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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  December 14, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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thanks for being with us, katy tur picks it up next. >> thank you so much.
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i'm katy tur in for hallie jackson. today, top names in the tech sector headed to trump tower. president-elect trump also dealing with two new headaches this afternoon. the first democrats say trump may have to sell his new d.c. hotel. the other involves his frequently controversial national security adviser and ill advised tweets again by his son. we are also following the dylann roof trial. today, survivor testimony and new video showing roof practicing shooting. 33 million under a winter chill advisory as a new storm expected to create dangerous travel conditions across the central part of the country. let's start with the trump transition. with the huffington post and an msnbc contributor is also here. first off to you there will be a trump tech summit. tell me who is going to be there and why it is important that they are there.
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>> reporter: this is definitely a who's who in the tech industry. we can go up and throw up the names we have for you. jeff bezos from amazon, oracle, tim cook apple, tesla, facebook, alphabet. this has not been a friendly group during the campaign. donald trump on many occasions attacked a number of the people who will be in the room including bezos. he accused him of avoiding taxes through the washington post which he owns. apple was hit on in some of the campaign rallies. the subject of the meeting is likely jobs. when you look at companies like apple, we have heard promises to open an apple factory, for example, here in the u.s. apple employees, a lot of people in china. a lot of companies have their money in offshore accounts and the president-elect has been hammering them for it. expect them to be the top topics in the meeting, katy. >> most were supporters of hillary clinton. sam, to you. let's talk about michael flynn. he keeps facing continued
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backlash. he's a lightning rod of controversy. senior intelligence sources confirmed to me he did inappropriately share classified information in afghanistan in 2010. his son doesn't agree. he's blasting the washington post for their original article saying another article by the failing fake news, the compost. >> clever. >> i guess that's the joke. they continue to get everything so wrong. >> not only is michael flynn facing scrutiny over this matter but his son is going after the first amendment. >> there are two things to unpack. one is that michael flynn reported an incident where he did share classified information. apparently cia slides that aren't to be shared outside of the classified settinging.
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michael flynn was on the trail opening up rallies for donald trump where he would blast hillary clinton for her use of a private e-mail versaillesing if he did a tenth of what she did he would be in jail. he may have done a tenth and isn't in jail. i think he'll probably sail through it. his son who has this bizarre twitter feed. pushing this debunked pizza gate nonsense that resulted in a man going to the restaurant i.c. with a gun and firing ots. luckily no one was hit. after it happened michael flynn's son wondered whether the stories were real. apparently he doesn't believe now what is an intelligence report but will believe the claim that hillary clinton operated a pedophile ring in a
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northwest pizzeria. i wonder when it is too much of a headache for even donald trump to deal with. >> his son is one thing. what about general flynn in his own conspiracies saying on twitter that fear of muslims is warranted and okay. could there be a growing amount of criticism of flynn so donald trump replaces him before he takes office or is flynn a sure bet at this point. >> prior to his appointment there were a lot of republicans primarily in the traditional foreign policy establishment telling me and others they were reluctant to work in there. he's a decorated intelligence officer. he has a weird style that turned people off. he was a loyalist to donald trump and trump rewarded him with the position.
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he pushed anti-muslim conspiracy theories and today we have reports that he's been erasing tweets where he also suggested that hillary clinton was behind this weird pedophile ring that was fabricated, not true nearly resulting in a tragedy in northwest d.c. i don't know at what point trump says enough is enough. he doesn't want to deal with the distraction. we have a sense that trump values loyal tichlt. >> loyalty is apparently not the first and foremost. i want to talk about what spicer said in the briefing. he said donald trump is getting daily intelligence briefings coming from flynn. three times a week they are getting the presidential daily
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briefing. does that quiet the controversy? >> they hope so. the trump camp. they really dodged the question. today as you said they highlighted. he receives three times a week the pdb, the daily brief heralded as the crown jewel of the u.s. intelligence community. in addition to that the daily meetings with general flynn. you have been talking about the sort of dislike that's out there for general flynn, not just in the public. certainly seeming to bubble up. general flynn, a general, is not always liked by the other generals. that will be interesting to see how it plays out as general mattis takes on a bigger role in the administration. >> thank you so much for joining me. also today is dylann roof trial is about to wrap up. the prosecution and defense
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resting this afternoon after dramatic testimony from the government's final witness. polly shepherd, one of the three survivors of the mass shooting at mother emmanuel church described how roof carried out the attack on the bible study group that night. the testimony followed new video played in court showing roof in target practice. roof faces 33 federal charges. msnbc's mariana atenzio is outside of the courtroom in charleston, south carolina. >> i heard people sobbing in the courtroom as polly shepherd, one of three survivors spoke to jurors. she described many of the people including her friend myra thompson. then the moment when dylann roof opened fire and she heard
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felicia scream, he's shooting everybody. a 72-year-old woman dove under a table for refuge. she was able to grab another pa riggser's phone to dial 911. this is what she's heard telling the dispatcher. she said, he's still here. i'm afraid. he's still here. he's coming. he's coming. please help me lord. ease help me lord. she said she was praying and that's the moment when dylann roof told her to shut up. again he spared her life so she could tell the story of what happened that night in that church. with the emotional and graphic testimony from shepherd the prosecution rested its case. then it was the defense's turn. they tried to bring in two mental health experts to speak about dylann roof's state of mind but the judge said they were inadmissible at this point at this phase of the trial, the guilt phase because his mental health really had nothing to do
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with the charges at this point. i was there when dylann roof was asked to step forward. he was asked to testify on his own behalf. he did not. that's when the defense rested as well. jurors have just been sent home and closing arguments begin tomorrow in the trial that's been so emotional and difficult for south carolina. >> a chilling day out there. msnbc's mariana atenzio, thank you so much. turning now to extreme winter weather. this was the scene in michigan today where a new round -- you can't see the video. it's just white. a new round of lake effect snow hitting the state. 33 million people from the midwest to the northeast are under wind chill advisories. nbc's blake mccoy is in chicago where the temperature is expected to go down to zero tonight. blake, you are still not wearing a hat.
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i'm unhappy to see it. let's get to the topic at hand. they are now warning people about the dangers of extremely low temperatures. >> reporter: the feels like temperature is zero degrees. take a look at the middle number for each city. 26 below. places like indianapolis feeling sub zero. i spoke with people on the street. take a listen. >> brutal. it's brutal. >> it's really, really cold. you have to use double pants, double coats, everything.
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>> reporter: tomorrow it will be absolutely miserable. it will warm up for a few days before dropping again on sunday. there is a bears game in chicago sound. keep in mind they play in an outdoor stadium. if the forecast holds it will be the cold ets nfl bears game in history with a high, actual air temperature of one below zero. i will put my hood on before katy tur yells at me again. >> that's miserable. thank you for the hood. blake mccoy in chicago. stay warm. coming up, more on the growing bipartisan calls for an investigation into russian hacking of the u.s. election. can both sides of the aisle actually work together to push an investigation forward? we'll hash it out in the daily debate. next, the federal reserve expected to raise the key interest rate later today. we'll talk about what it means for you.
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and a little later the growing humanitarian crisis in aleppo. thousands of civilians still trapped as fighting resumes between syrian forces and rebel troops. that leads to today's microsoft pulse question. obama vowed not to send troops to syria but civilians in aleppo are being slaughtered. should the u.s. step in? we want to hear from you at to let us know what you think in this important matter. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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we are about 45 minutes away from an announcement from the federal reserve where they are expected to raise a key interest ra rate. only the second in a decade if it happens. i'm joined by ali velshi.
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why do this now and why only two times in a decade? >> the federal reserve, i describe it as a car with no steering and no gears. it has a pedal, a brake and a gas pedal. they can vslow it down by tappig the brakes, or goose the economy by hitting the gas. they feel because of inflation rates now. inflation is at 1.6%. unemployment is 4.9%. the fed looks at these two things amongst other things and say, all right. inflation is okay and unemployment is low enough that if we were to increase interest rates by a quarter of a percentage rate it will discourage people from borrowing and from spending. it slows down the economy a little bit. not enough that it can do big damage. >> does that mean the economy is going in a positive direction now? >> it can sustain an increase in interest rates. you will hear janet yellen saying we can raise interest
10:18 am
rates without throwing the place into disarray. an old fed chairman said the job of the fed is to take the punch bowl away as the party gets started. the fed said wages are going up a little bit, unemployment going down. that will be about a quarter of a per more expensive.
10:19 am
i you are a saver you could get somewhere close to a percent. that's some benefit. >> a little bit of money. >> inflation is 1.6. if i don't get less than a percent and inflation is 1.6 you are losing money keeping it in a bank account. >> if you have the means should you buy now? >> yes. if you have the means, if the fed does this which it will do and finds out if it doesn't drag the economy to a halt they will do it several more times in the next couple of years. interest rates in a year or two will be substantially higher than now. maybe they will be 6% for a mortgage where it's 4.25% now. maybe it's 5.5 but more money over the course of 30 years. >> check the bank statements and run the numbers. thank you very much for being here. lots of questions about russia's role in hacking the election. new allegation it is dnc could have prevented it. we'll have more after the break.
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welcome back. here is a look at the stories we are following this hour. in connecticut, flags at half staff now to remember the victims of the sandy hook elementary school shooting. it's been four years since a gunman killed 20 kids and six adults. for the fourth time the newtown community marked this dark day with a moment of silence. families of some of the victims are still fighting for expanded gun control. news from the united nations. wonder woman has been dumped from her honorary ambassadorship after less than two months. d.c. entertainment talked about the end of the campaign. the venture was protested from the beginning with critics saying a assistantily clad woman prone to violence wasn't the best role model for girls. in less than 30 minutes the silicon valley comes to new york city. president-elect donald trump is expected to hold a meeting with
10:24 am
the top technology leaders. jeff bezos, sandberg, musk, just a couple of names joining the summit. now we want to drill into how the left will respond to the 2016 election. who will they choose to run the party and what actions will they take on congress to investigate the russian hacking? let's bring in emmanuel cleaver to help us figure it out, a democratic congressman from missouri and a senior whip on the leadership team in the house. so let's talk about the "new york times" story specifically. they are saying the dnc's encounter with the fbi met the best chance to halt the russian intrusion was blocked. the white house reluctant to respond saying the russians haven't paid a heavy price for their actions. do you believe the impact was made much worse because the dnc and the white house fumbled? >> it's easy to say after the
10:25 am
fact. i think the dnc would have reacted much faster had they known the depth of what was being done by the russians. and wikileaks. >> they were alerted according to the "new york times" by an fbi investigator who called multiple times. they were alerted over and over again. why wasn't there a system in place within the dnc to say, hey, we have to take any flags seriously and hook at them immediately. >> since the water gate break-in and that's been a long time ago, things tend to become lax over a period of time in terms of security. i think right after the watergate break-in and so forth the dnc was tight. then as time moved on like anybody or anything else you become more lax. that's what happened. we can't undo it. i think all americans ought to
10:26 am
be outraged that a foreign power tried to interfere with our democratic process. >> when the story came out over the summer why did the white house not respond if you are saying everybody should be outraged. early on to make sure the russians knew we were taking it seriously, that other countries like china or north korea knew we take something like this seriously and the american public knew that the white house was taking it seriously. >> i'm not sure why the white house didn't respond. you know, there are probably a number of reasons. i'm not going to speculate. i think someone from the obama administration probably is trying to figure out now what to say to you and other people in the media. i do know it was not something that the dnc welcomed. the dnc leaks weren't as
10:27 am
devastating as those on some of the democrats who are around the presidential campaign of hillary clinton. so i think that -- i'm not sure that anybody else received any kind of warning. my e-mail information was placed on the internet. i was never warned until it was -- until i started getting calls from all over the country. most of them nasty. we just didn't have the information at the time. >> representative cleaver, what do you think should be done right now within the house and within the senate to make sure that the american public knows what happened. do you think that the information about the russian hacking should be declassified or are you worried it will go into committee and end up like the torture reports and never really be shown to the public? >> i want them declassified and the reason is mr. trump is denying that anything happened. we know from experience that the
10:28 am
people to whom he's speaking or essentially going to say the same thing. we'll have probably a third of the citizens of the country who will absolutely refuse to believe that the russians were hacking into the dnc or into the private e-mail accounts of many others around the dnc. i think we have to declassify the information, make it available all over everywhere. and hope that most of the people who get it will believe it and will join in the outrage. i think secondarily, the obama administration, i hope, will respond. now they are not going to announce a response. that's not the way it is done. i hope there is a response so that the russians, the chinese, iranians and others will understand that there is a price to pay when you invi vievade th.
10:29 am
this is a cyber invasion of the sovereignty of the united states of america. we all ought to be angry. i'm saddened that mr. trump who will be president of the united states shortly won't believe his own intelligence agencies. >> let's talk about the democratic party now. you faced a tough fight during the last election. you stand to face another one during the midterms and another in 2020. who were you going to have to lead the democratic party? right now there are names floating around. congressman keith ellison is facing criticism for comments made about louis farrakhan years ago. he's defending himself against that and others are saying this could be dequalifying for the role. do you think ellison is someone that should be head of the dnc or are you looking for someone like labor secretary tom perez? >> i had lengthy conversations with congressman ellison just
10:30 am
last week. we talked about everything you just mentioned. i don't think he's -- i think he is a good and decent man. i told him my support would not be forthcoming. he assured me if he won he would resign the congressional seat. >> ellison or tom perez? >> tom perez is a great guy. either one of them will be very good. tom perez, we know is interested in diversity and inclusion. he ran the civil rights division of the justice department. i wouldn't pick between the two. >> why not? >> both are good. the one thing we don't need in the democratic party are additional splits. where we have a perez camp, a keith ellison camp. >> you're saying there are already too many splits in the
10:31 am
party now, why contribute more? >> absolutely right. we already have a bernie sanders section of the democratic party which is odd because bernie sanders is not a democrat. but that's another issue. >> congressman cleaver, thank you so much for joining me. >> good to be with you. >> up next, crisis in syria. just hours after a cease-fire agreement, syrian forces and rebels are fighting again with thousands of civilians trapped in the cross fire. the latest on the situation there after the break. as after a dvt blood clot,ital i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about?
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gunshot breaking a short cease-fire in syria as pro government workers look to secure the last bit of territory in aleppo. in a new interview today bashar al assad said western countries want the cease-fire in order to keep the terrorists and save them.
10:35 am
>> take a look. >> for russia please to stop the advancement of the syrian army. forget about the rest. >> nbc's chief global correspondent richard engel. let's start with bill nealy. fact check that statement. is the reason the west wants a cease-fire just to protect terrorists? >> well, there is clearly no cease-fire at the moment. it is interesting that interview was given to russian television. whatever success he's having in aleppo isn't due to his army but entirely due to the militias, iranian and iraqi militias and the russian air power that's bombarded the city for a few months. i have heard from a friend and colleague inside aleppo who said
10:36 am
there is heavy shelling. noo sign of a steef. fluz we heard there was a deal brokered by the russians and the turks which would mean thousands of people could come out and a lot of those fighters and civilians and their families could get on buses this morning and leave aleppo. that evacuated people on the buses. they had to scatter in fear and all day there were air strikes, artillery strikes, mortar rounds striking eastern aleppo according to videos posted on social media by people who are inside eastern aleppo. we can confirm the authenticity of the videos. there are so many of them. and the rebels said within the last few hours they have launched an attack the regime doesn't deny it is firing at
10:37 am
eastern aleppo. any signs of a deal is gone. there is no sign the deal will be reinstated tomorrow morning or the people who are trapped. about 50,000 of them can come out any time soon. >> thank you very much. u.s. ambassador to the united nations samantha power called out the syrian government and allies during a security council meeting yesterday. listen. >> it is your noose. three-member state of the u.n. contributing to a noose around civilians. it should shame you. instead by all appearances it is emboldening you as you plot your next assault. are you incapable of shame? >> richard engel is in russia. you got a chance to speak with a former russian minister of
10:38 am
energy. this was about tillerson. let's start with syria. talk to me about the hum humanitarian crisis. there are civilians trapped including children. there are reports out that the syrian forces are executing civilians there. tell me about the role in the growing crisis. >> russia said it's not bombing in aleppo now. there is syrian ground forces. they don't attempt to hide they are deeply involved in the planning, in the coordination, in advising the syrian government in the aleppo campaign. sometimes it is russian officials who are making announcements about battle movements on the ground in aleppo. far in advance of what the syrians themselves are seeing. the russians are part of this. what we are really talking about
10:39 am
now is trying to negotiate the last act in what's been a very long tragedy. most of aleppo has fallen. as bill neely said it's fallen to assad's troops and allied militias. we are talking about an area that's really a mile to two square miles where tens of thousands of people are holed up. many civilians and also among them, some fighters, some rebels, some militants. groups considered terrorists. there is an effort to get the militants out and the civilians out. how do you do it? there is no trust. civilians worry if they leave they will be executed. the militants think if they leave and put down weapons they will be executed. turkey is involved. the united states is involved. there was a conversation between
10:40 am
president erdogan, labroff and kerry. all to work out the problem. how do you get people out and get the militants out as well in some sort of efficient way while the fighting is going on. >> you were talking about an international effort. that brings tous the next one. you were going to ask about rex tillerson to find out how the russians were reacting to them. the ceo of exxon mobil has a close relationship with putin. he was awarded the medal of friendship by putin. you spoke to a former minister of energy who said it is a gift for putin. he said obviously the conflict of interest is something written on mr. tillerson's forehead in the sense that he went on behalf of exxon mobil, on behalf of his
10:41 am
shareholders and business. is there an expectation though that tillerson will be able to come to the table in a different way and russia will respond differently if he's not just talking about business but talking about human life. specifically when it comes to what's happening in syria. >> there is a hope that the conversation will shift, that the u.n. will stop lecturing russia about human rights and that this could be a different kind of relationship. the return of government to government negotiations, deals made, business interests that are advanced. and that minor things -- i wouldn't say minor but in the real politic model things like human rights are brushed aside. russia is very much looking forward to a different kind of relationship. the russian media have been
10:42 am
talking about how tillerson is a pragmatist, a man russia has done business with in the past, wants to do more business in the future. there is an expectation that thereby a reset of relations and that's good for russia and moscow will also say it is good for the united states. >> we'll find out where tillerson stands on these issues if he's confirmed. how he feels about international affairs isn't out there. michael mcfaul telling andrea mitchell he doesn't belief rex tillerson has had a conversation with putin about democracy or human rights. these things are all matters that we will wait and find out how they play out. >> his reputation here is
10:43 am
someone who has talke about business and is willing to negotiate. a hard negotiator but who would brush aside those tricky questions about human rights, democracy, political aspiration. obviously as secretary of state he has to put those into his purview or that's the american tradition. russia thinks the tradition might be changing. >> richard engel in moscow, thank you very much for joining me. now let's see what you are saying about the microsoft pulse question. president obama has vowed repeatedly not to send trips to syria. but civilians in aleppo are being slaughtered. should the u.s. step in? 44% say yes. 56% say no. go to pulse. to cast your vote. of course let your voice be heard in this matter. trump got his roars last night in wisconsin. a huge turn out for the latest stop on his thank you tour. wisconsin helped him carry a win
10:44 am
last month. up next a look at how the president-elect pulled off one of the most surprising upsets in history.
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getting a look at trump tower now. already there jeff bezos of amazon, elan musk of spax and tesla. this week's second stop for the thank you tour. like wisconsin, pennsylvania was one ofhree key states that flipped from blue to red on election night. nbc news has a new look at the blue collar counties that made it all happen. joining us from washington, political reporter for nbc news and msnbc, the new story is titled how trump won.
10:48 am
his populist message proved everyone wrong. ben benji, you looked at the states that put donald trump over michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania. what did you find? >> this was a close margin. trump carried the states by a combined vote of 80,000. really anyone. but the prerequisite for everything is trump surged in blue collar counties some of which voted democratic for a long time or recently. in wisconsin, for example, you look at small county like juneau where it went from -- let's see, obama won by nine. trump by about 26. in terms of decisive numbers. yet a place like michigan, macomb county, a blue collar suburb that historically grew up around the auto industry. that was an area where democrats did well in the past. it was a big source of votes. there is a massive swing of 15 points from democrats winning in
10:49 am
2012 to trump winning by double digits in 2016. whatever other factors put trump over the edge in terms of controlling margins with this group or that one, the basic layer was counties like this where there was a dramatic swing from democrats to republicans among blue collar white voters. >> talk about what happens now. do we have an idea how donald trump will govern? >> it's the bigamistry. donald trump was never easily pinned down on policy when he was running. we had an idea what trumpism was in a general sense. general opposition to illegal opposition, trade deals and in general to international agreements, a lot of skepticism. in the details it's hard to tell. we'll have an early fight over welfare. donald trump talked vaguely about getting rid of obamacare and replacing it with something that provided a lot of similar benefits and advantages to
10:50 am
people. we don't know yet what the replacement will look like. traditional republicans might have a very different idea compared to some of the people in trump's orbit. >> my partner in reporting crime for much of the campaign. it is transparency and national security, are they mutually exclusive. we'll talk over what we deserve to know and what we can no on our daily debates. that's up next. ♪ see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive.
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ten senate democrats are calling for russian interference into the election before donald trump's inauguration. gop leaders want to channel the investigation through the traditional house and senate intelligence committee. joining me n to talk all about it. >> we have jimmy williams, a democratic strategist and hogan
10:54 am
gibly. guys, lets talk about what the democra democrats want. they want to model it like the 9/11 commission. why not go that route? >> i cannot say that's necessarily a bad thing. my opinion on the whole process that it is kept private. instead, i want to get to the bottom of this. what did russia do? did they do it? >> and find out from the cia, what they did and i want to know it. i want to have confidence in this administration and president-elect trump when he takes over that there will be a swift and firm retaliation of whatever country does this. they need to know right up front, whoever does this, needs to be punished and anybody who has thoughts doing this in the past should be a strong
10:55 am
detorrent. >> should information be declassified? >> i think we need to know definitively whether we are hacked by russia and when this occurs. i don't need to know the ins and outs. i am more concerned about retaliation of it and that's what most americans care about. >> jimmy, do you think that the americans need to know the ins and outs unlike hogan. >> as a journalist, the answer is yes. listen, the idea that we are in a cold war now, a cyber cold war and the theory, they're going to stop doing this is not a real theory, they're going to continue to do this. they did not start this back in january. they started well before that. anyone thinks that this is going to stop, it is not going to stop. whatever kind of hearings they do, they should be done openly and publicly. if you put something in the intel committee, they come out completely classified and you never know what they have done.
10:56 am
have a special committee. we have one for planned parenthood, we also have one just recently on benghazi. i would assume that our greatest enemy and the entire world and hacking in our electoral system is up there with planned parenthood. why not do that and let it be open and transparent. what does congress have to hide? >> sorry, we got to leave it right here. jimmy williams, sorry, a journalist, my bad. hogan gibly, thank you very much. >> thanks katy. >> much more ahead on msnbc, we are expecting to see the president-elect trump with the meet meetings. we'll bring it to you as soon as it happens. stay with us. causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames.
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time for one last look at our microsoft, pulse question.
11:00 am
civilians in aleppo is now slaughtered. 41% of you say yes and 59% of you say no. the voting is not over, go to to let your voice be heard. thanks for watching this hour on msnbc live. right now my colleague thomas roberts. >> thank you very much, katy tur. >> happening now, trump tower is meeting with the president elect. those tech titans are looking to make peace with donald trump. new add this hour, security adviser, details of an army investigation of michael flynn and plus flynn's son is now responding. and a in aleppo after a cease-fire. it is a humanitarian crisis, it is so big it is being compared to the holocaust. we take you live to aleppo. first, a update


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