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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  December 26, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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glee hi, everybody, we are following a number of stories, including enter national drama. right here on this network in the last hour, israel's ambassador accusing the u.s. of orchestrating last week's settlement vote. >> just as millions are people are heading tom.
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and remembering a pop music icon. george michael. but we start here in florida, where president-elect donald trump is spending the holidays, kind of a working vacation, expected to be very quiet today and tomorrow, but picking up later in the week, as he keeps assembling the later -- and a potential fight. once congress gets back to work. over israeli people, folks on the start with some of the fallout here, from this rising tension clearly. president obama, i want to play you a bit of what ambassador dermer said. i don't think we have that sound
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at this point, kelly, but talk a bit about president-elect trump here at mar-a-lago kind of get involved. >> they believe they have evidence that the u.s. was behind, trying to engineer, choreography, push, that it sees as anti-israel. the administration says that's not true. and the results of this agreement h. rebukes vault for the -- the u.s. chose not to vote and also did not use its veto power, so that in effect allowed the -- he was brought in because he has a long personal relationship with netanyahu so when israel was not getting what
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it expected or wanted, they warrant the without they would reach out. on matters relating to the settlements and two-state solutions, who we have not seen in public for days, but he is very much involved in trying to send a signal. and relations with israel. hallie? >> yeah, kelly, we know that wednesday, as he trying to figure out some of those hotels
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in the top left posts, the communication staff announced shawn spicer, for example, there's landlords a staff shake up there. what is going on with the director of communications positions? drnl, acting for him he is a veteran republican strategist, and he's been a big part of the work you and i have done in trying to cover the pan. he accepted the position of white house communication director, which is the highest known as assistant to the president, very big job, and then just a couple days later withdrew himself from the job, citing he had had time with his family. his wife is pregnant with their second child. he wants to put family before
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career, and he will continue to work on behalf of the president-elect during the transition and will work to support him from the outside, but not taking the job. unusual in such a short pan. declining the job, and such a pivotal role when we have a relatively small communications team inside trump's world. while they're all entitled to a holiday break, typically you would have more personnel. they just have a smaller staff and now they're down a man. joe watkins, an aide in the george h.w. bush white house, and james peterson, associate professor of english at lehigh
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university. let's start with this controversial vote. we ahead how an outgoing president would imagine that pressure on his way out the door decides to move the embassy to jerusalem, to recognize israel's annexation. they would say you're handcuffing the next administration. , do you agree? before it even begins? >> no, i don't think so. the obama administrationsh
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undermines the security of -- on a very, very complex problem. and folks who believe in a two-state solution believes that the settlements are standing in the way. i think the obama administer is say, ', for three or fordecades. this is just a much more pronounce pronounced -- >> joe, let me ask you this. he pushed back on the idea that donald trump was atypically getting involved. do you think it is noteworty that he has in fact been pretty vocal about this? >> well, i think that he has the
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right to enact policy as he sees fit until the day when a -- with regards to president-elect trump, he ash certainly beginning with this campaign, and the general election, even now as the president-elect he's done a lot of things that his he predecessors have not done. very different, very counter-intuitive, but nonetheless this is the style that this president has chosen to tame. >> let's talk about the incoming administrations, the a.p. has an interesting write-up looking at the ways in which donald trump has some similarities to which that which he attacked hillary clinton for. for example, goldman sachs.
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joe, should this be a concern? >> well, i think that it's still early, and obviously he's going to set his own tone. we know him ton an independent thinker. he's not tied at all to what past presidenting have done. we do not expect him to move -- with regard tosh with regards to who he appoints, he's made some appointments that are much more controversial, but he's going to move forward as he ceases fit. again if i over-use the word
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counter intuitive, but it's gotten him elected. i think it's fair to hold him tosh he's not basic -- he's being contract to what he is. the reelity is if you're pro israel, you should be against the, in this nation over the course of his transition campaign. and then want to be pro-israel, so there are things he's doing counter to what he stands for, and i think it's right for the american people to question him on that.
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over the weekend he said he would is that enough for you? >> i mean, absolutely not. he's fierced to close the for instance. 20,000sh another 20,000 or more for a portrait he hung in his own facility. i don't think he can escape the noose of the complications with the foundation, but the american public is looking at the trump corporate organization, and looking to see him disentangle himself. with his many, many business dealings. it should be closed given the investigation it's under in new york, but we also have to be very, very reference lantz about his interand the way it will animate his kompt interesting going forward.
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turning to the death of singish george michael, filling the space outside the pop star's england home. fans are grieving the loss of yet another music legend, one whose pop music defined a generation. police say the death isn't suspicious, but so far there is no official caught. steve petitioner son is following this in los angeles. you have the life and death of the 53-year-old george michael. i feel like we all knew his songs. we've been hearing the songs over and over and they stick in your head attributes broadband coming. police made entry to his home, they find him unresponsive,
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pronounce him dead in his home. his manager said he died from heart failure. there will be an autopsy in the coming days, but for now widespread shock at the death of george michael. he had a magic touch for a sound that became emblematic of the '80s. michael rocking into fame with catchy hits, good looks and charismatic present. first with pop duo wham alongside schoolmate andrew ridgely, before striking out and achieving his own success as a solo artist and heartthrob. his career spanned four decades, selling more than 20 million albums in the u.s. ♪ gotta faith ♪ hmm i gotta have faith half those sales due to
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"fate." his arrest and subsequent run-ins for drug possession and the dui turned him into tabloid fodder. the british singer prided him self-, including aids awareness and gay rights. his collaboration with ellen john brought worldwide aclam. john posted on instagram, quote, i am in deep shock. i've lost a bless loved friend. more attribute bugts poured in including andrew ridgely quiting, got didn't give it, you did, old friend. and george that kite, you found your freedom, it was your last christmas, we shall miss you. again, police saying absolutely no foul play suspected. michael said as early as this year he was working on a documentary about his life, set
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to be released in 2017. obviously if that will be released it will very a much different ending now. hallie? >> high interested for sure in that. steve patterson, thanks very much. up next, blizzard warnings still in effect for parts of the u.s. right now with million heading home. we'll have the latest forecast and a live update from one of the country's busiest airports. not palm beach, by the way. gun week of gunfire in chicago after what's been an devastatingly deadly year. why it's happening and what is getting done about it. not if you protect yourself. what is scary? pneumococcal pneumonia. it's a serious disease. my doctor said the risk is greater now that i'm over 50! yeah...ya-ha... just one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia- an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing,
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80 degrees and sunny here in west palm beach, florida. not to make you jealous. we will take a swimming pool christmas, if you will. a lot of folks heading out during the holiday weekend in much different conditions. aaa says more than 150 million are traveling, but these drivers some of the biggest problems have been across the northern plains. look at this from north dakota. that winter storm really causing trouble will. snowe and ice closing roads, slowing down traffic. a lot of challenges in the air also. gabe gutierrez joins us from one of the busiest airports on earth. i feel like this is your home away fromhome. how is atlanta looking today? >> hi there, hallie, you and me
10:20 am
both spend a lot of time on the roads, certainly used to the atlanta airport. you're in west palm, but even you're not immune to the delays west palm beach, two flights delayed about an hour and a half. the big board at the security checkpoint, minneapolis also delayed about an hour and a half. those are two the of the problem stops. minneapolis, l.a.x., this area where i'm walking right now it's in front of the main security checkpoint. not much of a line here. things are moving very smoothly here in atlanta's hartsfield-jackson airport. lines moving very quickly. they are saying they're taking about 15 to 30 minutes so far to get through this line, but hey, hallie, it could be a whole lot worse. as you mentioned, the trouble spots are in the upper midwest, some folks seeing blizzard conditions, minneapolis dealing with some problems, and of course the northeast, those
10:21 am
airports around nuke and laguardia, they could also quickly become trouble spots, so can atlanta's hartsfield-jackson. more than 4 million passengers are expected during this holiday season here. all it takes is for other problems in other parts of the country to turn into a ripple effect here. airlines are urging passengers to check with their airline and to arrive here in atlanta these two hours ahead of time. hallie, back to you in west palm. >> gabe gutierrez, not looking too bad where you are. we'll check back in. more big picture wise, a snow emergency declared in parts of north dakota, where hundreds of miles of interstate are shut down. for a look at what you should know about travel where you're headed and the weather where you are, let's check in with msnbc meteorologist bonnie schneider mplts hallie, the blizzard threat continues all the way to
10:22 am
7:00 p.m. tonight. the warning has been extended and expanded. we'll be watching for this in herein sections of north and south dakota where there are many road closures. icy conditions will develop this afternoon and this evening and into new england. we're watching for that. it looks like light accumulation, but still a nuisance for so many that have to travel. big snow in the cascades. we could see heavy amounts of snow, two to three feet. so good news for skiers, but if you're traveling, be extra careful. with all the talk of ice and snow, actually much of the country enjoying unseasonably mild conditions, with record high temperatures, we're expecting more of that today. rook at the numbers in the 70s, even into the 8s on, this is unusual for each tampa florida to get to 80. cold to the west. that colder air will work its
10:23 am
way eastward. >> bonnie schneider for us there, thanks. gun violence keeping up a record pace as the year comes to an end. over the weekend 43 people shot, 11 of them died. for the year more than 4200 people have been shod, a devastating 47% increase over last year. nbc's ron mott reports. >> reporter: good day to you, hallie. if folks thought the holiday weekend would have an impact of bringing down the gun violence, unfortunately not the case. 41 people shot at least here in the city, 11 fatalities. this is as we still have four, five more days to go for the year. we are looking at close to 800 homicides in the city of chicago this year. a huge increase over last year, as much as 50 percent, and a sobering statistic, the "sun times" published a graphic that
10:24 am
arrests are down by their estimation of upwards of 28 pittsburgh drop in arrest from one year to the next. we not the city of chicago has -- they're going to try to target some of the harder-hit areas in town. the west side of chicago, the south side of chicago, but the numbers were waking up to today, as we end this holiday weekend. we'll have much more of that tonight on "nbc nightly news" for now back to you are, hallie. >> we'll be watching for that report. ron mott, thank you very much. donald trump weighing in on big foreign policy issues while president obama still has a few weeks left in the oval office, a preview of what we can expect in the trump white house, after the break.
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washington congressman jim mcdermott who's retiring has been in congress for 28 years, and he says we're in a whole lot of chaos when it comes to president-elect donald trump's administration. thanks for being here, congressman. i appreciate it. >> good to be here. a lot to talk about today. one of headlines is the relationship between israel and the united states. earlier today on msnbc we spoke with the israelis ambassador who have some very sharp words for members of the obama administration, accusing the u.s., as benjamin netanyahu did of being behind this -- i want to play you a bit of what ron
10:29 am
dermer had to say. >> we had proof, and we'll share it with the incoming administration through the appropriate channels, and they can decide whether they want to share that with the american people. this administration is behind it. we'll wait for the new administration to come. u.s. officials have denied that accusation with ben rhodes, one of the them being called an expert in fiction by ambassador dermer. when you hear this, see this, does that give you paw? >> well, what we are seeing is the beginning of the war on the american government. we're see the air war right now, and we're seeing all these tweets and this enwento and all these half stories is to create tread tension so that when the president comes in on the 20es, he can begin the ground war when the boynees begin to carry on the his actions.
10:30 am
the american people are being subjected to a campaign of ainge zeile production, and it really is very, very disturbing to watch. >> so what are the implications of what you call, congressman, this air war, from one of the united states most important allies? >> well, the united states has had a very close relationship with israel for a very long time, and -- but they never could get 100% out of barack obama, so they does ied to attack him and use him as the reason for why trump should come in and give them everything they want. they're running their own war against us, and our policies. we've said there shouldn't be any more settlements, and they have continued to push settlements, and they're angry about it, so they're using the butt for attacking the president of the united states in anticipation of something will come in and do exactly what they
10:31 am
want. >> congressman, i'll be honest, you're using some strong language here, stronger than what we've seen from the administration. you're essentially calling this a war of words, if you will from benjamin netanyahu, does that concern you, though? that this is what the relationship has devolved to? >> we saw during the run-up to the election mr. netanyahu come over here, and at the invitation of the speaker of the how to influence the result of that election. he wanted to get whoever was going to be the next president of the united states on the republican side. they've been attacking him for a long time.
10:32 am
this is something that is been going on for quite some time. mob's got to say they are willing to use their president for whatever purpose suits them, not what's in the united states -- but what's in the interest of israel. >> then how do you see your role or i should say the role of democratic members of congress moving forward? the bottom line is president-elect trump will become the president of the united states. he'll end up in the oval office. and so what do democratic members of congress need to do? >> the democratic members of congress are going to have to be the loyal opposition. they're going to have to speak up and make the president and the republicans what were in control lay out what they're actually doing. this -- this ambassador says we might tell the american people and where he might not tell the american people.
10:33 am
that is unacceptable in a democracy where the people are entitled to know what's going on. you can't have people coming in here and saying we're going to hide the ball from you or accuse you of something and not tell you what it is. that clip you just played. i didn't understand half of what was in it. everybody else in the country is in the same position. we cannot allow that to happen. >> congressman jim mcdermott, thanks very much for joining here this hour. coming up, president obama talks about whether he thinking he would have beaten donald trump if he could have run for a third term. plus the dramatic u.n. vote demanding an end to israeli settlements, now with the country's prime minister lashing out at the u.s. and president obama what it might mean for u.s./israeli relations. more on that, next. of. >> as i told john kerry on thursday, friends don't take friends to the security council.
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back now with a check of other big headlines this hour. a russian spokesman says there's no evidence of terrorism after a military passengers plane crashed yesterday in the back sea. 92 people were killed. the investigation, of course, is continuing. colombian authorities say a preliminary investigation has found that the plane that crashed last month with the brazilian team on board -- remember that -- had indeed ran
10:38 am
out of fuel. investigators thought this was the case at the time, but now we're get official confirmation. 72 people died, but six people survived. president obama visiting troops on vacation in hawaii, an annual christmas tradition, and this the last one. he thanked the troops for their service and said it's been the privilege of my life to serve as your commander in chief. to the box office "rogue one" still cleaning much, pulling in an estimated $120 million over the holidays weekend. in total "rogue one" has made about $327 million since the release last week, enough to make it the eighth highest-grossing film, and full disclosure, about $15 of my dollars have gone to it. i looked it, too. president obama getting nostalgic about his time in office with 25 days remaining. in an exit interview with david
10:39 am
axelrod, the president says it feels like the band is breaking up a bit. still, he sounded kind of confident when he thinking the country really does still buy into his vision of unity. >> i am confident in this vision, because i'm confident that if i -- if i had run again and articulated it, i think i could have mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. nbc's tammy light ner drew the short straw to head to honolulu for the holiday, traveling with the president and his family. he gets teary-eyed about the support from his team. walk me through some of the other highlights that is just out. >> you know, hallie, he never actually came out and said he thought he could have beaten donald trump, but we need to
10:40 am
keep in mind his approval rating is at 56%. he would go to the small towns, to the fish fries, and get people to subscribe to his vision of hope and change. he believes that americans still believe in that. you know, the support and the love for obama is obvious here on the island on christmas day he went to the marine corps base hawaii, as he does every year. he's described it as one of his fafrt things to do, to talk to the troops in person. he also described it as the privilege of his life to be the highest ranking u.s. military troops. he will continue to support them every step of the way. let's listen to what he said. >> though this will be my last time addressing you as president, i want you to know that as a citizen, my gratitudely radio main and our commitment to standing by you every step of the way, that
10:41 am
won't stop. >> hallie, one somber moment when he was with the troops, talking about how many of our soldiers are in dangerous places. so that was one moment where they all took to reflect on the safety of our troops. back to you. thanks for that. appreciate it. now to israel, where prime minister netanyahu is still fuming. he summoned am bass endorse on christmas day from the u.s. and 14 other countries to talk about this resz lose, demanding an end to israeli settlement building in the west bank. he's also accusing the u.s. of orchestrating the resolution. >> the old story is thes u.n. ganging up on israel. what's new is the united states did not oppose this gangup.
10:42 am
what is outrageous is they were behind the scenes pushing this resolution, which is a hostile resolution to israel. >> joining us is steve clemmons, editor at large. to big picture, what's your reaction of what's been developing today, the u.s., rather orchestrated the --. it should be noted the administration denies that it plays that role. that said, i would argue it doesn't matter. it's been very clear that the president and john kerry and others in the administration have been very, very distressed by the ongoing expansion of israelis settlements on the west bank and other occupied territories. i think it was not a surprise to any of us that the president would send a parting shot, at least in the notion to kind of remind folks that in the eight years that he's been at this,
10:43 am
there's been little to no movement on this. one has to remember at the beginning of the administration, netanyahu was sworn in six weeks after president obama was sworn in. they have been hat this for years and years and years. the settlement problem has quadrupled in that period of time. where does he go from here? what role does donald trump play? >> prime minister netanyahu is engaged in a bit of stagecraft, trying to both punctuate the importance of donald trump who many in his cabinet see as being very pro-israel in the sense that they don't necessarily buy a notion that a peace settlement is in the offing, and wanting to try to also punctuate how terrible obama was, in almost a trumpian way. i think he's setting expectation
10:44 am
potentially too high. donald trump during his campaign said repeatedly that he thought that there needed to be greater fairness, and when he would weigh in, he would help both sides negotiate better. that doesn't sound to me like donald trump will automatically be entirely in prime minister's netanyahu's camp. we had congress marn mcdermott on earlier, who talked about the democrats being kind of a loyal opposition, if you will, when it came to international issues. do you think congressman will be a block to some of the things that president trump wants to do? illustrates i think it's complicated. on some things yet, some things not. remember apac is really one of the strongest lobbies, so it's not aen easy move in either way, but it's clear that donald trump
10:45 am
is trying to set things up with ambassador friedman, taking a kind of stance that some have interpreted not being friendly to a two-party, two state solution. i sigh donald trump as the ultra-realist. that is been laos in this discussion, that netanyahu may be setting expectations way, way too high and congress may come out as a balancer against trump, but also a balancer against netanyahu in ways that haven't been much discussed in the last two days. >> steve clemmons, always great to get your insight. appreciate it. >> thank you, hallie. shoppers head back to the mall to spend those gift cards, and in some cases to makes returns. just how strong a holiday season this was when we come back. plus a royal first. britain's prince george and princess charlotte going to christmas services with their mom and dad.
10:46 am
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plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears. be happy, it's glad. glee a lot of people around the world are sending warm wishes to the british royal family this christmas holiday. that's because a heavy cold kept 90-year-old queen elizabeth from going to christmas service this year. very rare. >> it was a rare treat this weekend for some lucky royal watchers who managed to catch a
10:50 am
glimpse of will, kate and their little ones decked out in their sunday best for church, but it isn't who made it to sunday service. she and prince phillips both fighting the heavy cold. it is the first time in nearly 30 years that quiz elizabeth was a no show. royal watchers were understanding. >> another first, christmas church service for prince george and little princess charlotte joining mom and dad for a militant christmas. >> they forgoing the formality of christmas with the queen with a more relaxing holidays with the in laws. the tradition came with sugary
10:51 am
fun. charlotte had other ideas. >> a practice run perhaps for their visit here for five months, that's when middleton and james matthew tied the knott. will we hear the sound of wedding bells from prince harry. maybe not apart for too much longer. despite her cold, the queen addressing the nation in a pre-recorded speech striking an optimistic note. >> on our own, we cannot end war or wipe out justice. the impact is thousands of small acts of goodness can we bigger than we can imagine. >> a traditional message from the queen. the younger world blazing some new traditions of their own this week. >> lucy kacanov. thank you.
10:52 am
>> today is the day where a lot of us are heading back to the malls of the toys and bad gifts that you may have gotten, heading back to the store. last year on this day, december 26th, americans returning more than $260 billion in merchand e merchandise, that's not cheap for retailers either. shopping tres have been shipping a little bit. joining me now is our shop analyst. tast k it is a key day for the shopping industry. talk about what we see for sales this year. >> yeah, you are right, halie, sales is a bit gang buster this season. part of the season why is that most of everyone is going online and shopping. a lot of people have been going, you know, not just going to their laptops and desktop computers, mobile topping had been up. cell phones to be shopping for gifts as well as ipads.
10:53 am
it is almost a perfect sort of a lot of sales going on. everyone is out going and returning those gifts. retail me not came up with the statistic that says 30% of people are returning their gifts and you know almost 28% of those people of those gifts they got are donating it to charity. >> wow, we still talk about those, though. >> returning some of those gifts. is this typically of what we see year after year. >> i think people have seen it happen year after year, you know? >> it is almost as traditional as going out there and shopping on black friday. but, now because things have gotten and there is so much fraud associated to returning, i think retailers have gott gottegotten gotten -- you got to make sure you know what those brands are and retailers you go to and make sure you look at those policies and have those dates in check and you want to make sure that
10:54 am
you go at the beginning of the morning. i know we are talking about the afternoon right now. if you are going out tomorrow especially tomorrow morning is not a lot of traffic out there. you want to bring your receipt. i tell people to take a picture of your receipt. i don't know about you. halie, my handbag is a bottom less pit back of stuff. go in there and get it. return your stuff and get out of there and enjoy the rest of your day. >> you are preach to the choir. gift cards. how does this weigh in how retailers are assessing to this shopping season. >> they're the number two give gifting. retailers like that because people when you go and cash in your gift card, you end up buying more on that gift card, lets say you get $100 gift card, you spend on average about 50%
10:55 am
more. the receiver you have to go out there and spend it quickly. you don't want to hold onto that. retailers anticipate of $4 billion gift card goes unspent over the years. >> before i let you go. you posted a blog over the weekend saying there is not a war over the christmas for the holiday, explain this post and explain what you meant by this. >> for this whole thing of the war on christmas. i think in a nutshell, there is an organization that the american family association that went out and came up with this naughty and nice list. retailers are on it and saying they did not make biblical references. however, i found out by talking to them that they only put two people out there to make this retail list together, they only visited about 50% of those stores so anyone who was a
10:56 am
retail on those, this is called channel checking. you don't look at a couple of stores and make those list and broadcast to 182 radio stations. you do a lot of research, based on this, there is no naughty or nice list. if you are doing apple research. christmas is happening and we are -- >> thank you for the update. kerri fisher, the actress that you know, she's in stable condition today after a heart attack on a flight to london to la on friday. she went into cardiac arrest right before the plane landed. her mother tweeted on sunday
10:57 am
"carrie is in stable condition," coming from debbie reynolds. >> thanks very much for being with us, we'll be back in just a bit. looks delicious, huh? -yeah. -richard, try to control yourself. -i can't help it. -and how about that aroma? -love that aroma! umph! -craveability, approved! -oh, can i have some now?! -sure! help yourself. -wait, what? -irresistibly planters.
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that does it for us this hour on msnbc live. jacob soboroff some where we may expected, sitting in a studio behind a chair at a comfortable desk. >> it is


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