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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  December 24, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good saturday morning, everybody. i am ayman mohyeldin at msnbc headquarters in new york. and there's a call from isis supporters to attack churches and holiday gatherings. police were seen outside of st. patri patrick's cathedral, and morgan, do people feel detoured at all
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particularly following the attacks in berlin and the beefed up presence that is now in the city? >> reporter: we are hearing mixed emotions. there's a police presence behind me and they have been out here all morning, and the fbi is still investigating those calls for the attack, and they did not come directly from isis, and that still has people i have spoken to that they are on high alert and at times afraid. heavy guns and police barricades, and not the type of ornaments you expect to see around the christmas tree. >> we have seen cops carrying assault rivals. >> keep an eye on your kids and bags. >> a fresh reminder to major cities across the world on holiday alert. in london, more police patrolling the palace.
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>> policemen are everywhere. >> and four suspects arrested for allegedly plotting a day of attack. >> it's a time of happiness and joy, and these terrorists sought to disrupt it and they have been thwarted and are in custody. >> here at home, it's as much about prevention as response. >> in boston and philadelphia, more police have been assigned to patrol the sites since the berlin attack, and there are claims that isis supporters call for attacks against american churches. >> most source online have no idea what this is or where it came from so it's by no means official. >> and greater police presence often routine during the holidays, and this year especially trained police unit armed with guns to respond to potential shooters. >> you can't protect every place
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all the time or you protect nothing. so we do analysis of high visibility locations and then we protect them. >> ayman, this is also the first holiday season that the nypd trained an elite police unit called the critical response command and they are saw especially patrolling high traffic areas like this. >> thank you very much for that, morgan. if there isn't security concerns there, may be another type of concern that travelers are concerned about, and that's going to be weather and the affect that may have on plans. and joining me now for a complete holiday weather picture, bonnie schneider. how is the weather looking? >> as we approach christmas day, we are looking at a blizzard in one part of the country, and it's going to be a whiteout situation for bismarck and rapid city.
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forget about visibility, with the warnings in place, we are looking at the blizzard and winter weather impacting millions of americans under winter weather alerts, and that is for sunday and another threat to the south where the air is warmer and it's severe warmer, thunderstorms from grand island all the way down through wichita, stormy conditions and a risk for tornado, and the greatest threat is for gusty winds and we are dealing with wet weather, there has been flash flooding around jackson, minnesota, and right along i-40, and some tough travel for those of you in tennessee. we are looking for wet weather into the carolinas, and light snow falling in and around upstate new york. looking at the airport delays, salt lake city, snow and wind
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and for sunday, minneapolis, freezing rain in the early hours of the day will change over to all rain and it will be a tough go for christmas morning. as we work our way into monday, most of us have the day off and we will watch for more rain into the midwest, and we could see airport delays for travelers. that wintry mix by sunday into minneapolis could slow us down. temperatures are mild, and we have warmer conditions in the eastern half of the country, and it's turning colder. by the time we wrap up 2016 and head into 2017 this weather picture will be looking a lot different, and most of us will be facing the cold. >> stick around and we will touch base with you throughout the day. let's bring in kerry sanders for how all the weather is impacting travel. what is the situation like today? >> reporter: do the pictures
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show you much right now? i am standing in a line and it's slowly moving here. folks are seemingly in good spirits waiting to get on. because of the snow you would say, well, you are in miami, and what is the big deal, but you sneeze in one part of the country and the rest of the country catches a cold and that's what is happening. across the country there are 93 delays, and the worst right now appear to be in chicago, and newark and jfk in new york. there's an affect where it will continue to roll down. folks coming to the airport not only need to come early and check on their phone to see if there flight will be delayed, but they need to recognize it could be a trying day, and they have to be hopeful it's not eventful as it was for one nfl team. >> that's what's happening. the vikings in need of a rescue last night. the minnesota football players evacuated from their plane after
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it slid off the runway in the snow in wisconsin, snow that is making travel tricky tprrbgs iowa where drivers are struggling to stay on the highway, to spokane, washington, and amazingly, nobody was hurt. drivers in northern california hoping to avoid a similar fate putting chains on their tires. >> and it's more traffic. >> a record 103 million people expected to travel this holiday season with 94 million hitting the road. >> now we are just sitting still. >> reporter: at the airport so far, a mixed bag. >> i am glad we have a lot of leeway, because there's no way -- if i was here two hours early i don't think i would make a flight. >> as you can see, there are no lines. no lanes at all. >> in newark, getting to the
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airport was hard when this got stuck, and delays flights not a concern. >> i am not worried. but, hey, it's the holiday travels, merry christmas. >> reporter: of course she has the right attitude. it's going to be a trying day, and pack your patience, and remember one piece of the puzzle if you are traveling by air today, getting to the airport could be one of your biggest hurdles. so many people decided these days they will not drive to the airport and park but rather they will use a taxi or uber or lyft, and don't think it's just like a quick ride to the airport, you can find yourself in some airports like here in miami in a traffic jam for 30 minutes before you can get to the terminal to get out of the car. >> i have seen a few people behind you getting an eye on
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you, and they probably think you are going to cut in line, so make sure -- anyway, we will speak to you later. and then the fallout over the conclusion russia interfere to help trump win, and the reaction to the loss is humiliating and one must be able to lose with dignity. and they are ramping up on the bipartisan call for the congressional review, and biden had an interview with the "los angeles times"s he said he doesn't think secretary clinton ever figured out why she was running. she thought she had no choice but to run and that was the first woman that had an opportunity to win the presidency, and i think it was a real burden on her. meanwhile, tiger woods enjoying a round of golf.
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joining me now, the reporter "the hill," and good to have you both. the break with tradition on the israel vote a. lot of democrats in the house and senate sided with trump on this one. how unusual is that in particular and the reaction now coming out from both parties? >> i would not frame it as the democrats are siding with trump as they are siding with israel, which is consistent with what they have done for many decades. it's a rare bipartisan issue, and a lot of bipartisan bickering on capitol hill, and this is an issue where you see eye to eye, and you have schumer and nancy pelosi joining forces with speaker paul ryan, and john mccain, and this is a bipartisan issue. trump jumps in because on the campaign trail he was a big
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defender offish, and that's a strong republican facet and always has been. all of those things are happening but i would not frame it as the democrats are siding with trump as they are siding with israel. >> what about the relationship? it's been a contentious relationship on a personal view by president obama and netanyahu. are they trying to preserve giving the fact you have an incoming president-elect who made his appointment to israel who supports the settlement movement, if you will, how do you see this playing out? is it a personal issue or policy issue? >> i think it's a little bit of both. there's not a whole lot of a departure in terms of the vote other than the tpapbgt that the united states didn't veto it. this has been the obama administration's policy to not support these settlements in
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israel, and so while the relationship between president obama and prime minister netanyahu has been icy, if you listen to what u.s. ambassador samantha powers said, she was critical of the resolution that was passed by the united states not getting involved with the veto has they normally have done, and she still had lots to say about how they disapproved of the fact that the united states -- excuse me, that the u.n. was passing the resolution that the u.n. treated israel differently than it treats a number of other countries that have done nasty things in terms of humanitarian issues that israel has been accused of, but certainly no worst than any other country, and doing far fewer terrible things that was called out in her prepared remarks, but it's certainly a
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matter of the obama administration, and kind of putting its foot down, saying israel has continued to push for the settlements and it's not part of the administration policy and it's not all that great for what everybody wants, which is the two-state solution. >> it's a policy that has not run president obama's eight years in office and that of previous republican and democratic presidents. mike, let me ask you about donald trump in particular tweeting over the past couple of days on serious issues, including nuclear arms, and it's called the chaos theory of trump. is there any sense the strategy here by donald trump with the outbursts or the tweets that he is putting out there, or is there a coherent strategy that you see that others are missing? >> i don't think anybody knows what donald trump is going to do. i don't think sometimes donald trump knows what donald trump is going to do. certainly, there's a lot of
5:14 am
intrigue and there's a transitional period, and everybody is looking at the nominees to see which direction he will take this thing, because on the campaign trail, he was all over the place and you name an issue and he was on both sides for the most part, and he was for the wall and now not doing all of the wall, and you name an issue and he has been all over the board. >> yeah. >> part of the intrigue is that nobody knows what he is going to do. he sends out a 140 character messages. it has nothing to do with legislation. they are just kind of thoughts, and nobody knows what they are going to look like after january 20th, had he actually has to get in there, and introduce legislation, and has to find a way to pay for those things. >> i wonder if some of the world leaders are listening to you, and thinking, maybe we should not take his tweets as serious right now? >> i am not saying don't take
5:15 am
him seriously, and he is putting things forward but is he going to walk them back like he walked other things back, and when the rubber hits the road and he gets in there and has to go to congress and say i want to pay for a nuclear expansion, and they will say not only does this defy decades of u.s. policy, but how are you going to pay for it? are you going to pay billions on capitol hill? not the easiest thing in the world. good luck with that. we will see what he does. nobody knows, i think is the answer. >> january 20th. we will find out. let me ask you about the conventional wisdom in d.c. in particular, just, you know, in particular about inauguration. once he becomes president, the sober nature of the job will it force him to tone down his twitter activity, and do you think we will see a unprecedented president where he will tweet simultaneously in
5:16 am
parallel with passing legislation? >> i think nobody knows, and i am not sure his staff knows either. that's one of the interesting things that has been going on since elected president. he will tweet something and then his staff will come back and walk it back and they will say it's not really what he meant, and you should take him symbolically and not literally, and obviously there are security concerns, and somebody in the previous hour was saying that, you know, the secret service may step in and say that mr. president, we can't let you have this phone and it's a security risk and it could be bugged. obviously the security of devices was a thing that he hit hillary clinton on, and of course we have seen the things that he was willing to criticize hillary for, not necessarily things he takes on himself. it will be certainly unprecedented no matter which decision he goes with, whether or not his staff is able to rest the twitter phone out of his
5:17 am
hands, and i think we are all waiting with bated breath to see if this is how policy is going to be made in the next four years. >> good to have both of you with us and happy holidays to you both and thanks for joining us. >> thank you. donald trump in the middle east, how will his strong support for israel affect the pursuit for peace in that region? crest complete presents sugar shield
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at the united nations friday a round of applause you here thereafter the security council voted 14-0 to condemn israeli settlements but in a break from tradition, obama abstained from
5:21 am
the u.s. vote. >> nothing could be further from the truth. none of us can give up on a two-state solution. we continue to believe that that solution is the only viable path to provide peace and security for the state of israel and freedom and dignity for the palestinian people. >> joining me now, my good friend editor in chief of the "hindu times." let's talk about the u.s. abstainti abstaintion? >> not only has he been supportive but he has been givingish-somethings the biggest deal they have got from the united states, and the last time this came up in the u.n. in 2011, the vetoed criticism of the settlement, and we have not
5:22 am
heard from a credible answer from the obama administration, what has changed and why this four weeks before the presidency, and why h the president on this occasion not to use the veto? he seems to be trying to send a message but it's not clear. it's not like this vote will change anything on the ground. >> right. >> even before netanyahu would not abide by the resolution, it was clear this was meant to be at the very most a. light wrap on the knuckles and no more than that. >> it triggered a backlash from republicans and democrats. and trump tweeted, as to the u.n., things will be different after january 20th. what do you make of that? what does he mean, do you think? >> you can see what he says and
5:23 am
what he has done, and the nominated ambassador to israel, this is a man who has completely and utterly sort of denounced the two-state solution, and that's a clear signal, under the trump administration there will be no pursuit of a two-state solution, and anytime any sort of criticism comes up against israel in the u.n., trump will use the veto, as every american president has done at various times, including this one. >> how do you see it in terms of the -- from what you have seen form in terms of donald trump's foreign policy, with the appointment or suggested appointment, and general mattis, and rex tillerson at the state department, how do you see that playing out in terms of trying to achieve middle east peace, and sit going to be low on the priority list? >> i don't think it will be a
5:24 am
priority at all. the ambassador -- the appointment of ambassador indicates he is moving away from a two-state solution, so there's not going to be any progress there and he seems comfortable with that, and as far as the larger middle east goes, it's clear that he is going to allow russia and iran to have a bigger role there, and we know that putin's admissions don't agree the there. >> let me ask you about a point, which is about president obama and his relationship and u.s. israel relations have been strong under obama, and they will be strong under trump, and
5:25 am
do you believe that? >> they will be stronger under trump if anything. these two countries are joined at the hip, and why not? there has been consistent foreign policy across the decades, presidents on either side of the political divide have essentially sided with israel, and israel is now highly critical of barack obama, and as we head, this is the president of the united states that gave israel the biggest deal, and the relationship is big and a strong one and there will be blips that are for public consumption, and there will be differences of opinion, and sometimes expressed in the united nations, and that has always been the case and under president bush, there were eit or nine occasions when president bush allowed resolutions to pass in the
5:26 am
united nations about israel without vetoing, so this disagreement happens and under trump you will probably see less of that. >> and president obama labeled by many as being one of the most anti-israel presidents. >> that's laughable. and a cautionary note to donald trump. that's ahead. ♪
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welcome back, everybody. approaching the half hour mark, here's what we are monitoring for you this hour. "star wars" actress, carrie fisher remains in the intensive unit this morning after exspeakancing trouble during a flight. steve patterson has that.
5:30 am
>> as you said, she remains in the intensive care unit here at a hospital in los angeles, and friends and family have rushed to that hospital hoping to hear any update on her condition at this point, and all while a galaxy of fans is pulling for a hollywood icon. >> i am a member of the imperial senate -- >> in this galaxy and perhaps others far, far away, carrie fisher is hollywood royalty. >> we have no weapons -- >> this morning, fans are praying for the actress best remembered from "star wars," and the 60-year-old was flying back to the u.s. when passengers say she appeared to stop breathing before landing at l.a.x. >> we have some passengers, nurses assisting the passenger. >> law enforcement say she suffered full cardiac arrest, and since then, the phrase may the force be with her trending
5:31 am
on social media, and all while a galaxy of fans worry and wait. >> landing the role of "star wars." and she was born in the spotlight and made her own debut in the 1975 movie "shampoo." >> i remained celibate for you. >> carrie fisher is the author of several books, and most recently her memorandum war, and she spoke about it with savannah last month here on "today."
5:32 am
>> it seems like you were in love. it felt that way? >> well, i was 19, yeah. i was not sort of a cavalier type of person. >> one of the trade marks of carrie fisher has been a honest demeanor. >> and a strained relationship with her mother or her failed marriage to paul simon. >> she has become a successful author and a screen writer, and she's a commentator and has done many, many different things"sta actress. >> and her legacy already written into history. >> and we continue to hear from her friends and co-stars on social media, people like mark hamill, and if you are a "star wars" geek like i am, huge names, and the phrase, the force
5:33 am
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breaking news that we want to update you. new arrests in the terror attack in berlin, germany. the nephew of an attack suspect has been arrested in tunisia, and it's unclear whether the suspect's helped emery flee. meanwhile, the fbi is investigating claims that isis supporters are being called to carry out attacks against american churches here on u.s. soil. police armed with guns now patrolling st. patrick's cathedral in new york, and they
5:37 am
say the ramped up security is routine around christmas and new year's in particularly. and my guest specializes in security, and good to have you, and thank you for joining us. let me get your reaction to the new reports we are hearing. are you surprised this? >> often the perpetrators who initially appear to be carrying out the acts of violence and terrorism by themselves have a much broader network around them and obviously like europe and borderless travel, they could have connections all around europe and find it easy to contact them. >> you brought up borders, and it's interesting the suspect was caught 11 hours away from
5:38 am
berlin, and crossing two borders, and there was reports at one point he was in italy and managed to get to germany, and do you think there were a lot of missed opportunities for law enforcement in the hunt for this individual as he moved around in what seemed pretty easily? >> perhaps. welcome to europe in 2016. borderless travel is a wonderful concept, and it's wonderfully convenient if you are on vacation in europe and it's also convenient for transnational networks that have a variety of sympathizers so law enforcement intelligence, they may have missed signs, but this is part of the deal with the agreement and part of borderless travel in europe and it's hard to keep a track on people as they move country to country. that's basically the premise behind the idea, was, you know, it's free movement of people, so people can move from country to country and not necessarily be
5:39 am
detected. >> let me ask you on the flip side to that, and here's what we know so far from our own reporting and investigation into this. he was on a surveillance list in germany, and german authorities said they are too short staffed to monitor all the suspected terrorists on their list, and we know he spent time in italy in an italian jail and by some measure, they knew who he was, and he was on a u.s. terrorists watch list, and do you think there's something other than intelligence leading to things like, where people who have ties are still out on the loose and not being apprehended. >> this is a familiar story. his background was familiar to anybody that tracks european terrorism cases. the lower ranked offenses and
5:40 am
graduate into carrying out acts of terrorism. i think the problem is that law enforcement, and intelligence agencies, there are far more terror suspects than the ability to monitor, and they are always converting intelligence, and intelligence into something that can be used in a cause, so there will be a lot of people that intelligence officials are suspicious of, and they have great fears over but convert that into something that can be used in court to keep these guys in jail, and even some of these people that have been trying to get to syria, and they have been able to do so, and they have been jailed for, say three years, and so there's no easy solution to this. >> let me bring it back to the u.s., and get your thoughts about what is happening here. what are the major concerns there could be somebody similar to what we have seen in brussels
5:41 am
or now nice or berlin, plotting an attack like this, that on one hand is crude, just a truck used as a weapon or something sophisticated like we saw in brussels, what is more of a concern for officials here in the u.s. and can it be prevented? >> the greatest concern is the use of trucks and crude weapons like that, because normally you would say, well, if isis could get their hands on suicide vests and the guns and the rest of it, the body count will be greater. isis has killed 100 people with two guys in europe using trucks. this could inspire others, and this is where we get to the point where you have to say, if there's somebody radicalized out there and determined to kill in
5:42 am
high numbers and all he needs to do is get access to a track, and that's really hard to stop. >> absolutely. that's a good point. >> good to talk to you. a live picture at this hour, and those are pictures from bethlehem in the occupied area, and that's where tourists and religio religio religious pill tkpwruplz. we will have a review of what is worth seeing and once you can probably skip. tracking santa. where in the world is he? i will tell you that. ♪ think of your fellow man.
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>> you were great. by the way, the bathroom sink is blocked again. >> everybody in the city gets a shot at being a star on my stage. ♪ ♪ >> you are seeing a clip from the newest animated film "sing" out on christmas day, and it's one of the biggest days at the box office, believe it or not. and good to have you with us this morning. >> thanks, ayman. >> let's talk about what films you think people should spend money on this weekend. what are some of your top picks? >> "sing" is a good family film, and this is one of the good ones, and good and solid and funny, and it's one that the entire family will probably enjoy. if you are after some powerhouse acting, "fences" opening this week with denzel washington, and
5:47 am
if you want a smaller but really powerful drama with a terrific central performance by casey affleck, there's "manchester by the sea," and one of my favorites, "lala land," and it's a throwback on screen now, and it's a singing and dancing musical. >> no shortage of star power in that movie. what do you think people should avoid? >> there's county programming, and you have a bunch of fan saw tea and sci-fi action movies out there, with great stars, and "collateral beauty" has will smith and "assassins greed" is that video game movie with a good cast, and the problem is,
5:48 am
none of them are really all that good. i mean, go if you are real fans of those stars, but they have done better work elsewhere. >> we know there's a big time of year for studios to get movies out there, and there's a lot of campaigning as we go into the holiday award season. what do you think is the most underrated film this year? >> a movie that i saw earlier this year, and it's in theaters now, and i really like it and it's not getting a lot of attention and it's called "loving," and it stars two underrated actors, they were an interracial couple when it was against the law and took it to court, and it's a story who were not publicity hogs, and they were the opposite, and it's a really good movie with terrific
5:49 am
performances. >> that's definitely on my first-see list. and "lion," take a look at this clip. >> are you okay? >> i had another family, a mother, a brother. i can still see their faces. >> what happened? >> i have to find my way back home. >> absolutely incredible true story. what do you think going to be a hollywood darling this year? >> that's another one that the whole family can enjoy, and come out and it pushes all the emotional buttons. what do i think is the going to be the favorite? >> "la la land." it's about hollywood and musicals that are starting to
5:50 am
come back in a interesting way and it's a love letter to movies and movie stars and that's the kind of thing that the academy finds irresistible. >> we could probably sit here and talk about movies all afternoon, and we have run out of time, and we will have you on again in the next couple of weeks. take care and happy holidays. and hear from somebody inside the clinton campaign next. sweeet... wow... there it is. this holiday season, people have a lot to say about the chevy red tag sales event. this thing is a beast. steel or aluminum? steel. why? science. it's gonna hold up over aluminum, big time. you can get special holiday pricing and when you find your red tag, you get thousands more cash back. that's two deals in one. two deals sound better than one. that's a for-sure thing for me. during the red tag sales event, get two deals in one. find your tag for an average total value over ninety-six hundred dollars on chevy silverado all stars. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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in a new interview this past week, outgoing vice president joe biden said this. i don't think she ever really figured on it out. and by the way i think it was really hard for her to decide to run. and joining me is the former director for the progressive media for the clinton campaign, and it's good to have you this saturday morning. >> thank you for having me. >> is it fair to characterize
5:54 am
that statement by joe biden. >> i think joe biden, vice president joe biden is a critical voice for democrats and i think he is right in part about why the campaign's message failed to resonate with certain groups of voters. i think there's a shortage in terms of the analysis about why the campaign didn't resonate, and a lot of people are pointing to failure to talk to middle class voters, and failure to talk to the working class voters, and i think when you eliminate race and gender in your analysis about why hillary clinton was not able to resonate, i think you are missing critical points. >> you brought up a good point i want to follow-up on, and that's that the party should never yield on being progressive, and i think he added a brilliant bidenism. in the meantime, you can't eat equality. do you think the campaign put too much of an emphasis on a
5:55 am
progressive message and left behind what resonated more with the trump campaign? >> we need to see where the different issues intersect. we are talking about equal pay, for example, and that impacts black and latino women more so than white women and certainly in an age where more households, and it's just not seen as an issue that is speaking to families as opposed to women solely, and that's part of the problem. certainly when you are talking about economic issues those issues intersect with issues that impact women and families, and yet they are seen as issues often aside, and only women issues when it's something that impact all of us. >> is this a policy prescription that is necessary or something to do with the message or the
5:56 am
messager? >> i think many are able to resonate with the millennials of color that the democrats were trying to win over during the election cycle, and when you have younger and more diverse voices, making up the ideas and the policy proposals of the party, i think you have a brighter future because that's who makes up the face of the democratic party. >> when you hear incident when thrafs hillary clinton supporter on the plane and questioning ivanka trump's presence there, and what do you say about that kind of public display? is that fair game to go after ivanka trump with her children?
5:57 am
>> i don't think that's fair game. when the children are involved you need to suck it up in that particular moment. i think it's understandable why folks are frustrated and a lot of us are still in shock after the results, and i think ivanka did put herself forward as somebody who is going to be involved in the administration, and when the kids are there, just lay off and enjoy your flight, and put your head phones in and mind your own business. >> top three things, what are you going to be looking at to see what trump may try to repeal or go in a different direction altogether? >> i am concerned about gender progress, and there's a lot of work over the past eight years, like campus sexual assault and gender-based biases, and they sent a memo to the state department asking about detailed about gender based programs, and i am concerned about the
5:58 am
progress over the last eight years on women's issues and i am trying to make sure those are not rolled back under a trump administration, and he does not understand those issues and is not concerned with those issues. >> thank you for being here. happy holidays to you. is president-elect overstepping his bounds by making comments on delicate foreign affairs? we will discuss that. ♪ see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive.
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