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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  December 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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i'm chrisatthews in washington. a busy day for the trump transition. he announced governor branstad will serve as ambassador. and settle of state remacretary unfilled. in an interview with the "today" show, donald trump said the announcement was coming by next week. and he insisted mitt romney one of his fiercest critics during the campaign was still very much in contention. here he is. >> let me go back to mitt romney. is he still under consideration? >> yes, he is. >> does he have a chance to become secretary of state? >> yes, he does. i've spoken to him a lot and we've come a long way together. we had some tremendous difficulty together and now i thinke've come a long way. but the answeis yes, he does. >> so this isn't about some case of stringing him along as revenge being a dish best served cold for the comments he made during the campaign? >> no, it's not about revenge,
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either the's abo it's about what is good for the country. >> and meanwhile nbc news reported that trump will appoint john kelly to head the department of homeland security. that is a big appointment. and the general will join another retired general, james mad dog mattis who has been tapped as defense department chief. national security adviser also a retired general, michael flynn of course. "new york times" tweeted one person close to trump transition noting all the military folks said it's beginning to look like seven day in may. of course that is a reference to the generals taking over, trying to take over back in the 60s in that novel. for the latest on the transition, i'm joined by hallie jackson outside trump tower. thank you for joining us from that dangerous spot on the corner of 5th avenue. let me ask you about this interesting mix. it's not mix and match, it's generals and billionaires. pretty consistent now. >> reporter: yeah, everybody except for nikki haley. you look at his administration,
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they're all billionaires or former members of the military retired generals. and look at the picks today. you have not just general kelly, but announcing linda mcmahon will head up the small business administration. she also is extremely wealthy. so interesting to watch this play out. it also makes you wonder, you mentioned general petraeus as possible secretary of state, but one has to wonder if trump would pick yet another retired general. >> there must be some concern about the congress because congress has to pass a waiver on this to allow people who served within the has seven years to serve in civilian capacities. maybe they can tie that on as a ryder to a must pass bill. but especially if he names a general like petraeus to the state department, he's really loading it up with generals. >> reporter: right. and so listen, you have to compare it too.
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we ran the numbers, how many former generals were in president bush's administration, president obama. president bush had four, president obama five. of course that's over their eight year terms. it wasn't all at once. but i think that is worth noting. and the other point, it's mattis that needs the waiver, but it didn't look like that there will be a huge fight about that. especially considering the comments from nancy pelosi who indicated, hey, its probably not going to be a huge battle. that said, he will probably have difficulty in other areas of people trying to get confirmed. for example steven mnuchin who came under a lot of fire when he was named. but you're seeing those potential problems not necessarily with the military linked picks. >> what do you think of my pick that rudy will get secretary of state? i know it runs against everything, but i just think that this is the card he's been sitting on. he has never said rudy won't get it. he was the front runner at the
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outset, the most loyal guy in the campaign.runner at the outset, the most loyal guy in the campaign. >> my favorite thing is when you ask me to give my opinion your opinions. i will say this, i just got off the phone with a source familiar with some of the process who says that the president-elect is diving really into this process and has been diving in, really getting in to settle of state. feels like it is so, so important which is why you're seeing the process be so deliberative. i will tell you that a couple of people who are familiar with the decision making process are still putting rudy giuliani right up at the top of the list for secretary of state, a lot of question marks despite the president-elect's public comments about where mitt romney stands. and listen, it's also donald trump. so there is always the possibility of some kind of a dark horse pick. there are some in the inner circle who are fans of others like for example jon huntsman who has fallen out of the mix. so a lot of speculation and we should know more about certainly the end of next week. so clock is sticking here and we'll know soon. >> okay.
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hallie jackson right there on 5th avenue in front of that golden tower. last year it might be noted "time" chose angela merkel at its person of the year for 2015. and there was one very loud voice of dissent, in fact concept. his name is donald trump. trump tweeted i told you "time" would never pick me as person of the year despite being the big favorite. they picked a person who is ruining germany. today "time" announced 2016 person of the year and not a surprise, it was donald trump. on the "today" show this morning, trump said he was honored. >> well, it's a great honor. it means a lot. especially me growing up reading ime" magazine and it's very important magazine. and i've been lucky enough to be on the cuff maover many times t year and last year. but i consider this a very, very great honor. >> i'm joined by "time" magaz e magazine's editor-in-chief and
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also the former deputy campaign manager for mitt romney and also governor ed rendell. nancy, was it an honor? >> it didn't surprise any of us i expect that he would treat it that way. what we always say is the person of the year is the one who has had the most influence over events of the year for better or worse. the weird thing about this year is no one really is arguing that someone else had more influence over the events this year. there is agreement on that. and there is still profound disagreement on whether it was for better or for worse. so the fact that he views it as an honor, he talks about how often he was on the cover of "time." and sometimes it was because he was doing very well and other times it was when his campaign seemed to be falling apart. but if he is in the school that there is no such thing as bad publicity, then of course having us note that no other figure on the world stage this year dominated it in the way that he
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did, i think that would be hard to argue with. >> yeah, i don't think anyone has told him yet that richard nixon was on the cover i think 56 times for the all-time record. anyway, donald trump did -- he was impeached. donald trump did take one issue with "time" coverage. your cover said he was presiding over a divided america. here's what he said this morning to matt. >> well, i think putting divided is starky, but again it's divided. i'm not president yet. so i didn't do anything to divide. and i will say this, i've thousand got tten to know president obama and i really like him. at least for myself, i can't speak for him, but i think we have a really good chemistry together. we talk. i loves the country. he wants to do right by the country. and for the country. and i will tell you, we obviously very much disagree on certain policies and certain things, but i really like him as a person. >> let me go to governor
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rendell. you must be in shock watching this performance. are you a guy who was district attorney, assistant d.a. before that, mayor of a big city, governor. you did everything the normal way in politics. you shook hands, you meet people, you serve the public. and here is a guy with this whackiness of saying stuff we don't know if anything he says is true. and there is no reason to be prima facia agreeing to everything that he says is true. and he's on the cover of "time" magazine. person of the year and he's president-elect of the united states. what do you make of this world we live in? >> my successor had an expression saying it boggles my entire mind. and that boggles my entire mind. how donald trump, who attacked barack obama's citizenship, led a birther movement in this country and around the world, who called obama a terrorist sympathizer, who said he was the father of isis, how he could switch after one meeting and a few phone calls all of a sudden
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he's in love with the guy, they have chemistry together, good lord, certain chemicals can blow stuff up. so it's mind boggling to me. how he can say -- >> this by the way is gallows humor. this is crazy stuff. >> he says he didn't do anything to guide the country, but he sure did divide muslim the country, bue did divide muslim americans. he certainly divided mexican americans when he said what did he about people who come from mexico. trs so he was very responsible for a lot of division that exists. and what i fault him for is after he won. after he won as you recall, there were incidents in schools, all over the country, but particularly in pennsylvania, we had an incident where some high school sophomores were yelling white power.
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if i were donald trump, i would have called the principal, said i'm coming tomorrow, get all the kids in assembly and i would have real reemed those kids out. there is no white pow eveepower black power, there is american power. he could have done so much, but he hasn't done it. >> those who ride the tiger sometimes end up in the stomach. and riding the tiger on the ethnic stuff is not good in the long run. what do you make of this guy? and compared to trump, mitt romney is a little stiff to say the least, but some of the democratic candidates have been stiff, as well. al gore for example. kerry sometimes. so trump is more the people's man. but this is still stunning. he's on the cover of "time." he will be person of the year. he has all this -- >> he should be. >> and he's deciding how much torture he will make to inflict on mitt romney. he's making the guidance. and he walks like a penguin and
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then he's walking up at what looks like a white house at mar-a-la mar-a-lago. what do you make of it? is romney going crazy? >> maybe a little. but the one thing that i think is lost on people in all of these appointments of billionaires and generals and governors, i mean he's p appointed a few governors, is really the common denominator here. he likes people that run things. he likes people that are ceos, that have given direct and -- >> people who have given orders. >> but he's got a fabulously short memory. people insult him and the minute they say something nice, he sort of forgets it all. so that may be a thing that serves him well. >> let's go back to nancy begins on the real trooeal troous trut post-truth. you take a year 1960, you say
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let's read "time" and find out what it was like. he just says stuff we know aren't true. he said the russians had nothing to do with hacking into the dnc. he just says it. >> and we pressed him on that when we interviewed hip to this story. and the intelligence community has what they call a high degree of confidence. that's when they are really sure that it's the russians. and he just dismisses that. and he goes so far as to say he thinks that that intelligence assessment was political. and it makes you wonder what kind of relationship he will be able to have with the intelligence community if he's dismissing their assessment of some of the issues that are most critical to democracy, like whether a foreign power is trying to undermine your election. i think that assessment was politically motivated. >> governor, you've been a popular governor and i want to ask you good about the the gun slinging. he goes after boeing, kerry, he brings in somebody from asia
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going to give us $50 billion in investments. i think people like that. i know this isn't popular among progressives, but people out there in pennsylvania i bet are saying great, somebody is finally kicking some butt, somebody finally acting like president i want i want him to be president. what do you think? >> i think you're right.want hie president. what do you think? >> i think you're right. i said to someone democrats are saying we'll do well in 2018 because there is a backlash every two years. well, donald trump will do these type of things for as long as he's president. and he will do these things that people like. attacking boeing for charging $4 billion and say being iing i'm get the price down. the average joe doesn't know there is a contract, donald trump doesn't have the ability to get the price down. but they love the sound of it. and to be honest, i did the same thing when i became mayor. i knew i needed to get the public on my side, so i cleaned up a toilet in the first floor
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of city hall. i jumped in a swimming pool with kids. those type of things reach the common person. so i think donald trump is not going to have in the long run he may fail, but i think for the first 18 months or so, people will find some of this stuff amazingly appealing. >> people liked when you brought business to pennsylvania. this is part of the job of being president. jawboning on prices. kennedy it on the price of steel. >> what about trip donald trump isn't taking on big banks, big business, big media. those will be the things that make people love him and he will continue to do that. he will do it by twitter and people will love it. the things that will trip him up are the things that require more finesse. >> i want to thank nancy gibbs. congratulations. "time" magazine, print has the power to make people person of the year. nobody in broadcasting can say you're the person of the year. only you guys can do that.
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thank you so much for comingon. katie and governor rendell, happy holliday. coming up, a big backlash over the pick to head the epa. it's a clear ally of the fossil fuel industry. somebody who actually sued the epa. and he is pugtd the guy in charge of the chicken koop. i don't get it. plus the pop culture president. as trump continues to reimagine the presidency, he's meeting with mark burnett and plotting really big changes for his inauguration. and the "hardball" round table is here to talk about the emerging trump cabinet. trump is filling it with billionaires, millionaires and generals. feel like i'm talking like bernie sanders now. finally, the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. this is "hardball," the place for politics. which is such a dad thing to do. after he gave his name the woman from capital one said
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last state there last month's election results certified now in new hampshire. and hillary clinton is the winner up there. that is a little consolation of course to democrats, but clinton's lead in the popular vote t vote continues to grow. her vote total now surpassing the number of votes barack obama got in 2012. so she beat obama at least. she's also 400,000 votes behind obama's total and more popular votes than any candidate in history not named obama. we'll be right back. the fiery tissue left her nose sore and red. so dad slayed the problem with puffs plus lotion, instead. puffs have pillowy softness for dakota's tender nose. with lotion to comfort and soothe when she blows. don't get burned by ordinary tisss. a nose in need deserves puffs, indeed. now get puffs plus lotion in the squeezable softpack.
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welcome back to "hardball." late today, nbc learned that donald trump plans to name scott pruitt to the epa. has attorney general of oklahoma, pruitt led state lawsuits to block virtually every major federal regulation put forward by president obama's epa. the "new york times" wrote that the selection of mr. pruitt showed mr. trump's determination to dismantle president obama's
4:21 pm
efforts to counter climate change. in may pru pl pruitt wrote climate warming has inspired one of the major political debates that is far from settled. pruitt will head the very organization he's currently suing. i'm joined by eric lipton and eric, let me go to you. is he currently in litigation? >> he has quite a few lawsuits pending. he believes in states rights and the states should have the privilege to make their own determination. >> and up to in the oil patch, they believe that she they should do what they want about fossil fuel? >> and that the epa should let them set their own fuel? >> and that the epa should let them set their own standards.wh fuel? >> and that the epa should let them set their own standards. >> who would dare stand up against the industry in the
4:22 pm
state? >> he is largely s lly speaking population that agrees with him and he's pop uhe lular in oklah. >> so what do you say to this saying screw you? >> he's putting in the position someone with very little experience. oklahoma has seen an increase in earthquakes, which is why we've tried to stem the efforts. but also, this is the only state in the country that refused to negotiate with the banks after the mortgage crisis. 49 states got relief after what happened in 2008. oklahoma sat out and that was his decision. >> let's talk about the whole strategy, is there any other indication what trump wants do with environmental regulations? i don't know where the mar get ket is booming, but one sense is that we're coming in to a new regime that will be a lot less
4:23 pm
regulatory, it will be smooth sailing for people who just want to make money. >> scott pruitt is a guy who believes in state's rights and he also has ended up in close alliance with the energy companies and there are a lot of rules pending before the epa that they want to roll back. for example, there is a maethan rule and they want to strike down that rule and block it. there is quite a number of r50u8s that he's fighting through lawsuits which now he may be able to kill or roll back. >> koch brothers must be ecstatic. >> devon energy is a close ally of his. and they were giving him letters to send to federal officials, they we drafting the letters and he simply put the let other h letter on his own letter head
4:24 pm
and signed it and septembnt i.t. but he says it's because he believes in the sale thinme thi the state should have the right to make their own determination. >> it seems like trump is saying i don't believe in environment, i don't believe in looking out for the environment. i'll do whatever i want. >> the same week that he has ivanka meet with al gore. i think it shows that he will pander, but we know -- >> photo-op. >> a photo-op. bring gore to trump tower, but the person who makes decisions around climate change is a climate deny are. >> there are people who care deeply, i do, my wife does, about the environment and although it doesn't get all the noise that some of the other you issues do, it's there. anyway, executive director of the sierra club, released the folk statement.
4:25 pm
having scott pruitt in charge of the e perform a is like putting an arrest sonnist in charge of fighting fires. he's a climate science denier who as attorney general for the state of oklahoma regularly conspired with the fossil fuel industry. what is he going to do in congress? >> we call it the science committee because over half the members don't believe in science. but we have the paris agreement in place. people at home i think want to see this upheld. but what democrats can do is talk about what the new clean energy economy looks like for into jobs. >> this is science, not politics. we look back at liucy and first forms of human life and you think mankind did a pretty good job of protecting the climate. no fossil fuels, no greenhouse gases. and now here we are in the short
4:26 pm
space of 21st century ruining the planet after millions of human years. >> donald trump has not made it clear what his position will be on the pairs are beingris accor. it's an open question depending on the audience. this is a good test. we'll see whether or not it becomes the state attorney general -- liberal attorney generals become the real environmental force in the united states as was the case during the bush administration. >> what kind of morale do you have on the hill? >> we're tifired up. we know there is a real opportunity to put our values forward. we'll miss president obama dearly, but under nancy pelosi's leadership, we've been in this position before. and we've called for a bipartisan commission to investigate what happened with the election and the campaign. >> what did you make of that that trump just abruptly said what we all know isn't true,
4:27 pm
that russians had nothing to do with hacking into the democratic national committee? >> despite the high confidence assessment from the intelligence committee. one, he should start taking his intelligence briefings. he's taken fewer than any president recently. and to deny overwhelming evidence would be like a cave man saying that the sunsets in the east. he has no perspective on this. so i think to take him at -- he doesn't believe this happened? fine, let's have an independent commission to look at it and make recommendations. >> the sun seems to rise in the east. >> no, the sunsets in the east. would be like the cave man saying the sunsets in the east. >> just kidding. thank you both for the expertise. up next, donald trump's plans for reality tv style inauguration. the showbiz goes on and this is "hardball," the place for politics. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me,
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lear is what is happening. two juveniles are charged with aggravated arson in connection with the wildfires in tennessee. two juveniles are charged with aggravated arson in connection with the wildfires in tennessee. more charges are possible. authorities investigating the deadly fire at a california warehouse say no conclusion has been reached about the cause of the blaze. no evidence of arson has been found. and a third u.s. service member injured in last plonts's attack atti at bagram has died at walter
4:32 pm
reed. back to "hardball." welcome back. donald trump ramped up his criticism of "saturday night live" this morning on the "today" show when asked about his tweets critiquing the show and trump impersonator alec baldwin. >> well, i hosted snl when it was a good show. but it's not a good show anymore. first of all, nothing to do with me. there is nothing funny about it. skits are terrible. i like alec, but his imitation of me is mean spirited and not very good. and i do like him and i like him as an actor, but i don't think that his imitation of me gets me at all and it's meant to be very mean spirited. which is very biased. >> trump's truly a pop culture president who has his hand on
4:33 pm
the pulse of social media. he's the ultimate reality star. and now he's producing if you will the show of a lifetime, his presidential transition. the "new york times" reported that at a funds raiser this morning in manhattan, trump teased the audience with festivities planned for his presidential inauguration. the president-elect said he was paid a visit a day earlier by mark burnett, executive producer of "the apprentice," the reality show that helped make the president-elect a house old nho name. mr. trump told the crowd that mr. burnett proposed reinventing it with a helicopter taking it off. all night here i'm in a mood of giddiness because it's so absurd what he's up to, but the show business quality is unending. it's like he's a comic that has to keep the audience on its toes every second. he's scared to death of flop sweat. he has to tell a joke a second.
4:34 pm
and here he is hyping the inauguration as some kind of media whiz bang thing where he flies one of his old 1930s movie characters. >> yeah, i think one of the -- the reality is if trump wants an inauguration like president obama had for his first inauguration and you had this great concert at the lincoln memorial and there were all these stars and it w bruce springsteen and u2 out there, the trouble for donaldrump is a lot of those fures are not going to show up for him. they were for hillary clinton or they're actually upset about his election and it will be very difficult for him to actually get some of these entertainers to show up. i think they can pitch, oh, hey, in the name of unity, you should be out there, but there is still a lot of hard feelingis out her in the entertainment community most of whom lined up for
4:35 pm
hillary clinton. >> and speaking of show business, it used to be when guys got elected president, they used to practice dancing because the inaugural event, you have to go to all the balls and you have to dance in front of everybody. and that is always hard even at a wedding. and my generation grew up with basically you go get a drink or two before you go dancing. you don't exactly learn to dance. here you have donald trump who i don't know if he can dance or not. certainly the last two presidents couldn't. w. would come out to do the idiotic two step. and i have to say barack obama came out and did something like the freddie. i don't even know what it was. another one step thing just for the cameras. is trump going to actually learn to dance and put on a show for us at the inauguration or will he not even go to the trouble of learning anything? and the reason i raise this, because w. didn't think he had to learn anything and he never
4:36 pm
d did. you don't need experts or morning breefr iiefings, just dy instincts. >> i would be very surprised if he showed up and was this expert ball room dancing. kind of as "dancing with the stars." i'd be very surprised. >> let me ask about the fact they're talking about helicopter arrivals, the fact that he's bringing in mark burnett, he did "survivor," the contender oig, "the apprentice." >> i'm just a little skeptical about how much they can kind of buck tradition at the inaugural because when you think about the swearing in ceremony, that is really the bailiwick of congress. they kind of control what happens on capitol grounds. the trump inaugural committee can kind of have some flexibility in the events that surrounds the inauguration, but
4:37 pm
the thing people will be tuning in to i think will end up looking pretty traditional. >> we'll see. his wedding was a traditional. very old time traditional. anyway, ted johnson, thank you. trying to figure out the guy as always. up next -- the round table talking about donald trump's stocks, his cabinet filled with millionaires, billionaires and generals. you're watching "hardball," the place for politics.
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welcome back to "hardball." last year donald trump singled out "time" for not choosing him as person of the year and now as he's zeset to become the president's 45th president, that distinction is his. he says he hopes his legacy is julied by what he's doing right now as well as what he accomplishes in his term.
4:41 pm
let's watch. >> you already see the stock market and i hope i'm judged from the time of the election as opposed to from january 20th because the stock market has had a tremendous bounce and people are seeing very good things for business in this country. so i think we'll have a lot of victories. >> we've seen trump intervene in the affairs of two american businesses, first with carrier and now boeing. one check adviser suggested, quote, i don't understand using the power of the presidency to intimidate in unpre-dickable and unfair way, no individual could manage the country company by company. but the carrier deal is very popular by the american public. i'm joined now by the round table. let me start with peter. you talk about transitions. a few weeks ago, donald trump
4:42 pm
was saying president obama was illegal. he snuck in the country to get a job called president. shouldn't be here, should be in jail. now he's saying we got these warm fuzzy relationships going. how quick can person turn is th this? >> i think he's very smart. he has the best antenna of anyone i've seen in politics.>>. he has the best antenna of anyone i've seen in politics. and he has the 57bability to contradict himself in the sam sentence. he's the circus master and everybody is in the ring circling around him and he has the whip and hat and he has everybody dancing including all of us. >> and he's picking nothing but billionaires as bernie would say and generals. it has a certain marshal aspect to it. i have generals and we'll tell people what to do. >> remember during the campaign when he said i know more than the generals?
4:43 pm
well, he doesn't maybe know -- he wants people who don't know as much as him because he's peopling it with generals. kind of an amazing list of people. but if he does do mitt romney, it's part of what peter is talking aboabout, if you make n to donald trump, he will like you. he said quote i like people who are nice to me. mitt romney is now being nice to him and will bring some sort of diversity as only a mulg if multimillionaire. >> first of all, i think it's embarrassing to watch mitt romney. the genuflexion. a while ago he was calling the guy a fraud and fake and now skree conveniently he loves him. this is why people don't like politics by the way, they think it's all a fraud. at least trump is trump. >> well, we'll see. if he selects mitt romney, then maybe this is a sign of donald trump putting everything in the past and making a --
4:44 pm
>> or it works. >> there are been a lot of republicans making the pilgrimage to trump tower since the election kissing the ring, making up, saying that voters spoke and that they're willing to look to him as their president. and he's more than willing to have them come through the lobby, sit with him at dinner, speak to reporters, praise him. and it's unclear what they will get out of it. >> look at paul ryan. he values paul ryan in part because he had to come and kiss the ring. i mean, they have all -- >> harry truman said make them like it. >> this is the board room of "the apprentice". it's just set in trump tower and it's on steroids. and it's remarkable how he's gotten everyone to come kiss the ring. but at the same time i think there is a generalization that it's better to have them inside the board room than outside the board room. >> and in the spirit of
4:45 pm
christmas, some may want to serve because it's a good thein to serve their country. i think romney as the mormon missionary serving his church as some element of that. >> i read the book every couple years, great gats bi. and there is something like the trump tower. it's like a gstsby party where strangers come from everywhere to drin drink his booze with no love for the guy whatever. i think you called it years ago meal tickets. they want something. >> donald trump likes being praised. he likes being visited. even when people disagree with him, if they tell to him in a way that they feel like they're giving them an option to agree with him. >> donald trump elaborated on his conversations with president obama. we talked about some of the potential appointments that i would make. i wanted to get his opinion and
4:46 pm
he gave me some opinions o people that were very interesting to me and that spent something to me, i believe in asking people. we have different views, but he loves our country, so then he goes out and he has a nice photo-op with ivanka and who does believe in climate change and brings in al gore, mr. inconvenient truth on climate change. and then he picks this character from oklahoma from the swamps of the fossil fuel industry and gives them full ride over any -- there will be no more epa basically. so what is this game we're getting from trump? it's a game of pictures versus reality. >> he's inconsistent on his feelings about people and he can switch very quickly if you behave in a certain manner. and he's going around doing al gore, listening to ivanka, or telling us -- >> but the koch brothers -- >> you i had already had hired
4:47 pm
an outright climate denier who has made it his business to deny climate change. and this is consistent the oklahoma guy with that. which is destroy epa. he's suing epa. there is nothing about this person that is nonfossil fuel. >> donald trump knows that aboutle% abou about aboutle% of the american government still trusts the government and 18% trust the media. he has full reign to run however he wants to run. but at the end of the day, he wants to be successful. that will be defined by donald trump, not tby us. >> he's sending these optics out there. and he picks this guy today --? exactly. he's listening to people, but we're not seeing him actually take the advice that he's
4:48 pm
getting from people who are different than him. al gore is a great example. also, he's been getting a lot of different advice on issues like education and yet that hasn't impacted who he's picking for education secretary. >> i have to tell you, matt lauer's interview today was unbelievable. he had 50 questions in three seconds. just pouring in and he got more news -- >> and still "saturday night live." >> more news out of trump today than we've ever gotten before. up next, these people tell me something i don't know. this is will "hardball," the place for politics. what if a company that didn't make cars made plastics that make them lighter? the lubricants that improved fuel economy. even technology to make engines more efficient. what company does all this? exxonmobil, that's who. we're working on all these things to make cars better and use less fuel.
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we're back with the roundtable. margaret, tell me something. >> chris, part of this you know, that michael -- lieutenant general flynn's son was pushed out of the transition for having spread the fake news about common pizza where you and i have gone together after there wasn't a fake gun, there was a
4:53 pm
real gun brought in there. but it's obscuring that lieutenant general flynn himself spread scurrilous stuff, retweeting things. may i read you one, if you don't know it already? there was enough evidence to put hillary clinton and her crew away for life on child exploitation and sex crimes with minors. a must read tweet of his, retweet. and then he posted something on john podesta after the whole wikileaks thing saying he took part in occult trial, you know the satanic cult who was supposedly in the tunnels under common pizza. this guy is still the nominee for national security counsel. >> peter? >> trump's conflict of interest are unsolvable. so consequently blind trust or selling his assets are not only impracticable or impossible. they're starting to write
4:54 pm
legislation to require disclosure of conflicts. their goal is transparency for the 21st century. >> sounds smart. >> tomorrow night is donald trump's third thank you tour rally in des moines, iowa. and there's hope that he will actually fill the house this time. at his first two rallies, he only got maybe half the house, two-thirds of the house. and there's a worry, why is this happening? why is he not packing -- >> he's won. it's over. people are smart. i keep telling people about this. the people are smart. they know what's done and what's over with. donald trump just tweeted a moment ago about the union leader and carrier at that company, chuck jones, who had been critical of the way trump touted that deal to save the jobs. jones who was president of the steel workers has done a terrible job representing workers, no wonder companies flee this country. anyway, that's trump punching away all the time. thank you. when we return, let me finish with the 75th anniversary of the
4:55 pm
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4:59 pm
listening to an old radio. here's how he described his feelings as he listened to president roosevelt ask the congress to declare war. i got the president's drift, which was easy enough to predict in any case, but caught no more than one word or two, hardly more than enough to be reminded of the timber of his voice. yet in those fairly gloomy and frustrating circumstance it never for one moment occurred to me that there might be the smallest doubt about the outcome of the vast war that the president was asking the congress to declare, nor did i find any other american throughout the entire war who ever doubted the eventual outcome. even more than the feeling there were giants in the land, i now feel nostalgia for the absolute confidence in the american future which was the necessary foundation of the total absence of doubt. hope was, in fact, franklin roosevelt's greatest gift to his fellow americans. partly gave us hope by his deeds when he came to office in a time that seemed utterly devoid of hope. but even more, he gave us hope because all can see that he himself felt not the slightest
5:00 pm
doubt about the future at any time in his years as president. and inhow his mind formed the minds of the overwhelming majority of other americans who watched him in action in those years of hope. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. >> tonight on "all in." >> we have some great, great people going to be named over the next couple of days. >> more generals, more billionaires and now, after an al gore head fake, an epa pick who wants to gut the epa. >> department of envirmeal protection, where they're actually going around causing damage. >> then new concerns over more conspiracy theories from trump's national security adviser michael flynn. inside the attacks on keith ellison. a declaration of victory i the pretend war on christmas. >> you can say again merry christmas because dona


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