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tv   First Look  MSNBC  December 28, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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ys, wherever you le, please subscribe to your local paper. most of them don have a billionaire owner. they need you. most don't have a billionaire owner. they need you. "first look" is up next. when i heard that president-elect trump basically dismissed the intelligence, i was very shocked because i've been briefed by the fbi. there's no doubt in my mind that russia hacked the entire political systems. reince priebus says the president-elect would accept the results if all the intelligence community is on the same sheet of music. the fbi, the cia, the director of national intelligence all are saying the same thing. >> this morning, new reports president obama is preparing to retaliate against russia for cyber meddling as donald trump gets set to take over the white house. and prayers at pearl harbor. the prime minister of japan and the president mark a solemn
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moment years in the making. plus -- >> you were on a strict, strict diet. >> well, like, they liked to hire part of me, and so i have to get rid of the part they don't want. so when i'm hired for "star wars," every time they have hired about, like, three-quarters of the size that i am. >> we'll go and look back at the remarkable life of carrie fisher. good morning. and good morning, it is wednesday, december 28th, i'm chris jansing. new word president obama is going to make good at his promise at a press conference
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when he vowed there would be consequences to russian interference in the u.s. presidential election. now "the washington post" reports that the administration is readying its response, which anonymous officials say will likely involve covert cyber operations, but the post also reports that public consequences could be announced as early as this week as officials seek to broaden the president's authority to freeze u.s. assets and impose travel restrictions on the suspects involved. the effort could involve broadening an april 15th executive order that gave the president authority to respond to foreign hackers that harm economic security, possibly by expanding the definition to declare electoral systems as part of the, quote, critical infrastructure to the united states. according to the post, the administration wants to make the new pishmen public or communicated to congress in a form that would be difficult for the president-elect to simply walk back once in office. meanwhile, the russian government alleges that president obama is trying to hamstring his successor by
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signing the national defense authorization act. in a statement, the russian foreign ministry said, overall it appears that the authorization act has been ad t adopted by the outgoing obama administration to create problems for the incoming trump administration. the $619 billion bill was passed in both the house and senate earlier this month and in part it renews restrictions on russia for aggression in eastern yooup and increases aid to ukraine. leading republican senators, including john mccain, are visiting nato allies and urging a tougher stance on russia, while lindsey graham says trump is out of step with the senate and he's calling for action in response to cyber warfare. >> i think he would be presented with the overwhelming evidence change his view. on the issue of the russians, i mean, there's no doubt about it, and we have to act and we have to have a policy which this administration does not have, and a strategy which this
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administration does not have, and address this threat to our national security. >> 100 united states senators, i would sayhat 99 of us believe the russians did this and we're going to do something about it, along with senator mccain, after this trip's over we're going to have the hearings and we're going to put sanctions together that hit putin as an individual and his inner circle for interfering in our election. >> and also now for the first time russia is admitting to one of the biggest sports conspiracies in history. in a series of interviews with "the new york times," russian officials acknowledge a doping program on a massive scale and a coverup. hundreds of top athletes and officials, it was, quote, an institutional conspiracy. the article further confirms a prior groundbreaking report that russian athletes received p.e.d. cocktails and had urine samples tampered with, and members broke
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into sample bottles of urine. while officials admit a deputy sports minister did order cover up for years, they say the doping was not state sponsored, they claim. president obama and japan's prime minister came together yesterday in a symbolic visit to pearl harbor as the two leaders worked it to reaffirm the relationship of once bitter wartime enemies turned allies. the president and shinzo abe took part in a ceremony at the u.s.s. arizona memorial before delivering remarks. mr. abe's visit comes 75 years after the attack on pearl harbor and marked the first visit to the site by a sitting japan prime minister with the u.s. prime minister. while the president did not offer a formal apology, he used the event to speak of remorse over the attack. >> as the prime minister of japan, i offer my sincere and everlasting condolences to the
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souls that lost their lives here, as well as to the spirits of all the brave men and women whose lives were taken by a war that commenced in this very place and also to the souls of the countless innocent people who became victims of the war. >> i hope that together we send a message to the world that there is more to be won in peace than in war, that reconciliation carries more wards tha retribution. here in this quiet harbor, we honor those we lost and we give thanks for all that our two nations have won together as friends. >> mr. abe's visit comes seven months after president obama became the first sitting u.s. president to visit the japanese
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memorial dedicated to the 140,000 people killed by the hiroshima atomic bomb. john kerry is expected to address the elephant in the room, the political turmoil between the u.s. and israel over last week's united nations vote condemning new israeli settlements. the speech comes as officials in jerusalem announce this morning they have cancelled plans on approving permits for the nearly 500 homes for israelis in the eastern part of the city. ahead of the decision, the city's mayor said israel was unfazed by the u.n. vote and officials would push forward with the housing. secretary kerry will speak about, "disturbing trends on the ground that he thinks are eroding the chance of a two-state solution." that source adds kerry will candiddy respond to what they call misleading claims, that u.s. abstention was unprecedented and the u.s. had a secret role in drafting the resolution. the state department has already
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fired back at reports that sought to corroborate accusations the obama administration was behind that u.n. resolution. meanwhile, democratic congressman eliot engel and george mitchell are both describing the u.s. abstention from the u.n. vote as a mistake. >> we really don't know. it's like the he said/she said, we don't know. to me that's not important. what's important, regardless how one feels about settlements, the fact is the united nations never gives israel a fair break and israel relies on the united states to block the most onerous of resolutions against them, and we didn't do it, and i think it was a mistake. it's not a matter of whether you're for settlements or against settlements. >> president obama would have been wise to veto this resolution, not because of the policy implications, but because of the timing and the circumstance that it leads to with respect to trying to get
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the parties together. we have a new administration coming in. they will make a new initiative. unfortunately, this moves israel further away from being willing to negotiate with the palestinians and makes the palestinians less likely to negotiate, which is difficult. >> outgoing labor secretary tom perez is challenging president-elect donald trump's transition team, even calling its actions illegal. speaking with cbs news radio, perez discussed the transition team questionnaires sent to the energy department earlier this month, which called for identifying employees that worked on climate change issues. the department rejected the request and later told "the washington post" the letter was not authorized and the person behind it had been properly counseled. perez says questions like that has no place in a transition and moves like that are against the law. nearly a dozen democratic senators have called for an
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investigation into that letter. john kasich has requested a bill to put a freeze on -- "a wide range of energy generation options in ohio have helped grow jobs." the decision has been polarizing to say the least, with environmentalists calling the veto a step in the right direction. "it is apparent that governor kasich cares more about appeasing his coastal elite friends in the renewable energy business than about the millions of ohioans who decisively rejected this ideology when they voted for president-elect trump." the federal railroad administration has ideas, pushing recommendation for major upgrades along the busy northeast corridor. among the big payoffs, cutting the travel time from new york to d.c. by 35 minutes. new york to boston would be shaved down by 45 minutes.
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but it comes at a cost. by some accounts as much as $128 billion. the trump team isn't weighing in on any specific recommendations, but there has been some bipartisan support on capitol hill. and still ahead, remembering carrie fisher. more than just princess leia, we'll talk about the impact she left on the generation of women in movies and the ones who write them, too. and we'll have highlights from the kennedy center honors. we go to break, stephen colbert gets some help from guitarist steve vai. back after this.
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wear a bra, even though you told me i couldn't, because there was no underwear in space. >> amazing, but by now you know the sad news, carrie fisher has died at the age of 60 after suffering a heart attack on a flight. she was, of course, the daughter of hollywood royalty. fisher made a name for herself, though, at a very young age, first appearing on stage at 12, later, of course, as princess leia in star wars. in recent months she made headlines not just for her role in the reboot "the force awakens," but for a tell-all about what went on behind the scenes decades ago. >> in the book you reveal that during when you were shooting star wars you and harrison ford had an affair. >> that's -- no. >> i'm just as shocked as you are. why now, why tell us now? >> well, i would probably get early onset alzheimer's and
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forget and then you'd never know. >> fisher reportedly had finished filming her role in the next chapter of the star wars franchise. of course, she was in other film classics, "when harry met sally." >> i was upset that joeas getting married. >> one tng led to another. >> make aong storyshort, we did it. >> they did it. that's great, sally. should have done it in the first place. >> for months we've been saying you should do it. >> you belong together. >> two birds with one storm. >> two wrongs make a right. >> jane fonda on the vcr. >> it's brian gumbel. you want to come over for breakfast? >> no, i feel too awful. >> good. >> fisher inspired actors like anna kendrick, who tweeted about one time the two met, carrie fisher wore glitter in her hair, when i said i liked it, she ran her fingers through it and lobbed a handful at me. she influenced the great tina
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fey, princess leia occupies about 60% of my brain at any given time, she wrote. here's fisher playing a feminist writer on "30 rock." >> you know, i miss live tv. it's like sex, you know? it's almost better when everything goes horribly wrong. >> well, you know, we do hire guest writers every now and then. i don't know if that's something you would ever be interested in. >> that would be great. god, i haven't been in that building in so long. does everyone still do blow in the office? >> which one is blow, is that cocaine? >> fisher was an open book about her own drug use, recalling using marijuana at 13, acid at 21, and the story goes john bah lieu sha warned her about using cocaine before he died, which she described in a memoir. on facebook, her mother, debbie
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reynolds wrote, "thank you to everyone who's embraced the gifts and talents of my beloved and amazing daughter. i'm grateful for your thoughts and prayers that are now guiding her to her next stop." now a check on weather. >> good morning, chris, we are getting ready for the first big storm of the season and this ll affect interior areas. ski resorts are probably thrilled. these winter storm warnings are for thursday, so for tomorrow. notice we have a lake effect snow advisory because behind this system we'll get the colder air over the warmer waters of the great lakes and enhance snow there. this is how it starts, front coming through, triggering downpours into mississippi and alabama later on today, threat of hail, we'll be watching for that. eventually the front pushes to the east, all the way to the east, and low pressure develops offshore. once it does, we're looking at a nor'easter. the track of the low could make a big difference whether or not
2:19 am
we see more rain or snow, but at present we're looking at temperatures too warm for a snow event in new york city or even in boston, looks like it will be more of a rain event there, but areas north and west, snow, and it could be heavy at times. as we work our way from thursday into friday, storm will move quickly and by the time it gets most intense, meaning that low pressure will drop, very, very quickly in a short amount of time, we'll see it more impacting maine, so look for more through this region and behind it, of course, lake effect snow. the question is, how much snow will we see? looks like we'll see the heaviest amounts here, there's mt. washington for you, high elevation, and, of course, much of maine. we could see 15 inches, maybe more, in some areas. really depends where you're located on how much snow you'll get. i'm expecting snow through worcester, massachusetts, hartford, connecticut, rain, not heavy accumulation, but notice again behind the system we have lake effect snow coming in, so
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we'll be watching for that. light snow happening in upstate new york, light accumulations today. again, the bigger storm will take place tomorrow and letting you know, out west, light rain continuing in the seattle area. >> there are some places skiers will be happy. thank you, bonnie. last night we got to see the kennedy honors, which pays homage to luminaries of the arts. this year included james taylor, who got a tribute from darius rucker playing "sweet baby james." then andrew day and bonnie ray honoring staples, seated next to michelle obama. honored the eagles, who, of course, lost glenn frey this year. and then there were the tributes to actor al pacino, which included a lesson in acting. >> how to do the perfect al pacino impression. one -- where doe it go?
2:21 am
al always seems to be looking for something that he's lost. where is it? my wallet. my passport. my tooth brush. my lines. my performance. whoa, where did that go? step two is the surprise. al, for some reason, always looks a little surprised. if you look at his face, it's like, what just happened? the last thing i remember, i was snorting a wheel babarrow of cocaine in "scarface," and now i'm sitting next to the president. whoa, how did that happen? >> and, by the way, actress and the tango scene from "scent of the woman, that gave pacino an
2:22 am
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after two seasons of mediocre play, the buffalo bills have fired head coach rex ryan. ryan went to buffalo after being
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let go by the new york jets and was 15-16 over two seasons, despite coming to the club full of his trademark bravado. rex's brother rob, who was the bills' defensive coordinator, was also let go. the bills have now gone 17 straight seasons without making the playoffs. okay, to college football now, and the heart of dallas bowl. the army black knights taking on the mean green of north texas. the game went to overtime, despite the black knights' domination on the ground, running for 480 yards and six touchdowns, including this three-yard score at the opening possession of the overtime. that was army's 46th rushing t.d. of the season, breaking the school record that had sod since 1945. and on the sug possession, the black knights gallantly held the mean green out of the end zone. army wins 38-31. to the nba and the lakers hosting the utah jazz.
2:26 am
after a back and forth battle, the game was knotted in the fourth. shelden mack finds the spot three to give the jazz the lead. after a free throw cut it to two, the lakers had one last chance while deangelo russell's three-point attempt hit nothing but net, it was an air ball. jazz snap a losing streak as they sail past the lakers 102-100. and still ahead, i'm not going to mention the fact nowhere in sports, mike, did they mention who was the a.p. male athlete of the year. you want to guess who it is? okay, lebron james, you're right. >> cleveland. >> donald trump, meantime, hushed boos of president obama at recent rallies, but his latest tweets indicate the after glow may be over. we'll talk about that when we continue this morning. it? oh, it's actually... sfx: (short balloon squeal) it's ver... sfx: (balloon squeals) ok can we... sfx: (balloon squeals) i'm being so serious right now... i really want to know how your coffee is.
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welce back. i'm chris jansing. it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the top stories. for a second day in a row, president-elect donald trump fired back at president obama for saying he could have defeated him if he'd been allowed to run. trump tweeted yesterday, "president obama campaigned hard and personally in very important swing states and lost. the voters wanted to make america great again." on the foreign policy front, the world is preparing for a shift from the multilateralism of obama to trump's direct dealings
2:31 am
and america first policy, but yesterday at a commemoration of the attack on pearl harbor, president obama seemed to direct part of his speech towards trump's world view. >> wars can end. the most bitter of adversaries can become the strongest of allies. the fruits of peace always outweigh the plunder of war. even when hatred burns hottest, even when the tug of tribalism is at its most primal, we must resist the urge to turn inward. we must resist the urge to demonize those who are different. >> president-elect trump also celebrated a boost in the consumer confidence index, which is at its highest since august of 2001. the conference board's director credits surging optimism among older americans after the election, so last night trump
2:32 am
posted to twitter, "the u.s. consumer confidence index for december surged nearly four points, the highest level in more than5 years. thanks, donald." president-elect trump will receive an intelligence briefing today, as members of his cabinet prepare for their confirmation hearings. with fights over possible nominees, treasury, environmental protection agency, state department, the transition team has set up a war room with republican operatives to shepherd them on capitol hill. three years worth of tax returns for treasury nominee steve man mnuchin and tom price, while the senate foreign relations committee looks divided about tillerson's taxes. bob corker says the exxonmobil ceo should not have to turn over his returns, but democrats say
2:33 am
tillerson's involvement with foreign governments requires it. then the attorney-general nominee, jeff sessions, who's facing pressure over his past support for forfeitture. in "the washington post," a highlighted case of a pennsylvania family that lost their home because of a relative dealing drugs. and "the wall street journal" has come out against what they call policing for profit and say sessions needs to reverse his old position. yes, the president-elect is in florida, but security remains super tight in trump tower in new york city, where a suspicious package on tuesday sent tourists scrambling. the nypdomb squad had to be calledn after someone spotted an tended bag in the skyscraper's lobby, which is open to the public. it turned out to be a bag of children's toys. the incoming white house secretary tweeted, back to work here at trump tower after a false alarm.
2:34 am
thanks, nypd. then a spokesman for mayor bill de blasio responded, "no problem. we'll send you the bill." well, that prompted donald trump's newly named white house social media director to label philip's quote an embarrassment. philips played off the remarks as not very nice while trying to continue the conversation about the price tag for security. city hall has been openly grumbling about the cost of protecting trump tower and recently submitted a $35 million bill to the federal government. then there's the former candidate for new york governor and the state co-chair for the trump campaign now trying to walk back racist remarks he made about the first family. it comes after his wish list for 2017 was published by a local newspaper, which included revolting comments about the president and michelle obama. in a statement, paladino apologized to the, quote, minority community and added his
2:35 am
list was intended for friends and not public publication. trump's deputy communications director has called paladino's comments absolutely reprehensible and serve no place in our public discourse. chris christie's political future is looking bleak as he faces career low approval ratings at home. according to "new york times," the republican has all but lost political clout in his home state, failing to pass bills in the legislature that once would have been routine. just 18% of voters, 18%, give him favorable marks. still, the paper says christie, who was passed over by donald trump as a potential running mate, expects the incong president will eventually turn to him for help. according to the report, friends of the governor say he could envision being called in to steady the administration should the white house management team
2:36 am
run into trouble. harry reid doesn't like what he sees as he retires from the senate, according to a profile in "new york magazine," he's concerned how his colleagues will block trump's agenda and the party's outlook four years from now. he was asked if he would support joe biden in 2020. it depends who's running, reid replied, appears we'll have an old-folks' home. this as some congressional democrats are questioning chuck schumer's strategy of working with the president where they can. >> that has been a problem in my party that when we're in power, we're nice. we bend over backwards to work with people. trump has stepped on everybody. he has no respect for his own colleagues, let alone those on the opposite side of the aisle. those people who voted for him ought to be really concerned about the fact that he's already
2:37 am
back pedalled on some of the promises that he made, and so, no, i have no intention of pretending everything's all right. >> meantime president obama and japan's prime minister came together for that solemn and historic visit to pearl harbor yesterday. the two used the event to reaffirm ties that have outlasted the devastation of war. nbc's tammie lightner has more from honolulu. >> reporter: a somber moment, the prime minister of japan paying his respects at pearl harbor on the u.s.s. arizona memorial. above where hundreds of sailors and marines are entombed below. >> translator: it was a place which brought utter silence to me. >> reporter: japanese prime minister shinzo abe visiting the battlefield where over 2,400 americans died. the first japanese leader to visit the memorial. today abe stopping short of
2:38 am
making an apology. >> translator: i offer my sincere and everlasting condolences. >> it is here that we remember that even when hatred burns hottest, even when the tug of tribalism is at its most primal, we must resist the urge to turn inward. >> reporter: al rodriguez was stationed at pearl harbor when the bombs started falling. >> you could see the planes from above with the circle, we knew the emy was japanese. >> reporter: he thinks the time has come for a visit like this, even as his own emotions are still raw. >> i get very emotional. >> reporter: invited to be part of the ceremony today, he never thought he'd see a time when these two leaders would step foot on the battlefield where so much blood had been shed. earlier this year obama had been the first sitting president to visit hiroshima.
2:39 am
>> that was nbc's tammie lightner reporting. the nasdaq hit a fresh all-time high yesterday, reaching 5,500 for the first time ever. the dow jones industrial average continues to edge closer to the all-time high of 20,000, but stopped short at the close yesterday. joining us live from london, karen, let's talk about the headlines this morning, u.s. has charged three chinese traders with insider trading. >> good morning, chris, one of the big stories, of course, is around that big alarm bills for law firms on wall street around cybersecurity fears, so u.s. prosecutors have accused three chinese hackers of hacking into the servers of a couple of firms on wall street. the hackers allegedly made about $4 million using the information they stole from the e-mails of senior partners and trading on that information, so what was of interest to the hackers? authorities accuse them of stealing information around intel's acquisition last year.
2:40 am
meantime, in other news, qualcomm has been fined million by south korean authorities as antitrust violations. authorities say the company only licensed its key patients to mobile phone makers so investors are concerned about the lucrative licensing. don't forget qualcomm is facing investigations in the u.s. and in europe. meantime, in other news around automakers, u.s. safety regulators are looking into the brakes of the ford fusion and mercury milan sedans made between 2009 and 2011 over fears the antilocking braking system only works in certain conditions but there will be problems if they go over slippery roads or uneven surfaces. the fusion is one of ford's most popular cars. the mercury milan is no longer in production. no safety recall at this stage, but ford is continuing to work with authorities, chris, let's
2:41 am
toss it back to you in the studio. >> karen tso live in london. still ahead, a major winter storm headed to new england. as we go to break, another classic carrie fisher moment with her french bull dog gary on the set of stephen colbert. >> this is gary. >> this is gary? and gary is a -- >> french bull dog. he's a little nervous. this is his first laid night. >> you got a new book. gary, i know the feeling. manolo!
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the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. in michigan, a state of emergency has been declared after a colossal sink hole really swallowed up an entire neighborhood. the 250-foot long, 100-foot wide sink hole started opening on christmas eve in the town of frazier, which is just south of
2:45 am
detroit. 20 families have been forced out of their homes, three houses destroyed. officials it could be weeks, even month before some families are allowed back. inspectors suspect a sewer line may have ruptured, setting off the chain events that created the sink hole. now a check on your weather with bonnie schneider. hey, bonnie. >> an update for you, a new winter weather advisory just issued for upstate new york, into pennsylvania. with the exception of boston and new york city, we're likely to see rain, but the winter storm warning is in effect for tomorrow, that's when we expect the storm to ramp up. watch as this front pushes across the mid south, bringing strong storms, maybe even hail to threaten the area and eventually pushing east tomorrow. that will trigger some showers through much of eastern north carolina, but as this low pressure system works offshore and emerges, we're looking at a nor'easter, because this storm will move to the north and the east. interestingly enough, when it
2:46 am
bombs out and drops down it will be more towards maine than areas into new york or boston, but let's break it down for you, the snow is for interior new england and the coastal low will cause some very strong winds and we're always watching that, even early in the season for beach erosion. here's when the storm will be intense off the coast of maine. notice the heavy snow predicted into vermont and new hampshire and lake effect snow with the system, as well. i've updated the snowfall total map to give you a better idea we're looking at the potential for the snow to go into massachusetts, even worcester, we could see three to six inches or maybe more. it depends on the track of the low and that's why the storms are so tricky. one thing we're confident on is the heavy snowfall that will occur into the mountains and new hampshire and into vermont and maine. looks like maine will see the bulk of the heaviest snow, but keep in mind as the storm pulls away, we'll get the lake effect snow behind it, so we're going to see more lake effect snow into early friday. right now we're seeing light
2:47 am
lake effect snow into upstate new york, some of that coming through. this is the beginning, we're likely to see more in the days to come. elsewhere across the country, rain coming in, still unsettled for much of the pacific northwest. doesn't look like that situation is changing too much as we go forward. looking at our future cast just a few showers but the next system coming onshore will bring more rain and mountain snow. this has been an active season so far for the northwest in terms of getting that snow. across the country, the record highs are likely to persist today. look at the numbers, 80 degrees in dallas today, hard to believe we're wrapping up december, but the mild weather persists along the gulf coast and southeast, getting cooler, though, in the northeast as we prepare for the nor'easter and then the pocket of cold air into the rockies and the mountains. thursday as we watch for rain in the cities like boston and new york, we will see snow once again into pennsylvania, upstate new york, and much of new england. so thiis really the first nor'easter of the season, that's
2:48 am
why all eyes are on it. doesn't look like a big snowmaker for the big cities, but it will make skiers very, very happy. >> it will indeed, bonnie schneider, thank you. earlier we were talking about the influence of carrie fisher. now nbc's stephanie gosk with what princess leia and carrie fisher meant to her. >> reporter: at this moment in "return of the jedi," joba the hut was hated as much as darth vader, then princess leia turned around and did this. when i saw this scene in 1983, the crowd in the theater cheered, and so did i. as someone pointed out today, leia wasn't just a princess, she was a bad ass. >> she's, like, the strong character that makes everyone wish they were as strong as her. >> she was a leader and hero. >> reporter: there was more than just a little of that attitude that came from the actress herself. in an interview, carrie fisher responded to criticism about
2:49 am
that bikini she wore in the scene. tell them that a giant slug captured me and forced me to wear that stupid outfit, and then i killed him because i didn't like it. today all across the internet there are white dresses and those ear buns, even little girls too young to know are dressed up. let's not forget leia was the one who stole the plans to the evil death star and had no problem putting the irascible hans solo in his place. >> you stuck up -- hack woed scruffy looking herder! >> reporter: now the female characters in the latest movies reflect leia's strength. after a prolific career as an actor and writer, fisher admitted there was no escaping the role that defined her. i am princess leia, she told the newspaper, no matter what. and we will miss her. >> yeah, but she's princess leia bad ass, right? amazing stuff. that was stephanie gosk, thank you, for that. when we come back, russia on
2:50 am
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52 past the hour, welcome back. "the washington post" is reporting president obama is close to announcing measures that are meant to punis russia for interfering in the 2016 presidential election. this as tensions and rhetoric between the u.s. and russia continue to plunge to depths not seen since the cold war. joining us now from london with more is chief global correspondent bill neely. always good to see you, bill,
2:53 am
you're just back from russia, you spent time there very recently and i wonder sort of where the mindset is there, what the anticipation/worry might be about the actions president obama may take. >> yeah, good morning, chris. well, we are at one of those hinge points in history, or at least pivot points in the u.s. relationship with russia in the dying days of the obama administration. we now have an attempt to make sure that what happened at the last election never happens again. the hacking of the american political system by a hostile rival. now, there are sanctions already in place to cover the hacking of u.s. companies or certain parts of the u.s. infrastructure, but i guess no one imagined a state might actually try to interfere with the u.s. national election, so no measures were ever put in place to deter or punish a country that tried to do that, so now president obama is about to announce measures to punish russia for hacking into the
2:54 am
democratic party. remember, he promised that there would be a response. now "the washington post" reports that that is close to being announced. it's likely to involve, yes you guessed it, yet more sanctions, possibly against individuals suspected of involvement, although there's no sign u.s. intelligence is any clearer to knowing who exactly was behind this. russia, of course, denies involvement. and along with any new announced measures, the u.s. may conduct cyber operations of its own against moscow, but those will be covert. but here's the difficult part, chris, in 23 days' time we'll have a new president who clearly has different priorities with regards to relations with russia, so president obama is also, according to the post, trying to make it hard for president trump to amend any measures or to kill them altogether, and also incidentally he wants to send out a signal to other states that might be tempted to do the same thing for china, north
2:55 am
korea, and others. as for russia, we saw yesterday a statement from the russian foreign ministry condemning the u.s. for any proposed new sanctions and for continuing to punish moscow for its annexation of crimea and the statement ended, we hope the new administration will be wiser. so we are at a point where one approach to russia is ending, another hasn't begun, but there have been big issues overlapping the two, of course, involving the direct cyber attack on the foundation of the u.s. democracy, the election of a president. chris? >> bill neely, thank you so much for that. when we come back, a look at the stories making news in the day ahead.
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2:58 am
nfl superstar cam newton is winning over fans for his actions off the football field. the former auburn star reportedly chartered a flight to atlanta after hearing about a 10-year-old boy about to unrgo surgery for a life threateni heart problem. that boy is one of newton's biggest fans and that was obvious from their visit together at the hospital >> how are you doing?
2:59 am
doing all right? doing good? your heart is pumping 100 miles an hour. you doing all right? nice to see you, man. oh, man. oh, man. doing good? >> okay, that chokes you up. the heisman winner hosts an annual thanksgiving dinner for hundreds of at-risk kids. we're all wishing taylor the very best. before we toss it over to j "morning joe," here's a check on the stories in the day ahead. john kerry set to speak on mideast policy this morning amid the ongoing political turmoil between the u.s. and israel over last week's united nations vote condemning israeli settlements. kerry will talk about trends threatening the chance of a two-state solution. if you're among those that think 2016 was the worst year
3:00 am
ever, you may want to head to manhattan for a good riddance day, allowing you to get rid of memories and help you get a fresh start of choice will incl document shredder trucks and mall mallets. that will do it for us. "morning joe" starts right now. >> you were on a strict diet? >> well, they like to hire part of me and so i have to get rid of the part they don't want. so when i'm hired for "star wars" every time they have hired about, like, three-quarters of the size that i am. >> that's carrie fisher not long ago with ellen. welcome to "morning joe." it's wednesday, september 28th. joe and mika earning time off with their families this weekend. with us on set,


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