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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 1, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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breaking news. new developments in the terror attacks on a new year's celebration. what police are learning about the gunman who opened fire inside an istanbul nightclub killing dozens. good to be with you on this new year's day. it's 1:00 in the east, 10:00 in the west. here is the latest. turkish officials are working to identify the gunman behind an attack at a crowded club in istanbul. officials say the assailant opened fire at random targeting hundreds of people celebrating the new year. an estimated 39 people were killed. the u.s. consulate is warning americans in istanbul to limit movement in the city. one eyewitness captured the aftermath of the attack and the panic that followed.
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> the video, you can see bodies on the ground. white house condemned what it called a horrific terrorist attack and opffered u.s. help. what more do we know, especially about the manhunt? >> reporter: we haven't gotten an update from officials about the manhunt, about whether they have made any progress in identifying the attacker. it happened late last night, about an hour and 15 minutes after midnight here. let me just show you where we are. we're in a very popular part of istanbul. in the center of the city on the european side. this is the nightclub behind me with the blue tarp up on the front. it's a very well-known nightclub. very popular with celebrities. it was busy last night.
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it was packed. about 500 to 600 people. you can imagine, you see we are on a very busy street. it would have been busy last night as well. the gunman opened fire right in front of this nightclub. he shot two people outside, a police officer and a civilian. then shot his way inside. absolutely harrowing stories emerging from some witnesses today. one woman spoke to the associated press and said that she actually had to push bodies off of her in order to -- people had fallen on top of her. she had to push them off in order to escape the nightclub. other records of people rushing out the back of the nightclub. this backs on to the strait. people going to the water to try to escape. teams have been inside. we know that much. we know the police perfeare investigating. we know from the prime minister they found one very important clue. they found the attacker's gun inside, according to the prime minister.
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he also said that they -- the details are emerging. he wouldn't get much more specific than that in terms of what they are looking for, what they have learned and whether or not they have gotten any closer to actually identifying the attacker. 39 people killed in this attack. 11 of them were turkish nationals, 28 foreign nationals among the country's they represented, many countries in the middle east, saudi arabia, lebanon, kuwait, libya, also a canadian victim and an israeli victim. the israeli we understand from the israeli consulate was an 18 or 19-year-old young woman who was here celebrating the new year with a couple of friends. she was the only one among her group who was killed. we haven't yet confirmed whether or not any americans were caught up in this. there were dozens injured. many still in the hospital. at least three are critical.
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>> kelly, back to the manhunt. any indication there may be more than one person involved? the gunman may have had help? any indication of that? >> reporter: there was talk of that early on from witnesses. there were reports, especially in social media, that perhaps this was perpetrated by more man one gunman. sometimes in the chaos of these types of incidents people think that they hear gunfire from lots of different directions and see it from different directions. authorities have been very constant in their reporting that they believe that there was only one attacker involved in this incident. whether or not there was sort of a supporting crew, whether or not he had any support from other people in istanbul is unclear. it's completely possible given what we know from other terrorist attacks that there was some sort of support within the city. we haven't heard anything like that officially from authorities just yet.
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we should make note, turkey has been really in the hot spot in terms of terrorist attacks over the past 18 months or so, particularly the past month. four attacks in the past month alone. two of those were carried out by kurdish militants. this one, however, does have the hallmarks of an isis-style attack. perhaps not guided by isis, not orchestrated by isis but it is that sort of attack on a soft target, unarmed civilians, a place whereesterners frequent. of course, a party. we have seen thipattern before. by the way, no claim of responsibility yet. >> thank you so much for that report. i want to bring in steve clemons. thanks for being with me. >> good morning. >> as we know, europe was on edge even before this attack in
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istanbul. the u.s.tate department issuing travel alerts for u.s. citizens in november warning americanof heightened risk of attacks in most of western europe. what's driving that? >> you have radicalized individuals within all of these countries in europe. we have had many people who have gone into syria, been trained. the isis calls to these individuals to take action, to take action against both westerners but others and just -- we have seen attacks in airports, in other public places, in turkey we had one of the early isis attacks outside of the blue mosque. turkey, itself, we talked about germany, belgium and france. turkey has people it has taken in to the country after the syrian conflict. some of whom are bad players. i thinat even though the alerts have been very, very high, this one, unfortunately, is one where they succeeded to penetrate the security that was very clear in many other parts
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of turkey but also parts of europe. >> you bring up a good point. what does the attack say about the ability of turkey's government to address the threats? how they can use that to prevent -- we are talking about within less than a month, four attacks and 180 killedithin the year. >> turkey isn't just high alert. after the attempted coup, turkey is in shortage of supply of police and security officials to worry about the stability and safety inside its country. there are lots of levels of paranoia inside turkey today. as the previous commentator said, the kurdish rebels are part of the turkish challenge. isis has also been attacking. what's interesting about this reina nightclub -- i have been around it. i have seen it. it's next to a palace hotel. right next to one of the bigges tourist attracons, a place
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where the wealthy, the powerful of istanbul hang out. when you watch the video of it, what was surprising to me -- with the stories we are getting about the attack eer killing th police officers, this is usually covered with security officials. he was shooting cars. you saw bullets ricochetting off vehicles. i was asking myself having been there a few months ago and seeing lots of police, where were the police? that's got to be part of the queson mark. this is a high security, high alert arena. i can't believe -- apparently from what we have seen how few police were on scene. >> this is the irony that comes in. we know security measures have been heightened. police barring traffic leading up to certain squares. it was new year's eve. you consider this, 17,000 police officers were on duty. to speak to your point -- we
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spoke earlier with jim cavanaugh said the officers are out there but the wrong place, the wrong time. >> which is interesting. it's easy to look over your shlder after the fact something like this has happened. when you look at that place it is and for anyone that has been to that very wealthy area of the former palace, there are lots of photos along the street there, it's a major destination for the wealthy. that's what is surprising about this. there are a lot of great places that people might assemble and party and whatnot. istanbul is a huge city. the sort of lack of density of sety oicials right there is something that comes to mind right away. i don't want to critique them. but when you watch the video of that individual, he was able to make a lot of headway on the streets, the public streets before he went into the club. that's very surprising to me. >> we will see if that changes in light of this and in the new
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year. thank you. >> thank you. w to politics. a new reacti from president-elect trump on the russia hacking allegations facing questions. trump still raised doubts about intelligence reports that suggested russia hacked the u.s. election and even suggested his administration rely on snail mail. >> here is congressman adam schiff, ranking member intelligence committee. >> reaction is going to be more vigorous, i'm convinced, in
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favor of stronger sanctions against russia. you will see democrats and republicans like mccain and graham and others come together with a strong sanctions package. because frankly, even though what the administration did was more than symbolic, it was very meaningful, it is not enough to deter russia. >> sean spicer is giving new details on trump's twitter use and his lack of news conference of late. >> everyone wants to talk about the tweets he sends. i would focus on the action he is getting. donald trump is not president yet. he is getting action, successes and wins both abroad and here at home. >> we're going to see twitter? >> absolutely. >> he said he was going to cut back. >> the fact of the matter is that when he tweets, he gets results. >> are you going to have regular white house press briefings? >> absolutely. some way. some will be on camera. some will be off. >> turn to kelly o'donnell in west palm beach, florida. kelly, certainly unexpected with trump taking those questions and
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giving the answers. certainly making a lot of news out of it. >> reporter: that's what we have seen that from timeo time when he sees the group ofeporters known as the pool, which is a rotating group of reporters who are close in to either president obama or the president-elect, he will take questions. he has not done a formal news conference that would allow people to prepare more fully to go through a wide range of topics. but still these interactions do give us some news. we definitely heard that on the issue of russia where he continues to not point blame at russia and to reserve judgment saying that the intelligence community's assessment may not be the end word on this and that is notable because the obama administration has taken such strong action and republicans in congress as well are very clear that they believe that the evidence is ther that russia was attempting to interact and influence andffect the election season, not the voting on the election day, but the environment in this election.
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so it is notable that donald trump says he still is not certain about that. we heard his reluctance to engage on computers as well. not sure that will be trump administration policy. but it give u.s you a sense of perspective on state of the electronic world we live in. >> kelly, very quickly, what can we expect as far as what donald trump will say about his talks with the president, current president? how are they handling the transition? >> reporter: well, what we know is that in interactions, a couple of times in the past week he has told reporters that he has been on the phone with the president. we have not had a full readout from the other side, the obama administration side about these conversations. they have told us that president obama wants to be a partner in this transition and make things available and his insights, guidance just conversations about what needs to be done. that seems to be happening. here is how donald trump described it in meeting with reporters as he was entering his new year's eve party.
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>> reporter: so in terms of the trump obama relationship, he describes it as cordial. although, he is critical of the president and secretary of state john kerry on their policy positions toward israel. that will be something that we expect to see big changes in the approach when trump actually becomes president. he has beenuch more supportive of benjamin netanyahu's position. so that will be something that will have perhaps big impact in foreign policy early in his administration. this, of course, being new year's day, the holidays are winding down and we expect that the trump family will head back
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to new york later today. >> that means for you, enjoy the sun while you have. kelly o'donnell in west palm beach, florida. why the president-elect trump's team is right to raise questions about the sanctions issued by the obama administration last week. ♪ and if you want to be free, be free ♪ ♪ 'cause there's a million things to be ♪ ♪ you know that there are ♪ and if you want to be me, be me ♪ ♪ and if you want to be you, be you ♪ ♪ 'cause there's a million things to do ♪ ♪ you know that there are ♪
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with features like voice remote, making it easier and more fun than ever. there's more in store than you imagine. visit an xfinity store today and see for yourself. xfinity, the future of awesome. welcome back. the president-elect trump is doubling down on his -- >> if you look at the weapons of mass destruction, it was a disaster. they were wrong. so i want themo be sure. i think it's unfair if they don't know. i know a lot about hacking and hacking is a very hard thing to prove. so it could be somebody else.
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>> joining me now is steven cohen, a professor of russian studies and politics at new york university and princeton university. i appreciate you with me on this new year's day. we heard from donald trump. is it fair to say that you agree with him on that? >> on the hacking part? >> on the hacking part. and russia. >> it's hard for anybody to have an educated view, but we desperately need it, because we don't have any facts. the reason i say we desperately need it is we're in the worst and most dangerous relationship we have been in with russia at least since the cuban missile crisis in 1962. the attitude in this country is that russia is responsible. what we need now is a full debate about american policy and whether we need a new policy. trump, i'm not a trump supporter. i have no tie to trump or the -- or to his campaign. trump suggests we need a new
10:21 am
policy. that seems to me something we need to discuss. now we get the hacking story. the problem with the hacking story is we haven't been presented with any facts. >> sir, you haven't been presented with facts. but you have 17 agencies who say, yes, russia is behind these hacks. what more would you need for yourself to be convinced that in fact russia was behind it? >> well, the problem here i'm older than you are. i remember several episodes when the cia -- by the way, the story about intelligence agencies isn't quite right. they have not, the 17, conducted their own estimates. they do that when they have a national estimate. this is the voice of an overview committee speaking on behalf of 17 different agencies. we don't know what they say. we know that the fbi in the beginning didn't want to go along. we know that somebody in the cia is not happy with this. is suggesting an alternative
10:22 am
approach to this. we have episodes in our history when we didn't get the right intelligence. the point here is this. the hacking episode is making everybody in our relationship with hurussia worse. we are facing the possibility of war with russia. need we remind ourselves we're talking about two nuclear super powers? putin tried to walk it back in his reply to sanctions. trump says he is pursuing the idea of a cooperation with putin. that seems to me to be good. the hacking thing, literally, what would we need? we would need to see the actual evidence. how they got this information. if they have it. the problem is, everybody says we're going to have an investigation. the agencies are not going to produce the evidence we want because they're going to say if they tell us what the evidence is, the russians will know how they got it. the russians already know. snowden told we tap into cell phones w survey people's
10:23 am
computers. >> steve, i have to ask about you this. we spoke to a contributor two weeks ago about your opinion on this. this is what he had to say. >> well, steven cohen is one of our nation's great russia experts. i have tremendous respect for him. i disagree in this count because this issue of russian meddling and russian hacking in our electoral system, in the dnc files, in john podesta's e-mails is something that has been brewing for a period of time. >> he heard your take in speaking with you now, why would you say you are outside mainstream thinking on this? >> about the hacking or about the relationship in general? >> about the hacking. >> because i don't know how to put this to you. i don't know if you remember the late daniel patrick moynihan who said, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinions but not to his or her own facts. we have facts alleged facts
10:24 am
given to us, leaked to the washington post and "the new york times," by third parties. if the intelligence agencies have facts that the russians did this, then let us see it. then we will decide. let me add one thing. there's a group of former intelligence officials -- i may get the name of the group wrong, but i think it's something like veteran intelligence officials for sanity. they have concluded -- i'mot sang this is so. t thav concluded that this was not a hack a all but a leak. the difference between a hack and a leak is what snowden did was a leak. somebody inside took the information and disseminated it. if it was a leak, it had nothing to do with russia. why isn't that being discussed or investigated? these are responsible former intelligence officials. keep in mind, that if we're going to race ahead with sanctions and other harsh -- john mccain is advocating harsher -- >> i want to ask about you that. >> without facts -- >> i want to ask you about that. you have the ranking democrat
10:25 am
saying about congress how they might respond if donald trump tries to roll back the sanctions. i want to get your take after we listen. >> even more vigorous i'm convinces in favor of stronger sanctions against russia. you will see democrats and republicans like mccain and graham and others come together with a strong sanctions package. because frankly, even though what the administration did was more than symbolic, it was very meaningful, it's not must have to deter russia. >> your take on that? >> it's good you played that. that was representative schiff, i assume. >> yes. >> we have in this country to be kind a cold war party. both democratic and republican. schiff, mccain, schumer, graham, they are pushing a very hard line against russia. and they're doing these allegations, which may or may not be true, by the russian government of the dnc as an excuse. if they -- again, if they know
10:26 am
the facts, they should present them. but stop and think for one minute, please, on the first day of the new year, we are eyeball to eyeball with russia from the baltics and ukraine to syria. these fronts in the new cold war are fraught with the possibility of actual war. that's what we should be discussing. at least until we get the facts behind this so-called hacking. as for the sanctions, they don't -- they're not going to reverse any russian position. what's going to happen next week, we hear it from schiff and mccain earlier, is there's going to be an attempt to get a congressional set of sanctions which trump cannot reverse on his own. >> as we asked -- i know you say -- you stated the important facts when it comes to the hacking. is there any opening at all in your thought that russia is behind the hacking? >> of course it's possible. i have never satisfiid it's not possible. how you can proceed in the nuclear age to the edge of war with russia without having
10:27 am
actual facts? then we have to discuss the facts. they have to be open. you won't remember this. i remember the cuban missile crisis. at that time, the kennedy administration showed us satellite surveillance of the soviets putting missile silos in cuba. there was no doubt that the soviets were doing this. then the discussion became what to do about it. kennedy handled it brilliantly. today, we haven't been given a single fact about what the russians did or didn't do. >> steven cohen, thank you for your time. i appreciate it. can donald trump hire trump? the questions about ivanka's role in the new white house and whether any possible involvement could violate the nepotism law and an ethics attorney joins me later.
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at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. happy new year to you and welcome back. at the half hour, here is what we're monitoring.
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people in turkey are on edge. hundreds of revellers were celebrating the new year when a gunman opened fire killing at least 39 people including 28 foreigners. the assailant remains at large at this hour. the identity is still unknown. no claim of responsibility. to politics. any reaction in the fallout of russian hack allegations. president-elect trump is still raising doubts despite statements by 17 intelligence agencies that russia was behind the election hack. here is adam schiff, ranking member of the init intelligence committee. >> how solid is the evidence? >> it's overwhelming. the president-elect said he knows things other people don't know. if he is going to have any credibility, he needs to stop talking this way. he is going to rely on them. here is what's different.
10:32 am
they didn't just steal data. they weaponized it. they dumped it during an election with the specific intent of influencing the outcome of that election and sowing discord in the united states. that's not china has done. that's not something russia has ever done here. >> bring in niles and erin. happy new year. as we get started with this and we hear those words, how big of a fight is this going to be against russia? >> it's going to be a very big fight beus of course, the critical point here is that a numberf republican members of congress would agree basically with the point of view put forth there by congressman schiff, a democrat. russia one of the big issues that seems to separate donald trump from the rest of the republican party. mr. trump obviously has sort of enunciate ad a more sympathetic approach. john mccain was just in ukraine
10:33 am
this weekend talking about standing with them against the russians. i think that division is going to be one of the crucial things to look at. >> we heard from congressman schiff saying mr. trump needs to stop talking this way to have any credibility. any sense -- is he going to stop talking this way since it worked for him so far? >> it has absolutely worked for him so far. when he has been saying you will find out what i know tuesday or wednesday, that has been particularly surprising. in fact, jarring. i certainly wonder as i'm sure you do what it is we are going to learn tuesday or wednesday. i would imagine that he tamps down that kind of rhetoric once he does take office. he probably will hear that from his advisors that he should probably cut that out. in terms of him casting some doubt on what the intelligence community found, that's not
10:34 am
necessarily a bad thing. we have heard back and forth about whether you should cast some doubt about everything that we hear from the intelligence community. they're not always correct, as he has pointed out. he probably should do that behind closed doors first and not so publically >>specially new year's eve when he knows reporters are there. remind our viewers what donald trump said about russia and hacking during that party. >> what does that mean, we'll find out tuesday or wednesday? what are we going to find out? >> i think what it means is that donald trump's capacity to create news and create diversions is very much intact. it's a very peculiar claim to make. i'm skeptical as i think all reporters should be of any politician who says, i know things that you don't.
10:35 am
well, tell us what these are. no one knows what this announcement is going to be on tuesday and wednesday. we will all certainly be listening very carefully. but i think that's a very trumpian pronouncement that it self-creates news without providing any great deal of substance behind it. >> the other news maker, when he was talking to reporters about computers, suggesting that computers are subject to hacking, they're not safe. some things when it's sensitive should be delivered by courier. is that fair here? >> honestly, i have no idea what to make about that comment about how he should be using couriers. i don't think we had anybody talk like that in years. i found that pretty surprising. >> especially, he tweets so much. his argument is computers aren't safe. they can't be trusted. >> that was a really dangerous remark to make.
10:36 am
computers are what we all use every day to communicate. you are absolutely right. we know that trump does not actually use e-mail. but as you said, he does use twitter. that was a rough comment to make and it was an absolute statement. he will have to be careful about many of the things he says over time. we know that. >> especially if he is talking about policy and other -- really of importance on twitter with a limited character there. you have sean spicer saying there's going to be regular press briefings of some kind once the president-elect takes office. can you speak to the appropriateness of where and when he answers questions like the once we saw last night? at this point there's no news conferences to address serious matters. >> yeah. that's a great point. so far, donald trump has interacted with the press in these very brief kind of snippet forms, often type times it's n up so there's particularly clear
10:37 am
sound or basics like that. sean spicer seemed to imply there will be regular press briefings, but that some of ose might be off camera. i personally don't necessarily think that's a b thing. there's a whole argument within the press corps and media critics about whether televised press briefings encourage people to grand stand. donald trump shows no inclination to have a press conference soon. >> see what he will say tuesday or wednesday. thank you for being with me. happy new year. >> thank you. why jaws were dropping in los geles today because of wh somebody did to the hollywood sign. i re h a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i asked my doctor. and he recommended eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again.
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turning to an historic snowfall in seattle overnight. they saw a couple of inches. it's the first time it's snowed in seattle on new year's eve in 50 years. for the latest on the weather, let's turn to bonnie schneider.
10:41 am
>> happy new year. it's still snowing in seattle right now. we have light snow falling into parts of oregon. unusual, causing some airport delays by 33 minutes in seattle. that snow will start to subside. the cold air, that's not going anywhere. it's dropping down. it will spread across the country from west to east as we go through the week. look at the numbers for the first few days of the year. boise, highs in the teens. this is the beginning. all of this cold will work its way even further east ande will feel it into the northern plains where snow is anticipated. winter storm warnings in affect that will go into tomorrow. watch for heavy acouple layikua. minneapolis, ice there. be careful driving. watch for black ice across this region into the early hours. rain across the south. it's making for dangerous situations in terms of the flood risk. in southern mississippi and the southeast parishes of louisiana, we do have a flood watch. that will again bring that chance for flooding, we're
10:42 am
expecting one to maybe three to five inches before it's said and done. the flash flood watches will continue through monday. dangerous situation there. something to monitor with all this rain accumulating, that risk for flooding. lots of active weather for the start of 2017. >> a lot of people headed home, too. hopefully, it won't be too much trouble. thanks. police in los angeles are looking for person who went to great lengths to make the iconic hollywood sign read -- look at that, hollyweed. they placed two tarps over the os to make them look like es. police want to charge the person with misdemeanor trespassing. donald trump wants to give ivanka and her husband jobs in the white house. my next guest explains how he can do it without breaking the law. would americans go for it? at the top of the hour on meet the press, donald trump and his relationship with the media.
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new reaction to conflict of interest concerns raised by the president-elect trump's new year's eve celebration. a new article looks at how his attendance last night could spell trouble. joining me former ambassador to the czech republic and assistant to president obama on ethics and government reform, norman eisen. i want to talk about what is at issue. because this was a tickete event, there may have been the appearance that access to the president-elect could be bought. are these concerns all about optics or could there be real political consequences here? >> thanks for having me. happy new year. this is not just an optical concern. this is a genuine conflict problem because of the pattern. selling of tickets to the event with the president-elect last night fits into a long series of
10:47 am
conflicts that mr. trump has confronted. it starts with his business conflicts, which he has so far refused to address, postponing over and over again the announcement of how he is going to deal with those. you have his kids showing up to meetings with foreign leaders and heads of major american corporations when they're both operating his businesses and a part of managing his transition. and now you have these persistent -- it wasn't just last night. you have had ivanka's time being auctioned off. the family had to take that down. you had an inaugural event where access to the president was being sold in a draft invitation for a million dollars. the family had to take that down. now these big ticket opportunities to mingle with the president last night. it's a troubling pattern. >> we are hearing from the
10:48 am
incoming administration in hope hicks who is saying this. we haven't seen a change about his business dealings with this. do you think we will see a change at all? >> well, the president-elect needs to decide whether he is going to be president of the united states or he is going to continue with his bunesses. he can't do both. he needs to make a choice. last night's event is a perfect example of the way that people can pay for access. access leads to influence. influence leads to scandal. this is not an isolated event in american history. we have seen this happen before. it's very troubling. i disagree with hope hicks strongly. >> mr. ambassador, you wrote in "the new york times," the potential approaches he could take to avoid nepotism
10:49 am
conflicts. if he does enlist family members for roles in the administration, what are the options especially when it cops to ivanka trump? >> well, there's a strong anti-nepotism law on the books that expressly mentions the president and his daughter. so there's a law that prohibits hiring of family members in the white house. it's a bipartisan consensus. myself and mying a counterparts you can't bring family members into the white house. the right thing for the president-elect to do, same party controls the white house and both houses of congress, go to congress, get an exemption from the law. the piece that i wrote this week in "the new york times" was a bipartisan piece with my republican counterpart from the bush administration. if the president-elect chooses not to do that, at a minimum what he ought to do is subject
10:50 am
ivanka to the full scope of laws, including financial conflict, ethics laws, financial disclosure. many of the things that he himself is not doing. eye vonkae full pan noply that is subjecte to every other person. and so if the president himself set acetone, and we will get an announcement as soon as this week what le do, and no hahe wi half measures is allowed, frances. and he needs to sell his stuff through an independent trustee, and the blind trust. i'm going the to t ting to focu country and certainly the same for the family members such as
10:51 am
ivanka and her husband jared. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, frances. and now, new promises from kim jong-un and what this means for the trump administration. g . you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar.
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a potentially alarming announcement from the north korean leader kim jong-un today. in a televised speech he said that the nuclear isolated country was close to launching a intercontinue n intercontinental ballistic missile. they had tested at unprecedented rate in 2016, but others have said it is years away from developing a missile with a warhead capable of reaching the united states. i want to bring in the editor at large for the "atlantic", steve. and thank you for being back with me. what are we talking about?
10:55 am
>> a missile with a range of more than 3500 miles, but before north korea has deployed and tested the intermediate missiles with the range of 1,800 miles, but the big issue of the icbms, intercontin intercontinental missiles are the ones that iran has been trying to develop its own set of intercontinental ballistic missiles as well, and north korea if thaw make this leerngs it changes the game in terms of the ability to reach the united states with missiles that could go up to 10,000 clom t about about 8,000 miles to hit california. >> and do you think that kim jong-un is pressured to see a all of the countries being tested and like he needs to be ahead of the game and bon it with his? >> since he has come into office, he has sped up development and testing of these missile ranges, and north korea has 1,000 missiles apparently in the arsenal, and all different ranges, and types, but he is
10:56 am
trying to make a strategic leap into something that i think that would obviously threaten the united states. the united states is his most often mentioned threat, and north korea to some degree creates the prospect of fear to extort resources from other countries in to the sort of positioning itself into the world's mind, if you will, as something not to be ignored. so u do think th-- so i do the think that it is potentially a game-changer to deploy the very bad weapons ostensibly against the united states. >> and looking at the time line, and looking at the threats in the past year, and how much of it is fact, and how much of it is muscle-flexing? >> well a loft -- a lot of it has been muscle-flexing, and you don't know when the behavior from north korea is well staged act, and where they misbehave and threaten and go after south korea or japan and shooting the
10:57 am
missiles over as a way to extort the misle ises and whether or not it is becoming more real, and president obama has told donald trump that this is a more serious issue than it has been taken in the past. >> another relationship we will be watching closely with the new administration. thank you, steve. i'm frap sis rivera and a happy new year and thank you for joining me. because some animals and plants are only found in one place in the world, and that's in some national parks. i find that's a great cause, and i want to support it. (avo) the subaru share the love event has donated over four million dollars to help the national parks. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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from nbc news in washington, this is "meet the press" with chuck todd. >> good first sunday morning of 2017. and a happy new year to everybody. on this special "meet the press" broadcast, we will look at the difficult and sometimes mutually beneficial but often contentious relationship between donald trump and the media. mr. trump of course has made no secret of his contempt for those of us who report the news and cover his campaign. along with promising to build a wall, press bashing was the surest route to an applause line. >> the media isn't just against me. they are against all of you. that's really what they're against. they're not against me. they're against what we


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