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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  December 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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that is something that jewish people cannot understand how a country can talk about that. if any other country talked about eliminating another country, they'd be thrown out of the u.n. in the u.n. they're praised. what is that all about? >> unbelievable. well, all right. ambassador, thank you so much for coming. >> thank you. >> greatly appreciate it. the president of the world jewish congress. hope you'll come back soon. >> thank you very much. >> that does it for us. stuff any ruehl picks up the coverage. a manhunt. a giant search for the terrorist who killed 12 in germany after police arrested the wrong man. now they're zeroing in on a new suspect as isis claims responsibility. how did he get away? and a massive blast. terrifying video. a fireworks market exploding in mexico. a dozen dead, more than 70 people wounded.
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and how about a little pay to play? new trump family controversy. a charity offering. a photo opportunity with donald trump the day after he's inaugurated for 1 million bucks. the transition team pushing back this morning. plus -- ♪ wherever you go, whatever you do i will be right there waiting for you ♪ >> that's right, '80s singer richard marx and his wife daisy fuentes in midair helping subdue a pass sen be ger playing out on social media. we'll begin with the manhunt for the person who drove the 25 ton truck into a christmas market in germany. it comes amid warnings that the city could be hit with another major attack. nbc's anne thompson is live for us in berlin. what do we know about the person they're looking for? >> reporter: stephanie, they finished a press conference and he confirmed there is a suspect and they are investigating his
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immigration status. after yesterday's big mistake where they arrested a man who they originally thought was involved in the attack and then they found out they didn't have enough evidence to hold him, they said they are not going to identify this suspect until they are sure. what the interior ministry did say is they are searching throughout germany and across europe for this suspect. german media are reporting that the suspect is a tunisian man whose identity card was found inside the cab of that truck that went rampaging through that christmas market on monday night killing 12 and injuring 48. stephanie? >> now we know that isis is claiming credit for the attack, but is there any proof of that? >> not so far. it is isis's media arm that is claiming that the attacker is a soldier of the islamic state, but in their release they offered no proof.
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they didn't mention his name. they didn't mention where he was from. they didn't mention what, if any, possible connection he has to isis. so, again, they are claiming that this individual is a member, as we said, a soldier of the islamic state but they offered absolutely no proof. stephanie? >> all right, ann. thanks. be safe. i want to stay on this and bring in shawn henry. shawn, isis is claiming it was them, this berlin attack, but there is no proof. the idea that the suspect is from tunisia, does that add any weight to isis's claim here? >> well, not necessarily. what we've seen previously with isis is they typically waited for some evidence to come out, either the suspect themselves has made some proclamation, there's been some documentation found or in the case where they've actually been a direct operative of isis, they don't want to make a claim if it turns out to be false because that would hurt all of their claims
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going forward. we've seen them historically most often waiting to see their tie to the organization before they make that claim, stephanie. >> the german police spent almost 24 hours questioning the wrong guy. given how important time is, how bad did it hurt the investigation to waste that time? >> you know, there's always kind of a pop in these investigations. you had a lot of people injured and killed. there were a lot of law enforcement officials and intelligence officials on site. because they had a particular suspect in custody does not mean that they stop all other avenues of investigation. i'm certain they were pursuing multiple avenues throughout the course of this and they'll continue to do that going forward. >> i want to talk about threats around the world. you know, not just isis but the fact that they could be isis inspired and random. when we look at, you know, i'm right here in new york city. cities like new york, boston, chicago, d.c. are getting more and more scared that we can see these kind of ramming attacks.
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what do we do to defend ourselves? >> well, that's certainly been a concern for law enforcement here in the you states. as isis changes its tactics, as they utilize and employ new sources of weaponry, this particular type of attack is low tech, not a lot of costs, not a lot of resources and anybody can do this. isis has called on their followers to pick up vehicles if they are not able to launch an attack with a weapon, a bomb and the like. law enforcement authorities here are aware of that. you'll recall going back to the parade at thanksgiving here in new york that there were sanitation trucks that were placed at key strategic intersections. there were concrete barriers that were placed. >> shawn, that was one single event. i covered that day and new york city was prepared. for those of us who live in places like this, you're not going to put sand bags on every single corner and i heard, you know, law enforcement experts say, listen, with traffic what it is in cities like new york or
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d.c., you would never get a big truck at a speed that you would see a ramming attack. is that really the case? you could blow down fifth avenue starting at central park south and hit a lot of people on fifth avenue. you could go down into a subway station with a gun. >> yeah. you don't need a big truck, you can do it with a car. we've seen that recently at the university here just a month ago. we know that the adversaries, radical extremists have been inspired to take up any means possible. we've seen them use hammers and knives. so it's low-level attacks that are becoming the norm from an individual citizen's perspective, it's about awareness. being aware of your surroundings. obviously you're not going to be able to stay away from traffic but we've got to rely on law enforcement and the intelligence communities to try and understand using strategic and tactical intelligence to try to mitigate them. in an open society like the
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united states, we don't live in a police state. it will be very, very difficult to stop the low level types of attacks. that's why we have to try to stop the attackers in advance before they come to the united states or throughout the course of their planning activities, stephanie. >> shaun, thanks so much. now we have to turn to some unbelievable video from mexico. take a look at this. a massive, massive explosion at a popular fireworks market. this happened just north of mexico city. more than two dozen people are dead and many more are injured. i want to take you to mexico city and nbc's kerry sanders. kerry? >> reporter: good morning, stephanie. the death toll continues to rise here now. three people rushed to the hospital died bringing the death toll to 31. 32 people are still unaccounted for. 70 people injured in this massive explosion at the san pablito market. this is a market where people gather especially at this time of year to buy fireworks.
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it's part of the tradition here to get fireworks, fire crackers, bottle rockets and set them off during the holidays. the authorities say they don't know what set off this explosion, but it was a horrific chain reaction. first there was one very large explosion followed by five other sizeable explosions. this lasted for at least 25 minutes according to witnesses. there were some people who did make it out. they made it out with a rain of concrete coming down on their heads. so this was something that was really stunning and the video, of course, shows that. the authorities say that they had recently inspected the area and that it had passed all of the regulations, but this is an area that is known have problems in the past. in 2005 i can find pieces. so this morning the authorities will be there trying to see if they can figure out what set off this explosion and of course with hot spots there there are fears there could be some
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unexploded fireworks yet to go off. stephanie? >> thanks, kerry. extraordinary story. next, under fire. feels like it never ends. the trump family in the cross hairs after a hunting charity offers to meet with donald trump for $1 million on a day when he's pretty free, not. the day after he's inaugurated. plus, this chilling new video. the moment before that russian ambassador is assassinated. the killer methodically waiting for his moment pacing back and forth. authorities now believe he did not work alone.
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welcome back. you're watching msnbc. i'm stephanie ruehl. president-elect trump's transition team is facing fierce criticism over new conflict of interest concerns.
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want you to pay attention to this one. it stems from a nonprofit launched last week in texas listing donald trump's two adult sons as members of the board. look at your screen right here. you can see them listed in the documents. the charity put out a brochure saying that for $1 million you can meet with president trump the day after the inauguration. you would think he would be pretty busy that day. that is not all. you will also get a multi-day hunting trip with the trump songs. a spokesperson tells nbc the document was a work in process. they removed the offering and a team from trump is pushing back saying eric and don jr. will be removed from the charity's legal filings adding the trump brothers are not, quote, involved in any filing capacities. joining me former dnc chairman howard dean and former bush senior advisor. robert tram. candidate trump accused over and over hillary clinton of pay to
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play tactics. how is this looking? >> well, good morning, first of all. it is a little bit different. it is a little bit different only in the context, as i understand it, is that this was an invite that was in draft form. my understanding and i could be wrong, it was in draft form. >> excuse me, sir. >> yes. >> let's say it was in draft form. how did it get there to begin with? and if the trump's name was used and it shouldn't have been, president-elect trump and his sons are no stranger to pushing back. why are they not on twitter blasting that charity, blasting the organizers for misusing their name? >> so a couple of things. let me clarify. i am not a trump spokesperson nor do i obviously represent the president-elect. i'm trying to explain what i believe is in the press. this is according to the news report on nightly news yesterday. if i could finish my sentence or my thought. one, my understanding it was in draft form.
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certainly once they figured all of this out, who did this, they obviously very quickly corrected this. you have a valid point though. it sounds like pay to play. you have a valid point president-elect trump accused secretary clinton of this back at a press conference back in may or june of this year. it doesn't look good. there's no doubt about it. but my understanding is that once the transition team saw this, they quickly corrected it. >> governor dean, thank you so much. i apologize, robert, for interrupting you before. governor dean, lots of things president-elect trump does doesn't look good, but the beat goes on. if i were speaking to donald trump right now i suspect he would say, i'm going to be the president of the united states. i can't have a conflict of interest. >> well, the problem that is, a, it's not true. b, he has used his foundation in the past to enrich himself personally. he used the campaign to enrich himself personally by taking campaign donations and using them to pay for rental space
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which he owned. so there's a lot of really sleazy stuff going on here. this doesn't help. and right now i think because he's the president-elect and everybody's had this brutal election which is really one of the worst i have seen -- the worst i have seen in my life in politics, i think people just don't want to hear about any of this stuff. the problem is later on this is all going to catch up with him. and he's just got to stop it. he needs an adult in the room who he will listen to. i think he has a few adults in the room, not too many, but i don't think he's listening to them. that's going to be a problem. this twitter war he got into with bill clinton is silly. he's about to be the president of the united states. you do not need to get into a twitter war and you shouldn't. >> one could also argue that bill clinton is a former president of the united states. he, too, didn't need to do this. but i want to move on for a second. >> i agree. >> donald trump, robert, put out a tweet complaining that
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pundants and the media don't talk about how much money he spent to win the election. he spent less. how did he make that money and some of his possible cabinet members in terms of another conflict of interest concern. donald trump's cabinet pick steve mnuchin, he made that pick on the 29th. he has a lot of experience in mortgages. i want to share what he said the day after his nomination on fox business. >> would you move to change fannie and freddie. would you move to have these privatized? >> absolutely. we have to get fannie and freddie out of government ownership. it makes no sense that they have been owned by the government and controlled by the government nor as long as they have. >> steve mnuchin goes on television, the media that we talk so much about. what was the result? one of the biggest jumps in stock prices in those companies,
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fannie and freddie that they have seen since the government took them over in the 2008 financial crisis. for me, that's a wow. while we haven't seen donald trump's taxes, when he did -- when he was running in his financial disclosure documents, robert, he had said he had an investment in a hedge fund, 3 and $15 million, a hedge fund specifically betting on fannie and freddie going private. they asked was he an investor and jason miller said they were no longer commenting. so this to many people feels like a big conflict. >> well, i'm not sure if it's a conflict or not. i totally understand the optics of this. i think there's a couple of things here. one, my understanding is donald trump liquidated all of his stocks back in the summertime. that's my understanding. secondly, i hate to say this, this is an unfortunate truth. all secretaries of treasuries, at least in my lifetime, have come from the financial industry, whether it's goldman sachs, whether it's merrill
6:19 am
lynch. you go through donald regan, jpmorgan with the clinton administration and obviously in the obama administration. unfortunately because our economy is so complex, you unfortunately have to grab individuals that understand wall street very, very well. and the secretary of treasury is no stranger to that. does it look a little fishy? probably. is it fishy? i don't know. >> yes, but, robert, on a regular -- my background is investment banking so i do know that content pretty well, but on a regular basis the trump team claims the media is out to get them. this transition has been so, so public that we're now seeing members of that team who don't yet have to sell out of their positions out there in the media. steve mnuchin goes on tv on november 30th. we have no idea what he owns in his portfolios. he could have made a killing in the last month. that doesn't feel inappropriate? >> well, i suspect that when the secretary designee sits before
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the congress and testifies under oath, i suspect that republicans and democrats will ask him very serious and thorough questions, not only about his overall philosophy about the economy but to your question and to your point with respect to his vast, and i'm using my words, not anyone else's, stock portfolio. my understanding is they go through a very, very thorough criminal background check. i'm not an expert in this but i've worked in the senate for ten years. again, the senate finance committee and others will probably do a thorough background check on this. let's go back to a larger point which i think some people are having some issues with. donald trump won the election. he reserves the right to nominate people that reflect his views. he won fair and square. and i know a lot of people are still struggling with that and i know a lot of people are uncomfortable with that, but that's the reality. he reserves the right to nominate people that reflects his views and the senate also reserves the right to advise and consent. that's the way the system works. >> without a doubt i agree 100%. governor dean, during that
6:21 am
confirmation do you think he'll be asked these kinds of questions and are they going to get through? >> yeah, they'll ask these kinds of questions. i have no idea if they'll get through, although i found out this morning much to my amazement, the secretary of state, the foreign affairs committee does not have a rule that requires the secretary of state to show his tax returns. that is a big mistake especially since rex tillerson is alleged to have been a principal in an off shore oil company founded in the bahamas. this is the stuff you can't have. this eventually catches up with you. it's really a problem. the other thing is i don't think trump understands the power of his words right now. when he tweeted something bad about the f-35 project, the lockheed stock lost $4 billion in a day. suppose one of his friends had known that and shorted it ahead of time. this is the kind of stuff you can't do as president. it's going to catch up with him if he keeps doing it. >> all right. gentlemen, thank you so much for joining me this morning. >> thank you. >> robert, again, i apologize
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for interrupting you. >> happy holidays to you and the governor. >> thanks. see yeah, robert. coming up, it was perhaps the most controversial state law of the past year. north carolina's so-called bathroom bill, but today it might be repealed. we're going to take you live. higher and higher. the financial markets set to open in ten minutes. we are this close to hitting 20,000. santa claus coming to the market. is today the day? you totanobody's hurt, new car.
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tell your doctor right away if you have blood or red color in your urine, or pain while you urinate. farxiga can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast infections in women and men, serious urinary tract infections, low blood sugar, and kidney problems. stop taking farxiga and call your doctor right away if you have signs of ketoacidosis which is serious and may lead to death. i'm in this for my family. i'm in this for me. ask your doctor about farxiga and learn how you can get it for free. welcome back. you're watching msnbc. at this very hour in north carolina charlotte's council wrapped up a meeting over whether to overturn the anti-gender law. marianna atensio joins me. these meetings are coming eight months after the so-called
6:26 am
bathroom bill was passed. what's happening on the ground? >> reporter: well, stephanie, the general assembly is about to convene here in raleigh this morning. the house doors have just open and i want to just open the door for you right here so our cameraman can peak inside. they are holding a special session in an hour to consider a repeal bill of house bill 2 also known as the bathroom bill. the city council meeting across the state for an emergency session to repeal its non-discrimination ordinance in its entirety. remember, parts of it were rescinded this past monday and i just spoke to the democratic lawmaker who said, marianna, this is just antics. this is a blame game but we are meeting -- that city council is meeting so that republicans can't say democrats didn't do anything within its power to repeal hb-2 today.
6:27 am
doors are about to open. at 10:00 a.m. the general assembly will convene to consider the repeal. >> thank you very much. marianna atencio. we'll take a break. new video moments before the russian ambassador is shot. the methodical way the shooter acts. was he acting alone? >> pop stars to the rescue, from the '80s and '90s even. richard marx and daisy fuentes, did you know they were married, played a role in taking down an unruly passenger midair.
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruehle. you're watching msnbc. time for your morning primer. everything you need to know to get your day started. we begin with the ongoing manhunt in germany. they continue to search for the truck driver that killed 12 people in berlin after they
6:31 am
released a guy they initially identified as a suspect. isis is taking responsibility for the attack but did not yet provide any proof of involvement. at least 31 people were killed and over 70 injured when explosions torture a fireworks store. similar explosions occurred at the same market back in 2005 and 2006. according to a palace spokesperson, queen elizabeth and her husband, prince philip, they both have heavy colds and they're unable to travel for the christmas holiday. this one is for ocean enthusiasts like me. president obama signed an order indefinitely banning off shore oil and gas drilling in large areas in the atlantic and arctic oceans. the president invoked an obscure provision of a 1953 law which says gives him authority to act unilaterally. i have a feeling oil and gas companies aren't going to like that. home sweet home, chicago. the cubs winning wasn't joy enough, according to reports,
6:32 am
bill murray himself and his brothers are planning to open a "caddyshack", that's right, themed bar restaurant near his beloved hometown of chicago. i can see at least the person i'm married to planning a trip to the windy city just for that. all right. now we've got to talk about the markets. could today be the day? hear that bell ringing? the stock market was just opened. we are as close as we have ever been to hitting 20,000. it has been one heck of a rally this past month. many people call this an end of the year santa rally, but you have to say what it is and i'm going to bring in msnbc's ali velshi. >> it is a trump rally, right. if you go a little more broad than that, you will notice that over time, as you know, the stock market goes up and the stock market was headed up largely in the last year anyway. but the aggressiveness of this rally, it's flat now, about 30 points away from 20,000. the thing you have to keep note of is over all of its history,
6:33 am
the dow, which it represents a lot of american stocks, it's only 30 but it's representative of the pattern, has been up about 5.3% a year. this year it's up 14.8%. so we're almost triple the annual average gain and most of that extra came after donald trump got elected. so there's something to say about that. >> well, if you look at -- listen, at best the recovery has been sluggish. >> sure. >> been in a sluggish form. in the last year you saw so many investors sitting on the sidelines saying geopolitical risks, regulations, uncertainty. >> right. >> just this week the founder of griggswater. he has said there are animal spirits a donald trump win has unleashed. he said the trump administration wants to and probably will shift the environment from one that makes profit makers villains with limited power to one that makes them heroes with significant power. >> right. >> is that what we're seeing play out there.
6:34 am
>> we have two schools of thought. the ray dalio school of thought is this concept of animal spirit, something that is intangible, in the air, something that says let me start the business, that is something that donald trump is going to encourage in his administration. there's another school of thought that says regardless of the regulations that are in place to keep workers safe and the environment safe and prevent lawsuits and things like that, america forges ahead anyway. here in silicon valley animal spirits mean less to you. you live in animal spirits. elon musk wants to build a highway to mars and be buried there. he doesn't care about regulations. >> he was beloved by the white house. >> right. in order to forge ahead like america has for all of its history you have to get government entirely out of the way, make smaller government, venerate those who are the most successful. this is what donald trump believes. he kept saying this in his campaign, we're going to get 4, 5, 6% economic growth. we're going to unleash the
6:35 am
regulations. >> the market gets chilled or spoofed when there's any national security. >> not even paying attention. >> not even paying attention. another sign that the market believes that donald trump's tough talking is a positive. >> i will remind people some sectors are down including health care. >> because they're not sure what's going to happen. >> right. but banking, i mean -- >> booming. >> banking booming. i want to turn now to chilling new video showing the moments before russia's ambassador to turkey was gunned down. a warning to viewers you might find the video and audio disturbing. the 23-year-old gunman, turkish policeman calmly standing behind the ambassador as he's speaking after pacing across the room. the gunman pulls out the gun, fires and shoots. we're joined now. we talked about this video now. you were explaining how significant this is, but here we are 24 hours later digging into this methodical execution.
6:36 am
>> well, this is a person who's very comfortable in the environment. he knows exactly what he's doing. interestingly enough, what it reveals also is this is a person who knew that he was walking into a situation that he was going to manage at all times. the questions now -- the question for the investigators who are going to be looking into this is did he have any accomplices. was he able to get the gun into the perimeter of that facility knowing there wasn't going to be a lot of tight security or if there was tight security did he have somebody on the inside that facilitated that entry. you're right. he's pacing around, waiting for the right time. he's letting everyone take their positions of comfort while the ambassador was speaking before he struck him with those bullets. this is a person who knew exactly what he was doing. when you see him pull out the gun, as we watched the full video, not the edited one. you see his position, the posture, the way he was standing over the ambassador after he shot him. somebody with a lot of training, knew exactly what he was doing.
6:37 am
>> this is extraordinary. the fact that turkey and russia are working together. interesting. ayman, interesting. thanks. we have talked a lot about russia and the involvement in the u.s. election. you know what i'm talking about, the hack attack. how do the russian people feel about the accusations. what do though think of president-elect trump. actress leah dunham apologizing yet again. this time for something different for her, quote, distasteful joke on abortion. i'm pretty sure there shouldn't be any jokes on abortion. we'll find out what she says coming up.
6:38 am
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russia is retaliating. vladimir putin's seizure. coming on the heels of accusations about russian hacking. they could make bad relations between the two countries even worse. joining me now is veteran russian who hosts a program.
6:41 am
vladimir, welcome. >> thank you. >> let's just come right out with it. did russia interfere with the election? >> pardon me? >> did russia interfere with the election? >> well, you know, it's very difficult to give you a yes or no answer. i can only give you what i think. i think probably they would have liked to have interfered with the elections but i don't think russia has the wherewithal, the instruments to impact, say, 160 million american voters. i think that's absolutely something out of dream land. it would be a feather in the cap of russian propaganda if they can do it. i don't think they could. i don't think they tried. >> do you believe they hacked the dnc? >> do i believe what? >> they hacked. they hacked into the e-mail system of the dnc? the democratic national committee. >> well, you know, this issue of
6:42 am
hacking, today i was in a very interesting meeting of a company called kaspirski. is it possible to identify the fingerprint of a hacker. they say, it is virtually impossible. they have no proof. you know the language was russian. so what. it could be someone chinese speaking russian. so, you know, were hackers involved? yes. were they from russia? possibly. was it mr. putin's doing? i doubt it very much, but the real problem is we'll never have the proof. we can only talk about it, and we don't have the possibility to actually say we know who the culprit is although people have been saying it but they have no proof. >> all right. let's talk about a different company, rozneft. that's a company he does care about. oil and gas exploration.
6:43 am
the new sanctions that president obama put forth yesterday are indefinitely going to prevent oil and gas exploration in the arctic. vladimir putin cannot be happy about that. what does it do for u.s./russia relations? >> well, i'll tell you what i think is happening. i think the russian leadership and president putin is cautiously hopeful that there's going to be an improvement in relations between russia and the united states and that's basically why both the leadership and the majority of people in this country have been pro trump and very anti-clinton. after all, during the campaign hillary clinton said a lot of very nasty things about putin and about russia and donald trump did not and in this country, believe it or not, most people would really like to have good relations with the united states. so there is this conscious hope that this is going to happen and
6:44 am
nobody really cares, well, maybe when i say nobody that's an exaggeration, but very few people care about what mr. obama has to say now, president obama, because he's not seen as president anymore. he's on his way out. so everybody's looking at, you know, what is president trump doing, who is he appointing, what is he saying about russia and what can we look forward to? >> well, he would like to appoint rex tillerson and we know vladimir putin likes rex tillerson. what does vladimir putin think specifically about president-elect trump? >> well, he hasn't said anything about president-elect trump except once as far as i can recall he said that trump was yanki. that means brilliant if you talked about sunshine, but when you're talking about a person it means colorful. so, yes, he said that donald trump was a colorful person, and
6:45 am
basically that's it. you know, he's been very careful not to say anything about trump. so it's hard to say. but i do think and according to the information i have as a journalist i do think that president putin is hopeful that finally there may be a hope between the two countries. >> hopeful that donald trump could serve what purpose? garry kasparov said donald trump is perfect for putin to be his puppet. what do you make of that? >> garry kasparov is an absolutely outstanding chess player. he was world chess champion. he's not world champion in general. i think what he has to say about trump and putin is about as important as what any one of us might say. the fact that he's a great chess player does not make him a great
6:46 am
political thinker, i don't think. >> all right. before we go, one person who believes or would like to be world champion of everything is president vladimir putin. given that you are in russia, that you work for russian tv, what would happen to you if you came on here and said, i do think russia hacked the dnc, i do think they did that. what would it mean for you personally and professionally? >> i'm very sorry, it's so loud out here that i'm really having a problem hearing you. if you could repeat that question for me. i'm sorry about this. >> okay. would you be safe in russia if you came on television and said to me, i think russia hacked the system? i think they affected the election? what would happen to you? >> i'm sorry, i'm not getting it. i'm entirely sorry. >> vladimir, thank you so much for joining me today. we're going to take a break. >> my pleasure. next, the kuwait at this embassy moved an event from the four seasons to trump's new d.c. hotel.
6:47 am
were they pressured to change the locations. pop star richard marx restrains a man on the campaign and it's all caught on camera by his wife, daisy fuentes. the incredible saga next. per roll more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. hotel. bounty, the quicker picker upper
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welcome back. it is time now to talk about the stories you are going to be talking about today. whether international embassies are succumbing to pressure from team trump. from 1980s pop stars who is right there waiting for you to save the day. richard marx and his hair on a plane. our national correspondent for yahoo! news hunter walk are and senior editor at the daily beast erin. the kuwaiti embassy moved their nearly 600 person national day celebration, guess where, to donald trump's new hotel. the embassy held the event at the four seasons in the past but the ambassador said they moved the party to try something new. they told us they had zero pressure from the trumps to move
6:51 am
it there but could there be implicit pressure? >> there was another story in the "washington post" where other diplomats prior to this saying they really want to have events there and they just assumed it would be a great look for them and a great way to build a relationship with the trump team. so, you know, that does call this into question and the reality is we were supposed to get this press conference on december 15th where donald trump would explain what he was doing with his businesses. right now, we have no idea, and there's just this conflict of interest including this hotel. >> donald trump would argue that he doesn't -- he's the president, he can't have conflicts of interests and there's no sign we will get a press conference because all the information he wants to put out there, he does put out there, on interviews he wants to do as well as twitter. but to the point, they do want to improve relationships with donald trump. when i was in investment banking, if we went out to dinner with the cfo of budweiser, we made sure the restaurant served bud. so is this what the new world is going to look like with a
6:52 am
president who comes from business? >> well, i wish that the word emolmentes were earlier to say because we're going to be saying it a lot in the next four years. it's clear that donald trump has so many business entanglements and so many ways that people can kind of wink at him as a way to like make themselves known, like, hey, even if donald trump isn't pressuring them, they can kind of make a symbol by booking events at trump hotels. like hey, here we are, kuwaiti national day at a trump hotel. we're doing an event at a trump hotel. we just so happen to want something from you in international negotiations. >> just to keep in mine, you know, this is a tremendous bigley luxury hotel. we're talking about large sums of money. one of the suites there cost $20,000. the restaurant in the bottom of the hotel, they sell $100 spoonfuls of wine. >> what? >> they can really have large sums of -- >> there's no wine that i want to taste that much to pay $20
6:53 am
for a spoon. all right, i have to share the next one. hunter, i know you're going to say i don't want to. actress lena dunham is apologizing again but this time it's a little different. for a bizarre comment she made on abortion. on her women of the hour podcast, she was asked about abortion and said, quote, now i can say i still haven't had an abortion but i wish i had. last night on instagram, dunham called it a distasteful joke. tons of criticism that celebrities are disconnected from the american people. others said listen, she was a big surrogate for hillary clinton, she shouldn't have been, she hurt the cause. you don't need to be on the right. you can be a human to say there's no jokes to make about abortion. >> well, i think actually yield the left and the right were united in being annoyed with lena dunham. for somebody from left, those comments are really unhelpful and it creates this caricature of this kind of careless
6:54 am
irresponsible out of touch urban liberal woman who has no idea what real women are going through when they're actually going through this very common medical procedure. from the right, it is a flippant disregard for something that a lot of people believe, like, takes a life. so no matter who you are and what angle you're coming at it from, it's pretty obnoxious. >> no laughing matter. hunter. take a pass. >> well, you know, i don't really think it's my place to comment on abortion but i will say lena dunham had this amazing pr apology cover up on instagram where she claimed it was just a comedic persona that she sometimes lapses into -- >> you can't unsay that though. now the right wing media has a sound bite of a hillary clinton surrogate and very vocal liberal being flippant and irresponsible about abortion, and i don't think that, like, fox news or the blaze is going to when they talk about lena dunham and abortion in the future, they're not going to include her
6:55 am
apologize, they're going to include the thing she said first. >> i'm going to include your apology and say, hey, lena, that ain't funny. all right, ready, we got to share this one. a crazy sight in midair where flight attendants where trying to undue an unruly passenger. they get a helping hand from none other than '80s pop star richard marx. these photos were posted by his wife, wait for this daisy fuentes of mtv fame showing a passenger tied up and even marx helping hold the rope. did you even know they were married? >> i learned a new thing today. >>ry feel like vh1 totally 80s should have told me this. >> a perfect end for 2016. it's evolveledded into a total fever dream. this honestly sounds like something i would think of when i was swung out on nyquil and trying to get over a bad head cold. richard marx, rope, in korea, daisy fuentes there and a man
6:56 am
drinking whiskey trying to attack flight attendants. >> 2016 bizarro world. >> daisy fuentes i have very fond childhood memories of but i had to google richard marx. >> what? >> yeah, i did not know. he was not right there waiting for me. >> he was with me, that hair. daisy fuentes. bizarro 2016. we just wrapped it up. coming up, the latest on the manhunt in berlin and any possible u.s. involvement.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
the capital city rocked by an eruption inside a packed fireworks market. at least 31 people have been killed in the deadly chain reaction. dozens are still unaccounted for. we'll have the latest on the ground. and a bull run in the markets. we're keeping a close eye on wall street as the dow once again flirts with 20,000. we're going to get the take on what the stock market could be doing on the other side of that elusive benchmark. we've got to begin though with the intensifying search for the driver of that deadly truck terror attack that claimed the lives of 12 people and injured almost 50 at that christmas market in berlin just a few days ago. we learned new details about the suspect' day after german authorities released a pakistani man who had been detained for 24 hours after the attack. while isis is now claiming responsibility. we are live in berlin. want to get the latest from nbc's anne thompson. what can you tell us about the manhunt and the


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