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tv   MSNBC Live With Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  December 14, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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>> rex is one of the greatest and most skilled global business leaders of our time. some of the best deals ever made in the oil industry. >> donald trump out making his case for his secretary of state as a potentially brutal confirmation battle looms. in top trump adviser shawn spicer will be by to talk about that and much more. also on the agenda, the crisis in aleppo. >> is there literally nothing that can shame you? >> u.s. ambassador to the united nations, samantha powers imploring syria and allies to take action as a ceasefire collapses. a report from inside aleppo coming up. rounding out the agenda, the passing of an icon. everyone's tv dad from my generation at least, the star of growing pains, alan thicke. >> there is a marriage of my
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real life as a father, a single father as it turns out and the jason seever character. >> the fellow tv dads, the star of the wonder years will join us to remember his friend. all that and more this hour, we we begin with the top story. donald trump in a meeting with the top titans of the tech industry at trump tower. a brief look from inside that meetinging for just a few minutes ago. donald trump, vice president-elect mike pence there leading the meeting. donald trump's children ivanka and don jr. and eric. right outside trump tower where the meeting is taking place. this group, these are folks who were hostile to donald trump in the campaign and now they are sitting down with him. what kind of conversation are they having?
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>> this was a prohillary clinton group. all the big names in the tech industry. $3 trillion worth of wealth in the one room. we expect the meeting should be wrapping up about now. donald trump opened the meeting, playing to the crowd. take a listen. >> perhaps more importantly we want you to keep going with the incredible innovation. there is nobody like you in the world. nobody like the people in this room. anything we can do to help this go along and we will be there for you. you call my people and you call me. we have no formal chain of command around here. >> not an offer open to the media. for two of the individuals in the room, they were both used at burching bags throughout the
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campaign. he accused them of using "the washington post" to avoid tax issues and called on tim cook to open up in the use. antitrust issues and overseas bank accounts. the tech industry has hundreds of millions of dollars that they left their trying to avoid a high tax rate. that's likely to come up in this meeting. all the latest at trump tower. as the meeting progresses, trying to sell his pick for secretary of state. he was on the road with the influential members expressing skepticism about trump's nomination of exxon coe rex tillerson for the top diplomatic post. he said he is ready for the fight. >> a great diplomat and a strong man and a tough man. a man who already earned an
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avalanche of endorsements and growing praise from the nation's top leaders, including condoleezza rice, bob gates, james baker, dick cheney, majority leader mitch mcconnell and so many more. people are looking at the resume and never have seen a resume like this before. >> trump taking time to talk about someone with whom he had a very acrimonious relationship with and someone who will loom large in the next four years. house speaker paul ryan. the mention of his name in ryan's home state drew a reaction from the trump-friendly crowd. >> he has been terrific. honestly, he is like a fine wine. every day i get to appreciate his genius more and more. if he goes against me, i'm not
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going to say that. >> you didn't see at the beginning when he mentioned paul ryan's name, there was booing. looking almost complete as of today. the latest is that he will select ryan zinke. with the transition near complete. the chief strategist and top adviser in the transition. actually let me start on the graphic. the trump cabinet and administration taking shape the last few weeks. most of the posts there we can attache name too. one thing that jumps out, no democrats yet picked for the cabinet. we have seen in the past couple of administrations, there have been one or two picks from the other party. is that something on your mind, trying to find a dem kraz as a
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justture of bipartisan unity. >> the number one criteria is the best person qualified. you noticed from the picks wharls of the department, they are agents of change. they are ready to make change. i don't think political part will be the driving factor. he met with over 90 individuals and you have seen they ranked from democrats and republicans and republicans that opposed him and sought the nomination against him. he is trying to find the best and brightest and bringing people into the administration that will change things up. >> looking for the most qualified the exxon-mobil ceo is
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an interesting pick because the concerns are coming from donald trump's party, republicans. he said being a friend of vladimir is not an attribute i am hoping for in reference to rex tillerson in an award he won. this is an interesting situation. you feel he is the most qualified and have you guys thought about the strategy where there are republicans who are concerned about it? if you lose a few republicans, this nomination could be in trouble. >> he will sail through because he is largely unknown to the individuals. he is so unbelievably qualified, it's unreal. he is business wise and has been highly successful. it's unbelievable rags to riches
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and he started working at age 8 mowing lawns. they couldn't afford more than a one-bedroom place and you get to know him, you become inspired by what he has done and what he could do for the nation. i understand the folks may not know him, but they will be impressed with the choice donald trump made. he has relationships in over 200 countries that span 40 years. of course he will know vladimir putin. exxon does a lot of business there. if you ask the people at exxon every time he got the deal for exxon. that's what he will do for america is get the best deal. he is not a shrinking violet when it comes to fighting and fighting tough. >> the meeting playing out, we reported on it at the top, donald trump meeting with leaders from silicon valley and tech leaders. as you said, a lot of them were
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not in his corner during the campaign, but a notable absence is the ceo of twitter and that is a medium donald trump likes to use. new reporting from politico on this and they say the decision not to have jack dorsey from twitter at the meeting was intentional and it was made by you. i think we can put it up on the screen. shawn spicer made the call to refuse an invitation to the meeting. twitter refused the campaign you guys wanted to run. is there truth to this? >> no, i have no say in who attends meadings like that. zero. i like to think i do, but lime
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pleased to present him with the media relations, but i have zero say to anyone who was invited. that calls into question the top notch reporting we are seeing. >> was it an intentional decision by the trump team? it was striking. he uses twitter all the time. >> you can list hundreds or thousands of companies that were not there. hundreds of companies were there, as you mentioned, almost none of these were supporting him. this is not about who supported him. nobody was there that supported him. the rest of the people were against him. if you talk about the idea that you were picking up on who is in the room was ridiculous.
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this guy continues to reach out to opponents and foes. you guys focus in on who wasn't there. that's petty and ridiculous. >> i am not trying to be petty and ridiculous. >> it's not just you, steve. >> we have seen donald trump use twitter in a way we have never seen a political leader let alone an incoming president use it before. you mentioned facebook and you mentioned these major companies. here's the ceo of twitter and he's not on the list. >> steve, the conference table was only so big. there was a lot of companies. if you go down the list of the connection companies, you find adtional ones that were not there. this was not an intentional slight and it's ridiculous that you are sitting around -- only so many people can sit around a conference table.
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it was packed. there were tens if not hundreds of companies and executives dieing to get into this meeting. the idea that twitter is that petty and i have the authority to decide who trump will meet with is ridiculous. >> our shot is about to go down. thank you for joining us. appreciate the time. our shot did just go down. >> i want to bring in michael steele from the republican national commitmentee and a former governor from pennsylvania. i said there are no democrats here. a lot of people are looking for is there some kind of bipartisan gesture. i have been looking at the thank you rallies they have been giving. not a single one yet in a state won by hillary clinton. not in a blue state.
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in terms of reaching out past the divide that defined the election, are you relationship or could they be doing more? >> what they are doing has not been done before. we never had a president-elect swend weeks doing these rallies. this is new and unprecedented to have the meadings the way trump is having it. i think the nit picking about who is there and what states he hasn't been to, we will see how it plays out. it's not what he doeseten now and january 20th, but what he does on the 21st that matters. in terms of it being smart, the public has a good sense of where
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the emphasis is. it's a bright spot and will there be democrats? we will see. this is what he does and what they do on the hill and not the cabinet. >> we put the new poll up and looking at the approve and disapprove and it's right down the middle. 48% approve and 48% disapprove. what jumps out is you compare this to the most recent presidents at the same moment between the election and swearing in. look how much lower it is for donald trump. 75% approve for obama and 65% for bush. the election in 2000 was contentious.
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clinton was at 67%. you are a democrat and didn't vote for the guy, but let me ask you to put on your strategist hat. what would your advice be to donald trump to get thatumber up? >> first of all, i agree with michael. i don't think it matters whether they are democrats or republicans in the cabinet. others have put in a token one or two people from the other party. that doesn't do anything for me. i want good people. i think the cabinet is a complete failure. we have a secretary of energy who wanted to dissolve the doesn't years ago and a secretary of labor who doesn't believe in organized labor. an administrator who doesn't believe in global warming. it's a disaster from the word go. what donald trump should do is try to govern from the middle. not from the right. he appointed an extremely conservative cabinet. he should govern from the
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middle. let's start that on day one because there is general agreement that we need it. let's get the program and the best ideas from both sides. i agree with michael. all of this stuff although the cabinet is very disappointing. all of this is secondary and try to break the gridlock in washington. if he can do that, the numbers will change. >> about the rex tillerson pick, these republican senators, maybe democrats are going to meet with him and be one over. based on politics. what do you think the risk is that this one politically if he has trouble. >> no doubt about that,
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tillerson with sin tor mccain doesn't go well and that could be a problem. here's the rub. i don't know that that's the hill that senator mccain wants to go to battle with the president over. i don't know if you want to be the republican that will block the first republican president in a while from getting his secretary of state. no surprise about where donald trump has been on the question of russia. his approach with russia is that many other administrations have tried and failed at. we will see how it plays out with someone like a tillerton has a relationship with no other secretary of state had before and how that works. that's going to weigh a lot more than people have in terms of concern about what the relationship is. >> and quickly on the question
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here of the confirmation battle with rex tillerson, it's not just republicans. the number of democratic senators from deep red states that went hard for donald trump. joe manchin in west virginia and joe donnelly in indian a. deep red states and democratic senators up in 2018, how much pressure will be on them in a potential confirmation battle to vote with donald trump and with his pick because of politics back home? >> they may be, but the more i learn, i disagree with sean spicer. the more personed i am about having him as secretary of state. he didn't pay attention to do certain things abroad. they were one of the companies that ignored the request by the
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u.s. government. vladimir putin is a butcher. russia was involved directly in war crimes yesterday in aleppo or gave their blessing to people involved in war crimes. that will make it tough for someone with that type of relationship with russia to be confirmed. it will depend on what plays out and what is uncovered like last night. rachel maddow has what he did and that is disturbing that he went around the advice and the request of the united states government to make money for exxon. that bothers me to no end. i heard donald trump ask apple to put a plan in the united states. as an american citizen i would like to ask donald trump to bring the products back and have them receivered in the u.s. as
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well. just asking. just asking. >> one of the phrases of the year. thank you for your time. both sides have rested in the dylann roof trial and the survivor spared and described in her own words the moment shots rang out and what she said roof hold her after the shooting. we will go live to the courteous and interest rates are on the way up as the dow inches towards a new record. what does it mean? we will dive into it next. [burke] hot dog. seen it. covered it.
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>> a few minutes ago on wall street after the federal reserve announced it is raising a key interest rate by a quarter of a point. stock markets fell after that fed announcement and the dow losing 118 points on the day. the fed chair explaining the decision on raising rates. it is appropriate in light of the solid progress we have seen towards max mumg employment. we continue to expect that the evolution of the economy will warrant only gradual increases in the funds rate overtime to
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achieve and maintain the objectives. for a mortgage, what is the upside for this for americans? is there one? >> in the sense that they will not be raising rates if they were not confident and the job growth was stead tow strong. they will be banking on the plans to cut taxes and deregulate and use other means to simulate the economy. they can back away if the other measures come in. they ought to lock in the interest rates now. they may raise three times other than two times. they are also suggesting that the economy could exactly
1:26 pm
accelerate from here and that means more jobs. >> the dow closing down because of this, but if you look at this, this is striking. compare where the markets closed today with election day. a number of new elections and you have a new column up and investors would be craze tow ignore what the market is saying about a trump economy. >> stocks, bonds and commodities and things like copper, they rallied sharply. the dow came the closest to 20,000 points in history. stronger economy and faster growth and lower taxes and
1:27 pm
deregulation. maybe more military spending and they are part of the trump agenda which with a republican-controlled congress with be more easily passed and maybe more rapidly passed than most realize. that's yet market rallied sharply in the last five weeks. >> this idea that there has been a trump effect. if you look at the numbers, there has been. >> on election night, the market was surprised by the out come and the dow fell as much as 900 points. a prexit-like. regardless of what your politics may be or whether you like his policies or not, if they pass sweeping tax reform and individual and corporate tax rates are cut, if industries face less regulatory burden,
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higher profits and higher inflation and so net-net, the markets are telling us that's what the future looks like in 2017. >> cnbc's ron insana. what was a glimmer of hope for thousands of people in aleppo now seems gone. a brief ceasefire to allow civilians to get out ended before they had a chance. we will get a report from inside the battered city, next. there is no typical day. there is nothing typical about making movies. i'm victoria alonso and i'm an executive producer... marvel studios. we are very much hands-on producers. if my office... ...becomes a plane or an airport the surface pro's perfect. fast and portable but also light. you don't do this 14 hours a day, 7 days a week for... ...decades if you don't feel it in your heart. listen, i know my super power is to not ever sleep. that's it. that's the only super power i have.
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>> time for a check of the headlines, donald trump sitting down with tech industry leaders at trump tower. tesla, apple, facebook and google attending that event. he said he wants to help the industry do well.
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the republican national committee announcing that it will name michigan republican party chair mcdaniel to be the next chair. she is the niece of nominee mitt romney. several democrats saying that the general services told them that donald trump would be in violation of the lease of the d.c. hotel as soon as he is sworn in as president unless he gives up the stake, but the gsa saying they will not make a definitive decision until he announces business plans. the jury will soon get the case against dylann roof who was charged with carrying out last year's massacre at a black church in south carolina. rest are their tas without cowling a single witness. polly shepherd allowed to live because she could tell them what happened.
1:33 pm
comedian bill cosby in a pennsylvania courtroom for the second day of a pretrial hearing. they are trying to get the judge to allow 13 other women to testify at the upcoming trial. they deny all of the ak occasions against him. bitter cold wlsh in the upper half of the country. 20 to 30 degrees below normal. it will spread across the northeast the next few days and flags are flying at half-staff in connecticut because of the massacre at sandy hook elementary school. they are holding a moment of silence remembering the 20 children and six teachers shot and killed before the gunman took his own life. tributes are pouring in for actor and television host, musician and cultural icon alan
1:34 pm
thicke who died suddenly yesterday at age 69. he was known as the father, doctor seever in growing pains. and later this hour, we will take a look back at the and career of alan thicke and how television changed over the years. plans to evacuate thousands of people are on hold after bombings and gunfire resumed, breaking a ceasefire to allow citizens to flee. we have the latest from the ground in aleppo. >> aleppo thought this would be the day peace prevailed, but it was shattered in the most brutal fashion. president assad's tanks once again unleashing everything they
1:35 pm
had including this substance. for those trapped inside, it was terrifying. >> have families here and that will be a danger for them. we have a baby boy five months. still here. we want to get out of the city to save them. >> they broke the ceasefire and they were back to attack the civilians and continue the genocide. civilians are stuck again in the city. >> it was a tragic end to a day which started with such promise. before dawn, more than 30 buses were waiting to evacuate rebels and civilians, but the lack of the trust between both south dakotas saw the deal break down before a single fighter boarded. it was clear the plan a few miles to the west was in tatters
1:36 pm
over new conditions imposed by iran. for aleppo, the international wrangling means one thing. more suffering. near aleppo's airport, a warehouse complex is home to thousands. camping out on freezing concrete floors, the inevitable result of a war that has been allowed to rage for years. >> this is what it looks like when a city is emptied by war. there are thousands of people in this refugee camp and 500 or so arriving every day. it is bitterly cold in this warehouse and they are left to huddle around a fire to keep warm. you have to wonder where is the international community? tonight the temperature is plummeting below zero. some don't have shoes and grown men are shivering. how is a baby supposed to
1:37 pm
survive? >> translator: my grandson is orphaned. his father and mother were killed. we don't have everything to wear. we left everything behind to come here. >> the most vulnerable have been left with nothing. aid workers can't understand why. >> the people here, we have the weather that is so cold. they can't handle it with this weather. we just need shelter. >> across this city, there is desolation that will take decades to rebuild. so many homes emptied of families. some of whom will never return. >> that was dan rivers reporting from aleppo. >> politico reporting that the senate foreign relations committee will launch an investigation into russia's cyber hacking. this is the committee that has a first crack at the nomination of rex tillerson, donald trump's pick to be the secretary of
1:38 pm
state. they can move that nomination to the senate floor to put it to an up-down vote or quash it. they will know members have outright pledge to vote against tillerson and several expressed concerns about the close ties to russia and vladimir putin. that includes among those raising questions, republican committee member marco rubio. with me now is a member of the committee, senator, thanks for taking a few minutes. this is a question when can comes to your party and the strategy. a lot of grumbling and objections about the nominees that donald trump put forward. the question of whether democrats can make a stand and actually stop one of these nominations when you see a republican like marco rubio raising concerns about tillerson, is tillerson the that your party will try to focus on? >> he's at the top of the list,
1:39 pm
but steve pruitt when he wants to turn epa into every polluter's ally, that's a good candidate. i think there will be multiple nominees who will be under scrutiny because of past actions and tillerton is at the top of that list because of his close working partnership with president putin in russia. >> when it comes to what democrats are able to do, they will control the shame ber and one of the changes made and how it works, harry reid did away with the filibuster on executive branch nominations. the people the president picks for his party and now that you
1:40 pm
are confronted? >> we are hearing reservations about tillerson from mccain, marco rubio, lindsey graham and others. that alone would be sufficient to deny him the post. as long as the information which each senator is going to have access to is clear and undiluted, many of these cabinet appointments could have big problems and i would again put secretary of state at the top of that list and give them what we have heard in the last five days. >> we have seen calls for investigations into the role of russia in this election. your committee now is going to be taking this up. what kind of information do you think the senate foreign relations committee can establish that can't be established in terms of what
1:41 pm
chuck schumer is calling for congress as a whole. the committee has responsibility for the foreign policy. for the relationship between countries around the world and the united states of america. we will be in the front lines of the effort in order to extract the information needed to know what russia was doing to hack into our elections. we are a democracy. if putin okayed that and he was the head of the kgb and it's probable he did, that is going to be a relevant piece of information for the american people, but it also reflects back on rex tillerson and the nomination for secretary of state because of his relationship with putin. right now inside of russia, exxon-mobil has an area the size of wyoming that they have leased
1:42 pm
to drill for oil. that's a very difficult happy fraught with com policity. i think mr. tillerson has a lot of tough questions to answer. >> the confirmation just getting under way. thanks for the time. >> thank you. >> the politics of putin. at least some americans have changed their minds when it comes to what they think of the russian president. we will tell you who they are with our most important number of the day, next.
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. >> let me ask you about the things you said about vladimir putin. you said i will you he is getting an ar president who is not doing well. the comment that putin said about you calling you a britiant leader, you said it's a great honor to be complimented by a
1:46 pm
man who is highly respected. >> he has an 82% approval rating by the pollsters. some of them are right here. >> the politics of russia and vladimir putin looming large right now in our countries and the stories about hacking. donald trump talking about having a different more friendly relationship with russia. democrats attacking him as too close to putin. what do americans think of vladimir putin. the number is 21. a 21% favorable score for vladimir putin. when you ask american voter what is they think of him. not very good numbers. some people in this country have changed their mind about vladimir putin. democrats. not much of a change. two years ago.
1:47 pm
this is the net unfavorable when you take the unfavorable numbers. the bigger the number, the more unpopular. the net ufr favorable is 54. it climbed at 62. very unpopular and look at this. compared to now among republicans, he was poisonously unpopular with republicans. a 66% net unfavorable and after this campaign with donald trump, the republican nominee taking a stand and said hey, i want a different relationship with putin. it looks like a lot of republicans have gone along with him. his net unfavorable is just 10%. almost as popular as unpopular with republicans. not a good number for favorable rating in this country, but it's changing a little bit. another new fault line on the
1:48 pm
question of putin. tributes pouring in for beloved television dad alan who was jason seever on growing pains. we will talk to another famous tv sitcom when we loork at why he meant so much to so many people. >> a lot of kids get smacked for a remark like that. >> you can't hit me. you are a liberal humanist. >> could be an accident. all finished.
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>> so jason seever is in part alan thicke? >> there is a marriage between my life as a single father and the character. >> that was alan thicke on the "today" show. that was the most successful show on television set. he was one of the most beloved television dads. he was a devoted father of threes off the screen. we will look back at his and legacy and the era of television. a federal reserve raising interest rates for the first time this year. >> that's right.
1:53 pm
markets family taking a breather after seven straight days of gapes, backing away from the levels they are watching so carefully. the rate rise was the second time in a decade, but what was less connected was next year and raising more rates than expected in 2017.
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well, we talked about it earlier. alan thicke passing away suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 69. that news prompting a lot of sadness obviously and a lot of nostalgia for the generation of americans like me who grew up watching growing pains every wednesday night at 8:00 on abc. things were different and there was no social media and amazon. big three broadcast networks were still kings. everyone watched the shows. i remember watching and everyone in my class watched the same shows the night before. that's why the news of alan thicke's death is hitting so hard for so many. a reminder of how much television at its best used to bring people together. another show was the wonder years. joining us by phone is another television dad known to millions. dan laueria. his show aired on the same
1:58 pm
night. i remember growing pains was 8:00 and i think the wonder years was 9:00. i think you got that on the wonder years because of work you did with alan thicke on growing pains. >> oh, yeah. i met neal as a writer on growing pains. just two weeks ago i was with alan at gary marshall's memorial. there were a number of times he and joanna kerns would have to go to some event and i used to baby-sit the kids. joanna's ashley and twos then. i knew alan very well. he was a great guy. >> what was he like on set? >> on set he was hysterically funny. he was so quick-witted. i remember one day on set he
1:59 pm
cracked a joke and about five minutes later i got it. he was just so on top of it. i cracked up laughing. that was really funny, i just got that. if i had one word to describe alan thicke it would be giving. whenever i called him for a charity event or veterans or big brother, i would go there whenever he called me for the diabetes charity. he was one of those guys. we know he was looking forward to the frank sinatra golf tournament for the barbara sinatra wing of the hospital. i always looked forward to seeing him. he was a health nut too. that's why it's such a surprise. you know? >> an extra layer of sadness and tragedy. at the end, i wish we had more time. people in my generation we
2:00 pm
watched alan thick and you on the wonder years. you were television dads to a whole generation. a lot of the reaction to alan thicke's passing to people my age, he has a place in our hearts and minds from the special time in our lives. thanks for taking a few minutes. >> i just talked to joanna kern who is devastated. we all are. >> thank you for taking the time. >> thanks. bye-bye. >> dan laueria. that doll it for this hour from new york. up next, m trtp daily with chuc todd. good evening. if it's wednesday we are here in west virginia. at the black sheep burrito and brews, welcome to "mtp daily" this used to be the most reliable of democratic


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