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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  December 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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i'm stephanie rule in today for thomas roberts. i'll see you monday at at 9:00 a.m. kate snow picks up things. >> hello, everyone. here are our top three hours. fake news and lavish parties. the teenager making more than his parents by making up stories on the internet, and he says it wouldn't have been possible without donald trump. that sry in a few moments. but also new scrutiny for donald trump's future labor secretary. a recent interview with andy puzder getting a second look now that he's headed to washington. even some conservatives now criticizing his past comments on the advantages of automation over human workers. and as president obama today ordered a full review of election-related hacking to determine foreign involvement, a stern new message from a bipartisan group of 27 senators aimed at donald trump. stand against russian aggression in ukraine, they say. one of the lawmakers behind that push is scheduled to join me in a few minutes. let's start this hour as
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stephanie mentioned in baton rouge. chris jansing is there for us. donald trump is having a get out the vote event. quite frankly, chris, we thought it would be over by now, but he's running a little bit late. he's going to be there with senate candidate john kennedy. what do we expect out of the president-elect? >> reporter: well, who hours late so far but we're told he's on the ground so hopefully this will get under way. these folks have been waiting a long time though they're shouting trump so they must be getting some indication or seeing some movement over there. look, this is a critical race. it's the very last race of the 2016 campaign. if the republicans can win, if john kennedy can hole the seat that was david vitter's, that means 52-48. what's one seat mean in the senate? well, as you know, kate, there is a very ambitious agenda that president-elect trump has, that the leadership in the senate has, and for that every vote will definitely count from things like health care reform
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or repeal to issues involving the filibuster. so he's coming here in a traditionally -- a place where even though he won by 20 points, traditionally we know that runoff elections have very low turnout, and the democrat, foster campbell, has been putting a last-minute push on very hard fueled by millions of dollars in democratic donations from all around the country. he's been doing traditional tv stuff himself, 300,000 different phone calls, record number of door knockers, many of them from out of the country -- from out of the state, and many of the people who have been making those phone calls are in phone banks in places like new york and california. so this is one last chance for not just donald trump to essentially declare victory because john kennedy has aligned himself so closely with the president-elect but also has that very real impact on his ability to get his legislative agenda through, kate. >> chris jansing awaiting the
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president-elect down in baton rouge. we'll bring that to you live just as soon as we get it. we'll ask you to stand by for that, chris. thanks so much. let's talk about president-elect trump and a concern that's coming out today has to do with russia, and joining me now is senator amy klobuchar, a democratic from minnesota. thanks for being with me. >> thank you, kate. >> i want to get to rue sha ass ukraine and your letter but first i feel like i need to ask you because we're down to the wire on a friday afternoon on funding the government. senator man dhchin is threateni to delay a vote on this big spending vote. where are we at this hour, 3:00 eastern time? >> well, we're standing with senator manchin in trying to get everything we can for those coal miners. they were promised health benefits way back with president truman. 16,000 coal miners and widows and retirees just got notices that they weren't going to have their health care, and that's what we're trying to fix and we're trying to get as good a
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deal as possible and no one is going to stand up for them more than senator manchin but he's got a bunch of us with him in trying to push the best thing we can get and that's why the negotiations are still going on with senator mcconnell. >> so it could be a really, really late night? >> we expect that, yes. >> let me move on to this official document that you and 26 senators signed, a bipartisan coalition. you're all asking donald trump, president-elect trump, to pay attention to ewe canian sovereignty. what's driving you? >> well, this 27 senators, including several candidates for president on the republican side like lindsey graham and like senator mccain and marco rubio, senator durbin and portman led this letter. i quickly signed on because i believe you have incredible russian aggression going on here. the illegal annexation of crimea, the disinformation while ukraine is struggling to keep a strong democracy and to move forward as a country, and we want the president-elect to know that we're here, democrats and republicans, standing together
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to ask for his help with ukraine and stand up against russian aggression. >> are you concerned that he wouldn't do that? >> well, we know that he has talked to presidethe president ukraine and they've talked about meeting. but he's also made many praiseworthy statements about putin. so we want to make clear where we stand and we stand with ukraine in this conflict, and we would like him to do that as well. >> senator, you sit on the senate judiciary committee and the commerce, science, and transportation committee. i know you signed onto a letter saying you expect there will be several days of hearings about senator jeff sessions, your colleague, to be appointed as attorney general. you're going to have a voice on that and also on wilbur ross for commerce. give us your assessment of both of those candidates. >> well, i have not met mr. ross, and obviously we're going to have a thorough hearing there. with senator sessions as we've noted in that letter, many of us
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have had a cordial working relationship with him. he and i led an adoption bill that was really important that passed. but we also have concerns about past statements he's made on immigration and refugees, and we think with a job like attorney general, boy, you better have a thorough hearing so you can get to the bottom and answers to questions when the attorney general of the united states has such important jurisdiction. >> all right. minnesota senator amy clob sukl. "variety" is reporting donald trump plans to stay on as an executive producer of "the apprentice." nbc entertainment has declined to comment on that story. trump spokeswoman hope hicks tells nbc news mr. trump has a big stake in the show and conceived of it with mark burnett. joining we now, back with we me,
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steven -- what did i just call you? >> it's okay. it's been a long week. >> stephanie is back to talk with us. it sounds on the face so jarring that he would be the president and an executive producer. >> kate, i'm not going to tell you that it's normal but i am going to tell you it's legal. now, he is getting credit for being an executive producer of "celebrity apprentice." he did co-create the show. it doesn't mean he's going to be on the show shouting you're fired. he's going to get paid. those who are critics are saying he shouldn't be getting paid. he should be focused on being president of the united states. guess what, kids? he's allowed to do it. we don't like it. we're concerned it's a conflict of interest. but donald trump's team says he is allowed to do this. this is just a case of more conflicted donald trump, this is the world we're living in. >> but then we had earlier today another adviser, kellyanne conway saying he can do this kind of in his spare time the way presidents go golf. is this going to be just a spare time thing for him?
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how much involvement does he have to have as executive producer? >> it's unclear how much time he will have to give. clearly, being president of the united states takes an awful lot of time. here is what we know. he's legally allowed to do it. he's going to do it. we can watch it. we can critique it. you get what you get. you don't get upset. donald trump has the right to be the executive producer, and many are saying you don't need the money. why do you need more hair, more conflict? because mgm who is going to pay him is controlled -- is financed by hedge fund managers. hedge fund managers who love to have their hand in their pocket being tied to political officials, but guess what? donald trump is going to be speaking, giving a press conference in less than a week specifically talking about his business ties and what he'll do as the next president. we'll see. >> but that is the question that critics are raising, right, is this notion that he's now going to be tied in, as you say with mgm, which is run by hedge fund managers, people who have interest in what the president of the united states does as a president are going to be tied to him again financially.
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>> and donald trump would say, i'm going to follow the letter of the law, like he doesn't need to put his company in a blind trust. so who knows what we are going to hear from him, but a conflict of interest, you know, i have spoken to lawyers who said a conflict of interest exists when people are unhappy. the question is, is donald trump going to deliver the jobs, help people, you know, improve their schools, do all the things he made those campaign promises, if he does. they may turn around and say if we're making money, we don't mind if you're making money, but at this point it is very, very unsettling so we're doing everything we can to shine a light and say explain yourself. >> stephanie, great to see you. have a good weekend. >> me and steven. we're going to have a great weekend. >> we are awaiting donald trump, by the way. i missed the last thing you said. >> i said me and steven. >> yes, have a good weekend. i'm sorry. they were just reminding me in my ear we are watching this podium in baton rouge, that big american flag is where donald trump, the president-elect will be appearing. again, about two hours late, but off schedule but appearing on
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behalf of a republican senate candidate. they have a run off tomorrow in louisiana for that senate seat. so we expect donald trump to be there any moment now. we'll brick that to yng that to. up next, donald trump's labor pick andrew puzder has been outspoken about his preference for machines over humans. if you work in the service industry, are you in danger of losing your job? [engine revving] ♪ ♪ is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. let's just get a sandwich or something. "or something"? you don't just graduate from medical school,
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you are looking at john kennedy. he's a republican. he's a different john kennedy. he's a republican running for senate in louisiana. tomorrow is a big day for him. it's a runoff election where they will decide that senate seat, and he is appearing now and then following him we will see donald trump endorsing kennedy for senate.
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so we're keeping an eye on that. as we switch to a different topic for a moment, fast food ceo and labor secretary nominee andy puzder is taking a lot of criticism for a quote earlier this year where he appeared to praise automation in restaurants when it comes to machines. he told business insider, quote, they're always polite. they always upsell. they never take vacation. they never show up late. there's never a slip and fall or age or race discrimination case. michael is a business columnist with "the los angeles times." michael, nice to see you again. people passed around this idea that he wants robots to take over. that's what it became online, but it's really new knuanced th that and he never said the word robot. gee never used the word robot and his views were caricatured.
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he understood technology is available and saw it is going to be a great thing for employer who can replace low-income workers with machines. he also recognized there are many context, including in the fast food industry, where that's not going to be so easy and it's not going to be so good in terms of customer relations. now, all that being said, i think his views about technology and his views about the minimum wage make him woefully miscast as a secretary of labor. >> let's talk about that. you wrote about how his company cke offers tuitionreimbursment who work at headquarters but not at the franchises. so where does he stand on issues like that on providing benefits for employees and on minimum wage? >> well, that's exactly the problem. the industry that andy puzder represents is one where there's been a lot of problems in terms of big corporations like cke restaurants, his company,
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shedding responsibility for the people who do the work on the front line by pushing that responsibility off to franchisees who tend to be small businesses. now, that very trend is something that's before the department of labor, and the department of labor is really going to have to deal with it. puzder will come into this job as somebody who sees it all from the viewpoint of the big corporation and i think that's a major problem and it's just not part of the portfolio of the agency that he's going to be leading. >> well, you're not the only one because puzder's appointment is drawing opposition not just from democrats but from republicans as well and from the right. breitbart news headlines says trump expected to tap labor secretary who prefers foreign labor to american workers. that's a bubb publication, breitbart.
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>> puzder has a more progressive viewpoint about immigration than i think the rank and file republicans and certainly the breitbart type republicans do. he's much more accommodating to the idea that immigration is good for the u.s. he's certainly not an immigration hardliner. all that being said, the department of labor is by no means in the forefront of immigration policy. that's not really its main job. whatever puzder thinks about it isn't really relevant to the question of whether he's qualified for this post. >> michael hiltzig with "the los angeles times". as we see the president-elect approaching the podium in baton rouge, louisiana. again, he's there campaigning on behalf of john kennedy, who is a republican running for senate. runoff election tomorrow in louisiana. let's listen in to this event. ♪
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>> hello, everybody. we're going to vote for john. great to be here. i learned a lot from the great state of louisiana, okay? believe me. and you've heard me tell the story numerous times. i came here just at the end of the primary, and as you know i wasn't expected to win. can you believe that, louisiana? and i was here a few weeks before and i said, what do you mean i'm not expected? the crowd is incredible, but some poll. you know the polls are not very honest, and so they said -- look at the sign he's got up. so i came down on a friday night to a massive hangar. the place was absolutely -- thousands and thousands of people. i think 24,000, 25,000 people, and i left and i said, you know, i think i'm going to win this
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state and i won the state easily, right? and then i checked on the delegates, and the delegates were i didn't have as many as people i beat, and then i said this system is crooked. you mean, i come down and do all that work, i came down, i used one of the biggest hangars, was it this one? but it was a big hangar. yeah, bigger. and we have a hell of a crowd today but i'll tell you we had something. so what happened, i win. and then a week later i'm going over the count, and it said louisiana, and it had names ahead of me for delegates. i said, wait a minute. i won the state, i got more votes than anybody by far, it wasn't even close and the system is rigged. so you taught me, and after that we started doing -- we didn't let that happen anymore. we didn't let that happen. we cut it off. we cut it off at the pass.
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but i want to thank you. this is an amazing, an amazing state, and tomorrow we need you to go to the polls and send john kennedy to the united states senate, and that's why i'm down here. that's why i'm here. he's a great guy. he's a great guy. he's a good guy, number one, a good person. somebody i've known over the years, somebody who has worked hard over the years. and now the big thing, we have to get the people to go to the polls. if you go to the polls, he's going to win, if you don't go to the polls, he's not going to win, and if he doesn't win, i have got myself a problem in washington because, you know, we have -- it's pretty close. it's pretty close. we need john in washington not only for the vote. we need him for leadership and everything else, but if you go there, we're going to win. kennedy is a proven leader who's balanced, which is amazing, 16 budgets, returned millions of dollars to taxpayers. he's a tax cutter, and he will
12:21 pm
be a true fighter for louisiana in washington. he will be a fighter for you. so important. we need john kennedy in the senate to help enact our agenda, and we have to do it, our agenda on behalf of the people of this state and for this country. that includes protecting the second amendment, repealing and replacing obamacare, securing our southern border, we're going to build a ball. well, if john is not there, maybe we can't build the wall so now i know you're going to come back. we're going to build the wall.
12:22 pm
in is louisia this is louisiana. we don't need coats, right? we don't need the coat. and, by the way, i don't need the hat either, right? who wants a hat? all right. nice looking tall guy. give it to that kid. come on. we're going to bring back our manufacturing jobs, reduce taxes big leagues. we're going to confirm our nominee to the united states supreme court. electing john kennedy will help
12:23 pm
unsure government stops listening to the special interests and starts delivering for the national interests, for our country, for our people, the people that showed up to vote, the people that were forgotten people. you know what i'm talking about. they were forgotten. folks, you're not forgotten anymore, believe me. nobody is forgotten. i think the democrats are going to change their game plan next time. what do you think? the forgotten man and the forgotten women are not forgotten anymore. it's time to deliver for you, the american people. to help me do that i also need you to elect mike johnson in the fourth district. another fighter for louisiana. mike's father just passed away, just passed away. so he's in our thoughts and he's in our prayers. very amazing, horrible timing in a sense, just passed away, and he loves his father, i will tell
12:24 pm
you that. and his father was a great guy. so get out there and vote for johnson and vote for kennedy. get out and vote. working with these great louisiana leaders, we're going to do amazing things for our country. our plan begins with bold structural reform to create millions of really good paying jobs. we've lost our great jobs, and, you know, there's going to be a big part because you're in the energy business more than most places. and we're going to see refineries and we're going to see pipelines and we're going to see lots of things happening. so get out there and vote. first on taxes we're going to undertake one of the great tax reforms and simplifications in american history. at the center of our plan is massive tax relief for the american middle class.
12:25 pm
we're also -- this guy goes all right. you better believe it, right? we're also going to lower our business tax rate from 35% all the way down to 15%. we're going to start hiring again. and we are going to make it not so easy when companies want to leave louisiana and go to other states, go to other countries, go to other states. you know what? if they do, i'm sorry, folks, you got to fight for yourself, right? but they go out, they go to other countries, they make their product, they sell it back through a very weak border. we have a very weak border. probably the weakest border -- does it get any weaker in the world than this? you know, we fight for other countries so they can have a border, but we don't fight for our own borders. isn't it incredible? it's incredible. on regulations we're going to eliminate every single wasteful regulation that undermines the ability of our workers and our
12:26 pm
companies to compete. on energy, you more than any other state almost, we will cancel the job killing restrictions on the production of american energy, including shale, oil, natural gas, and clean coal. and, you know, we haven't had refineries built in decades, right? we're going to have refineries built again, folks. we use refineries from other countries. i mean, the whole thing is just crazy. it's crazy. on infrastructure, i'll ask congress to pass legislation that produces $1 trillion of new investments in america's crumbling infrastructure, and that's so true. i have a friend, he's one of the biggest truckers in the world, and he buys these very expensive trucks. i won't give you the name, but the most expense tiff, most
12:27 pm
beautiful, he's so proud of it. the best, and he calls me not so long ago and he goes, you know, i travel from texas to new york. i travel from louisiana to some place. he said i come back and my trucks are all busted up because of the roads. i said when did that happen before? he said never happened. he says it's never been like this. they're all busted up, and he said he's going to buy cheap trucks from now on. we want him to buy the better trucks. we want to fix up our infrastructure big league. and who is better at that stuff than me? believe me. hey, i don't need your vote joan more, but i'm telling you i'm very good at that. i don't need your vote. can you imagine that? four years i'll need your vote, but nobody is better at that. that's what i do. but when he told me this, it said yeah. but i asked him, when did it used to be? he said never been like this never. new projects. we're going to do new projects for both rural communities and
12:28 pm
our inner cities, and that's been forgotten too. if you think the inner cities have been forgotten also. not any longer, and we will put our people back to work in the process, our people. it's time to get help for the american people, and we are going to get people off of welfare and they're going to want to work. we're going to get them into the labor market, and they're going to do a great job and they're going to make good money, much more money than they ever made before, and we're going to rebuild our country with american hands by american workers, okay? my administration will follow two simple rule, buy american and hire american, okay? because from now on it's going to be america first. america first. our trade deficit is now nearly
12:29 pm
$800 billion a year. can you believe that? who is doing this? do you have any business people in the audience? do you think you might be able to negotiate a slightly better deal than that? $800 billion. we make all these wonderful trade deals. i love trade, and i love free trade, but right now we have foolish trade. okay, ready? we have stupid trade, stupid trade. stupid. it's dumb. it's a chronic drag on growth and a destroyer of jobs and the wealth of our country and you see what's happening. we owe $20 trillion and it's going up rapidly. that's why we'll renegotiate our trade deals, stop the product dumping and the currency manipulation which is a disaster for our country. every time we get going, china and others, they just knock the hell out of the value of their currency and we have to go back
12:30 pm
and back and it just doesn't work, folks. and defend, we're going to defend every last american job. you know, they did a big report, how come trump won by so much? remember, there was no way he gets to 270, right? the electoral college. which is amazing because you have to go to all these states and it was an amazing experience, but there's no way i get to 270. and i'm saying, wow. ft, i went to the state of maine four times because i needed one. because i was at 269. i needed one. until the election came and then, boy, did we blast by that 270, right? we lasted it. 306. 306. and i guess they did a recount in wisconsin, and after i think 70 or 80%, somebody -- i think we picked up 32 votes. all these millions and millions
12:31 pm
of votes. i think we picked up about 30. and if a company wants to fire their workers, leave our country, and then ship their products back in, there will be consequences, including a very, very substantial tax. in other words, look, there's no tax. there's no tax. somebody said, you know, these reporters, these guys, they're business reporters -- the one thing we have done, we have exposed the credibility of the press. they have the lowest credibility of anybody. and our popularity, i say our because this is a movement where we're all in this thing together. we're all in this together, but we're shooting up. we're like a rocket ship, right? maybe because i don't like $4.2 billion aircraft. somebody saihow much is that going to cost, $4.2 billion?
12:32 pm
i said $4.2 billion? i think we'll do it for a little bit less. don't you agree? like maybe billions less, okay? but, yeah, we're going very rapidly up. but we're going to -- because it's common sense. we don't want companies to leave our country, go to another country, and sell their product and then sell the product where they left. now we have all unemployed people. they had jobs for 32 years. i mean carrier is a great example. and carrier, we did a great job with carrier, but, you know, they announced it a year and a half ago, they already have a plant built. think what you could do if they haven't started or haven't said anything yet. they're not going to leave because we're going to put up a very high tax, and if they want to build their plant out of this country, that's fine, but if they think they're going to sell their product back into the country and have no tax, that's not going to happen anymore and therefore they're not going to leave. they may leave a state and go to
12:33 pm
a different state. maybe they're having a hard time with their employees. that's possible, and they may leave, but they're going to leave for another state. they're not leaving for another country very easily, and if they do, they're going to have a very, very substantial tariff or tax to pay. that's it. and you know what's going to happen? they're going to say, we like louisiana very much, right? we're not leaving. all right. i don't say 100% of the time, but i'll tell you what, pretty close to that number. we lost 70,000 factories in this country. we have so many companies right now, although i think probably if i would have said a couple months ago we have so many companies negotiating to leave, i don't think they're negotiating so fast right now. i have heard that. and you see what's happening with the stock market and a lot of things. because they understand we know what we're doing.
12:34 pm
we're not going to let this happen. we can't let it happen. our country is being drained, drained of its jobs, and it's good jobs. and they're going to other countries, and just not going to happen. on the military, we will rebuild our badly depleted military and ensure that our service members have equipment and training, technology and resources, everything they need to get the job done. now, hopefully we will never have to use that great power that we're going to build. we are going to build the strongest military that we've ever had, and there have been few times when our country has needed it to this extent, but i believe in peace through strength. you know, you look at some of these other countries, what they're doing, what they're building, and you know what? when they see what we're going to do, they're going to call, and i'm going to have great
12:35 pm
relationships with china and russia and all of them, and they're going to call and they'll say, you know, you're doing a lot of building, is there any way we can sort of ease it up a little bit? i'm okay with that but they have to ease it up too. they're not easing it up. if you look at what's going on in china, if you look at what's going on in so many other countries, they're not easing up, and if they're not easing up, we're not easing up, okay? at the same time we will ensure our veterans have the best medical care janywhere in the world. we will honor those who have served this country, and that includes respecting and defending the american flag. frankly, when i see people ripping up the american flag like that flag, beautiful, when i see -- i think it's a disgrace, okay? and you can say what you want, free speech, it's all wonderful, everything is wonderful, i'm a
12:36 pm
big believer in free speech, but maybe we're going to be putting something in to see if we can do something about it because this is a special case, and when i see people burning the american flag and then stepping on it as it's burning up and then stomping on it and stepping on it on the ground, i don't think, i don't think -- i don't think i remember that when i was growing up. right? how many of you guys are young like me? remember when we were very young? i don't remember that happening. so we're going to have to -- i think we're going to have to do something about that. on crime, the murder rate has experienced its largest increase in 45 years. the press doesn't tell you that. we're going to support the incredible men and women of law enforcement, and we're going to bring this terrible crime wave to an end. on immigration, we will build a great wall, and we will put an end to illegal immigration and stop the drugs from pouring into
12:37 pm
our country also. we've become a drug den. during this campaign, i had a chance to meet the amazing families of the remembrance project, parents whose children were killed by illegal immigrants. a trump administration will end this long nightmare of violence, and that's what it is. it's a nightmare of violence. we will fight to protect every american life. during the campaign i also spent time with american workers who were laid off and forced to train foreign workers brought in to replace them. we're not going to let that happen anymore, folks. they're forced to train people. they were laid off, they've been at different places for 30 years, more, less, and they're forced to train, and if you don't train them, we're not giving you any severance. not going to happen because
12:38 pm
that's actually demeaning. it's not going to happen. one of my first executive orders will be to ask the department of labor to investigate all visa abuses that undermine jobs and wages for the american worker. this is about our country now. this is about our country. you know, i have studied a lot of the trade deals over the last few months. i love reading this stuff. something strange up there. but we have the worst deals. i looked at trade deals that were made with mexico. the worst deal made with all of mexico. so they made a lot of deals, not just us, not just nafta, which is a disaster. they made a lot of deals. we have the worst deal made by any country. we're by far the biggest, we blow everything away, but we have the worst deal made by any country, and it was defective from the time it was done because of the vat tax, they didn't really take it into account. it's complicates, it doesn't matter, but it was defective and for decades nobody changed it because they were too lazy or
12:39 pm
they didn't want to do it or they didn't understand it, but for years that deal was defek at this. it's not going to be defective anymore. to protect our country from terrorism we will suspend immigration from regions where it cannot be safely processed or vetted. we have people coming into our country by the thousands, thousands and thousands of people, and now i don't have to campaign so i don't have to say and hillary is going to increase it by 550%. no, i don't have to say it anymore. isn't it nice? isn't it nice? no, i don't have to say it anymore. but think of it. we have people coming in by the tens of thousands, and, look, folks, we have enough problems. we have enough problems. we can't do this. we're going to build safe zones.
12:40 pm
we're going to have certain areas, the gulf states, tremendous amounts of money -- thank you, darling. i love her too but i'd get in trouble if i say that so i'm not going to say it. >> you've been listening to donald trump in baton rouge, louisiana. sounding a bit like a campaign speech. a couple of times he said i don't have to say this anymore, i'm not running. let's go to chris jansing who is there in the room for us. chris, remarkable how many things came out as promises as if he were still campaigni. >> reporte [ inaudible ]. >> chris, i know chris was talking but, umnfortunately, we can't hear your microphone. we'll take a quick break and get chris' mike back and continue on and be right back.
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12:44 pm
that's where chris jansing is, and, chris, i was starting to say he's covered a lot of ground in this speech, trade deals, building a wall, building oil refineries. it does sound a bit like a campaign speech. >> reporter: it sounds exactly like a lot of the campaign speeches he gave. the audience sounds the same too. you just missed it while we went to break. for the second time they were chanting drain the swamp. we also heard them earlier build the wall, and the president-elect going over the same issues that got him elected here in the first place. this is a state he won by 20 points. so you would wonder why he's coming here at all, but the real thing is and he only mentioned it very, very briefly, and that is the candidacy of john kennedy. he did make one reference to the senate race saying, and i'm quoting him, he need you to go to the polls if he, meaning john kennedy, doesn't win, i've got myself a problem in washington. that actually kind of a recognition of how many of these fights the democrats are willing
12:45 pm
to make over things, and he went over them. things like obamacare, repealing obamaca obamacare, changing some of the rules. i can tell you he's hit on things that matter to people. protecting the second amendment was the first thing he mentioned. also south of the border. again, the wall. so many signs out here are about the wall. and tonight he's going to go to michigan, another state on this as he's calling it the thank you tour. some are calling it an unprecedented celebration or victory tour. another state that he won and an affirmation of really the changing map. he talked about earlier in this speech about how often people said he couldn't reach 270, how often people thought he couldn't win states in the midwest. well, he's going to places that he did win, michigan. he's already been to ohio. he's going next week to hershey,
12:46 pm
pennsylvania. so for this president-elect, it's telling folks this is what we're going to do when i get to washington. kate? >> chris jansing down in baton rouge. chris, thanks so much for staying with us as donald trump continues to speak to the audience there. let me turn to jeremy peters with "the new york times" and an msnbc contributor. jeremy, you have been listening to all of this too. one of the other lines that struck me is i believe in peace through strength, which i believe is a reagan line originally. talking about the way he views the world. what do you make of what you've heard? >> it's funny, kate. chris was talking about how this is donald trump's thank you tour. i think it could also be titled donald trump's self affirmation tour because what he's doing here is really for his own mental health, talking to his aides, what they said is very comforting for him after these, you know, long days, this highly stressful period planning this
12:47 pm
presidential transition is he needs to get out there and push reset. he needs to bask in the crowds adulation which is a way to fire him up during the campaign, a way to recharge, and i think you're going to see this not just throughout the transition but over the course of his presidency. this is going to be a hallmark of a trump presidency. >> the other day we heard donald trump say he's not sure that the russian government or russian forces were behind the hacking that happened during the election period. today president obama, still the president, ordered a review, a full review of intelligence that's been gathered about the russian hacking. what is it that the president is doing here and why? >> well, i think that what you saw after this election, during the election really, and before it, was this undermining in the confidence of the integrity of our process that was really unprecede unprecedented. first you had it through donald trump who questioned the results of the election that he would eventually win before any votes
12:48 pm
were really cast. then you have this foreign intervention going on, hacking and cyber attacks and subterfuge that really, i think, is cutting at the core of american's belief in the strength and integrity of the electoral process. so the president understands the importance of restoring that and that's what you're seeing here. >> jeremy peters with "the new york times," our analyst. great to see you. thank you so much. after the break, meet the 18-year-old macedonian who cashed in on producing some of the most widespread fake news stories of the election cycle. he made tens of thousands of dollars along the way. world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care,
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this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. >> so the explosion of fake news and where it comes from has been a big story in the last few weeks. nbc news travelled to macedonia learned more about the people
12:52 pm
behind the fake news. live in los angeles with a closer look at what we found. macedonia? >> the town in macedonia is a place where the average take home is $4800 u.s. a year. a man goes by the time in of dmitri. that is fitting if are a story on fake news. $60,000 in the last six months alone putting up fake news stories, completely fabricated about the u.s. elections. our digital team went out and this is what they found. >> i wrote that the celebrities want to kill trump and the queen of england wants to meet trump and they had a secret meeting in mexico. >> dmitri is 18 and said in the past months he made more than $60,000 writing, posting, and sharing fake news articles about the american election. the biggest cash cow? >> make america great again!
12:53 pm
>> donald trump. >> he is a politician like nothing others. nothing can beat trump supporters with social media engagement. >> that's why we stick to trump. >> the final three months of the campaign, the most viral fake news stories outperform the most viral real news stories according to a puz feed analysis. most were pro trump. 150 fake u.s. politics sites have been traced here to the macedonian hometown. he was willing to lift the vail to draw readers, his fake stories copied the style of more mainstream organizations, including nbc news. >> the republicans love the veterans. they respect them and i think what you do is say obama donated 300 million to hillary clinton's
12:54 pm
campaign that he took from the veterans. people will open that immediately saying why. >> kate, some of the fake news we have seen including the creator of fake news who i met in southern california earlier this week were websites that were set up not necessarily to mimic exactly traditional news media sites. you see here exact copies of websites we saw from nbc the story and the piece is so indepth. it is so unbelievable to hear what he said. he is not going out clubbing which is the equivalent of the rust belt here in america in macedonia and partying based on the money that these folks have made out there. >> a couple of things. hillary clinton made an
12:55 pm
appearance on capitol hill and called it an epidemic of fake news. she said it could have an impact and threaten lives. on sunday, what steps are anyone taking to try to stop the proliferation of fake news? >> yesterday they talked to savannah on the "today" show about what facebook is trying to do and mark the fake news articles with some sort of identification and basically and would act as an editor for an organization like this, but it's not just on the social media sites, but the consumers of the news and learning how to check the sources and go to places and the fact that trust in the mainstream 3450edia and organizations like this is at an all time low. 32% of people trust the mainstream media. how we fix that problem is right for discussion. unless people trust sources like our own, they will continue to
12:56 pm
turn to other sources, fake or not. >> they don't understand the differences between what we do before i say anything on air. we have exposed credibility of the press. that coming from the president-elect of the united states. kellyanne conway, his right hand person agrees there is a problem. they take it seriously. this idea of fake news. she said don't pin it all on one party and all on republicans. >> if you look at the gallup poll i referenced earlier, 32% don't trust the mainstream media. 14% of republicans don't. this is a chicken or the egg question. they don't trust us for some reason or something about the news that is coming out that makes republicans wary.
12:57 pm
i have to say it seems bizarre. >> jacob is tracking the fascinating story about news. thanks so much. appreciate it. you can find all the that great reporting on nbc we'll be right back after a quick break. where we explore. protecting biodiversity. everywhere we work. defeating malaria. improving energy efficiency. developing more clean burning natural gas. my job? my job at exxonmobil? turning algae into biofuels. reducing energy poverty in the developing world. making cars go further with less. fueling the global economy. and you thought we just made the gas. ♪ energy lives here.
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>> have a great weekend. up next is steve. >> thanks for that and good afternoon, everybody. >> if john kennedy doesn't win, i have myself a problem in washington. it's pretty


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