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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  December 19, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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with half of americans standing behind the president-elect. what does his approval rating say about how the next four years can play out. a bipartisan call to investigate the russian hacking. >> this has to be answered not just to look back. >> the election autopsy. why clinton loyalists say timing is everything. >> one can say that those things may not have been a coincidence. >> this is mtp daily and is starts right now. >> good evening. i'm chris jansing for chuck todd and welcome to "mtp daily" we have brand-new results from the "wall street journal" that shows an electorate with high concerns about their president. we will get to those in a second, but this is amid talk of
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revolt and calls for revolt. the last minute push to dump trump has all but fizzled out. it was a fitting end to a year where the hash trag #never trump never worked. this raises the questions of what is the state of opposition and what is the mood of america. do they want him in check or unleashed? there was no unexpected results from today's electoral college votes despite intense atmosphere. they had gotten death threats over the votes. we have been monitoring for coast to coast and no signs of an actual revolt against donald trump. in fact, one of the loudest came from the democratic side when a clinton elector announced he was voting for bernie sanders. four defected as well in washington. trump will be president, but he inherits an electorate that is
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deeply skeptical about his abilities. according to a poll out right now, 54% describe themselves as pessimistic or unconcern about donald trump's presidency compared to 45% who describe themselves as hopeful or optimistic. here's how that hopeful optimistic number stacks up. 20 points plus below barack obama around the same time in the transition. 14 points lower than busch during his transition as well. there were areas where americans see hope. 50% are optimistic he will change washington. 56% are optimistic he will keep jobs in the u.s. and his temperament remains the biggest concern. only 36% are optimistic trump has the right temperament for the job. 44% are worried that he does
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not. let's dive in. let's go to the senior politics editor. so much fascinating stuff. let's start with what you see as how much rope does he have compared to numbers in the past. what is he entering into? >> this is not your normal host election and honeymoon glow where you show the numbers for bill clinton and even george w. bush and barack obama after 2008. donald trump really doesn't have numbers like that that show you just how divided and raw feelings are in this country after the election. as our pollsters put it, even that is hard fought, the losing side tends to come on board and the winning side reaches out and tries to win over the people. we have seen none of that. as you remember that harvard post election where you had the campaign managers from both the clinton campaign and the trump
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campaigns turned into a sparring situation. that's in a lot of ways a microcosm or the epitome of where the country still is. this is a popular person who is president-elect and the one thing is that people were receptive to him changing washington, d.c. >> his favorability is the worst in our history. explain why the numbers matter. yes, it is historically low for a president-elect, but having said that, it was low when he won the world trade center anyway. >> that's a great point and when you have popularity numbers, it gives you margin for error to make mistakes. you remember barack obama in 2009 and 2010.
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besieged by the bp oil spill and other crisis. that took a toll and had a reservoir of good will to win reelection. donald trump on the other hand, his popularity has gone up and he is 40% favorable. that's a huge improvement right before the election. it is the most unpopular rating for an incoming president-elect we had. if there are good fortunes, george w. bush came in after a hard fought divided election and 9/11 happened and he became popular. when things don't go your way and there is misfortune and all of a sudden the polling numbers and likability and a reservoir of good will come in handy. >> another fascinating number because at least anecdotallanec people pay closer attention than in previous transitions to who
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is being nominated and a number that really stands out is 43% say they are pleased with trump appointments. i wonder if it's low enough to give democrats who are concerned about the nominees ammunition going forward. >> absolutely, chris. one important thing for a donald trump republican is they control the u.s. senate and as we know after the filibuster ended up getting broken, four cabinet appointees in the tail end it would take a simple majority. the numbers really strike me, 43% say they are pleased with trump's cabinet officials so far compared to where it was for barack obama in the 60s. bill clinton in the 50s. the democrats go after one or two people, they might be able to score points. one other thing that stands out to me is that so many of the
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republican donald trump picks so far have been conservative donald trump loyalists. he hasn't gone across the aisle or gone for a centrist republican. >> and the whole blow up washington kind of thing. when you are looking for somebody really outside of the mainstream, there are a lot of people in there who have been around for a long time as well. >> there are outsiders too, but the one thing to me that is striking is that he had joe manchin. but besides those two, we are not seeing the same efforts we saw when barack obama was at this stage when the defense secretary was bob gates, a republican. he ended up making an effort for the republican to be his commerce secretary and made john huntsman ambassador to china and
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ray la hood transportation secretary. there was a lot of effort to reach across the aisle. we have seen less of that in the first month of donald trump and emerging administration. >> fascinating stuff. i want to bring in michael steel, top aide. he helped run jeb bush's campaign. a senior adviser with good to see all of you. i will start with you and what you make of the numbers and how you think it bodes for the president-elect and also for the confirmation hearings. >> i think confirmation hearings will go fine. you have a republican majority and he chose people in the image you would expect. successful business people and military officers and experts in their field like betsy devos. i think republicans will support it. >> is this something that
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democrats would look at and say this is a cabinet he could be proud of? >> i think you will have democrats that will try to pick off at least one or two of trump's picks if nothing else to energize the base. you will have a lot of activists looking at it for the epa. they can look at trying to score plital points and get back on the offense. whether or not they will be successful. >> what do you see as the strategy and what would you like to see as pursuit? he said he would like to telegraph at least or work with trump.
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there was a report that came out that said 17 of his picks are worth 9$9.5 billion or more. it goes against the message where he was supposed to be about the american people, but yet he is very wealthy with extreme views and not very diverse. you see a lot of alpha white males. democrats have an opening for example two weeks ago with a press conference with chuck sumer. it's really an important issue because we saw how successful the democrats were in 2005 when
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bush and the republicans wanted to privatize social security. when you look at what came out of the election, we know people were how does donald trump approach this and take what he has which is the big victory in the electoral college and a loss and almost three million vote loss. look at the split in the numbers and the polls don't like his temperament. how does he lead and work with? >> let's tharm it's like a football game. it's not how you win the game that donald trump won the election. he has a mandate to change washington. speaker ryan was ready to help him do it. they are looking at the
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affordable care act and things the american people expect them to fix. they know the economy right now is not working. >> were they going to come into where are the problems going to be? if you say i will look at the issues and here's the ones we will fight to protect. >> i think that's right. for a quick second accident, the mandate thing. he doesn't have a mandate. when you lose by close to three million, that's significant. donald trump is going to be president and the margin he won it by is one of the smallest that we have seen in u.s. presidential elections.
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he hasn't done what he needed to do which is bring the country and he refuses to do intelligence briefings and not talking about if he is going to divest from his conflict of interest. democrats could push hard on it. he hasn't done what he needs to do and as we mentioned from the top of the segment, it is a divided country. >> we are in places that seems like donald trump and congress could get together. and where do you see the early big fights? >> at the end of the day, donald trump is a deal cutter. he wants to get these big things he promised done. and you had a story about how some senate democrats say they can look at potentially helping
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republicans on obamacare. in terms of the replacements where obamacare struggled. when you are starting to see that language, you can see a really busy first 100 days where there could be good will. they said we need to reach out and show that we are interested in getting something done. he will change the way washington works. >> things are going to take longer. they will change the economic circumstances in the first 100 days. there are actions they can take. what are the things that people voted for in the first 100 days and he will need to deliver on.
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>> you get rising costs that is burdening people. you get the tax codes and rather than encouraging them to go overaccess. you look at regulations and those are critical steps. that will help people. >> so much is spoken about obamacare and the dangers inherent in that and the americans who would be there. do you see this going forward or as a negotiation where even democrats are not perfect about the way it is now. >> i would love the latter. >> realistically? >> i mean it sounds like what the republicans want to do is the number one thing on their list as obamacare repeals it. as you just mentioned it, tens of millions of people are on obamacare.
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the trump supporters who voted for him. i think it's just interesting to see how it goes. it's detrimental. >> who will lead the opposition here? >> in terms of the democrats? >> it there a group that is unhappy about donald trump, the stop trump people? it's done? >> despite all of the conspiracies, our constitutional democracy worked as it is intended. primary voters chose the nominee and election voters chose the president and we are looking forward to working together to get it done for the mesh people. >> coming up, we will have the latest in germany and turkey. senators call for a look at russia's interference, we have new numbers from the "wall
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you get sneaky-good coverage. thanks. we're gonna live forever!
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>> the white house released a
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statement saying the united states condemns to what appears to have been a terrorist attack on a christmas market in germany. russia's ambassador was assassinated at an art show and he was giving a speech at the exhibit when a man in the crowd opened fire. police shot and killed the gunman who was shouting god is great. don't forget aleppo and sir yachlt it was a provocation aimed at derailing the peace process in syria. the secretary condemned the attack and hemtp daily after this quick break. ♪ s for christmas ♪ ♪ only a hippopotamus will do at the united states postal service, we deliver more online purchases to homes than anyone else in the country. and more hippopotamuses, too.
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the democrats are joining with republicans mccain and graham. they are investigating russian tampering. here's what they said to me this morning. >> we need to get to the bottom of this. we need to find out exactly what was done. >> this was not just to look back, but prepare for the following elections. more than half of americans said the russian election interference significantly bothered them. a quarter said not at all. broken down by party, the contrast is stark. 86% of democrats said this is bothersome. independents almost exactly half. only a third of republicans. i find those numbers fascinating when you have trump sending
2:23 pm
these friendly signals towards moscow despite growing pressure on both sides of the aisle. when you look at the numbers and trump who seems to take a lot of signals from the audiences. do you see any movement there? any change? >> let's recognize it is bipartisan concern. also the fact that trump doesn't seem to care and obama didn't do much. this was hitting under obama's presidency. he said i didn't want to go very hard because i didn't want to be perceived as supporting hillary. perceptions were less important. you don't care at all about learning of the attacks on americans's national interest? this is a cyber war and unfortunately both of these characters are not standing up for the americans. >> what can congress do about it. i talked to senator reed and he
2:24 pm
was pushing really hard. >> congress to make more transparent the actual acts that transpired on behalf of the russian government. it's very clear that you can have statements. we know who won the election. that's not going to change. that shouldn't change, but we have elections coming up in france and germany and we know the russians are targeting those elections and want to subvert the democratic process. they were not just about delegitimizing the u.s., but europe with the transatlantic relationship. this is in no way aligned with american national interest. you have to reaction. that's going to have to be under president trump. obama middle he will react at a time of his choosing. everything trump said about
2:25 pm
russia implies he doesn't care about the values and is not bothered by the attacks on the american democratic process. >> 31% of americans believe that trump is too friendly with vladimir putin and nearly a quarter don't believe it is too friendly. when you look at any incoming new congress and new administration, they will prioritize issues. some of that has to do with what they promise people in the case of donald trump. it's about, for example, repealing obamacare and pointing conservative supreme court justice. does this get lost now that the election has been pushed to the side? >> it's not going to get lost if you have an investigation that is made public. it won't get lost when they said it will clearly end up gating leaked to the press.
2:26 pm
is the reality is that will focus on where the crisis is. today the crisis is the russian ambassador is gunned down in turkey. the crisis may well be the united states and china where he is having a tougher line than cozying up to putin. if we find out the chinese are rattling sabres, but hitting american corporations, i promise you we won't spend as much time on russia. that's the reality. >> the president-elect is spending a lot of time talking about isis and the threat of terrorism. we don't know what happened and the driver, but it looks like what happened in nice. you have a statement from the white house. have we become immune to this and does it look like this is a terror attack and what does it mean for the new administration?
2:27 pm
>> everything is faster and that is because we have seen a lot more terrorism and the social media news cycle means the attention is five seconds long and the germans are entering an electoral cycle. merkel is weaker not just because they had economic crisis with deutsch bank and volkswagen, but specifically he said we can take a million refugees and the reaction is very stark. the alternatives are that they have done better. let's make no question that this sort of an attack is a threat to merkel's strength and the in germany. trump may not be on the same side as obama. when trump was elected, merkel didn't get on a plane. merkel made a statement saying congratulations. we will work with you if you support the values. that's not the kind of thing that an ally usually sends to the u.s. president.
2:28 pm
trump, i suspect, is going to have a different view. a lot of other people might be in the american presidency. this is deeply tragic that berlin has to suffer the way they are. >> not the only major breaking story we had this afternoon. obviously they had this shooting in turkey and russia's ambassador was assassinated. we heard from putin with a cowardly attempt to have the turkish relations. what are the implication sms. >> both sides will use this and go after terrorists. they define terrorists in different ways. in the case of turkey, they will expand the crack down. the crimp in france is bad, it's nothing compared to what the turks have experienced. they have not been able to get a solid hand on the security environment.
2:29 pm
he is going to go harder. the russians as well fighting who they define as terrorists and at home. it gives them a freer hand. the russia-turkey relationship itself is what it was like before the failed coop. it is reasonably aligned right now. one thing i can say is that neither have to worry about the domestic opposition. this is not the united states. if they want to work together in spite of what happened. they are going to work together. >> that failed coop happening on the same day as the truck next nice. thank you so much. appreciate it. still ahead, where the right went wrong. according to a republican. we have that coming up. stay with us we're in 8th grade. technology is the only thing that really entertains us. i'm gonna use this picture on sketchbook, and i'm going to draw mustaches on you all.
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. we are getting word out of 38 electoral votes and 36 have gone to donald trump. that means he goes over 270, the number needed to officially certified his election as president of the united states. more mtp daily just ahead. first the cnbc market wrap. >> thanks, chris. stocks begin the week higher. the dow up by 39 points and the s&p up 4 and the nasdaq rising by 20 points.
2:34 pm
gm plans to idle shifts from 1 to three weeks and chairs finish virtually flat and disney was the winner today and the as far as movie pulling it $155 million at u.s. box offices over the weekend. the second highest december opening ever. it made over 290 million worldwide. that's it from cnbc first in business worldwide.
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welcome back. as we told you before the break, donald trump has the 270 electoral votes he needs to be certified as president. the electoral college vote will be announced on january 6th in a joint session of congress. one of the most outspoken critics is ending his radio run. he called trump narcissistic, bottom bastic, unfit to be president and he is a republican. radio talk show host charlie sykes, a leading voice in
2:38 pm
conservative radio retired today. before hanging up the mike, he penned an op ed on where the right went wrong. he cautions that republicans shouldn't be so quick to give in to trumpism and the stark division issed welling the country down a dangerous path. as politics have been more po r polariz polarized. they shift from tribes to individuals. nothing else matters even among republican who is had no illusions among the character or judgment. the demands of that loyalty took precedence to resistance act of betrayal. charlie sykes is currently working on a book entitled how the right lost its mind. i cannot believe this was your last show. but what a run. congratulations. >> well thank you and i have to write the book. >> that's the hard part. the show you got.
2:39 pm
now the hard part starts. you are not alone. there was a strong stop trump movement and you point out that a lot of the people who were very vocal against trump have gotten on board. does there need to be a part of your party that still stands up and says this is not who we are? if so, who leads that? the answer is yes. will from be conservatives who say we will support you when you are right, but you don't lead on everything. there will be a period right now where i think people are going to want to go along with the president-elect. winning ab solves a great number of sins and you are seeing a coalescing, but at some point, you have to recognize a distinction between ideas and principals and this new tribalism that requires you go-go along no matter what.
2:40 pm
i hope it will be principaled conservatives and i had an interesting conversation with speaker paul ryan who were reminiscing about the power of ideas. how far he has come. >> for a lot of the high profile people out of wisconsin. the former rnc chief, you are somebody who has helped them a long way. i will play a little bit of your conversation with paul ryan who you know well from today. >> we really have an energetic battle of ideas here. you can't just rest on laurels and assume everyone listens to the same shows and thinks the same thing because they don't here in wisconsin. you have to constantly be energetic and persuasive and really attune to your principals and convictions and show how
2:41 pm
they apply to problems and come up with solutions. >> nobody who knows speaker ryan who doesn't think his principals and convictions are different in some areas than the president-elect. yet he has pledged to move forward and dot best he can. what role does he play and what do you think he is going to do? he has a difficult line to walk and has. >> it's going to be one of the most fascinating story lines of 2017 and beyond. i think what he is going to do is work with the new president on the agenda item where they agree. he will have to draw the line now. the point he was making is interesting. he was talking about getting out of the level and communicating ideas outside of the silos we have. he was talking about how the fact that in wisconsin, we have to do that. it was an interesting point that paul ryan was making that you just cannot keep preaching to the choir. we have to make the case to the
2:42 pm
larger population. that goes against what we have. you drew the line early and consistently and people were photo shopping your picture into a gas chamber. the political will isn't there even with someone i know you admire as much as the speaker. >> i hope so. right now with the never trumpers, we are excommunicated and very, very small desert island, but there comes a time where the ideas that animated us and the people in politics to do something and it's not just to win elections. there may be a long period of time before this plays out. i hope the answer to your question is yes. >> i will ask you about fake news. it has been in the news and the mainstream news if we can say
2:43 pm
that a lot. the current president was talking about it. you lay blame at a lot of republicans because and i know that people call in your show with fake news and people don't want to hear it. your ratings were hurt as a result of this you said. where do we go with that? >> i don't know. i think this is one of those where people need to step back and into intro spection. they have to ask what did the media do to contribute to the loss of credibility. fake news is a problem. the larger problem is the number of people who were gullible enough to believe the fake news and that destroyed our immunity because of the silos and we don't trust media outlets. we will go to a manhattan project for the media or the agreement. what is true and is truth important. this is not a media problem? this is a problem for democracy
2:44 pm
if we did g into a post fact era where you get to choose your facts and issues and you have a president who made it clear that he is prepared to manipulate that. he is pushing back on all of that and facts should matter and truth should matter. it should be a bipartisan issue. >> facts and truth should matter should not be up for discussions. good luck with the book. when is it coming out? >> i hope next fall. >> good to see you again. >> coming up in the lit, the blame game is getting more aggressive. stay tuned this is lulu, our newest dog. mom didn't want another dog. she said it's too much work. lulu's hair just floats. uhh help me! (doorbell) mom, check this out. wow. swiffer sweeper, and dusters. this is what i'm talking about. look at that. sticks to this better than it sticks to lulu. that's your hair lulu! mom, can we have another dog? (laughing)
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. welcome back. a surprise revelation on mead the press yesterday. did i hear that right? former clinton campaign chairman sat down with chuck for the first interview since the november election. you have got to hear what he said about the fbi's response to his e-mail being hacked. take a listen. >> i will share this with you. the first time i was contacted by the fbi was two days after wikileaks started dropping my e-mails. >> let me pause. two days after? >> two days after. october seventh. let's go through the chronology. on october seventh, the "access hollywood" tape comes out. an hour later, wikileaks drops
2:47 pm
my e-mails into the public. can say that those things may not have been a coincidence. >> he told chuck that was the first, last, and only time he heard from the fbi about the hacking. he has not gotten an update on the investigation since. he claimed russian involvement distorted the process and blamed the election loss on director comby and russian hacking. we will be be paback with more on the blame game in a moment. oh yeah, where's that? philly yes! if you want to make some money, you could get a paper route. i'd be happy to drive you in my new buick what's a paper route? oh no, did lucky get out again? stay down boy don't worry, i'll take the new buick and go look for him. lucky! introducing the reimagined 310 horsepower buick lacrosse. you'll find any reason to get behind the wheel.
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2:49 pm
a foreign adversary intervened into a democratic institution and tried to tilt the election to donald trump. if you look back and see what happened over the course of the last few weeks and see the way the votes broke, i was highly critical the way the fbi, particularly the fbi director managed the situation with
2:50 pm
respect to the russian engagement. i think that had an effect on the election. >> that was hillary clinton's chairman adding his voice to a chorus of loyalives pointing the finger both the fbi and russia for clinton's defeat in last month's election. the clinton theherself blamed h loss on fbi director james comey and now according to politico, former president bill clinton spoke to a newspaper reporter near the clinton's the westchester, new york, home and said james comey cost her the election. time for "the lid." the panel is back. ana, is this getting the democrats anywhere as we -- as they look to see, how do we make sure this doesn't happen again? >> it certainly isn't a looking forward moment right now. i think there are a lot of raw e emotions among democrats that are still trying grasping to figure out the reality that donald trump did win. what we saw today with the electoral college, what you saw
2:51 pm
with john podesta and what we had this morning with bill clinton blaming james comey for her loss. i think there is a lot of soul searching, particularly look members to have the democratic party. lawmakers who are saying, you know what, we aren't going to win again if we just keep blaming comey. we actually need to think about, what's our message, what are we doing in terms of a ground game and in terms to have actually energizing people for what is going to definitely be a tough 2018 election. >> is that what the democrats have to do? understandably, they're upset about this. understandably, this is not a situation they wanted to be in. there's still investigations that both sides say need to happen, about russian hacking. having said all of that, and acknowledging all of that, is it time to look forward? >> i think it is time to look forward. look, it's important to do a kind of a deep dive and look within and see what happens. it's always important, having worked on many campaigns, to do that. because you need to do that in order to move forward. but, yes, 2018 is right around the corner, it's going to be a tough election, mid-term cycle. and i think it's important to figure out, look, you know, what
2:52 pm
does the party look like? who's going to run the dnc, how do we want to move forward? what does our messaging look like? and i think that is really important to start focusing and trying to figure out what is the resistance going to be. >> michael, you worked for a long time for a guy from ohio. you know a little bit about what's going on out in the country. you've talked to these folks, you've certainly traveled with the speaker. and i wonder what's your sense of this. would you acknowledge that, certainly, this played a role in hillary clinton's loss? and if so, how much of a role do you think it played? >> well, i think washington democrats, particularly in the clinton high command, are struggling to come to grips with the fact they lost a very winnable election. and they did that because they didn't make any positive argument for secretary clinton to be the next president of the united states and how she would help people who are struggling in this economy. and i think that's something that they really need to deal, as a party, and blaming the fbi
2:53 pm
director, blaming the russian president, doesn't help them figure out what went wrong and how they lost a very winnable election. >> i've heard a lot of democrats say the same thing that we just heard from michael, which was that there wasn't a clear enough, strong enough, pointed enough message, and that in a change election, where hillary clinton was associated with everything that was, that people didn't like, she wasn't clear enough about how she was going to change the country. if that's true, and again, i've heard a lot of democrats talk about that. what is the message? because as you point out, two years from now comes awfully fast. >> that's exactly light. look, could she have spent more time and should she have spent more time in wisconsin or actually gone to wisconsin? spent more time in michigan and pennsylvania? absolutely, yes, of course. did the comey letter and the russia hacking affect the election? i think, yes, it did. i don't think it's one or the other. i think it's actually both. and if the hacking or the comey
2:54 pm
letter affected one voter, then, yes, it had an effect on the election. so that's actually a really important thing. and this hacking thing, the russia hacking, it's an attack on our democracy. and it is very serious and potentially really dangerous. so we have to take that seriously. and so should the president-elect, donald trump. >> you know, there are a lot of people, obviously, and we are hearing from four senators who wrote a letter to mitch mcconnell, ana, who feel very strongly that we need to learn more about this. there's been a lot of talk about what should be declassified, how much more information the american public has a right to know. obviously, there were some electorate electors, at least a small group of electors, would have liked more information today before they went in to cast their votes. what do you see happening on capitol hill? how is all of this, all of this talk, all of the angst going to eventually play out? >> i think this is going to be an issue that is going to play out for the next several months. the real question right now is,
2:55 pm
is it going to be a committee that's already there or are they going to create a select committee? either way, i mean, you're talking about hearings, you're talking about an investigation, a final report. certainly, i think what you see with mitch mcconnell and other republican senators that are really focused on this saying, listen, it was the democrats this time, but next time it could be republicans. and so, this is going to be something where, so far, there hasn't been as much partisan politics in the senate on this. i think both sides are saying they're ready to look into this more. >> ana palmer, michael steele, great having you here. and more "m tp daily" right after this.
2:56 pm
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before we go tonight, chances are you didn't miss the fact that zsa zsa gabor died at the age of 89. but you may have missed what the life of this hungarian immigrant turned hollywood starlet says about american politics today. just bear with us here, darling, as she would say. zsa zsa was one of the original celebrities for celebrity's sake. she embodied glamour and she was a reality tv celebrity before that genera existed. now, in that sense, you could make the argument, some within the mtp family, that she paved the way for kim kardashian, anna nicole smith, and trump, too. trump did build a real estate empire, but not all real estate
3:00 pm
titans are a reality tv stars. she was married multiple times, was sued, and sued others again and again. and she showed you could grab news headlines if you favored the flashy. nothing was too over the top. that's all for tonight. we'll be back tomorrow with more "mtp daily." ari melber picks up our coverage right now. good evening to you. i'm ari melber. 6:00 p.m. on the east coast. you're watching "msnbc live." making it official, the electoral college putting donald trump over the threshold. also tonight, reports that donald trump will keep a private security force. this is even after he becomes president. this is a weird one. we'll get into it with a former secret service agent. and those deadly attacks overseas. a truck plows into a christmas market in germany. and the russian ambassador assassinated in turkey at point-blank range. we begin wit


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