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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  December 19, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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help. and the end of an era. remembering the colorful and fabulous life of glamour icon jiaojia jaja gabor. nothing a formality this time around. an aggressive campaign by some democrats hoping to convince enough electors to break long standing tradition and even though law in many states and actually deny donald trump the presidency at least temporarily. we're going to follow the latest developments and reaction including many protests planned around the country today. i want to begin with msnbc's kasie hunt in dc. we're hearing from democrats about this effort to throw a monkey wrench into the electoral college. now, we have seen the dump trump train go around and around and eventually go nowhere. what's actually the plan today? >> reporter: well, it's very likely that the trump, dump
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trump train will end up in exactly the same spot. at the end of the day today, it started but hasn't stopped some democrats from calling this into question. there is, of course, the overall fact that hillary clinton is far ahead in the popular vote tally by over 2 million votes, which animated some people and all this information about the russian hacking and the tintent to help donald trump. one elector said they'll vote against it but john podesta, the former campaign chairman for hillary clinton also talked to our own chuck todd over the the weeke weekend and raised questions about it. >> what did trump inc. know and when did they know it? i think those are important questions and the electors has a right to know, if the u.s. has it before the election. >> as we said before, very unlikely that this might happen.
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trump, of course, won the electoral college 306 to 232 votes, steph. >> donald trump and his team weigh in. what's the reaction we are getting so far? >> reporter: well, they're not happy to say the least. and the reaction from trump himself has been to tweet and to talk about how if this was happening from his supporters, if roles were reversed, that they would be called names and insulted, et cetera. here's kellyanne conway talking about it also. >> the entire nonsense about the electors trying to use the russian hacking issue to change the election results is really unfortunately. i think that actually undermines our democracy more than any other conversation that we're having right now. >> reporter: we know the trump team has been extraordinarily sensitive to a lack of recognition of what they pulled off in their win. you've heard a lot of things along those lines from kellyanne conway. at the end of the day, we'll end upright where we started but
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might have a little bit of noise over the next 24 hours. >> it was an extraordinary election no matter how you look at it. thank you, kasie. now i'll take you to austin, texas, where electors gather. jacob soboroff is there. talk us through the efforts to get electors to change their votes. you're now inside the capital. this is where it's all happening. >> reporter: yes, it's actually happening right now, steph. so what's going on behind me, i think you can see this box on the ground right now that says, excuse me, let me just show folks here live on msnbc. 4.8 million signatures of electric support. how's it going man? nice to see you. 4.8 million to sign your petition on to vote their conscience. you're delivering these petitions to the secretary of state's office, this is the representative from the secretary of state's office. what do you expect to happen here? do you have any chance of
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overturning what happened election day? >> we've said it's a long shot, always said it's a long shot. we think what we accomplished so far is very important and brought a lot of attention to the electoral college system. most don't understand how unequal it is to take four votes in texas to equal one vote in rhode island. a unique quality we don't think is appropriate and we think the national popular vote winner should be the president, but you know, if today, the electors choose donald trump, we have built a big network and brought a lot to the subject. >> reporter: this is the way we've done things here according to the constitution of the united states. in our great nation, have you ever spoken up before or stood up against the electoral college? why now? just because you don't like donald trump? >> i think he's completely unfit. does not understand the constitution and has announced his intentions to attack the bill of rights. he talked about reforming civil liability laws, registering people based on religion and
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condoning torture and his relationship with russia is concerning. not just that i don't like him, these are not simple policy disagreements but the kind of person the founders warned us about and the reasons they created the electoral college. >> reporter: this is a bit of a media circus here. i think we're pointing the camera in the wrong direction but the secretary of state's representative. have you seen anything like this before? >> it's a democratic process. we see a lot of things here and we're happy to take these for them. >> reporter: i'll let you go ahead, daniel. i'll throw it back to you in mor new york city. >> democracy at work. i'm going to call it. the word of 2017: unprecedented. the tsenior political editor, mark murray. i thought jane tim boiled it down well this morning. i want to share this with our
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audience, whether you view these efforts as proper and legitimate uses of constitutional authority, sour grapes or just democracy's version of primal scream therapy, don't expect any reversal of the november result. i think she does a great job, mark. >> these electors are usually party people and when you end up winning the state, say you're donald trump and win texas, those electoral voters are the people who are usually republican party types and you're not going to really buck, not only their own party but probably not going to end up bucking a person who ended up winning the vote in their state but let me walk you through some of the politics as well as some of the math behind all of this. and stephanie, one of the reasons we're talking about this is because this wasn't a decisive victory by trump. he ended up winning but
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historically, not a very big win. so electoral vote margin according to "the new york times," 46 of the last 50 elections, the size of the electoral college win and the popular vote, this ranks 47 out of 49 since we've been having electoral college vote. let me break down the math. nbc's numbers, it's 306. donald trump electoral votes versus hillary clinton, 232. and so what that means is if somehow donald trump is below 270 electoral votes today, you're going to have at least 37 faithless electors going on. i don't think, we might have a few of them, stephanie. but we're not really going to have a whole lot and one of the reasons why, going back to 1949, there have only been nine faithless electors. we might see 5 to 10 or a few more than ten. this will be probably the election since 1948 where we've seen the most faithless electors
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but nothing probably to get to the 37 number and then, what ends up happening if somehow donald trump is below 270 electoral votes, it goes to the u.s. house of representatives where republicans have the advantage and so somehow if donald trump is at 268 or 269, you're going to have republicans who end up deciding which is going to be very good news for donald trump, so you boil it all down and i do think this is a fascinating story. it's great to learn about what's going on, what our constitution requires, but this is eventually going to be a footnote in history than a very big deal today. >> we're having election night deja vu. we're talking about electoral votes. so i want to stay on that deja vu moment and talk about the new polling numbers coming out. looking at trump's transition. >> the number we end up having, donald trump has a 50% approval rating in a brand new nbc news "wall street journal" poll with how he's handling his transition
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as well as moving him to the presidency. 50% is about as good a number we've seen for donald trump through the duration of the entire campaign. but then let me put it into perspective at this same point in time for this transition approval. you have barack obama and bill clinton in the 70s. so donald trump really doesn't necessarily end up starting in the honeymoon period that his predecessors did. >> nbc political analyst ben ginsburg. former national counsel to the romney and bush/cheney campaigns. what's unfolding today and this sort of push by democrats, you know, trying obviously to get electors to flip? when has this happened in history? has it? >> it hasn't to quite the same extent. i think part of the coverage of all of this is due to the changed media environment. the different ways to communicate since this last
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happened. if you want to put some perspective on it, the 2000 election was obviously much closer. it had only been decided in mid december. and when the electors gathered in 2000, there was much more reason for contention. there was a much smaller margin of error for electors to go in a different direction. make-up of the house of representatives was different and yet, still, the electoral college mostly because the electors are chosen by party organizations really went along with what the electoral college vote was on election day. >> in the spirit of a changed election and high drama, in the last hour, i actually spoke with chris suprin, who said he's not going to be casting his vote for donald trump. i want to share what he said to me. >> i do not think hs a political decision. if i were voting for political
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expediency, it would be for donald trump. but i'm voting for my principles. he seems to be a demagogue with the way he divides us and certainly, in my opinion, not appropriate to secure foreign governments. >> what would you to say to chris? >> i'd say he probably ought to do what the voters in his state set him out to do. he certainly has the right to cast an independent jult, but even on top of this, there's no end game for this. even the clinton folks in the electoral college are not asking for a vote for hillary clinton. as mark described it, donald trump by some strange quirk of events fall below 270. that goes to the house of representatives. each state then gets one vote, no matter how big the state's delegation is. republicans control 32 of the 50 delegations coming in in the
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115th congress. so there will be a lot of rhetoric today, but the reality of who's going to be president of the united states was set on november 8th and this is not going to change. >> all right. well, there's a lot of rhetoric. been a lot of noise about the trump transition. we just showed a minute ago our new poll where 50% approve of donald trump's transition so far. that's significantly lower than the number for barack obama and bill clinton. do you think it's a sign that president trump is going to have a shorter honeymoon phase or listen, voting for donald trump said, i want to rock the boat. i want to change the system. many people who voted for him said, i want an anti-establishment explosion. so should we be surprised that the approval rating is so much lower than we saw for previous presidents. >> it's a polarized country so we should probably not be surprised at the actual numbers involved in this. honeymoons are really in the eye of the beholder. most of the time for these efforts.
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what is true is that donald trump is going to come in with majorities in both the senate and the house. so no matter what his approval numbers are, there is an expectation that the programs he ran on, the pieces of legislation he said he was going to put forward, the regulations he was going to propound or repeal is what he'll be judged on. not the public opinion polls and he has republicans in congress to get much of that done. >> well, maybe it won't be a honeymoon. maybe more like a spring break which could be wild and crazy and maybe make you sick but could also be a really good time. all right, ben, thank you for joining me this morning. we've got to take a break. all eyes this morning on those 37 electors. could there be one twist left in this unprecedented election year? over the weekend, snl borrowed from the holiday classic "love actually". we'll be right back.
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issues, issues, issues. the electoral college vote one of the issues facing the president-elect and his staff today. rick tyler, former national spokesman for nbc news and karine jean pierre, national spokesman for
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rick, i want to start with you. electoral college meets today to cast ballot for president and donald trump to meet the threshold but we heard from john podesta he's holding out hope. take a look. >> whether there are 37 republican electors who think that either they're open questions or donald trump based on everything we know about him is really unfit to be president of the united states and if they do, they'll throw it to the house of representatives. >> okay, rick, hillary clinton is not going to be the 45th president, but has there been enough new information since voting took place in november until today that would cause or influence those electors to change their opinion? >> i don't see it. look, i think everybody can agree and seems to be consensus in the intelligence community that the russians did hack and try to undermine our
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constitutional republican election system but there doesn't seem to be, there's not an agreement on whether they did it on donald trump's behalf and there doesn't seem to be evidence, look, the only two things that can make a difference is was there evidence there was hacking in some swing state like wisconsin and we had a recount there and the second, outstanding, is did donald trump somehow coordinate or collude or his campaign, as john podesta said in his interview, with the russians? one dissension in my opinion and in the meantime, america gets a great civics lesson. >> to rick's point, president obama himself when speaking to npr said he didn't believe donald trump's campaign actually colluded with russia so your organization is urging electors across the country to reject donald trump. why should electors reject the
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result of the november election if the argument being made is that he's unfit? he's unqualified? his demeanor? people have been making these arguments throughout the entire campaign and many people voted for him because of that. they wanted an it's so crazy it just might work. >> there's the russian hacking that we know that there's a consensus as rick was saying from the intelligence community that we should be concerned about the democracy, right? our democracy actually under attack and there's the other part too. what we see from donald trump since election day, refusing to do an intelligence briefing. seeming to want to do diplomacy via twitter and seeming to not going to divest from his business which could lead to conflict of interest, right? so there are some real issues out there that should give electors pause. now, will this work? probably not. but you know what? people who have been sitting in this chair for the last 18 months got this all wrong and i
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think we won't really know until january 6th. >> to rick's point, i think this could bring civics back to public school curriculum. i want to take a leap and think you've been pleasantly surprised with president-elect trump over the last month, but i want to talk about his response to russian hacking. i mean, there's mounting pressure for this investigation, yet we haven't heard from donald trump in terms of him even acknowledging there's now a bipartisan group calling for an investigation and donald trump still says nothing. i interviewed the vice chair f f his team five times. marcia blackburn, and she wouldn't answer the question. what gives here? >> my speculation is we'll find out after today he's been counselled that we're going to have the electoral college cast their vote today. that will, remember, he's not the president-elect. he'll be the president-elect tomorrow or sometime later this evening and when he's the president-elect, he'll have been
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secured in that position. but two things are going on. i do think donald trump would like to have his own reset with the russians and not start his administration by attacking the russians who have clearly attacked us, and he and the campaign, but mostly him seems very sensitive to the idea that somehow he didn't win in a legitimate way and it was a remarkable victory. he did win in a legitimate way and legitimately be the president and on his behalf, i think there's an overreaction to all of this. >> karine, donald trump taking to his favorite social media platform, twitter, to address china specifically about this navy, u.s. navy drone and it being returned. you mentioned it earlier a little bit. how difficult is it for president obama to try to govern and lead over these next few weeks especially around foreign policy when donald trump, you know, has come out guns ablazing? >> i think you hit it on the
7:23 am
nose there. thank god that we have president obama for the next month or so to help deescalate those types of potential dangerous issues that we are seeing playing out because of trump not being able to stay off the twitter there. and we have to remember, those drones have been in the waters for years. and the fact that all of the sudden, china picked them up. i think they were definitely provoked by donald trump. so it's going to be interesting to see where we are a few months from now where we don't have president obama at the helm. >> i'm not sure if you can deescalate donald. thank you so much for joining me this morning. >> thanks, stephanie. coming up, the little girl who gave international attention tweeting for help inside war-torn aleppo safely evacuated from the city. but thousands more are left behind and fighting for the most basic necessities. we'll have the latest from the front lines when we return. you are watching msnbc. beyond is a natural pet food
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the electoral college are voting today and a number of electors have been flooded with threatening calls and e-mails urging them not to support trump but little expectation the president-elect will be derailed. an intense manhunt under way in little rock, arkansas, for a driver who fatally shot a toddler out on a shopping trip with his grandmother. an apparent act of road rage, gunman opened fire on the grandmother's car because he felt she wasn't moving fast enough at a stop sign. little rock is offing a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the suspect.
7:28 am
and another day of bitter cold across the country. but forecasters say the worst is over. temperatures are expected to get warmer in the next few days and the week snowstorm brought sleet and dozens of highway pile-ups. look at those images, terrible. the u.n. security council meeting this morning. approved monitors for the former rebel held sections of aleppo. the move comes as buses have officially resumed evacuating people from the war-torn city. more than about 12,000 people have been evacuated over the past few days according to turkish officials. nbc's bill neely in aleppo this morning with the latest there. >> reporter: in a war torn city, civilians finally being free after six months under siege. these buses are evacuating thousands of civilians from east aleppo but even freedom will prove tough for them.
7:29 am
escape from a deadly siege to an uncertain future. buses crammed with desperate people, left the ruins of aleppo taking them to safety. dozens more buses lined up around 30,000 people are waiting to go. among those freed, 7-year-old bana alabad in the arms of a doctor. she's told about her fears she'd die in the bombing. also, unconfirmed reports that dozens of orphans who tried for days to escape have finally reached a safer area. but for these refugees, safe doesn't mean happy. they're now enduring winter, at a syrian army camp. they've just come from rebel held aleppo where hunger was never far away. so when food suddenly arrives, they chase it.
7:30 am
men, women, and children this a crush to eat. this is what desperation looks like. these people haven't had access to proper food for years. the syrian army tried to starve them to surrender. the food is being thrown from the back of the vehicle and people are fighting to try to get their hands on it. people reduced to beggars. rebel-aleppo has fallen to the president's army almost literally. the damage to buildings is clear, the damage to its people, incalculable. this evacuation could prove to be the end of the siege warfare but it's been so cruel, so brutal for civilians on both sides. many of them children and some of them orphans who've known nothing but war. back to you.
7:31 am
>> nbc's bill neely in aleppo. thanks. 7-year-old bana whose plight in aleppo became known worldwide through social media. she was safely evacuated with her mother from the city. msnbc's cal perry has been following their story. >> they're out. they made it to the western country side. we have a great photo. we have a photo of her sleeping finally sort of peacefully in a place that's not being bombed. they're sad they're leaving. that was the headline of the interview. take a look at what her mom said. >> i really have two feelings. because one of them, between sadness and heaviness because i feel that my children in a safer place. but still sad because i left my
7:32 am
soul there in aleppo. >> the orphans all got out but a lot of this is sort of kicking the can down the road. everybody is head for the idlib province where we see the next siege. >> safe for now. thank you, cal. we'll take a break. next, phone calls, hate mail and death threats. electoral college voters coming under siege for doing civic duty. plus, a wedding day tragedy. 100 foot tree coming crashes down at a wedding in los angeles killing one person and injuring several more. details just ahead.
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president of the united states have been tabulated. all 11 votes have been cast for donald j. trump.
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>> good morning, democracy. that was the scene in indiana just moments ago where officially now all 11 of the state's electoral votes are for donald j. trump. total of 538 electors cast their vote for president today and while generally seen as a formality, this year is a major focus of attention. kyle cheney at politico. i want to go through nuts and bolts here. over the weekend, you wrote that members of the electoral college have been receiving harassing calls and hate mail. now, i want you to talk to me about how widespread that has been because when you say there's been hate mail, death threats, that sounds massive but in terms of how many people are actually getting that and what the impact will be? i don't want to overstate it in any way. >> it is fairly widespread. 538 electors and usually, pretty anonymous. a big fight over electoral votes on election day and people don't normally think about the fact
7:37 am
there's people behind each one of these votes and as they've woken up to that, lobbying targets by people who stopped donald trump from officially winning the election and getting bombarded, thousands of e-mails, letters, advertising campaigns and some of them even reported they've been threatened. >> there's also been some pleas from celebrities for republican electors. i want to make it clear. republican electors to change their vote. here's an example. >> republican members of the electoral college, this message is for you. our founding fathers built the electoral college to safeguard the american people from the dangers of the demagogue and to ensure that the presidency only goes to someone who is to an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications. >> applaud these celebrities for taking time to speak their mind, but again, these ads are specifically for republican electors and the argument they're making, they've been
7:38 am
making throughout the campaign. why do they think it could possibly change a vote? >> i think this is just a last ditch effort, a sign of how far, and i guess how far down the left is feeling about the results of this election. i don't think republican electors will take their cues from martin sheen or anyone else other than party and the fact that their vote voted for donald trump but this is that, you know, last ditch desperate attempt to try to lobby them. >> electors are not bound by the constitution or federal law on how they cast ballots. some states do blind electors and well known electors, for example, i recently learned this. former president bill clinton is one, but what about the other 53? who ge 537? who gets to be one? >> all over the map. people who run the republican and democratic party. some are just donors or activists and this year, you had
7:39 am
a very divisive primary on both sides, really, which resulted in some newcomers getting involved which is why, any uncertainty at all, the fact so many people are not long time political players that manage to get through this process, state conventions and local conventions where they get nominated. >> after voting, rufesults are sent to congress and what happens? >> congress, actually, joe biden the president of the senate will unseal these votes and do the official count to ensure that donald trump received his 270 members that can actually challenge any votes they'd like to challenge but it's up to them entirely which votes to accept and not to accept but presumably, they will go along with what they receive. >> kids are bummed out. they thought they were on christmas break and today, they're getting a lesson in how this country works. thank you so much. up next, war of words. president-elect trump responds to first lady michelle obama's comments about not having hope.
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mr. trump, i'm here because your cia is saying we russians threat to make you win election. >> i know, all lies made up by some very bitter people who need to move on. >> you trust me more than american cia? >> all i know is i won. >> wow, wow this guy is blowing my mind. >> donald, can we talk? >> excuse us, vladimir. >> donald, i do not trust this man, okay, think of it this way. t if a person started flattering you from a foreign country, what would you do? >> marry them. >> donald, no. you must tell this man to leave. >> all right, melania. all right. vladimir, i'm afraid i have to ask you to go. it might look bad. >> always so smart, mr. trump. >> you can stay as long as you
7:44 am
want. >> that's some funny stuff on snl. final interview as first lady, michelle obama is making headlines after suggesting to oprah winfrey that donald trump represents the end of hope for america. >> your husband's administration, everything, the election was all about hope. do you think that this administration achieved that? >> yes. i do. because we feel the difference now. see, now we're feeling whatnot having hope feels like. >> now, he didn't let it rip in response but donald trump did push back on this in a rally in mobile, alabama, and go one step further. >> michelle obama said yesterday that there's no hope. [ crowd boos ] but i assume she was talking about the past, not the future, because i'm telling you, we have
7:45 am
tremendous hope. and i actually think she made that statement not meaning it the way it came out, i really do. because i met with president obama and michelle obama in the white house, my wife was there. she could not have been nicer. >> joining me now, molly ball from the atlantic. i want to get your reaction. michelle obama, this is the first time we've really heard from her. she's sitting down with oprah winfrey. oprah was involved in helping obama getting elected. pretty quiet this time around, but there the two of them were having a frank conversation. were you surprised by michelle obama's remarks, especially while her husband is efforting really a call for unity? >> well, it might have been a bit impolitic but it was authentic and i think she's speaking for a lot of people who didn't vote for donald trump and who are in various levels of
7:46 am
despair. a lot of people since the election are sort of hopeless and i think michelle obama has always been very sensitive to the feelings of that community whether it's the democratic party, african-american community, a whole lot of people who have been hurting and she's sort of speaking for them. >> critics today are saying, she doesn't get a respond as a regular american but speaks from her heart as the first lady, her words carry a lot of weight and to say there's no hope, is that overstating what is sort of the state of the world for americans? this is the land of the free, the home of the brave. the american dream is alive. >> sure. i mean, i'm not going to say whether i agree or disagree with michelle obama's statement. i wouldn't want to take sides on that but you make a good point, she has a political responsibility that goes beyond simply saying what is in her heart, but it did seem to me like something that probably shouldn't be blown out of
7:47 am
proportion. it's not a statement of policy. it's not even donald trump saying he's not taking it as an insult. choosing to see it as something she didn't, and as you said, it was not a particularly fire breathing response by trump who's known for punching back when he feels insulted. so i think if he's able to take it in that spirit, perhaps we ought to too. >> i do want to point out, we are just taking a clip, so if you saw it in its entirety, it would read a bit differently but to your point, donald trump's reaction. did it surprise you? it was uncharacteristically measured and it's not like we are seeing a very measured donald trump. i mean, within the same couple of days, there he was letting it rip on graiden carter saying nobody is reading "vanity fair" anymore. but he was quite sensitive and measured here. >> yeah. i mean, i think michelle obama is someone who he likes and wants to like him and he tends
7:48 am
to insult people he doesn't like. it is funny that we have a lek who, it's news when they don't insult someone, when they do manage to keep their cool in the face of someone saying mildly pejorative but that's the situation with donald trump. someone said something slightly unkind about him. he managed not to scream and jeer in response and good for him. >> donald trump has said positive things about his visit to the white house where he sat down with president obama and his wife, melania, sat down with michelle and michelle also made comments to oprah about the conversation she had with melania. take a look. >> did you have any advice for mrs. trump? >> we talked about the kids. but, you know, my offer to melania was, you know, you really don't know what you don't know until you're here. so the door is open as i've told her and as laura bush told me. >> door is open.
7:49 am
what's your reaction, molly? >> we have seen, as you alluded to before, an intense diplomatic support. and some supporters maybe think they're too supportive but president obama and michelle obama alike have been very careful to show the trumps that they are 100% welcome to try to smooth the transition and make it as seamless as possible. now, you know, we heard in his press conference on friday, obama being more aggressive in talking, taking a more partisan line about the russian issue and some other things but i think person to person, the president seems to feel that he has a big stake in what happens next for his legacy and the country and showing he can put the country in front of partisanship is an important thing not just for him and how people think of him, but for our democracy. >> country first, one would say,
7:50 am
probably the most important part of the job. thank you so much for joining me this morning. we're going to take a break. next, how one couple's wedding day went tragically wrong. and she is not letting go. get it? the little hint there. what "frozen" actress and singer of "let it go," idina mendzel. ♪ ♪ see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive.
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you're watching msnbc. i'm stephanie ruhle. this morning, a southern california park is closed indefinitely after a large tree fell on to a wedding party taking pictures over the weekend. one woman is dead, and at least five others were hurt including a 4-year-old girl listed in critical condition. gadi schwartz is in los angeles with the details. >> good morning, stephanie. we know the mother killed may have been the mother of the
7:54 am
bride. an absolute tragedy in california. this was a park known for its picturesque eucalyptus trees and a line on saturday to take pictures in front of this tree. it was a quincinera pirs and th then a wedding. calling for help. complete strangers rushed over to remove some of the branches and some of the tree from people that were trapped underneath the party that was dressed in gowns and tuxedos, covered in blood. one person described holding a baby that may have been pulled from underneath that tree as well. the baby had blood on it but fortunately, only five people injured. this wedding party, we understand, a pretty sizable. up to 20 people. five people injured, most of them expected to recover. the little girl that was taken
7:55 am
to the hospital had possibly a concussion but also expected to make a full recovery but at least one person died and the family telling our affiliate here in los angeles that she was the mother of the bride. stephanie? >> thanks so much, gadi. we're going to take a break, but before that, we're going to say good-bye. fans of hollywood legend zsa zsa gabor died. she was the ultimate socialite and the original kim kardashian. perhaps best known for her extravagant taste and nine marriages. appeared in over 40 movies and television shows. her biggest hit was 1952's "moulin rouge." >> big star. >> 25. i have been 25 for four years and shall stay there another 4 and then 27.
7:56 am
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i got one more for you. karma, baby. that is what stage and screen star idina menzel said trouble recruiting big name stars. the actress went on to say all the artists in the world got up and try to get our gal hillary clinton elected and it still didn't happen so trying to recover from that. she went on to say, maybe he'll just have to sing something himself. he probably thinks he has a great voice. he thinks he does everything else great. well, i've never heard donald trump say he's a great singer but pretty sure the inauguration will be unforgettable no matter what it is. that wraps us up for the hour. you can find me anytime on twitter and i will see you tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m., more news with my friend, chris jansing. >> that would be a first.
8:00 am
the president-elect sienginging his own election. this is it. the electors cast the final and decisive votes in the race for president. donald trump won big with 306 electoral votes even though hillary clinton took the popular vote by almost 3 million. i'll speak live with an elector from wisconsin about how he plans to vote. in aleppo, 47 children have been evacuated in the line of fire from an orphanage. we'll keep an eye on them. two others, a symbol of aleppo suffering and bana. the girl who took to twitter to document what's been happening in aleppo. we'll hear from her mom. and treacherous road conditions. travel nightmares. subzero windchills hitting 22 million americans this week causing more than 3700 flight cancellations and school closings. the latest on what to expect through the holidays.


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