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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  December 22, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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the israeli prime minister registered their objections. plus a new report finds the russian intelligence agency that hacked the dnc used that same technique to target and kill ukrainian soldiers. we have a lot going on this hour. but we want to start overseas in berlin. matt bradley is joining me from germany. the german prosecutor just finished that briefing. can you tell us what we've learned? >> the latest of the latest is that german prosecutors and actually angela merkel and her justice minister and her -- well, all of her government basically said that they are more than certain now that this man who they're pursuing is indeed the man who committed the crime that happened behind me on monday night. they say that now in addition to having found his identification papers, they also found his fingerprints both inside the cab of the truck and outside on the side of the truck. now, they were fairly certain before that this man was the perpetrator, anis amri.
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this 24-year-old tunisian. now they're more certain than ever. and the manhunt is just expanding. the prosecutor came out and said they've raided homes in western germany where he used to live and where he made association with some of the salafi jihadists who are actually in prison n. there were actually just a couple of months ago a massive roundup of salafi jihadists. anis amri was not one of those arrested but he was under suspicion. that's why there's so much outrage now toward angela merkel and others in the government. why was this man allowed to escape but why was he allow to be under surveillance and still commit this massive terrorist attack. >> look behind you there and the market for the first time is open again, where this all happened. i don't know if you can show us or tell us what security is like there. what are you seeing and what are people saying? >> the security is rather high. of course, it wasn't like this before.
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actually, between me and the camera there's a large jersey barrier. i think we'd call it a jersey barrier. a huge sort of concrete barrier and they run all the way down the street preventing any trucks from popping over the curb and driving through this market. but as you can see behind me all the lights are out. all the stalls are open. people are here. they're drinking mulled wine. they're having pretzels, everything you'd expect from one of these traditional german markets. but there isn't any music and there's not a whole lot of christmas cheer even as everybody goes through the motions. i was just enjoying a mulled wine myself here. and one of the employees i saw embracing another, it looked like an employee and just started bursting into tear. even though you can see that there's this sort of pantomime of christmas cheer going on, it's really quite sad here and the employees and the guests at this market, they're still feeling the impact. >> you have to imagine it's still really raw.
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thank you, matt. joining me a former cia military analyst and senior policy adviser for the counterextremism process. thanks for being here. starting with this manhunt that's intensifying all across europe. we saw those raids kind of led nowhere in certain parts of germany. what do you think the chances are that amri is still in that country? >> the chances are high that he's still in the country, but he may have assistance at this point in time. there have been a lot of mishaps, a lot of blunders that have occurred over the last 48 hours and prior to the attack in terms of the investigation, taking in the wrong suspect at first, taking a while to focus in on the right suspect. the fact that a truck was stolen and law enforcement wasn't able to prevent the attack even from that point on. and also this person, this individual has been on law enforcement's radar not just known to authorities but i believe he was also being monitored by authorities. then they seem to have lost track of him. there are a lot of questions being asked to german intelligence and law enforcement in the past few days and the
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questions are warranted, i think. >> let me follow up with you on that. because you heard matt talk about a lot of the anger against angela merkel and the authorities for these very questions. you sort of alluded to a blunder just now. was this a huge miss for german police given that they had this guy under surveillance for six months. >> as someone who works in intelligence i'm sympathetic to the fact that it's hard to have a time and location of an attack. these are things that state department, department of homeland security have been warning about in europe and these are things that were on european officials' radars. this this case this individual seems to have have been under close scrutiny not just for his previous activities but also his ties to radical extremists and violence in his past and a few other things. law enforcement lost track of him. this is a question that is going to be asked again and again to german officials, why did they lose track of him, how did they
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lose track of him? and right now are they going to be able to find him? >> how do they rectify this? what are the holes they need to be plugging? this attack happened. nothing they can do about that one, but how do they stop the next one? >> first i think they'll have assistance from other european intelligence officials honing in on this suspect, it's possible united states intelligence is assisting. in addition they need to be vigilant and take security precautions like they're doing not just in germany but here i passed by the d.c. downtown holiday market just on my way to the studio and that now has concrete barriers around it as well. there's the defensive and the intelligence preventive side. another is more cameras in germany. other cities are better about this. nypd has a lot of public cameras in high density, high tourist areas around manhattan. germany where this attack took place was not as saturated with
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cameras. you might see a shift in that as well. germany has stricter pry vas rules and that's something that's prohibited having as much sort of cameras operating in some of these areas. >> let me ask you about amri's fingerprints. only his were found in the actual cabin according to police. do you think anybody else may have been involved in this attack? is that something you can begin to speculate on? >> sure. it's difficult to speculate in terms of the attack itself. at this point in time this is something that could have been carried out by just one individual given that he killed the driver and drove a truck into a crowd. that wouldn't require logistical support or other individuals. and nobody seems to at this point be pointing to other individuals in the attack. having said that, it's possible he was in touch with other people, possible he could have had other plans. that's why finding him is critical, not just for the intelligence that's going to be collected on him or his background and getting him convicted of this attack, but also because he might be getting ready to carry out another attack, a martyrdom operation particularly if he thinks that
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law enforcement is closing in on him. >> former cia analyst, thank you for that. the president-elect's transition team is expected to make more staff announcements today. it comes as donald trump is going up against the administration, no surprise there, on a key foreign policy position. my colleague kristen welker is in palm beach, florida, where the president-elect is still taking meetings even today though we expect it to slow down over the next few days. walk us through the back and forth over what happened with the u.n. resolution and where that stands now. >> we woke up, to this statement from president-elect donald trump urging the u.s. to veto this u.n. security council resolution which would effectively have blocked new israeli settlements in palestinian territories. some strong words and certainly rare for a president-elect to insert himself into a matter of foreign policy like this. and it was shaping up to be a
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showdown. we are told according to sources, andrea mitchell reporting, that the obama administration was poised to abstain from the vote. president-elect trump did give the white house heads up before releasing that statement. but overnight benjamin net in hue essentially convinced egypt to delay the vote. the vote now expected not to take place today. so this is certainly again rare for the president-elect to insert himself in this way, but making it very clear that this is going to be a key policy position of his. he's going to be to the right of president obama on this issue. take a listen to what kellyanne conway, who was just appointed as his white house counselor had to say about this earlier today. >> he's asked his opinion on many different matters. in most instances this is not the first time he's been asked or has provided his opinion. he's done that all through the campaign. so really surprised very few people this is his position. at the same time he's not going
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to act on it until he's actually in the white house. >> so the white house trying to send a signal to the incoming trump administration with that abstain vote that they were planning. at the same time the trump administration sending its own signal that they'll take the u.s. israeli policy in a different course pfr the president-elect naming the u.s. ambassador to israel, i should say, david friedman, someone who is considered to be to the right of netanyahu. so this will likely be a break from u.s./israeli policy. the biggest break that we've seen in decades. >> you mentioned kellyanne conway's new role in the west wing as a srt of senior adviser, counselor officially to the president and another adviser of his, newt gingrich who has been by his side for quite a while, apologizing for the president-elect? what's going on? >> that's right. well, look, he was quoted as saying that he didn't think that draining the swamp was a part of president-elect trump's top
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priorities when he was asked about this. of course, we've seen the president-elect bring a number of billionaires into his cabinet, into his administration, so that's raised some questions, is he dedicated to draining the swamp. the pushback from the trump team is, hey, look, we're bringing in washington outsider. they happen to be successful people but this is a part of the process of draining the swamp. today newt gingrich apologized in this video he tweeted out. take a look. >> i want to report that i made a big boo boo. i talked this morning with president-elect donald trump and he reminded me he likes draining the swamp. i mischaracterized it the other day. he intends to drain the swamp. >> and that apology came after the president-elect himself tweeted that some people had been mischaracterizing his position that he is still very much dedicated to draining the swa swamp. we can't underscore that enough. that was a key campaign promise. this is an issue he's going to continue to get pressed by his
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supporters and critics alive, i think. >> as newt gingrich put it a bit of a boo boo for him apparently. talk me through what's going on with ivanka trump on a jet blue flight. we're seeing a bubble on social media. what can we report? >> the details are still coming in, i want to stress that. tmz first came out with this report earlier today which essentially said that ivanka trump was on a jet blue flight with her family. we have since learned that she was heading to hawaii, stopping in san francisco first, and that one of the passengers started making negative comments about her father. what exactly were the nature of those comments, how heated did they get, that is currently in dispute. i did reach out to the secret service. they have referred all inquiries to jet blue. but they stress the fact that, look, as the daughter of the president-elect, she has full secret service protection. we did reach out to jet blue. let me read you the statement they're releasing. the decision to remove a customer from a flight is not taken lightly.
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if the crew determines that the customer is causing conflict on the aircraft, the customer will be asked to deplane especially if the crew feels the situation runs the risk of escalation during flight. in this instance, our team worked to reaccommodate the party on the next available flight. so we continue to track this story. we've reached out to the trump transition team and no reaction from them. but bottom line someone was kicked off a jet blue flight for making comments earlier today with ivanka there. >> keep us updated on that and everything else in trump world today. kristen welker in palm beach. >> today this microsoft poll question. outside mar-a-lago president-elect trump was asked about his plans to create a muslim registry in the wake of the terror attack. do you support his plan for extreme vetting of immigrants seeking sbee into the u.s.? later we're talking more about that plan, what it means to be
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an extreme vetter and whether it's an open invitation for racial profiling. but first, a cyber security firm is now directing tying russian intelligence agencies to hacking the dnc earlier this year. we'll talk to co-founder and ceo about what they uncovered next. look at this... a silicon valley server farm. the vault to man's greatest wonders... selfies, cat videos and winking emojis. speaking of tech wonders, with the geico app you can get roadside assistance, digital id cards... or even file a claim. do that.. yeah, yeah that should work. it's not happening... just try again. uh, i think i found your problem. thanks. hmm... the award-winning geico app. download it today.
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new evidence is now linking russia to the hacking at the democratic national committee. a report by the cyber security firm crowdstrike found the russian intelligence agency that stole information from the dnc used the same tools to pin.and kill ukrainian soldiers. crowdstrike is the company hired by the dnc to investigate the strike. dmitri, thank you for being
10:17 am
here. you oversaw the research on all of this. can you walk us through the key findings in your report. >> sure. it's really a fascinating story. because what we found out was the same malicious code that we've tracked to these actors that have hacked into the dnc earlier this year, that these same actors used that variant of that code to hack the personal cell phones of ukrainian artillery men out there in the fields fighting russian separatists and russian military units and that malicious code allowed the russians to pinpoint their location and presumably target them with artillery heading down their way. we through public sources have observed losses in the unit that were using this app that alolowd them to target them with howitzers. >> you think this piece called x-agent, this piece of malware to the russian military agency,
10:18 am
a fancy bear, you said, used it to target ukrainian military officers. can you explained how that worked? >> sure. this is known as a remote access tool. allows you to get full access to the machine on which it's installed unbeknownst to the owner of the machine, it allows you to steal files on a phone and steal text messages. a pretty comprehensive tool for a ta a takeover of that device whether a cell phone or piece of equipment they use. you have to ask yourself who was interested in targeting ukrainian men in and then killing them and you really come to a high confidence conclusion that it had to be someone affiliated with the russian military. >> as you know, president-elect and others who sort of refuse to acknowledge russia's role in this hacking or raise questions about, for example, as donald trump said maybe it's a guy
10:19 am
sitting in his mother's basement. >> this is one of the reasons we wanted to release this report to produce more evidence that it wasn't just the russian government but a unit of the russian military called the gru, the russian intelligence service, that collects this type of battlefield intelligence, tactical intelligence in the ukraine but also performs strategic things that interfere in our election. the evidence has come out. i encourage the u.s. government to release what they know and try to declassify that evidence. but this is one of the reasons we wanted to put this report out there to address some of the questions that come up. >> thank you very much for being with us. as presenting trump talks of his plans for extreme vetting for immigrants, news today president obama plans to dismantle an existing visitor registry program. what it could mean for the president-elect's plan, next.
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call it a preemptive strike. with just over a month left in the obama presidency his administration is moving now try and stop one of the president-elect's most controversial campaign proposals. nbc news has learned that they're dismantling a program from the bush era that would require people with certain visas to register with the government. thank you both for being here. the program in question, the national exit entry program. do you think we'll see more announcements like this from the current administration. >> we had the other day the ban on arctic drilling that seems like it's a forever ban by the president's executive authority. of course, executive authority is something any president can use. so possibly trump would be able to use that in the way that
10:24 am
obama has to reverse it. but this is what we see out of the homeland security department is the dismantling of a system that theoretically could be the basis for a muslim ban, a muslim ban, importantly, that just yesterday president-elect trump talked about as it seemed like a good idea that he's been right all along in the context of speaking about that attack in germany. so it does seem like there is a wariness to give the incoming administration tools to do some of the things that the outgoing administration really doesn't agree with. >> just today i think the transition team spoke very highly of the current president's efforts to try to make this transition smooth. do you think that's lip service or do you think there's truth to it? >> president obama has been speaking with president-elect trump. they've been talking about a lot of thins it seems like, but there are clear tension points and not just on all the politics that we've seen going on through the course of this xap.
10:25 am
but the russian hacking. president obama was very adamant and very tough on the kinds of questions that have been coming out of the president-elect's team and the transition aides and the president-elect himself when it comes to questioning whether russia was actually behind this. that was a source of tension that we see here. it's a push and pull, but there are only a little under 30 days left of this, then donald trump's going to be the president and president obama will try to navigate his way through being very opposed to donald trump and his policies but also giving deference to him as the next president in a way that he really cherishes and values what george w. bush did for him when he was coming in. >> 29 days. >> keep in mind the national security entry exit system was founded by kris kobach who was under consideration for department of homeland security. this is an idea that even though the obama administration may be
10:26 am
rescinding the regulatory framework op doesn't mean it won't come back even by the people who wrote it in the first place. >> i'm sure you saw the president-elect's tweet this morning talking about essentially fortifying u.s. nuclear capabilities if you will. it was very similar, as a lot of folks are pointing out, to mg that vladimir putin reportedly said today talking about his nation fortifying its nuclear capabilities. is this just a preview of what we can expect to see in the future as we take a look at donald trump's tweet here talking about strengthening and expanding nuclear capabilities? >> so interesting because on the one hand people are worried that he's going to have a loving relationship with putin, all the putin love that republicans are worried about, and on the other hand, you see him sending out a tweet basically matching vladimir putin's strengthening the nuclear capabilities. so i think that this is probably something of a sign of things to come, just given what donald
10:27 am
trump has been tweeting recently even regarding the u.n. resolution regarding settlements in israel. so, you know, where he needs to meet the tweet, he will. or match it. >> let me switch over to democrats quickly before i let you both go. i want to get both of your opinions on this. suffolk university has a fun poll out, if you can believe it, looking at 2020 who should get the democratic nomination, which i can't believe we're talking about. >> plenty of time to get to 2020. >> plenty of time for thatp 66% of the people said they would like to see someone entirely new run. not joe biden, not hillary clinton, not bernie sanders. if you want the talk about 2020 for that, are they doomed? let me start with you. >> if you look back in 19 -- what was it -- 92? bill clinton at that time was consider a fresh face. you know, and he emerged and the
10:28 am
democrats eventually, obviously, the united states nominated him and vote for him to be president. so i think that due to, what is it, necessarily -- the necessity of a new face will have -- you know, will compel for democrats to come forward. the younger folks don't feel like there is so much of a roadblock since the clintons won't be the ones controlling the democratic party. there's more of an open feel to it. >> lucky for the people who are responding to that poll, the established faces that they know, hillary clinton, joe biden, bernie sanders, are most certainly not going to be in the race in 2020. any of the people left, whether you're talking about some of the really fresh faces in washington, like camilla harris or andrew cuomo who has been governor of new york for six years, so he's around, or cory booker has been on the national
10:29 am
scene for a while. any of these people, even the better known ones to thos of us who follow politics pretty closely are pretty much unknown to the electorate at large. there will almost definitely be a fresh face that most people right now have never heard of. elizabeth warren is probably the best known of the people who sort of speculated about running for president in 2020, but even she's not really well known in the kind of way that hillary clinton, joe biden, bernie sanders are. >> and guys, before i let you go here, when you talk about the idea of the affordable care act, there's news that more people have signed up for that now, at least the obama administration says, 6 million americans. but the future of that law is really in question. where do you see that going? 6.4 million have registered, 4 million re-enrolling, 2 million just enrolling. what now as they work to try to essentially get rid of it?
10:30 am
>> well, that is a question up on capitol hill. that's what the house republicans on the ways and means committee spent all last week basically trying to figure out because even though donald trump wants to repeal this law, they don't have anything to replace it with immediately. that's why the hearings that we'll see for the confirmation of tom price to be the head of health and human services will be so interesting to watch because then we'll sort of get an idea as to what the trump administration wants to do with the obamacare law. but it's going to impact those individuals who are up for re-election and election in 2018. >> molly hooper, edward isaac, thank you. do you support president-elect trump's plan for extreme vetting of immigrants looking for entry to the united states? let's pull the results up. 56% of you say yes. 44% of you say no. pretty close today.
10:31 am we'll check back later in the show to see if that shifts. a day after delaying holiday trouble because they got sick, queen elizabeth and prince philip have headed to their country estate. when you have a cold, pain from a headache can make this...
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top stories we're following this hour. the u.n. security council has postponed a vote on a resolution demanding israel halt settlement construction in palestinian territory. both president-elect trump and prime minister benjamin netanyahu have weighed in on twitter asking the u.s. to veto the resolution. in north carolina big protests after lawmakers did not repeal hb-2, that state law restricting the use of certain bathrooms by people who identify as transgender. governor elect roy cooper says
10:35 am
the failure to repeal the law doubles down on discrimination. a house intelligence committee report on edward snowden suggests the former nsa contractor is still in touch with russian intelligence. scathing reports says that he was a disgruntled serial liar who put american soldiers at risk and seeks to pokes holes in every aspect of his account. all of it the result of a two-year inquiry. snowden today almost immediately disputed the report's findings in a series of tweets saying, quote, everyone knows this is false. queen elizabeth landed at the royal estate in sandringham for the family's christmas celebration. she put off travel originally because of what the palace called a heavy cold. lucy cavanaugh joins me from london. what is the latest on the queen's health? how is she doing? she's well enough to travel apparently. >> the palace isn't giving us
10:36 am
details on her health but the queen and her husband prince philip were able to board a helicopter and head for their royal country estate where they always celebrate christmas with family. tradition obviously very important for the crown. as tradition has it every single year the queen and her husband catch a morning train for their christmas holiday. yesterday there was a lot of concern because they abruptly failed to show up at the train station because, we later found out, because of this cold. it may not sound like a big deal having a cold, but when you're talking about the oldest and longest reigning monarch in the world, it's obviously no surprise that a cold can cause a royal scare. her husband, the duke of edinburgh is 95 years old. still going strong. but he's had several close calls in recent years. royal doctors obviously not taking any chances. it is also significant that this scare comes the same week that the queen relinquished responsibility for 25 charities to the younger royals, but is she actually lightening her load? she's still overseeing nearly 600 others, does 300 events a
10:37 am
year, incredible stamina for someone who is 90 years old. she's tremendously popular both here and abroad. i did get a chance to speak to a royal expert about that. >> there's probably not very many people in the world now that don't remember the queen being around. there's a sense that she's quite calming and reassuring in times of perhaps political turmoil or unrest. she provides that steadying constant figure which is why when she becomes ill or suddenly the plans change, people do start to get worried. >> so there's something obviously comforting, familiar about the monarchy, about the queen herself. it doesn't hurt to have a popular netflix series about you either. but the key takeaway is both the queen and her husband appear to be well enough to travel home, to pend the holidays with close family. >> lucy cavanaugh live from london. thank you very much. 35 people are now confirmed dead and close to a dozen more are still missing after that deadly explosion at a mexican fireworks market.
10:38 am
we've got new information on the chain reaction explosions and the victims coming up live from mexico, next.
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developing now, a grim update from the mexican government. at least 35 people are now confirmed dead after those huge explosions that leveled a popular fireworks market on tuesday. 59 other people were hurt and more than a dozen are still missing. let's bring in nbc's kerry sanders. you just got back from tultepec there on the scene. what's going on in the search for more victims? >> things have changed on the perimeter outside of this area. yesterday we had a lot of family members, many of those who were still hoping for some news on the dozen people who are still missing, hoping to get some sort of information. they're not here today. very few people have gathered around outside because it appears that they're losing hope that they may indeed find their loved ones alive.
10:42 am
but they of course devastated with the news but wanted the answer of what happened to their loved ones. i'll step away here and we'll zoom into the scene. remember, this area is about the size of four football fields. you can see it's leveled. way out there in the distance, you can see there are still teams doing the painstaking work, going through each area trying to locate any remains, any sort of identifying information to help those families that are just anxiously wondering what happened to my loved one. now as you reported, 5 people9 in the hospital, 18 have been released. that's good news. unfortunately, 4 he maremain in critical condition. the reason we have 45 dead is two patients who were rushed to the hospital have since passed away. this is video on the other side of the area where we are. you can see they've set up a little makeshift memorial. they've lit some candles. those candles are for those who have passed away as well as for
10:43 am
the dozen people who remain missing. and, of course, there are many people here who are victims but they're not necessarily injured. and their loss to their businesses, 80% of this community here relies on this fireworks business. they lost their business, but they also lost cars, they lost a lot of personal possessions and so much like in the united states where we have fema, you can see here they've set up through the government assistance. and people are lining up with their paperwork trying to gather as much evidence as they can to provide to the government so the government can give them assistance. unfortunately, this would never have been a good time, but this comes at a holiday time when these fireworks are very popular. people buy them for christmas and new year's. and so the families in this area who rely on this business are short of cash, short of income and anxious about how they're going to to be able to make it through the next couple of weeks. hall hallie? >> breaking news out of syria
10:44 am
just into the newsroom. the assad government is now saying it is in control of aleppo, the previously rebel-held city. the syrian military says the taking of aleppo representing a quote strategic transformation. the last of the refugees getting out on these buses, we've been following this story all week as they've been loading into buses and getting out, are out of the city. so it is potentially a milestone here at least for some of these refugees in aleppo. we'll have more on this story as it develops and we'll bring it to you as we get it. the president-elect after the berlin terror attack not backing off his plan to temporarily ban muslims from coming into the u.s. he says it's the best way to stop an attack from happening here at home. but is he right ideas come i ? ugly and messy. ? yes, ideas are scary, and messy
10:45 am
and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
10:46 am
10:47 am
this is really about true vetting. extreme vetting contemplates
10:48 am
getting tougher with these c countries that are known to train, harbor and export terrorists. >> that's incoming counselor to the president, kellyanne conway. after the president-elect said the attack in berlin proves that his muslim ban proposal was, quote, 100% right. joining me now is the former senior adviser to the bush/cheney re-election campaign and democratic strategist and president of the victory fund joining me here at 30 rock. robert, i want to start with you. there's a lot to break down in and around this topic. the president said that we the public know what his plans are regarding this temporary imposed muslim ban. he's never walked it back. his advisers have tried to walk it back. but the president-elect himself has never backed down from it. what are his plans? what do you think? >> i don't know what his plans are. but let me step back for a second and say he is not the
10:49 am
president yet. he will be a month from now. he has the right to govern this country under the ways that they sees fit under the context of the constitution. i want them to be able to have the tools to keep us safe. the question becomes whether or not this tool in the toolbox gives the president the ability to do so. i don't know. but i suspect that whomever the president is sits down every single day, gets the presidential daily briefs, look at the threat assessment and sees what exactly is coming to hurt us. let's remind ourselves that there are men and women who wake up every single day who want to do harm to this country and the president legally, legally should have the ability to be able to make sure that we thwart all of those circumstances whenever he or she possibly can. >> the commander in chief tasked with keeping americans safe. you talk about this tool in the toolbox, robert, but this is a tool, this proposed muslim ban that has virtually zero report from republicans in his own party on capitol hill. so why even talk about it?
10:50 am
>> let's talk about the tools for a minute. ron robert, hey, friend. >> hey. >> we know these tools don't actually work. the muslim registry so i completely agree the president of the united states should have the tools at his disposal to do what keeps us safe. we have a president-elect trump who's using a lot of one liner, i am not convinced she understands the situation and the gravity of it and how huge the issue is to deal with and to resolve and let alone understand what his options maybe. i am concerned that we are talking about violating people's civil liberties right now based out of the fear and that's the thing we cannot do. >> robert. >> i totally i agree with aisha. v valid points there.
10:51 am
>> the responsibilities that president-elect trump soon has to be president has to walked. i think of a valid point, you need congress here and hopefully this will be done by a partisan fashion first and for most. need republican support coming from donald trump as a republican would have to have some republicans support. it does not appear that he has that. i think he need to do a little bit of homework here where his team does to make sure that key senators, ie john mccain, obviously, lyndsey graham and some of the others are on board with this. >> aisha, on the issue of president obama dismantling this program that could have been a free work. how much pressure do you think trying to act preemptively in the next 29 days. i i want to come back. we are talking about a registry
10:52 am
system who have not done anything wrong. and putting them on a list they they are a threat. that gives me great pause. can i take up on that? >> i am a brown person who gets mistaken as being muslims. what does this mean now? i am going to be on the list? >> can i pick up on that? >> robert, go ahead. >> well, i think aisha making valid points. if this executive order that was put in place right after 2001 is so horrific, why didn't president obama end this when he first came into office back in 2009? i find it the timing -- >> it was 2011, that was two years after he came into office. >> to use your terminology, why didn't president obama issued it in 2011.
10:53 am
if it was such a bad program, why are we talking about it now and why did president obama just end this now and why did he do this two years ago. >> at this point, this is all technicality but to go back and agree you and i would love to have deeper conversations of civil liberties and rounding people up and throwing them on lists and violating their dignities and rights. >> thank you both for being with us here. we'll have you both back in dc, we can sit around the "roundtable" together. >> thank you, happy holidays. >> new news for you. a senior member of his communication including press secretary, sean spicer who has for a while been communication director at the rnc, he's familiar, of course, to folks in and around the media as somebody who's been a spokesperson for
10:54 am
the transition effort. so shawn supervisean spicer ans. she has been named and director of the strategic communications and dan scavino, who you may have known from social media. serving as the same role in the white house. staff announcements coming up and the announcement of kellyanne conway as countdoselof the president. we got much more ahead, stick around, msnbc. per roll more "doing chores for dad" per roll
10:55 am
more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper
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10:57 am
we have an update on harvey of the remarkable boy who had a
10:58 am
double transplant a year and a half ago. >> zion harvey, christmas came early this year. he got a puppy. >> one more gift in the year full of blessings says his mother, patty. >> it is like a fairy tale for me. i am the richest woman in the world now. >> he continues his remarkable progress. a year and a half since becoming the world's first child to have a double hand transplant. he lost them and both legs after an infection when he was a toddler. all the grueling therapy has paid off. >> the nerves have zion has grown into his parts and for fine motor movements are function functioning. >> i am learning how to do this. >> that's great. >> something else i can hear it. what else happened in your life?
10:59 am
>> my voice changed. >> former president bill clinton sent him a letter. >> what does that say about your mom. >> your mom is a warrior. hold onto her. >> patty has given zin her all including one of her kidneys even before his hand transplant. >> did you think twice? >> no. if he needed the other one, he can have it. >> they are writing a book about all they endured. >> with people of prosthetics and disabilities have kind of -- kind of a relationship because we all have a story behind it. >> patty has a message for the season. >> this is the best christmas gift that you can ever give a person. become an organ donor.
11:00 am
>> rahimi ellis. nbc news, baltimore. thank you for watching this hour on nmsnbc live. right now more news with my colleague, ali velshi. the global manhunt for the number one suspect in berlin's christmas market attack. revealed today, evidence found inside the truck and the trump's whisper in the west wing. kellyanne conway's future role inside the white house and also this hour, from a apocalypse prompting millions to flee to a warm blast with temperatures soaring 50 degrees above normal at the north pole. none other than bill nye the science guy joins me at this hour. donald trump naming sean spicer his new press secretary. this and kellyanne conway named


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