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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  December 30, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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developing news. in the past 90 minutes u.s. officials closed down a russian-owned compound in new york expected to close another in the eastern shore of maryland this afternoon. 35 russian diplomats now have until the end of the weekend to get out of the country. but russian president vladimir putin in a surprise move is ruling out retaliation for the new u.s. sanctions on russia. at least for now. we are also watching the monster storm pummelling the northeast. deadly now. one person killed. hundreds of thousands now without power as the nor'easter dumps more than two feet of snow across new england. cities around the world are ready for new year's celebrations tomorrow night. that means boosting security with fears of potential terror attacks. we have a lot to get to starting with russia and vladimir putin. guaranteed to be tops on the political agenda in the new year. senator john mccain planning armed services hearings featuring top personnel from the intelligence committees. president-elect donald trump
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promising to meet with intel officials next week. last hour, the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee telling msnbc more sanctions from congress are necessary. >> what really gets the russians' attention isn't the expulsion of diplomats or people masquerading as diplomats but economic sanctions like those imposed over ukraine that hurt the russian economy. that's the only thing that puts putin in jeopardy and the only thing putin caring about. >> just in the last 30 minutes we are getting new information on how president obama and democrats in congress plan to defend his signature health care law from republicans come 2017. we have all of it covered with reporters around the world. we start with the sanctions against russia. hans nichols is in the washington bureau. lucy kavanov in moscow. kelly o'donnell is here with me in west palm beach. hans, what's happening this hour? the closure. the punishments in place at the russian compounds.
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people basically getting out, right? >> we haven't seen anyone leave out. they are clearly closed. there is surprise in some quarters in the u.s. administration that putin decided not to retaliate. speaking to a u.s. administration official who was saying, look, this could be an acknowledgment by russia that they did, indeed cross the line. here's where we are now. this is the statement from putin from a couple of hours ago explaining his decision. he said, although we have the right to retaliate, we will not resort to irresponsible kitchen diplomacy, a reference to the kruschev era. we'll plan our further steps to restore russian-u.s. relations based on the policies of the trump administration. that's the russian president thinking he can wait out the next three weeks. then we'll have a new administration. one note, they put out an invite on twitter inviting the children of american diplomats there legitimately to a party at the kremlin. i wonder if anyone will show up.
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>> let me ask lucy about this. number one, how unusual is that kind of invitation from vladimir putin to the kids of u.s. diplomats? and talk to me about the sense on the ground from russians and folks in moscow about the nonretaliation from president putin. >> reporter: president putin is enjoying his moment. he nows how to play the media. the news is russia allegedly hacked. the obama administration is looking to under mine russia, the incoming trump administration and that it's blaming russia for domestic pros. to give you a sense of the tone from the high ranking russian officials the foreign ministry spokeswoman called the entire obama administration a group of foreign policy failures. the obama administration, it is sad that the obama administration that began its life by restoring u.s.-russian
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cooperation is ending it on anti-russian agony. then you have putin coming in essentially declining to retaliate. looking domestically it is a bold move playing well here. it makes putin look above the fray like he's not suck coming to the back and forth. as hans said earlier, what the kremlin and putin are doing and what russians on the streets are doing is waiting for president-elect donald trump to take office on january 20. the kremlin believes trump wants better relations and they are not willing to antagonize that administration by retaliating at this stage. >> tough words from vladimir putin, ron, for president obama and the administration. are we expecting a response from the white house? what's your sense? >> i think the white house is sitting back waiting to see what the russians do when they are prepared and planned for
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retaliation. the fact that the russians won't expel diplomats is a surprise. that was the obvious response. it's something that's happened over the years on many occasions. more significant is the threat by president obama that this is just the beginning, not the sum total of the response to the russian hacking. we think there are covert operations going on or that may have been executed already in the weeks after the election that we are not aware of and we will become aware of only sometime down the road. people ask why now? why do this? time is running out. now trying to save obamacare. they say that's number one to repeal it.
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the president will try to salvage what he can of one of his signature accomplishments. hallie? >> i want to talk more about the health care meeting. the health care law meeting in a second. when we talk about russia it is important to know this is not the last we'll hear of this. there is a full review before the incoming inauguration. that's essential here, too. >> reporter: it's a big review thatsack to the election of 28 when there was malicious activity. it takes a broad look at what america's cyber defenses are, what the offensive capabilities are, how to protect the election system. you are aware there were reports during the final days of the campaign that there were attempts to get into state voter rolls. there is discussion of what was done to counteract that. what people will be looking for in the report is more proof that
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the administration has of what they feel the russians are guilty of. they say they will make it as public as possible. they know there is a feeling that people want to see the truth, exactly what the russians were doing. the administration released a manual for computer experts of what you can do to block russian hacking. that revealed some of the evidence of what they found. this review, we expect it to be a broad statement before the president leaves office. >> talk about people wanting to see proof. some of them are republicans on capitol hill and elsewhere. kelly o'donnell, donald trump has not spoken with vladimir putin according to a transition official who says the priority is to get the intel briefing done next week. why wait until next week if you're president-elect trump. what are his options come january 20 when it comes to
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reversing the sanctions or not? what's your sense of what he might do? >> it is striking that president-elect trump isn't acting instantly. that might be a political decision to allow these events generated by president obama to play out, to get the response from putin. we are on the verge of a holiday weekend and perhaps just pure scheduling. they want to have a meeting with the intelligence community on tuesday. then i think we'll be waiting for a greater response from the president-elect. so far what he's said is it is time to move on which is a very different note being struck than the white house and a number of republicans on capitol hill. as we know, john mccain is going to call a hearing next week which will be the new congress, but not the true gnu administration. to deal with cyber attacks. he'll hear from the director of national intelligence and other top officials on not only this specific threat but others posed by other countries. for the trump administration in
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waiting it continues to be allowing people to think they have a friendlier relationship toward russia than the current administration. it's also notable that they believe that an additional briefing is needed. that raises in my mind the question of what more does donald trump need to learn from the intelligence community to resolve specifics about these events that brought on the sanctions and, as ron indicated, any covert activity because the president-elect would be allowed to hear that information. so why hasn't he already heard it? i think that's a question that deserves to be answered. is it because he's not taking the daily briefing as frequently? would it be a separate briefing? there is another act if not more than that to play out involving the president-elect. perhaps he needs time to assess his position. most americans would expect him to say more when he fully has all the facts. hallie? >> thanks, kelly. ron, before i let you go from the white house, i want to switch to what you were talking
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about. the meeting happening next week between president obama, folks on capitol hill about the affordable care act. is this a last ditch legacy-saving move by the president? >> reporter: yes. this is one of the issues president obama brought up at the meeting by donald trump in the oval office after the election. obamacare is probably one of the -- certainly one of the most important things president obama feels he's accomplished during his time in office. the aspect of the affordable care act like pre-existing conditions, like the fact there is no lifetime cap on benefits, no discrimination against women and other groups in pricing that those aspects should be saved. of course, the republicans claim that the prices are soaring, the
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premiums are too high and there is a better way to do this. that's a big battle shaping up. something president obama will fight to the finish before he leaves here. >> after a slow holiday week. a very busy start to 2017. ron allen, hans nichols, lucy kafanov, kelly o'donnell. we are joined by a democratic congressman from rhode island. thanks for being with us. >> my pleasure. good to be with you. >> one of your colleagues at the top of the show talked about tougher sanctions needed against russia than what's already put in place. talk to me about the conversations you have had with democrats in the house about the sanctions. >> the steps the president took are an important first step. we have to make it clear to the russians and anyone else interfering with the elections is something we won't tolerate.
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they are actions congress must take to make it clear we won't permit this and will hold them accountable. we need a bipartisan commission to do a full analysis of how it happened and take step to prevent it happening ever again. we need to impose sanctions on those responsible, ratchet up the sanctions, particularly economic sanctions. the president's action was an important first step. this is something we have to take seriously. it's not a republican or democratic issue. it is about making sure foreign governments don't interfere with our elections. >> before the electoral college vote this month you were vocal about how strongly you felt about the subject. you're now calling it an important step by president obama. are you disappointed he didn't go further? is the expulsion of a few dozen russian diplomats enough? >> no. again, this is the first step and an important one. the executive branch has authorities. the president exercised those upon receipt of the report from
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the department of homeland security and the fbi. there is more work to be done that congress has a responsibility to undertake. we should do that. we have to make it clear to the russians and any other country that could contemplate this we'll take necessary steps to preserve the integrity of the democracy. the functioning of the government is at stake in this matter. we have to make it clear we will not permit the hacking that occurred here in an effort to influence the outcome of the american presidential election to occur in this country, period. >> the reaction from president-elect trump's team has been one of essentially president obama is playing politics. you have heard this charge made publically and privately that president obama is trying to box in donald trump. why didn't the president announce sanctions before the election when he wouldn't have opened himself up to this charge necessarily? >> i think he would have opened himself up to the charge no
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matter when. >> you think he's playing politics? >> he wants to be careful and conscientious, make sure the review is completed. he did it as soon as the review is completed by the department of homeland security and the fbi. we want him to be thorough but act quickly which he did. this is an important issue. i think in many ways it will be the first real test of the trump administration. is president trump going to stand with the american people and make sure those who attempted to interfere with the presidential election are held accountable or will he sta with vladimir putin. this will be an important test. the sanctions the president put in place and what will follow from congress, additional sanctions will be protected by the incoming president because he'll recognize the american people have confidence that our elections are secure. and the integrity of the process is protected. >> talk about the test. if donald trump comes in january 20 and reverses the sanctions, what do congressional democrats do? what can you do in a chamber
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controlled by paul ryan? >> i don't think he will do that. i don't think he'll want to be responsible for allowing 35 russian agents, russian spies to come back into the united states and under mine the national security interests of america. i don't think the president will do that. we'll work hard to make sure he doesn't and the american people won't allow that. congress has a responsibility here, too, to hold hearings, have a bipartisan commission like the 9/11 commission to get at how do we prevent this from happening in the future and be sure we are imposing additional punishment on the russians for the activities they have engaged in. everyone has a responsibility here. i'm hopeful a new president will understand that when he finally takes time to have the briefings and learn the facts. he hasn't done that yet which is disturbing. he said he'll do it next week. let's hope when he learns the fact he'll understand he has a responsibility to protect american democracy and hold the russians accountable. >> before i let you go one of
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your republican colleagues was on the program yesterday. 24 hours ago. trent franks from arizona. he said if russia succeeded in giving the american people information that was accurate then they merely did what the media should have done. it was a comment that raised eyebrows. i want to know if you agree with congressman franks. >> i think it is an outrageous statement that you would celebrate the interference of a foreign government in our elections. we can have spirited campaigns but we should never invite or condone foreign interference in our elections, particularly an adversary country ruled by a brutal dictator, a thug that engaged in actions against political opponents, journalists. that's a disgraceful statement trent franks made. >> thank you very much for being with us. time for the last microsoft
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pulse question of the year. vladimir putin refuses to retaliate after president obama expelled 35 russian diplomats instead inviting u.s. diplomats' kids to a kremlin party. did putin outfox president obama? tell us what you think. head over to pulse. we have an update later in the show. also, much more on the russian sanctions three weeks before president-elect trump's inauguration. are the aides right? is he being boxed in? first, the brutal storm slamming six states up north, some with as much as two feet of snow. live to new hampshire for the latest conditions and what it means for holiday travel plans.
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a little chilly and windy in palm beach. that's nothing compared to what people are dealing with up north. more than 4 million folks under winter weather advisories after a nor'easter dropped a ton of snow in new england. morgan is in new hampshire. is the worst over? >> reporter: that's what it looks like now. we got about 17 1/2 inches of snow in parts of new hampshire. in maine they saw up to 25 inches. about 100,000 people there without power. if you look around you can see people are out, running, taking pictures. things are starting to return back to normal. this is part of the area where
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they rely on the ski industry and tourism. some say this is what they need. listen. >> beyond excited. i'm shaking right now. >> reporter: how does it compare to last year? >> last year sucked. >> fantastic. wonderful. we need it. we didn't get any last year. >> this is a gift. it keeps on giving. >> reporter: what do you recommend to people traveling? >> go slow. take your time. >> reporter: so even though the falling snow ended later on this morning into this evening you will feel some of the effects because this wind gust is moving up in some places up to 75 miles per hour. so that kicks up the snow. people are advised to be careful if they are getting on the roads. it's not only the packed snow on the roads but the layer of ice once the temperature starts to drop. >> morgan radford in concord, new hampshire. thank you very much. snk jo joining me now, bonnie schneider. talk about the storm.
10:23 am
what's on your radar? >> the lake effect snow and the wind this afternoon. you can see the snow coming in now to cleveland, buffalo. we have colder air over the warmer waters of the great lakes. that kicks up the intense snow bands. that's something i'm concerned with throughout the day. heavy snow into northern maine. watch for lake effect snow going forward. let's look at what we can expect over the weekend. there is another storm coming through. a fast moving clipper system that will bring only additional lighter snow. we have airport delays due to rain in los angeles and strong wind in newark. 30 miles per hour wind gusts now. in california, the rain has been pretty tremendous, i would say, for southern california standards. we are looking at rain for san diego and more storms expected there. through the weekend an unsettled weather pattern emerging with rounds of rain. mountain snow in the southwest. moisture out there. that will work into southern arizona just north of phoenix. we expect quite a bit of rain. how about the festivities around
10:24 am
new year's? looks good for the rose parade. 11:00 a.m. in pasadena. you need a light jacket. the temperature is at 44. going up from there. nice-looking conditions. times square, originally the forecast looked iffy. it looks better now. mostly cloudy, calmer winds than we have seen and 40 degrees. that's a comfortable temperature as we ring in the new year. still mild in the southern plains looking at temperatures near 60 in dallas. 70 in phoenix and the snow we have seen in new england will taper off by tomorrow. your forecast for the last day of 2016 looks good. you can see the pocket of really cold air. this is a sign of the times. things will be changing dramatically in 2017. not just the calendar. we are looking at much colder temperatures. >> yeah. all right. msnbc meteorologist bonnie schneider at 30 rock for us. coming up, more on the battle brewing between washington and moscow over new russian sanctions whave been talking about.
10:25 am
is the cold war getting hot again? and what about president-elect trump's resistance to acknowledge russia's attempts to hack the election, to interfere? we'll ask former assistant secretary of state for foreign affairs after the break.
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political mobilization happened all over the world. putin blamed us for those popular demonstrations. that's why the reset ended. >> that's former u.s. ambassador to russia michael mcfaul on
10:29 am
"morning joe" this morning named a persona nongrata after the russian reset which restarted a cold war era rivalry that's still simmering internationally. during the break the state department confirming that both of the russian government compounds have been closed. we are bringing in p.j. crowley, former assistant secretary of state for public affairs and author of "red line." thank you very much for being with us. a lot to discuss. you work national security in the clinton white house. at the time, the fall of the berlin wall was still fresh. put it in perspective. how bad, how tense is the relationship now between the u.s. and russia compared to where it's been in recent history in the last couple of decades? >> under president clinton he did most of the business with boris yeltsin. they had a good relationship but the transition in russia was
10:30 am
chaotic which led to the reign of vladimir putin and putin has tried to put, quote/unquote, order back into the russian system. in the intervening time we have seen a similar cycle and i anticipate that the trump administration will go through the same cycle. president bush had high aspirations for building a relationship with vladimir putin. there was a reset under medvedev as presidentf russia as mike mcfaul said was successful to a point with putin's return. now we see disillusionment in the obama administration. keyed by not only ukraine but syria and now the intervernntio in the united states. i think trump will have to figure out where are the common interests and there are a couple. he also, i think, learns to recognize over time that the area of common interest between
10:31 am
russia and the united states is shrinking. i think you will see the same cycle of guarded optimism at the start. but increasing antagonism as we go along. >> you say guarded optimism. isn't it more than guarded optimism? it feels like blatant optimism now for a better relationship with russia from president trump and his team. >> you have to disaggregate what we have gone through and the key issues going forward. syria, the united states was thwarted by russia. russia wanted bashar al assad alive more than the united states wanted him dead. there was an imbalance of interest here. the trump administration has the opportunity to shift u.s. policy with respect to syria. recognized that russia has succeeded in the short term and deal with the reality. ukraine is a much more complex issue in the sense that russia wants a sphere of influence in
10:32 am
the backyard. i think the work has to focus more intently on how to help ukraine as opposed to punishing russia. i think here we see in the intervention here in the united states there is a competition that's under way between how we envision governments, the relationship with people and american democracy. vladimir putin sees it as a threat. not only did he get the president he wants in trump but he's actively trying to under mine the legitimacy of american democracy and how it's perceived around the world. we have to address that aspect of the relationship going forward. >> are you surprised that putin didn't retaliate or respond to the new obama administration sanctions? >> i'm a little bit surprised. normally we expel 35, they expel 35. i think he'll take a wait and see attitude. he has three weeks. he'll live with the three weeks,
10:33 am
see where trump comes out at the start of his administration. and react accordingly. >> as you know, the sanctions aren't just because of the analysis that russia tried to interfere with the u.s. election but what the state department and others called the harassment basically of americans overseas, diplomats specifically. there is video from the summer showing a u.s. diplomat being assaulted by a russian police officer. the state department talked about it at the time. why would president obama wait months to respond to something like this? >> i don't think that the administration did nothing. i'm sure there were sharp diplomatic exchanges expressing outrage over the treatment and these things. but this has been a long-term pattern. putin is trying to narrow -- eliminate those entities whether they are official or nongovernmental that enable the west to have significant
10:34 am
influence within russia. we have to responds in kind. you can take a page out of the cold war. we can recognize this is a long-term competition and see how to make mr. putin the short to mid-term less comfortable. find ways perhaps to drive a wedge between he, his supporters and the russian people and see if we can shape an environment that influences what happens after putin. but in the meantime, we have to recognize that he's going to be a reality we'll deal with and manage for the next eight years. >> always great to get your perspective. really appreciate you being with us. >> happy new year. >> we want your responses to the microsoft pulse question. we have been asking putin refuses to retaliate after president obama expelled 35 russian diplomats. instead inviting the kids of the u.s. diplomats to a party at the kremlin.
10:35 am
did putin outfox obama here? 33% of you think he did. 67% of you say not so much. we'll check in. keep voting at pulse more fighting in syria after the cease-fire overnight. a lot of syrians hurt in the conflict now getting help from a kind of surprising ally. up next, we are headed life to israel where a hospital is opening its doors to syrian refugees. it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free.
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the official white house photographer pete sousa is releasing his final year in photographs. these are pictures he considers his best from all throughout the year. they show a lot of sides of the oval office and the first family from the president playing with the white house press secretary's son on halloween -- do youemember that? to sasha and malia obama attending their first state dinner. vice president joe biden showing he's just a big kid at heart being sprayed with super soakers over the summer. the u.s. coast guard and the royal canadian air force are joining the search in lake erie looking for a small plane tha vanished off the shores overnight. it was leaving burke lakefront airport after a cavaliers game. an air traffic spokesperson said they lost control with the plane. three adults and three kids on board.
10:40 am
officials aren't making their names public. potential problems in syria with the nationwide cease-fire that took effect overnight. russian and turkish authorities helped put together the agreement between the syrian army and rebel fighters. military officials say they are hopeful this pause in the fighting will last a while. but the cease-fire doesn't include terror groups like isis, of course. with all the fighting in aleppo, medical care is limited for the thousands of people hurt. one hospital in israel is helping to treat some of the injured. nbc visited the hospital and kelly cobialla has more. what can you tell us? >> reporter: it's remarkable what we have seen at this hospital. this is a hospital about 18 miles from the border with syria. it is in the northern part of israel. at the hospital at the moment they are treating about 15 syrian patients, a combination of fighters and also civilians. we actually saw a little boy
10:41 am
brought to the border with israel by his mother. he's never been able to walk. he's syrian. we are shielding his face because the family hopes to go back to syria once he's been treated. when he arrived at the border defense forces evaluated him as they do with other wounded at the border. they decided to take him to the hospital. a doctor explained to us what happens when people like him end up at the hospital. >> weecided that we'll provide the syrian people with medication, with treatment, with medical services as if they were israelis. so we treated them really according to the standard of israel. >> we are talking about long-term care in some cases, hallie. multiple operations, follow-up care, prosthetics for people who lost limbs before they are going back to syria.
10:42 am
it's remarkable to see these people from countries that are sworn enemies -- israel and syria -- working together in this way and talking in a positive way about each other at some 2300 people, syrian wounded, have now been treated in israel. hallie? >> remarkable stuff. kelly cobiella live from tel aviv. thank you. cities around the world on high alert for potential terror attacks as they get ready for tomorrow's big new year's eve celebration. how some places are being extra careful as they ring out 2016. that's next.
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after error attacks in berlin this month and in nice over the summer, officials around the world are stepping up security precautions in big cities before new year's. more than 3,000 police officers will be deployed in central london, for example. that's a record number of officers on duty for this. for the first time ever, armed officers will be patrolling london's underground during the festivities. they will routinely patrol throughout 2017, too. in rome, officials are stepping up security there. it's where we find my colleague claudio lavonga. what can you tell us? >> reporter: the scene speaks for itself. on the main road to the colosseum, tens of thousands of
10:47 am
revellers every new year's eve gather. they are used to seeing and watching the fireworks here. what they are not used to is the firepower behind me. those are some of the 7,000 soldiers deployed alongside the regular police force across italy to guard some of the sensitive areas and monuments like, of course, the colosseum. this is not new. this is their part of an ongoing operation that started long before the christmas market attack in berlin. they were placed around italy after the attacks in november 2015 in paris. of course, there are some additional measures being put in place throughout christmas and, of course, new year's eve. for instance, trucks are not allowed to drive inside the city center tomorrow through the second of january. there will be extra police force around. snipers will be deployed around roofs in the areas around the
10:48 am
colosseum. and the circus maximus where most will gather for concerts and events there. of course, we have also the concrete barriers which, being in italy, they tried to make them prettier. they are effectively rain forest, big flower vases. if that's not enough to stop the vehicle the massive armored military vehicles will. back to you. >> claudio lavanga, thank you very much. in the u.s. officials in new york city are taking extra measures to make sure the almost 2 million people expected to descend on times square are safe. police are using garbage and sand trucks to form a barricade around times square. this year, 2,000 more police officers than usual will be pale troing the streets. stephanie gosk has more on what's happening. >> you can tell preparations have begun here in times square. stages are going up and barriers
10:49 am
in place. some of it is crowd control but some definitely for security. the nypd will have a record 7,000 officers, uniformed, undercover and counter terrorism units, here and around times square. that's an unprecedented level of security. but this comes after a year of terrible attacks. not just overseas but here in the u.s. from nice to berlin to orlando. law enforcement agencies all over the world are ramping up security for new year's eve. keeping in mind particularly the vehicle attacks. here in times square they are going to have 65 sand trucks. they are not here now but we have seen them before for the thanksgiving day parade. they will also have an additional 100 vehicles that will be blocking off the roads. that's to prevent the kinds of attacks we saw in nice and berlin. back to you. nbc's stephanie gosk in
10:50 am
times square. up next, congressional democrats and republicans praising president obama for new sanctions on russia in response to their interference with the u.s. election. so will the president-elect have we are talking it over with our political panels, coming up next. my friends think doing this at my age is scary. i say not if you protect yourself. what is scary? pneumococcal pneumonia. it's a serious disease. my doctor said the risk is greater now that i'm over 50! yeah...ya-ha... just one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia- an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital. prevnar 13® is approved for adults 18 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13® if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients.
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welcome back to west palm, president-elect trump just down the road at mar-go-largo. details of the meeting of russia hacks are not going to be released during the new year's. donald trump's aids said it was a move to box in the president-elect. >> even those sympathetic on president obama on most issues are saying most of the decisions that he did was "boxed in." that was unfortunate if politics were the motivating factor here. thank you to you both for joining us here on our final show of 2016. >> chris, let me start with you, you heard of kellyanne conway's
10:55 am
comments last night. is president obama trying to box in president-elect trump? >> i think this had less to do with president obama boxing in donald trump but donald trump boxing in himself. he can make the decision to walk back the sanctions and expulsions. the message that was sent given the, you know, bipartisan support for these steps and calling for stronger steps could be dramatic. i think donald trump has to at some point make the public statement decision as to whether he's going to be the american's president first or trying to fix this relationship with putin. he cannot have both at the same time and not what russia has been clearly involved in trying to do of this past election.
10:56 am
what are donald trump's options here, is he suggesting of his team feeling ham strong. >> there is no question that donald trump is feeling boxed in. the one thing that we have seen of donald trump over and over again that he doues not allow himself to box in. he's coming up something decisive the real question is, how does this play out right now? obama has not taken that part of the line with russia and now he's taking a hard line. most people should agree that we should have a hard line with russia and remember back in 2016 when mitt romney was talking about how we needed to take russia seriously. we know that most people do want
10:57 am
to have a strong earline with russia and the question now is about timing. some people wanted to be stronger we'll see donald trump taking this seriously but the fact that he said we got to move on, that was dismissive quite frankly and defensive on his part. it should not be made of politics in the election. we know russia tampered in a number of things and they need to look at the whole narrative and not just what's happening with the elections. >> too little and too late here. this is not just about the election interference. this is about the harassment that american diplomats abroad. over the summer and back in june and before then of what happened, did president obama drop the ball by not dropping more sanctions sooner. you can suggest that he could take more bolder and stronger actions. it could be a complicated affair
10:58 am
and especially when you are dealing with a major power like russia. i think that's happening here as we all know clearly unprecedented. the idea of a foreign government becoming actively involved in trying to influence a presidential or an american election. that's something that has never happened before and clearly required a much more aggressive response. my guess is you will see of what congress comes back of not only the investigation but more significant calls for sanctions and other measures. president-elect trump is going to have when he becomes president is he's not going to get this just from one side of d democrats. he's going to get this from republicans and establishment leaders and outside the government all asking for aggressive steps and measures. he's going to have to make tough calls of what does he do zm he's
10:59 am
not willing to make tough calls or criticize what russia has been accused o f ding. >> chris and lee, i appreciate both of your perspectives on this for the end of the year political panels. thank you both for being with us. that does it for this our on this year on this show. we want to do a little bit of a toast not just to you but something that you don't always see, bruce bernstein is retiring today after 35 years. he started become before we had computers and everything. bruce, we love you everybody and thanks everybody so much. guy, have an awesome 2016 and we'll see you in 2017 in just a few days. ari melber picks it up in rocking new york. >> hey, halie, we are not retiring. we have a whole a lot of news
11:00 am
and vladimir putin vowing not to real vacation those sanctions, is he buying time? hours left in 2016 and officials from coast to coast are sparing no expense to keep you safe. the measures you will see in place if you are heading out to ring in 2017. the russian sanction, today we have been watching vans appearing at those two compoun s compounds. senator john mccain announcing a full hearing next week of full cyber attack. now, our team got all the angles covered and our


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