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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  December 27, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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instagram, jacob sobroff. craig melvin picks things up in new york. >> welcome to the city. thanks. i'm craig melvin in for kate snow. breaking news, carrie fisher, dead at 60 years old. just four days after suffering a heart attack aboard a transatlantic flight. the world knew her as tough as nails, princess leia almost as strong as fisher herself. >> i should have expected to find you holding vader's leash. i recognized your foul stench when i was brought on board. >> charming. you don't know how hard i found it signing the order to terminate your life. >> i'm surprised you found the courage to sign the responsibility yourself. >> principle cease lbefore your would like you to be my guest.
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no star system will dare oppose the emperor now. >> the more you tighten your grip, the more star systems will slip through your fingers. >> we'll get to that in a moment. busy political day stwl. president obama and the prime minister of japan getting set to make history in two hours. new comments from president-elect trump on israel. who would have been a hypothetical match-up? this afternoon, mall mayhem days after a hollywood of peace and togetherness. brawls at 15 malls across this country. pepper spray, riot gear. we'll have a report on that coming up for you as well. we start with that breaking news this hour. carrie fisher, the iconic star wars actress has died. she was just 60 years old. she had been hospitalized friday night after an in-flight emergency. on christmas day her mother, debbie reynolds, tweeted she was in stable condition. a short while ago her star wars
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co-star, mark hamill, luke skywalker himself, tweeting simply, no words, devastated. steve patterson joins me now from los angeles. steve, good afternoon to you. >> good afternoon to you, craig. obviously, she will be remembered forever as the iconic princess leia. she's also known for so much more. an incredible writer, for her candid personality where she would talk about just about everything from her marriage to sex to the relationship with her mother, debbie reynolds, who recently released a statement following carrie's death reading, i want to read this to you now, thank you, everyone, who has embraced the gifts and talents of my beloved daughter. i will grateful for your thoughts and prayers that are guiding her to her next step. love, carrie's mother. carrie fisher known for her candid nature, for so much in hollywood. she was hollywood royalty. now everyone is remembering her legacy.
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>> i'm a member of the imperial senate on a diplomatic mission. >> reporter: in this galaxy and perhaps others far, far away, carrie fisher is hollywood royalty. >> all i want is peace but we have no weapons. >> reporter: best remembered as the iconic princess leia in "star wars." land, the role at just 19, fisher captivated audiences for decades, returning 40 years later in "the force awakens". >> i've always hated watching you leave. >> reporter: before battling the empire, she was born into the 1309 light, daughter of debbie reynolds and eddie fisher. she made her own debut in 1975 in "shampoo," building up more than 90 film and tv credits. >> let's go. >> reporter: fisher went on to write seven books, including the semiauto buy graphical "postcards from the edge" and her memoir "the princess
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diarist" if which she admitted an affair with long-time co-star harrison ford. she spoke with if with savannah on "today." >> it seemed like you were in love, felt that way. >> well, i was nearly 19, yeah, so, you know, i was not sort of a cavalier type person. >> one of the trademarks of carrie fisher from the very beginning of her career has been this brutally honest demeanor. >> reporter: never afraid to comment on mental illness, drug use, a strained relationship with her mother, or her failed marriage to paul simon. >> she had become a successful author, a screenwriter. she is a commentator. she's done many, many different things beyond "star wars" as an actress. >> reporter: this morning the phrase, may the force be with her, trending on social media as a princess is remembered as a queen. >> may the force be with you. >> she's remembered for so much to so many people. just want to read you just a few more things. billy dee williams, co-star
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really put a poignant note on twitter. i'm deeply saddened at the news of carrie's passing. a great friend i deeply respect and admire. the force is dark today. craig? >> indeed it is. steve patterson for us there in los angeles this afternoon. steve, thank you. again, carrie fisher dead at 62. remember her. we wanted to remind you of her work. just a snippet of it. primarily the epic portrayal of tough-talking princess leia. take a listen. >> the force is strong in my family. my father had it. i have it. and my sister has it. >> yes.
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>> it's you. >> i know. somehow, i've always known. >> then you know why i have to face him. >> no. luke, run away. far away. if he can feel your presence, then leave this place. i wish i could go with you. >> no, you don't. you've always been strong. >> but why must you confront him? >> because, there is good in him. i felt it. he won't turn me over to the emperor. i can save him. i can turn him back to the good side. i have to try. >> i want to welcome in eric davis. eric is the managing editor at
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fandango, sara is the executive director for "people" magazine. eric, just your general reaction to the sad news. we should note, this was a heart attack that she had on a flight from london to los angeles. on friday. we got word from her mother via twitter on kris masses dchristmd been doing better and word today she had passed away. >> i'm extremely saddened. i'm a child of star wars. i grew up with them. i was a little boy. the earliest memory i have of going to a theater was going to watch a star wars movie. she had a huge impact on my life. and she was very funny, too. i was just at star wars celebration over the summer watching her speak with her dog gary at her side, who's been her companion of late. she's-s she has a lot of humor. star wars, she says the best times of her life and also worst
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times of her life. she was self-deprecating about it. she proved you can go through life with addiction problems and mental illness problems. if you find the humor in it all, maybe it's not so bad. that's my biggest takeaway from her is, is she always found the humor in every situation, as big and as bountiful as the burdens were on her shoulders for the last 40 years, carrying this franchise on her shoulders, carrying the legacy of this character on her shoulders. she always had a smile and she always had something funny to say about it. >> sarah, it was "people" magazine told us first of this -- of this unexpected passing. eric just hit on this, but she did spend a fair amount of time, essentipecially in her later ye poking fun at the hysteria, if you will, that surrounded the star wars franchise, especially with the release of the new movie this year. talk to us about her iconic role
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and talk to us about carrie fisher, the person, someone who wasn't shy about her struggles with depression, with bipolar disorder, with addiction as well. >> sure. i mean, carrie was born into hollywood royalty, as you said. she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but actually what happened is when she went onto star wars, it became a blessing and a can curse. what she took from that and what we all took from that is that she became this amazing princess leia character that she did have to carry with her. then in later years, she was so open about her struggles and she was so open about her battle with drink and drugs and addiction and mental health. i think that's something we will all remember her for. she, as i said, was born with a silver spoon, but she never took it to mean anything. she actually point -- poked fun at it. >> the reaction continues to
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pour inrom all over hollywood and beyond. we've just got this tweet as well in. this one coming from star trek icon william shatner saying, i'm deeply saddened to learn of the death of carrie fisher. ly miss or banterings. a wonderful talent and a light has been extinguished. there's the billy dee williams tweet saying the force is dark today. princess leia, as a character, eric, what did she do for cinema? how big a part of star wars was she? >> i think she's one of the most iconic characters of all time in all of cinema. you know what's interesting, reading so many tweets right now, and a lot of women coming forward saying, she was my first role model. having this powerful woman in this kind of role was a huge inspiration, was a huge role model. lucas films kathleen kennedy said in a statement just how
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powerful of an inspiration and role model she was for young girls. i remember princess leia. one of the first words she says in a star wars movie, she's in the face of darth vader, and this is a 19-year-old whose first lines in this major movie she's right in the face of darth vard, she's not afraid of that guy and he's one of the most iconic vil lance of all time. i think she just -- that character. she's a general now, so i should -- i should not maybe call her princess because as of the force awakens she's general leia. she goes a long way to show you how powerful of a role model and inspiration a strong female character like that can be for young girls. >> we have learned that she did complete her work on that eighth episode scheduled to be released in december of next year. so, the world will get to see general leia one more time. it's been a rough year, a really, really rough year for
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hollywood. these are just, on your screen there, a look at the handful of folks we've lost this year. george michael, gene wilder, prince, of course, david bowie. sarah, can you remember a year like this in recent memory where we have lost so many icons? >> i mean, starting with david bowie in january, i've never known a year like this in all my years of reporting. it's really just unfathomable how many amazing names we've lost. with the death of george michael on christmas day, i thought, okay, please let this be the last. and then, obviously, with the passing of carrie this morning, i just thought, please, 2016, let this be the end now. >> as she wrote in the principle tess diarist," memoir last year,
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the perpetual celebrity, where percentage of the public to the day you die, even if that day comes decades after your real contribution to the culture is exseatedingly rare. carrie fisher, dead today at the age of . eric, thank you, sarah, thank you both so much. appreciate your time this afternoon. coming up, war of words. donald trump pushing back after president obama suggested he would have beaten the president-elect if he could have run for a third term. all of this while trump himself takes a swipe at the united nations, calling it, quote, just a club for a good time. you're watching msnbc.
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president-elect trump putting forth new names for his administration as he lashes out as president obama on, where else, twitter, of course. this coming after president obama suggested that he might have won the 2016 election had there not been that pesky constitutional requirement you only run for two terms. my colleague, kasie hunt covering the transition of power for us this afternoon. another day, another public squabble between current administration and incoming administration. there was supposed to be this goodwill, no? >> yes. >> what happened? >> well, in this particular case, president obama touched on
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something we've come to learn is a real nerve for donald trump. that is, whether or not donald trump won this election in a way that was convincing, in a way that's durable, and the president did that by essentially suggesting if he had been the one running for a third term, he would have won the election, not trump. take a listen to this -- this is from the axe files podcast. >> what i would argue is, is that the culture actually did shift. that the majority does buy into the notion of a one america that is tolerant and diverse and open and i am confident in this vision because i'm confident that if i -- if i had run again and articulated it, i think i could have mobilized a majority
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of the american people to rally behind it. >> so, a subtle -- a dig, yes, at trump, who of course responded very quickly on twitter, writing there are this long list of reasons why the president would have lost the election -- isis, the health care law among them. also a dig at hillary clinton. >> i don't think that dig was subtle at all. >> i did not read it that way. i mean, as she ran very much on exactly what he was talking about, this idea that, you know, people do want to come together, that this is a country that embraces minorities, people from other countries, that's the argument he was making. he essentially said, yes, if i had been the one making that argument, i would still be president. >> another hire for president-elect trump's trump team. >> now counterterrorism adviser replacing monaco, tom burrell, former white house -- yes, white house aide for george w. bush. someone who supported the
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invasion of iraq at the time. i'm sorry, tom bossard. someone who supported the iraq war, which makes it an unusual choice for trump. trump going back and forth on this issue, saying he didn't support the invasion which at the time we know he did. this is not a position that has to be confirmed by the senate. >> kasie hunt, thank you. let's bring in today's panel, lisa maxle, an "essence" contribut contributor, and hugh hewitt, host of the salem network radio show. let's start where we left off with kasie. this not so subtle dig by president obama basically saying, listen, if i had been in this thing, i would have won it. what do you make of that? >> he's right. if you look at where he stood in the two elections he did win, he
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won 51% of the vote both times he ran for president. when you're looking at donald trump's 46%, it's pretty clear that president obama, who has high approval ratings right now, would have won in a head-to-head match-up. what i do disagree with him on is we did not run on a progressive vision. i think the clinton campaign was up against wikileaks, podesta e-mails, every single morning, russia -- >> before that, there had been this notion that the candidate herself was not as progressive as a bernie sanders. it was sanders who had to drag her to this idea of a minimum -- a federal minimum wage and college affordability, things like that. you dispute that? >> i think certainly bernie sanders being in the democratic primary did bring hillary clinton to the left on certain areas. on the other hand, hillary clinton brought bernie sanders to the left, like reproductive health care. i think we approve the most progressive platform in the
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democratic party with hillary clinton atop that ticket. to say the message we were articulating is not a progressive vision, i disagree with that. the messenger is what was under assault during the entirety of the campaign. >> what does it say the president-elect and the president are having this sort of squabble about this in this public setting? >> i'm reminded of the old debate about whether or not the '64 browns are better than the 1972 dolphins or whether lebron could beat jordan one-on-one. they're both interesting politicians. president obama does have a high approval rating but does it transfer to a third term? that's a great historical deb e debate, which we'll never know the answer to. a lot of people say director comey intervened on behalf of donald trump, candy crowley inteened on behalf of president obama. david axelrod is a good friend and did a great interview, but i have to disagree with, he
12:23 pm
accused the hillary clinton campaign of playing it safe. and just today there came out a study they spent a lot of money in arizona, in georgia, in nebraska, not enough money in michigan, in pennsylvania. that's the opposite of playing it safe. hillary clinton was playing to win, a very aggressive 45-state campaign, 40-state campaign. i think the president was being a little unfair to her. he did note her historically troubled relationship with the press, which was there. but i don't think she played it safe. i think she ran into a unique political environment where americans -- remember the movie from 1994, the robert redford movie, americans went into their sound booths and heard what they wanted to hear and didn't hear the other side and trump had more people in his booth. >> he didn't have more people. he just didn't have -- we didn't have the people -- >> you're right, you're right. >> in milwaukee. he did not have more people. i want to articulate that. >> more people in the right states. >> exactly. >> i want to play something. this is something that the
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future white house press secretary and communications director as well, at least right now, sean spicer said. this is what he said in a local interview earlier. then i want to talk to you guys about it. >> i think that his use of social media, in particular, is going to be something that's never been seen before. he has a direct pipeline to the american people where he can talk back and forth to almost 17 million people on twitter, and combined with facebook and instagram, over 40 million. that allows him to add an element of a conversation that's never occurred. he can put his thoughts out and hear what they're thinking in a way that no one's ever been able to do before. you're right, he does communicate in a much bigger way than -- than has ever been before. i think that's going to be a really exciting part of the job. >> you're laughing. >> i mean, that's a wonderful spin. i think that, you know, he's going to have a very exciting job as part of the
12:25 pm
administration because donald trump has no filter and is able to tweet whatever he wants. i think there's a danger in that. we've already seen as part of the transition, even before he's been sworn into office, that he's impacting foreign policy right now because of what he's tweeting. and i think that that's really concerning, if you are somebody who's serious and concerned about our safety as americans. i think that you don't want to have two presidents articulating foreign policy. >> hugh, i would also point out that when you -- never mind trying to explain the intricacies of a complex policy issue on nuclear weapons or nuclear proliferation, but the fact that in almost 200 days you haven't had a news conference or you haven't, you know, had to answer any questions from -- whether it's the mainstream media, whatever you want to call us, the fact there is -- there appears to be this arrogance that he doesn't have to answers questions anymore and he can just completely dictate his positions on twitter. >> craig, during the campaign
12:26 pm
when we had to make a choice as the country, secretary clinton hid from the press for well over 240 days. i was upset with that. i particularly think you ought to meet with your opponents so when president is sworn in on january 20th, i should see joshua on talking point and sit down with the guys from vox in the way secretary clinton would never engage me on my radio show. it's it's important. i want to agree with sean spicer about something. it's not nearly the 17 million twitter followers and facebook accounts. it's it is ample amplification that curse that dominates the news. it's the latest iteration of richard nixon's silent majority speech where he goes over the head of you and me and every other person in the media by simply putting out there what he wants to talk about. i will say this about foreign policy, i think we'll move our embassy to jerusalem because of resolution 2334 that the united
12:27 pm
states did not veto, and that donald trump telegraphed his great displeasure with 37 that's not meaning we have two presidents. president obama orchestrated that resolution, according to israelis, and didn't veto it. the incoming president is letting the israelis know he'll have their back when he gets there. i think that's appropriate and useful at this time when our allies are feeling very insecure about the president. >> all right. hugh hewitt, big thanks to you. thank you, both. any minute now, president obama will be visiting the herl harbor memorial with japan's prime minister, an historic visit. we'll go there live coming up after the break. something we've been talking about a lot over the past few days, hugh just mentioned this as well, the israeli settlements. they were the subject of that controversial u.n. resolution friday. what exactly are they? if
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welcome back. time for a look at the big three. actress carrie fisher dead today at the age of 60. she was best known for her role at princess leia in the star wars saga. she was hospitalized on friday after suffering a heart attack on a flight from london to los angeles. a winter storm causing major problems in the northern half of our country. in michigan, a sinkhole threatening to swallow homes in a detroit suburb. check that out. meanwhile, in minnesota, an ice house fell into a lake after rain and wind helped loosen the ice. a pennsylvania mother recovering in the hospital after walking 26 miles in the frozen
12:32 pm
wilderness for help after her family's car got stuck in the snow near the grand canyon. karen cline says the car's gps steered them in the wrong direction. the backlash continues this afternoon against president obama's decision to abstain from a vote on settlements last week at the united nations. just moments ago, the state department fending off criticism that the vote was orchestrated by the united states to negatively impact israel. >> you know, this was a resolution that we could not in good conscious veto. because it condemns violence. it condemned incitement. it reiterates what's been the overwhelming consensus, international view on settlements and calls for the parties to advance a two-state solution on the ground. there was nothing in there that would prompt us to veto that type of resolution. >> happening just moments ago at the state department. this is israel continues to
12:33 pm
blame the obama administration for crafting last week's vote at the u.n. i want to bring in my colleagues cal perry and ahmen at the big board. let's talk about the settlements and why this is such a big deal. >> such a contentious issue, confusing and complicated. this is the west backe here. and the gaza strip here. this is the beginnings of a two-state solution if you were to have palestinian territory here and the gaza strip. this is occupied palestinian land here. this is based on the 1967 borders. as we go closer in, though, these are the settlements. there are according to an israeli human rights organization, at least 125, each one of these blue dots is an israeli settlements. those are the ones authorized. you have in addition to that 100 illegal outposts in here. all this in yellow is pretty much areas that are restricted to palestinians. what does that mean? >> well, this is what makes this
12:34 pm
such a sensitive issue. israelis believe and argue these are jewish communities that they have the right to build there. as you pointed out on the map, the expansion and building of jewish settlements in the occupied palestinian territories essentially comes down to palestinian desposition. as a result of that, it is making the possibility of peace less and less likely. you're confiscating palestinian lands, taking resources away from the areas palestinians want for their statehood, security and other points i'm sure you'll point out. >> it's a philosophical battle. we're talking about 547,000 settlers between the occupied west bank and eat jerusalem. when we say east jerusalem, looks like a mess because it is a mess. if you were sitting down right now to make peace, this is your starting map. >> you see why it's so hard. have you to walk your way around every single one of these
12:35 pm
neighborhoods. the red line cal is drawing, that's essentially the separation barrier israel has built around east jerusalem. israelis say they're building this separation barrier, security wall, to protect them from incoming suicide bombers or terrorist attacks into israel proper. palestinians say this results to nothing but a land grab for the state of israel taking it away from palestinian land. >> this is just east jerusalem. everything in dark red are settlements. bethlehem to the south of jerusalem, the settlement and crossing here into jerusalem. it shows you the difficulty of movement. these settlements have roads, water, all of these things are involved. >> absolutely. that's what makes it difficult for palestinians to move from one checkpoint to another. this a map of bethlehem. a picture of the palestinian dressed as santa claus, israeli soldiers there. it highlights the restriction on movements for floins move from one area to another because they
12:36 pm
have jewish-only roads and lots of restrictions around them so it dices up the palestinian territory. >> this is a settlement currently under construction in east jerusalem. this is an israeli settlement. it has its own barrier and its own road. this is a lot of times what you hear when palestinians talk about accession. you heard him talking about it just now, access, roads and water. this settlement has its own water supply, its own roads, own schools, own access points and deep inside the west bank. just lastly, i wanted to point out, just so folks know, we're talking about here an area the size of delaware. the thinnest point in israel between the west bank and the water here is ten miles. so, we're not talking about a very big geographical area. that's key to this whole thing. >> i learned more in the last five minutes on cable news than i have in, perhaps, the last year. thank you, both, for an educational presentation. really quickly, hugh hewitt just mentioned the idea, and donald trump, of course, has mentioned
12:37 pm
this as well, the idea of moving the embassy there. how significant of a deal would that be and why so? >> well, this is a very significant development. interestingly enough, craig, the issue of jerusalem is perhaps one of the issues that palestinians don't have a monopoly in negotiating about. some other issues, maybe water, roads, refugees, those are palestinian issues. the issue of jerusalem is seen by the broader muslim world as something that matters to all of them. so, moving the embassy to jerusalem, which obviously is considered united by israel but illegal under international, annexation of east jerusalem, that will be. some say it sxendz where they finesse it, maybe they move it in west jerusalem, which would be considered part of a future israeli state. there is a way to finesse the movement of the embassy without sparking the concerns a lot of people have if, in fact, east jerusalem is somehow put into that mix. >> a big thanks to both of you this afternoon.
12:38 pm
do appreciate that. >> yep. coming up, some more reaction to the sudden death of actress and writer, carrie fisher. here's another one of of those iconic scenes from "star wars." >> stop it. >> stop what? >> stop that. my hands are dirty. >> myands are dirty, too. what are you afraid of? >> afraid? >> you're trembling. >> i'm not trembling. >> is that because i'm a scuondal. there are none in your life. >> i happen to like my life.
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a look here inside -- this is a look inside the motorcade, if you will. that's -- wow, that's exactly what that is. this is pearl harbor where, again, president obama making that historic visit back in may to hiroshima and now prime minister shinzo abe preparing to pay his respects at pearl harbor. he announced he would be visiting pearl harbor a short time ago. a few months ago he made that announcement. the first sitting -- believed to be the first sitting japanese prime minister to visit pearl harbor. the site, of course, of that
12:43 pm
surprise attack, that day that will live in infamy roughly 75 years ago. again, a look at the motorcade where we expect president obama and japanese prime minister shinzo abe to appear. when that happens, we will, of course, bring it to you here on msnbc. again for a moment, back to that sad breaking news on this tuesday afternoon. star wars actress carrie fisher dead today at 60 years old. let's welcome in chris witherspoon, correspondent with fandango. it would be nice to have a conversation with you at some point and not have to talk about another screen legend or music legend that we've lost. the list this year, pretty lengthy. >> it's incredible, between prince and david bowie, george michael, now this. i could go on, but we've lost major icons. >> carrie fisher's legacy, what will it be? >> i think its her film work.
12:44 pm
you can't escape princess leia. fans for generation will come to love her and love that character. she was one of the best script doctors in hollywood. some of our favorite movies were it not for carrie fisher approving the script and making it pop. "hook," "sister act," "the river wild." some pointed out she was in "30 rock," a couple other movies she was in. i think her legacy is someone who had ups and downs in hollywood and been candid about it. you don't see stars come out and talk about being bipolar and battling drug addiction, alcohol abuse like carrie fisher did. that's a remarkable thing to do. and i think it helps with the young stars kind of cope with navigating the perils of being in hollywood. >> she really was so self-aware. one of the things that always struck me about her is she would really poke fun at just -- the hysteria that surrounds "star
12:45 pm
wars," the obsession with the characters, the obsession with her character in particular. what do we know about what she was doing in the time leading up to her death? what was she working on or doing? >> the exciting part is "rogue one" is in theaters, doing so well. next year one of the most anticipated films for next year is episode eight and she just finished filming scenes. the question is how will they work editing, the post-edit to include her in the film in the right way and episode nine in two years. will she be in that? will they do some special effects to put her into that? she was still working hard at her craft. i saw an interview she was doing on the red carpet a year ago. she was so candid about putting on weight and trying to, you know, be back in hollywood and, you know, the weight of doing drugs and abusing her body for so many years but now she was on the right track and able to laugh about it. >> she took to twitter after the first of the prequels came out
12:46 pm
and she said she wishes people would stop having this public conversation about her appearance. we just shared that clip of her and harrison ford on screen together. this is carrie fisher talking about her relationship with hans solo. >> this wasn't a one-night stand. this went on for three months, you. >> i it was a three-month one-night stand. >> wow. did you think you were in love, carrie, at that time? >> eventually i did think -- well, you know -- >> when you're 19, you feel it. it's harrison ford. >> again, she was 19 at the time. confirming what a lot of folks suspected, by the way, that she and -- >> she just wrote a book called "the princess diarist" and she was in london promoting that book. she was talking about her relationship with harrison ford so candidly, being 19 years old, being swept away on the set and falling in love with him. it felt like love to her at that time. >> chris witherspoon, good to
12:47 pm
see you, my friend. welcome back, by the way. >> thank you. moments ago, this video just coming io our ws room of president obama, this thought to be, perhaps, one of if not his last public meeting with a foreign head of state. president obama with japanese prime minister shinzo abe. again, this is at pearl harbor. we are going to get you there in just a moment. all of this, of course, coming just weeks before president obama leaves office. we'll take a look at the future of the democratic party after losing the white house, the senate and the house, what is their path moving forward. less. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage, and clear skin in many adults.
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ator, ta.. d it ve o e li otrpve ator, ta.. d it t r se nfonan q dthri 0010ph eca ty.ceyoh lorcar ve o e li
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wed ows 0, b c d ovurfo r ifn.the p tr e e eeplate,ewlinune well j
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>> happening now, a short time away from making history here. we will carry it on msnbc from pearl harbor. president obama, japan's prime minister paying respects together. that will be the first visit there ever by a sitting japanese prime minister with a u.s. president. in may president obama became the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima. joining us now from hawaii. tammy has been traveling with the president. give us an idea of what we can expect here. . >> the prime minister had their
12:52 pm
bilateral meeting and they arrived in a boat house not far from here and they will be taken by the uss arizona. that's behind the japanese flag where the soldiers and marines are entombed. they will come back to where we are standing. both will make remarks. there are a handful of survivors here. we have spoken with a lot of them and it's an emotional day for them. never did they think the day would come where the leaders of these two countries would be here on this battle ground where thousands of lives were lost. crg? >> tammy is there for us. when it happens, we will bring it to you live here on msnbc. thank you. we'll be right back. american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order
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12:56 pm
>> with under a month left in office, president obama struggling with the democratic party he leaves in his wake. obama deflecting criticism that hillary clinton losing was a referendum on his presidency. >> what i would argue is that the culture actually did shift. that the majority does buy into the notion of a one america that is tolerant and diverse and open a and -- and full of energy and
12:57 pm
dine ammism and it doesn't always manifest in politics. >> despite his popularity over 50%, the senate and state legislature is over the country as well. why isn't their message resonating. let's start there. why are you guys losing so much?
12:58 pm
the working class people. 30% of people of color. ey are working their way into the middle class. they have to look at the party and say they are on my team. >> how did the democratic party welcome so separated from the voters? wie have to fight for them and those issues hard.
12:59 pm
we also need to recognize all of those people want a good paying job. they all -- 75% of americans are living paycheck to paycheck. that fits all of the different groups we sliced out. if you want a powerful message that everyone can talk about all across the country in rural america or urban america, you need a message about economics and jobs and growth. >> there have been signals that democrats will be able to work with the trump administration on a variety of issues including infrastructure. is that true? in addition infrastructure, what are the other areas where there will be bipartisan cooperation? >> we had a lot of union members vote for him. president trump needs to make sure there is prevailing wage and davis bacon needs to make sure the people are getting a good wage for the work and a lot of union men and women are
1:00 pm
making sure. we don't want the public works version. we want a real infrastructure project that is going to rebuild the country. he talked a lot about draining the swamp. let's talk about publicly financing collections and that would solve a lot of our problems. >> congressman tim ryan from ohio. wish we had more time. that will do it for me this hour. i will see you back at 10:00 eastern and in the afternoon as well. steve is picking up the coverage right now. >> good afternoon from new york. topping our agenda. the death of a princess. >> i'm a member of the imperial senate on a diplomatic mission. >> you are part of the alliance and a traitor. take her away. >> carrie fisher passing away today at the age of 60. an author, an actress and a screen writer. much more.


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