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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  December 23, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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if you have severe pain in your stomach area. tell your doctor your medical history. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. >> right now on "msnbc live," president-elect donald trump new fears this morning of another cold war. telling mika, let it be an arms race. what does it mean for his presidency and for our country.
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and manhunt over. and tarmac on the hours, ending just a short time ago. why hijackers forced a libyan jet liner to land in malta. president-elect changing nuclear policy in just 140 characters. it started with, you guessed it, a tweet. trump calling for the united states to greatly strengthen and expand nuclear capability. that sounded like nuclear proliferation proliferation but not to closest aides. after a day long clarification to walk it back, redefine it, trump got on phone this morning and said this. >> mika asked the president-elect, while we had the opportunity, what his position was on trying to clarify the tweet yesterday regarding the nuclear arsenal
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and the president-elect told you what? >> let it be an arms race. we will outmatch them at every pass. >> and outlast them all. >> outlast them all. >> my colleague, kristen welker, in west palm beach, florida. how is the transition team responding to the latest bit of news from the president-elect? >> reporter: well, they're walking a fine line, katy. they're trying to moderate it, put the focus on updating the united states nuclear arsenal which is, of course, something that president obama is already doing, modernizing it, securing it, but that's, of course, not what president-elect trump indicated in that tweet and his comments to mika b. earlier today. his incoming press conference, sean spicer, the former rnc director was pressed on this by matt lauer earlier today. >> if there's going to be an arms race -- >> there's not going to be. but there's not going to be because he's going to ensure
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that other countries get the message he's not going to sit back and allow that and what's going to happen, they'll come to their senses and we'll all be just fine. >> reporter: so sean spicer trying to walk that fine line of talking tough but at the same time, reassuring americans there won't be a nuclear arms race. vladimir putin was asked about this and he wasn't surprised because it echoes things he had said on the campaign trail. but the president-elect's tweet did set off alarm bells within the international community and said it essentially breaks with u.s. foreign policy going back to ronald reagan. every president has been effectively focused on trying to draw down nuclear arsenal and president obama delivered the speech in prague where he envisioned a world without nuclear weapons and since then,
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he has held four nuclear security summits in which he has gotten various international communities to draw down nuclear arsenal. so it couldn't be a bigger break than the president's current policy whit coen it comes to tht what will it look like when the president-elect takes office and that remains an open question, katy. >> kristen welker in west palm beach. i'm joined by jim heinz of connecticut. member of the permanent select committee on intelligence. congressman, normally, the president-elect doesn't start changing policy, talking about policy until he is inaugurated, especially when there is a sitting president still in office. sean spicer was asked about this on fox and let's listen to how he responded. >> should he have checked with barack obama first? >> no, he's the president-elect. he doesn't need to check with people. we respect there's one president at a time and this president is not going to sit back and wait for things to happen.
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he's going to get things done. >> do you think that's a good explanation? we're not going to wait for things to get done or is there a confusion in the world about who's actually in charge of the united states right at this moment? >> yeah, well, confusion, i guess, is a nice word and you sort of made me laugh there when you said normally. what we're seeing here is a complete overturning of all norms in everything from whether we have one president at a time to whether we should, as we have for the last 50 years tried to reduce the size of the global nuclear arsenal and spicer's comment was entertaining because he said, of course, we have one president at a time and then a bunch of words that mean, no, we don't have one president at a time. the president-elect is not going to sit back. and i'm reminded when barack obama was invited to a george bush economic conference that president bush pulled together because the economy was in full blown meltdown and
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president-elect obama said we have one president at a time and declined to participate. now we are in a world where the president-elect and soon to be president is going to do everything different. he's going to overturn decades of careful thoughtful balanced representation and provide us every single day with another event like this one. >> you're on the intelligence committee in the house. what does it mean for intelligence gathering? is this putting the united states in an uncomfortable position? is it leaving other thagnations feel like they can take advantage? >> it's horrifying. two examples in and around intelligence as you asked. number one, it was, what, a week and a half ago that the president in a tweet castigated, delegitimized his own intelligence community. this is a group of people on which we spend some $70 billion, $80 billion a year, many risk
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their lives to the cia and very dangerous places. these are the folks that got it wrong and totally delegitimize them and in moscow were thinking when they saw the president-elect aof the united states do that and here's where it gets more dangerous. sure, bring on a nuclear arms race. that's a reaction in other nuclear armed possibly antagonistic countries. in beijing and moscow, when we talk about nuclear arms, not particularly good weapons to fight terrorists, most think we should be focused on right now. they're good for deterring russia and china and other nuclear powers. they're sitting back and saying, my god, this guy is unpredictable and unpredictability and nuclear weapons do not mix. >> and since you're on the intelligence committee in the house, i want to ask you more about russia. what do you think of the investigation just staying in the house instead of intelligence committees, instead of going to a select committee, potentially, or some sort of
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special investigator that would figure out what was going on and allow the american public to see more evidence of russian hacking? after all, everyone saying the russians were involved but no evidence so far. >> right. right. a lot of the evidence may be a good long time before it's made public because, of course, we get this evidence through intelligence collections and if you make that public, it risks making our sources and methods public. >> isn't there an obligation to the american public when you talk about an allegation as serious as the russians hacking into the political system, isn't there an obligation to show us some sort of concrete evidence that that happened instead of just saying, trust us, we've seen it? >> yeah. there is. and remember, we have a long precedent of this going back to the cuban missile crisis when our ambassador to the u.n. showed photographs and the security council and colin powell with the intelligence that turned out to be flawed in front of the security council around saddam hussein's weapons of mass destruction so yes, there is, but we need to make
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sure there is a robust committee, ideally, it would actually be an outside commission like the commission we put together for 9/11. i would certainly settle for a select committee and it just makes me crazy that mitch mcconnell has said, no, we're not going to do it as a select committee. this is a republican party in the congress that's not hesitated to put together select committees to investigate benghazi, to investigate planned parenthood in the face of absolutely no evidence and so it's really frustrating to see them, something as serious as the russian hacking of people constituti institutions associated with the elections saying, we'll do this business as usual. this is not business as usual. >> do you think you'll be able to get it to a committee or commission? >> elections have consequences and mitch mcconnell is running the senate and paul ryan is running the house. they'll be making the decisions and i hope they make the decision that's really not about their party or protecting their president-elect but getting out and getting the truth out on very serious issues. >> so not much hope so far at
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least. thank you very much for joining me. happy holidays. representative himes. the president-elect weighing in, some might say complaining on twitter this morning about the trump's family ties to businesses and charities. my wonderful son, eric, will no longer be allowed to raise money for children with cancer, trump tweeted because of a possible conflict of interest with my presidency. isn't this a ridiculous shame? he loves these kids. he has raised millions of dollars for them and now must stop. wrong answer, exclamation point. with less than a month to go before inauguration, what's the solution to the trump family's conflict of interest problems? let's bring in darren samuelsson to drill down on this. talk to me, darren. this feels like what was lobbied against the clinton campaign during the primary, during the general election. is there any difference or now it's his side of things doing it? >> there's a difference. he's about to become the president of the united states and these are his businesses and
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will be affected by how he governs. with the clinton foundation, this was looking at her time at the state department, not time as president of the united states or serving in that capacity. so there's a big difference. this is the first time we're ever going to see a president of the united states with this level of conflict of interest crossing all manner of his businesses, his real estate, his business portfolio, his investments. he hasn't yet sd what he's going to do completely with respect to this. we're waiting patiently. he was supposed to do a press conference, but push that of january and see what he puts together. >> darren, tell me, just because he was elected, does that mean he's okay? after all, the public knew about his businesses beforehand. it's not illegal for him to have a conflict of interest, technically, because he is the president of the united states. i mean, i know there's caveats to that, but because he was elected, does that essentially mean it's okay for him to do what he wants? >> politically, it's a question we see going forward. i think he thinks it's okay and
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i think his supporters voted him because he is a successful businessman. they see his family and those connections and they're very happy that donald trump is going to try to do what he did for his company for the rest of the country and for the world, for that matter. there are some legal, ethical and very serious political questions though while donald trump doesn't face an exact conflict of interest, law requiring him to divest, he does face some constitutional requirements if he were to take payments from foreign governments. that could put him in cross hairs. >> the emollients clause. >> the emollients clause, something we haven't heard about for a long time. and then politically as well, scrutinized. this could look bad. democrats are not going to let go and the longer they push and more noise they make, this could be something that drips away. >> let me ask something about the republicans. you talked to a gop source who said, this is one of these
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situations where it's so complicated and it's so big that people keep thinking of these things. i don't even think there's an easy answer but a simple elegant idea not thought of yet. how concerned are the republicans about this? after all, the democrats are going to have a lot in their arsenal to go after donald trump with. >> republicans are quietly, maybe a little bit concerned about this. not going to say it publicly. i chased around members of congress. >> nobody wants to go on the record criticizing this transition. >> this is not their jurisdiction on the conflict of interest question. paul ryan said he is okay with what donald trump comes up with, but i think as this drags on, the democrats will be making a lot of noise. they know how to do oversight whether it's pulling from the old play books that henry waxman and john dingman set forth. but whether it pulls over more people like lindsey graham and
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mccain, and i think this is on the newspapers for months to come. if more problems surface or something happens in one of the agencies that donald trump is running, that's when this could become a bigger issue. >> isn't that the definition of politics? it's okay when our side does it but not when the other side does it. thank you for joining me and i hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend. >> thank you. still ahead, we follow breaking news. the dramatic shootout in the suspect in the berlin truck attack. plus, early morning hijacking of the libyan plane. how the tense situation ended. ferus a record number of people set to travel for the holidays if the weather holds out this weekend. that is, bill karins, what does it look like so far? >> we're dealing with it this morning in california. heavy rain. 135 minute arrival delays. that's miserable. and then los angeles because of construction right now, about an hour and a ha the two big airport delays across the country. we have a lot of winter weather to come though. winter blizzard watches,
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bismarck to rapid city and a winter storm warning for salt lake city. that's coming in tomorrow. the mountains near salt lake city could be 1 to 2 feet and generalized in the northern plains and milwaukee, green bay, areas of northern iowa. so travel forecast, areas on the east coast and see light rain going to the big cities tomorrow afternoon. maybe minor delays and the big storm on christmas eve in the rockies. and then we'll head out into the central plains and watch out. severe weather possible. oklahoma, kansas and then a blizzard on christmas day. you wanted snow? you're going to get way too much with blowing winds around negative 30 in the dakotas. more "msnbc live" and katy tur when we come back. 6-
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. now to breaking news on the berlin terror attack. europe's most wanted man is dead after a shootout with police in milan, italy, overnight. nbc's claudio lavango in europe. how did they get this guy? >> reporter: in the end, what got him was a routine check. two young policemen in a quiet and residential area, they noticed this guy was hanging around at the local train station at 3:00 in the morning. they thought that was suspicious enough and show us your id and the guy, the suspect just put his hand in and instead, pulled out a 22 caliber and shot one of the policemen in the shoulder, fortunately and the other was prompt enough to pull the gun out and shoot the suspect dead,
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right there and then. and found out this was the amri. and the other one is a rookie. been in the police force and is a 29-year-old. >> the u.s. confirmed he was on the no-fly list. italy, obviously, arrested him years ago. why was he not in custody in germany and we should mention this as germany just released a new video of the terror attack in berlin, correct? >> reporter: after he fled the tunisia, he was welcomed in and said he was a minor and probably to get the preferred protection
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and then pretty swift in showing his personality was aggressive and violent. he was walking in the migration center, set fire to it with a number of other migrants and for that, he was arrested. and he spent tofour years, move from prison across cystly a lyse spoke to the director of the police force who said this guy was violent, always into fightinfights with other inmates to the point he was put into solitary confinement and couldn't stay with the other people but also said, the director, that he was, he didn't show signs of fundamentalism but just very aggressive guy. so when the sentence was over, italy wanted to expel him and said, no, thank you very much. you can keep him. that's where he disappeared from the authorities later. who did put into the area, that there is the guy and the legal migrant, aggressive, you know,
8:22 am
just look out for him that nobody found him, of course, until monday. >> msnbc's claudio lavagno. thank you. now to that breaking news out of malta where a hijacking ended peacefully, all 118 people on board have been released. the libya bound jet forced to land in malta where two hijackers took control and the suspects reportedly carrying hand grenades. and cal perry joins me now. what the motivations for the hijackers were? >> reporter: starting to become clear these two are pro qadhafi loyalists and there has been a lot of factually fighting and all 118 passengers off and in the custody of the authorities in malta. still unclear if they had hand grenades and heard from the maltese prime minister, they're sweeping the plane. the threat was that they would
8:23 am
blow up this airplane on the runway in malta. that obviously didn't happen. but unclear if there's exloes i ives on the plane and because of the vacuum in libya. in 2013, the prime minister was kidnapped in a coup attempt. this is where planes are almost freekd frequently shot at in places like tripoli. there's not a good security apparatus in the country. so hopefully, the authorities take note of this because you do have in libya, groups like al qaeda and isis operating in the open, katy. >> the passengers were shaking the hands of the hijackers as they were deboarding. >> this was sort of a really bizarre scene. it didn't seem like anyone was really under any threat during this process as it was negotiated with the authorities in malta and malta has dealt with this in the past. i was in malta covering the story of two members of the libyan air force who just decided to land their jets in malta. so it's like the stopping point, the point for people trying to
8:24 am
get out of the country and this is nothing new for malta and it doesn't seem like it's going to change anytime soon, katy. >> cal perry, thank you very much. coming up, donald trump's suggests there could be an arms race and vladimir putin reacts to trump's nuclear ambitions. what could this all mean? a former defense official breaks it down next. ♪ ♪
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moments ago, donald trump released a letter from russian president vladimir putin sent to the president-elect. putin says in the letter, i hope that after you assume the position of president of the united states of america, we will be able, by acting in a constructive and pragmatic manner, to take real steps to restore the framework of bilateral cooperation in different areas as well as bring our level of collaboration on the international seed to a qualitatively new level and said a very nice letter from vladimir putin. his thoughts are so correct. i hope both sides are able to
8:28 am
live up to these thoughts and we do not have to travel an alternate path. i'm joined now by mark jacob son, former senior advisor to ash krart ercarter and public p. you know, i've got to say, i got a bit of whiplash here. i'm not quite sure what's going on. can you break it down for me? >> katy, thanks for having me. i'm not sure what's going on between trump's back and forth with his own people over the statements on nuclear weapons and, look, only donald trump could make vladimir putin seem like a diplomat. this back and forth congratul e congratulatory tone. >> i'm a bit lost because we
8:29 am
have donald trump being quite friendly with vladimir putin and then an arms race this morning and now he's releasing a letter. where does this administration stand on russian relations and if it is as murky as it is, could that mean that we have the upper hand in the sense of being not unpredictable or is this something that could lead to problems down the line? >> i don't mean to sound glib but we see the corner stone being consistency, and maybe irresponsibility. you don't work international relations via twitter and certainly don't send inconsistent or signals that could be misunderstood with regards to nuclear weapons, but let me take a more serious note, if i could. there is, my view, clearly a debate within the future trump administration about russia policy. you have long standing
8:30 am
professionals such as jim mattis, who have taken a realistic and hard line on russians. putin does not mean what he says. he understands that the russians are engaged in a very overt and then more subtle covert campaign, political warfare against the west and then trump saying, what he wants to, changing his mind, being inconsistent. and i think the first thing that the trump administration will have to do is get the line set on what to do about russia. >> you were an advisor to ash carter, defense partner. how do you think having some experience in this field general mattis is going to be reacting to this now, realizing that he's got somebody who potentially will change nuclear policy through a tweet? >> let me take a little bit more hopeful line on the trump administration for a second here. i don't think, because he's still the president-elect, and because he's chosen not to get his daily intelligence
8:31 am
briefings, trump is in the groove yet, if you will. >> do you think he'll suddenly change and get in the groove and get intelligence briefings and listen to advisors? >> i don't think he will. but i think jim mattis and frankly, mike flynn and tillerson and others are going to have to put him in that groove or we're going to be in a dan dangerous place in this nation. what theeds needs to happen, i' confident they'll be able to do that with trump. >> let's talk about the russian hacking. we're unclear on where the administration stands. donald trump pushed back forcefully. does he need to come out and advocate and push for an independent investigation as many are calling for or at least an investigation in the house and senate intelligence committees? >> let me step back a second. i actually would like to see the obama administration push harder for the commission and i know that democrats on the hill have talked about an independent 9/11
8:32 am
style commission. this is absolutely crucial but i don't think trump is going to push for that at all. i think that this has to come from congress and republican leaders such as john mccain and lindsey graham. i think jack reid on the armed services committee needs to push because what we're dealing with here is not just the cyber attacks but orchestrated campaign, political and psychological warfare, the likes of which we have not seen since the cold war. and it is designed to undermine the american people's belief in our democratic system and frankly, it's having an impact there. we've seen that, you've seen that over the last six months or so. >> tons to talk about, as usual. former advisor to defense secretary ash carter. mark jacobson. thank you for being here. happy holidays. >> you too. still ahead, high gear. reagan international arraignment with what you might want to know about leaving early, potentially fr for the holiday weekend.
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up to date on some of the stories we're following this friday morning. president-elect trump not mincing words coming to his recent statement on nuclear weapons. the incoming commander in chief telling morning joe, let it be an arms race. trump tweeted that the u.s. needed to expand its nuclear capabilities. russian president vladimir putin said moscow does not want an arms race but does say his country needs to reinforce their nuclear potential. breaking developments on this week's terror attack in berlin. the man behind the attack is dead. amis amri was shot. in libya, the hijackers who took a commercial flight bound for tripoli surrendered in malta. all 118 passengers and crew on board were released after the men threatened to blow up the plane. >> more on the nuclear news leading to the world of politics this morning. throu
8:37 am
sean spicer on "today" a little earlier addressing it. >> other countries need to be put on notice, he will not allow them to undermine our safety and sovereignty but going to match other countries and take action. >> take action. with me now, two msnbc political analysts, former pennsylvania governor ed rendell, along with robert trainum. former bush/cheney administration advisor. what's going on with the president-elect today? >> good morning and happy holidays to you. i'm not sure. i think what the president-elect is doing, flexing his muscle and sending a signal he's not to be played with. it's whether our friends and allies and enemies around the world are going to take him seriously, the question becomes, whether or not this is really helping us from a sovereign standpoint and we don't know the answers to those questions yet. >> do you think he just
8:38 am
announced a nuclear arms race? >> i hope not. look, we've come so far. when you take a look at the treaties with reagan, nixon, carter, clinton, democrats, meeting with soviet and russian counterparts to reduce nuclear weapons in this world, i would hope that we are in the era that will continue. so i hope that the president-elect is not starting an arms race. >> governor rendell, i know donald trump just released a letter from vladimir putin talking about this, but you said to morning joe, we'll match them at every turn. do you have any idea who he's talking about, with them? is it safe to assume it's russia or potentially china, who we don't necessarily have a deal with on nuclear disarmament. >> or north korea or whatever. i think it's impossible to figure donald trump out because i don't think he's figured it out. i think he looks at this almost
8:39 am
like it's a video game, but it's not a video game. we possess, right now, enough to blow the world apart 20 times over. we don't need another nuclear arms race. we need to continue, as robert said, democrats and republican presidents have been doing, reducing the nuclear stockpile. it would only increase the potential for an accident. it would be costly at a time when donald trump said he's going to give us the biggest tax cut ever, spend money on the military, and arms race, infrastructure. there's no way he's going to be able to pay for all that. he's living in a dream world, a fantasy world where he can tweet and maybe play a video game. got governor schwarzenegger to replace him on the "apprentice." doing the ads for the video game, that's a war game. maybe that's what he thicnks its about. he issues contradictory statements and takes vladimir
8:40 am
putin at his word and one of the previous guests said we can't believe anything vladimir putin says and he's right. vladimir putin is a killer, bad man with bad intentions towards us and if donald trump isn't smart enough to understand that, woe is all of us. >> one of the hillary clinton's most famous lines is that a man who can be baited by a tweet can't be trusted with the nuclear codes, and weren't sure they'd be able to trust donald trump with the nuclear code. for the critics who say that this is basically just a validation of that, what do you say? >> well, we don't know yet. >> should we know when it comes to nuclear weapons? is that something we should know concretely? >> of course. my understanding is, having read this in academic settings, the president of the united states has about 3 to 5 minutes to make a decision, if in fact, a nuclear warhead is headed to washington, dc, new york, los
8:41 am
angeles, chicago. 3 to 5 minutes to make a decision to whether or not you'll retaliate and how you're going to retaliate. these are serious times we're living in and we're having a conversation on national television and around the world about a nuclear arms race? we have to ask these questions. and these are legitimate questions to ask of our next president. what is your goal and your vision? perhaps, maybe he is thinking something that we don't know yet and perhaps it can be in our best interest. we simply don't know and to question whether or not secretary clinton raises those concerns? is that a valid concern, absolutely. but i believe the president-elect reserves the right and we should give him a little latitude to explain to us what the trump doctrine is in a post-obama era. maybe something we don't know. >> for all of you who might be interested in how it works when you say that somebody's finger
8:42 am
is on the nuclear codes and how much time you have to respond, i highly recommend you go out there and read a politico article that came out in politico magazine over the summer, june 11th, "what would it mean to have trump's finger on the nuclear button?" it lays out in great detail the steps the president would need to take to launch a nuclear weapon. it's a must-read in these times. governor rendell, robert tranum. thank you. >> happy holidays. trains, planes, automobiles. navigating what could be a record breaking travel weekend. plus. ♪ people say you're funny looking ♪ ♪ darling stay with me >> wow! >> that is something completely different. singing animals going rogue, hollywood mega stars in space. which movies should you see or skip this holiday season?
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busy day ahead for travelers at the nation's airports and roads. triple a said this holiday season could be a record breaker with up to 103 million people on the move. nbc's tom costello at reagan national airport just outside of washington, dc. tom, you look warm. you look rested. you look like you had some coffee. how are the travelers behind you? >> reporter: i should run for election, don't you think? here what's going on. we have a really good travel day, for december 23rd, this ain't bad at all. look at the misery map. this is a great resource, realtime data on what's happening, major airports around the country. start in southern california, l.a. we've got some delay here at l.a.x. because runway construction under way and a package that was unexplained and had to deal with that a couple
8:47 am
of days ago. and delays in l.a. they've got rain and wind in san francisco, that's causing delays there and move west and go to my hometown of denver. we've got a little bit of snow that's moving through, expecting to move through the rockies, so denver, which is already one of the busiest airports in the country. number five, it's got delays today and then the weather as you move through the midwest into chicago, not a lot of snow expected to impact airport operations but slowing things down ever so slightly at the countrs y'second busiest airport. that being chicago/o'hare and then we move to the east at jfk at this hour, delay action. but i got to tell you, 370 delays right now nationwide. when you're talking 30,000 flights a day, let me say that again, 30,000 commercial flights a day, this is really a rit gpr good day overall. i hate to tell you this, this is one of them. fast forward to a week from
8:48 am
today, friday, and then to monday, january 2nd. those will be the busiest travel days over the course of the holiday stretch. you mentioned 103 million travelers, those are the people traveling more than 50 miles. if you're just going to denver to colorado springs, you're on the list. so that may not seem like a long trip but that's a big number. a third of the country traveling and the rest going by stageco h stagecoach, moped, train, you name it. pick your mode of transportation. we're at $2.26 for the national average right now. that's about 26 cents more than a year ago but historically, pretty low. we're at the second lowest prices since 2009. so all in all, you and i have both covered miserable travel periods in years past. we're looking pretty good today, and if everybody is to
8:49 am
grandmother's house by tomorrow night, christmas eve, they'll probably be in place when that storm moves through the rockies and the midwest and the da co-it is a. back to y >> music to my ears, not busy on january 8th when i'm traveling back. i am happy. >> i know where you're going. you don't have to worry about snow in the dakotas. so enjoy your much deserved west. >> i am going so far away, no one will be able to find me. tom costello, thank you so much. the holidays also mean block busters at the movies for those of you at least staying in america. up next, what's hot, what's not. the managing editor of fandango will join me.
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the christmas holiday is poised t b a big one for the box office. already earning block buster status. no surprise here.
8:53 am
"rogue one" while oscar buzz is building for films like hidden figures opening this weekend. >> pretty heady stuff. >> yes, it is. >> they let women handle that sort of -- that's not what i mean. >> on any given day, i analyze the levels for air displacement, friction and velocity and compute over 10,000 calculations by hand. so, yes, they let women do some things at nasa, mr. johnson. not because we wear skirts. it's because we wear glasses. joining me to discuss the hits and flops an awards show season as well is the managing editor of fandango and eric davis. i love that. "because we wear glasses". >> it looks good and that actress is probably the front runner for best supporting actress for the role in "mon moonlight."
8:54 am
this is also fantastic. one of the crowd pleasers of the year about three black women who worked for nasa during the space race, helped -- played an integral role helping john glenn get into space during segregation. there are all these obstacles. working in an environment that doesn't believe they should be there. yet they over come the obstacles and 's a good movie. >> why do men do that? women are smart. >> they are. very smart. >> thank you for that. on to something different. passengers starring jennifer lawrence and chris pratt released on wednesday. look at this one. >> the whole section is closed off. something is wrong. >> we're looking for wrong. try to open it. >> warning. pressure fail. lockdown initiated. secure all doors. >> it's got two big hollywood stars but not so many fans.
8:55 am
why aren't people liking this one. >> i like to call it chris pratt and jennifer lawrence the movie. it's basically them. but people are iffy on it. they play space travellers on this 120-year mission in hyper sleep. then they wake up. why do they wake up? who wakes them up? that's a debate i don't want to spoil now. is the ship in trouble? will they make out? all questions that the film will answer. >> oh, yes. >> but i love these two together. i would like to see them do a comedy next or i would have liked to see them in a holiday commodity as a couple. >> i want to see something like "love actually" again, but don't. i love it the way it is. don't ruin it. >> yes. >> finally "sing." i have seen billboards for it around new york city. it's animals singing. >> it is. if you have kids who like "the voice" or "american idol," matthew mcconaughey voices this. down on his luck koala bear who wants to save a theater and stages a singing competition. what i like is kids get antsy at the end. so the last 30 minutes is like a
8:56 am
rock concert. all songs you know. good messaging in it. teaches kids, you know, put yourself out there. get up, take a chance, take a risk. it's a good movie to watch. >> the animation is so great. it makes you smile. golden globes, we are two months from the oscars as well. who will be the big contenders? >> "la-la land". >> i want to see it and i don't have time for movies. >> take some time off so tee see i. this is my favorite movie of the year. i'm a dreamer. anybody who is a creative. this is a love letter to art produced on stage whether it's a musical, a movie, a jazz set. i love jazz. this is a love letter to jazz. it's beautiful to. with a. this is the guy who did whiplash. that's oscar buzz. emma stone, ryan gosling. this is the front-runner. it's the film to beat. other movies, "moonlight" good as well.
8:57 am
"jackie", natalie portman a front-runner. >> i'm not going to work the rest of the day. i'm going to the movies. thank you so much. we'll be right back. testinhuh?sting! is this thing on? come on! your turn! where do pencils go on vacation? pennsylvania! (laughter) crunchy wheat frosted sweet! kellogg's frosted mini-wheats. feed your inner kid there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof.
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that's it for me this hour. for the movies i'm going to tell my bosses. i don't know if they will say yes. >> manchester by the sea. >> oh, good. another one. >> thank you, merry christmas. good day. i'm chris jansing. ahead on nbc live, going nuclear. donald trump tells msnbc, let it be an arms race. the president-elect doubling down on a vow to expand america's arsenal. plus, russia's response. vladimir putin said he knew it was coming. he knew trump would win. he's accusing hillary clinton of being a poor loser. and breaking news. the suspect in germany's christmas market attack killed in


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