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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  December 7, 2016 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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it was folded like this. i opened it to find a thank you note. read you this thank you note on another night. i just wish that each of you could hold one of these notes in your hands, because every one of you have made the kind fund possible. this girl in this high school thanks every one of you and every one of you deserves one of these notes. but the best i can do is to simply say thank you. msnbc's live coverage continues into "the 11th hour with brian williams." that's next. tonight, getting personal again. the president-elect on the attack once again, using twitter to go after a single individual. this time it's a union official who publicly criticized the carrier deal. >> also tonight, new reporting
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on what donald trump plans to do with his business and the trouble he may find himself in on day one of his presidency. we will preview a big story in the morning papers here tonight. and just what kind of advice is trump getting from the current president? what he said on that matter today as the world's most exclusive fraternity prepares to add a new member. "the 11th hour" begins now. good evening once again from our headquarters here in new york. donald trump taking to twitter to attack an individual american, in this case the local union leader who questioned the number of jobs trump has saved at the carrier hvac plant in indiana. just before 8:00 p.m., trump said on twitter, quote, chuck jones who is president of united steel workers 1999 has done a terrible job representing workers. no wonder companies flee country. an hour later, a second tweet. in unity steel workers local
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1999 was any good, they would have kept those jobs in indiana. spend more time working, less time talking. reduce dues. just before trump's tweets tonight, chuck jones had been on television discussing the jobs at carrier. and moments ago, he spoke with our colleague lawrence o'donnell about becoming the target of the president-elect. >> the whole thing is ridiculous. he takes exception to being corrected. on my numbers, i'm correct and he's wrong. on the promises that he made on the campaign circuit to the american people about carrier, he's saying he didn't say. so he's wrong on that. he stood up last thursday and told falsehoods. that's what i was calling him out on. >> there have been some news reports tonight that since you went public on this, you have received threats from trump
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supporters. >> yes. >> what can you tell us about that? >> nothing that says they're going to kill me, but you better keep an eye on your kids, we know what type of car you drive. things along those lines. i'm not concerned about it, i'm not getting anybody involved. i can deal with people that, you know, make stupid statements. i'll move on. >> more on this matter shortly. in transition news today, three big announcements. iowa governor terry branstad accepted trump's officer to be ambassador to china. branstad has a preexisting relationship with the president of china. the two men met when a chinese delegation came to iowa in '85. and adding another general to the ranks, former marine general john kelly was picked to run homeland security. he previously had supervision over guantanamo bay in cuba. he's been a hard liner on border
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security among other issues. the pick getting the most headlines, scott pruitt, oklahoma's attorney general, to head the environmental protection agency. he has aaggressively fought against environmental regulations in the past. in response to the news today, the sierra club said having scott pruitt in charge of u.s. environmental protection agency is like putting an arsonist in charge of fighting fires. senate democrats added to that, including chuck schumer of new york, the next senate minority leader, who said pruitt will have to answer tough questions throughout the nomination process. donald trump can add yet another time magazine cover to his list for 2016. the magazine named him person of the year today. discussing that this morning on "today," trump shed light on his new relationship with president obama. >> it's got your picture and the sub-headline is, "president of the divided states of america."
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you referenced that a little while ago. what would you have written as a sub-headline? >> well, i think putting "divided" is snarky. but again, it's divided -- i'm not president yet. so i didn't do anything to divide. and i will say this. i've now gotten to know president obama. i really like him. we have -- i think i can say at least for myself, i can't speak for him, but we have a really good chemistry together. >> i was fascinated to read in your interview that you actually talked to president obama about some of your possible appointments. >> i do. >> and the people you would surround yourself with in the white house. can you tell me specifically who you mentioned to president obama that you were considering appointing? >> i don't think that would be fair to him. but i have asked him what he would think of this one and that one. i've asked him what he thinks are the biggest problems of the country, what are some of the greatest sets going forward. and we have a very good dialogue. >> let's bring in our guest tonight, nbc news correspondent
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hallie jackson covers donald trump for and you say is indoors tonight, we're happy to say. our political analyst nicole wallace is here, former communications director in the bush 43 white house. heidi przybyla for "usa today." i was going to begin with the cabinet selections but the trump team kind of stepped on their own story with the twitter story. in 24 hours he's gone after a major american company and a steel workers local union. >> i spoke with chuck jones earlier. he is the president of the united steel workers local 1999 with carrier, said, listen, i've thanked the president-elect for saving these jobs, i tried to correct him on his math and he took exception to it. jones says he's been getting threats, saying "i know you have children, you better watch out."
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when trump takes individual aim at a person, there's undoubtedly fallout for that person. tonight you have the united steel workers union tweeting support for chuck jones. and you have mike pence talking about what a good hard working man chuck jones is, tweeting a photo of him with chuck jones from several months ago. >> this business of a president-elect or president going after an individual american could have, former labor secretary robert reich said, a chilling effect. >> yes, i'm just back from trump nation, my parents' house. the trump world view is that he's standing up for the little guy, and the trump world view is that the little guy has not been well-served by union bosses who collect dues and they feel like they've left behind a lot of
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workers. that said, what trump is going to have to reckon with is that the american presidency is a bully pulpit like none other, and every word you utter, every facial expression you make, everything you wear, everything you drive, everything you eat, makes a statement the world over. so -- and there is a word for this. it is bullying. when you cyber bully a normal person, a man going about his life in his community, it is not the same as having a debate at town hall or wherever they would sort of have these disputes at a local level. he's now the leader of the free world and he's going to have to rein in some of his methods if not his message. >> heidi, to you in washington, and i know your piece for tomorrow hasn't been posted yet at "usa today," but borrow from it please, it talks about trump's business interests and something that could be a huge
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problem on day one for him. >> there's been a little bit of focus on this, brian, but after you read my piece tomorrow, you'll see why there has been not enough, because the president-elect could be in direct violation of the constitution on day one that he takes office if he does not divest his overseas properties and business partnerships, in particular there's a clause in the constitution called the emoluments clause, essentially an anti-bribery, anti-corruption clause that is very strict and says the president of the united states cannot accept any foreign gifts whatsoever. there are two things immediately, brian, that would put him in violation of that. the first one is pretty obvious. it's foreign diplomats who are already talking about and actually booking at his hotels and saying that they're doing it in order to try and curry favor. these are influence seekers. the second one is a loan on his properties from the bank of
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china in manhattan. and that is just the tip of the iceberg. the constitutional experts and the ethical experts that i've talked to say that the potential is vast, when you talk about all the properties he owns overseas, in terms of seconds really sub cy subsidies, tax kickbacks. we're starting to see where this could not only get the president-elect in trouble but some of the people down the food chain if he doesn't divest. right now we have no indication that that is what he's going to do. important distinction, the only statement he's made is that he will transfer control, not ownership, those are two very different things. we will all wait for this press conference on december 15th to see what the president-elect is going to do. i can tell you there are very smart legal minds right now who are very worried about this situation. and then you have a poll coming out today from bloomberg news saying that the american people,
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67%, don't think that he needs to divest himself, but they are not familiar with this provision in the constitution. and it could potentially haunt him for the entirety of his presidency. every decision that he makes regarding overseas interests, for example the turkish situation, you know, he has a huge tower there, two towers. and you already have president erdogan now taking back his threat about potentially taking the trump name off of the tower. there are all kinds of -- it's aed by thicket. >> hallie jackson, to his appointments today, pruitt at epa, we were saying earlier here tonight, may be as hostile to the agency or department as anyone since, say, bennett at education. but tell the good folks who linda mcmahon is, why we should know about her and the job she's being put up for. >> most people would know her if they're familiar with the theatrics known as the wwe,
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wrestle mania. the president-elect has made a couple of memorable cameos, you've probably seen the video and if you have, you probably haven't forgotten it. >> she has been active in republican politics. >> she ran for senate in 2012. she's very wealthy, pumped a lot of money into her own political dealings and other republicans. she's been a supporter of the president-elect since the very beginning, someone who has been in his corner for a very long time. say what you want about the wwe, it has grown exponentially under the leadership of herself and her husband, vince mcmahon. now she's the president-elect's pick for small business administration, in addition to a couple of other picks, iowa governor branstad, scott pruitt, that's the most fraught, the most controversial since i think he named stephen mnuchin as his treasury secretary pick. >> how interesting what he said to matt lauer about his emerging relationship with a man whose
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presidency he called a disaster not along ago, barack obama. >> we all take in trump in these massive doses, it is literally drinking out of a hire hose. i've heard nothing that's happened since the "today" show this morning, since he described this relationship with president obama, he is the creator of birtherism which became a movement in and of itself and he basically described this president, who now sits at a comfortable 55% approval rating, one of the more popular outgoing presidents we've seen certainly in my political career, he counts him as one of his counselors. my understanding from folks who have heard these communications or of them, he's seeking his input not just on appointments but on policy, specifically on policies that are very important to this president and his legacy. this to me seems like a two-way relationship that could benefit both of them in ways nobody could have expected, that weekend before election day,
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when we were covering some of the largest campaign rallies which were headlined by president and first lady obama. >> heidi, back to your story for tomorrow morning, which is fascinating, is there any indication that anyone shares, especially his incoming white house counsel, shares the urgency thatte ettet healtethic about this? >> no, i reached out to nonpartisan ones like the project on government oversight, they said whereas they had a pipeline to the presidential transition office, since mike pence took over, they've been unable to get their questions answered. the office of government ethics started to poke and prod the president-elect on this last week. so there really is no indication. and then when you see the fact
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that republicans on capitol hill are also kind of sending a subtle signal in terms of the oversight committees not looking like they're too interested in investigating this, there really isn't a lot of incentive for him, because guess what, the only recourse there would be impeachment. and where would that have to come from? it would have to come from the congress. republicans control the congress. so it would have to be really kind of a gross violation or something that really rose to a very high level, unless he preemptively takes these actions before he takes office. >> we'll tell our viewers, at some point tonight the piece will go up on the "usa today" website, i'm also told they print a paper version of that each day. just kidding. our thanks to nicole, hallie, and heidi. our first break, and coming up, when we come back, how we are a different country today. and for all time, because of what happened 75 years ago
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look at this. today in texas, two world war ii veterans and former gop political warriors, bob dole and president george h.w. bush 41. bush of course as an aviator shot down in the pacific. dole grievously wounded while fighting in italy. this of course is the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. while many of the survivors are
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no longer with us, a special moment today with one veteran who made the trip. some of the dwindling number of surviving vets attended today's ceremonies in hawaii. they included one man who survived the attack on the "uss maryland" that morning. he visited pearl harbor this week for the first time since he was a 20-year-old sailor. and he was introduced to admiral scott swift, the current commander of the u.s. pacific fleet. >> great to meet you. it's quite an honor. >> yeah, for me. >> what took you so long to come back? >> i don't know. too sad. >> you know, it's such an honor to have you here. you know, i represent 140,000 sailors here in the pacific. >> oh, my. >> and i tell them that sailors like you, you woke up the
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morning of december 7th, just like everyday sailors, but you retired as heroes. i know you're uncomfortable with the concept, but you made history that day. it's that history that's formed a heritage in the navy that we live in today. >> how about that? let's bring in our friend from washington, presidential historian author michael beschloss. michael, i heard you on the air reminding people, this was far from a done deal, we were getting dragged into two wars, and it was not a done deal that we were going to be okay as a country. >> that's absolutely right. and any american who saw pearl harbor happen 75 years ago today might have wondered whether this was threatening the end of the united states, especially because not only did it mean that we would now have to fight imperial japan, but if germany declared war a couple of days later as they did, we would have to fight on both of those
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fronts. we, a country which had only been preparing for war for about a year and a half. so it made a huge difference that we had as our president franklin roosevelt with that amazing self-confidence, give that speech to congress 75 years ago tomorrow, saying that the american people in our righteous might will prevail with absolute victory. not every american felt that way. >> he was right in calling it a day that will live in infamy. >> indeed. >> michael, how has it still affected present-day life 75 years later? how did it shape us, how did it shape the world in ways that we feel today with only 9/11 to compare it to? >> right. you know, there has always been the memory in our historical memory, the memory of that catastrophe that can change the world. but, you know, the positive memory, brian, is that, you know, here we were in 1941 with american americans terrified.
8:23 pm
within four years we have prevailed. we are the world's only superpower. part of that was presidential leadership. part of it was you never bet against the united states. and the lesson was that that i think all of us can remember tonight is that there are strengths in democracy that we have in opposing dictatodictato. that was the lesson of world war ii, i think that's the lesson tonight. >> useful to remember at all times. michael beschloss, thank you so much. 75 years to the day since pearl harbor. coming up, the united states senate agreed on something today, their love and affection for joe biden, in the chamber where he served for more than three decades. this is "the 11th hour." so, mr. harris, we have your fingerprints on the safe. a photo of you opening the safe. a post using the hashtag "#justrobbedthesafe"
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the last thing before we go here tonight, a tribute in the u.s. senate today for a long time colleague of theirs, joe biden of delaware. he was first elected as a young man back in 1972, and served for 36 years before moving on to serve as obama's vice president. as one of our own journalists described today's tribute, quote, true to form, biden was late to the party and the last one to leave. while in the senate biden famously made the daily commute
8:28 pm
from delaware on amtrak. today was among his final appearances presiding over the senate as vp. former colleagues called him the irish poet of american politicians, and told their favorite joe biden stories. >> joe's life, his commitment to his family, his struggles, and his service encompass what it means to be not just vice president and a brilliant husband and a father, but an american. >> that's joe biden right there. unbowed. unbroken. and unable to stop talking. >> we've been friends for almost 40 years. since i was the navy senate liaison and used to carry your bags on overseas trips. i joked recently that i've resented it ever since. >> while joe biden changed washington, washington never changed him.
8:29 pm
>> we're here to be champions of the people. and that's what you have been. >> i ran for governor of pennsylvania in a primary, as many of you know, primaries are particularly difficult. i lost badly. the only person who called me was joe biden. >> the greatest honor of my life is to serve in the seat that you held for 36 years and not just literally this seat in the senate, but also a seat on the 7:15 amtrak train down from wilmington every morning. >> you've gone through tragedy and glory. but you've remained yourself throughout all of it. >> hours before that tribute, the senate passed a plan formally called the 21st century cures bill, informally known as biden's cancer moonshot, an effort to find a cure for cancer, which killed his son beau biden last year. a portion of the bill was in fact renamed in beau's honor. that is our broadcast for this evening. thank you for being here with
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us. "hardball with chris matthews" begins right now. night of the generals. let's play hardball. good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. a busy day for the trump transition. the president-elect announced iowa governor terry branstad will serve as u.s. ambassador to china. secretary of state remains unfilled. will it be rudy or mitt, general petraeus or possibly john bolton? donald trump himself said the announcement was coming next week and insisted mitt romney,


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