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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  December 26, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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that does it for us this hour on msnbc live. jacob soboroff some where we may expected, sitting in a studio behind a chair at a comfortable desk. >> it is weird to be inside.
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don't go anywhere because you will be coming back. good afternoon everybody, i am jacob soboroff. israel maambassador accusing th obama administration of directly orchestrated the settlement and their interview right here on msnbc. benjamin netanyahu described as shameful and ambushed. >> president obama says he's confident he could have won a third term if he was running against donald trump. a look at what he said and his legacy over the past eight years. bad timing for flyers as the blizzards is moving in. donald trump is taking a little break. he has another job to fill after jason miller announced over the weekend that he's backing out of
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the job. this two-day after he was appointed to the post. the president-elect trump also dealing with the after math of friday's united nation security council vote demanding an end to the settlement. here is halie jackson is back with us in west palm beach florida with more on all of this. i want to start with the security council vote. earlier, you spoke with the ambassador to the u.s., he says the obama administration is behind this resolution. he says israelis have proof of all of this, he would not reveal to you in the air of what it was. here is some of what he had to say to you. >> we have proof. i don't believe we know it and we'll share it with the in coming administration to the appropriate channels. they can decide whether they want to share it with the american people. we are not going to share with this administration because this administration is behind it. we are waiting for r the new administration to come. >> how is the u.s. responding to
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these accusations and what does it say of american/israelis relations. >> kind of a lot to impact here. >> start with the question of what the united states are saying. the white house team to the state department. here is the deal. back on friday when this was happening. the u.s. responded, you heard e for example, be -- ben rose, th had anything to do with this security council resolution is not the case. you heard ambassador saying to me earlier on msnbc that he believes that -- we had nothing to do with the creation of the resolution and that came from egypt obviously. it was something that came up in the united nation security council that was voted on by these 14/15 members. when you look at what this means
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moving for r waing forward. i think very notable where benjamin netanyahu switched to h he hebrew. you know we are going to look past you and look ahead to president-elect trump and the relationship that we have with him and frankly, jacob, donald trump is being receptive over this. you saw him tweeting over the weekend and releasing the statement on the eve of the security council of resolution vote urging the united states to not do what it did. >> perfect tv sound byte. halie, i want to talk about the transition news. we talked about jason miller decided not to become white house communication director. when he was going to take his job. it was two days before he decided not to.
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how unusual is this for somebody to back out of an administration post before the administration even comes into office. >> think about it with any job. anybody would take any jobs or any fields and two days later not anymore. it is not typical, not fairly typical at least. here is the deal. thursday that the announcement came out that donald trump announced of his west wing of sean spicer and another important role is jason miller. miller is familiar to people who are watching our network and he was our communicationie adviser and he works for ted cruz and he's been involved -- the news came out that miller was going to be the communication director. miller says over the holiday, he realized that he wanted to spend
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more time with his family and his wife is expecting a child come january. he's making a decision to forgo the stresses if you will and paraphrasing o f the white house in order to spend more time with the family. that in itself is not unusual. people make this kind of work and life decisions all the time. it was so sort of sudden that the announcement was withdrawn. >> very interesting, stuff, halie jackson, happy holidays to you my friend. hope to see you soon. >> you too, buddy. i want to talk to our strateg t strategisstrategist and our howard dean. pretend that you are apart of the donald trump petition team. >> a lot of controversial point and including rex tillerson and many others.
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what is your strategy for going out there and getting these folks consensus and build around them to be confirmed by the united states congress. >> i think a lot of these people that are put up for nominations are put good ones. rex tillerson was strategic appointment. i really enjoyed and i really think betsy devoss with school vouchers, i can go on. >> i am talking about the top crisis. this seems like an impossible test. you are going to have the opposite side and the democratic side and they're not enjoying any of the picks and they're controversial and extreme. i think that his picks has been reasonable and i don't think he will have a lot of problems getting them through. i just don't. >> what does this conversation battle looked like, or is it a
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battle at all? >> schumer is very smart and he's great at mouse trapping. they put out something a couple of days ago that laid out criteria for all of trump's appointees which had a whole lot of financial disclosures and of tax returns and ethics investigations. i think he's going to probe for the weak spot. you cannot refuse one or two cabinet officials. i think he's going to look for two of them and taking them down just on principles. >> i cannot tell you which two. >> president obama is vacationing in hawaii and paying a visit to the marine base. he spent some time talking to his former aid on cnn, i want to play you guys a little bit and we'll talk on the other side. take a listen of this. >> part of the challenge for democrats and progressives generally is that if we cannot
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compete in rural areas in rural states, if we cannot find some way to breakthrough what is a complicated history in the south, and start winning races there and winning back southern white voters without portraying our commitment to civil rights and diversities, if we cannot do those things then we cannot win elections. >> governor, you are the architect of the 50 state strategy during your tenure and the dnc chair. i remember my time on the road, i was in north carolina, the orange original home of nascar, it is not daytona beach. some of these folks were former democrats, how are you going to get those people back. >> you got to show up. the problem is, this is not aimed at president obama.
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when we have the incumbent president, that's not focused on state legislatures and governors or county officials or congress in the senate. that's what's happening to us. we lost more seat in the last eight years than any of us. and if you measure by state legislature seats then they have in the 1920s. demographic is on our side. the vast majority of young people in the country of any color have voted three times in a row for democrats. >> got to get them to show up. >> in order to do that, you got to be in the field. you cannot stick to the swing states. we got to be in places like texas. we are not going to win texas next week or the year after. if you don't do the work today, you are not going to win it 15 or 20 years. >> i saw some young people in
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nevada. it is a big challenge. we got about 10 seconds before we got to go, i want to ask you about jason miller. >> until we find out what's at the bottom of it, we don't know. it is typical, sometimes when you think the job and the commander is too much for you to pull out. this is interesting that he pulled out two days within getting. >> thank you both. >> our republican strategist. now, to the incredible show outside the home of legendary singer of george michael who died on christmas day at the age of 53. fans laying flowers and candles. his death does not appear to be suspicious but an official cause is not yet known. steve patterson is in los angeles with more. huge loss, another huge loss for the music industry this year.
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it is truly terrible. >> what an incredible year, jacob. it is been amazing to see police here making enindustry to george michael's house on christmas day. the guy that wrote "last christmas" and pronouncing him dead in his home. he says that, his manager says it is a cardiac arrest or hard problem or failure that led to his desk. an autopsy has yet to be performed. it is planned over the next couple of days. in the meantime, people are in shocked and not only fans around the world. people in his circle and fans are mourning the loss of the music icon. ♪ it is music that made the entire generation moves. >> those catchy melodys mixed with a little social commentary. all tied together by glossy,
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unforgettab unforgettable. >> and turns george michael from teen pop singer into an international icon. a career spanning four decade of ten number one singles, selling more than 21 million album in the u.s. alone. >> michael rose to fame in the early '80s. wham, songs like "careless whisper" and "wake me up before you go go." the group became the biggest before they split in 1996. the following year, michael's solo album generated four number one hits. >> he also became a world's
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famous sex symbol. in the '90s he had more chart success including his smash hit live duet with ellington john. in 1998 the singer was arrested after exposing himself and he game out as gay and being an advocate for gay rights. he told madden in 2004, he wanted h is private life back. >> it was so freak to the amount of attention that was being pointed to me. >> the artist suffered a series of health scare including pneumonia. >> the hospital in austria that they asked me to -- absolutely the best place in the world that i could have been. >> tributes on social media from friends and fans pouring in
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immediately sunday night. including his wham partner who tweeted heartbroken at the loss of my beloved friend forever loved. >> the last christmas for the man who will ever be remembered as the music legend. >> just incredible music in that story. every recording artist in the world would like to have one of those songs and the entire beureau had been humming them. police, no foul play and an autopsy had been scheduled and planned and it will be coming out. >> last christmas playing was pt my house. >> thank you very much. kochli
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happening right now, millions are heading home after the holiday weekend. aaa says more than 100 million people will travel more than 50 miles between now and january 2nd for drivers, the biggest problems have been across the northern plains states.
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that's where snow and icy roads and slowing traffic quite a bit and plenty of challenges in the area as well. gabe gutierrez joining us on one of the busiest airports on earth at hartsville jackson here in atlanta. >> reporter: thankfully today they seem to be handling very well. we have seen this musician here, take a listen for just a few seconds. >> definitely here a lot of cheers here. the lines are moving quickly. not many major voice to speak of here. they are dealing with the way of just over an hour and because of
11:21 am
some wind and lax. and dealing with an hour delay or so because of high have yum. thankfully as you can see, we have been here throughout the morning, jacob and have not been running across here in atlanta. seeing smiles on people's faces right there. we'll send it back to you. >> that's absolutely incredible and i saw some of those construction delays at lax myself. in lieu of a duet of that, any quick tips for folks moving through the airport today? >> reporter: jacob, it is you and me, we are quite used to traveling quite a bit. airlines people are arriving here two hours earlier and i chk with your airline. more than 1600 people so fa
11:22 am
far -- and there are cancellations in and out of the u.s. just arrive early and be prepared. again, right now, it is smooth sailing here. >> take your earphones out while you are listening to that guy waiting in line. great report, gabe gutierrez. thank you very much. >> thanks. winter weather making it tough for some travelers out there. a blizzard warning is in effect for the snow covered great plains and some states in the midwest are on a winter warm up as a matter of fact. i want to check in with our meteorologist, bonnie snyder. >> we are watching an area where we could see some more conditions well into the evening. the blizzard warning has been expanded and extended to 7:00 p.m. we are watching for freezing rain and this is a different part of the country, upstate new york into central pennsylvania and well into northern new england, we could see snow
11:23 am
tonight developing and watch out icy area. the snow is piling on heavy and hard all the way through wednesday, parts of the cascades could see two or three feet of snow at the higher elevation. a wintry week ahead. some locations, area to the south, we have warm conditions and temperatures have been unseasonably mild and we see record breaking numbers. look for more records to be shattered with unseasonably warm temperatures throughout the south and definitely not feeling so much like late december, that'll change as we go into january. >> bonnie, all of that is good for skiing and sleighing and not so good for traveling. thank you very much, bonnie schneider. >> republicans opposed president obama nearly every term will democrats play the same play
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book for president-elect trump. we'll discuss, coming up next. ♪ glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears. be happy, it's glad.
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i am confident in this vision because i am confident that if i -- if i had run again and articulated it, i think i could mobilizeddd a majority of the american people to rally behind it. i know that in conversations -- >> that was a confident president obama in an interview on the podcast. saying again, the word confident
11:28 am
several times. he said he wou have beaten trump had he been allowed to run. remember president obama facing off oppositions from the start. mitch mcconnell, the most important thing that he wanted to achieve was for obama to be a one term president. >> is that the right strategy for democrats? joining me now is congresswoman is maxine waters, democrats from los angeles, california, hi congresswoman. >> good morning, how are you? >> good morning, how are you. >> good. the approach is very different and do you agree with his strategy or democrats are being way too nice? >> no, i do not agree. i tell you that's been a problem
11:29 am
in my party that when we are in power, we are nice. trump has stepped on everybody. he has no respect for his own colleagues, led alone those opposite side of the isle. he's called names and lied and he's done everything he shows that he does not have good values and he cannot be trusted. why should we work with someone that we cannot trust. he will tell you one thing today and another thing tomorrow. those people who voted for him ought to be concerned about the fact that he's already backed pedal on some of the promises he made. for me, as a ranking member of the financial services committee where he says he's going to bring down dodd frank and he's going to get rid of the consumer financial protection bureau, i am going to fight him every inch of the way.
11:30 am
>> i just want to get this straight that are you saying that you would not sit down with president-elect trump if he invited you to the white house to meet on common ground? >> no, i am not going to sit down with him and go and pretend -- enough pretending, this business of calling names and lying and retreating on your promises. why should i trust him to be any different with me. i am the ranking member, and i have been working hard to implement a dodd frank reform. we went through a terrible crisis in 2008. many people lost their homes and the banks got away with murder. no, i don't trust him, i don't believe him, i have no intentions sitting down with him, i am going to fight him every inch of the way. i am going to help show the american people that they too
11:31 am
cannot trust him, that this is a man that does not deliver to his promises and this is a man who treated in the so ca-called tru university. this is a man who did not pay his contctors. >> president-elect trump and those in his inner circle say they want to dismantle dodd frank regulations. i assume that you have said and you are going to work and stop that from happening. what's your strategy there? >> my strategy is education of the public. we got to tell them exactly what he's doing and what it means. first of all, he's gone and got all the wall street guys of most of their awards against dodd frank and want to dismantle it also. they got to know what it means and to be able to buy a house and hold onto the house. they got to know the bank that
11:32 am
committed fraud and buying many of whom who have been in jail. they got to understand that he brought in his billionaire friends and he basically tried to orgize administration that would benefit the richest people in this country and be dammed of the middle class and poor people. so, with the got to educate ando those folks who voted for him because he talks this talk about changing america and etcetera, we got to make a transparent of that, that he's all about enriching the most richest people in the country and doing the same kind of things using the same kind of tactics that he's used to enrich himself. >> congresswoman, maxine waters, thank you very much for being here and happy holidays to you. >> happy holidays to you. >> we'll have a fallout on the
11:33 am
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. welcome back to msnbc, time now for top headlines. russian officials are investigating on the crash into the black sea. the crash that killed all 92 members including a member of a
11:37 am
beloved choir. the move will be a new base of a two-month old operation. and, a historic meeting, japanese shinzo abe will visit pearl harbor with president obama. the first japanese leader to visit pearl harbor since. the attack that sent the united states into world war ii. turning to israel on the after math on the resolution demanding an end to the end of the west bank. earlier today -- he refused to offer my proof. >> well, we have proof, i don't believe we know it. we'll share it with the in co
11:38 am
coming administrations. we are not going to share it with this administration because they're behind it. >> we are waiting for r tthe ne administration to come. >> joining me now our former deputy assistant secretary of state. >> what's your reaction of this move? >> thanks jacob for having me. this sounds base less and if there were evidence, i imagine it should be shown right away rather than just having accusations out there. it is not associated with diplomatic engagements anyway. d clearly, this resolution did not single out iael lely. it it calls on the palestinians to
11:39 am
engage in better behavior as well. >> so that shows that it is quite like the u.s. did not engage in the drafting of the re resolution. >> i am sure you saw this, benjamin netanyahu had some choice words for the u.s. this weekend. lets listen for what he had to say. >> the american administration disagreed with the settlement. we agree with the security council was not the place to resolve this issue. we knew that going there would make negotiations harder and drive peace further away. as i told john kerry on thursday, that friends don't take friends to the security council. >> the u.s. and israel is virtually closest ally and benjamin netanyahu and president obama had a really icy relationship. from the your experience inside
11:40 am
the state department goes so far and going behind their back in order to orchestrate this whole thing. >> no, jacob. it pains me to see this kind of rhetoric and i have lived in israel over the years and i had a lot of family there and i worked as an official or in the community. israel is deeply critical and important to american interest national security. this kind of rhetoric does not do service to the herb. issue. we are talking about occupation of the west bank. there is a lot of different views in the security community there about how settlements need to be curtailed to get to tuesday's solution. what the prime minister is doing is arguing about the process and even though 14 countries are included. russia supported this resolution.
11:41 am
israel needs to figure out how its going to get its policy straight on peacemaking and settlement construction. right now instead of engaging on that is engaging on a process argument about the un securi.n.y council. >> before we go and we only have a couple of seconds left. i want to get your take on the israel palestine peace process under president-elect trump. a departure of the vast majority of policy areas here. what are the prospect under president-elect trump? >> what we are seeing right now is appetizers. it is going to get real very fast with the ambassadors designating david freeman coming en. he will have confirmation hearings and his call for increasing settlements. and this is like lighting a match on a very, very gas
11:42 am
infested fire already. we have to be very careful about what we do to engage in this and hopefully the u.s. will maintain and i-- >> he's not even president yet. >> very grateful for you being here, joel rudy. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> coming up, the queen, we are not going to get nothing on london on her health and how their family spent the holiday weekend. >> and trump's effect on the market, what we may expect for wall street in 2017. stay right there.
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♪ i am jacob soboroff, you are watching msnbc. royals, they are just like us -- kind of. as you heard queen elizabeth had been battling a bad cold and on sunday forced her to miss a royal family tradition. lucy is in london with the details. >> it was a weird tweet this weekend for royal watch everier catch a glimpse of kate and the royals with the little ones. they did not make it to the royal service. >> a royal church service. here is the duke and followed by prince harry and his dad, prince charles but this year without the queen. she and prince phillips both
11:47 am
fighting heavy cold postponing the journey here. queen elizabeth was a no show but royal watchers were understanding. >> another first, christmas church service for prince george and little princess charlotte. prince william and dutchess for going the formality for a relax holiday with the in laws. the tradition came with a sugary fun, prince george knew what to do with his candy cane, charlott charlotte had other ideas. will we hear of the sound of wedding bells for prince harry? maybe not apart for too much longer from his girlfriend. despite the cold, the queen
11:48 am
addressed the nation striking an optimistic note. >> on our own, we cannot end wars or wipe out injustice. >> the cumulative impact, of the size of a small act of goodness can be bigger than we imagine. >> as we saw ere, the younger royals blazing some n new traditions of their own. jacob. >> thank you, a get well soon to the royals. back here tho the u.s., look at sexual street. there appears to be a little bit of a trump rally. on friday, all three major indexes were up. the dow are in striking distance of that psychologically hug huge -- however you want to say it. 20,000 point mark and they have been hitting new highs ever since the election. >> cnbc is with here talking to me about that. he does not have a cold. >> no, i don't.
11:49 am
>> robert. still 70 points away from the 20,000 point mark. my question to you -- why do we care, does it matter? >> these numbers can pose a psychological resistance overtime. go to 10,000, that was 1999 and six or seven years to get through. this time will be a little fw t faster. looking ahead to trump's presidency. ability and confidence and these are words that the markets like. how does that affect it going forward? >> the market is excited of the policy mix of what is to be seen in 2017 which is large tax kuhns and infrastructure spending and military spending. that's what the market is anticipating with a full
11:50 am
republican congress whether it is his plan or paul ryan's new plan. there will be a lot of changes in government's program in tax levels and that's great. that's what the market is rallying. >> how is wall street, ron, is there a way of a president with one tweet can affect the company of millions of dollars. >> you live with it. you take it day-to-day or whether it is a bow in whomever and you meet with the president and you make some mild concessions and move on. the bigger uncertainty forms around trade policies if president trump instruct his treasure secretary to label china -- those would be big negatives that offset the markets that's been rallying on.
11:51 am
>> well, the ttp is another one that i heard when i was out there on the campaign trail quite a bit from folks. but, with all these policies and lowering tax breaks and bringing money back over seas. how long does he have to deliver on these promises until wall street gets antsy. >> i don't think wall street will get antsy at all. >> if you look at paul ryan as he puts it in legislative language and the horse race between the three can be relatively limited. they may want to knock out large things very fast and spend the capitol that they have and knowing that in two years you can see the democrats taking the senate the if things don't go the right way. >> they can use in 2017 to avoid having to get 60 votes from the senate to pass a lot of their signature legislative pieces. i think it is going to move much faster than people think and
11:52 am
speed bump is smaller than at the moment. >> we are about to find out. >> glad you are here. coming up next, three week in office, we are going to take a look at president obama's legacy and his greatest achievements and his failures. you are watching msnbc, the place for politics. ealthy sle. stt yours with philips sonicare, the no.1 choice of dentists. compared to oral-b 7000, philips sonicare flexcare platinum removes significantly more plaque. this is the sound of sonic technology cleaning deep between teeth. hear the difference? get healthier gums in just 2 weeks vs a manual toothbrush and experience an amazing feel of clean. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save now when you buy philips sonicare.
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welcome back, with less than
11:56 am
a month to go of his presidency, president obama and his supporters are counting the their -- the president will be remembered as good or great as far as president are concerned. 25% say just fair and 49% say yes. >> he's joining us now, bob, good to see you. >> lets start with social issues. his signature healthcare law became law of the land, of course, and many push policies limiting deportations and undocumented immigrants. some people say he's falling short when it comes to making social change, what do you think? >> i think he's historic in lgbt rights. and a lot of the other stuff
11:57 am
he's done like the progress on the dreamers is frankly going to depend on what trump does. trump can undo this and the iran deal. that's very complicated because if you pull out of that deal, are you going to get russia, china and the european country sanctions on iran. it is complicated. he has huge way and significant achievement and he had some failures as well. >> you can say the same for the environment policy and he's able to sign on the paris climate agreement and he's raising standards for the automobiles and climate stance as well. >> listen, you've given high marks on this. bill clinton left a balance budget. it was one of his biggest achievement. we have not seen in decades.
11:58 am
donald trump has the potential in the area of climates and some of these questions like financial regulations to roll back a lot of that progress. he's got to be careful. they say they're going to repeal obamacare on day one and repeal it and replace it. if they don't replace it that gives health insurance for 20 million and many people voted for trump. they're going to run into a political bus saw. >> what about the economy? when we were out there this year, of the election, it was all about the controversial with donald trump and instead, frankly, i think we should have been spending more r time and looking at the nation's economic recovery of unemployment of 5%. donald trump's talking about jobs and putting people back to work. how are people judging president obama in the history book when it comes to this? >> president obama did a terrific job.
11:59 am
he's handing a strong economy to donald trump. democrats made a big mistake. but, the people at the top and about his own business record. that was not done. all of that said, trump did speak to the disaffection of the people in the states who feel rightly or wrongly they lost their jobs because of foreign trade and immigration. it is probably not true. the test for him is whether he could put some of those people back to work and revive some of those communities. he's likely to do that with a serious investment and infrastructure than he is with the trade war that could cause americans manufacturing jobs. >> thank you very much senator bob, happy new year. that does it for me, i will see you back here tomorrow
12:00 pm
afternoon at 2:00 eastern. something is wrong with you, you can find me on snap chat and twitter and instagram. you can follow me right now on my snap phone. coming up in the canext, "meet press." this sunday, what do we know of what kind of president will donald trump be? >> i will pay for a great wall and i will have mexico pay for it. >> what we learned about mr. trump on domestic politics. >> some people won't pay taxes. >> on foreign policy. >> i like putin, bochling tmbin hell out of isis. >> we have to be a cheer leader for our country. >> this morning, the donald trump we saw and got to know right here on "meet the press" throughout this campaign. >> plus, christmas messages from


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