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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  December 8, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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did a campus cop overreact? we're awaiting a new update any minute. police facing tough questions about appropriate use of force on that student. that teen now in critical condition. also breaking in georgia, the suspect in a police shooting there dead. we are live where that manhunt unfolded. and then to politics and donald trump who is set to depart new york at any moment taking flight to ohio. the president-elect flying to columbus to visit survivors and first responders after the attack at the ohio state university. all of this as the president-elect goes after a union boss on, where else, twitter. that boss just speaking with msnbc live last hour. so we do start the show in ohio with the president-elect scheduled to depart for columbus shortly. there is the trump plane. you will remember that 11 people were injured at the ohio state university campus last week when a somali immigrant went on a stabbing spree. trump's views on immigrants and muslims have some students wary
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of his visit given the rhetoric of his campaign. nbc's chris jansing is on the campus there in columbus and joins us now. chris, i know an interfaith service is expected later this hour. how are students reacting to the president-elect coming? are they in favor or objecting? >> reporter: you know, it's a campus of 60,000 people but there are definitely some objecting. you mentioned there's a press conference, an interfaith press conference, and their concern is that donald trump is coming here to use it as a platform for what they consider to be his radical immigration views. he did make comments about whether that young man, 18 years old, a somali refugee, should have ever been allowed in the country at all. students aren't the only ones objecting thomas. among those invited, a professor e emeritus, william clark. he said thanks but no thanks and i spoke to him about why he refused mr. trump's invitation.
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>> wasn't expecting that kind of event, especially so quickly. it came at 10:00 in the morning. i had until midday to make a decision. >> reporter: you decided no. why? >> i was not 100% comfortable with what i think the purpose of it might be. >> you think it's political. >> well, it might be. there's certainly been a track record and as i say, from the initial tweet that came out right after the event, there was clearly a very definite bias on the interpretation of the event. >> reporter: this event is being kept very low key. it is not open to the public. it is not open to the media. there is expected to be two meetings, one with those who were hurt in this attack, those who wanted to be there to meet with the president-elect, and then a second meeting with first responders, including emts and police. thomas? >> chris jansing live on the campus of the ohio state university in columbus. thank you very much. even with the
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president-elect on the road, his transition team hints more cabinet picks could be coming today. trump reportedly tapping a fast food exec to lead the labor department. this after the president-elect escalated a twitter war with carrier union leader chuck jones who told nbc's hallie jackson last hour that he's okay. >> maybe i could have phrased it in a different manner,ut it is what it is, and i stand behind all my comments. even calling him out on the numbers that he was using. i'm not offended or anything else by his comments. really don't faze me one way or another. >> let's dig into this. kristin welker and hallie jackson who spoke with jones last hour. i know you had a chance to speak with that union leader. what more did he have to say and
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does he consider himself fair game? >> yeah, i think so, and he has no regrets. i think thats with one of the big takeaways. he said days will go donald trump lied his butt off. he was using more colorful language than that. he says i don't regret saying that. donald trump said 1,100 jobs would be saved. the number even according to carrier is closer to 800. i acally also spoke with jones last night right after these eets started happening. evers explaining that he was getting threats, people who said, hey, i know where your kids live, i know what kind of car you drive, you better watch out. but again, jones, brushing all of it off. here is what he had to say to me just a little bit ago. a couple minutes ago at least that he had essentially no issues with what he said. he made -- >> and he'd move ahead with trump if he saves jobs. >> the first thing out of his mouth was i want the people to know that i thank the
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president-elect for saving these jobs. >> and let's go to kristin. the reports swirling about whether mitt romney is in or out. we know he's in new york for a paid speech. but could he be the next secretary of state? so break down what your sources are telling you about the latest on the cabinet suspension. >> reporter: well, first to the position of labor secretary, my sources are telling me that andy pudster is the front-runner for that. who is he? he's the ceo of the parent company for carl's jr. and hardee hardee's. he wants to scale back regulations. he's opposed to increasing the minimum wage. let me read you something he said recently about the workforce and about machines. he said machines are always polite. they always up sell. they never take a vacation. they never show up late. there's never a slip and fall or
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an age, sex, or race discrimination case. those comments raising a lot of eyebrows on capitol hill and particularly among some of the very workers who helped to sweep president-elect donald trump into the white house. here is the reaction from chuck schumer. the labor secretary should be someone who wakes up every day thinking about how they can raise american wages and fight for american workers. mr. puz der's case shows exactly the opposite. this pick could get real opposition on capitol hill. you asked about mitt romney. we are watching him closely. he is in new york today, not to meet with president-elect trump, but instead he's going to speak at an event a little bit later on today. we're tracking what he has to say very closely in terms of where he stands right now for that secretary of state position. we know that he was one of the top contenders. the sense is this decision is making -- taking quite a long time. so the search has expanded.
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that's what we know. has he fallen off of the radar? we don't know that for sure, but what we can say is that this search, the pool of people who the president-elect is looking at has expanded. a former navy admiral was here to meet with president-elect trump. it's not our sense he's really being looked at for that position but he is someone who initially was getting a lot of buzz. he was asked is he in contention to be secretary of state? he didn't really answer that question directly, so he zngt give us too much inside into what specifically he talked to the president-elect about, but there's no doubt the president-elect likely asked him about foreign policy, national security, all of those issues that he would be able to talk about. but again, transition officials insist the president-elect is going to take his time with this appointment because it is one of the most important decisions that he will make, thomas. >> so the tower intrigue goes on. we're still waiting for donald trump to travel on to ohio and meanwhile we have democrats that are blasting the pick of scott pruitt who is oklahoma's a.g.
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but tapped for trump's epa. listen to this. >> with control of epa pruitt could do immense damage to the water that our children drink, the air they breathe. >> he will try to bring the epa into its knees. he will try to turn it into every polluter's ally. >> every polluter's ally. democrats did express hope the president-elect would find a balance after his meetings with al gore, leonardo dicaprio. is this a way to do good cop/bad cop with pruitt? >> i don't know. that's a good question. you look at what he's done, his record on climate change. he's fought them. he's been one of the key architects of trying to dismantle some of president obama's climate change moves. there's no expectation that is would change if he does get confirmed to head the epa. he's suing the agency he's tapped to run, and so i think
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you look at sort of the overall picture. yes, donald trump in that interview with "the new york times" a couple weeks ago said maybe he would be open, he would keep an open mind on the paris climate change accord. now just like i think back to tom price, for example, his pick to head the department of health and human services. price was a guy where we said almost that exact same phrase. he was the chief architect of trying to dismantle president obama's in that case affordable care act. you're seeing a lot of change that is could be coming under president-elect trump. >> you spent a lot of time knowing this campaign, and we have the pruitt pick, i tried to get sean spicer on the record yesterday about the conundrum between a pruitt pick and ivanka trump talking about -- >> want be to be an advocate -- >> yes, for climate change. ivanka is going to win that battle. no matter who gets in the epa job. the first daughter is going to win on strategy, right? >> she has had an outsized role in her father's decisionmaking process i think. she's been somebody who has been
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obviously -- i don't want to say a surrogate because i think the family bristles. e gets o there and sfpeaks for her father when it comes to issues like child care and climate as well. he is making this pick to put in somebody as head of the epa that has a record on policy that goes against the current administration's plans. you put me in a bind on how to answer that question because if i was a predictress -- there could be conflict between sort of the two ideologies that the president-elect will be hearing about. >> i think it plays into the ideology that donald trump will make republicans and democrats all mad because he's part of the surprise party. he's going to surprise everybody with the moves he makes and we know "the new york times" is reporting that the president-elect likely will hand off his empire to his sons. one thing we can forward is ivanka is resigning her post within the trump organization. there was still the talk of her and her husband jared kushner
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moving to d.c. what's the newest development on that? we get the formal announcement coming up on december the 15th. >> reporter: well, right, and "the times" also noting based on their reporting that the president-elect is not going to completely divest from his business holdings. we pressed transition officials about that. we continue to try to get an answer from them. they're not weighing in. they're not going to weigh in until the president-elect holds his news conference and, of course, that's going to take place next week. they don't want to get ahead of him, but if you're reading between the lines, thomas, it could signify that some of those details, and, of course, the devil is in the details, some of those all-important details are still being worked out. >> kristin welker, hallie jackson, sorry to you put you in the conundrum box there, but thank you sketch. we'll have a lot more riddles coming up. we've been asking in today's microsoft pulse question, in the trump twitter wars, is going after union leader chuck jones fair game? let us know what you think at
11:12 am we've got that breaking news out of georgia where authorities say the man wanted in a standoff turned deadly has killed himself. the manhunt now over as multiple s.w.a.t. teams surrounded a house where minquell kennedy lembrick was suspected of hiding a few hours ago and investigators briefing the media in just the last hour. >> as the first responding officers were getting there, they heard what sounded like a gunshot in the residence. when the s.w.a.t. team made entry they found one suspect inside who was deceased from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the suspect has been possibly identified as mr. lembrick. >> all right. so we want to go to nbc's kerry sanders. kerry is on the ground for us and was asking questions from that press conference. kerry, what more did we learn? >> reporter: we understand that the authorities after they heard word of the gunshot, that there may be somebody in there who may have a gun and they weren't sure what was going on. so rather than doing a dynamic
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entry and bursting through the front door, they decided they would use caution. they surrounded the home. they emptied the homes on either side of the occupant's. one was an elderly woman they got out, and then this s.w.a.t. team surrounding the area decided they would send in a robot. the robot went through the door, looked around, didn't see anything. they attempted to make contact with somebody inside to see if there was a need for negotiation. again, nobody responded, and eventually they determined here at the end that it was a result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound that led to the death of the suspect here. now, it's interesting, the georgia bureau of investigation noted he has a very lengthy record, a convicted felon, somebody who should not have had a gun to begin with, and so while not passing judgment on the judicial system noting that this is somebody who probably was in the wrong place for a very long time, in and out with the authorities and now having a gun in his possession. there was a $70,000 reward, and
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there is somebody who is now in line to get that because it was the sheriff who got a call directly on his cell phone from somebody in the community saying, i think i know where this guy is holed up. i think i know where your suspect is, and so that person gave the tip to the sheriff, and it was the sheriff who then organized with the police department here to bring the s.w.a.t. teams in and surround the house. the authorities at this point, as you know, have a whole other sadness on their hand. that is one officer who has died from the americus police department and then another officer who is at the hospital in macon, about an hour from here, who is in critical condition. the authorities from the georgia southwestern university, which is where officer smith, who was shot and is in critical condition, where he worked, they say that they don't even know whether he has been told that his best friend -- these two officers were best friends -- was shot and killed. he's in critical condition.
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we don't even know whether he is conscious or not, but at this point so much sadness, but the conclusion at least into what is almost a 26-hour manhunt for a cop killer. >> kerry sanders reporting in georgia for us. kerry, thank you very much. i appreciate it. we've also been following this breaking news out of nevada. authorities in reno just holding a news conference updating the investigation in the police-involved shooting of a 14-year-old high school student. that teen now hospitalized. we've got the very latest on the details and questions about did police use appropriate force. world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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i would also like to thank our dedicated officers with the school district police department who acted swiftly to protect the safety of our students. had it not been for their quick
11:19 am
actions and professionalism, i truly believe that the outcome could have been much worse for our students. >> okay. there we have authorities in neva speaking moments ago about the police-involved shooting of a high school student. we want to warn you that the video of the incident that brought this teen down is disturbing. so take a look. it's a 14-year-old who is now listed in critical condition because he lunged at students wielding large knives on the campus of his high school. now, this is an armed police campus. there was an officer on duty there at hug high school firing one shot at the teen while the other students watched. now, there are questions over whether that officer made the proper move. joining me here at 30 rock, msnbc senior editor cal perry. this has been a hot story online and certainly through social media. do we have any wort of a motive? >> no, we don't. police are saying the investigation is und way so
11:20 am
they don't want to discuss what a potential motive could be because they're still going through those witness interviews, and as we saw in that dramatic and as you said sometimes disturbing video, the student is obviously very animated and there's a threat there to all the students surrounding him. you see him there in the blue shirt. the investigation, we found out, is being carried out not only by reno police, but also the county sheriff's office and the fbi. the question is as the motive becomes more and more clear and we've heard it could have been a fight, it could have been a disturbed student, it could be any number of possibilities, what the use of force was from that police officer. the high school student was shot one time by the officer, as you said in critical condition. the investigation is just getting under way, thomas. >> all right, cal. thank you very much. keep us posted. our cal perry here at 30 rock. hillary clinton heading to the hill. speaking later today at a reception for the outgoing senate mi in ordnority leader ae
11:21 am
he may be heading out, harry reid is not holding out when it comes to the president-elect. we'll show you why after this break. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a rodent ride-along. [dad] alright, buddy, don't forget anything! [kid] i won't, dad... [captain rod] happy tuesday morning! captain rod here. it's pretty hairy out on the interstate.traffic is literally crawling, but there is some movement on the eastside overpass. getting word of another collision. [burke] it happened. december 14th, 2015. and we covered it.
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all right. so a big day on capitol hill as hillary clinton is set to visit today. the former democratic presidential nominee will be joined by vice president joe biden at a reception for outgoing senate minority leader harry reid. it was earlier today that reid gave his final senate floor speech reflecting on his 30 years of service. >> i didn't make it in life because of my athletic prowess, i didn't make it because of my good looks, i didn't make it because i'm a genius. i made it because i worked hard. >> so the democratic lawmaker refusing to go quietly, reid taking parting shots at james comey and president-elect donald trump. kasie hunt on the hill for us with the very latest. casey, let's start with hillary
11:25 am
clinton. what is she expected to say today? >> reporter: well, thomas, hillary clinton is going to be making her first political public appearance at an event later today. it's an unveiling of senator reid's portrait, and she and other dignitaries, prominent dignitaries, will be speaking, so we're expecting it's largely just going to be a tribute to reid, but, you know, it's possible, she was a member of hu here, we'll see if she wants to stop and talk to some of her long-time friends who are still serving and whether she reflects at all on the election in her remarks. >> we'll wait to see that. we have new images i want to show our audience of president-elect trump arriving there to catch his flight on his own plane taking off to ohio. he'll be in columbus later today visiting the survivors and first responders on the campus of the ohio state university. so seeing them all arrive there
11:26 am
and having left new york city, getting off to ohio, a state that he won and wants to also go on to thank others while he's on the road. casey, really fast while we're talking about thanking folks and honors going around, we had joe biden honored last night. then we see today harry reid being honored today. reid was a former boxer. he have these two articles out today and he's going out the way he came in, fighting. >> he doesn't seem particularly constrained, not that he necessarily was when he was in more active service. he is clearly on his way out kind of taking some time to reflect, but also as you say blaming james comey for the losses in the senate. of course, when we went into election night, the expectation was that democrats had a shot at retaking control of the senate, and maybe that was more likely than not. of course, we all know how that turned out, but he told politico, quote, if comey had
11:27 am
kept his mouth shut, we would have picked up a couple more senate seats and we probably would have elected hillary. take that as you will. he's also out with an op-ed going after donald trump arguing that trump is simply a billionaire who will be advocating for tax cuts for the wealthy and that that's not implementing policies that, of course, many of the voters who elected trump would seem to be looking for, but on the other hand he also did an interview where he said, hey, maybe this is turning out not as bad as i thought. he said he does not like some of donald trump's cabinet picks, but, of course, he's not going to be around to have to vote thomas?way. >> our kasie hunt on the hill for us, and casey, keep us posted there about hillary clinton's arrival and what she has to say. also, this quick programming note for you. the former rival of clinton, senator bernie sanders will be hitting the road with chris hayes heading to kenosha, wisconsin, where they will take questions from voters. you done want to miss it "all in
11:28 am
erica: bernie sanders in trump country." . joining me now is maxine waters. congresswoman great to have you with me. and this is really a bittersweet day for folks on the hill and i'm showing folksn the left-hand side of our screen president-elect trump as he preps to leave for ohio. we have good-byes going out to senator reid, this rare appearance from hillary clinton. a lot of prominent party figures exiting. so where do democrats go from here? >> well, first of all, you're absolutely right. we're ending the session of congress having to deal with a new president-elect who we really don't know who he is and what he stands for. he has lied. he has been disparaging of so many people. he actually tried to destroy people whether it is those who ran in the primary with him or those who ran on the democratic side of the aisle.
11:29 am
and so he has made representations about what he was going to do on obamacare. he's backed off of some of that. on and on. we don't know what we're dealing with, and so we leave here with a lot of uncertainty and fear about what is happening in our country because this president, obviously this president-elect does not have any respect for the relationships that we have in the world, who our friends are, who they are not, and he's proceeding with his own foreign policy without the benefit of our foreign affairs people and the state department, et cetera, so we're in a mess in the united states of america right now trying to understand where is this president-elect coming from? what and how is he philosophically grounded in what? we don't know what he stands for. >> meanwhile, congresswoman, hindsight obviously being 20/20, we have jennifer palmieri penning this op-ed that accuses
11:30 am
the trump team of running a platform that encouraged white nationalism, also a point that she leveled last week during that kind of heyday at harvard when things got really acrimonious between these two teams. have democrats done enough to determine why they lost instead of focusing on why trump won? >> well, i think you really have to do both. this is what we know. we know that white supremacists have come out of the woodwork and they have held a town hall meeting where they did, you know, hail hitler kind of signs, and we know that there was an incident at a pizza shop where someone who believed this false stuff that was being put out on the internet and they shot off a gun there because they were supporting the false belief that somehow this business and this community was involved with child molestation that's been put out. we know that we have someone who was put off of the delta plane because they got up singing the
11:31 am
praises of trump and denouncing clinton, and delta had to say that, you know, urbyou are bann from our airlines for life. we don't want you back. we know the white supremacists are coming out of the woodwork. we don't understand all of this, but we know it's dangerous, and we know that trump has not done enough to stop this. oh, yes, he says a few of the right things, but he's got scott bannon who ran breitbart who encouraged white supremacists to come on and talk about what they believe in. we have a right to be suspicious and we have a right to be frightened because something has been unleashed in this country and it was unleashed by the trump campaign that's causing all of us to be concerned about where are we going and what does this all mean. >> you can definitely have an aspect of concern and trump has denounceany white nationalist
11:32 am
ties, but when it comes to cabinet picks so far, and kellyanne conway said this at harvard, that more americans decided to vote about donald trump less about why they were offended but more for why they could be affected. she meant it in a positive. how their lives would benefit. we see the president-elect's plane about to leave. >> first of all, hillary clinton has the popular vote and it's still rising. >> but we live in a country based on winning the presidency through the electoral college so we have to forget about the popular -- >> no we do not forget about the popular vote. >> yuntil you change it on the hill it's going to be a constant battle for democrats to figure out how to win back the white house if the electoral -- >> you're right. we're in a battle. >> each team doesn't like the electoral college when they lose. but what's the positive message about why we're better?
11:33 am
>> let me say this, i think the most important thing is for those people who voted for trump, who really believe a lot of the lies that he was telling and the promises that he was making, it's important for us to educate them and to really help them to understand who he is. now, he's going to do a lot of that himself. you wait until these confirmation hearings come up. many of these people that he has decided that he's going to nominate because he simply likes them, they've not been vetted, they have not dug deeply into their backgrounds and who they are, it's going to come out in the confirmation process. some of those people in the little towns and rural communities that voted for him are going to be surprised, and they're going to understand for the first time that this billionaire class that he's appointing, that he's nominating, people like him don't really care about them, and they have not fought for them, and so, yes, you're right. we're in a fight but we know how to fight, and we're going to fight it. we're going to make sure that we
11:34 am
are involved in these confirmation processes to unveil who these people really are. we're going to make sure that they understand who these white supremacists are. it's all going to come out. we're going to fight him so that we win back that white house. we win back the house and the senate. we're dedicated to it. we believe this country is better than him. he really does not represent who we are and what our values are. >> congresswoman -- >> and we're going to fight him and make sure people understand that so that we can win back the government. >> congresswoman maxine waters, always great to have you on. thank you for your time -- >> you're so welcome. >> -- and obviously to your dedication to the folks back home in california and in this country. >> you're so welcome. thank you. >> the responses from our microsoft pulse question about the twitter wars of donald trump. he's going after a union leader. is it fair game? >> 31% of you say yes. 69% say no. keep voting. we have hear hearts in south carolina.
11:35 am
day two of the dylann roof trial under way. video of the charleston church massacre. the judge directly addresses grieving families as they sit feet away from their love ones' killer.
11:36 am
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let's just get a sandwich or something. "or something"? you don't just graduate from medical school, "or something." and we don't just pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it. i'm thomas roberts live from msnbc world headquarters in new york city. it's the bottom of the hour and here are some of the top stories we're watching for you right now. first the weather, where an arctic blast is sending a third of the country into a deep freeze. the polar vortex is expected to drop temperatures into single digits in places like chicago. next the tragedy of california, that warehouse fire investigation. officials now saying no fire inspection had been done on that warehouse in 30 years. 36 people died in the fire. oakland city leaders vowing to reform the inspection system following that fiery blaze at
11:39 am
the warehouse. and the foreman in the walter scott shooting trial following that cases mistrial. it was earlier today dorsey montgomery sat down with craig melvin and was asked if he thought race played a factor in the outcome. >> i would call it intense fellowship when things got a little heavy but the majority of the time it wasn't any racial attention or anything of that nature. of course, it came up. we discussed it, but, of course, it wasn't in my opinion one of the major decision factors. >> walter scott was shot and killed by former patrolman michael slager following an altercation during a traffic stop. prosecutors say they plan to retry that case against the former officer. also in south carolina, the trial of dylann roof is in its second day now andurors are getting a step by step gut wrenching recreation of the day he walked into the mother emmanuel church. they're presenting church
11:40 am
security camera footage and first responder testimony. in some cases the images are so disturbing the judge told family members there's no shame in having to step out of that courtroom. joining me from charleston is nbc's mariana guster. you got to see dylann roof via closed circuit tv. strike what you witnessed. >> reporter: as you mentioned, right now the prosecution is showing jurors these very graphic images of the crime scene, images of the victims, and i was just there a little earlier today in the courthouse, and you could sense the tension even in the media overflow room. dylann roof was wearing a black long-sleeved t-shirt, just a regular t-shirt, gray slacks. he's staring blankly ahead ignoring everything going on around him. you could see his lawyer whispering in his ear from time to time, i was also there when
11:41 am
the prosecution was asking to admit these photos that i referenced before, and the defense was trying to not have these photos at midmitted argui they were too graphic. the judge looked at them one by one and admitted all the images except for one, and he also as you described before, told victims' families they can step out if these images are too much for them to bear. it does seem, thomas, that this trial is moving rather quickly, at least it has for our team on the ground here. they are already on witness ten at the moment, but, remember, this is one of two trials for dylann roof. once he's wrapped up here in federal court he then has to face these murder charges in state court. >> meanwhile, we have the defense today filing a motion for a mistrial. what did they say is the basis? >> reporter: they are argued that felicia sanders' testimony, and she is one of five survivors, her testimony yesterday calling dylann roof
11:42 am
evil and saying he belongs, and i'm quoting her, in the pit of hell, was language that wasn't appropriate for the court, that it was really up to the jurors to determine the kind of punishment that dylann roof deserves. that motion for a mistrial was denied by the judge, but the judge did tell the jurors to dismiss this part of ms. sanders' testimony. something else that jumped out at me, thomas, and maybe eric can collaborate on that, is the fact that in the mistrial motion, and i'm holding the document here, in one of the footnotes it reads that, you know, the defendant's mother required -- so dylann roof's mother required emergency medical attention. she was admitted to the hospital with a heart attack. we have not been able to independently corroborate that information but it was interesting to me that this would be cited in the footnote of a motion for a mistrial. thomas? >> stand by for me and let's ask eric about that. how much credibility or validity
11:43 am
and weight is put by a family member impacted by a loved one on trial. >> that may not work. the defense's job is to create doubt as far as saving this person's life and trying to delay the trial because this is one of those inevitable cases. you know this is a very, very slow guilty plea, and what the defense wants to do is lay enough groundwork for possible appeals, which some of us may know it takes years and years and years on death penalty cases for the death penalty to be actually impacted. so what we have right here is a slow -- what we call a slow guilty plea where they're trying to preserve this man's life and try to get to the hearts of some of those jurors. >> so meanwhile, as we talk about this and mariana reporting on the fact there is a federal case, the state case, the death penalty, charleston grappling with the mistrial of michael slager, so that's competing for headlines, and we're hearing from the jury foreman who says in the slager case that while there was a mistrial there, that
11:44 am
race was not the overriding factor in their dlib rags. take a listen. >> when i first got inside the courtroom, you know, i came in with a very open mind. oftentimes i think due to my color i was going to do x, y, and z and that's not what i went in there to do. i looked at all the evidence presented to me from the defense and from the prosecutor and then when we got inside, i made a judgment based on a factual information, not my opinion, not my emotions, not anything that i could inject into it but everything that i made my decision on was on factual information. some people didn't do the same. >> how much of a role do you think race may have played inside the jury room? >> i don't believe it played a role inside the jury room. >> not at all? >> not that i could have seen. >> what was the chief argument being made against manslaughter and against murder as well? >> self-defense.
11:45 am
>> so there we have the jury foreman for the slager case. that will go to a new trial, but as we look at the graphic now, and i want to show everybody, eric, the roof jury. here we know we're hearing from the foreman in the slager case, you know, they tried to come to consensus, they couldn't do it. this is a different mix up or a different makeup, rather, of a jury, and they are basically deciding whether or not to take a man's life, a young man's life for a horrific crime that he confessed. what is the onus when it comes to a jury that has to go behind closed doors to come up with that verdict? >> you have to lk at several factors. you have to look at mitigating circumstances. what this young man's life was like. what things impacted him and brought him to this particular decision to kill nine people. you also have to look at the impact on the victims, their pain and suffering and other factors such as that, and it's very difficult for a jury to decide they're going to take a person's life because as a
11:46 am
person, those things are in your hands, the decision whether or not this person lives or dies, and that's a very tough decision, but the jurors swore to listen to the evidence. they swore to take the testimony seriously and to make a decision outside of their personal feelings. >> do you think if you were part of the defense that you would use the bond hearing closed camera moments where the families of those lost said to roof in the summer of 2015 i forgive you. do you think that would work on a jury to say if the family were able to forgive him, then you should not sentence him to death. >> as a defense lawyer, a defense lawyer is going to try every single thing he or she can. our job in these types of cases is to save that person's life. we explain to them, i'm sure his lawyers explained to him you're not going to get off from this case but my job is to try to save your life and the defense lawyer will try every single thing and using that testimony,
11:47 am
that interview where the lady said we forgive you, they may try to utilize that. we know that our client did something wrong. the family forgave him. please spare his life. >> eric, thank you very much. appreciate it. and we take a quick break but on the other side we get to politics with president-elect trump's visit to the ohio state university, and speaking this afternoon with the survivors and first responders at the campus of the ohio state university. we're back after this. we have this first. the united launch. first, the united launch alliance. adding to the list of successful takeoffs. here is lauren with the inadvertently update. >> the united launch alliance launched its latest liftoff. it seamlessly lifted from cape
11:48 am
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here we have it. donald trump is now wheels up from laguardia airport, and we have the next stop, ohio. this is where the president-elect will meet privately with the victims of last week's attack at the ohio state university, and this will be the first time that trump consoles survivors of a violent act since winning the presidency. rick tiler is an msnbc political analyst and former spokesman for senator ted cruz. here on seat is careen john pierre. good to have you both with me. ohio, john kasich, a very vocal
11:52 am
critic of donald trump. if he appears with him today, does that mean that never-trumpers now concede and coalesce around the president? >> well, thomas, i think that's right, it does look like the never-trumpers are conceding. victory has an amazing way of doing that. he's definitely someone in charge. he's in charge of this transition team and people want to be part of a winning team. >> so we have ohio lawmakers that have passed a controversial bill that would ban abortions from the moment a heartbeat and a fetus can be detected. state legislators had considered this saying it would never pass the senate. do you think republicans feel embolden emboldened and that's why we're seeing this happen? >> well, let me talk to this bill very quickly. first of all, it's totally unconstitutional. that's number one. number two, there are two bills. there's a six-week ban and the
11:53 am
20-week ban. i think what's happening is it's a political guise what they're doing right now in ohio. the governor will most likely ban the 6-week abortion bill and sign the 20-week abortion bill. what that does is it makes him look much more moderate and it doesn't matter, both of the bills are unconstitutional and the government should stay away from women's health choices. >> so, rick, we have trump doing his very latest on twitter. there is a never ending frenzy when it comes to certain tweets and this being with the indiana union chief chuck jones saying, you know, jones accused trump of lying about the number of jobs that were saved by that carrier deal and now we have jones receiving death threats, that the bully pulpit is not just the presidency but also trump via twitter. here is what he told our hallie jackson last hour. take a listen. >> a lot of i guess trump supporters are highly critical
11:54 am
of my statements. i have been doing this squob jo over 30 years and i'm not a macho man by all means but i've had all kind of threats and stuff over the years, so i guess i got a little more thick skin. >> he's got a little more thick skin. he also said that if trump heads in the right direction, saving jobs, he's for it. but what is the slippery slope for trump with this? >> well, the slippery slope, thomas, is he's really got to get his numbers right. he can't be prone to overexaggeration which he has. donald trump saved about 730 jobs as i understand it, and he should take credit for the 730 jobs along with mike pence and they did that by saving the jobs in carrier. there's about 350 jobs that were going to stay in indiana according to carrier at one other plant, and those were management jobs and research jobs, and donald trump seems to be taking credit for those as well. so why not just take credit for the jobs you got done. that was a great political
11:55 am
victory. the optics were terrific, but now we're arguing over the actual numbers, and that's going to diminish his message on this. >> indiana taxpayers should also smack each other on the back when they see each other at the grocery store because they're really the ones that helped save this. >> 7 million of taxpayers' money went toward that and 1300 jobs are still going to mexico. so, you know, i think this just plays into these are things that a president-elect, a future president, should not be doing is picking which company he's going to essentially go after. we should be thinking about the economy for the entire country. >> we shall see which is the next winner, which is the next loser because if this is the path, a lot of folks are going to be lining up to raise their hands to say, he look at us over here. great to see you. rick, thank you. appreciate youtime. want to give you another look at the microsoft pulse question for today and it has to do with this twitter feud with the union leader chuck jones. is jones fair game? take a look at how you feel.
11:56 am
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ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. that women wrill wrap up ou coverage this hour. kate snow is here to pick things up. >> thanks so much. good afternoon to you at home. here are our top stories think hour. a short time from now hillary clinton returns to the hill. she'll be in the capitol to honor senate minority leader harry reid. he's retiring and there are some other big names coming to see the unveiling of his official portrait today. four hours north at trump tower donald trump once again expanding his white house team. this time it's pro wrestling maven linda mcmahon picked for small business administrator. and a senior military official says the number of isis fighters who have been killed over the last two years is now more than double what they originally thought. let's start out though at trump tower this afternoon.
12:00 pm
my colleague kristin welker is out there for us. it seems like every day we come on the air, we're talking about a new member of trump's white house team. >> reporter: well, that's right. and at this hour, kate, we are eyeing andy puzder. he's the front-runner for labor secretary. he's someone who is the ceo of the parent company of carl's, jr. and hardee's. he's also someone who is very against regulation, someone who is opposed to increasing the minimum wage, and he raised a lot of eyebrows with this recent comment, kate. let me read it to you. he says machines are always polite. they always upsell. they never take a vacation. they never show up late. there's never a slip and fall or an age, sex, or race discrimination case. so that's raising some eyebrows among democrats and also among some of the very workers who helped sweep president-elect donald trump into the white house. that is what charles schumer had to say. he said the labor secretary should be someone who wakes up


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