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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  December 10, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PST

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and in the case of this plucky little agency they put in place after watergate, that dynamic might be about fun to watch. good morning, i'm dara brown at msnbc worlds headquarters. 7:00 out east, 4:00 out west. here's what's happening -- a new report on russia's alleged role in the presidential campaign. how much flounce did it have on the -- influence did it have on the election? so-called pizzagate. a new twist on the restaurant that got caught up in a fake news story that could have ended much worse than it did. and for the first time, we're hearing from the woman who was involved with general david petraeus. hear what she's saying about his name mentioned as secretary of state. plus, a wintry blast. bitter cold in parts of the country. we'll tell you where the worst is headed today. we begin with new reaction from the trump transition team on the secret cia report that
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russia intervened in the election to help him win. just opposed to undermining confidmens our electoral statement. the transition team fired back saying, q. these are the people who said saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. the election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest electoral college volkswagen in history. it's time to move on and make america great again." nbc has not confirmed the "washington post" report. later today, trump will be in baltimore where he'll attend the big army/navy game. this after wrapping up another leg of his thank you tour in grand rapids, michigan, last night. here's his take on the impact of african-american voters on his win. >> we've forgotten about our inner cities no longer. and the african-american community was great to us. they came through big league. and frankly, if they had any doubt, they didn't vote. and that was almost as good because a lot of people didn't
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show up because they felt good about me. and the hispanic community, great, great. >> and as he touted his future administration last night, betsy davos for education secretary, and rona romney mcdonnell, reportedly up for rnc chair. the trump team had just announced that rudy giuliani had taken himself out of the running for a job in his cabinet, building more speculation on the secretary of state pick. now to campaign spending. records show hillary clinton and her supporters spent a record $1.6 billion to team trump's $600 million. $66 million coming from his own pocket. later today, the washington, d.c., pizzeria targeted in a fake new story, it's holding an event for its supporters. they're also asking patrons to support nearby businesses which have also received threats. for more on what we're hearing about russia's involvement in e-mail hackings related to the u.s. presidential race, we'll go to hans nichols
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at the white house. good morning. what are the latest reactions to the assessment from the cia? >> reporter: the latest reaction is from a former top clinton campaign official, jennifer palm ai ai airy, saying "soul crushing are the only words i have. i can barely stand to read the story." there are two stories out. the "washington post" initially broke this and "the new york times" matched it. it tracks with a lot of our reporting here at nbc news. here's the basic jaelallegation that russia was not only intervening to meddle in the investigation, but they had information from the rnc, as well as the dnc, that chose just to leak the democratic side of these internal emails. that was their attempt to actively put their thumbs on the scale and to tip this election toward donald trump and away from hillary clinton. crucially senators have been briefed on this.
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this is an assessment from the central intelligence agency. this isn't all intelligence agencies, but it's an indication of why we've heard from president obama's homeland security adviser, they want the review, they want something on president obama's desk on january 20th before he leaves explaining how vulnerable u.s. elections systems, who was doing the hacking, and how imperilled our democracy could be as a result of it. dara? >> many quizzestions still unanswered. thank you very much. joining me, beth fouhy, politics reporter and jonathan allen, "roll call" columnist and author of hrc. thank you very much for being here. and beth, let's begin with the "washington post" report on the cia. how did they learn about this, and why are we hearing about it now? >> yeah. i think a lot of premasking the question. we suspect and reported throughout the final months of the campaign that there was evidence suggesting that russia was involved in the leak of the dnc emails, the leak of
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campaign -- hillary clinton campaign chairman john podesta's emails. that it came from wikileaks who received it from sources within russia, perhaps the government top of the level. now we're seeing this confirmed. unfortunately now it's after the election, before we might have been able to do something about it or bring the truth to light. there was evidently some -- some effort to not release it before the election, looking in a way to yet again sort of disrupt the election, the obama administration was really grappling with how to handle this. and there was some pushback among republicans including mitchell mcconnell. evidently recently to cast doubts on the intelligence. so all we know is that a major -- the cia, which would have reason to know, has made this assessment. and frankly, the really shocking thing here is that donald trump's campaign, it -- the transition is throwing cold water on it and suggesting the cia is incompetent because of
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the weapons of mass destruction line that they had in that statement. i mean, mike pompeo, the nominee to take over the cia, i wonder what he's thinking about the fact that his boss has basically thrown cold water on the work of this agency which is so important to u.s. security. >> and beth, what about the nature of the tampering? is it exclusively emails lifted and sent to wikileaks, or is there evidence of directly affecting the vote? >> that's hopefully what the assessment that president obama has ordered up will tell us, when it went beyond the emails, the hack of the dnc emails, john podesta's emails that we saw, or did it go into vulnerable voting systems around the country and potentially affect some of the states' outcomes? >> jonathan, i guess the followup question, is there any way to quantify when this actually had a direct impact on the election results, or would that just be pure speculation? >> i don't think there's any way to quantify unless you had evidence of tampering with voting machines or something like that, and even then, i think it would be hard to prove what the actual margins are.
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so you'd be speculating about that. but you know, this is a pretty amazing, astounding thing. and if it's true, if the cia is right, if russians were attempting to hack our election, as they've been saying, and in particular to help a single candidate, you know, that should be considered an act of war. >> let's turn to the secretary of state search saga now. here's rudy giuliani last night. take a listen -- >> on november 29th, and i thought that the president-elect who my main interest was getting him elected, not getting a job, and saving america. i thought there were enough choices, good ones, for him to pick that i wasn't absolutely necessary. if i felt like i was the only one who could do it, probably i would have stayed in. >> beth, did giuliani jump, or was he pushed? and what does this say about the
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overall search? >> we know he was very enthusiastic about taking the job early in the transition. that appearance that you showed, he looked a little -- a little depressed. it doesn't look like he affirmatively walked out with his head held gh. the trumpt campaign is saying that - the trump campaign is saying that rudy giuliani is making significant money in the private sector, and that he could be an outside adviser to president-elect trump. and that's all probably true. it is surprising to many of us that many of the surrogates who were the closest to trump in -- during the campaign have not seemed to get jobs in the administration yet. rudy giuliani, top among those. >> and jonathan, how much of all these ongoing searches are actually theatrics? the comings and goings at trump tower? or is this all business and the nature of pulling together a cabinet? >> i think a little bit of showmanship. buff i think president-elect trump obviously is putting together his administration, putting together a cabinet. you know, and rudy giuliani, if he withdrew from consideration
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for secretary of state, he might not be the first person to do that, but he would be one of the first. this is usually what happens when somebody loses out on a job. the administration allows them to go out and publicly say that they withdrew. i think it's very unlikely that he actually withdrew of his own accord. >> to bow out gracefully. and jonathan, overall, what have trump critics found to be his most alarming appointments so far? >> you know, there's a contest for that. you know, the epa is -- the folks, the environmentalists are excited about this pick. attorney general pruitt from oklahoma city, from oak orcklao the attorney general there who basically wants to dismantle all regulations protecting the environment. they want to stay excited about it. they're angry about it. i think that's among them. there's certainly a lot of people unhappy about jeff sessions who was deemed unfit to be a federal judge many years
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ago being the attorney general pick. i mean, you name it, and there are people opposed to it. but i don't think this is a whole -- i don't think the process is the problem here. >> and beth, this back-and-forth sniping between clinton and trump camps that went on with jennifer palm airy palming the op-ed in the "washington post" and kellyanne conway telling her to get over it. characterize this ongoing war of words and where do you think this is going to end? >> well, that session at harvard last week, there were certainly a lot of raw emotions there. and there was that extraordinary moment with palmieri said, yes, i believe you gave a platform to white supremacists, kellyanne. this op-ed you reference is jennifer palmieri trying to explain in more depth what she was talking about. look, we know that breitbart which is the home news site of steve bannon, one of thank you very much's top aides, has proclaimed itself the platform for the alt-right. enter palmieri is not wrong that
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there was a relationship between giving voice to certain members of the alt-right and the trump campaign. that's -- that's objectively true. now whether or not that had a huge bearing on the outcome of the election we'll never know. look, this race was really close, as you know. it came down to 75,000 votes in 33 states. if those had flipped, hillary clinton would be the president right now. so the president -- the president-elect. it's painful for her team to have seen this gone down the way it did. did this sort of flirtation with white supremacists have an impact on the outcome? we don't know. jennifer palmieri wanted to step up and point to it and name it. that's what she did. >> beth fouhy, jonathan allen, always great of to you. thank you very much for being here. >> take care. happening now, a winter storm blamed for at least one death is dumping up to 19 inches of snow in upstate new york. and forecasters expect conditions to worsen next week across much of the northern half of the country. nbc's kristen dahlgren is in
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erie, pennsylvania, where a weather warning is in effect. good morning. what is it like out there? >> reporter: hey, good morning. well, we're actually in a little break from the snow right here. but driving in this morning, it was really coming down. a lot of the roads not plowed. i hear that right here interstate 90 traffic only going about five miles per hour. coupled with the cold temperatures, it could be a rough weekend ahead for millions. bitter cold is the story this morning with much of the country seeing temperatures well below average. >> it's like alaska. >> reporter: even bringing a rare snow event to places like texas where it wreaked havoc on the roads. in seattle, some football fans had a bit of fun. for others in the northwest it meant headaches when the snow soon turned to ice. >> a sheet of ice with a thin layer of water. >> reporter: closing roads and stranding residents. >> pretty much impossible to get
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out. >> reporter: from slippery sidewalks in utah to whiteout conditions in north dakota. for snow-removal workers in iowa, there is an upside. >> as far as the snow removal goes, it's 50% of our business. >> the great lakes region saw some of the worst of the storm turning deadly on the roads in sweden, new york, friday. one man died after losing control of his suv in whiteout conditions. earlier, the same system caused a series of massive and deadly highway crashes in ohio, michigan, and pennsylvania. >> we have a report of a 10 to 15-car pileup. >> reporter: snow will continue to be a threat across the great lake region this weekend. here we could get another five to eight inches. some places could see another foot before this snow event is over. then of course we're talking about next week. another storm coming through. and then more cold temperatures which could mean more lake-effect snow. winter just getting ramped up
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here. >> kristen dahlgren in erie, pennsylvania. put a scarf on. you look so cold. thank you very much for the report. changing his tune. what donald trump told suppor r supporters at a rally yelling "lock her up." plus, why he's at war with the intelligence community. ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief.
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later today donald trump will be in baltimore where he'll attend the big army/navy game. comes at a time when his transition team is fighting back against the "washington post" report on russia's involvement in the election. next's casey hunt is -- msnbc's casey shunts at freedom plaza. is the president-elect expected to participate in any of the events surrounding the game today? >> reporter: well, we're expecting the president-elect will be going to baltimore to attend the army/navy game. he's going on spend half his
4:18 am
time with army and half his time with navy. he doesn't want to play any favorites. i have to tell you, the focus is really on these new details that are emerging about how the russian government, not just interfered with the election, but interfered to help donald trump. trump is fighting back, but members of his own party are threatening to keep digging into it. >> who wants a hat? >> reporter: after victory laps in louisiana and michigan friday night, even calling off anti-hillary clinton protesters who chanted "lock her up" -- >> that plays great before the election. now, we don't care, right? [ laughter ] >> reporter: this morning, president-elect trump is at war with the intelligence community. the "washington post" reportedly said friday, the cia thinks the russian government interfered with the u.s. election to help trump win by hacking emails from the democratic party and hillary clinton's campaign chairman. the trump campaign reacting to the report within minutes. dismissing the claims saying,
4:19 am
"these are the same people that said saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. the election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest electoral college victories in history. it's now time to move on." members of trump's own party believe russia did interfere. >> there's no doubt in my mind that they hacked into the dnc and podesta's emails, that the russians were behind that. every republican needs to understand this is not about the democratic party. this is about america as a whole. >> reporter: senator lindsey graham wants to impose personal sanctions against russian president vladimir putin next year. the obama administration has demanded to know more about what happened before the inauguration. >> the president has directed the intelligence community to conduct a full review of what happened during the 2016 election. >> trump has raised putin. incoming national security advisor michael flynn once had dinner with the former kgb officer. there's dissent among other cabinet contenders.
4:20 am
2012 republican nominee mitt romney is still a potential pick for secretary of state. he once labeled russia america's number-one geopolitical foe. exxonmobil's rex tiller son it s in the mix while rudy giuliani took himself out of the runsing. >> he had a lot of the terrific candidates, and i thought you could be more helpful on the outside. >> the critical post election expected in the next week. more new details out this morning, as well. the new york types reporting not just that they interfered to help trump win, but also that they had information, the russian government had information from the republican national committee but didn't release that information before the election. you'll remember we spent many days leading up to election day talking about those hacked emails from john podesta, hillary clinton's campaign chairman. dara? >> casey, a busy day ahead for
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ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search and get free carfax reports at the all-new happening now, new developments this morning in the battle for aleppo. the humanitarian crisis in syria is intensifying as russia's military reports syrian forces are closing in on control of aleppo. thousands still fleeing the city as the u.n. estimates another 100,000 may still be trapped. for more now, let's go to nbc's matt bradley, in london for us this morning. and matt, how bad is the situation there? >> reporter: good morning, dara. russian officials are saying today that 50,000 civilians have fled eastern aleppo in just the past two days. now, it's not clear if the number is true. many of those civilians will be jumping from the pan into the fire. take a look.
4:25 am
syria's largest city is about to fall. government forces say they've retaken more than 90% of aleppo. an ancient city now nearly leveled by years of war. just this week, tens of thousands of civilians fled the rebel-held east to the relative calm of the government-held west. their nightmare isn't over. united nations has reported claims that hundreds of men and boys disappeared once they crossed into west aleppo. human rights workers warn that the harsh treatment of civilians could get worse. what is the worry among human rights workers once aleppo falls completely? >> you have a huge number of people who may be exposed to reprisals of different kinds including being held in detention centers and tortured. >> reporter: far from syria's horror, negotiations continue.
4:26 am
diplomats huddled in europe struggling to save the estimated 100,000 civilians still trapped in the city's east. >> what is happening in aleppo is the worst catastrophe, what's happening in syria is the worst catastrophe since world war ii itself. it's unacceptable. it's horrible. >> reporter: so far, talking has accomplished little. syria's government and its russian allies say they're determined to see a full military victory in aleppo. that volcano will come at an even gra-- an even greater huma cost. it's a problem that donald trump will generator when he takes office next month. it's one in which u.s. troops have become increasingly involved. the outgoing secretary of defense announced today that he's nearly doubling the number of american soldiers fighting isis on the ground near the syrian city of raqqah to 500 special operations troops. >> matt bradley, thank you very much for that report. and take a look at this headline now from the "boston globe." the shocking truth about
4:27 am
pizzagate. we'll look at when this could be the first of many fake news stories with real-life consequences. and before break, here's a little holiday cheer. the first family has released a final christmas card. it reads in part, "as our family reflects on our many happy years spent in the white house, we are grateful for the friends we've made, the joy we've shared, and the gifts of kindness we've received." it's signed by the entire family, including their two dogs, bo and sonny. ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. even if you're trying your best. along with diet and exercise, once-daily toujeo® may help you control your blood sugar. get into a daily groove. ♪ let's groove tonight. ♪ share the spice of life.
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welcome back. i'm dara brown here at msnbc headquarters in new york. at the half hour, here's what we're monitoring -- the midwest and northeast dealing with the first extended period of frigid wintry weather. lake-effect snow could lead to accumulations of up to three feet east and southeast of lake erie and lake ontario. we'll take you live to a frosty chicago in a bit. back to politics. a week after their fiery post-election showdown, clinton
4:31 am
communications director jennifer palmieri and trump adviser kellyanne conway are still battling it out with palmieri writing in the "washington post," "i don't know when the trump campaign needed to give a platform to white supremacists to win. but the complain clearly did, and it had the effect of empowering the white nationalist movement." conway fired back on thursday. >> the fact is that this campaign ran a race where we reached into those working class voters who felt like they were the forgotten man and woman. they were the base of our support. you can't take that away from us. we busted the blue wall in states like michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin. and for them to pretend it was because of this issue is not just insulting, it's empirically false. >> let's bring in joe watkins,istratist and and former white house aide for george h. w. bush. rick tyler, msnbc political analyst and spokesman for ted cruz. and sarah azger flores, former
4:32 am
deputy campaign manager for carly fiorina and communications director. thanks for being here. >> good morning. >> rick, i'm going to start with you. why is this still going on, and have you seen this level of post-election vitriol ever before? >> a little bit. not this bad i don't think. i don't understand her argument. her argument -- i think kellyanne's right, they break down the blue wall. and a lot of white working class voters who used to vote for democrats voted for a republican this time in donald trump. and as palmieri's argument, is it really that there were so many racists that vote for donald trump that he won? if that's true, then didn't they used to vote for democrats? so i don't think she really wants to go there. i think it's a lot of sour grapes. they ought to be gracious they lost the election. they should move on. >> and joe, what's your reaction to this? that this is still going on. >> well, it's unfortunate that it's still going on. i know it was a hard fought, bitterly fought election. there's still a lot of, you know, raw feelings, certainly for a lot of african-american voters who were concerned about,
4:33 am
you know, how people of color might be treated given some of the issues that we're facing nationally. these are very, very tense times. and certainly it has to be said that there were a lot of people that vote for president-elect trump who -- who -- some of whom were in the camp, who were in that far right-wing camp, the alt-right camp. that's something that people of color are concerned about. we still live in a time when juries can't make up their mind if white police officers who shoot black men are guilty and should be tried. so this is a difficult time, and it's something that the new administration has to pay attention to because it's -- the nerves are still very raw. >> and overnight, the trump camp confirmed that new york city mayor rudy giuliani is no longer a candidate for secretary of state. and here's an explanation of why -- >> i thought that the president-elect who my main interest was getting him elected, not getting a job,
4:34 am
saving america. i thought there were enough choices, good ones, for him to pick that i wasn't absolutely necessary. >> air is gentleman, did he jump -- sarah, did he jump, or was he pushed? >> i think a little of both. this has turned into the reality show, the rose ceremony for who's going to be your secretary of state. i think giuliani probably saw the writing on the wall. his name was talked about less whereas romney and petraeus were seeming to move up the list. i think it was a smart move. i'm sure they'll find something for giuliani to be involved with. political at the's smart for al giuliani and the campaign to expand their search --not the campaign, i'm sorry, the president-elect, to expand their search. i think it has made them look open-minded, gracious as they
4:35 am
look forward to build the administration. >> rick, who's your bet for secretary of state, and why is it taking so much longer to nail down this position? we've had so many people filter through. and trump's boasting about making his other cabinet pick so quickly, why take so long on this one? >> an important person in the role of the world, and trump's said that. i would put money on rex tillerson, the current ceo of exxonmobil. if you look at the cabinet picks, there's one thing donald trump is focused on and that's jobs. you can say we've had progressive economics over the last six decades and never been able to try a pro-jobs administration. if you look at epa and tillerson and the department of interior and education, this looks like a pro, free market, pro-jobs cabinet that he's assembling
4:36 am
here. >> rick eat the expense of what? jobs -- rick, at the expense of what? jobs, yes. but as secretary of state you have to have diplomacy and a concept of world affairs. >> tillerson has cut deals with 50 different countries around the world. some are very difficult places to and to for i'm exploration. he's got -- for oil exploration. he's got to have relationships. i would concede a business relationship with the government is different than a government-to-government relationship. but he clearly has the relationships. >> yes, but he's doing business deals from a business perspective with the other countries, not from a diplomatic spot, do you think that will work? >> i'll concede that. that remains to be seen. i think -- i'm saying if i had to bet, i think trump is impressed with tillerson. >> to agree with rick for a second, we've had this idea that everything that president-elect trump does that's unprecedented, there's a hyperventilation about. when we've been doing, what is considered acceptable choices,
4:37 am
tweets, whatever else, hasn't been working. the american people elected donald trump because they wanted to try something different. i think every time he does something "unprecedented" that the media flips out about, it helps them, it's preliminariy smart. i think rick's spot on. >> joe, does there worry you? >> i'm not worried at all. i think that most of the picks he's made are very solid picks. certainly general mass is, of course, many -- mattis, of course, many people thought "mad dog" might be a crazy pick. but imagine someone well regarded on both sides of the aisle, by democrats and republicans. i think his secretary of states pick will be a solid pick. of course there won't be people who have been tested in that spacings inially. but these will be people who have experience and great diplomacy and will do a great job if they're picked for the administration. >> it's been reported that rona romney mcdaniel, mitt romney's niece, is trump's pick for rnc chair. and sarah, you worked on the
4:38 am
committee. what's your take? what kind of precedent would chairwoman mcdaniel set going forward? >> i think it's a great pick. there's 168 members of the rnc. oftentimes the rnc does pick one of its own members to run it because they understand what needs to get done. she has the mindset of an operative with the ability to lead as a principal of a state party chair. we saw in michigan she raised the flag. donald trump spent time in michigan toward the end. they forced the clinton campaign to scramble to spend time in michigan in the end. in the end, she was successful. i think it's politically, again, a smart choice to reward the michigan state party. it shows parties that when you pull the lever and say, no, come to our state, we can make this happen, it's a smart move. i think she'll be great. inlook forward to seeing -- i look forward to seeing what they do. >> stay with us. after the break, more from our political panel on russia, fake
4:39 am
news, and pizzagate. and he's being considered for secretary of state, and she's fighting for her reputation five years after an affair between david petraeus and paula broad well. the impact on them and the military. coming up, in his own words, dylann roof's chilling and candid confession about shooting nine black parishioners dead last year in south carolina. ♪ ♪ when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. i'm hall of famer jerry west and my life is basketball. but that doesn't stop my afib
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to politics and the criticism aimed at donald trump's choices for key cabinet positions. trump has chosen three retired generals heads. and earlier this week, congressman tulsi gabbard of hawaii was asked about the concerned voice of members by congress. >> as a veteran and someone serving in the army national guard, i find pretty offensive for people to outright discriminate against veterans.
4:43 am
these people arguably have put far more on the line and are far more deeply personally committed to upholding and protecting our democracy than their critics. >> joining me now, retired u.s. army colonel jack jacobs. a medal of honor recipient and msnbc military analyst. so good to have you, colonel. what is your reaction to what congressman gabbard said? >> i agree completely. the thing is that most people have not been in uniform and, therefore, don't really know how skilled these officers are. how much experience they have. all generals have graduate degrees. and understand far more than the average citizen about the use of the military instrument of power. they are far less likely than people who have not served to use the military instrument or to advocate going to war because they themselves have been in the crucible of war and know how horrible it is. and they're also educated and understand that there are other instruments of power and the use
4:44 am
of the military instrument alone is usually very, very bad policy indeed. >> colonel, do any of the three picks concern you, and if so, why? which one the most? >> i'm less excited about general flynn. he's a special intelligence operator. and you know, if you want to know something about what's going on inside russia right now or china, he's the guy to talk to. but his experience is limited at the levels that we're talking about. he is not necessarily the guy one should go to to create an overarching national security strategy. he has a fairly narrow experience. general mattis, for example, by contrast, is far more qualified to be national security adviser. >> and flynn was picked quickly. do you think he should have taken more time? >> well, time's not of the essence because we have plenty of time to do it. i would have liked to have seen
4:45 am
a less public spectacle of selecting people to be in the cabinet. to be sure somebody who's the president of the united states and somebody who doesn't have experience at the top of the political food chain needs to surround themselves with the best people he can. that is best done in secret. any time you do things in public, things are not nearly going to be as good or seamly as they would be in secret. >> let's move to the secretary of state because president-elect trump says he's going to announce his pick as early as next week. on his short list, general david petraeus. and prosecutors found petraeus mishandled classified documents while paula broadwell was writing his biography, and he had to pay the fine. he was on probation. but trump would have to pardon him to nominate him. broadwe broadwell, she wasn't charged. she spoke about how the general has moved on, while she's been denied opportunities, one at a bank in particular, because of the scandal.
4:46 am
take a listen -- >> i was -- i was both shocked that i'm still in this tenuous position, and yet happy because i think he should be able to go on withises h iseises his life. he's earn -- with his life. he's earned it. so should his family. it begs the question, why shouldn't i be able to go on? i have a degree from university of denver in international conflict resolution. i have a degree from harvard in public policy. >> you're a west point graduate. >> i went to west basis point. it's shaped the person -- west point. it's shaped the person i am. it's shaped me into a fighter. >> colonel, do you think there are two standards sneer is this snare. >> no, there aren't two standards. if you live a public life, you're subject to the public perception especially if you make a big mistake as both of them did. she's not entitled to a job in a bank any more than i or general petraeus or you r. the fact of the matter is that things happen in public life, and you have to
4:47 am
be subject to them. the declaration of independence said life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. despite what it says in the declaration of independence, the government's responsible for making sure that you can have life and liberty. the pursuit of happiness is, unfortunately, up to each one of us by ourselves. >> how difficult do you think it will be if -- if president-elect trump does nominate petraeuss? >> he is going to have to pardon him. he can't have the secretary of state having to report to his parole officer every week and have emails and telephone calls monitored by somebody. i don't think -- i think it's unlikely that trump is going to do it because of the concern about his -- his having to go through the confirmation process, that's going to be noisy and very, very newsworthy. i think it's less likely that he's going to unemployment him. and to be -- to nominate him. and to be honest, general petraeus may not be want to be
4:48 am
secretary of state because of all the difficulty of getting from here to there. that's why i think trump has expanded the -- the slate of candidates so wide. i mean, there's got to be six or seven people he's honestly and seriously considering for the job. and every week we get a new name. it's possible trump -- that trump may nominate petraeus, but i think it's unlikely because of the baggage he brings. >> colonel jack jakeons, thanks nature -- jacobs, thanks for coming in. fact versus fiction. can the rise of fake news on line be stopped? the real implications it's having on people's lives like the shooting at a pizza shop in washington. that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free
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4:51 am
it believed it housed a child sex housing ring.
4:52 am
the restaurant is already more than halfway to its goal of 28,0$28,00 $28,000. let's bring back our panel. how do you account for people and trump supporters actually believing a story like this? >> there was once a time you could believe what you saw and read in the news, the fake news craze is really something quite new. it's not satire. this is disinformation with a purpose in mind and it's unfortunate because it leads to what happened just the other day, which is unfortunate. people -- going forward we have to be more on guard for fake news, because you see the impact. i don't know the people that create fake news would have an impact like this, but it can. >> how much of an impact did
4:53 am
this fake news have on the outcome of the election? >> it's hard to measure, but donald trump when he was a candidate would buy into and spread some of the conspiracy theories, and general flynn was also posting fake news stories, and he claims now in a commune kay with general mcof a re, maybe he is naive and maybe not. >> sarah, let me ask you what i ask joe, how do people account for believing such a far fetched story and how is it that flynn's son reported and spread it.
4:54 am
>> there's a difference between fake news, and what rick is talking about, people that seek to make money off of completely fabricated stories, versus false news or news that people don't like, and online everything is labeled fake news if you don't like what it says or if it's wrong, and we need to alert people to credible versus noncredible, and i don't think there's anybody in the country that agree that there should be a grand authority to say what is real and what is not. this sort of horrible thing happens on both sides of the aisle when unfortunately mentally disturbed people get their hands on fake news. i think i just would encourage
4:55 am
people to do the research and click through sometimes. >> i want to turn to something else that is a big issue, and the "washington post" concluded russia interferes with helping trump win, and joe, if somebody served at the end of the white house at the end of the cold war, how does it affect you? >> well, had hillary clinton been able to generate the same kind of enthusiasm that barack obama was able to, so you are always going to have people in other countries that have opinions about who they would like to see as
4:56 am
commander-in-chief in the united states, and it's, you know, we will find out more certainly in the coming days now with the inquest about what russia may or may not have done but it's not going to affect the outcome of the election. >> and trump put out a response, and these are the same people that said hussein had weapons of mass destruction. does this feel like a disconnect? >> i think there's a concern about russia interfering with elections, and it was illegal to hack into that the dnc and podesta's e-mail, and they needed to prove two things, one, they were able to change the ballot machines so votes were miscounted or two, the trump campaign was somehow in coordination with the people
4:57 am
that stole the e-mails, and those could be game changing and the other is just concerning that russia would try to interfere with the constitution republic. >> it would be interesting to see what that report has to say. thank you so much for being here this morning. >> thank you. that will do it for me this hour. i am daria brown, and richard lui will pick up the next hour. with the capital one venture card, you get double miles on everything you buy, not just airline purchases. seriously, think of all the things you buy. this why you asked me to coffee? well yeah... but also to catch-up. what's in your wallet? [ cougshh. i have a cold with this annoying runny nose.
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mother in-law with a glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad. a very good saturday to you. i am ripm richard lui at msnbc corders. officials tell "the posts" the cia has concluded russia's goal in intervening in the election was to try and help trump win the white house.


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