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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  December 2, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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i'm hallie jackson at msnbc headquarters in new york. today it is all about election contention. republicans pushing to pump the brakes on the recount effort in wisconsin and michigan. then there's more fallout from the emotional eruption between senior members of the trump and clinton campaigns at a harvard conference. >> do you think i ran a campaign where white supremacists had a platform? are you going to look me in the face and tell me that? >> it did, kellyanne, it did. >> a former nfl player is dead, potentially a victim of road rage. the suspected shooter in the case has just been released. why? we'll explain. in north dakota today, military veterans join the thousands of people already protesting the dakota pipeline with the deadline to get out getting closer. we'll take you there live. first we start with politics and our team of correspondents on the ground. msnbc's kelly o'donnell on capitol hill. hans nichols at the white house and kristen dahlgren in manhattan. i want to start with you, kelly.
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there is action on the hill today with a newly elected house minority leader nancy pelosi answering questions here. [ inaudible [ inaudible ] >> reporter: i'm sorry, i thought we were going to hear from nancy pelosi. she went through a difficult re-election and is taking questions from reporters now. one of the points she made is she says democrats are coming together after their fractious vote for leadership. and will be unified. she points out they are now in a different position with president obama in office. they were a part of the administration in the sense of being of the same party. they were partners in that way. now they will be the opposition party. therefore she says unity is essential. that's important for trying to bring the team together. as you know, there's been a move within the democratic ranks to say new leadership, perhaps younger leadership should be
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elected in part because they have had a series of house seat losses over the last couple of elections. is that time to change things? not for the moment. she won enough votes to remain in charge of the democrats in the house. her team is now assembled. she will have a different strategy going forward. not trying to support the sitting president as she has with barack obama on most issues. now it will be the loyal opposition. that will be a change. it will be a real challenge for nancy pelosi. she's done it before when george w. bush was in office. it's kind of a new time for democrats who, as the minority party in the house, that can be a tough place to be. being sort of the counter weight to the white house will be a role she can step into. some of that won't happen on the house floor legislatively but it will be about the messaging trying to tell the story from the point of view of democrats going forward. hallie? >> we'll talk more about that on the dnc side later in the show. hang tight.
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i want to talk about retired general james mattis. i want to start with hans nichols. we heard donald trump come out and announce his pick in a surprise moment in cincinnati where we were at last night. today, what are you hearing now from members not only of the military community but the national security community as well. if mattis is confirmed as secretary of defense this could make for an interesting dynamic on that side of things. >> his reputation especially in the marine corps is sterling. it's also a little bit irrelevant. the main issue is will he get votes in the senator for a waiver to the 1947 law. earlier today we heard from senator carden hinting he could not support it. senator gillibrand was the first to come out. it seems to me yes, mattis is a brilliant military strategist, the mad dog, the warrior, full of intellectual insights. it seems to me he would
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recognize he's at a tactical disadvantage on the battlefield of the united states senate. all the other votes require 50 for confirmation. changing the rules, getting the waiver is a 60-vote threshold. i want to toss it back to kelly. she's more insightful on capitol hill than i am at the white house. >> humble as always. he's teeing you up nicely, kelly. what are the chances mattis gets through the confirmation process? >> reporter: what i have been hearing since his nomination has become public and it is a multi step process that would apply only to mattis because the only position in the cabinet you cannot have the retired military background within a certain number of years is secretary of defense. the house of representatives gets to play a role here. they would be the ones to begin the process to create sort of a waiver is the common term. it will be known legislatively
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as something different to say the specific law that bars anyone other than a civilian from the pentagon would not apply only to james mattis. he would be able to go forward. the house would do it. the senate would have an opportunity to vote. then the normal confirmation process where there would be the hearings and a full senate vote presuming he would get out of committee. that's widely expected. he enjoys far-ranging bipartisan support. but there are people who think the waiver idea sets a bad precedent. it's only been done once before in the truman years with general george marshall. it is unusual to take this step because of his personal relationships on the hill there is an expectation he can get through it. it won't be easy. it won't be something that won't be part of the conversation. this issue of should congress make an exception, that will be talked about in the weeks and months to come. it is expected that even with some opposition to that he has
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such a good reputation that it would be more likely than not that he would be confirmed. we don't want to get ahead of the process. it will be different to watch. that's interesting from is civics point of view of what we do here. hallie? >> so as promised, hans, say he's able to get through the confirmation process and ends up as secretary of defense. there could be discussion about his ability perhaps to temper or blunt, for example, the rise of other influences on donald trump coming from, say for example some of his national security team. are you getting a sense of that in the conversations you're having with members of the military community, members of the national security community? >> no. the conversations and really the evidence we have is that so far mattis has been able to change trump's opinion, particularly on waterboarding and torture. that's the main evidence we have there. on this idea of too many generals in the white house, in some ways or in the cabinet. in some ways the mattis nomination actually tells us
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general petraeus's star might have dimmed a little bit because it will be difficult to stock the administration with a lot of generals. right now we have general flynn. remember, he had three stars on his shoulder. he will be down the street in the corner office as the national security adviser. then you have a former four-star marine at defense. hard to see how you can put petraeus there as well. at least optically. one other note on this, mattis is a former marine. last we checked this is the first former marine to lead the defense department. the current defense chief of staff also a marine. biggest cheers you hear are the u.s. marine corps down on capitol hill. 8th and i. >> we are talking about general petraeus named as potentially in the mix for the position of secretary of state, one of the contenders for the job. as you're talking about it is possible he's falling a little bit out of favor or less likely to get the pick. i want to go to kristen dahlgren at trump tower. the trump transition team is
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saying they are not going to name probably secretary of state this week. they are talking about any big announcements coming likely after the weekend. we are seeing new developments on that front, right? >> yeah. so we are trying to read the tea leaves as is everyone else. we heard from kellyanne conway talking about four names. general petraeus, mitt romney has been talked about widely as a potential secretary of state nominee. also rudy giuliani and then you've got senator corker. so continuing to keep all four of those names, attempting to keep all four of the names in the mix they go through today. not expecting announcements, but the president-elect did say expect big league announcements next week. >> who are we seeing in and out today? i think we expect heidi today? >> she'll be in later today. we did see senator david purdue
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going in and out earlier today. he said when speaking to the media after coming out his role really will be in the senate and pushing forward this hundred-day agenda. he did say he spoke with the president-elect about his cousin sonny purdue who is up for a post. we saw a former defense secretary robert gates go in. he didn't answer questions. when asked about general mattis as defense secretary he definitely gave a big thumbs-up as he was going in. also we saw florida attorney general pam bondi going in earlier. she's a staunch trump supporter. former u.n. ambassador john bolton also expected in later today. a busy day of meetings here at least. >> kristen dahlgren at trump tower, not far from where we are. kelly o'donnell on capitol hill. thank you very much. today we are asking you this microsoft pulse question. top trump and clinton aides as you have been hearing about traded barbs at a harvard
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post-mortem election forum. is it time to get over the election and move on? head to we'll talk more about the fiery back and forth coming up in the show. the bad feelingsfestering still after the election. whose fault is it? that's up for discussion and the daily debate. first president-elect trump rejecting globalization, calling on companies to bring jobs back to the u.s. so how does that play into our relationship with other countries? we'll ask former mexican president fox after the break. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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in 50 days. it is very clear where he stands on globalism and u.s. jobs. just look at what he said about the carrier plant and at his rally in cinci. >> there is no global anthem, no global currency, no certificate of global citizenship. we pledge allegiance to one flag and that tlag is the american fl flag. a clear rejection from the president-elect. you see him. vicente fox. >> thank you from mexico. >> one mexican economic official, we want to talk about the carrier deal in the last 48 hours or so. he said globalization isn't going to end with mr. trump. the united states cannot and will not isolate. it is not possible. what's your reaction to the deal
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struck to keep about 1,000 jobs in the u.s. instead of sending them to mexico. what message does it send to mexican leaders. >> we hear contradictory messages. one side, yes, we hear about globalization is here to stay. all economies are related, each and every one with the other. then with donald trump we hear first populism. his messages are addressed to his audiences, not to the people in the united states. he's just a marked man and that kind of message is populist demagogue. we need to have clarity. we need to hear from trump what is the real position. one clear message was the case of carrier.
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he force d carrier to keep the jobs in the united states. somebody that does not understand the economy decides to manipulate the economy. >> carrier agreed to this. carrier got $70 million in tax incentives essentially in order to keep the jobs in indiana. >> i don't know how much money he has in his pocket. if he's distributing $7 million to convince everybody to follow his position he's going to want to raise a lot of money or use a lot of taxpayer money to comply with. everybody now is going to be requesting the same amount in
10:17 am
the states. i don't think he can afford it. the worst part of this is carrier accepting this small incentive again sacrificing the competitiveness because now samsung which manufactures same things as carrier, in germany, same thing. they are going to be laughing and very happy with it happening. now they can do much better in the u.s. market. which will force trump to go to the next incentive or the next which is, okay, now i'm going to tax samsung and bose and all imports to the united states. further he will associate. the economy doesn't deal with a demagogue and an awe
10:18 am
authoritarian government that without going through congress he's enforcing to the corporation. he's not going to work. >> you say he's imposing his will and you have been one of his toughest critics before the election. you called him essentially an illegitimate candidate. voters put him in the american people raised their voices to say who they wanted in the white house. would you recommend to people you speak with to work with president-elect trump? are your feelings changed? >> one comment about him in office.
10:19 am
>> at this point it's irrelevant. he'll be taking office in january. >> we accept that. we cannot do anything. when you say american people elected him, yes. 25% of american people. because only 50% of american people went to the. out of that he got only 50%. at the very end his constituency. his support, his legitimacy is coming from 25% of the people. >> does that make him less legitimate in your view. >> -- said nothing different. 75% think different. they think we should have the other way of doing the same
10:20 am
things. for instance, instead of a wall congress presented an integrated bill in relation to migration that we all would accept and that would be wise, intelligent. it would be the way to go. >> he said he wants to build the wall. he reiterated that within the last 24 hours at his rally in cincinnati that he wants the wall to happen. it will happen. you heard his supporters coming out today saying it's a great idea. it sounds like that's not going to -- at least a pledge to build the wall isn't going to change. >> that's right. we hear something the other day. we hear something else. with the people that elected him. yesterday we get excited. they just promised, say things that a former president should not say.
10:21 am
he's there to make a solid u.s. economy. there to take the best decision in this case i take the example of carrier air conditioning. that's not the way to go. are they waiting for trump's call when they have the experience of having gone broke? taxpayers in the united states have to rescue them. paying a huge amount of money. they only became competitive when they were not for corporations. otherwise the same would apply to carrier. if they don't build
10:22 am
competitiveness they will go broke. >> okay. we have to leave it there. >> i'm sorry to cut you off. thank you very much. i appreciate you joining us. pint made. former mexican president fox. thank you very much for joining us from skype, from your home in mexico. appreciate it. >> gracias. >> we'll look at an apparent case of road rage turning deadly. why did new orleans police release a man who shot a former football player without charging him? our mission is to produce programs and online content for african women as they try to
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10:26 am
turned over his gun at the scene. they say mcknight didn't have a gun at all. we have msnbc's jacob rascon who is covering the case. chief legal correspondent ari melber looking into it. jacob, what do we know about the suspect? >> reporter: the latest is the sheriff and d.a. are now consulting with each other inside the sheriff's office behind me. ? a half hour they would discuss what charges if any would be brought against ronald gasser, the suspect they say admitted to shooting and killing joe mcknight. yesterday the details are murky about what led up to the shooting. the sheriff's department said for sure that these two were parked next to each other after a road rage incident, argued and joe mcknight was shot standing outside of his car. when police arrived, the suspect was still there. he handed over his weapon. he was brought here, questioned
10:27 am
for hours. they thought there wasn't a reason to hold him. that doesn't mean the charges could not be forthcoming. the d.a. and sheriff are consulting with each other now. >> we'll monitor that. ari, i want to pick up on something. that's the question. he was questioned for hours. then allowed to go to walk. right? you have folks like the naacp representative who are upset about that. >> right. the situation seems clear cut. you have one individual shot to death. the other individual with a weapon speaking to the officers. legally it won't matter if it happens within five hours, two or 48 if there is a certifiable process. we have every indication there will be. our legal unit just got off the phone in jefferson parish.
10:28 am
they said we will consult to make a decision as to what if any charges to file. we are trying to decide what charge fits the crime. the key point is what charge fits the crime suggests to us they are looking at significant charges rather than no charges. >> they haven't announced that. obviously understandable that anyone close to the victim or the victim's family would want to knee as soon as possible. i will say there is a duty here for the sheriff's office and d.a. to work through the investigation and the available evidence to figure it out. >> if they have advanced knowledge, targeting, intentional pursuit and killing all the way down to something as low in the case of a killing as manslaughter. again we know the ending but we don't know the beginning and middle. nor do we know what kind of supplemental evidence they have.
10:29 am
what was the interaction in one witness said mr. gasser was basically the aggressor and also was swearing and menacing him in his language after. that's one eyewitness account. we don't know if there would be video nearby. this would be for a crime of this nature. this would be a full investigation. >> is there reporting on what ari is talking about -- the events leading up to the moment? the beginning and middle if we think the police know the end? what happened before that? >> so frankly it's murky. there are different witnesses who say different things. there are those that if it turns out what the witness said wasn't true, we'll see if that case. but there are those who say he stood over this person and said i told you not to mess with me and he shot him.
10:30 am
if that's the case we'll let them say what they are going to say. it's easy enough to say there are conflicting witness reports about what happened. >> we'll see what will happen in this case. apparently road rage. we want your thoughts on our microsoft pulse question. we have been asking you about the face-off between trump, clinton and a post-mortem election forum. we want to ask if it's time to start the healing process. here's what you are saying. if you take a look. here we go. 96% say no, not time to get over the election. 4% say yes. that's quite a lopsided result. still time to weigh in. pulse. we want to know what i don't think. coming up, a look at day three of jury deliberations in the
10:31 am
case of the south carolina police officer accused of killing an unarmed black man. we are watching for an update. and more than 2,000 veterans expected to form a human shield at the do ca dakota pipeline. we are headed there live. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a rodent ride-along. [dad] alright, buddy, don't forget anything! [kid] i won't, dad... [captain rod] happy tuesday morning! captain rod here. it's pretty hairy out on the interstate.traffic is literally crawling, but there is some movement on the eastside overpass. getting word of another collision. [burke] it happened. december 14th, 2015. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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happening now in san bernardino, a number of memorial services on the one-year anniversary that killed 4 peo e peop -- 14 people and hurt 22 others. we have details on the deadly tennessee wildfires. officials are confirming 13 people were killed. search crews are still looking for dozens of others still
10:35 am
reported missing. firefighters now only have control of about 10% of that big wildfire. yes, it has been rainy. but that hasn't helped much, at least not yet. in minnesota, the nation's big e shopping center is getting more diverse this year. for the first time, a black santa claus will grant children's wishes at the mall of america. you're looking at larry jefferson, a retired army vet who will appear as st. nick donning the other hat for himself. he's already completely booked for his four-day stint at the mall. the santa experience co-owner wants to make sure santa is for everyone. turning now to charleston, south carolina. a jury now is in the middle of the third day of deliberation to determine the fate of former police officer michael slager who is charged with fatally shooting walter scott, an unarmed man fleeing a traffic stop. gabe gutierrez joins us. listen, i understand in the last few minutes the jury is returning to the courtroom for
10:36 am
questioning. >> reporter: hi, good afternoon. within the past few seconds we learned the jury is headed back into the courtroom. that can be a question, something else. we don't know at this point. what we can tell you is there's been a lot of speculation here on the ground over the past few hours as to whether deliberations are going. late yesterday the jury came back with a pointed question. they asked what was the legal difference between fear and passion. why is that important? well, today the judge said he couldn't tell them. basically, you know, not taking the bait and answering the question. why is that? well, the jury had several options before them now. they can choose a guilty verdict on murder. they could choose a guilty verdict on voluntary manslaughter or come back with a not guilty verdict. the fourth option is a mistrial, hung jury and they go home essentially. the difference between voluntary manslaughter, the second option, and the third option not guilty,
10:37 am
has to do with how the jury interprets the difference between fear and passion. the argument for voluntary manslaughter is michael slager shot scott in the heat of passion and in a moment of passion. if the jury goes that way they come back with a guilty verdict on voluntary manslaughter. if they believe what slager said that he was in total fear for his life during the encounter they could come back with a not guilty verdict. that's the question right now. they have been deliberating at this point for more than 12 hours over three days. this is a jury of 11 whites and one black man. now that everyone here at the courthouse is awaiting to see what the latest question might be from the jury, again, within the past few minutes we have learned the jury is headed back into the courtroom. we'll check on that and keep you posted. >> we'll come back for updates if it happens in the next 24 minutes this hour and later this afternoon on msnbc. thank you very much. fear versus passion. let's go to the standoff in
10:38 am
north dakota where protesters have until monday to leave the camps at the site of the proposed dakota pipeline. far from leaving more are showing up even after a blizzard that dumped a foot of snow to protest as this threat to native american areas. also headed in our own cal perry of msnbc. he joins us on the phone. it is my understanding you're on the road. what are you seeing on the ground driving between the protest locations or getting to the location. >> reporter: we just moved from where the authorities are using as a base camp. it's about five miles from the protest site where i am now. it took us two hours to drive five miles. we had to drive 45 miles around the police check points. there are half a dozen. you mentioned veterans on the way. they have started arriving. a veteran who called himself an ally of the indigenous population said the veterans are
10:39 am
here to stay until, quote, the black snake is dead. that's what they are referring to for the pipeline. they are expected in force on sunday. they are having organizational meetings now about what will take place on monday. the federal government wants everybody off the piece of land i'm on now. the big question is will they actually move on the protesters? the authorities are aware that the optics of that are not good, especially when it makes it on national news and news around the world. we are building up to what could be a big day on monday. >> if they are there for a while, if the veterans are there that are protesting with the other folks that camped out until at least sunday talking about what happens monday, it's 20 below, right? >> yes. on tuesday there will be a cold front and, ha, ha, i'm not from here, it's already freezing. tuesday it will be 20 below zero. it is becoming clear when you talk to the protesters here that what they are going to be
10:40 am
fighting more than the authorities in the long term is the elements. there are six to eight inches of ice packed on this camp. there is no ground here or earth below. you can't move. walking is difficult. firewood is running out. that's a concern for the people here. there are police checkpoints up and down the highway. >> cal perry headed over to that site. thank you very much. we'll check in with you in a little bit. president-elect donald trump taking a trip down memory lane on his thank you tour in cincinnati. is it time to move past the "i told you so" and get back to focusing on the administration? that's next.
10:41 am
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10:44 am
about keith ellison's fight against former dnc chair howard dean to lead the dnc, both speaking in denver to be the running to be the next chairman of the party. lots to talk about with our national political reporter for politico. hi, eli. >> how are you? >> living the dream. especially fresh off the plane from cincinnati for the president-elect's kick off to the thank you tour. you have a piece out. you said it was more to you an i told you so tour. interesting distinction. can donald trump afford that tone setting up the administration moving forward? >> well, ji don't know. he's gotten away with it to this point. you were there. this was sort of whatever you want to see. there is something for everyone. in the act. it's very much what you expect from a president-elect.
10:45 am
he stirred up a chant. needles john kasich. he taunted a supporter. it was a huge spike of the football. several spikes. some people say not very presidential. others say he's doing it all because he really doesn't just want to appeal to the base and keep them with him. >> getting a ton of play today. here's an exchange. we'll listen to it on the other side. >> i am more proud of hillary clinton's alt-right speech than
10:46 am
any other moment on the campaign. >> wow. >> she had the courage to stand up. >> do you think you could have had a decent message for the white working class voters? it's hillary clinton. she doesn't connect with people. they have nothing in common with her. >> we have been talking today about how unusual it is to see this kind of emotion break to the surface and get so feisty at what's typically a more genial discussion. what does that say about bigger picture, where we are as a country and where we are in the political world in this political bubble that folks living in new york and d.c. >> the bifurcation of the country that we have seen as a result of the election. it wasn't limited to the campaign. wasn't just a function of hillary clinton versus donald trump. that was really representative of the politics as a whole. two more or less separate cultures. don't expect that there will be a lot of healing from that in three weeks or 22 days since the election. it will take a long time to really bring the two sides of the country, blue and red
10:47 am
america, together. i don't know peabased on what w saw from donald trump and at the forum that either side are that interested or will be going to do that. there are so many hurt feelings and strong feelings about who we are and what we are as a country. there is so much daylight between the two it will be hard to bridge the divide going forward. >> very quickly in two hours we'll see the candidates for dnc chair speaking at a forum in denver. keith ellison's candidacy appears on the rocks. is he the clear front-runner? >> he has a lot of big name support. does that translate to votes? there are a lot of questions. the outgoing dnc chair held her seat in congress, was controversial. ellison wants to do the same thing. controversy, a lot of opposition, research coming out about him in past statements that he made. he's got a high bar to clear as well. i don't know that we can say there is a front-runner at this point. >> thank you very much for being with us. coming up, more on what we were
10:48 am
talking about. the epic face-off between top aides to the trump and clinton campaigns proving not much changed in three weeks since ending the most divisive campaign in history. who is responsible for jump starting the healing process for the campaigns and the country? breaking it down next. attention: are you eligible for medicare?
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oh, to be the wall as the door shut. you cannot make this stuff up. we are talking about the world of politics and comings and
10:52 am
goings of a lot of people at trump tower and we saw temper flare. >> right now we are on track for a recount. the petition was not found to be in valid. >> yes, we are gearing up before a recount. >> more of the back and forth and you heard flashes of anger on both sides and you heard really nobody is trying to settle it down and saying they're going at each other. the wounds from this election is not healing. the question is who's to blame and who's responsible for trying to bring people together moving forward. joining me now is alicia jordan and former adviser of --let me start with you.
10:53 am
is it incumbent to be gracious to bring the nation together or the losers getting over it and accept the results here, who's responsible for this? >> well, you are asking about the operatives or the candidates? in the case of candidates, the president-elect trump, listen, there is a time for elections which are heated and obviously can get really nasty and there is a time for governing and leading. i think president-elect trump has not grasp that completely. you saw that last night the idea of unify the country is something of a responsibility that falls on him. when it comes to operatives and people on the campaig campaign -- particularly i would say the folks at the clinton campaign all they want but here is the brutal reality, we lost. if democrats, if we are going to get better, we have to learn and
10:54 am
understand what happened and the reality is, it was not trump. trump campaign -- and the lack of having an effective message that not only reached voters that voted for obama twice but helped mobilize new voters of those old obama voters, those are responsibilities of democrats. i can blame and i did trump for all the flaws and falls. we have to learn better. >> in ward sole sergin searchin. elise, what about republicans though? some views him as gloating. >> he should stop and he's on top of the world and now about to be the leader of the free world. he needs to calm down and enjoy the position and what he's going to do to unify the country. there is a lot of raw, nasty
10:55 am
feelings that's out there that needs to be resolved. if we are going to come together, and forged policy solutions make a better country for all americans. >> i want to play a quick mash up from the forum, here. >> will he accept the election results? will you ever accept the election results, will you tell protesters that he's your president, too. >> if he's going to be my president, he needs to show me that white supremacy -- listen, this is getting heated. >> it is nasty, i have been on losing campaigns, it is never fun and those feelings are raw. >> it is never been like this. >> never, no. we never had like an election
10:56 am
like this. there is something kind of a strangely ironic about the fact that you have campaign operatives on both sides and at a forum talking about why they lost an election and we did not do a good job and speaking to middle america or mobilizing those millions of obama voters that voted for him eight years ago. and so, you know, there is no questions that there are racists and people who are not very good who supported donald trump. i cannot change that as an operative. i can try to mobilize and reach out to people who voted for obama and opened to voted for a democrat. >> what's unfortunate of the forum was the headline was that nasty exchange. we all can learn a lot from about the state of america right now and changing demographics and what pollsters really saw. you know joel bennison who was
10:57 am
clinton's strategist, they had an extraordinary conversations that broke down on what was missed this year. >> thank you very much. i got to give you the last word. chris, thank you very much for joining us as well. we are looking ahead, the reason we are cutting in, there is a news conference down in new orleans, this is the story we were talking about earlier. we'll bring it to you, officials talking about that road rage shooting death of a prorunning back joe mcnight, it is said to begin at any moment. stick around. my family tree , i discovered a woman named marianne gaspard... it was her french name. then she came to louisiana as a slave. i became curious where in africa she was from. so i took the ancestry dna test to find out more about my african roots. the ancestry dna results were really specific. they told me all of these places in west africa. i feel really proud of my lineage, and i feel really proud of my ancestry. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story, get started for free at
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welcome back, here is my colleague thomas roberts. >> halie, afternoon to you. a shooting of an


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