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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  December 5, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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morning. they have been in action for a few hours now. >> it is good to know they are back to work there and much work to be done. that's going to wrap up this hour, i am thomas roberts, my colleague kate snow is picking things up. happy monday to you, thomas. >> good afternoon, a pair of big transition headlines out of trump tower this afternoon, ben carson nominated for housing and urban development. al gore in new york, yes, al gore meet with the president elect. last hour sensing of the georgia dad convicted of murder after leaving his 22-month old son will be in life of prison without parole and 32 years for justin ross harris, jurors leave that he left the little boy out to die on purpose.
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>> he's the cop charged with murder for shooting an unarmed black man walter scott, last year. the defense is asking for a mistrial. back in oakland, if you were with us, you saw the breaking news of the devastating warehouse fires there. the front wall of the building was not stable enough for people to get in there. 36 people have confirmed dead. and steve, you were briefing thomas on this. what is the latest now that they could get back in there. what are they working on at this hour? >> reporter: the work again continues with the recovery effort and the arduous task not only pulling in debris out of that warehouse so they are able to get inside there and get back to where they believe people have died and the process of identifying the bodies and
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notifying the next of kin. that process is coinciding with the recovery efforts. they identify a part back in the warehouse that they are going to quarantine for the investigative team to move in separately from the people that are doing the recovery effort because they think they identify where the fire started and the back wall in the warehouse, they believe it started possibly to the first floor and spread to the second floor and to the roof. we heard at a news conference that they'll bring in a large crane. there are so many telephone lines and electrical lines in the area, they have to cut-off power to a lot of people in the area and possibly 500 customers for twelve hours. that's another part of this process part of the recovery effort. we saw excavators drilled holes in large part of the warehouse to get in there. a lot of disruption in the
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business and community and people in the area but obviously, for a good cause, they want to expedite this process as much as probable. it is a slow process particularly with contacting families who are waiting for any sort of word from these officials and investigators on what the status of their loved ones are. 36 dead inside that warehouse and 11 have been identified and ranging in age from mid-20s and 30s and all the way down to 17 years old, we are told that one of the victims was a son of a first responders' sheriff deputy who went inside that house. that 36 number will rise at some point, kate. >> so heartbreaking all weekend long. steve patterson, thank you very much. protesters in north dakota are celebrating after the army core of engineers said they
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would stop construction on that pipeline. protesters say the pipeline is an environmental and cultural threat while proeponents of it say the pipeline will provide jobs and boost the economy. it fully expect of complete construction of the pipeline without any additional rerouting. on speaker, paul ryan, says this is big government decision making at its worst. i look forward to put this anti-energy presidency behind us. >> cal perry is covering this. this maybe short lived because of the in coming trump administration, what are protesters saying about their fight out there? >> reporter: yesterday was a day of celebration for the people who have been in this camp for
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months. today is a different feel here in the camp. you had the trump administration coming in and the press release by the actual company that's billing t building the pipeline. protesters are gone down where the national guards have had their positions for the past few months. the american veterans put themselves at the front line of this protest and behind them were members of the tribe. as you mention a press conference about an hour ago really tried to spread word around the camp that press release has come out and energy company say they were going to continue construction. sort of woke up to that news today and all the hard work they put in would amount to nothing. the press conference here was a way to keep people organized and don't want to lose control of the message and triable elders
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and trying to keep all various groups on the same page. there is so many different tribes and veterans group around the country and you cannot imagine a camp with thousand of people is difficult to -- and the roads around here are impassable. they could not see the national guards on the other side of the bridge is how bad the conditions are. >> cal, stay warm out there and thank you ry much for all your reporting from there. back in new york, a lot is going on at trump tower including what some considered an unlikely visitor, al gore. yes, the former vice president, 2000s cli 2000s climate change activist, here is what al gore said about trump not even two months ago. >> when it comes to the most
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urgent issue facing our country and the world, the choice in this election is extremely clear. hillary clinton will make sol solving the climate crisis a top national priority. very important. [ cheers ] her opponent based on the ideas that she presented would take us towards a climate catastrophe. >> kelly o'donell is joining me right now. >> reporter: actually both, the former vice president tells us he spent a substantial amount of time with president-elect trump and it has been remarkable to watch in the weeks of the election how some of the most fierce adversaries are finding ways to meet and talk and find some common ground.
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al gore had a long history of understanding what it means to win the popular vote and lose the election, it is something he has in common with hillary clinton and has been apart of a contentious election. is there a possible that al gore who is preeminent in the field of understanding climate change and advocating steps to be taken. can they do something together. ivanka thinks that is an issue she can be a public phase at that. >> most of the time it was with president-elect trump, i find it an extremely interesting conversation and to be continued. i am going to leave it at that. >> reporter: so it gives you a sense that kate, by leaving the door open, is there a way he can
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try to influence policies or help to bring experts in. those are some of the things we are seeing where people are bringing in their ideas and life experience and of contact where they bring into the transition team to hopefully in their different lanes and making some impact of influencing policies going forward. that's part of it and some as well is that we have watched the peculati speculation around cabinet picks. i have northwesterned frlearned sources -- one of the most conservative democrats is under consideration for the department of energy and will be meeting with donald trump later this week. plans are in the work to arrange that kind of get together. the news we are learning now that's been developing the last hour or so that this process has moved forward. joe is someone who's from a pole
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country and expertise that he will bring to this. it is not clear if he lines up with donald trump on other idea for energy. here he is a democrats someone that's the former governor of his state in these conversations. what's interesting about joe mansion is that currently, the governor of west virginia is also a democrat. if he will remove from the senate and move in some other type of role from the trump administration, you will get another democrat appointed by the governor. if you look at north dakota, there is a republican governor in that state. senator on the republican side can build their ranks and add to their numbers with the presumption that the republican governor would replace an absent senator. the news right now joe mansion is in the mix. the topic i am told is the department of energy. we'll bring you those details
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n now. >> i am so glad to get that breaking news from you kelly. >> one last note, ben carson, announced today. >> reporter: a physician a surgeon and an expert on many things, a life story that has really ignited the imagination of conservatives around the country. he has such a following because of his own upbringing and over coming a poverty and being a voice. he was in the presidential race and it was sort of unexpected. we were not certain this would be the topic area that would best suit ben carson. i am told that he and donald trump remained throughout the later stages of the season. we are seeing some of the response from senator, we'll confirm his position. some is saying he's not the right fit for housing and urban
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development based on his specific policy ideas as well as his academic background and others are saying he will shape things up and that's what the department needs. >> kelly o'donell. >> tonight chris hayes will be talking one on one with former vice president al gore about his meeting today and about the call to abandoned the electoral college and the dakota pipeline, that's all right here on msnbc. china ease response to chtrump' latest call with taiwan residen residence. >> hillary clinton is easing in to have more time on her schedule. she and husband bill spent their time in new york at west chester county. ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are.
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yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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president-elect trump is shaping things up over seas. trump spoke with the president of taiwan on friday, becoming the first president-elect trump to do so since 1979. today, john huntsman, the former ambassador for china in the running for the serious condition of trump's cabinet. trump's call was a good idea. >> take a listen. >> the u.s. relationship has been tried to talk about before, what is different this time is you got a businessman who's becoming president of the united states who understands real leverage and how to find real leverage in that relationship. ja janice is joining us now in beijing. >> reporter: china has warned donald trump that he's risking
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confrontation in taiwan. the call could mean trouble for u.s. china relations and the u.s. itself. there is a sharpening in tone here officially officials had been happy to veer it more towards the need to protect stable relations between china and the u.s. relations have not been warm or long dispute over things like currency or trade over the south china sea. trump's tweet today over the issues that amplifies -- the foreign minister today officially said that they don't comment on politicians or their penal personalities and they are happy -- here is the growing sense that the call with tie
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juan perha taiwan confirming that this is a new tougher china policy that's beginning to take shape and that means rocky relations ahead for china and the u.s. >> thanks so much, for more i am joined my ambassador nicholas berns. >> mr. ambassador, nice to see you again. >> thank you, it is nice to see you. >> this was not just a congratutory call she made to him. what did you think? was it effective? >> i don't think it was effective. i don't think it was wise. certainly, we have an interest in spobresponsibility to defend taiwan's democracy. we have been doing that.
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i would hope that a trump administration would go forward. this is the number one vital issue that china have put on our plate. we have to have a one policy, we cannot confuse our policy between taiwan and china by not being clear about that. we are going to need the chinese on issues that are arguably more important, stopping north korea's program and china has the greatest deal of influence. president-elect trump needs to calculate the risk in what he's doing. this one was not worth the risk. i have great respect for governor huntsman that this somehow gives us leverage. i don't think it does. >> let me follow up on that. t he continues to attack on china last night on twitter. did china asked us it is okay to
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build a massive military complex in the middle of china sea. i don't think so. he does put china on notice. what's wrong with sending a strong message right off the bat? >> one president at a time. we have a president barack obama until january 20th. he will be better advised to get his secretary of state on board and have discussions. we are competing with china and we should continue to be dominant in the military spear and east asia. we have to have balance in their relationship and donald trump is not getting as far as we know consistent intelligence or diplomatic briefings from the state department or other agencies. he needs to do that d consider why he would want to start off his presidency with perhaps what may grow in the most serious
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crisis with china in 40 years. we should start strong and he should start strong and focus on competing and i hope out competing the chinese and military. it seems to be a little backwards right now. >> lets take a step back for a minute and talk about this phone call and why a phone call would be such a an insult to china. i think people may not know the context here. an analogy would be as if the south succeeded the civil war and someone called and someone in china called jefferson davis of the president of south united states, is that a good analogy, is that kind of attention? >> analogy are always difficult but i would say this. as you know when the chinese civil war ended with the defeat of the nationalists, those nags
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nationalists went to taiwan. richard nixon changed all that and henry kissinger. we accepted the people of beijing as legitimate government of the chinese people. we maintained that ever since. we have a competitive relationship with china. i don't think it is sensible to reopen this issue that president nixon solve for us and it opens a can of worms. it takes away our leverage and does not gain our leverage. it makes it much more difficult to work with china on issues that's vital to our future, north korea and iran. we have a real agenda with china. when you use your leverage against them and when you try to work with them. we are partner and competitor. it does not make sense to start this with a transition. when you don't have your house in in order at trump tower and he clearly does it at this
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point. >> nice to have your perspective today, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> up next, a waiting possible verdict in the trial of the police officer charged in the fatal shooting of walter scott in south carolina. is the jury close to making a decision? we'll go there live in just a moment. can i give it to you straight? that airline credit card you have... it could be better. it's time to shake things up. with the capital one venture card, you get double miles on everything you buy, not just airline purchases. seriously, think of all the things you buy.
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diarrhea and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. we are waiting for a possible verdict out of the jury dl delivering the trial of michael slager for the fatal shooting of walter scott in south carolina. the jury told the judge that a majority of the jury is undecided. gabe gutierrez is joining us now outside of the court. what's happening at this hour. >> hi there, kate, good afternoon. we are looking into the courtroom where the defense attorney from michael slager, was taking issues of some of jury instructions. they were given a few hours ago that the judge says it was not
12:27 pm
his role to define some of these things. the jury was asked some legal specifications that would separate murder verses man slaughter charge and they were asked of self defense applied the same to a police officer as it did to an ordinary person. basically, what we are seeing is this legal wrangling that both sides are having as the jury grappling with difficult questions ch questions. today we saw quite a change and we heard there is one lone jury that sent his note to the judge that he could not good conscious convict slager. as we heard this morning, a majority of jurors are still undecided. the big question is when or how much longer will this jury continue to dleb raeliberate. we are in day four and more than 23 hours so far. michael slager says he fired at
12:28 pm
self defense and he feared for his life and walter scott's family is very tense right now and they feel and are hoping that this lone jury, they hope that jury has a change of heart. the question is how many are leading one way or another. perhaps, there is some convictions. earlier, we had thought that is the previous questions indicated that it was a voluntary man slaughter and that there is one juror sticking by to acquittal. we don't know how much longer they'll be talking this through, kate. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you very much, i want to bring in our detective and director of the eye license. nice to see you again, thanks for being with us. >> good to see you, my pleasure. >> you have been following this case from the beginning and the jury is undecided. your thoughts on whether or not
12:29 pm
they'll be able to come to a decision? >> this is quite from a historical perspective. it seems like the wheel of s justice is turning -- so it is quite predictable. i think anyone in large communities are surprised and shocked and cannot believe that we have been through this before and it is quite predictable unfortunately. we have been looking at some of the numbers since 2005, 78 state and local officers have been charged and 27 convictions and including one murdered conviction and 14 by a jury verdict and 13. you see that number is not that common for officers to be found guilty. what happens if this jury's deadlock, what do you make of that? >> well, the beat go oes on so speak.
12:30 pm
prosecution will put forward the sense that they are going to try the case again. the feds who are standing by and waiting for some break in the action so they can additionally choose to prosecute this case and may come in. all of this is predictable until we get to the point where we have to force law enforcement and police professionals to be fully accountable for their actions and we'll continue to have these kinds of complications and people have to begin to understand that there is an awesome amount of responsibility with special law enforcement and you have to hold those individuals to those standards. you cannot allow people to watch the video we have seen in charleston and change the dynamic and the story booehind . you have to believe that michael slager and his defense team are better illusion than david blaine. >> how do you suggest that be changed and what do you think would make it an effective
12:31 pm
system of justice? >> there has to be able to understanding and acknowledgment that there is implicit biassed of the justice system and a willingness for people and government to commit and decide to go forward with reform ideas where you have the creation of national professional standards for police officers and you have that higher level of counter abili ability. there is an opportunity for them to get off or be excused for. too often what we are finding is that they are engaging in jury nullification and they -- that's very troubling. >> we don't know what's happening behind those closed
12:32 pm
doors right now. mark, it is so good to have you with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. up next, a man armed with an assault rifle opened fire in a popular dc pizzeria, he told police he was there to "self investigate." we'll get to all the details after the break. you are watching msnbc, the place for politics.
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our top story at this hour, an aleppo girl has disappeared on sunday. she reemerged today. she's not claiming to be safe though. her mother signed this tweet, under attack, nowhere to go, every minute feels like death. pray for us, good-bye. nearly a month after election day. governor pat mccory has conceded his bid for reelection against
12:36 pm
roy cooper following a close contentious race. and amazon is trying to change the way you shop. get this, the company is testing a new grocery store in downtown seattle that lets customers walk in and grab food off the shelves without paying or standing in line. the service is called amazon go. if you pick something you don't want, you put it back from the shelves and it is gone. the new store will open to the public early next year. this amp, we are learning more about that shooting inside a washington dc, pizzeria, a 28-year-old gunman entered and fired off an assault rifle on sunday. the shooter claims he was investigating what's known online as pizza gay. this is a fake online theory was
12:37 pm
suggesting the pizza shop was organized by hillary clinton and her campaign. their is what the owner says last night. >> what happened today demonstrates that promoting false and reckless conspiracy theory do come with consequences. i hope those who are involved in this will take a moment to contemplate of what happened here today and stop right away. >> jacob soboroff has been talking to the owner of that i pizza place for the past few weeks. bring people up to speed on the story. it is just a crazy twisting turning story. >> tonight as a matter of fact at that pizza shop in wau washington, d.c., when you hear of that fake story, a child sex slavery organized by hillary clinton. it sounds insane but the fact that the matter is and this is
12:38 pm
as fake as it gets. we should repeat time and time again. millions of people did believe this and one person believed it so much that showed up there in person on sunday and unloaded rounds and into the ground of that pizza shop. this is part of a much bigger problem of fake news and lies that are presented as facts. we saw some of that originated here in california. we saw this incident in washington, d.c. over the weekend. people are making money on online ads based on the clips they are getting on these stories. the consequences is what we should all think about. we saw this man walking in the pizzeria in washington, d.c. and shoot a firearm and some are talking about the outcome of the u.s. presidential election and how fake news are consumed than real news and analysis by buzz bee, there are real life
12:39 pm
implications of fake news being spread online. the question is how can we stop it and the mainstream media help, not to disseminate this type of information but fact-check this information and how are people perceiving this stuff, kate. >> we had some breaking news coming oing in right now. this is the michael slager trial where we were just talking about with our own gabe gutierrez of the trial of the police officer charged of murder and man slaughter of the death of walter scott. lets bring in gabe gutierrez. the jury is back. >> reporter: yes, the jury just came back and sent a note to the judge, their best efforts, they are unable to reach a unanimous decision literally in the past few seconds. the judge has to clear the mistrial in the case. this is something that we had been expecting for some time since the jury returned on
12:40 pm
friday and said they are at a deadlock. again, in the past few seconds, really, the judge declared a mistrial in this michael slager trial. the jury had deliberated for more than 23 hours at this point. this was a case that was watched around the country. they had been choosing between several different options. one was a murder conviction and conviction over voluntary man slaughter or acquittal in the end, they're unable to reach the decision. twelve jurors and eleven white jurors and one black joouror. lets listen into the judge. >> all those issues will be
12:41 pm
addressed. i want to thank for your service, you did good in this case and long deliberations and the longest that i have ever been involved in. it is what it is. madame. >> thank you, judge. >> i am going to do a closing argument. it won't take very long. [ inaudible ] >> i really wish that y'all knew and had something to compare to, your service has been exemplenary. y'all have worked harder and longer and in the more responses
12:42 pm
and responsible. we can tell that by your alertness and promptness. you have been all sources and while i don't mean to down play our under state anyone that together, we were not able to reach a solution. y'all have been here and y'all seen every moment of distraught. don't let somebody from the outside who have not seen and done and heard all that you have. trust me on that. there will be some who'll try. you have sacrificed more than any of your peers have for jury service. there will be another day. the other thing is you probably don't have much compare to, we have been blessed with a good
12:43 pm
shepherd in this trial. we have been so lucky to have our judge and hopefully he will stick around for the next round. there is some federal involvement in this case so what happens next will depend on the court. but, the statistics say that the next jury will look a lot like you and have similar experience as you and similar background as you and because of that -- >> we have been listening to the prosecutors in the case of michael slager, this is the officer charged with shooting walter scott in charleston south carolina. i believe that's scarlet wilson we have been listening telling the jury they should not feel badly about the fact they could
12:44 pm
not come to a conclusion in this case. i want to bring in our ari melber who's been watching this every step of the way. this is exactly what people had feared that this jury is deadlock that they cannot come up with a decision. a majority is still undecided. >> we heard a lot of jury note. this is a huge outcome to a case that riled the community and the dramatic cell phone footage that showed officer slager pursuing walter scott and drawing h is firearm and shooting him in the back as he ran away and appeared to put an object near him which prosecutors argued it was planting evidence. officer slager took the stand and tried to explain his argument and why he felt he was acting in self defense and it was necessary and the danger he felt and the prosecution argued that this was a distraction tactic and the video told the story and the jury should react to the video. >> according to the four person
12:45 pm
who was authorized to the judge that it was 11-1 vote. as you mentioned today after sleeping on it over the week, there was an indication of maybe there is more people undecided. they repeatedly asked for input and legal guidance on whether this was a murder or a man slaughter and according to michael slager, the officer's lawyer, they were seeking for a seek trial. we know this is the outcome they want it. they were not optimistic of not getting a not guilty verdict. they are posturing and in seeking earlier than the jury said it was deadlock, we know that's what they thought they could get as a best deal. two other points when you are looking at this void owideo, th one of the most damming. he appeared at all times to be retreating. >> right now where we could show
12:46 pm
this tape to remind people what we are talking about. this is the video shows him run in the park and being shot. >> in the legal standard, of course, the thing that is jury had to decide of self defense was not an acceptable defense was whether the office's only option was the use of force. the prosecutor said in closing arguments here, there were other options, the officer could have stood still and done nothing. there is more to the tape that he felt endangered that he had to act and we had the dramatic note that they could not convict him on good conscious. what happens when you have a hung jury mistrial. it is up to the prosecutors to decide whether to retry the case. this is brand new breaking news what they would do. the officer always resumed innocent until prucoven guilty d
12:47 pm
they are back in square one. the thing that's familiar to our audience and we have been watching this on television and following online and all the strategies that people look at, they have practiced that, all of twelve men and women who watched this unfold and did hours and hours up to four days of deliberation as and after a mon of trial. that cuts both ways because the defense has an understanding of what may have worked. >> i want to go to some tape that we have of the judge speaking a moment ago. lets see if we can get the right tape. this is the judge speaking in charleston. >> despite the best efforts of all maembers, we are unable to come to a unanimous decision of the state verses michael slager. is that correct? >> yes, sir. >> the court must declare a
12:48 pm
mistrial in this case and i so declare that this case is distridi mistriale mistrial. the jury could not come to a decision and they have deadlock. gabe gutierrez, remind us of the composition and what we know of the jury at this point. we don't know too much of what held them back? >> reporter: yeah, that's exactly right. a couple of points, first we'll get to the jury. as you mentioned or i mentioned earli earlier. this jury is made up of 11 people and one black man. the other jury did not have good conscious to conflict slager. and four person sent a follow note that jurors had an issue. that's highly unusual. we covered many trials before. while the trial is still
12:49 pm
ongoing, but on a separate point, this trial in many ways in charleston around the country was never just about michael slager. this is the latest trial where it brought the issue of race and police tactics and under scrutiny and it may show the difficulty of getting a conviction and charges filed and just recently covering the shooting death of scott and eric garner and also in long island. this is a case that has been watched across the country as ari mentioned. there is still federal secivil rights case. so this case is not over yet. in the long run, it is now of course, the judge think it is a mistrial. the question is will the prosecutor retrial the case.
12:50 pm
>> all right, gabe gutierrez is following all of this for us. thank you very much, we'll be right back after this quick break. ♪ is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event.
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so before the breaking news we were talking about a story out of washington, d.c. yesterday. a shooting at a pizza parlor there. just a few moments ago, donald trump's national security adviser, lieutenant general michael flynn, walked into trump tower. here's the link. his son has spent much of the past few days tweeting about what we were just talking about, about this whole pizza-gate conspiracy theory, which apparently drove that crime, that shooting yesterday in washington. i want to bring in ken vogel. he's chief investigative reporter for politico, and he can help break all of this down for us, ken, because it is a bit confusing to follow the bouncing ball here. so start off with a story that you wrote on politico, incoming national security adviser's son -- the son of michael flynn -- spreads fake news about d.c. pizza shop was the title, the headline of the story on
12:54 pm
politico, talking about michael flynn's son. you did a lot of digging. what's the connection? why was he tweeting about this particular pizza place? >> well, there are a number of donald trump supporters who have been out there sort of pushing this pizza-gate theory, including actually in an earlier version of the theory, michael flynn himself, who tweeted out a link to an earlier version of a story that alleged that hillary clinton, john podesta, her then campaign chairman, and a number of their close advisers were involved in a worldwide pedophilia ring without any evidence whatsoever, again, stressing that point. so we sort of saw a crescendo of this pizza-gate theory up through the election, continuing after the election, and leading, according to some reports as well as a police report, to this guy, this gunman showing up at this comet ping pong pizzeria in northwest d.c. that's at the center of these allegations with a rifle, firing it off. he's since been arrested. after his arrest, michael flynn
12:55 pm
jr., the son of the national security adviser appointee, tweeted out a tweet suggesting that, in fact, pizza-gate is real, continuing to push the theory. other prominent pizza-gate sort of conspiracy theoryists have backed off a little bit. but we see some of the most prominent folks associates with pushing that theory that they believe the gunman who showed up was what they call a false flag. that means someone set up to sort of discredit their theory by showing them to be sort of wildly ungrounded in reality. >> right. one of the sort of strongest proponents of this fake news story, this pizza-gate idea, said that this guy was a paid actor yesterday. the man who walked in with a gun and fired a shot and was later arrested was an actor. again, all of this is not true. these are false accounts. what do you make of the fact that it is driving actual
12:56 pm
action? i mean the pizza shop owner last night was saying if fake news can cause someone to fire off a rifle, we're in a bad place. >> yeah. i mean it's frightening frankly, kate, particularly for us in the media where we work so hard to build up our credibility, to be able to bring the news to people in a way that we're trusted. clearly we were not trusted so much by donald trump supporters during this presidential campaign, and it spawned this whole sort of shadow fake news industry. and when we try to debunk these things now, they don't believe us either. so it's -- >> no, they won't believe this segment. i guarantee. i'm getting tweets probably as we speak. you know, earlier today, it's not just his supporters, it's donald trump himself. he tweeted earlier today, if the press would cover me accurately and honorably, i would have far less reason to tweet. sadly, i don't know if that will ever happen. he's taken to twitter all weekend long. so one kind of bigger picture question, what does the next four years look like covering donald trump on twitter?
12:57 pm
>> well, it's going to be complicated for the press. it's going to be complicated for his administration. we saw already another tweet today about china where some of the folks around him are trying to soft-pedal this call that he took with the taiwanese president. china doesn't recognize taiwan, and the u.s. until now has recognized this one-china policy. so you have donald trump really making it difficult for diplomats here. >> all right. politico's ken vogel, thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thank you, kate. >> we will be right back. see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive.
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that's going to wrap up this hour for me on a busy news day. i'll turn now to steve kornacki. >> kate, thanks for that. good afternoon, everybody. i'm steve kornacki live here in new york. topping our agenda, a mistrial. >> members of the justice, i've received a notice that says, we as the jury regret to inform the court that despite the best efforts of all members, we were unable to come to a unanimous decision in the case of the state versus michael


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