much. we appreciate you joining us. and senator elizabeth warren has been slamming trump as you heard on his cabinet picks and now she's focused on a wage war. right now the call to implement overtime pay rules before trump takes office. we'll take you live to capitol hill. plus, veterans to the rescue, 2,000 veterans are heading to the dakota pipeline protests to form what they call
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a human shield around activists. we'll talk live with one of the organizers. and the search for survivors in tennessee. as the wildfires have now claimed seven lives this week, thousands of people have been evacuated and the heartbreaking details of people who cannot find their loved ones. >> my mom and grandmother's wedding dress and our pictures, my mom's hope chest. >> all you can think is we got out or we'll die. if you have medicare
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with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. breaking now. we're following news out of jacken sjack sonville florida where reports of a hostage situation at a community bank that could involve as many as 11 people being held. tom costello joining us. tom, what do you know? >> reporter: this started at about 9:00 this morning.
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police responding to the bank, this is i'm told the community first bank or credit union there in jacksonville. there were reports of shots fired. police responded. and they found at least one suspect inside and we are told at least 11 hostages inside. this standoff lasted for the better part of two hours and just in the last 15 to 20 minutes, we're told that the suspect has been taken this to custody. we don't know if any violence or shots were fired in the process. and also we are told 11 hostages have been released. we don't have confirmation on their conditions. but they were seen running from the building and we did not see at least at the first look we did not see any medical personnel assisting those people. so this happened again starting at 9:00, just resolved we think if the last 15, 20 minutes with one suspect in custody in jacksonville and 11 hostages released. we're still working on identifying their conditions and anything else we can.
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>> and coming up next out of tennessee, the wildfires forcing thousands from their homes. and families in some cases still desperately looking for loved ones. and the case that is receiving a lot of national attention. it's the case of a missing mom in california. she was kidnapped three weeks ago and -- for three weeks. how back with her family and her husband is speaking out. and what we've learned from officials about her alleged captors. we'll be right back.
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♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. we're following developing news out of tennessee where families are desperately awaiting word on tear loved ones with at least seven people still missing after the firestorm that devastated two resort towns this week. seven confirmed killed and that mum is expected to rise as search crews go through the wreckage. kerry sanders has the latest developments out of gatlinburg.
8:20 am
>> reporter: this morning search and rescue efforts are under way. first responders in tennessee still watching a few hot spots in the aftermath of raging wildfires. heavy rain on wednesday was both good and bad. the down side? mud and rock slides. this morning more than 17,000 acres in the smoky mountains charred, 700 structures damaged or destroyed. firefighters say they did all they could with this fast moving blaze. a drought and hurricane-force winds combined to create a firestorm. this morning there are at least seven dead and the number of people still missing, more than six. john and janet summers from memphis were vacationing with their three sons. the sons are in the burn unit at vanderbilt university. their parents, not seen in three days now. sadly, among the bodies now identified, 70-year-old alice hagler. >> my mother called me frantic that the house was on fire.
8:21 am
i told her to get out. at that point i started trying to make my way to her, but we got disconnected. >> reporter: michael reed is still searching for any news about his wife, constance, and their two daughters, chloe and lilly. >> i don't know what to tell my 9-year-old. i don't know where she's at. >> reporter: jerry morgan and jeffrey morgan lost their home in the blaze, and have a 9-year-old daughter who goes to school with lilly. their daughter keeps asking where her friend is. >> i just tell her that it's in god's hands and pray. she's been praying for her, also. she will ask about lilly and i say they haven't found her yet, honey. >> reporter: the morgan's family home burned to the ground, but like so many here, they're resolute to move on. >> we're rebuilding. we're not the moving. this did not scare us away. we love this place. and we will rebuild. this is where we want to be. >> dollywood theme park was
8:22 am
spared and they said she will donate $1,000 a month for six months to individual families who lost their homes to the wildfires. also developing right now, new details about the two day multistate tornado outbreak that left five dead. there were at many as 34 tornadoes between tuesday and wednesday spanning across seven separate states. that number could go up with the national weather service out again today assessing damage reports. ♪ mary did you know >> and high school students sang christmas songs after a tornado warning forced them to take shelter. and jennifer young's family had just moments to cover before the tornado struck near them. >> i screamed at my husband saying there is a tornado coming, there is a tornado coming. get the kids. so we grabbed the kids and we
8:23 am
run to the bathroom. >> about 30 seconds later, kaboom. everything hit. >> alabama's governor set to tour the damage today including the tiny town of rosa lee where an ef-2 tore through the middle of the night between tuesday and wednesday destroying a huge part of the town. three people killed in a mobile home park there. jacob rascon joining me from the site of where that toward struck. jacob. >> reporter: yeah, so as understand, the governor is expected to be out here and several other areas later today. he's declared a state of emergency in alabama. we had a wide area in jackson county that was hit have i hard. this used to be one of the grocery store plazas in the area, the only one. and it's completely demolished. i'm standing where there was a roof 10 feet high, they had a convenience store, this area is where the owner actually lived. it was his little apartment. this bed is where he was sleeping when the tornado hit.
8:24 am
he remembers crawling out from under all of this rubble to survive. around the corner is where there were a couple of mobile homes that were tossed across the highway. a few of the people in those mobile homes were killed, they are three of the five confirmed to have died. the other two live in tennessee where they lived in tennessee, it's a volunteer firefighter and his wife that were also inside of a home when a tornado hit. as we walk up on it, i'll show you this trailer was way back there, it was tossed over here. if you go over, if we pap to the left, you can see the roof of what was the shopping center that has been pulled all the way over there. the ef-2 came through right where we are. it was on the ground for about 1.7 miles. and only a minute and 48 seconds i believe it was. so the tornado threat is gone, but dozens of families are out just picking through what is left over.
8:25 am
there are several people still in the hospital. there is a woman cynthia and her 4-year-old grand so that wson w the mobile home, they're still recovering in the hospital. so this story is just beginning for dozens of families in this area and as you mentioned other states where tornadoes also hit. tamron. >> thank you very much, jacob. let's bring in bill karins to talk about what happened and what could be in store for people in areas of focus. >> let's give you the update on the fires in the southeast. this is as of this morning. remember, we just had two days of heavy rain and we still have 16 large incident fires from kentucky through the smokeys here, southern appa lay shans between teen continue see and north carolina and a few in alabama 14 are uncontained fires. they don't have full containment on those. the one that caused all the problems near gatlinburg was the chimney tops two fire, that is
8:26 am
at 0% containment. and the estimated containment of that fire is not until december 20th. so those firefighters, about 300 of them on the ground right now, they're hoping by christmas to have that fire fully contained. and the forecast over the next three days doesn't have any rain in the forecast, but the winds are light, west at 10, west at 5 on friday, temperatures are kind of low here. so that is not really a concern for firefighters with any high fire growth in the area. we also just got the new drought monitor in for the region. and we are still this dark red, this is the exceptional category. yes, we did get some rain, but it wasn't enough to take us out of the trodrought. we need more. and we will get another one. we're dry through saturday. and then sunday and monday, here is the rainfall forecast. notice the fire is located on the map. blue is another 2 inches of rain possible down here in central alabama and georgia. 3 to 4 inches possible to the north near gatlinburg, it looks a little lighter. but still another inch possible by the time we go through the
8:27 am
fwiping ing beginning of next week. so the firefighters love it, cooler temperatures and light winds and then the rain events every three or four days. so mostly good news on the fire front. >> thank you very much. happening on capitol hill, elizabeth warren fighting a wage war you might say. she's joined by senator chuck schumer and other senate democrats, a news conference happening. you see the labor department has a new overtime rule, was supposed to go in to effect today, but it was blocked by a federal court last week. it would have made an estimated 4 million more workers eligible for overtime pay heading in to the holiday season. it is one of several regulations by the obama administration that the incoming trump administration has spoken out against. joining me now fromo'donnell. obviously elizabeth warren is using twitter to go after him about the cabinet selections and as well as the ongoing battle
8:28 am
over pay. >> reporter: that's right. she has found a way to make those 140 characters available on twitter really count. and she has waged that war. and this is really about trying to deal with an issue that lifted up donald trump during the campaign and it's one that elizabeth warren has also been fighting on behalf of and that is the middle class. at what point do workers top out on overtime pay? the department of labor had set that level at about $47,000. so if you're below that point, you're eligible for overtime pay as long as you're not in a white collar job. well, this texas judge put a stop to that and there is an argument under way because republicans are saying that in a time of slower economic growth, this is the kind of regulation that can have a reverse effect. giving employers an incentive to not give employees enough hours to trigger this new rule. democrats are saying this is exactly the kind of thing that voters around the country were talking about, a way to get
8:29 am
middle class wages to keep up with the types and to help people who are doing the hard jobs around the country a chance at more money in their pockets. so this is going to be a classic battle line that we will see. elizabeth warren is a big face of this and chuck schumer today who will be the incoming senate leader also talked about the fact that donald trump should be hearing this message and should be willing to work with democrats to try to resolve this. >> and on that note, let's listen into the message democrats are sending to trump. >> -- that is what was going to happen today. today we were going to come together and celebrate. but instead, the lawyers and the lobbyists for the corporate sponsors swooped in and persuaded a court to stop p it. and now all those people will keep right on working those hours without an extra nickel of pay. now, every day out on the campaign trail president-elect
8:30 am
donald trump said he would take on the rigged system in washington, d.c. and he would make sure that washington worked for hard working americans. so now it goes to donald trump to make good on his campaign promise. you know, he can appeal this court decision or he could ask his friends in congress right now, the republicans who run the senate and the p republicans who run the house simply to pass a law to make every one of those people eligible for overtime. i think we could get that passed in a hurry. if donald trump -- >> we're listening in to senator warren challenging president-elect trump in her words to call on his friends on the republican party to stand behind this overtime rule that was supposed to go into effect today but was blocked by federal court last week. it would have made an estimated
8:31 am
4 million more workers eligible for overtime pay. we'll continue to follow the latest developments from capitol hill and bring you more of what democrats are saying directly to the president-elect about this issue. and next up, human shields. 2,000 veterans are headed to the dakota pipeline protests. they say to protect the activists as officials try to push them out. we'll talk with one of the organizers at standing rock to at the ti get the latest. and buzz aldrin has been evacuated from antarctica for a medical emergency. we'll have the latest. look at this... a silicon valley server farm. the vault to man's greatest wonders... selfies, cat videos and winking emojis. speaking of tech wonders, with the geico app you can get roadside assistance, digital id cards... or even file a claim. do that.. yeah, yeah that should work. it's not happening... just try again. uh, i think i found your problem. thanks.
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we have new details in the hunt for two woman who allegedly abducted a mom and held her for three weeks. the victim's husband speaking out this morning. she screamed so much, she said she was coughing up blood from the screaming trying to get somebody to stop. and again, just another sign of
8:35 am
how my wife is so wonderful, she's saying maybe people aren't stopping because i have a chain it looks like i broke out of prison, so she tried to tuck in her chain under her clothes. >> gatti schwartz is this redding, california where he's been following the investigation. what is the latest from there? >> reporter: well, fortunately this morning we have a better idea of what her kidnappers may have looked like. is he h she provided an updated description to investigators. meanwhile, there are more questions about a possible motive for this horrendous crime. one week after mother of two sherri papini was found chained and beaten on the side of this northern california road, authorities release new clues about the two hispanic women suspected of abducting her at gunpoint near her home. >> she related that both of the subjects spoke in spanish, the
8:36 am
majority of the time of her captivity. further, the suspects concealed their faces in an attempt to hide their identities from her. >> reporter: in interviews with investigators, papini was able to provide only basic details about her kidnappers. one woman was younger with long curly hair, pierced ears an thip aye produces. the other older with graying straight black hair and thick a eyebrows. she was badly beaten, 45hair chopped off and branded by her captors. >> she was bound, she had a chain away her waist, a bag over her head. her left hand was in the vehicle chained to something. >> reporter: still unknown say investigators the motive for her kidnapping. >> is there any indication that this is cartel representlated o
8:37 am
trafficking? >> we don't have any specific information. >> reporter: but bill garcia has his suspicions. he worked with the papini family but isn't involved with the investigation. as a veteran of human trafficking cases, he believes papini's has the tell tale signs. >> i suspect from the injuries, beatings, cut hair, the chains and branding, indicate that it was most likely one of these sex trafficking groups. >> reporter: detectives are now working with a sketch artist as they compare papini's case to others in several states. her path to healing just beginning with her family by her side. sherri papini told investigators that the women would took her were driving a dark suv, so investigators have been taking surveillance video from the area where she was abducted and showing that to sherry pa pe pennsylvania pea any hoping that
8:38 am
she will recognize it. so they are hoping for a major break in the case. >> all right. thank you very much. turning now to new doichlts at the site of the take company take pipeline protests. an organized group of more than 2,000 u.s. veterans have started to arrive what they call a human shield to protect the he protesters who have been gathering at the site since the summer. their arrival comes just days before monday's federal deadline for activists to leave and will happen on the heels of north dakota's law enforcement decision to back away from plans to cut off supplies to the camp. they were calmed you recall two weeks ago, they fired tear gas at the protesters. the 172 mile pipeline project runs from north dakota to illinois, mostly complete. it was delayed back in september so that the u.s. army corps of engineers could reexamine
8:39 am
in-permiin permits that would allow construction under the missouri river. joining me is an organizer with indigenous rising, one of the groups protesting the pipeline. thank you so much for joining me. >> thank you for having me on. >> you can tell me what the conditions are like right now? >> right now the camp, we're going about our daily basis. it's a community here. there are about # 4,000, 5,000 people. we just came out of a winter storm. and everybody is pretty excited about the vets that will be coming in. some are already on the ground, so we have been meeting and greeting and talking about how that will work out. and actually the weather worked in our favor. it was the first time in months that we didn't have helicopters and airplanes continually circling the camp. >> and as i mentioned, some 2,000 veterans have reached out.
8:40 am
who coordinated this effort, how did it happen and as you well know, there has been criticism, plenty of it directed at the media and i think rightfully so about the lack of coverage here. but the vets coming has seemingly helped you guys get the attention that you want. >> yeah, i think so. it was kind of an effort that trickled in on their own and doing their own reports back about the camp and the way we were pretty much under attack here. and being seen in what look like a war zone when we're here on the ground, it's undescribable going up against fully armed riot police, military personnel, military lrap and mrap in front ever us. and so i think vets started to see that this is not something that should be happening in the united states. and so they started organizing on facebook and social media,
8:41 am
started reaching out to us here at the camp with the indigenous environments network and then local representatives such as phyllis young, some of our women elders here, and reached out to wes clark sr. to help him organize getting more vets here. if started out with with 400 actually that said yes, 400 of us will come and that was about a week and a half ago. and in that time, we are up to 2,000. >> what happens monday when the deadline approaches? >> nothing. we will be here. we will continue to be here at the camp. they have already sort of rescinded their statements saying that they will not be using the police force or national guard to remove water protectors from this site. and it was originally just absolutely ridiculous because the state and governor of the state do not have authority on the federal land. and army corps of engineers has
8:42 am
been in the talks. so for them to say go back to the reservation which is where the free speech zone was is completely ridiculous and offensive. >> kandi, you will be joined by several thousand u.s. veterans who say that they want to form this human shield as this dead lie approaches on monday. thank you so much for joining us. and we hope to speak with you tomorrow. >> i hope so, too. follow along. we have an international peace ceremony with the vets on the 5th and there is a pow wow on the 6th. so it's so much more than just the shield here. we will be meetinged a free throw and greeting and working with them together. >> thank you so much. and we're also monitoring an emergency medical situation involving famed astronaut buzz aldrin. he was evacuated from the south pole this morning after his health deteriorated. he's now in stable condition on his way now new zealand for
8:43 am
care. and donald trump is leaving trump tower for his so-called thank you tour. he will be flying to indianapolis to face potentially more questions about the deal he says he struck with carrier to save 1,000 jobs. we'll talk to an employee from the carrier factory where donald trump will be later this afternoon. and what it means for workers there. and nancy pelosi holds on to power as house minority leader. we'll have more on her mission in the coming year and why our team says this could be the most important story that you've heard today. the war over medicare. that is coming up in our daily briefing. ♪
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bill assumed his mayo was the best choice. assume nothing. unlike hellmann's, kraft real mayo spreads on smoother and still has no artificial flavors. no wonder the holidays taste so good. we have live pictures of donald trump's plane as he makes his way to indianapolis. there he will tout a deal that will reportedly save nearly
8:47 am
1,000 jobs at the carrier air conditioning plant. joining me now, robin maynard, he's worked at that plant in indianapolis for 24 long years. he voted for trump and we're happy to have you on. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> what have you will heard regarding this deal? have employees been privy to more than the media about what happened here? >> i think they have been. i've done several interviews myself and some other people have done interviews along side of me. i haven't been back in the factory since the announcement was made the other day. but we're all expecting president-elect trump to show up and give us the updates on the new proposal that he's come up with talking with the carrier company and just hope everything works out in our favor and, you know, moving along from there. >> you say you hope it works out in your favor.
8:48 am
do you know the status of your job, will your job likely be saved? >> senior-wise, my job is -- i'm 150 from the top of the seniority list. so my job is saved. it's the other people, i'm not sure -- i know there are 1400 of us in there. i keep hearing about 1,000 people's jobs have been saved. so i don't want to see anybody lose their jobs at all. but, you know, we have to give and take on both sides. and when you're looking at losing 1400 jobs versus 400 jobs and retaining 1,000, i think that is a pretty good ratio of jobs being kept off this deal. >> i know that you mentioned the give and take here. but if part of the giving means that you will see pay or benefit cuts, do you see that as a
8:49 am
positive improvement for your life and you? >> it depends on how much of a pay cut they -- if there is it a pay cut there, how much took away from us. like i said, we don't know anything yet. and my prayers are hoping that they left everything alone and maybe used the government contracts and some other stuff as leverage against the company to retain the jobs here. so i'm all right with a couple dollar an hour cut, but if it has to go down farther than that, it wouldn't be a real good situation for a lot of us. because lot of people in there are two income families, husbands and wives both work there. there is also, you know, uncles and nieces and aunts and everybody right down the road from all that. >> so if it's more than as you pointed out i think right now you earn almost $24 an hour, if you cut back a lot more from that and carrier gets this tax
8:50 am
incentive or tax breaks, how would you process that for the company to get something and you lose more than you need to do y that's a senior in high school. >> correct. it would be hard to process if it was a big chunk of money off our hourly pay. but on the good side of, that i do have a job. i don't have to go out and look for a job. and, you know, hitting the streets and, you know, and not have one to go to every day. so, it's -- it's a win/loss situation on both sides. like i said, i'm hoping it's not a big cut in pay. if there's a cut there, so, yeah, it would hurt on the pocket a little bit. but yet, i still have a job and i have somewhere to go to every
8:51 am
day to at least keep the roof over my family and food on our table. >> robin mayer, thank you for joining us. >> appreciate it. let me bring in senior political producer mark murray. you heard the interview. we aren't sure of all the details but it appears a package was put together to incentivize carrier to stay. this would have been on a state level, not a federal level. but this is the working man and woman's issue here. so, this company potentially could see some incentives but someone like robin, what we refer to as our working middle class, he could end up going back to work, yes, getting a check, but less than what he's expecting. >> yeah, it was a fascinating interview you just had there. we still don't know the details. including what these workers are going to make, if they're having any pay cut at all. what i found interesting is the appeal you have to donald trump, particularly in states in the
8:52 am
midwest, like in indiana, where you ended up seeing that your guest wanted someone to stick it to carrier, for the government -- even if donald trump were using the leverag of federal contracts, even some tax incentives to keep these jobs, that that would be mission accomplished, but then again we need to get to the details. is he going to have less pay? what else was in there? that all remains to be seen. >> absolutely. this notion of sticking to carrier, looking at some of the analysis, carrier may come out a winner here. it's the opposite when he's on the campaign trail saying, you're going to pay for this. you are going to have to put some skin in the game, carrier, and stay in this country and the deal not be that and someone like robin, who makes about $24 an hour, gets, you know, the short end of the stick. >> yeah. tamron, i struck -- usually you have public policy that goes to try to reform industries or business as a whole.
8:53 am
this is the first time i can remember where a president-elect is going in to an individual company and trying to actually have some type of changes. we're not talking about an industry or business as a whole. to me, this is fascinating. >> it is fascinating because the other companies looking to move out of this country, do they send their leaders, their ceos to say, hey, we want the same deal and just the trickle-down of this and where the man and woman who works at this factory, how they ultimately end up affected by this. thank you for responding to. shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you.
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thank you so much for watching this hour. we greatly appreciate it. i'll be back tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. we're turning things over to "andrea mitchell reports" live from newton, massachusetts. >> hi, tamron. right now, victory lap. president-elect trump returning to the rust belt and to promote his agreement to save jobs at the indiana carrier plant from moving to mexico. but what did indiana's governor, trump's vice president, have to promise to close that deal? >> i'll be happy. i mean, the kids will be having a good christmas and we won't have to have that worry of, daddy won't have his job. >> we need to know what's behind it. we need to know if there's anything that's going to be asked of the union. you get used to waiting for the shoe to drop. wall street cabinet remembered trum


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