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tv   MSNBC Live With Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  December 19, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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>> that's going wrap up my hour here on msnbc. i will turn it over to katie turr. >> i'm in for steve and we are continuing to watch the breaking news out of germany along with breaking news out of turkey. in germany, nine dead after a truck slams into a busy christmas market. we are also following breaking news out of turkey. turkey's ambassador assassinated on chilling video. we begin with the breaking news out of perl in. as many as 50 injuries after a truck plowed into a crowd. the codriver of that truck is
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diseased. they are maintaining unclear whether it was an attack or an accident. following this story on the ground in germany. what can you tell us is the latest right now? > > >> hi, katie. police are trying to keep everything under control and they just asked berlin to stay at home and stay away from the scene and especially to not spread rumors. they want to keep this situation under control and make sure that nobody is panicking. one of the spokes people said they were broadcasting here and if they had a potential suspect in custody and they took the yards away from the scene who fit the description of driver of
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this truck. they are questioning that person and trying to figure out if he was indeed driving the truck. the passenger sitting next to that driver died in the crash according to police. when he was asked if he could comment on whether it was a terror attack or not, he said they were finishing the investigation. >> officials do not know that it was a terror attack or if it was an accident. it's not live, but officials have descended on this scene as well. reports said it was it was articulated and what we call an eastern wheeler at home and a church was bombed out in world
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war ii. it is left in a ruined state to the victims of that war. it's one of the most popular tourist sites in berlin at a christmas market. now i want to go to cal perry. what have you dale earnhardted? >> while they say they arrested a suspect, they are not saying that is the driver. that's key as this investigation goes forward and probably why or part of the yean why they are not willing to declare this a terror attack or an accident. there have been a number of rates including one just two days ago where a 12-year-old was brought into custody and going to target a christmas market.
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a very difficult thing to stop and this was directly out of the islamic state's playbook. they put out a monthly magazine and they said after the nice attack, they wanted more of these inspeiered attacks. the german police are not ready to declare it an accident or act of terror. they are saying it is just under way. >> nobody is calling this terror, but it is strikingly similar to what happened in nice from the outlook of it. angela merkel, the chancellor of germ knowy said it could inspire more attacks at home and 820 citizens have justice to join
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the fight. turning to the other breaking story out of turkey. shot and killed today in an assassination at an art exhibit in the capital. video surfacing and a warning that it is very difficult to watch. nbc's richard engle is in istanbul and he was shouting. do we know what he was saying? >> we do and we know about the shooter at this stage. he is identifys as a police officer, the riot police. he was off duty that night. he used his badge to get through at the door. and then once he was there, he
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blended in with the others on the scene. he was dressed like a police officer and he had a police pin and clean shaven. he was standing there calmly and he gave opening remarks and moments into his prepared remarks, the gun mman fired a couple of times and shot him in the back. then started to shout. started shouting initially in arabic saying the muslim expression of god is greatest. he identified himself as a jihadi. transitioned into turkish and said this attack was carried out for revenge to avenge the people of aleppo and of syria who has
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been suffering under a bombardment by the syrian regime and russian forces. >> i understand there was a previously scheduled meeting tomorrow in moscow between turkey, russia and iran. can you me about the relations as they stand right now? >> so immediately the turkish president addressed the situation and said it was an outrage and this was an attempt to undermine turkish-russian relations. vladimir putin spoke on russian television expressing condolences and calling it an act of terrorism saying that the bandits will feel russia's response. what the response will be remains unclear. most likely it will be a more spencified campaign for the
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people who live around them in syria. the it involves foreign minsters and defense officials trying to work out a plan to go forward with syria. it's different than the previous initiatives. we have iran, russia and turkey trying to work out together to resteak the writ of the government. >> richard engle just after midnight. thank you so much. i want to bring in national security analyst and editor. talk to me about what roadwayers is reporting. senior officials say that the it is on a network.
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>> so take that with a grain of salt. the network is a separatist movement treated as a cult in turkey ever since the coop this summer, they tried to place a lot of plame on that network. we know a lot about the bunman, but not the motivation. the moves between russia and iran. how complicated the problem is by invoking aleppo. that is the word here the most. it's his most important motivation and where people are placing the real blame on
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russia. they are wondering what he could be motivated by. is it the children of aleppo anded the the rebels or both. it can get convoluted. >> we don't know and all we know is don't forget aleppo. he spoke in turkish and arabic. he went after the russian ambassador and this was not a typical bombing like we saw recently by pkk. this was directed at a russian government official. this tells me it's about russia's blame. obama has been taking a lot of
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heat from his officials as well as the usual suspects that criticized obama for not involving the military sooner and harder to prevent aleppo. they may blame obama for allowing everything we have seen and all the destabilization. there is a lot of political movement to push that on obama. this moment is on the counter narrative to that. whoever this was, he went straight after the russian diplomats. not obama. >> kerry released a statement saying we stand ready to offer assistance to russia and turkey as they investigate this despicable attack which was also an assault on the right of all diplomats to safely ask securely advance and represent their nations. he is not casting blame, but he has been harsh on russia for allying with assad. what do you make of that?
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>> that's a window in the diplomatic world. he spends hours with the russians trying to negotiate as much as he can. he does this to no fault and that's his job. even when they are at odds throughout the cold war. they see the world come to condemn this act of violence even when the governments are nearly at arms over the same issue. >> meanwhile back here at home, breaking news. members of the electoral college in texas is voting in what is expected to put donald trump over the top for 270 electoral votes. we will go live to the capital in austin, texas, next. another name emerging in the
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administration. this choice is different than the names we have seen before.
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today is the day 538 electors meeting to cast their ballots for president. usually this is a very uneventful day in a presidential election, strictly a formality. voting according to the way their state voted. nothing is usual in this election. in keeping with the topsy turvy reality. several have threatened to buck their state's pick for president. i want to go to jacob who is in austin, texas where that state
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is casti ining ballots. where do we stand right now? >> so that's what we are hearing as well. things are slow going at the state capitol in austin, texas. the procedures are under way and seating alternates and once all 38 are seated, you can see the body vote on a ballot presented to the secretary of state of texas for these votes to be announced. with the 38, if indeed donald trump does get over 270, all the votes will be sent to washington, d.c. and counted on january 6th at the capitol building with vice president joe biden presiding. there were efforts across the country to get electors to go rogue and vote against the will of the popular vote of their state. the only one we know of for sure on the record that is doing that is a guy who is inside the house chamber right now in the capitol
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building. he has said to the media and he had conversations with others, but he would need 37 to go against donald trump to throw this into the house of representatives for the house to decide who the president of the united states will be. to put that into perspective, there are 38 electors in texas alone. everyone in that room based on the votes we are getting would have to go against donald trump for him not to be the president-elect and president of the united states. by all accounts that is not going to happen. maybe one vote if not a few more will come out as faithless, but it's look being like chris is that lone faithless electorate. >> i was watching earlier and you spoke to a girl who said you never know what might happen. it could change. it doesn't look like things will go her way. thank you so much. >> it sure doesn't. thanks. >> i want to turn to mark
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murray. mark, most electoral votes are already in. there was talk about maybe the russia hacking potentially changing votes or others just voting their conscious. the likelihood of this happening is next to zero. why was it not such a difficult process as some hope it might be. >> you have to understand who they are. someone voting for hillary clinton or trump. they vote if the candidate ends up winning the state. most of these people are rank and file party officials and regulars. these people are not going to either buck their own party or buck the will of their voters. i will end up saying while jacob is reporting on the faithless elector who might be bucking donald trump, we have seen reports out of washington state, a state that hillary clinton won
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by 16 percentage points where bernie sanders delegates that have become electors ended up casting their electoral college votes for people other than hillary clinton. colin powell as a native american woman named faith spotted eagle. the renegade bernie sanders people voted for someone other than hillary clinton. there were more democrats bucking hillary clinton than republicans bucking donald trump. >> topsy turvy election. normally we wouldn't ask you this. this still has to go to the house. any roadblocks to keep donald trump from getting innaugurated? >> as jacob was watching and if all the people come in, donald trump will cross the finish line with ease. you were mentioning that somehow, some way whether you end up having donald trump below 270, you are right. it goes to the house of
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representatives where republicans have a majority and they have a majority of states that have a republican majority themselves and that would decide it. i think that either donald trump crosses 270 which i think he is certain to do or he is below that and becomes president of the united states from the house of representatives. >> thank you so much for joining me. as electors move to certify, the transition is in full swing. one new key appointment, the infantry officer. the trump campaign touting his leadership, he foundeded terror cent at west point and he is working in the private sector as the founder and that made him a millionaire. i want to bring in analyst colonel jack jacobs.
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>> the people who do this job, it's an unconventional pick for a wide variety of reasons. he thinks outside the box and he has enormous energy and dedicated to the army. he founded the combatting terrorism center at west point and he is generous with his money. he created the system now on which a lot of trading relies. >> he once said the warfare of the future will be the geekdom. saying that technology will be
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the way that folks fight wars and cyber security and the russians being potentially hacking our systems top of the news. >> it's one of the reasons he was selected. he has been focused for a long time on if anyone is going to change that, that's it. >> the russians hacked into our political system and the fbi agrees. what do you make of a president-elect who refuses to
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come out and say regardless of how this might affect the out come or my position, we need to take this very seriously and figure out a way to show them we mean business and this is not okay? you have a rare concord between those who decided this is serious business. they will investigate and it won't matter what donald trump thinks. if the congress investigates and decides in fact this is a serious problem and i think they will. donald trump will have to come along too. >> we will see if it gets out of the intelligence committees or goes to a select committee as democrats are advocating. >> that's where the fight will be. the information will get out. like it leaked? >> they came from either the white house or the congress so
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much. >> colonel jack jacobs. we will watch the space. more details on the breaking news we are following. two separate incidents. in berlin involving a truck that drove into a christmas market plowing into the crowded market and in turkey where russia's ambassador was shot and killed and an update on both of the breaking stories coming up next. bl he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at only new alka-seltzer plus justfree of artificial dyes and preservatives liquid gels delivers the powerful cold symptom relief
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>> time for a check of the headlines. we begin with breaking news from germany. police are reporting that at least nine people were killed and 50 others were injured when a truck plowed into a christmas market in berlin. authorities also saying that the driver of the truck was arrested. the codriver was among those killed. it is not clear if this was an accident or some kind of attack on the market. we are also following breaking news from turkey in the assassination of the russian
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ambassador to that country. the video you are about to see is disturbing. a gunman shot and killed the russian ambassador as he spoke at an art exhibit. the turkish media said he shot and killed the gunman. vladimir putin called the attack a provocation aimed at disrupting the normalization of russian-turkish relations. we will have more on the breaking stories in minutes. developing news from syria where the evacuation of aleppo is resumed after days of delays. this allows staff on the ground for un and its partners for unconditional and to provide aid and medical care. wie have been following this news out of germany out of a
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christmas market and nine people have been killed and 50 are injured. joining us now from the town square. and so far police have not said whether this was an act of terror. how do they figure out whether it was. they have the suspect in custody. i can only assume they are questioning him right now. >> it's not just having the suspect in custody. that's only one aspect. the key thing is this is a vehicle attack and we have seen over 50 of these. we saw one carried out in nice last year that killed a lot of people on bastille day. now we see the germans who determine is this an accident or is the vehicle hijacked? was it part of the attack and was it driven in such a manner that it was designed to kill as many as possible? all of this will have to be
1:31 pm
worked out. they can cross reference and determine whether he is a terrorist or involved in a terrorist prop that is broader than just this attack. par. >> the successes they had in fighting could lead to more attacks. four u.s. citizens saying that watch out. why the increased concern about the markets specifically? some of the threats that occurred in germany. there have been plots in europe over the as we saw with the
1:32 pm
attack in nice, you can use virtually anything as a weapons system. it is just good security sense to go out and ensure that places that are soft targets where people go and gather in large quantities like the kriss kringle markets in germany and make sure they are secure. >> i want to go to london. lucy, you have been monitoring the breaking news. what have you learned? >> katie, german authorities saying no indication of any further threats to the area. unfortunately likely to change
1:33 pm
throughout the evening as we get a sense of what took place here. it fit the distribution of the attacker. the owner that owns that track join german television that the driver had a clean record for 15 years. the owner does not think that the driver was the attacker. the authorities again are not calling this a terror attack, but it brings to mind what happened in nice and france. isis as you guys were discussing repeatedly urged followers to carry out attacks into crowds. it's so hard to prevent the attacks. the incident took place at 8:00 p.m. local time. the market would have been packed full of tourists and
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germany is known for the christmas marks. it's a huge draw for locals and tourives to enjoy the lights and the food and the mulled wine. germany has been on high alert. there have been a series of terror attacks in munich. interestingly as you were saying earlier, the state department warned in november folks heading to europe of credible information of an attack on christmas markets. is this what we just saw? was it an accident? we don't know. >> someone struck me and we were under the impression that officers out there arrested the driver. you are telling me they are not entirely sure that the man they have or the suspect they have in custody and it could be a woman as well was the driver of that truck. >> they are saying it was a suspicious individual and they are not jumping to conclusions yet. this is a fast-paced situation
1:35 pm
and it's changing. that could change over the past few minutes and it's not certain that that was the driver of the truck. it was someone suspicious who reportedly fit the description of the driver. >> and lucy, thank you so much from london. i want to ask you about the other news story and so far it's unclear what the shooter's motivations were. what are you hearing? >> you know, i think that often times we think about turkey and we think and the shooter was a police officer. they put on a special detail. he made religious statements. >> what do you think of the religious statements in arabic. >> one of the things that they
1:36 pm
forget is turkey is a muslim nation. they see the crisis as the other people throughout the region see it. as a massacre and where people feel that. was this man radicalized? we have been monitoring the networks out there and the isis channels and isis put out a statement and it hasn't been verified. this is a rebel group that operates in syria and associated with al qaeda. at this point, we don't know if it was an individual who did it, but this attack may have reset the strategic balance leaning towards russia and defining the will of the turkish people and
1:37 pm
so to speak, this could set things off in a way. and we will move on to russia's role in the ongoing crisis in syria. it's not the only thing as we were talking about that has been on officials's minds, but rather president obama has been giving new comments on the cyber attacks on the dnc and the hillary clinton campaign. according to reports, the cia found that russia acted at least to elect donald trump. emphasizing that he is not suggesting a connection between the two at all. >> they were in the context of everyone acting surprised by the
1:38 pm
cia assessment and this was done to improve trump's chances. that shouldn't be treated as a blockbuster. because that was the worst kept secret in the town. >> joining me to discuss is tim winer. security correspondent for the new york times and author of the national book award winner, legacy of ashes, the history of the cia. the president is going out of his way to make sure he is not saying there was any cooperation between donald trump or his campaign and russia. he is not painting a pretty picture of russia and keeping russia in the national conversation. what sort of threat is he trying to thread the needle. >> he doesn't need to. the needle is threaded. what we have is a rare harmonic convergence where not only all 17 u.s. services, but the british and the german
1:39 pm
intelligence services agree that putin engaged in a huge intelligence operation to disrupt democraciedemocracies. not only ours, but democracies from the western edge of russia to the coast of the united states. >> the cia does the same thing. is that true? >> the cia in the past has. they have stolen elections in italy. it disrupted and put into power over the years.
1:40 pm
>> that was 70 years ago. what we are talking about is an effort by putin who was a former kgb colonel to disrupt democracies. not only ours, but western democracies through a very sophisticated campaign of cyber warfare and information. >> most say they are concerned about getting involved in the election. most of them are democrats and you look at the republican side of things, the majority doesn't care. what do you make of this going down? >> this is not a democratic party or republican party issue. putin hacked the republican national committee too. >> the rnc is denying that. >> they are wrong. >> how do you know? >> because the intelligence communities determined that putin did. now, putin took the weapon of intelligence from the democratic
1:41 pm
party and used it. he sheathed the sword of information against trump and the republican party. that is what is hanging over our country a month before the new president takes office. >> the fbi and cia were not in lock step and are now. why does it take the fbi longer? >> two different standards. they deliver an analysis and the fbi's job is to find evidence of a crime. >> as someone wrote the tone on the cia, how seriously are you taking this and if you are talking to the american public, how seriously should they take it? >> this is about as serious as it gets. a foreign power has tried to afflict and affect american democracy. this could be the worst constitutional crisis we face since watergate. >> thank you so much for that
1:42 pm
dire warning and being with me. thank you. >> four no shows in texas holding up the electoral vote expected to clinch the presidency for donald trump. we are keeping a close eye on that and we will bring you the latest out of the state capital coming up next. when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth.
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the electors have cast 18 votes for donald j. trump for president and 18 votes for mike pence for vice president. [ applause ] >> 29 votes have been cast for the honorable hillary clinton of new york for president of the united states. >> the 538 members of the electoral college gathering in state capitols and washington, d.c. to elect donald trump as the 45th president of the united states. efforts to get republican electors to choose someone other
1:46 pm
than trump fell short. this as the president-elect continues to form his administration amid concern over russian interference in the election. joining us to talk about this is our political analyst and rick tyler and former spokesman for ted cruz's presidential campaign. good to see both of you. let's talk about donald trump's approval ratings. he's at 50%. that's good for him. he had a hard time getting past that. president obama had 71% and what does it mean if his political capital is not as deep as he might want? >> when you are not in an election year and don't have primaries to keep score, approval ratings are the only way you know how you are doing. we know that donald trump cares intensely about how he is doing. he talks endlessly about polls. remember all that?
1:47 pm
>> he pulls polls that are not favorable to him. this doesn't bode well for him to have a completely free hand when the president is not popular. >> he's got great approval ratings regardless and he can do whatever he wants. >> with politicians, he can't defy public opinion entirely and other politicians know that the president is not very popular in their states. that affects their decisions on whether to oppose him. that doesn't mean they oppose everything, but it might give more cover to oppose on some things. >> let's talk more about poll numbers. nbc news and "wall street journal" conducked a poll asking about the concerns about russian interference in the election. 43%. they said they were a great deal concerned and 12% quite a bit when you break it down on the
1:48 pm
sides, the republicans are not nearly as concerned as the democrats are. why do you think your party doesn't seem to care that the russians may have interferenced with the election? >> i don't know that they don't care as much. i think they should care. part of it is seen through a political lens where people feel like others, democrats are trying to undermine this election and trying to make donald trump. >> the means justify the ends. >> people are looking at it and saying there are excuses why hillary clinton didn't win and donald trump did. they are looking at it in a political lens. they are not believing all the information and that is presented with this next thing. i believe they should be concerned with.
1:49 pm
he doesn't want anything and saying somehow his election is illegitima illegitimate. >> they are trying to use this and that is why he lost the election. he did an article. it wasn't all it was made out to be when you look at the blue wall states and the upper rust belt. she didn't even visit once even though donald trump it gone there multiple times. believes that it was a state she had locked up even though donald trump kept going there continuously and continuously. do you think it's fair to say no, this was about russian interference and releasing the e-mails and the comey letter cast doubt with voters who would have voted for clinton. >> in an election decided by less than 1/15 of 1% of voters,
1:50 pm
you can point to all kinds of things that may or may not have changed the out come. it has to be a multicausal explanation. they are blaming the entire thing. she had momentum before he did so. she might have gone on to win. it is important to understand that the democrats did not take care of little class voters in the industrial midwest. >> not in a way bill clinton did or president obama did.
1:51 pm
it's okay to lose, but it's a difference between losing them 60-40. they are 75-25 the way hillary did. >> you always get more on set. up next, a quick check of the markets. is the dow any closer to hitting 20,000? it would be a new milestone. u. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve.
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we are looking at the breaking news we have been following out of berlin, germany. confirming nine dead and 50 injuries after a truck plowed into a crowd at a christmas
1:59 pm
market. let's go back to the senior editor cal perry. no word on whether it was an accident. >> german police are not saying. all they say is the investigation is ongoing. the u.s. embassy said they are working with local authorities to determine if u.s. citizens were injured. they are asking people to avoid the area and monitor press for updates and exercise caution. the state department as well putting out a wider warning to americans and we will be traveling to europe telling them to avoid public areas and be hyper sensitive and keep an eye out for areas of public transportation. >> thank you very much. that does it for this hour. i'm katie turr. mtp daily with chris jansing is up next. she's in the chair for chuck and it starts now. >> if it's monday the final electoral votes are coming in. tonight, the last ditch stop
2:00 pm
trump effort goes out quietly with half of americans standing behind the president-elect. what does his approval rating say about how the next four years can play out. a bipartisan call to investigate the russian hacking. >> this has to be answered not just to look back. >> the election autopsy. why clinton loyalists say timing is everything. >> one can say that those things may not have been a coincidence. >> this is mtp daily and is starts right now. >> good evening. i'm chris jansing for chuck todd and welcome to "mtp daily" we have brand-new results from the "wall street journal" that shows an electorate with high concerns about their president. we will get to those in a second, but this is amid talk o


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