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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  December 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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thought she would be an actress. she knew she would be a writer and a tortured writer in a lot of ways. >> and a pretty darn good one at that. she was so up front about her struggles with bipolar disorder and she put it out there front and center. she was never ashamed of it. you can recite every word she said in a "star wars" movie. that does it for us. chris jansen picks up our coverage now. >> hi there, i am chris jansen in for stephanie ruhle this morning. duelling presidents. president obama with a swiped at donald trump. >> we must resist the urge to turn inward. >> as trump fires back on twitter. one last try. secretary of state john kerry with a big speech this morning. his last chance to lay out a plan for peace in the middle east pushing back on plans the u.s. engineered that vote against israel. evacuated, tourists and workers scrambling racing out of trump tower after a security
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scare with a new fight over who pays for security there. and remembering carrie. hollywood and the world on the extraordinary legacy of carrie fisher. >> why, you stuck up, half witted scruffy looking nurf herder. >> her dog even posting a good-bye on twitter. one of her "star wars" co-stars joins us live. we begin with fierce new reaction from president-elect donald trump. he is escalating the war of words with president obama taking a new dig at the commander in chief after president obama took this deadly veiled swipe at trump while commemorating the attack on pearl harbor. >> when hatred burns hottest, even when the tug of tribalism is at its most primal, we must resist the urge to turn inward. we must resist the urge to demonize those who are different.
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>> let's get right to it with the best team of reporters and analysts in the business. standing by with brand-new details nbc's hallie jackson is in west palm beach, florida, covering donald trump as he spends the holidays at his mar-a-lago estate. so much to get to. let's start with president-elect trump who couldn't let it stand at one response to president obama's claim that he could have been re-elected if it was constitutionally allowed. i mean, it's no surprise that he responds on twitter. what exactly did he say. >> another bite at the apple, chris. they're going back at president obama again about this remark that the president made on the podcast earlier in the week that he essentially could run again and his vision that he would have won a majority support. donald trump saying president obama if we pull up the tweet here on twitter campaigned very
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personally in these key swing states and still lost. the voters wanted to make america great again. you know, i think it is fair to say or notable that the president-elect has not weighed in on twitter on some of the international issues, on israel, on russia. he is talking about this. there's a possibility that we may see the president-elect publicly for the first time since saturday. he's at mar-a-lago now holding meetings, back to that normal schedule, that normal working vacation schedule that we haven't seen since last week. so there is a chance that he may sort of come out as we saw him do prior to the christmas holiday, chris, perhaps interacting with members of the media, the pool reporters that are there on property today. >> that will be interesting to see. in the meantime, that is not all. trump has been tweeting. this may be something that could wrangle some people at the white house who are very proud of the fact that they feel they've accomplished a lot economically in the eight years that barack obama has been president. donald trump is giving himself props when it comes to the economy. tell us about that.
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>> reporter: right. he's sending out another tweet, chris. again, we haven't seen him publicly. he has been very public and vocal online on twitter in the last few days talking about the unemployment rate, talking about the economy and ending his tweet with the phrase thanks, donald, exclamation point. he's giving himself props in every sense of the word. i think that it is -- you know, as he heads into his administration, as he heads into the inauguration just a couple of weeks from today, there's a sense that he wants to kind of take ownership of the good economic numbers, the solid economic numbers that are out there that i think president obama would potentially take exception to and, you know, try to take some credit for those numbers as well. >> hallie jackson in florida for us. thank you so much. breaking overnight, israel delaying a controversial move to build more homes in east jerusalem. the building project was condemned by the u.n. and it re-opened a riff between the u.s. and israel. it comes hours before secretary
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of state john kerry gives a major speech partly to push back against israeli claims that the u.s. engineered that u.n. vote. joining me is bill neely. 3wi bill, kindly set the stage what led up to this. what do we know about the speech? >> yeah, good morning, chris. what we do know comes from john kerry's spokesman at the state department, mark toner. he said kerry would lay out a pr comprehensive vision. he feels it's his duty to lay out what he believes is a way to a peaceful two-state solution in the middle east. now many, of course, in the region and beyond believe that two-state solution is dying, if not already dead. the speech comes amid a sharp downturn in relations between the u.s. and israel after the u.s. abstained the u.n. security council vote. it was the first time in almost 40 years that the u.s. did not protect israel from a vote of this kind.
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now the state department says that would simply serve as a wake-up call to israel. it denies accusations that the u.s. colluded with palestinians and others to draft the language of that resolution. all of that, the curtain razor, for a speech that's already not going down well in israel even before it's being delivered. one israeli minister said kerry's planned speech today is a pathetic move, anti-democratic. he said if kerry lays out principles for a peace deal as he's expected to do, it will limit donald trump's ability to lay out a policy. he accused them of being pro palestinian and not understanding what's happening in the middle east. he said their refusal to veto that resolution threatens the security of israel. the speech is coming up. we're not absolutely sure what it will contain, but it will certainly be partly defensive in nature. chris? >> bill neely, as always, thank you so much. i want to bring in hogan
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dibly and host of the podcast decode d.c. jimmy williams. jimmy, let me start with you. some people might see this as a bit of a hail mary from john kerry. i thought it was interesting what we heard from bill neely suggesting that this sets the wrong stage, that it makes it even more difficult for a peace process to go forward if john kerry is going to lay out sort of a plan for an outgoing administration that will be out of power. how do you view this? >> i think it's admirable to do it. it means nothing in real effect, especially after the u.n. security vote. i think this is something -- listen, no one expects the secretary of state to disengage and to stop being the chief diplomat. but at the same time laying a blueprint for the next administration, especially in light of donald trump's twitter feed, it's probably not going to be listened to or adhered to. so i appreciate it, but it's probably going to fall on many deaf ears, not only at the u.n.
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but the incoming white house. >> even if it does, do you subscribe to that rule that has long been practiced, one president at a time? i mean, is, in fact, the reverse true? has donald trump over the course of the last month or two complicated matters for this administration? >> i don't know who's at fault here, it's just very interesting because we do have a duly elected sitting president in barack obama and we do have a duly elected president-elect in donald trump. obviously when you run for president, you're required to basically comment on just about everything the sitting president does, just about everything that goes on internationally so it makes sense at this stage in politics that donald trump would be commenting on a lot of these things. what's interesting is someone like prime minister netanyahu in israel pointing to the donald trump administration himself saying we're just going to by pass you, barack obama, ignore you, make a plea to donald trump. >> that's not a surprise to anybody given the relationship between netanyahu and obama.
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>> no, it's not a surprise. but this is an incoming person who hasn't been sworn into office yet and they're basically thumbing their nose at the sitting president. but, again, as you said, this has been a tenuous, frosty relationship. >> let's go back to those tweets. you have trump slamming president obama after he said he could have won a third term against him. why does he keep dwelling on this? he did one tweet and you'd think it would be done, but then he came back and did another tweet. >> i'm kind of surprised you're surprised. i mean, isn't this kind of donald trump's -- you know, at this point what i do like is donald trump is now referring to himself in the third person. i do like that part of the tweet. that's a new one donald trump has done. i think barack obama, the story here for me is barack obama. i think the fact that he made that claim is not necessarily a jab at donald trump but more a jab at hillary clinton and for the better partf ten years we've been talking about politics on the right being so
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divisive and fractured and broken. some other things are going on within our party. here we now have a president, barack obama, saying basically he would have won and done what hillary clinton couldn't have -- didn't do. and, in fact, she was by his words the most qualified, best prepared person to be president of the united states. the fracturing to watch actually is not necessarily on the republican side but on the democratic side moving forward. >> jimmy, do you buy that? do you think that -- first of all, i don't know that anybody thinks that president obama didn't know that a comment like that wasn't going to get under donald trump's skin. having said that, was this more a shot at hillary clinton? >> i'm not sure about that. i haven't had a conversation with either barack obama or hillary clinton during this holiday season, but let's put this in some perspective. approximately 24% of all adult americans are on twitter so, you know, on average donald trump is getting around 20 or 30,000 retweets, 50,000 likes for his tweets. if you look at 24% of all adult
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americans, that's roughly 48 million americans that are on twitter and he's getting 20,000 retweets. i would suggest to you and to my good friend hogan that the only people that are actually paying any attention to anything that donald trump or anyone else is tweeting are people in the media. no one actually cares. >> all right. i'm going to pay attention because we just got another tweet from donald trump. quote -- >> what does it say? >> -- doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory president o statements and roadblocks. thought it was going to be a smooth transition. not. hogan, you're laughing. >> let's put it this way. two words, birth certificate. >> birth certificate. all right. hogan? >> look, i mean, these men obviously don't get along. there was a brief moment there where there was that coombaya there at the white house and we all saw the photo op but it's obvious they're diametrically opposed from a policy standpoint. i don't know that they
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necessarily like each other personally at this point. this is probably what we're going to see until inauguration. >> when you say not, it's a little like a pet petulent teen. >> i'm sorry? >> it's a little teenagerish. no? >> this is the problem with this. this is the problem. this is -- look, i'm in a house full of teenagers right now. i would expect these tweets from them. i do not expect them from the president-elect of the united states or anyone else for that matter who actually holds the keys to the nuclear codes. i just think it's unseemly and bullish. >> jimmy, you just -- >> hogan, he tweeted out one more time. >> you said it didn't matter he was tweeting. now he's saying how important it is. >> we will leave it at that. >> come on. >> gentlemen, thank you. >> ridiculous. >> good luck with the house full of teenagers. >> thanks. and coming up, one of the season's hottest tech gifts is now front and center in an arkansas murder case.
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how much of your life does the amazon echo and other virtual assistants listen to and record. but up next, the "star wars" co-star joins me to remember carrie fisher. fans and friends have taken to social media to express their sadness, including fisher's beloved dog gary who went everywhere with her tweeting i'll still be waiting for you. and later, i was always by your side but best of all you were always by mine. rest in peace, carrie. purina one smartblend is expertly blended... with 100% nutrition, 0% fillers, always real meat #1. lifelong smart nutrition. it's all in one. purina one.
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a mass sieve sinkhole in michigan is actually getting bigger. it's threatening more homes this morning. officials are forced to pump sewage into a nearby river to prevent the sludge from inundating basements. to give you some perspective on how big this sinkhole is, it's about the size of five nba sized basketball courts. let's go live to frazier, michigan. ron mott. crazy and terrifying story, actually, especially if you live there. the mayor says crews are making progress. how big is the battle that they're up against? >> oh, i think it's a huge battle. the last time this happened they spent ten months fixing all of this. you see the piping work. this is all temporary stuff just to patch things up for now. now they have to start the dig. it's many, many months before all of this work is prepared. you can see the house back there on the corner with the hedge line there. i'll step out and get in there.
6:18 am
it's about to fold in on it self, chris. this all happened over the weekend. christmas eve, people are in their homes getting ready to enjoy the holidays. they start hearing, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. they go down to the basement and their houses are coming apart. three houses have to be torn down. they've been condemned. there are 22 families who have been evacuated in this neighborhood. it's going to be a while before they can find out how long it's going to be before the earth finally settles. the mayor did say that the ground is very unstable, chris, and it's a matter of time before it caves in completely. we don't know when that will be or how deep it will go. >> it looks awfully unstable from the pictures i'm seeing. you've got the families forced out of their homes. do they have any idea how long they might have to be gone? the first thought i had was does insurance cover this? >> we were just talking about that before we came on camera. you know, they let them back in to get just essential stuff that they needed with them, medicines, things like that. they're tellinghem right now to just brace to be away from
6:19 am
here for a few weeks then some of them may never get back into the homes as we mentioned because depending on how the earth pulls, it could take houses that aren't really affected right now but we don't know what's happening 30, 40 feet below their houses. chris, this is the third time this sewer line has broken. so folks who bought property here may not even know they were buying property in a neighborhood that has had a problem like this. the last sinkhole was 2004. ten months to fix. $5 million and they think this one's even bigger, going to take longer to fix and much more money. >> crazy. ron mott, thank you so much. up next, one of carrie fisher's co-stars from "star wars" joins us. what he remembers with the very funny, very smart, very talented actress and writer. i was working in the yard, my chest started hurting
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family, friends and fans all mourning the loss of an icon this morning. actress carrie fisher died after suffering a heart attack over the weekend. she was just 60 years old. since the news broke the tributes have been pouring in. joining me now is her "star wars" co-star anthony daniels. the man behind c3 po. thank you for joining us. first of all, sympathies on the loss of your co-star, friend. what will you remember most when you think about carrie fisher? >> well, first of all, i was very hurt to hear the news last night. i realized that sharing some of the feelings with you and with fans around the world who have overwhelmed all the media outlets at the moment, it is actuallyelping me personally come to terms with it all. i'm thrilled to have known her,
6:24 am
thrilled to have sat beside her, shared drinks, shared silliness, all that kind of thing because most people, you know, would never have had that opportunity. and it's one of the joyous things to have known somebody that you sort of liked a lot and you admired and then to find out that so many people felt the same. >> you know, we liked her and we admired r and her openness about everything, about her struggles with fame, her struggles with mental illness, her struggles with drugs. she really, i think, was very brave in the path that she laid out. she was a tireless advocate for people that were suffering from mental illness, but being around her, i just wonder, was it what you see is what you get? or is there a part of carrie fisher that you think that the rest of the world should know about? >> no. everybody saw what she had to offer, whether it's the princess, of course films are edited, you know.
6:25 am
if i get something wrong, you don't see it. if she got something wrong, you don't see it. one of the things that happened on all the "star wars" sets, a great thing of love and affection and support for family. carrie was herself. and she let you know. she -- the clever thing was she let you know in a funny way that she was self-deprecating, self-mocking. gloriously witty and silly and would come out with lines which, you know, make you gile. and she -- in a way princess leia was a huge add on to her life. she had a brain and aitt even beyond what maybe you see in the movies. >> she was a princess, but for heavens' sakes she was anything but a damsel in distress. i got to be the only girl in an all boy fantasy and it's a great role for women. she's a very pro active character, gets the job done. if you're going to get type cast
6:26 am
as something, that might as well be it for me. i mean, did you realize -- >> she, of course, became an idol, a crush of so many young people back in the day. now they're all middle age and still remembering. now glorifying in her memory, the images of her with the ridiculous buns. >> did they drive her crazy? >> huh? >> did she mock them? did they drive her crazy? >> all the time. if she forgot and did this carelessly, then makeup and costumes had to come in and rearrange the buns whilst we all stood around. we giggled because george would tie himself in knots trying to find new ways to wear the hair pieces and so on. but she -- it was all done with a lightness and an openness that was just a joy to be there. one of the things important to me is to remember just how open
6:27 am
and warm she was to me, but even more importantly to the character c3po. he was not your normalort of companion. to workh this metal figure that it was very hard to hear what i was saying, but she always treated 3po like a real entity, a real thing you could believe in because she appeared to believe, you the audience believed as well. she was great that way. >> well tnk you for c3po and thank you for your memories of carrie fisher and for sharing them with us. we really appreciate it. her "star wars" co-sta anthony daniels. thank you so much. >> thank you. and coming up, a very scary scene at trump tower. tourists and workers racing out after a suspicious package was found. turned out to be nothing. but why did that incident spark a fight between the city and team trump. plus, secretary of state john kerry set to give a major speech this morning defending
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welcome back. i'm chris jansen in for stephanie ruhle. secretary of state john kerry is about to give a speech on the obama administration's vision. it comes amid tensions between the u.s. and israel over last friday's u.n. resolution condemning israeli settlements
6:32 am
in the west bank. turkey and russia have agreed on a key fire plan in syria that will take place in syria. there's a six year war between the syrian government and rebel troops. russian crews recovered a second flight recorder from the military plane that crashed sunday in the black sea. several russian outlets record analysis from the first black box reveal faulty wing flaps led to the crash that killed all 92 passengers on board. president obama and prime minister shinzo abe reaffirmed ties at pearl harbor paying a somber tribute to american service members killed at the site 75 years ago. baylor rolled over their opponent at the bowl game yesterday. the obama administration and the israeli government, quote, we cannot continue to let israel be treated with such total
6:33 am
disdain and disrespect. they used to have a great friend in the u.s. but not anymore. the beginning of the end was the horrible iran deal, and now this u.n. stay strong, israel. january 20th is fast approaching. these tweets come just about 90 minutes before a speech by secretary of state john kerry on the middle east peace process. i want to bring in joel reuben, director of policy and government affairs and a former dep city assistant secretary of state under president obama. i mean, this is really the first heavily social media presidency, but did you ever think we'd see foreign policy quite like this? >> good morning, chris. clearly we're seeing shadow boxing between the two administrations, and, no, this is -- this is not typical to have two different spokespeople in a sense right now speaking for american foreign policy. but we don't. we have one. we have president obama until january 20th, and for context,
6:34 am
this is typical towards the end of administrations. the last two administrations have had the president's engaging on israeli/palestinian issues up until their final days so it's a bit surprising that the president-elect is weighing in so actively. >> it really is, you know, one of the most confounding of many confounding difficulties around the world and has followed president after president after president. secretary kerry clearly going to lay out where the obama administration believes we are and where we should be. what do you expect today? >> well, i expect secretary kerry to lay out what has been a very clear bipartisan position for a number of years, which is that the two-state solution is critical to israeli security and survival of the jewish and democratic state and to put that within the context of middle east peace and for the palestinians to obtain a state. this is part of a 40 plus year
6:35 am
tradition. behind the scenes one can see as well that the case has to be made because what is incoming in the trump administration is a position that it's not clear where they stand on middle east peace making. for example, the republican party platform did not include support for a two-state solution breaking with years of tradition in the republican party. so i think it's laying this out so that we can have a public debate about these issues going forward is what secretary kerry's going to try to propose. >> obviously prime minister netanyahu has some very critical, he said according to our information we have no doubt the obama administration initiated it, meaning the resolution, stood behind it, coordinated the wording and demanded it be passed. so would you expect a defense, a rebuttal to that today? >> it's certain that could be part of it, but we're even seeing reporting that it was the british that were very actively promoting this resolution. this administration has nothing to apologize for in terms of its support for israeli security.
6:36 am
it's allowed one u.n. resolution to go through. it supported a nuclear deal with iran that took nuclear weapons capabilities out of iran's hands. it took out syrian chemical weapons. provided tens of billions of dollars. the security establishment is very proud of the ties it has with the u.s. so i'm sure that will be a point but that's not the real overall objective here. the over all objective and the world understand where this administration is on the vision for two-state solution. >> i'm ndur yous what you make. it was set to meet today and approve housing units in the eastern part of the city. reuters first reported this, that decision was put off at the request of the prime minister's office. what do you make of it? >> well, israeli democracy is a thriving democracy and these decisions do have to go through a review process. for the prime minister to
6:37 am
intervene, it's clear he doesn't want to accelerate even further the language that's going back and forth. this language is sad. it's disappointing. it's someone who's been a strong supporter of israely whole li personally and professionally, i find it disappointing to see it. i hope the prime minister is by this reeling back some of that language and trying to ensure that we keep on an even kiel heading through this administration. >> joel reuben, thank you so much. much appreciated. >> my pleasure. meantime, it's business as usual at trump tower. there was a security scare that sent people running out of the building yesterday afternoon. >> got to go out. got to go out. out. out. >> the lobby had to be evacuated after a suspicious bag was found outside. the bomb squad was called in. we're outside of trump tower. i know you were there right after people were evacuated. tell us a little bit about what happened and kind of the fight that this has all engendered.
6:38 am
>> reporter: yeah. so it was about 4:30 when there was a suscious package found on this end of the lobby. turned out to be children's toys, but as the secret service told us this morning, operating procedure kicked in and they got everybody out of the lobby immediately. i was a little bit surprised when i was on the scene t see people running out into the street. at that point they cleared fifth avenue and they moved people down the avenue towards sixth avenue on 56th street. it highlights what is an ongoing concern here around the holidays, specifically, chris, as you know walking around new york city, it is jam packed with people, especially on fifth avenue. people looking at shops, going shopping and here trump tower has sort of become a spectacle. people taking pictures. all of those people had nowhere to go. it took me about 30 minutes once the scene was cleared just to walk about two or three blocks. you mentioned this as well, this sort of online fight. it's a little bit ridiculous between sean spicer, back to work at trump tower after a false alarm.
6:39 am
thanks, nypd. he's the president-elect for trump. in response to that the mayor's office tweeted, no problem, we'll send you the bill. this is an ongoing spat. it wasn't really a public one until yesterday. the cost of securing trump tower is upwards of $750,000 a day. and the mayor is concerned that that's going to fall on taxpayers. he says he's going to bill that to the federal government. >> good luck at collecting on that one. we'll see. we'll see. thank you very much, cal. appreciate that. coming up, senators mccain and graham call for new penalties on election hacking but will president-elect trump back up sanctions. later, one of the season's hottest tech products is front and center in a murder trial testing the limitsf privacy inside your home. ack on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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i'm in this for my family. i'm in this for me. ask your doctor about farxiga and learn how you can get it for free. there's word this morning that the obama administration may be getting ready to strike back against russia for its interference in the presidential election. the washington post says it could include economic sanctions and diplomatic censure. the senate is also readying a response. senator lindsey graham on a trip with john mccain to a stone yeah said the u.s. needs to send a message to russia. >> we're going to do something about it. along with senator mccain. we're going to put sanctions together that hit putin.
6:44 am
for interfering in our election. >> in real clear politics, kerry burns, good to have you here. the question isn't what's he going to do but what can he do to get into the trump administration, right? >> right. exactly. with these executive orders the administration is trying to figure out how they can make it so they can't be rolled back by the trump administration. interestingly they can find se partnership in the republicans in the senate, bipartisan support for imposing stricter sanctions. the question is whether trump will support that kind of thing and implement that in his administration. of course, we'll see all of that play out during the rex tillerson confirmation hearings on capitol hill. >> who's that one senator who does not believe this? that's a question for another story. >> exactly. >> but the relationship that he builds with congress. i mean, there's so many of these things going on with israel, look at what's going on with
6:45 am
russia. the possibility that we'll have a sense of what this administration is going to do. we're going to start to get a sense who's he listening to. where is he taking his cues from and how clearly is he going to follow what seems to be the path that he's laid out in those kinds of areas already. >> right. exactly. what kind of coalition is he building? it will be really interesting. what kind of partnerships he finds in the house and the senate among republicans, among democrats particularly a difference that when it comes to foreign policy, a difference when it comes to spending and infrastructure and those kinds of domestic policies. it will be interesting to watch. the point that republicans like graham and others are trying to make is, look, we need to look into this, not only because of the russian hacking and the implications and interfering with the elections, but also looking at this in a non-partisan way, in a bipartisan way. they hacked the democrats, we could be next. it could be china next. it could be other countries. so looking at this from a broader perspective. they're trying to get donald trump to see the distinction between looking into this and
6:46 am
not undermining the legitimacy of his elections. >> joining us from washington, the hill congressional reporter, molly hooper. molly, are we seeing sort of what we're going to see going forward, which is this kind of push and pull between donald trump, mccain, graham, or is this particular do you think to this point in time and all bets are off and we don't know what's going to happen in the new administration? >> i think the answer to that question is both. i think what we see with donald trump and with republicans is that the relationship is tenuous and they both serve each other's interests. the problem with donald trump though is that he didn't have a lot of republican buy in at the beginning and even after he won the primary, republicans were hesitant toump on board. and one of the conservatives i spoke with in the house, one of the leading conservatives said to me, you know, molly, once mike pence came on board a lot of us had to go to mike pence and say, can you tell donald
6:47 am
trump to quit it with the putin love thing? so clearly there was an issue with donald trump's position on russia from the beginning from republicans and, you know, given what's going on right now in the world and especiay the situation with the election hacking, it's a situation that we'll see republicans engage with each other on early on. >> yeah. we aren't hearing from him. it's been like 154 days or something like that since he's done a press conference. what we hear from him via twitter, just half an hour ago or less than half an hour ago, doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory president o statements and roadblocks. thought it was going to be a smooth transition. not. and last night he tweeted, president obama campaigned hard and personally in the very important swing states and lost. the voters wanted to make america great again. katelyn, you've been writing about him as the twitterer in chief i'm guessing. none of this surprises you, but
6:48 am
it really is setting up a series, really, of fights between donald trump and everybody from the new -- fro the outgoing president of the united stateall the way across a broad spectrum. >> right. this not being a smooth transition of power i think is pretty accurate when you look at what donald trump is doing and what president obama is doing. donald trump is taking president obama's assessments of the election as kind of a threat to him in a way, kind of saying, look, stop talking about how you think you would have won. that's what he's trying to say. but it looks as if, you know, he is also trying to govern at the same time during a transition and this kind of idea of we only have one president at a time isn't really looking in terms of what donald trump is doing and what obama is doing, doesn't really look like how it traditionally looks. you have donald trump tweeting about foreign policy changes potentially, you have him tweeting about the election again and all of these sorts of things, and he uses it in a way to kind of drive the media cycle and put him in the attention, which is not the traditional way
6:49 am
of president's elect. he's used it really to circumvent any kind of press conference. we'll see if he has one next month. >> in a way, i think to be fair, molly, it's not as though a john mccain or lindsey graham has been someone who doesn't know how to get media attention. there are cameras all the time at the rotundas. they know how to get their point across, but it's going to be interesting to see, first of all, how much as president of the united states he tweets and how members of congress navigate this new reality,right? >> i mean,absolutely. let me shake my head in affirmation, yes. you know, it's interesting because seeing the latest tweets that he's put out the past few days, i like how he takes credit for the economy doing so well. i loved how he ended one of his tweets with, thanks, donald. i mean, hey, you've got to have positive self-talk, and he's putting it out there. he's tweeting it to the people. but, again, you're right. it's going to be unclear how
6:50 am
congress will receive it. i haven't seen too many members of congrs congratulating themselves for things. a lot of people onresort to twir before we do looking at our e-mail boxes for press statements. >> thanks to both of you, happy new year. >> happy new year. coming up, a man on trial after his friend was found murdered in his hot tub. one possible witness, the amazon echo. how much do virtual assistants actually record? hey, searching for a great used car? i don't want one that's had a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing i like it start your used car search at
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the amazon ecowas one of the holiday's best-sellers but prosecutors in arkansas hope the virtual assistant can help them with their murder case. james baits is accused of strangling a co-worker found dead in bait's hot tub. he has pleaded not guilty. police have filed a warrant for electronic data from the echo inside bait's home. if you're not familiar with the echo, we have one here. when you say her name, which is the trigger word, she turns on and can start recording, ready to help you. alexa, what time is >> the time is 9:54 a.m. >> now, that may be helpful, but this case is testing the bounds of privacy. let me bring in attorney general midwin charles. good to see you. so bates' attorney says her client has nothing to hide but this is an overreach.
6:55 am
how critical is this question? >> well, it's interesting. i think we all already know that people who are searching for information in cases whether they are civil cases or criminal cases can access data stored on cell phones and laptops. i think we saw that in the san bernardino killings where apple was requested to turn other information. we see it all the time every day. i know in my practice we file motions to the judges asking them to grant ordered to turn over that information. the difference though, what i think is interesting with these sort of devices is at the end of the day they are micro phones that are installed on to devices and that information is being sent to a third party for you to get your answer. so the expectation of privacy there doesn't really exist. so i can certainly see why a judge would grant -- >> do you think most people expect that whatever they ask is going to be stored somewhere in some giant vault and is there in
6:56 am
perpetuity or -- >> they may not know it, they may not have been aware of it, but i'm here to tell you possibly yes and most likely yes. particularly since it's being sent to a third party. this isn't something that sort of remains in your home. think about it, if your use of a laptop in your home where you have an expectation of privacy can be subject to information collected in a case, clearly this can. >> all right, amazon gave us a quote when nbc asked them about this. amazon will not release customer information without a valid and binding legal demand properly served on us. amazon objects to overbroad or otherwise inappropriate demands as a matter of course. but could they be forced to hand this over? >> you never know, but that's a standard respond from a third party being asked to provide information in a case where they have nothing to do with, you know, particularly but i get it, they want to protect their customers. they don't want customers who want to buy these devices to feel like, you know what, my business might be out there, so it makes complete sense they
6:57 am
would toe the line with that argument. >> the key question here is what exactly is alexa holding on to. there's people who say she's always listening because when she's plugged in, she's going to respond to the request for information. nbc spoke to a privacy expert about how echo actually works and this is what we were told. >> amazon has a copy because consumers can actually listen to all of their alex is requests and delete them. >> should people be concerned? should they be deleting even if they're just asking her to order them some toilet paper which you can do on this? >> yes. >> delete everything. >> i know amazon said protection and privacy and security is something they thought about when they created this product. it wasn't an afterthought. you know, it was a sort of thought that they had before they created the devices. but nonetheless, they say the information is encrypted when it goes to the third party server
6:58 am
and then comes back to you with the answer. at the end of the day, to protect yourself, i personally would delete it. >> there is not an expectation that they're going to hear something on here as if this was a recording all the time. if something went wrong or there was a murder, we don't know what happened or how he ended up drowned in the hot tub, but you would hear the actual event itself. >> i don't think so. what's interesting is i read the search warrant. it wants data from both of these men. the victim and the suspect. so i think that's interesting too. because you have a dead victim who isn't there necessarily to step up and say, you know what, i don't want you into my information. i don't want you looking into my privacy. >> midwin, fascinating stuff, it is a whole new world. that's going to wrap up this hour. coming up right now, more news with craig melvin. >>ood wednesday morning. right now on msnbc live, push for peace. just one hour from now, outgoing secretary of state john kerry will lay out a final vision for
6:59 am
mideast peace and set the record straight about a u.n. resolution israel says the united states orchestrated. also this morning, donald trump turning to twitter once again to blast president on the election, on israel as well and adds himself to his tnk you tour, taking credit for a bump in consumer confidence. and royal farewell. carrie fisher who brought princess leia to life being remembered today as a force all her own. by a galaxy of fans. we start with secretary kerry's farewell speech at the state department, coming at a time of heightened tension with our closest ally in the middle east israel. kerry's expected to refute those accusations from israel that he helped condemn that u.n.
7:00 am
resolution. president-elect trump sending out this tweet. we cannot continue to let israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect. they used to have a great friend in the u.s. but not anymore. the beginning of the end was the horrible iran deal and now this. stay strong, israel, january 20th is fast approaching. january 20th will be inauguration day. nbc's kelly cobia following this. bring us up to speed. >> the war of words continues. regarding these settlements and so regarding this u.n. resolution, craig. just earlier today, the israeli security minister said this move by secretary kerry to speak about middle east peace at this particular time was a move to tie the hands of the incoming


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