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tv   First Look  MSNBC  December 8, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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i know nobody else is focusing on it. but they are keeping this prospect alive. and it is astonishing. and that does it for us tonigh we will see you again tomorrow. donald trump's filling up key roles in his administration. the president-elect has picked a controversial figure to head the epa and a pro-wrestling magna to lead the small business administration. plus, tennessee officials say two juveniles have been charged in connection with deadly wildfires that killed more than a dozen people. and a massive search is taking place right now to find the man accused of killing one georgia police officer and critically injuring another. ♪ good morning, everyone. it is thursday, december 8th. i'm alex witt alongside ali
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velshi and louis burgdorf. president-elect donald trump tapped iowa governor terry branstad to serve as ambassador to china. he's the longest serving governor. he also has a long relationship with chinese president xi jinping. xi traveled to iowa 30 years ago as a local official studying agriculture. trump also selected linda mcmahon to run the small business administration. she's twice been elected for the u.s. senate in connecticut, spending $100 million of her own money on losing bids. she and her husband vince have a long relationship with the president-elect. the mcmahon's have donated $5 million to the trump foundation. and trump has been inducted into the with, we hawe hall of fame,h shaving vince mcmahon's head. >> i remember that one. president-elect trump's reported
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choice to head the environmental protection agency is a bold one. the reported choice is scott pruitt, the attorney general in oklahoma, where he's an ally of the state's powerful energy industry. pruitt has joined with other states i lawsuits seeking to overturn environmental regulations. in may, he co-authored an article saying that the debate is, quote, far from settled. sign cysts continue to disagree about the degree and extent of global warming. the selection comes just days after trump took a surprise meeting with former ve president al gore, a leading voice on reducing carbon emissions. former adviser to president obama david axelrod tweeted, whatever al gore said, donald trump apparently didn't get it. ali? >> a new bipartisan push to investigate russia's role in the 2016 presidential election is taking shape on capitol hill. republican senator lindsey graham says he will lead an
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inquirynto hacking of democratic officials that u.s. intelligence agencies say were directed by, quote, russia's senior most officials. while house democrats introduced legislation to form a bipartisan commission to investigate foreign interference. yesterday president-elect trump dismissed russian involvement in the campaign saying, quote, i don't believe they interfered. that became a laughing point, not a talking point. any time i do something, they say, oh, russia interfered. it could be russia, and it could be china and it could be some guy in his home in new jersey. at least he didn't say some 400-pound guy in his home in new jersey. yesterday, congressman dana rorbach praised russian president vladimir putin in an exchange with a yahoo! news anchor. >> the bottom line is what's good for america is to
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prioritize, as i did when i worked with ronald reagan. i wrote most of his speeches. >> what would ronald reagan think about your thoughts on vladimir putin? >> he would love it. maybe you forgot ronald reagan is the one that reached out to the gorbachev. >> are you comparing gorbachev to vladimir putin? >> absolutely. they're both leaders of a very powerful country that we need to be friends with if we're going to have peace in the world. a 2016 presidential recount that started monday in michigan has been brought to a halt. the federal judge who initially ordered the recount sided with a state appeals court last night, effectively ending the event. the appeals court argued green party jill stein had no legal standing to request another look at ballots. in wisconsin, election officials say their recount effort is more than 70% complete. hillary clinton has so far gained 82 votes, but donald trump won that state by more than 22,000. and tomorrow a federal jud in pennsylvania will consider jill stein's request for a ballot recount. a manhunt is under way in georgia after the killing of a
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police officer. 25-year-old nicholas ryan smarr was shot and killed yesterday after responding to a call at an apartment complex. police officer jodi smith was also shot and is in critical condition. the suspect escaped before the shooting. he was wanted for kidnapping and other charges related to a domestic dispute. there is a $30,000 reward for information leading to lembrick's arrest. turning to new developments in last week's deadly tennessee wildfires. two juveniles have been charged with aggravated arson, accused of setting the fires that killed 14 people. both suspects were taken into custody yesterday and are currently being held at a juvenile detention center. the age and gender of the suspects have not been released. authorities said there is a chance they could be tried as adults. well, it was an emotional
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first day of testimony in the trial against the man accused of gunning down nine people during a church bible study last year. felecia sanders, who was at church with her son, was the first to take the stand. she wept while driescribing the rampage inside. sanders says her son asked the attacker, why are you doing this? quote, the defendant over there with his head hanging down refusing to look at me said, i have to do this. y'all are raping our white women. y'all are taking over the world. that's when he put about five bullets into my son. i watched my son come into this world, and i watched my son leave this world. sanders described him as evil, evil, evil. during opening statements, roof's attorney conceded the case against his client was open and shut and implored jurors to spare him the death penalty saying life means life in prison. we're also getting a first look at the jury's demographics.
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five men, 13 women. 12 whites, 5 blacks. one with a race listed as other. at this point, we don't know which of the jurors are al alternates. pope francis is speaking out against the spread of fake news and its effect on the recent u.s. election. in a recent interview, he said the media had a, quote, very great responsibility not to succumb to the spread of disinformation. the pope compared the spread of the so-called fake news to the sickness of an abnormal interest in defecation. he said i believe that the media should be very clear, very transparent, and not fall prey to the sickness of coprophilia. michael moore has long been a critic of the president-elect but also predicted his victory this past november. moore issued a plea last night
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while on "seth myers" looking straight to camera. >> with all due respect, mr. president-elect, on our behalf, you have to pay attention. you have to attend these briefings. this is our country. this is our security. this is our safety. you're horsing around with all this nonsense, and you're not doing your number one job. and the number one job of the president is to make sure the country is safe. there's no right or ft, republican, democrat going on here. i'm asking you to your job for the sake of the people who may end up dead because you didn't do your job. i'm begging you to get up in the morning, send out your tweets to whoever, criticize him, not me, and then god, please attend the briefing. attend the briefing. senate democrats and republicans put politics aside to come together and give vice
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president joe biden a proper sendoff as his time in office comes to an end. what was supposed to be an hour-long tribute to the vice president stretched for more than two. more than 20 senators recounted how biden overcame adversity throughout his life, including the tragic losses of his first wife and infant daughter in 1972 and his son beau to brain cancer last year. senator tim kaine choked up while long-time friend senator john mccain wistfully remembered their work together that began over 40 years ago. >> but sometimes even more than the matter of public importance is the ability to please a young girl or an old man -- or an ill young man casting a first vote, an important vote. the fact that you took your time on that day of importance to
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you, to shed some light and offer some joy to someone who was struggling, that's the joe biden that has us here for two hours offering these tributes. >> we've been friends for almost 40 years. since i was a navy senate liaison and used to carry your bags on overseas trips. i joked recently that i've resented it ever since. late journalist bob timber wrote about one military liaison officer escorting a codell to athens who joined some of the members in a tavern for a little after-hours merriment and was later observed dancing on a table top with senator biden's lovely wife jill. i don't recall witnessing such an event myself, and i can't testify to it having actually happened neither.
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can i imagine the temerity of that rascal, whoever he was. he was lucky the senator whose spouse he made endure the awkward moves he euphemistically called dancing of joe biden. few other senators would have seen the humor in it. >> that's a good one. vice president biden later confirmed the story, this while speaking with reporters in the halls of capitol. he also clarified comments from earlier in the week, telling reporters he had no intention of running for president again. still ahead, a new report exposes the secret quality ratings the va has given its medical centers. plus, the golden state warriors make it seven wins in a row after defeating the los angeles clippers. those stories and a check on weather when we come right back.
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welcome back. 48 people are dead after a pakistan international airlines flight crashed into a remote mountainside in northern pakistan yesterday. minutes before the crash, officials say the pilot radioed air traffic control that there was an issue with the left engine. a senior official for the airline tells nbc news that one of the engines, quote, flamed out. an eyewitness also tells nbc news that the plane was on fire while still in the air just prior to crashing into the mountain. among those on board was pakistani pop icon turned muslim televan jellist. "usa today" is looking inside how the va rates its own medical center using a secret internal system, even publishing the ratings ofll 146 facilities online. according to the paper, the ratings show some centers in texas and tennessee got just one star out of five over the summer, while ones in the northeast and south dakota and minnesota received among the highest marks, five stars. the va has been under heavy
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scrutiny since reports of uncon shen bli long waits at a phoenix center were revealed in 2014. that facility still gets just one star. the va undersecretary of health warned against reading too much into them, saying it's essentially a system within the va to see who's improving and who's getting worse. mnwhile in hawaii, a solemn remembrance 75 years after the naval base was bombed. miguel almaguer reports from pearl harbor. >> reporter: marking the moment that changed the course of history with silence. the nation remembers what these men will never forget. alfred rodriguez back at pearl harbor, 75 years after firing a 35-caliber machine gun at japanese war planes. >> when the alarm sounded, says man your battle stations, this is not a drill.
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>> reporter: only dozens of survivors in attendance this year. their numbers may be fading but not their memories from that day. jimmy lee was 11 when from this very shore he watched what no boy should. >> here come these planes. never saw anything like that with the noise, the roar of the planes. that's where i tell you the 11-year-old boy just grew up all the sudden. fear, so scared. >> reporter: the surprise attack on a sunny sunday morning killed 2,403 americans, propelling the u.s. into world war ii. >> a date which will live in infamy. >> reporter: jake anderson was killed on the uss arizona. his twin brother john narrowly escaped. he lived until the age of 98. his ashes will be buried under water in the remnants of the arizona so he can join his brother. >> that was miguel almaguer
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reporting. >> john glenn has been admitted to an ohio hospital with an unexplained condition. a spokesperson revealed the first american to orbit the earth was admitted to the james cancer hospital at ohio state more than a week ago. the spokesperson said he did not know the former senator's condition or prognosis but cautioned that glenn did not necessarily have cancer. two years ago glenn suffered a stroke after having a heart valve replacement surgery. >> we wish him well. let's get a check on your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. bundle up. >> how many times are we going to say that over the next two weeks? two arctic outbreaks. one is happening now. the next one happening next week. the air is starting in siberia and coming over here to north america. casper, wisconsyoming, you're t winner. or loser. negative 29 degrees outside
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right now. today in chicago, you're only going to get up to 25 degrees. that's it. even in st. louis, not even getting above freezing at 29. by oklahomaity and memphis standards, highs only ithe 30s with windchills in the 20s is very chilly. so when is the cold air going to reach areas to the east? you'll notice here in new york city, friday, saturday, sunday, every day 38 degrees. raleigh, looks like friday is going to be your chilliest day at 43. atlanta, friday is your chilliest. you get a little better by the time you get to sunday. chicago, you stay kind of cold. friday is your coldest here, but we're going to stay chilly. memphis, it looks like friday is your chilliest day. cast city, friday by far. only 29. you get a little bit of a break. by sunday you're up to the 40-degree mark. in dallas, 45 on friday. by sunday, you're 66. texas, a brief shot of cold air. for our friends further to the north, this looks lik it's got staying power. this time of year, you get the really cold air over the warm lakes, you get the epic lake-effect snow. we had one about a week and a half ago. looks leike we're going to do i
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again here. it's the typical area. they call this the tug hill plateau. lake erie, looks like it's going to be the towns south of buffalo that will get it good. it's going to be friday through sunday. bands of heavy snow. some areas could get 1 1/2 to 2 feet. lake erie, 1 to 2 feet of snow. isolated totals could be even higher than that. unfortunately, we were saying the outbreak next week looks even colder than this one. so just be prepared. chicago today, there will be some snow around, some snow showers, especially near any of the great lakes. we'll get some snow showers. even atlanta is a little chilly today at 48 degrees. i mentioned the windchill in denver is in the negative numbers. a little improvement this afternoon with a high temperature around 22 degrees. here's how it looks. this is the staying power of the cold. right now we're at 15 to 20 degrees below normal. by the time we get to next week, we better that, how about 20 to 30 below by the time we get to
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tuesday. still no signs of any big huge snowstorms. but the cold is here. we just need a storm or two to give everyone a white christmas. >> so not feeling the love for that report there, bill karins. just saying. still ahead, some of the cleveland cavaliers may have been a little bored while playing the knicks last night. we're going to explain how they killed time in the closing moments of that game. sports with louis is next. when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can.
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yankees answer to the red sox acquisition of chris sale on tuesday. the bombers add some balance to the pitching power in the a.l. east by bringing back closer aroldis chapman on a reported $86 million deal. chap minneso chapman, who served a 30-day suspension at the beginning of last year, was dealt by the yanks to the cubs later in the season, where he helped chicago win the world series. the four-time all-star will return in pinstripes as the highest paid reliever in baseball history. i'm sure the yanks are glad to have him back. turning now to college football headlines. university of oregon has plugged willie taggard from south florida to be the ducks' new head football coach. he was head coach at western kentucky before joining usf in 2013, also spent some time in the pac 12 as an assistant under jim harbaugh at stanford. he will be the african-american head coach at oregon. now to the action on the nba court last night in the battle
2:25 am
for the golden state as the clippers hosted the warriors in los angeles. the warriors lagged in shooting beyond the arc with steph curry failing to sink a three pointer for just the second time this entire season. and kevin durant held to only 16 points. golden state still had its way with the clippers. klay thompson led with 24 as the warriors rolled to their seventh straight win over los angeles 115-98. let's go to new york city. the cavaliers made short work of the knicks in a 126-94 win at the garden last night. they were no match for them. while the matchup didn't really pose much of a challenge for cleveland, lebron james tried his luck at a different kind of contest, the water bottle challenge. james trading flips on the bench with teammate kyree irving during the game. at one point, the fun even spills out on to the court. i guess it really wasn't a contest, alex. >> looked a little bored or something, i guess. >> i've never seen that before. >> me neither. thank you, louis. still ahead, who donald
2:26 am
trump will likely pick to lead the department of homeland security. plus, the president-elect picks a fht with a local union leader in indiana who accused donald trump of lying. those stories and more coming up next. they are the natural borns enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile.
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welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt alongside ali velshi and louis burgdorf. it is the bottom of the hour. we're going to start with the top stories. residents in parts of the west wintry for a powerful
2:30 am
winter storm warnings have been issued for portland and salt lake city. millions more are under advisories. bill karins will bring us an update shortly. two juveniles have been charged with those devastating wildfires that killed 14 people in tennessee last week. the suspects are charged with aggravated arson and could face chges as adul. more than 145 people were injured, 1700 homes were destroyed and some 17,000 acres were charred. and the search is on for this man, accused of shooting two police officers in rural georgia, killing one of them. 25-year-old officer nicholas ryan smarr was shot and killed yesterday morning while responding to a domestic disturbance call. jodi smith was also shot, listed in critical condition. donald trump is striking back at a local union leader in indiana, who claimed the president-elect lied his expletive off, although he didn't use the word expletive,
2:31 am
by inflating the number of jobs he saved at carrier. chuck jones, who represents the carrier workers, talk about it on tv last night. >> i appreciate mr. trump getting involved and saving as many people's livelihood as he did. so i don't think that can go without being said. i just wish that he'd have had the numbe down. we had a lot of our members when the word was coming out of 1100, they thought that they would have a job. then they find out the next day that most likely they weren't. 550 were still going to lose their jobs. >> less than 20 minutes after that interview aired, president-elect trump, guess what, tweeted. quote, chuck jones, who's the president of you united steel workers local 1999, has done a terrible job representing workers. no wonder companies flee country. jones phoned back into the program to say the union could
2:32 am
not compete with $3 wages in mexico and corporate greed and criticized trump for his labor practices. half an hour later, trump responded with, you guessed it, another tweet. quote, if united steel workers 1999 was any good, they would have kept those jobs in indiana. spend more time working, less time talking. reduce dues. calling into msnbc last night, jones responded and claimed he's now getting threats. >> the whole thing is ridiculous. he takes exception to being corrected. my numbers are correct and he's wrong. on the promises he made to -- on the campaign circuit to the american people about carrier, he's saying he didn't say. so he's wrong on that. he stood up here last thursday and told falsehoods, and that's what i was calling him out on.
2:33 am
>> there have been news reports tonight that since you went public on this, you have received threats from trump supporters. what can you tell us about that? >> nothing that says they're going to kill me, but you better keep an eye on your kids, we know what kind of car you drive. things along those lines. i'm not concerned about it. i'm not getting anybody involved, authorities, nothing. i can deal with people that make stupid statements and i'll move on. >> so far, no twitter response from the president. "the new york times" reports the president-elect intends to keep a stake in his real estate business, citing people briefed on the discussions. the paper reports trump plans to give his two adult sons operational responsibility for the company, but trump himself is resisting calls to divest. according to "the times," both donald trump and his daughter ivanka are exploring a legal structure that would give them separation from the company. trump announced in a series of tweets last week that he would
2:34 am
hold a news conference on december 15th to talk about leaving his business in order to focus on the country. house speaker paul ryan seemed relatively unbothered by trump's potential business conflicts when he was asked about it yesterday. >> how do you want him to address his business conflicts? >> however he wants to. this is not what i'm concerned about in congress. i have every confidence he's going to get himself right with his -- with moving from being the business guy that he is to the president he's going to become. >> and just yesterday, trump told matt lauer that over the summer he had cashed out of his stock investments. >> i don't think it's appropriate for me to be owning stocks when i'm making deals for this country that maybe will affect one company positively and one company negatively. i just felt it was a conflict. >> donald trump may have spent years attacking president barack obama and his policies, but that now appears to be water under
2:35 am
the bridge. the president-elect spoke waryml of his soon-to-be predecessor yesterday, saying he appreciates both their rapport and the advice the 44th president has given him. >> i've now gotten to know president obama. i really like him. we have, i think -- i can say at least for myself, i can't speak for him, but we have a really good chemistry together. we talk. he loves the country. he wants to do right by the country and for the country. i will tell you, we obviously very much disagree on certain policies and certain things, but you know, i really like him as a person. i've asked him what he thinks are the biggest problems of the country, what are some of the greatest assets going forward. we have a very good dialogue. i take his recommendations very seriously. there are some people that i will be appointing and in one case have appointed where he thought very highly of that person. >> the president-elect and
2:36 am
president obama have had a handful of telephone conversations since their initial 90-minute meeting in the oval office on november 10th. all right. multiple outlets are reporting the president-elect has decided on a secretary of homeland security. retired four-star marine general john f. kelly, who saw combat in iraq. in 2010, general kelly became the highest ranking officer to lose a child in afghanistan or iraq when his son, lieutenant robert kelly, was killed. as secretary, kelly would be given cabinet level oversight of the border, immigration, the coast guard, emergency management, and the tsa. reports of his nomination win approval from jeb bush, a skeptic of donald trump's policies. kansas secretary of state had long been believed to be a top choice for that post. he helped to develop the controversial arizona immigration law and much of trump's immigration platform. much like donald trump praised president obama, another one of his top transition team
2:37 am
members had paradeor his predecessor, susan rice. >> i met with dr. rice, or ambassador rice. she was unbelievably gracious. it was a superb meeting. the transition that we are doing with the national security team, both in the white house, over in the defense department, and i the intelligence community, is going great. >> flynn's appointment has been controversial in the u.s. and is now facing pushback from the chinese. "the new york times" points out that in a book flynn wrote, quote, no surprise that we are facing an alliance between radical islamists and regimes in havana, pyongyang, moscow, and beijing. both believe that history and/or allah blesses their efforts, so both want to ensure this glorious story is carefully told, end quote. when asked about the comments, a chinese spokesman called for everyone to, quote, base their opinions on facts when taking a
2:38 am
position. senate democrats and republicans put politics aside to come together and give vice president joe biden a proper sendoff as his time in office comes to an end. more than 20 senators recounted how biden overcame adversity throughout his life, including the tragic losses of his first wife and infant daughter in 1972. biden logged some 2 million miles over the years on amtrak, commuting from his home in delaware for many years to care for his sons. his successor, senator chris coons, praised biden for his compassion during his time in office. mitch mcconnell chose to focus on the vice president's more colorful side. >> we know when you give us your word as a biden, you mean it and you'll keep it. when it comes to providing advice and inspiration that touches our hearts and makes a real difference, no one, no one is better than you. we know you will share our challenges. you'll give us meaningful comfort and encourage us that
2:39 am
you will fight for us. >> he's got a well-developed sense of humor. he doesn't take himself too seriously either. when the onion ran a mock photo of him washing a trans am in the white house driveway shirtless, america embraced it. and so did he. i think it's hilarious, he said. but by the way, i have a corvette, a '67 corvette, not a trans am. >> what an amazing career. speaking with reporters in the halls of capitol hill, vice president biden clarified his comments from earlier in the week, telling reporters he had no intention of running for president again, despite some of the hopes of some of his former colleagues. >> and citizens, we should add. all right. last night lawmakers in ohio passed one of the most stringent anti-abortion bills in the nation. the so-called heartbeat bill would ban abortions as soon as a fetal heartbeat is detected, which can be as early as six weeks after conception, sometimes before a woman even
2:40 am
knows she's pregnant. ohio governor john kasich is opposed to abortion but has questioned whether such legislation is constitutional. lower courts have struck down similar laws in north dakota and arkansas. the election of donald trump and his eventual appointment of a ninth supreme court justice is giving abortion opponents hope that the legislation can withstand a court challenge, louis. a scary story here. for the first time in over 20 years, the life expectancy for americans has declined. according to a report released by the national center for health statistics, the decrease was a result of rising fatalities from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and drug overdoses. there's a chance the numbers from 2015 could be a blip on the radar, but the last time life expectancy went down was in 1993 in the depth of the a.i.d.s. epidemic. let's it uturn to business wall street. yesterday, the dow was up 297
2:41 am
points. the s&p and nasdaq both rising 1%. nancy joins us live from london. these fresh highs, they hide a story. some stocks are soaring, and there are entire industries that are not participating. they're actually, in some cases, lower since donald trump was elected. >> well, that's right, ali. it's health care, the big drug stocks, that are bearing the brunt on the downside. yesterday we were talking about a mere 3% fall for the nasdaq bio tech index. the health care index was the only sector in negative territory. these fresh losses were largely tied to comments that president-elect donald trump made to "time" magazine, saying that drug prices are going to come down. he doesn't like what's happened to drug prices. so many analysts were saying this is a repeat of what we saw when hillary clinton talked about drug prices and concerns that perhaps new policies will
2:42 am
have tighter controls on that. there is, of course, this question about the affordable care act and what exactly the trump administration will do there. a lot of nervousness around that sector at in the time. elsewhere, we've seen investors looking at the at&t time warner deal, donald trump's comments there. yesterday senators had a turn to grill executives on that $85 billion planned merger. there was a takeaway that perhaps some of the senators had a softer tone on this deal because there has been a lot of criticism surrounding anti-trust concerns. the head of the senate judiciary committee there said we don't want to impede an evasion. in fact, he highlighted the differences that have come about from tech titans like google, facebook, netflix, and how they're changing the competitive landscape. perhaps a bit of a change in ne there from that committee. again, they just simply provide advice to the justice department, who eventually has to decide on this one. >> good to see you, nancy. alex? still ahead, bill karins is going to join us with the latest on the winter weather out west.
2:43 am
plus, memories of the 2016 republican primary all of a sudden come rushing back. >> this is a little spicy, so you y not like it. >> no, no, no. >> it's the perfect size for you. >> okay. that cheese head hat may have been a bit too much for senator ted cruz and his hair, but don't be fooled, he really does love cheese. last night he reminded us just how much after this. ♪
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2:47 am
wasn't just an accident either. >> it was bad. >> so this morning we are getting the snow. up further to the north, tahoe is getting the snow right now. also areas in the cascades. they're going to get a lot in the next couple days. this is a significant storm for areas of the west. rain for san francisco. this is good. we like to get these winter storms to get the moisture into california. get the snow up in the mountains and help fill up the reservoirs when that melts later in the spring. as far as the advisories and warnings go, the white is winter weather advisories. you can see how widespread those are out here. eugene to portland, you are under winter storm warnings. it's not just all snow. it's a little bit of ice mixed in and freezing rain in some spots too. around salt lake city, you're under winter storm warnings. eight different states here have some type of winter weather advisory or warning. the big deal in the middle of the country is t first arctic outbreak. some o that cold air has now made it to the ohiovalley. be prepared stepping out the
2:48 am
door later tonight into tomorrow is when it reaches the east coast. you'll feel it friday in areas of the east. miami will have a chance of a shower and storm. by far one of the warmest spots in the entire country will be there in miami. again, the arctic outbreak is with us. you have to remember, we just got some of the data in from november and the fall. our temperature rankings are still extremely warm right now for around the country. we're still top five in almost every state except louisiana. as far as this year goes, third warmest is everywhere in orange. second warmest is areas in red. warmest on record, we still have about five or six states here in areas of the south. this has been extremely warm year and these cold outbreaks is what you'd expect. >> which means we're paying for all that. >> you're one of those. you think it comes around. >> yep. all right. it's senator ted cruz's affinity for cheese reached the national spotlight on the campaign trail this year. during a stop one day before the wisconsin primary in april, cruz told reporters it's been his favorite food his whole life and added, quote, i like cheese on
2:49 am
cheese. while he blamed his refusal to don the state's iconic cheese head on a no funny hats policy, it's now become apparent after a passionate speech yesterday that senator cruz actually prefers his curds in the style of his home state of texas, queso. >> what makes texas queso so great? >> it just tastes good. it speaks to the soul. good queso relaxes you. look, cheese dip can be served on a ritz cracker or with one of those tiny vienna sausages. queso is made to be scooped up with tortilla chips, dribbling down your chin and on to your shirt. it's a visceral, emotional family bond as you and your kids pour into queso. the other is party favors at an afternoon tea. >> truly a man of the people.
2:50 am
he can't escape that cheese question. beyonce made history this week becoming the most nominated woman ever at the grammys. it seems her honor could have been a bit bigger. according to the associated press, the star submitted her song "daddy lessons" so the grammy's country category but was rejected. shocker there. beyonce performed the song with the dixie chicks at this year's country music awards. they've covered it on tour, and even blake shelton has defended the song against critics who say it's not country. she got an impressive nine nominations this year, including one for best rock performance. i mean, if beyonce wants to sing country, she can do whatever she wants. >> she's definitely rubbing some people the wrong way with that. some people are mad about the idea she might succeed in country. >> good for her. >> she seems to succeed in everything she touches. so does this guy, michael jordan. he just scored a victory in a long-running trademark battle. jordan sued the company back in 2012, accusing them of using his
2:51 am
chinese name, jersey number, and jump man logo. chinese courts initially rejected his case. he appealed. yesterday, china's speak court ruled in his favor. he released a statement saying, quote, chinese consumers deserve to know that their products have no connection to me. alex? good on the chinese courts for that one. >> well, he wins again, as you said. still ahead, we're following big news from south korea. the country's embattled leader may have just one more day in office after being rocked by political scandal. we'll get you a live report.
2:52 am
2:53 am
2:54 am
at least 102 people are dead following that 6.5-magnitude earthquake that hid indonesia early yesterday morning, this according to the ap. more than 600 people were injured, including 128 seriously after that earthquake struck the district at the shallow depth of only about six miles below the surface. more than 265 homes and buildings were damaged or destroyed. the state department says they're unaware of any u.s citizens among those killed. south korea's parliament has introduced a bill to impeach embattled president park geun-hye. her approval ratings have dropped to 4%. she's seen her presidency engulfed by a scandal. joining us from london is matt
2:55 am
bradley. what's the likelihood? what are the odds park gets impeached? >> well, ali, i try to be careful when it comes to forecasting voting results these days, but if the numbers are to be believed, then it looks like south korea's president will be impeached, probably during tomorrow's parliamentary session. this impeachment bill needs to be approved by two-thirds of the 300-seat parliament. there are already nearly 200 members from the opposition and independent parties who are lined up to vote in favor of the bill. now a few dozen members of park's ruling party are also set to vote her out. that would make modern south korea's first ever female president the first to be impeached. so if tomoow's vote succeeds, her duties will be hded to the prime minister while the country's supreme court evaluates the constitutionality of the impeachment bill. it would also bri an end to a truly bizarre scandal that's all by paralyzed south korean politics. massive protests have gridlocked seoul week after week. park has been accused of working
2:56 am
in the thrall of a childhood friend who's the daughter of an infamous cult leader. park is suspected of having aided her in a corruption scandal of her own. park admitted to giving her inappropriate access to government decision making and offered to resign in april but south korea's parliament has rejected that offer. they want to see her removed by a vote. >> that's remarkable. matt, thanks very much. matt bradley in london. when we come back, we'll have a look at the stories making news in the day ahead. i work 'round the clock.
2:57 am
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so before we toss it over to "morning joe" across the studio, we're going to get a check on the stories you'll be hearing about in the day ahead. president-elect trump's nominee for health and human services will be meeting with senator oren hatch, the chairman of the senate finance committee, which oversees medicare. price has called for major reforms to that program. meanwhile, donald trump is going to meet with the victims of the attack at ohio state university. he's going to meet with the first responders who came to the rescue. you'll remember this last week into a group of pedestrians before stabbing several more people. and senate minority leader harry reid will be honored as
3:00 am
his 30-year career on capitol hill comes to a close. reid will give a farewell speech on the senate floor this morning. later, he'll be joined by vice president joe biden, hillary clinton, and other leaders >> it's a long career there. that does it for us on this thursday. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ >> "time" magazine named their person of the year. it's none other than president-elect donald trump. it's a big deal because it may be one of the last years. he's come a long way from his first "time" magazine cover an honor back in 1989 when he was working as a magician in atlantic city. isn't that something. congratulations to donald trump and to the photographer who got him to sit still


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