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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  December 26, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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world, even if you are in texas or wherever you grew . thank you, j.d., i appreciate you joining us again on this sad news. >> thank you, and i hope we have a better 2017. >> yes indeed, sir. for more on the life of george miblgal. his to people. com for their touching attribute bugts. that does it for this hour of "msnbc live" we're going to crank of some george michael and celebrate him and celebrate hallie jaxs, working very hard the day after christmas. >> hi, tamron. what a tough year for the music industry. hi, everybody. i'm hallie jackson, in this hour on msnbc, we begin with an enter national shake-up, benjamin netanyahu accusing the obama administration secretly setting up a them resolution. the white house says not true. >> for decades. american administrations and israeli governments have
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disagreed about settlements, but we agreed that the security council was not the place to resolve the issue. plus president-elect trump decent she's shutting down his charitable organization, but we'll tell you about the legal snags that he can face. plus as we've been talking about, remembering george michael, his death as unexplained but not suspicious. thanks for being with us, i am live here in west palm beach, florida, the president-elect not too far from where we are at mar-a-lago, where he's spending the holidays. kellie o'donnell is covering all things trump transition for us. thanks for being here. let's talk about some of the fallout from the viewing i fallout from the viewingsraeli/ teng. donald trump is not being shy in getting involved.
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>> reporter: it's been tension over the years and it came to the head over the holiday weekend. benjamin netanyahu is making an accusation that the united states directed the resolution te at the u.n. security council that is seen as anti-israel, rebuking the country for the settlements in the west bank. the u.s. said they didn't author it, didn't choreography it, but what happened is the u.s. didn't use the power to veto, which would have stopped it and then did not vote, abstaining, which also sent a signal. so benjamin netanyahu viewed that in the strongest of terms, so he looked to one of his newest friends -- donald trump. they have known each other for a long time, but a president-elect is a powerful friend to have. donald trump did a couple things. he called the egyptian president. they did have a role in the resolution. that was not successful.
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he tweeted in advance his policy view about it. after the events transpired, donald trump again tweeted this was a way to harm the peace process and a big loss for israel and things would be done differently when he becomes president. so you've got benjamin netanyahu asking the obama administration for help. when he did not get it, he told them he was going to trump, and he did so. hallie? >> talk about -- put this into some perspective or context for us. it is not totally typical, right? to see a president-elect get this involved even before he takes office. >> reporter: typically they back away and lean on the tradition that there is only one president at a time, and it is especially in the area of international affairs notable, because it is harder to predict how countries around the world and their leaders will perceive these events. domestic policy, we know once a president is elected in that
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transition period, sure there's going to be some overlap, but donald trump has embraced this sort of getting ahead of himself when he's got plenty of other matters he must attend to in forming the transition of his own cabinet. there are stops still to be filled, jobs to be named, work to be done. yes he is going at this to show his strength with netanyahu today. very unusual. he also took the step of naming his intended ambassador to israel, someone who takes a very different position than the obama administration. david friedman believes that the settlements are appropriate in the use of the expansion of jewish residential areas. he does not believe in a two-state solution to try to not only have the state of israel, but side by side with a stake for palestine, so he is choosing an ambassador that has a very tough view in opposition to the obama administration and
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allowing himself to be brought into the process. very, very unusual. hallie? >> thank to you nbc's kelly o'donnell here in west palm beach. you have to bring in ron dermer f. thank you for joining us. >> and tell ever in florida congratulations to the miami dolphins. they made the playoffs. it's a big deal for those of us from -- >> i'm an eagles fans. >> we all have our problems. >> let talk about something more serious, if you will. you made headlines that you believe there's clear evidence that the united states is behind the united states security council solution, in some way -- can you talk about what proof you have? >> we have proof. i don't believe it, we'll know it and we'll share it with the incoming administration through the appropriate channels. they can decide whether they want to share that with the american people. we obviously won't share it with this administration, because this administration is behind
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it. i want to just respond to something about how it was unorthodox for an incoming president to weigh in. the real story is how an outgoing president would fundamentally change u.s. policy towards israel in the waning days of the administration. imagine that president bush a monlt before he leaves office to decide to move the embassy to jerusalem, to recognize israel's annex ace over the settlement blocks. would everybody be say -- of course they would say, you're undermining and handcuffing the next administration many. this was not just a blow against the israel, a shift in america's long-standing position, an abandonment of israel at the u.n., but an attempt to handcuff a new administration and prevent us from advancing peace. they are preventing israel and the new and and martian making it hard are to advance peace. why? because the only card that israel has in negotiations is a territorial card, but in this
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resolution, they thopretend as it's opened. all the territories that israel is supposed to trade for an eventual peace, according to this resolution is occupied palestinian territory, including the western wall. it's ridiculous. >> ambassador you're essentially phone accusing the current administration of handcuffing the next administration. ben rhodes has said it's not true that the united states had anything to do with this resolution. secretary of state john kerr are said that. >> ben rhodes is an expert at fiction. let's wait until all the evidence is presented to the new administration, and then you can invite me back on the show and see whether i'm telling the truth. when the prime minister of israel makes such an allegation, that is backed up by 100% evidence. you cannic take that to the bank. >> to be clear decrease you do
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not truth the current united states government. is that your perspective? >> i didn't talk about trust. what i said was that this resolution. >> but i'm asking about it. >> orchestrated behind the scenes by the-mile-an-hour administration. that's something we know. as i said, earlier today, the old story is a story of the u.n. ganging up on israel. what's new is the american administration did not oppose this gangup. what is really outrageous is they were behind the scenes pushing this resolution, which is hostile to israel. it's interesting that egypt, egypt withdrew a resolution. now, they have a pretty being concerns in the region. they decided to withdraw, but somehow this resolution still got pushed forward. why would that be that other countries would push forward another resolution? had the obama administration done anything to stop it, they could have prevented it, but it was clear they were behind it from the start. we're not sure that this is the end of it.
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we may get a new u.n. security council resolution in the waning days. ask anyone who is criticizing president-elect trump from weighing in, and wee appreciative he called for the u.s. to veeto, but all should ask themselves -- had he made sweeping changes to u.s. policy towards israel, would it have been accept hall? i think not, it would have been unacceptable then and unacceptable today. >> ambassador, you say you have proof of evidence that the united states was behind the resolution as you've been talking about, evidence u.s. says doesn't -- will you wait until the inauguration? >> we will brent it obviously to the new administration in the appropriate channels, but we should spend maybe a second talking about why this resolution is so hostile to
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israel. when hamas and islamic jihad, two organizations committed to israel's destruction are celebrating a u.n. resolution, it's not balanced, it's anti-israel. why? because the palestinian authority, the national leadership of the palestinian authority, they want us to be boycotted, sanctioned want to bring our soldiering to the criminal court. until that moment they didn't have any ammunition for that campaign, but what this new u.n. resolution has done is that it actually has given them ammunition, loaded bullets in that diplomatic and legal gun a. and now it's going to force us to be in a much more dangerous position. not only given them the information that you've asked me multiple times about, but also working with a new administration and bipartisan support in congress to mitigate the damage of this resolution
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our maybe possibly to ultimately repeal it. >> ambassador dermer, thank you very much. and we will take you up on that offer to come back. gil, i have to start out of getting your reaction to the interview with the ambassador insisting there's clear evidence that the u.s. is behind this u.n. security council. what's your take? >> that's what we've been hearing from nettenia hue, ron is the arm of nettenia h in washington. i don't think they would be making such an allegation if they didn't have such evidence proving it. i can tell you from politicians that are close to netanyahu, i've been hearing they know of top official, even joe biden himself getting involved speaking to the countries on the u.n. security council in order to try to get them to vote for
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the resolution. while netanyahu was really cause off-guard. >> when is this happening, that the vice president was working other members of the security council? what are your sources telling you? >> i heard it from a cabinet minister yesterday netanyahu kind of got lulled into sleep with a resolution when netanyahu persuaded sissi to back doubt from. we thought it was over, and that it wouldn't be a conflict. little by illustrates it's coming out that the united states was working to try to get other countries involved in another resolution quite similar, and now netanyahu is dealing with the political fallout of that. >> we heard from the prime minister rather headline-worthy
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line over the weekend. i want to play it quickly. >> as i told john kerry on thursday, friends don't take friends to the security council. >> that is a clear switch, obviously from hebrew to english during this meeting. it seems a very clear warning shot or signal to the obama administration. is that how you took it? who is he aiming that message at? >> he likes the word "deterrence" and he uses that word. there's still 26 days while obama is in power. you heard from the ambassador there will be some other resolution that would come up. they're talking about the conference that's supposed to take place in france on the 15th of january where john kerry is supposed to make a landmark middle east address and perhaps that could be taken in those five days to the security
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council as another resolution, that's something that netanyahu deep le treads, summoning the american ambassador for a scolding on christmas is intended to try to deter the international community and prevent that from hang. >> gil hoffman in jerusalem for you, thanks very much for joining us. we have lots more ahead. up next, 2016 delivering although big blow as the music world loses another star. up next, how fans are mourning the lost of the pop superstar. as i was researching my family tree, i discovered a woman named marianne gaspard. i became curious where in africa she was from. so i took the ancestry dna test to find out more about my african roots. ancestry really helped me fill in a lot of details.
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no surprise that today tributes from friends and fans of george michael are pouring in from all over. chaka khan tweeting -- another beautiful talent taken away. and is this year over yet? too many are passing away. rest in peace. other fans and admire irs are gathering in oxfordshire, england. he was only 53. his publicist says he died of heart failure. i want to go live to steve patterson who has details. i know you've been talking about this all morn, are we seeing more people come together to mourn his death? >> the response in social media
9:19 am
says it all, from all over the world really, especially those he celebrity fantasy ple-- they responded to an unresponsive male. he's not responding they would later come out to say there's absolutely for foul play suspected. then his longtime manager comes out and says basically that he was found unresponsive, that it was likely heart failure. so there will be an an autopsy. that is work that will be done at some point for a later date, but right now people are just so shocked. this was not planned. the question has been asked, was he having health problems? according to hi publicist no, he
9:20 am
had a really bad scrape with pneumonia back in 2011, almost died. from that that is a brutal schedule. from all not only fans across the world, but people close to him in the inner circle, everybody is in shock about this death, hallie. >> steve, thanks very much. up next, while we were sitting pretty here in 75-degree west in west paul, not so much for people west of the mississippi. we're having to have a look when we come back. stick around.
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with million trying to head home from the holiday weekend, that winter weather is creating a gross mess, to be honest with you. a blizzard warning still in effect for the great plains, a very white christmas, so i guess picturesque, but other states are starting to see a winter warm-up. let's talk about how this will affect your travel plans. i want to check in with bonnie schneider first. so any hope of a bit of a warm-up for folks out west? >> no, not out west, but where you are certainly enjoying in incredible le warm weather. no white christmas. >> right now we have errant delays at 90 minutes, windy weather in minneapolis causing big-time dilation, and los angeles remains at about
9:25 am
30-minute delays. we're getting very fierce wind in, creating no visibility, and that is why the blizzard warning has extended all the way to 7:00 tonight. originally only until noon, but expected to get worse into the evening hours. that does include fargo. freezing rain, that threat for light accumulation well into new england, we can see some light snow into vermont and new hampshire, so be careful with the roads there. heavy snow not just for today, but straight through wednesday. we'll be measuring it by the for a the in the cascades, so a lot of snow to content with. a lot of us are facing unseasonably warm temperatures. into the 60s even into the 70s into oklahoma and texas, and louisiana. tomorrow that warmer air will work its way as far north as washington, d.c. where the high, 63 degrees, very unseaenably
9:26 am
mild. we know once we get into january, it's going to get a lot colder. >> bonnie, we'll be here all week, so we'll keep you posted on the conditions here. more than 100 million people are still trying to make their way home. what does that mean for traur travel plans? gabe gutierrez is at atlanta hartsfield-jackson. game, is it a hot mess there? or not too bad? >> reporter: i blame you. i blame you and west palm causing some of those airport delays due to volume. it was doing fine until you got there. i'm just saying. here in atlanta's hartsfield-jackson international airport, delays just here at the many security gate only 15 to 30 minutes but it's been smooth sailing here. of course, this is the world's busiest airport. they expect more than 4 million
9:27 am
travelers here in atlanta over the holiday period. the busiest times actually expected later this week on the 30th of december. things so far doing okay. another major problem area in the country, bonnie mentioned west palm. there's also minneapolis/st. paul, and also l.a.x. dealing with some slight delays, 45 minutes or so because of some construction. so again, airlines are still telling customers to arrive two hours before their flipgt. at any point there could be that ripple effect. atlanta, everybody connects through here, so they might see problems later on, but for now, smooth sailing. hallie, back to you. thank you, gabe gutierrez in atlanta. i will take the blames for the delays in west palm. new details after a definitely russian plane crash,
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. the u.s. secretly led the u.n. security council to reprimand israel for the settlements. the obama administration has been denied that accusation.
9:32 am
the music world still reeling after the -- to george michael, according to his manager. michael was 53 years old and responsible for songs that so many of us love. chet missed the roy family's traditional. there's no evidence of a terrorist attack on christmas. the latest search efforts have turned up parts of the control mechanism, all of this happened just after takeoff from sochi. bluesy cavanaugh has more details from london. >> hallie, good morning. divers found several people
9:33 am
pieces of the tuismt. -154 -- russian officials say the investigation is focusing on technical problems, not terrorism. it is a search effort. no rescue sadly. it departed that -- to local time bound by syria, just minutes after plunging into the sea in what authorities describe as good weather conditions. this is very much a christmas day tragedy on board where a few soldiers, nine russian journalists, but also 60 members of the ensemble, world fame ours official choir. thy performed all the around the globe, including at the vatican. singers, dancers performers heading to the russian military base in syria for a new year's celebration with the russian
9:34 am
troops, all of them believed to have perished in that trash. president in obama. on the -- in the institute of politics, that most people do think that america is tolerant and diversion, and that things would have been difficult if they could have run for a third therm. listen. i'm confidence that if i testified -- >> in conversations with people around the country, they would say the vision, the direction
9:35 am
that you point towards is the right one. >> let's bring in our panel to talk about this, adolfo franco, former adviser, julian epstein, and "new york times" reporter, who is also an msnbc contributor. thank you for spending a bit of your holiday week with us. >> americans are skeptical of what a trump presidency might be like -- in the last election, it's not off by ten percentage points, so i think if you compare obama's favoritability rating, there's no question it will have been a trouncing. secondly obama, you know, had an
9:36 am
incredible ability to turn out african-american votes and did much better than hillary clinton. it was a phony issue, but i think her campaign failed to kind of properly correct that misperception. in sort of like a zen moment, right? was the important he felt of being kind of quiet after the inauguration, not just political, but internally as well. we have seen president-elect trump notably not quiet for part of this transition, speaking out on matter of, for example, national diplomacy. do you think he needs to take a page from president obama's stay quiet playbook. >> you've spend a lot of time in
9:37 am
this hour covering the u.n. vote. i think the president-elect's comments are appropriate for a president of the united states to change bipartisan ton with three weeks left, and appear -- back i do believe israel, has orchestrated this vote behind the back of our chief ally in the region is really unprecedented. so i believe that's appropriate with all due irs to my friend julian, this was a change elecon, no question about it. president obama has been the incredibly shrinking president. he was really he in charge of at the change, if you will, of washington from a democratic majority to a republican majority, and presidesing over a change in state legislatures, attorneys general and so forth. he's at 5 a%, most of his
9:38 am
presidency has hovered in the 40s. he 'unlikable, hi high point was 2008 and it's been downhill since then. people wanted a change and that is why they voted for donald trump. >> okay. let me still to donald trump here for a second. i want to talk about the announcement that the president-elect will dissolve his charity. the new york attorney general says you can't do that, you're still under investigation, the president-elect has blasted that as partisan, but big picture, is this enough for donald trump to avoid conflicts of interest by dissolving the trump foundation, by handing the reins over as he is expected to do. >> it's hard to tell that, because you have this investigation that's still pending, he's already tolt the foundation to stop raising
9:39 am
money, but he has so many other conflicts of interest. there's the hotels. >> hallie, yamiche left out the big conflict of interest, which is the chinese government on day one will be paying donald trump money. they'll be paying donald trump money in terms of the lease on the new york building continue to fund him in being one of his biggest financers, the emolluments claw of the constitution says a president may note september any kind of compensation whatsoever from any foreign government the chinese government, the moment that donald trump is sworn in,ly paying him in multiple forms. donald trump is the first
9:40 am
president in history that at the moment he's sworn in will arguably be violating the constitution in such a way that gives rise for an impeachment -- there's -- >> i think julian. >> hang on, julian, go ahead adolfo, and then i have a question for you. >> i think julian is jumping the gun. of course they have already tried and had the trial of donald trump before anything has happened. he's taken the first step with the foundation, something that hillary clinton didn't do and should have done, possibly one of the many reasons she lost the election. beyond that there's an army of attorneys looking at the holdings and how to structure this before he becomes president. i guess the democrats are eager to create -- >> stick to the point here, adolfo. the clause is very clear. you may not accept payments from a foreign government. >> but he's not president yet. >> he will be accepting payment -- >> he is not president yet, julian. >> gentlemen, let me --
9:41 am
>> the only way to solve this problem and the multitile of oconflicts is total divestiture. >> that's not true. >> so far his staff has refused to say. >> hallie, this is to me what i was talking about. let's roll with this. jump in here. >> to me the argument that we're having is the day of inauguration.
9:42 am
let's not forgot, though -- wait a sect -- >> we're talking about. >> hang on a second. >> many of which involve foreign governments. whenever you have an instance -- when you have a foreign government paying a sitting president of the united states cash money. >> he's not a sitting president. >> as any government will do, they're staying at the trump hotel, by getting hit lobbying for his daughter. >> i'm not saying you're wrong, but -- >> everybody is talking over each other. wait a second. i do think, to yamiche's point, to julian's point, adolfo some of this could be cleared up, if
9:43 am
donald trump would release his tax returns. does he need to do that as president. >> which he will do. >> you're convinced he will. >> julian kept saying this. as a sitting president. he's not a sitting president. >> but he will be on january 20th. >> will you let me fin, jewel yay? i didn't interrupt you. >> julian, hang on. i have 25 seconds the. >> be respectful. i know you're partisan, but be respectful. >> answer the question. >> he's not a sitting president. i agree this is a process that will take time, but if the standard is if you're wealthy and have holding overseas, you cannot run for president, and you have three or four weeks to divest yourself of these holdings, this is then what it is with julian has said, a political witchhunt. >> adolfo, that's a complete nonanswer. thank you for a complete nonanswer. >> thank you, guys, i've got to stop of time-out. we have to move on.
9:44 am
i appreciate you all being here and being so fired up, especially on your day off. we'll continue this conversation. up next, a new travel scam that may make you think twice before plugging your phone in at a free station at the and i want jo ling kent has more as we get into the peak of the travel season. >> reporter: at the mall, on the beach and at the airport, free wifi networks and charging ports are everywhere, but these public places are popular targets for hackers. we're shown how hackers do it. he said up an unauthorized insecure network and caped it airport wifi. win minutes 15 travelers around us logged o. not realizing it was an unofficial insecure -- >> you're punching in what you think will be a safe user name and passwords. >> now it says i've been hacked. >> just like that your data is
9:45 am
gone. those helpful charging stations are also prime targets, it's called juice yakking. when you plus your phone into a usb prompt, kupt ugh so many say you trust the connection. >> but unbeknownst to you it's connected to a system where a cybercriminal is looking at your device. >> i realized something was trying to enter mu computer. >> jerome lewis was hacked, the first worries -- financial data. >> you don't know what the bank's response is going to be and your mind races. >> how do you protect yourself? >> experts say use a plug, not a usb port. be skeptical of generic names and use a virtual private network. >> less is more, slow down, be more cautious. >> reporter: and dare to be disconnected, putting your phone down to keep your defenses up. jo ling kent, nbc news, los
9:46 am
angeles. coming up, the life and legacy of it george michael. we'll talk about him and the other musical legends we lost in 2016. stay with us. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at find out how american express cards and services i just want to find a used car start at the new show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new
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my swthis scarf all thatsara. left to remem... what! she washed this like aonth ago the long lasting scent of gain flings sadly no shopping for me today, but that is not the case for millions of people across the country.
9:50 am
heading out to hit up stores everywhere. it's not necessarily to shop, though, a lot of folks are returning the gifts they just didn't want. we're in north bergen, new jersey. >> reporter: an estimated $1 trillion up 4% from last year, though the reality is a lot of people didn't want to wait in the longs lines so they went online, where a billion was spent this year. a lot of people don't like those gifts, so almost another christmas tradition is returning the holiday items. take a listen. >> my daughter purchased this for me. i'm too old to wear this kind of stuff. it's like leggings, with all these pictures. i didn't like it, so i'm going to return it. >> reporter: so if you don't like those leggings, here are a few tips. call the stores, because different retailers have different return policies. if you have a specialty item like a television or a drone, be
9:51 am
clear, because sometimes those have separate return policies than even other items in the same stores. finally don't be late. if you are a late shopper, don't be a late returner. these lines are expected to get even longer throughout the day. hall legitimate? >> thank you to nbc's morgan radford, keeping an eye on the mall mads in. music fans in shot today over the news of george michael's death. fans are leaving tributes at his home in england where he died on christmas. his publicist set george michael passed away from heart failure peacefully. chris witherspoon joins me. i don't know where as to start with this. there's so many to talk about, but start with george michael, his impact really went well beyond just music. >> totally. this is shocking, stunning the whole music community. it's really just at a loss for words right now.
9:52 am
it's incredible he died on christmas day. think about the hit "last christmas" with wham. i was thinking how he so break the barriers and cross into mainstream popularity. he wasn't just a white music artist. he had the number one hot album on the r&b charts with "faith." i was thinking when i was a little kid listening to george michael's music, hearing my mother and grandmother play it. he's been referenced most recently in key and peelle's new movie, george michael a this artist that's so -- he pushed barriers, raised eyebrows, but also was a humanitarian. >> there is a letter circulating, frank sinatra writing this open letter after george michael, talk about being
9:53 am
conflicted about his he says, man, basically swing it, own the fame, but frankly he dolls always embrace his fame in a way you might expect. talk about that conscious decision, for example, not to appear in his solo hit "freedom." he kind of struggled a bit with. >> 100%. that video was a groundbreaking video. you saw supermodels lip syncing his lyrics, but there were so many who were misunderstood and i was talking to a friend that it's interesting that the artists from the '80s mike pring, whitney houston, george michael, were battling so much. there's still so many questions, and maybe will come out in days to follow, but it was apparent
9:54 am
he did battle with not wanting to be in the spotlight so much and wanting that privacy. there's a lot of videos of him talking to the paparazzi, look, i want my privacy, i want to be able to live my life and just be at peace. >> chris, i've taken to calling this a total downer of the show, because we're talking about other stars, but prince, dave bowies, leonard cohen, gene wilder, zsa zsa gabber, alan thicke. >> just some of the legends. >> florence henderson. >> just recently. is this going to go down as a history when so many of us were mourning a lot of people who meant a lot? >> i tweeted last night when i first read this new, first prince, then david bowie, now george michael. my whole childhood songbook is being destroyed. this year, 2016 is going down in the books as one of those off years.
9:55 am
hopefully no more deaths. >> and you know let's end on a good note. carrie fisher. >> yes. >> she got sick, she seems to be doing better, what can you tell us about her condition? what can we expect? hopefully more good news. >> debbie reynolds put that statement out, the unsinkable molly brown, i love that. and ""rogue one"" is number one is at the -- we're selling tickets like crazy. >> and carrie fisher is a by part of the "star wars" franchise. it's amazing to see the love and support from fans that have galvanized behind her trying to support her through this. >> yeah, it's incredible to see. you know what? a bright spot after a year that's been so difficult with a lot of folks who are feeling the loss. chris witherspoon, thank you for joining us. coming up next as we wrap up the holiday weekend, a
9:56 am
heartwarming homecoming. you can't get enough. >> oh, no! [ crying ] >> an 18-year-old marine stationed at ft. lee in virginia who surprised his mom coming home early for christmas. do not blame mom for blursing into tears what was going on, happy to have her son home for the holiday. >> i would watch this 24 hours a day, military homecomings, a box of tissues at hand. we have a lot more coming up. the winter storms pounding parts of the country. we have much more, next. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad.
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glee hi, everybody, we are following a number of stories, including enter national drama. right here on this network in the last hour, israel's ambassador accusing the u.s. of orchestrating last week's settlement vote. >> just as millions are people are heading


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