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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  December 12, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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senate leaders inching closer to agreement that congress must investigate allegations of russian hacking of the 2016 election. also law enforcement officers testify in day four of the dylann roof trial. we have the list of black churches they found in the car of the man prosecutors say killed nine in the 2015 charleston church shooting. a big winter storm is on the way for large swaths of the northern united states. meantime across the country, nearly 3,000 delays and 600 airline cancellations today. we'll have a live report from chicago o'hare. one of the hardest hit airports. let's start with trump and the russian hacking story. kristen welker is at the white house. rahema ellis in midtown manhattan. peter alexander is here on set with me. peter, i want to play a little bit of what mitch mcconnell said. he was defending the intelligence agencies. take a listen. we'll talk after the sound bite. >> the russians aren't our friends. obviously any foreign breach of our cyber security measures is
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disturbing. i strongly condemn any such efforts. i agree with senator schumer, chairman mccain, burr and others. this cannot be a partisan issue. >> peter, what do you make of mitch mcconnell coming out and really putting some distance between him and the president-elect. >> the director of intelligence said they believe the russians were involved in compromising information, basically accessing illegally the e-mails, hacking them. so we know that's the basis. the question now really and mitch mcconnell expressed doubt saying i want more evidence. that's why i want an investigation. whether or not this was done deliberately with the intention of tipping the scales in this election in favor of the president-elect. nonetheless democrats like chuck schumer came out in support of this investigation feeling confident that the cia's information is first reported by the washington post stands.
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here's what senator schumer said. he said we welcome leader mcconnell's support for a deep and thorough bipartisan investigation into reports that russia interfered with the 2016 election. this issue should not and must not turn into a political football. so the bottom line is the investigation will continue. all the sources we speak to say when the cia reports with high confidence that's as good as gold within the intelligence community. >> i was speaking to a source who said there is no higher degree of confidence in the cia. that means somebody with direct knowledge or involved said, yes, russia either directed this or was involved in some way or another. certainly very striking from the cia. rahema ellis, donald trump is clearly trying to paint the russia story as a partisan one meant to delegitimize the election. run it down how donald trump is trying to go out and question
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what the cia is saying. >> reporter: well, one of the things they are doing is saying this seems to be another in a series of efforts to delegitimize what happened in the election. this morning at 7:18 the president-elect put out a tweet. i think we have the full screen for you there. it said can you imagine if the election results were the opposite and we tried to play the russia/cia card. it would be called conspiracy theory. he says in reference to this that there are off the record, anonymous comments coming out, that they are not to be believed. he says they are, again, attempting to delegitimize the vote. he said it comes after what he called the recount nonsense, the effort by jill stein to have a recount. in addition to that he says the whole question about the popular vote and whether the fact is that hillary clinton got the popular vote, if that means anything in terms of the fact that donald trump is, in fact,
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the president-elect. so he's dismissing it right now out of hand. >> and you're at the white house, kristen. there is a press briefing going on now. we are keeping an eye out to see if the white house comments specifically on donald trump's refusal to accept what the cia and other intelligence officials are saying. talk about mitch mcconnell offering support for committees to investigate but didn't voice any specific committee. what's the mood in washington for hearings on this topic? >> reporter: it's mixed. on the one hand you do have a bipartisan group of senators calling for an investigation into this, including senators john mccain and lindsey graham. on the other hand you do have republicans who are concerned that this will over shadow the first part of president-elect trump's presidency. so that's where the debate comes in. but the one thing we know if you listen to the comments over the weekend on the sunday shows,
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lawmakers believe that a foreign entity, a foreign government should not be meddling in any way, shape or form in the u.s. election. i think you are going to see a push for some type of inquiry and investigation. i would be surprised if that didn't happen. the question is who picks it up, when does it start and how quickly does it happen? >> what if the white house, donald trump's white house decides that they don't want to support an investigation into this? does that delegitimize the congressional investigation, a presidential investigation carries more weight. what can they do and are they able to undermine it in a way that the public will accept? we know trump has campaigned in an atraditional way and he's been able to bend the news in his direction. is he going to be successful with this if a congressional
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investigation finds russia did put their finger on the scales in this election. >> we have a separation of powers for a reason. the desire here would be the president can say what they want and congress can do what it desires in terms of inquiry and investigation. none of this changes the fact that donald trump is the next president-elect. it can provide a better understanding of what the circumstances are here. i think why this is interesting is if donald trump disputes it and the finding is that russia played the role and donald trump has been dismissive at times as he wades deeper into the rift with the intelligence community it will force a lot of people and members of congress to push back at the president-elect and say listen to the intelligence community. you dismissed it that time but they were right. >> what about the criticism that president obama didn't do more during the election, that he didn't urge the cia to make the information public so the american electorate could use it in their decision for who to vote for. >> as we heard, kellyanne conway
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was praising president obama saying he did the right thing, that it is not his responsibility. he didn't want to play a role. >> one of the occasions they agree. >> it's democrats right now that are upset at the president saying he should have allowed all this information out there the same way though there was a lot of frustration ahead of times. james comy came forward in terms of the e-mail investigation into hillary clinton now. whatever is politically, i think, expedient is where you find members of congress on this one. >> kristen, trump's refusal to believe it comes from he doesn't need daily intelligence briefings. what's the fallout from those comments? >> this is unprecedented. you have a president-elect who is not only questioning the legitimacy of information being provided by the intelligence agencies. he's about to work with it. but essentially saying the daily
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briefings most presidents receive on a daily basis aren't necessary. i think he's just widening a rift between himself and the intelligence community. the question is how damaging could it be once he takes office. as you mentioned at the top the white house daily briefing is under way. i anticipate josh earnest will get a number of questions about this. the significance of the daily briefing, how important it is to the current president and why he thinks it is a necessary part of every day. you have intelligence officials pushing back strongly against the notion that they are giving the president repetitive information. they say it's just not the case. that there is valid information in these briefings on a daily basis. >> peter, let's talk about rex tillerson who will be the candidate donald trump will offer him the secretary of state position. mitch mcconnell refused to comment on him today saying it is not official yet. he won't comment on a candidate.
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what's the status? >> mitch mcconnell said i'm optimistic everybody will get confirmed. we won't talk about this guy until he becomes the nominee officially. our understanding is he will be the selection for secretary of state. that john bolton will be his deputy overseeing the day to day operations. we know they want to see how the name plays out though among lawmakers and in the media, frankly. what was notable first reported by colleagues at "morning joe" is some of the voices privately giving support to a tillerson nomination including the former secretaries of state james baker, condoleezza rice, bob gates. we heard from the former cia director today. perhaps the most important thing in this in the eyes of former director hayden is you have somebody with the voice of the president-elect and he insists
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if tillerson does -- excuse me, have the ear of president trump that would be one of the important qualifications. >> we'll see if he will bes to the voices. tell me who donald trump is planning to meet with today at trump tower. >> reporter: we know he's planning to meet with joe manchin who is a democratic senator from west virginia who has been critical of barack obama's energy policies. there is a thought he might be considered for the secretary of the department of energy along with former governor of texas rick perry who at one point said he thought the department of energy could be eliminated. but he could be considered. in addition we saw carly fiorina came here to trump tower to meet, as you know during the campaign she was critical of trump. but over the weekend she had nice things to say about him. following the meeting with him today she said she was impressed by his office, the sports memorabilia including a shoe by
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the basketball star shaquille o'neal. she said it may take a champion to know a champion. then she said this. >> we got down to more serious business and spent a fair amount of time talking about china as probably our most important adversary and a rising adversary. we talked about hacking, whether it is chinese or purported russian hacking. >> reporter: but again her comments very, very positive about donald trump saying she thought some of his decisions at this point were brilliant. >> china and shaquille o'neal shoe. who knew they had anything in common? rahema ellis, thank you so much. kristen welker at the white house and peter alexander here with me in d.c. steve clemons is the editor at large at "the atlantic" and msnbc contributor. we want to drill down more on what's going on with the cia and the fbi. there is disagreement between the agencies about not whether russia hacked into the dnc but
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whether they were doing so in order to help donald trump get elected. tell me why there is a disconnect and what it means. >> i think the cia look at voluminous amounts of circumstantial evidence from a lot of different corners. they can see around corners that you and i can't. they have come out with an assessment saying that the russians were trying to give donald trump the tilt in this. the fbi is looking for actionable intelligence. other intelligence agencies are out there, too. there are 17 different intelligence-collecting units within the u.s. government. they have not provided a uniform agreement between them. the disputes may not just be between the fbi and cia in this case. part of it has to do with how you approach the use of intelligence and the fbi is alleging behind-the-scenes that the cia is ahead of its skis a little bit.
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>> does it matter if they were trying to tip the scales? if they hacked into the e-mail isn't that alone actionable enough to bring out a full investigation both on behalf of the president and on behalf of congress. >> i have written it and said it on msnbc. not only the dnc but the rnc and others -- >> the rnc pushes back strongly saying it didn't happen. >> besides the point. there are disputes from that, too. the bottom line is when you think about national interests of the united states, the preservation of the sanctity of the american democratic system ought to be core to what the country is about. one of my friendly criticisms of the incumbent president is why if we, in fact, have similar capacities to the russians haven't we sent signals, created pain, but everyone i know in the intelligence field said that hasn't happened. we have not escalated beyond this. one side is doing the judicious
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thing saying we should open up an investigation. the other thing is sending a signal to the russians, do not cross the line. interestingly right before the election i had a discussion with one of the top obama administration officials. who had a lot of interactions with the russians who said they believe and he believed that we were not going to see this kind of meddling from the russians. i find that to be something we should look at. clearly he was wrong. >> talk to the trump supporter directly and tell them why it is important for donald trump to acknowledge that russia had a hand in this hack if they were not behind it completely. why is it important to the american public that the president-elect says, yes, this is a case and we are taking it seriously. >> the donald trump supporter needs to know their new president will stand by american interests no matter what. the legitimacy of his election doesn't need to be questioned at the same time he's blowing a whistle on what the russians did. what we see from donald trump is
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something disconcerting. on the floor at the republican convention in cleveland one of the only times that the trump team got engaged in the battles over the platform had to do with the provision dealing with russia and ukraine. they were just absent on everything else. when you add up moment after moment after moment whether or not there seemed to be a tilt with russia which may be a new strategic shift. there is a realist case for a new shift. you still have to be able to call the shots on whether or not you see russia as someone who is meddling in the american system. i think that donald trump supporter in bartelsville, oklahoma needs to hear the distinction from him about those things. >> i was talking to a senior former cia official who said donald trump might be right saying he's hearing the same thing over and over again in his presidential daily briefing. that it could be they are talking about tactical stuff. we took this street in mosul, for instance, and the briefers
10:16 am
really need to give donald trump an oral history of american foreign policy, how we got there. is it something that donald trump would likely, give him the benefit of the doubt here. would he be more interested in getting? is that the way to approach it since it is hard to come in the middle of the game? >> donald trump doesn't seem interested in detail of neg. we don't know that's the case. that's what we are hearing from a lot of sources. i would be careful about trying to guide the intelligence briefer on what to say or not. one thing i put on the table which is worrying is donald trump is also being read into our covert operations in russia, on vladimir putin. remember, after the ukraine actions by russia we went out and sanctioned not the government but individuals who were cronies around vladimir
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putin. why? because that's a function of our own intelligence awareness and understanding of what's going on. donald trump is being read into those issues now. that's another level of question and concern we should have about donald trump's ability to handle intelligen intelligence. it's very consequential. >> i think you are spot on with the level of interest during the campaign. my sources were telling me over and over again that donald trump reads a lot as long as the headlines had his name in it. we'll see if that changes when he's the president-elect. his name will be in a lot of headlines then as they are now. steve, thank you very much. today we are asking this microsoft pulse question. trump says he's too smart to attend daily intel briefings. are you concerned it could lead to uninformed domestic and foreign policy decisions? go to pulse. to cast a vote and let your voice be heard. coming up, more on the growing scrutiny over donald trump's likely pick for
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secretary of state. should someone with such close ties to vladimir putin head up the state department? we'll hash it out in the daily debate. up next, a killer's haunting admission. jurors in the charleston church shooting case back in court after watching dylann roof's confession to shooting anned killing nine people. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products.
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i had to do it because somebody had to do something because, you know, black people are killing white people every day on the streets. >> that was a portion of the chilling videotape confession from dylann roof where he talks about his motive in gunning down nine black church goers. on day four of testimony
10:22 am
prosecutors called the general manager of the gun store where roof purchased the glock .45 use ntd the shootings and called the law enforcement agent who searched roof's car after the arrest. mariana atenzio is live with the latest outside the courthouse in charleston. mariana, what did the agent find in roof's car? >> reporter: so, jurors just heard from brittany burke, the investigator who searched his car the morning after the shootings. i want to read some of the items on the list. she found a can of food, chips, bottled water, the blood stained shirt, his journal, a glock .45 handgun he used to commit the crime, a burned flag, a confederate flag and a list of churches that had mother emmanuel church at the top. as you describe, the courtroom is just hearing from this general manager of the gun store where roof purchased the glock .45 and what jumped out to
10:23 am
me is the person just testified that roof purchased the weapon in april. so after his 21st birthday the shooting happened in june. but this manager got a notification that the sale of the gun should have been denied 12 days after the shooting. so roof had the gun in his possession more than two months and he shouldn't have had it in the first place. >> what kind of timeline are we looking at for the prosecution to rest their case? >> reporter: they could rest the case by wednesday or thursday of this week. then it was the defense's turn. we have seen very little from them. they just confirmed that dylann roof didn't try to hide his identity when he went in to the gun store. they are focused on the next phase of the federal trial which is the sentencing phase where
10:24 am
we'll see whether he gets the death penalty or not. the defense focused on sparing his life at this point. >> meanwhile, developing news overseas. the syrian military says they are close to regaining full control of aleppo after a month long offensive with rebel fighters as isis reportedly takes control of another city in the region. the latest on the battles across syria next.
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take a look at the top stories we are following this hour. in new orleans, funeral services for joe mcknight who was fatally shot in a road rage dispute. the accused shooter was arrested on a felony manslaughter charge with a bond set at $500,000. in orlando a private vigil at the pulse nightclub to mark six months since the deadly shooting. survivors and loved ones
10:28 am
observed a moment of silence at 2:02 this morning the time omar mateen started his killing spree. now overseas to nigeria are two young girls, aged 7 and 8, were used as suicide bombers. the attack happened at a crowded marketplace. no one has claimed responsibility. it is expected the islamic militant group boko haram is involved. and significant gains in the battle for aleppo. pro government forces now control 98% of the eastern portion of the city including a neighborhood held by the rebels since 2012. the rebels lost more than 90% of the territory in just the last month. for the latest we turn to nbc's foreign correspondent ayman mohyeldin. the head of the aleppo security committee said the rebels have to surrender or die. how much longer would the battle last? >> the momentum is on the side
10:29 am
of the syrian military with the milit militias. no doubt momentum has been on their side for a month with the russian bombard. of the eastern part of aleppo. they have gained so much territory within the last month, wrestling it away from rebel held territory. all suggestions on the ground is it will not be long before the syrian military is completely able and capable of over running those rebel strong holds. already thousands of people, tens of thousands of people on the screen leaving neighborhoods once controlled by the rebels to try to find refuge elsewhere in other parts of the city. for now it seems the syrian military and government will reclaim parts if not all of the parts that are held by the rebels within the coming weeks, perhaps. >> while the syrian government's focus is on aleppo it appears isis militants used that
10:30 am
preoccupation to recapture palmyra. what can you tell us about what's going on there now? >> the syrian government and allies in the fight are fighting on two fronts. the u.s. backed rebels are in places like aleppo and elsewhere. you're talking about an eastern part of the country in palmyra. that's an area that isis had over the last several months gotten a foothold but ultimately lost to attorney sthe syrian go. they touted success in palmyra going back in showing the world it had recaptured this ancient city with all the ruins destroyed by isis. it seems with the government preoccupied with aleppo that the isis forces and isis fighters in the eastern part were able to regroup despite the bombings taking place, coalition strikes and launch this attack on palmyra. about 4,000 fighters belonging to isis stormed the city.
10:31 am
they have been posting videos on isis websites showing the spoils of war including the syrian military hardware left over by the fleeing syrian military. isis has been able to at least strike a victory in this battle. a very symbolic battle because of the ancient ruins known around the world. >> to turkey, the twin bombings in istanbul killed 44 people according to the health minister. what is the country doing in order to make sure it doesn't happen again and is this part of an up tick in violence in the country? >> the turkish government is fighting a war of insurgency or war on terror being led according to them by kurdish separatists. the deputy prime minister said it was the pkk behind this latest twin suicide bombing that took place on friday evening. there are reports that we haven't independently verified that the turkish air force has
10:32 am
been striking positions belonging to the pkk in parts of northern iraq suggesting that this is a conflict that's not going to die down any time soon between the kurdish separatists launching attacks from southeast turkey and iraq and the turkish government. >> thank you very much for joining me. let's see now what you are saying out there about the microsoft pulse question. trump said he's too smart to attend daily intel briefings. are you concerned it could lead to uninformed domestic and foreign policy decisions. this is a run away. 97% of you say yes. 3% say no. there is time to continue voting. go to pulse more on the growing rift between the president-elect and u.s. intelligence agencies. does he have to restore good faith at the cia before he takes office? we'll ask mark sanford after the break. stay with us. this is lulu, our newest dog.
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the clinton team is backing calls. john podesta put out a statement saying they support efforts to request a briefing on foreign intervention in the presidential election. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is looking into the reports of russian hacking interfering into the elections here rand joins me now from moscow. what have you learned so far on the ground out there? >> reporter: well, the reaction today from russian officials has been absolute denial. they say this is an effort by sore losers. i have heard the expression sour grapes. they say russia had nothing to do with it and that this is a desperate attempt to try and change the election by the hillary clinton campaign and those who want to harm
10:37 am
u.s./russian relations. that's the official line anyway. frankly, i would say there seems to be a degree of satisfaction in this country as people watch the u.s. officials tying themselves up in knots, scratching their heads trying to figure out how this could have happened and what is the ultimate result. but this story, frankly, is one that we have been working on for many months. if you remember back in september, we started reporting about this and reporting about a russian-backed hacking group that had attacked the parliament in germany, attacked other european targets, attacked nato before. and official cyber experts internationally have very little doubt that it was a russian-backed hacking group that initially stole the e-mails from the dnc and used them -- weaponized them is the term -- against the hillary clinton
10:38 am
campaign. the official reaction here today has been one of, i would say satisfied denial. >> wouldn't that be the normal reaction, richard? of course they will deny this officially. >> reporter: the reaction has been official denial. if it was, in fact, a covert operation then they would generally not want to acknowledge it. but russian officials today, i wouldn't say anywhere coming close to acknowledging it. they have been however bringing up past cases when the united states sought to interfere in russian politics. i heard a reference today to protests that took place in this city in 2011 and 2012. it was not a state secret at the time that president vladimir putin personally blamed hillary clinton for being -- for encouraging the protesters to
10:39 am
stick to the streets to protest against vladimir putin. i asked a top lawmaker today whether this action was somehow revenge for perceived or actual manipulations by the u.s. into russian affairs in the past. he smiled and said no. >> thank you so much. joining me now mark sanford, a republican congressman from south carolina. first off i want your opinion on this. do you support a full investigation into the allegations of russian hacking? >> certainly. you know, i think it is a serious matter. i think there is a reason that foreigners aren't allowed to give in american elections. we have been careful about saying wait a minute what happens in our domestic arrangement is our business, not to be driven by others. think an investigation ought to be conducted. that having been said we have to
10:40 am
go on with the business at hand and we should hold up the inaugural and all the things coming up in january. >> does it bother you that donald trump thinks he's, quote, too smart and smart enough not to need daily intelligence briefings. >> yeah. the bible says pride come before the fall. a whole team. what i would say is this. we have a country that's built on a whole host of institutions and traditions. as the president-elect steps into the role it is important he rely on many of the traditions and many of the institutions for intelligence, knowledge, backup in the decision-making process they have to go through. those intelligence briefings are
10:41 am
an important part of the process on a daily basis. >> do you believe he respects american institutions and the separation of powers including the fourth estate which is the media? >> asking me to get into donald trump's head or obama's head or go down the list of different preside presidents, i wouldn't presuppose to do that. i would say whatever is in one's head and whatever they are thinking about, what will be important is that again we stay true to what the founding fathers intended. we are to be a nation of laws and not men or women. they didn't want a self-appointed king or queen that believed they knew all. they wanted a system of checks and balances both at the legislative level and frankly in the way they dissected power at the state and local levels as well. >> senator, i -- >> you're promoting me.
10:42 am
still a congressman. whatever. >> congressman, i'm sorry. my brain's a little fuzzy because i'm a little sick. this is john bolton. take a listen. >> it's not at all clear to me just viewing from this the outside that this hacking into the dnc and the rnc computers wasn't a false flag operation. >> are you accusing someone here in this administration of trying -- in the intelligence community of trying to throw something? >> we just don't know. i believe that intelligence has been politicized in the obama administration to a very significant degree. >> i talked to cia sources who said this idea that this is a false flag is irresponsible, dangerous and john bolton is somebody who could be appointed to the donald trump cabinet. what's your reaction to that? is this somebody that you would trust to be in a position of
10:43 am
power given those comments? >> i think john bolton has a demonstrated competence as it relates to international and foreign policy issues. i think he's been in the hot seat, so to speak in deliberating much of this kind of thing. therefore it is a little bit dangerous to raise a false flag question. because it fans the flames of conspiracy theory, if you want to call it that. of the stuff that's great in a thriller or spy novel but disastrous if it were occurring in their country. it's not been my experience that people i have dealt with at that level would be acting in that way. what will be interesting is pompeio coming from the congress to head up the agency, he's a thorough guy. a kansan by birth. should there be intrigue he'll get to the bottom of it.
10:44 am
>> south carolina congressman -- at least for now -- mark sanford. thank you very much for joining me. >> pleasure. >> severe weather in the midwest and northeast wreaking havoc on travel. how soon airlines plan to have travel back on track after cancelling nearly 2,000 flights over the weekend. oh, that's lovely...
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in case you need a reminder that it's december, arctic air is making its way across the midwest headed into the northeast this week. some areas will see high or low temperatures near 30 degrees below average. this comes after at least 30 million people across the country hit with severe weather that brought snow and freezing rain over the weekend. nbc's morgan ratford is in chicago at o'hare where there were over 1200 flight cancellations sunday alone. is it looking better today? >> reporter: a little bit better. but that number is still climbing. throughout the day we have seen
10:48 am
a number of flight cancellations climb to over 300. we started with just shy of 200. these passengers scrambling to get rebooked to a lot of flights. if you look you can see a lot of the departures and some arrivals are now showing back up on the board. some people are able to catch later flights but they are still delayed. now the airlines are responding. people say they need to get new tickets on airlines. some had to stay in chicago overnight just to try to get to their destinations. united saying they are willing to waive rescheduling fees. delta, american airlines said they are willing to offer a full refund to any passengers who experienced significant delays upwards of 60 or 90 minutes. the airlines are responding as people wait in line trying to get to the final destinations. >> the joys of air travel in the winter time. nbc's morgan radford, thank you very much. up next, rex tiller son, the leading candidate for secretary
10:49 am
of state getting a lot of attention for close ties to russian president vladimir putin. are his previous business deals a glaring conflict of interest if he gets the state department nod? that's up for discussion in the daily debate coming up next. [ gears stopping ] when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. try this. but just one aleve has the strength to stop pain for 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve.
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it depends what that relationship is. they're intimate friends. this is getting blown out of proportions. >> that was kellyanne conway commenting on president-elect trump's leading candidate for secretary of state. this had many lawmakers expressing major concerns. i am joined by elise jordan and former adviser for senator rand
10:53 am
paul's campaign. >> elise. the president-elect trump received bipartisan criticisms for praising putin. i am a bit divided. i think it is simplestic to say. so i do think that though there is a relationship, we don't know what that personal relationship is. what i do see by the choice of rex would be the secretary of state who had excelled throughout the long career. this se--
10:54 am
>> and sources telling "morning joe" that tillerson receiving support, could this come at the right time. >> i come away with more questions the more i read about it. the united states senate is going to get this nomination, once it occurs, they'll get it and every senator is going to ask him or herself, what would ronald reagan do here? we are going to have to find out whether or not there is a pro-putin policy or pro-putin presidency on the break here with donald trump and if rex tillerson is part of that. >> the united states, the
10:55 am
voters, the 46% of voters who voted for donald trump, voted for him, yes, to over turn here and washington and especially the elites. that seems to be aggressors. what would ronald reagan do here? speaker ryan is going to have to answer that question also when it comes time to decide whether we'll have independent investigation and in an attempt to get donald trump elected. >> john mccain expressed doubts
10:56 am
about tillerson and deciding not to get on board. >> absolutely. if he did actually get to the whole senate, he's going to run into the duo problems of the climate change activists campaign of the democratic party. this is an interesting confirmation process if it get that is far. >> we did not have enough time. thank you very much. much more ahead, we'll be right back. [captain rod] happy tuesday morning! captain rod here. it's pretty hairy out on the interstate.traffic is literally crawling, but there is some movement on the eastside overpass. getting word of another collision. [burke] it happened. december 14th, 2015. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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time for one last look at today's microsoft polls question. trump says he's too smart to attend daily intel briefings. are you concerned it could lead to uninformed domestic foreign policy decisions? >> the pulse are still opened. keep watching on right now more news with my
11:00 am
colleague, thomas roberts. >> hey, katy, great to see you. >> you, too. >> a lot to go through. russia was trying to help him win the white house. >> they were in a terrible campaign. whether it is blamiing james comey or the moment that we are not involved in the recount of the states. they need to get over it. >> for more of the interviews with kellyanne conway. and about the man who could be secretary of state. a new week of testimony of the trial suspected shooter, dylann roof. and plus, dylann roof's haunting confession on tape. and guess what, millions are braising for snow. there are much more on the way. we have it all broken down for you. we begin


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