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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  December 19, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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at this hour, kate snow is picking things up at this hour. we are beginning with that breaking news out of germany right now. we are starting to get some pictures. this is berlin and this is a christmas market downtown, busy square in the center of berlin, we know multiple people have been injured and some have been killed and we are going to go to cal perry who's been trangickin all of this. we don't know much so far, we know it this does not sound goo. >> reporter: this was what germany was worried about. a lorry of some kind and that truck that you saw there, at some point into the christmas market. this is obviously a tactic that has been used in the past by the islamic state. we saw this in niese and the
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summer of 2016, police at this point are leaving open a possibility that this is a terrorist attack and a possibility that this is some kind of accident. the number of people wounded and killed on the ground. first responders are getting there and you see that there. the scene is quite calm considering what just happened. ers -- first responders just got there. >> these markets are big there and festive and it is a monday night there. it would have been crowded. >> it would have been packed. it was something that people in germany do every year. worth noting that germany in the past few month haves been rounding up terrorist suspects and a number of them -- so this is something that authorities in
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germany had been on the look out for and they have been worried about. we have just seen another attack unfold. >> we don't know definitively yet. >> i want to switch gear now of the turkey ambassador assassinated where the ambassador was given a speech. >> the russian ambassador of turkey and career ambassador for many years speaking to the media at a museum event at a photography exhibit where the man lingered behind him looks to be a security guard opening fire and killing him immediately. there is the man there. i want to warn our viewer, it is disturbing and we are not going to show you the exact moment.
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you can get a feeling exactly how hectic this moment was. you will see in there when he waves his hands up in the air. he shoots the ambassador twice and after he shoots the russian ambassad ambassador, he says in arabic that "god is great" and he goes into turkish and he starts talking about aleppo. lets look at that video. [ screams ] you hear it there. the gunman at this point starts to yell in turkish, you are killing people in aleppo so we'll kill you, too. don't forget about aleppo. he says don't forget about syria. he turns to part of the gallery and some of the media there.
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i have nothing against you. he tells people to go ahead and leave. i am here to die and shortly after this video, he was killed by police. a violent scene today in the turkish capitol and all of this comes a day after this important meeting in mouscow between the turkish government and the iran yum and the russians. >> cal following both stories for us which we are continuing to follow off camera. i want to bring in my colleague, richard engel in istanbul with the reaction there with horrific crime in front of so many people. the president here erdogan just spoke a short time ago, there is supposed to be tomorrow and high level meeting in moscow with turkey attending to discuss the situation in syria.
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there is been a lot of anger coming from turkish officials that this has happened and this is an embarrassment for the country that this gunman, a police officer, carried out this attack. what's unclear was he acting on his own? or was he angry because of russia's involvement in the war in syria which is particularly sensitive right now as the city of aleppo fallen or was he actively involved with one of the many militant groups that are acted in syria. >> richard engel with the latest there. for more, i want to bring in our general barry mccaphee. nice to see you and thank you for being with us on this busy day. >> sure. >> lets talk about this, someone going into public venues and shooting the ambassador and what kind of ripple effect does this have around the world? >> clearly it is a tragedy of
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all and seeing a ambassador gunned down like this in middle east or south of asia area. at the end of the day, that is data point that under scores what in my view of strategic miscalculation by the russians to support a cruel assad regime that's murdered half a million people who'll never be accepted by his population. and of this never ending internal struggle in the middle east. and saudi arabia, i think the gun is on the wrong side and this kind of angle bubbling out now as aleppo goes under and we see the absolute misery of the people. people don't know the region and the background, there is been a lot of attention for years between russia and turkey and it seems to get better, you know?
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>> well, i think you know commerce have prevailed most of this situation and probably will over this assassination. we should not anticipate any move by russia military against turkey over this issue. you are right. the traditional enemy of turkey to a large extent was russia. you know unorthodox religion regime and the other complicated factors is turkey is moving steadily from being a secular state and -- the other complicating thing is many of the military police security officials in his country. they're getting less and less effective in a short run. >> let me ask you a big picture of this country of donald trump
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administrati administration. we have so much talk of the hack attack and by russia and putin's friendship of the in coming or the nominee for secretary of state under donald trump. how do you see and what would you tell the trump administration to be ready for? well, mr. trump to be blunted and all over the map on these issues. we have to remind ourselves that russia to some extent of a fairly small third world country. they got a lot of nuclear weapons and oil and gas, except for that. their military is fairly small and barely effective except for their forces and some enable units that they have. i don't think russia represents much of a threat to us. the biggest worry we have is their provocations against countries that border russia and the perceive weakness of nato to
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act as a detorrent force. russia will face mr. trump soon after facing being sworn in office. >> always great to have you, thank you very much. >> i want to turn back to cal perry who's been monitoring this breaking news out of berlin for us. this is out of a christmas market. what do we know. >> this is the center of the city and does ps of this market in and around berlin. doesens of people injured. the authorities have not called this a terror attack. they are leaving the possibility that this could have been some kind of an accident. what happens is of the big truck that came off the road and drove through the center of this christmas market. that may sound familiar to our viewers. this has been a tactic used in
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the past by the islamic state. something that german officials have been on the look out for. we do expect to hear more in the next hour, kate. >> i cannot help but think of niese, france. it is the first thing that crosses your mind, that's what happened there of the truck going through that plaza and walk way filled with people. this is literally out of the islamic play baook. in one of the issues after the niese attack, they called on more attacks like this because they say in the magazine, you don't need weapons, you can use these vehicles as crude devices to kill people. we certainly that's not what happened here in berlin. authorities from this point on and the investigation have to assume that's a possibility. >> all right, cal perry here in new york. you can be sure that we are working the phones and trying to reach people in that area and trying to find some eye witnesses to get more details on that. up in the case, making it
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official, the 538 members of the electoral college casting their votes for president and vice president and among those voting in new york, former president bill clinton voting alongside new york governor andrew chro cromell. you can guess who he will be voting for. we'll be right back. d 2%cash ban all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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numbers in now. nine people dead according to the berlin police. cal perry has been following this along with us. cal, if you are there, again, this number of nine people dead just coming into us. this can be as bad as we hoped it was not. >> we should say -- as we always do in the early hours of this. we urged caution on our reporting and not sure if this was a terror attack or nine people dead. dozens have been wounded and rushed to local hospitals. this could have been an attack because it has officials sort of say the hallmarks of one. you brought up the niese attack. that's the one that jumps first to mind. this is something that we have seen played out. in the few months of germany, authorities there have been going on these raids and have been arresting a number of people who have been planning terror attacks. a 12-year-old brought into
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custody with explosives targeting a christmas market. this is something certainly germ m germ -- german police are on a look out for. we'll have to see how the investigation goes. >> as we look at these pictures spokesperson for the police saying a little while ago that police are still searching for r a reason and not excluded possibility of a terror attack or a traffic accident, spokesperson saying at the scene is chaotic and people, they're still investigating and still on the scene. cal, i don't know this area too well of berlin but not for a while. this is right in central berlin? >> yes, this is central berlin on the west side but certain cut in berlin. we are hearing from police and they don't know if this is an ongoing situation, we have not heard the state of the driver.
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that's something we are keeping an eye on and we'll watch how authorities are moving around the surrounding area to see if this is an ongoing situation. you see first responders there. they have been on the scene for about an hour now and while the scene looks calm, it is important reminder to viewer that is most of the wounds have been taken away. this time of the year, this market are crowded and everybody had just gotten off of work and it was about 7:00 p.m. local time when this happens. the market would have been packed and full of people, a lot of kids would have been out, too. >> cal perry is here in new york. car carlo, are you there? >> yes, i am here with you. >> i gotten off the phone, they tweeted at least nine people died in this incident. multiple people were injured and it occurred partly between
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7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. local time here in germany and that's about between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m. eastern time when this semi truck plowed in the christmas market. police are at the scene and investigating but they are still not sure what the reason was for this incident and they are not excluding any possibilities including a terror attack or a traffic accident, you know, possibly the driver just falling unconscious or losing control of his vehicle. . >> carlo, paint a picture for us of this area and what would have been happening at that hour of night in this part of berlin? >> so, this area ofberlin, we are frequently there covering stories for msnbc. it is a busy area. you know very long -- of shops and malls and this time of the night, people maybe out there
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gathering their last christmas presents this week. and of course, these christmas markets are often places of gathering and kind of looking forward to the festive seasons and might have, you know, a drink or hot tea there. it is celebatory atmosphere there. there is been concerns of, you know, incidents like this before but, you know, people would still gather because it is a special time of the year for everyone. >> indeed and no matter what the cause this is and currently is a tragedy with police saying now of nine dead and they continue to investigate. carlo thank you for joining us. a producer for nbc. telling us what's happening in berlin. we are going to continue to track this breaking news and be back after the quick break. ♪ music playing
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we continue to monitor breaking news. electors in massachusetts and nebraska and texas, all set to cast their votes at this hour. >> jacob soboroff is at texas where voting is set to begin. >> reporter: excuse me, i had to talk quietly. the second most of any state, donald trump in order to stay president needs the 270 electoral votes that required 37 going the other way will be a bad thing for him and could throw the election into doubt, with all likelihood that's not going to happen. one gentleman in the room who's the only person voting against donald trump. i don't know if you can see him out that way by the christmas
12:24 pm
tree but he wrote in the new york times declaring why he was voting against donald trump. just real quick, i want to say about the process here, hillary clinton got 2.8 million more votes than donald trump than the popular vote. with that, donald trump, is still walking away with 306 electoral college votes. if it does happen, i am in the front row seat here in texas. >> he's the only electoral in that room that we think will switch, is that is right? >> reporter: that's correct. there was another elector in this room -- he did not want to vote for donald trump. that's part of the process that we are watching happening. all of these people, electors
12:25 pm
who are calling them present for the role, once they are all present and seated, they are going to go ahead and see what the 38 electors in the state are going to do. >> jacob, thank you very much, we'll let you continue to watch that and we'll check back with you. lets dig in on how the electoral college wall college actually works. our mark murray, so you can speak in full voice here, you can explain for us what is going on out there today. usually, it happens quietly and nobody pays attention but this year we are all looking. >> we are all looking. it is closer than what we saw in 2008 than 2012. as squjacob was just mentioning you. he talked about the 37, you need to be able to deny donald trump of the 270 electoral college
12:26 pm
votes. say that texans decide not to vote for donald trump, that would end up having one republican electoral who would not be behind donald trump. you need 36 more to go. so many of these votes have come in and i want to point out to you that there is been reporting at least one or if not two democratic electors are backing bernie sanders and so in some instances there maybe a revolt around hillary clinton for some democratic electors than republicans of donald trump. let me walk you through and there are states across the country that are continuing and having their electors vote in state capitols across the country. as i mention to you, here is how close the 2016 presidential race was and i think why, there is so much scrutiny on this electoral college playing out.
12:27 pm
when it comes to donald trump electoral college margin, 46 out of 58 elections and we talk about the popular vote, he stands 47th in the last 49 elections and is losing the popular vote by 2.1% by hillary clinton. >> mark, can i switch gear for you in a second. we saw a video of bill clinton casting his vote there. that's the electoral college in new york. he's standing next to andrew cromell. there is also an article today. it is not online, it is in the printed paper of the bedford review, it is a small paper up in west chester county, reporters ran into him out in a bookstore boy, did he have a couple of things to say. he said we are in a post truth era where facts don't matter and donald trump quote, does not
12:28 pm
know much. what else did we learn from the formal president. to me, the stand out news interview was former president bill clinton basically blaming fbi director james comey for the loss and attributed the reason why hillary clinton losing. and led alone of the wikileaks story that we have been following and the 2016 election, what i will say when it comes to james comey and his effect that when the subject and the spotlight that was always on hillary clinton and whether it was her health spell or e-mail story, those were always the toppest polling environment for her. when the spotlight on donald trump. the election had to lasted in two weeks and due to the comey story and the blewikileaks. >> mark murray, thank you very much. >> for more, i want more on the
12:29 pm
electoral process. i want to bring in ben gengsberg. >> nice to see you. >> a lot is going on today. the electoral college gets together and they file these votes. this year is getting so much attention and all your years of doing this. i feel like i always ask you this. have you seen anything like this? well, nothing quite like this. i must say in 2000s, we were worried of the electoral college and the margins were much closer. there were operations to track all the electors just like now and the truth the matter is, the electors are chosen for their loyalty and so any great swings and any verreversal of the vote that real voters cast is highly unusual in these settings.
12:30 pm
hillary clinton won the popular vote, right, by about 2%. there is a renewed push for some people in congress to just abolish the electoral college and do it in a different way and senator boxer introduced a bill to end the electoral college system, what do you think about that. >> the electoral college served us well in terms of getting more points to view in the process. this election, for example, donald trump paid a lot of attention working class voters in more or less rural areas. if it was a popular vote, those voters would be ignored. campaigns would conduct their operations differently. candidates would go in areas where there were a lot of people and not necessarily addressing all tl concerhe concerns of the. frankly, you can argue this round and argue it flat. we ought to have these discussions and sort of a common period of time than the
12:31 pm
atmosphere right after the election. >> ben, it is great to have you with us. >> thanks so much. we are following that breaking news out of berlin. a truck driving into a christmas market there, killing nine people according to police injuring many more. we'll helicoptcontinue on that d bring you more details. we'll take a quick break for now.
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breaking news, this truck that you see right now, driving through a christmas market. i want to go to our lucy, i know that police just gave an impromptu press conference, what have we learned. >> nine people killed and many others injured. authorities at this point are saying it is not clear why this truck veered off the road and into the market and there is no indication of the cause of
12:35 pm
motivation. obviously, one cannot help but think what happened with france and of the niese attack of the attack there. at this point, police have not said whether it is intentional or zaccidental. at 8:00 p.m., this location would have been packed with t s tourists and shoppers. this is in west berlin, the square is a pedestrian area. there is been fear of an incident like this for a while now. our viewers have seen a series of terror attacks over the past year. we at n and a suicide bomb attack. the u.s. state department did warn of christmas market attack last month and issued a warning for tourists and advising them
12:36 pm
with information. germany itself have been ramping of terror raids across the sk country. and a twelve-year-old boy tried to detonate a bomb at a christmas market. germany authorities at this point are not ready to call this a terror attack, this is everyone's worst fear. >> the left side of the screen, you can see the shattered front window of that truck. police who just gave us an impromptu press conference saying they can confirmed the truck discover over the sidewalk and crashing into the sidewalk and the driver attempted to flee the scene. he tried to run and was apprehended by police. the driver's nationality is not known. they did know at this press that the truck had polish license plate which may not be authentic or real plates.
12:37 pm
lucy just said we cannot at this moment say this was an attack. they cannot simply confirm whether this was an attack or whether this was an accident. we are going to continue to follow that breaking news as we turn to another development story at this hour. this one is out of syria and nearly near nearly 50 orphans and after delays left several days. we have been following of the little girl named bonnie, they are happy to be out of aleppo. i want to bring in karen myers. nice to have you with us. i assume that you think it is progress and at least we are able to get some children out of harm's way. where are they headed and what is your organization doing to help? >> thanks kate and thanks for having me. we are happy to see some of these children as you said some orphans have been coming out of
12:38 pm
aleppo. these family havies have been u sieged for months and months and our biggest efforts is to get as many children as we think we can out of aleppo and many of them are going to another area in northern syria. the most important thing is to get them food and basic medical services and many kids are injured so making sure we take care of them as quickly as we can. we think there are some where around 25,000 people in need of urgent care. >> wow, such a big number. are they arriving in fair health or do you need a lot of medical equipment. what is it that you need most? >> so what the children is doing now and what's most important is some basic medical services and
12:39 pm
making sure that kids what are injured and you have seen the scenes of the demolition that's been going on in aleppo for as i said months now. some of the kids are injured and making sure they get food and basic supplies and families and that's what's delivered right now to family and children coming out of aleppo. feeling great pain for these people and children, are you getting an uptake and interest of people wanting to help and what can we do. >> we are, thankfully people have been responding. we are still in urgent need of fund and that's the situation and that's the thing that people could do and they just dpo to our website,
12:40 pm it is save to donate. right now we are buying them supplies. we'll run out of supplies that we have right now. we urgently need people to step up. i know that they will. people have been generous. >> it is the season of giving. wi ho we hope so. carolyn miles. thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you kate. we want to turn back on the breaking news and involving the season of giving. a christmas market in berlin, that's a truck. apparently driving through a christmas market and killing at least nine people and injuring many others. let me go back to cal perry with a little bit more information, cal. >> we are hearing more from german police, the driver has been arrested, he fled the scene shortly after driving through the market and was arrested a few blocks away. there is a passenger? that cab. in the cab of that truck, that passenger died in the crash.
12:41 pm
all of this to say they still have not -- they still have not declared whether or not this was a terror incident or some kind of an accident. it is worth pointing out what while german police were on high alerts this still took place. again, police are leaving both possibilities opened as the investigation is just now sort of kicking in in the high-gear, kate. >> i noticed internally, we are sharing information here, i noticed that the u.s. state department is asking u.s. citizens and you maybe watching in germany to contact family and telling them they are safe. >> reporter: a warning to u.s. citizens who are traveling to this time of the year, be ware of your surroundings and in public area and public transport. we know the motivations that are out there for terror groups and we know a lot of these targets and simply crowded places. the u.s. department is sending
12:42 pm
this warning out to people that this is obviously, the traveling season. we don't know the cause but certainly a terrible outcome with so many dead at this point. we'll continue to follow what's happening in germany. we'll take a quick break, we'll be right back.
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or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. raise your expectations. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible. just to recap, breaking news out of berlin, you are taking live pictures right there of central berlin, christmas market where a truck plowed into people and nine confirmed dead. we learned that the driver attempted to flee the scene but then apprehended by police. they confirmed that the truck drove over the sidewalk crashing into that market and no word yet whether this was an act of t terror or a terrible accident. president obam sat down for
12:46 pm
an interview and taking a look at his presidency. here is what he said in rebuilding his party. >> well, i am less likely to get involved in all the nuts and bolts of election hearings. if th in that room, i am just giving advice. what i am interested in is developing a new generation of talent. that's something that i feel i can do well and michelle obama can do well. >> joining me as the man you saw in the shot there, steve, it is great to see you. a lot of headlines out of your interview. the thing i was most interested in was to hear from you what we maybe cannot see or hear on the radio. what sense did you get in that room about his mood and mind set and of the last weeks of presidency? >> the mood in the white house
12:47 pm
were different than other times i have been there. the election happened and everything is different and the world is different than people imagined in the white house. the president himself, maybe he's tired in the past but his demeanor remained calm and relative the same even if he gets angry or less so, it is not a huge change. he also seem that the the hacking did influence the election. were you left with the impression that he was angry. >> we'll act and he does not have have many days to act or in assurance that president-elect trump would pick up that activity after january 20th and that would be up to a new president. i should be clear that he considers the russian hacking very serious and he feels
12:48 pm
effective of the election. the way that it affected the election -- he feel that is people in politics and media and voters paid attention of it t the -- so he's still saying it is legitimate. >> he pushed back on the notion that trump may have coordinate and knows -- >> he was suggesting that but he denied it. after you wrapped up, the president came back in the room to add more to make sure you were clear? >> yeah, he made statements about the cia findings that have been widely reported by npr and other people that the cia felt that russia's motive was to elect donald trump. as i understood it, the president wanted to make clear
12:49 pm
that he's not yet formally endorsing that finding and what is certain and what seems to be widely agreed upon that russia was on behind the hacking and the president set aside of the motive of report before he leaves officer. >> steve, great to see you, thank you very much. we'll have much more on the breaking news that we are following and we'll continue to follow o follow out of berlin, germany. a truck crashed through a crowd of people driving up onto a plaza and that's normally for pedestrians only and driving over sidewalks and according to police, nine people confirmed dead at this hour. many injured and they don't know the definite number. >> much more in a live report from the location when we come back from a quick break. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are.
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>> we are continuing to following breaking news where a
12:53 pm
truck drove into a crowd of people at a christmas market killing nine and injuring many others. we have a reporter for the huff post germany on scene at the site we are looking at. what can you tell us about what happened and how it went down? >> at the moment i am at the site and i'm right in the middle at the crist mat market. it happened in a beautiful place where everybody was on vacation and this attack happened. it is not clear idea, but nine people dead and 50 injured is the news now. you seeing emergency response people and have the victims done taken to the hospital? >> i see a lot of report cars
12:54 pm
and police cars. he said it reminded him and he was right next to the truck and he could jump away from it. the truck was not stopping and that was reminding him. >> of the nice attack in france. can you tell us what that eyewitness said? we have not spoken to anyone who saw what happened. what did they tell you? >> he was here on vacation from the uk here with his wife and he was right on the christmas market when the truck came in. he was driving into the crowd if he could jump away that saved his life, but he said the truck
12:55 pm
was not stopping. it was going further. >> did he think the truck or the driver was intentionally driving into the crowd? >> he couldn't confirm that. i was asking him this. the police didn't have information on the background of the attack. they got the driver and the driver is supposed to be dead. >> we heard the driver is in custody, but it's a passenger in the truck is deceased. is that what you are saying? >> yes, exactly. >> in terms of the area and what's happening now, is it just devastated? i imagine things are scattered
12:56 pm
everywhere and it's an awful scene. >> it's usually a really busy place at that time. there are shops and bars and cafes around, but they locked down the whole place. they are trying to empty the place and clean the sites. what might be important is we have an election next year and the right wing is trying to use this attack for politics and claim they are responsible and where the political debate might go. >> just two three hours after it
12:57 pm
happened. a reporter for the huffing torn post, germany. we will take a quick break and be right back.
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>> that's going wrap up my hour here on msnbc. i will turn it over to katie turr. >> i'm in for steve and we are continuing to watch the breaking news out of germany along with breaking news out of turkey. in germany, nine dead after a truck slams into a busy christmas market. we are also following breaking news out of turkey. turkey's ambassador assassinated on chilling video. we begin with the breaking news out of perl in. as many as 50 injuries after a truck plowed into a crowd. the co


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