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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  January 2, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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now with what's happened before. again, it repeats itself but it does rhyme. we've got to put con tetext on of these stories. we failed last year, i think the whole media did. how many days until pitchers and catchers? what would you guess? >> about 26. >> i'm ready for baseball. >> well, no, no, about 56. >> 56, 26, it's all the same. you went to alabama, didn't you? >> i went through alabama. >> roll tide! >> you've got a granddaughter there, right? >> yes. >> well, tell her she's going to win the national championship in about a week. that does it for us this morning. thank you so much for watching on this bank holiday, where we're all asking, why we were here. but we're glad we were here, because you were here too. chris jansing picks up the coverage right now. chris! >> joe, thank you. happy new year, all. i'm chris jansing in for stephanie ruhle. breaking this morning, terror attack. isis claiming responsibility for that attack in turkey that
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killed 39. new arrests overnight. but the gunman is still at large. one american wounded telling his dramatic story to nbc. >> i was probably the luckiest person in the whole thing. i was with seven people. >> russians have now left the country as donald trump says he may reveal information only he knows about the hack. >> i also know things that other people do not know. so they cannot be sure of the situation. showdown, president obama back in washington today. new details on his final address with three weeks left to shore up his legacy, while team trump vows to reverse much of it. >> repeal a lot of the regulations and actions that have been taken by this administration over the last eight years. and mariah's meltdown. the disastrous performance everyone is talking about. >> i'm trying to be a good sport here. >> now the blame game.
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did the show's producer sabotage the singer? we begin, though, with breaking news from turkey. isis is claiming responsibility for the new year's day attack at a nightclub in istanbul. a massive manhunt is underway for the man seen in chilling surveillance video. and we learned just a short time ago that eight people have been detained, although not the gunman. so let's get the latest from istanbul and nbc chief foreign correspondent, richard engel. richard, good morning. let's start with reports that these eight people have just been detain eed in connection wh the attack. what do we know about them? >> all that we know is that urk theish authorities do not believe that the gunman is among them. we have seen recently that turkish police just put out via social media and released to news agencies here two very blurry images taken from news surveillance video. these are the third images that the -- the second and third images that police have released. difficult to make out who this attacker is. he's wearing a dark jacket, appears to be looking on a cell
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phone in one of the images. they did not release a name or any other details, only, effectively alerting people in this country to be on the lookout. there is a dragnet underway. there are extra checkpoints in this city. also extra checkpoints nationwide. the biggest concern is that now that isis has declared responsibility for this, and right from the beginning, turkish officials said that they suspected that it was an isis attack, the concern is that the militant could try to escape the country, cross the turkish border, and go into syria, at which point it would be much, much harder to find him. at the club today, reina, there are some police still on the scene. people who survived the attack were being brought into the club in groups to claim some of their valuables, their jackets, their cell phones, i.d. cards that they either dropped or left behind in their panicked escape from the nightclub. we spoke to one american who was
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injured, who was at a table, a bottle service table in a vip section of this very ritzy nightclub when he saw suddenly a gunman walked in. let's hear some of what he said. >> somebody said that, you know, there were shotted fi es fired. and i initially did not believe it, until i saw the gunman and he started shooting up the whole place. he was walking on a bench above my head where my head was underneath. when he shot me, i didn't move. i was shot in the hip and the bullet travel to do my knee and was lodged in my knee. i was probably the luckiest thing in the whole thing. i was with dying people. seven of us were shot. >> it's striking to hear him describe himself as lucky, as we spoke in his hospital room this morning, he told me how he went head first on to the bnench at the vip section where he was
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sitting. he was effectively trying to be as silent as possible as this gunman was standing above him, fired into him, hit him in the hip, the bullet traveled down and lodged in his knee, and he said he didn't want to make any noise, he didn't want to flinch, pretending that he would be dead, so the gunman would assume he had just shot a dead body and moved on. he survived this, as he said, other people who were with him, one of the people who was with him in that group did not survive. >> thank you so much, appreciate it. richard engel reporting from istanbul. some time in the next 72 hours, president-elect trump says he will reveal new information about charges that russia tried to meddle with our election. here's what he said on new year's eve. >> i also know things that other people don't know. and so, they cannot be sure of the situation. >> like, what do you know that other people don't know? >> you'll find out on tuesday or wednesday. >> all of this could complicate u.s./russian relations even further. over the weekend, trump's team questioned the wisdom of new
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u.s. punishments against moscow, while trump praised vladimir putin for not responding in kind. kristen welker is live at trump tower where he is today. good morning. any idea what trump's got up his sleeve? >> reporter: hey, chris, good morning to you. actually, we don't know. and when he was pressed on what specifically he knows that other people don't know, he didn't really give any details, except to say that he's going to reveal more in the next 72 hours. look, here are the key takeaways from what we heard from the president-elect over the weekend, chris. number one, he is again questioning u.s. intelligence. number two, he again pointed to their failures over weapons of mass destruction. and nothing upsets the intelligence community more than that argument. they make the point that they have made a number of improvements in the wake of those lapses, after 9/11. and so that is a real slap in the face to the u.s. intelligence community.
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in terms of what we can expect from the president-elect today, we expect that he will have meetings here, transition-related meetings throughout the week. and he's going to have an intelligence briefing. so we anticipate any announcements that he makes will come after that intelligence briefing, chris. >> so you spend so much time in washington. tell me what you think. i know you've been talking to members of congress. how is all of this going to go over when they go back into session tomorrow? >> chris, it's setting up a potential battle with congress. look, you have republicans and democrats saying that they believe the intelligence that points to russian hacking of the u.s. election and adam schiff, top democrat on the intelligence committee saying that he thinks there's bipartisan support for stiffer sanctions. if, in fact, mr. trump moves to reverse the actions that president obama has taken. and take a listen to what donald trump's fellow republicans had to say over the weekend. >> we believe that putin has hacked into our elections in
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america, that he's trying to undermine democracy all over the world, and it's time for new sanctions to hit him hard as an individual, his energy sector, his banking sector. >> vladimir putin, unless we stand up to him, will continue his aggregation. and we must stand up to vladimir putin. >> reporter: so this is a real break between the president-elect and members of his own party. and chris, it could be setting the stage for the first big battle of the new year. chris? >> kristen, thank you for that. and joining me now is california democratic congressman, eric swalwell, member of the house intelligence committee and a top democrat on the subcommittee of the cia. congressman, good morning. >> good morning, chris. >> so president-elect trump, as you heard, suggests he has new information and he's going to provide it to us either tomorrow or wednesday. any idea what he's talking about? >> chris, it's baffling. president-elect trump does not have any better information than president obama, who has given the president-elect the same
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access that president obama has. so unless president-elect trump has his own intelligence service, again, it looks like he's just winging it. so it is disturbing, though, that he has chosen to side with a murderous dictator over the patriots who serve our own intelligence service. >> it does seem like there is bipartisan support for stiffer sanctions, in fact, against vladimir putin. you've also been pushing for a commission that would investigate foreign hacking in the 2016 election to try to keep it from happening again, obviously. have you been able to get republicans onboard for that? >> i'm encouraged that so many republicans in the house and the senate want a congressional investigation. but i do think it needs to go a step further. and elijah cummings and i are calling for an independent investigation. and it's important to have outside bipartisan experts to look at this. because they'll be able to fully devote their time to looking at how we are so vulnerable, who is responsible to sign off once and for all, and i think the fact that the president-elect continues to undermine the findings of our intelligence
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community, that underscores why it's so important to have something that's outside of politics and puts country and, you know, the independence of experts first, and that, i think, will go a long way in putting this to bed, as far as who is responsible. >> but no republicans have signed on yet? >> not yet. i'm going back to washington tonight. i'll continue to work. and i believe there's an opportunity there and we'll be reintroducing our bill tomorrow. >> and i know there'll be a lot of conversation about what mr. trump had to say when he was again asked why he doesn't seem to believe that u.s. intelligence assessments that tide putin and russia to hacking. let me just play that one more time. >> i just want them to be sure. because it's a pretty serious charge. and i want them to be sure. and if you look at the weapons of mass destruction, that was a disaster. and they were wrong. and so i want them to be sure. i think it's unfair if they don't know. >> he said, i think it's unfair if they don't know. as a member of the subcommittee on the cia, i wonder, what's been the reaction inside the
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intelligence community to comments like that, if you can share? >> sure, chris, i think it's unfair that i don't think he knows. because, it's clear that he has taken fewer intelligence briefings than any incoming president. it's also unclear whether he has even been briefed on this. he said he's going to take the briefing, but has not convinced anyone that he has actually received the facts. and so, again, it seems that he's either just shooting from the hip or there's something else going on between the president-elect and the russian dictator. but i can tell you, talking to folks in the intelligence committee and in the community, there is concern that he continues to undermine their work. and that will only hurt our ability to fight terrorism as we go into this new administration. >> is that a word they've used with you, "undermine"? >> yes, it is a word that they have used, that he is undermining their work by publicly calling out whether they are doing their work in a political fashion. now, i can tell you, these people who serve our country,
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they hate politics. they want to play it down the middle, follow the evidence and do their job. and for him to accuse them without any evidence of doing their jobs in a political manner, it just, it's really aggravating and it's demoralizing. >> let me ask you quickly about the attack in turkey. we know isis is claiming responsibility. i wonder if you have any sense if this is something that is directed by isis, inspired by isis. what can you tell us, congressman? >> yeah, turkey is ending a deadly year and rolling into what seems to be another one. and looking at the statement that came out on twitter yesterday from isis, it appears that they sat back and waited to see if this individual was going to be caught or someone else would claim responsibility by calling him a soldier of the caliphate, which would suggest that this is an individual who is identifying himself with isis, but was not directed by isis or in coordination with them. but that investigation continues and i'll learn more tomorrow when we get back to washington. >> as we've been saying, congress gets back to work tomorrow and republicans are
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ready to go. they'll try to repeal obama's policies, a lot of them, pass their own, confirm the cabinet, focus on the supreme court. so what's the strategy on your side of the aisle? how do democrats go about picking their battles? >> sure, in the first hundred days, i believe we have to be in a protect posture. protect, protect, protect. that means protect the progress we've made on the affordable care act, for me, as a millennial, that means protecting so many young people who don't have employer coverage and rely on the affordable care act. also, protect medicare. so many young people, our parents, just like mine, are going on medicare. and paul ryan has said this is one of his top priorities, getting rid of medicare. so we have to protect, but at the same time we have to be agile and walk and chew gum. we have to have and shape an economic policy that lifts up all americans. wave got a lot of work ahead and i'm excited to get back there. >> congressman, great to see you. safe travels to d.c. thank you. up next, more on that deadly attack in istanbul. as isis claims responsibility,
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xfinity, the future of awesome. we're continuing to follow that breaking news from turkey, where the state-run news agency says police have detained eight people in connection with the attack at an istanbul nightclub. 39 people were killed, but the gunman remains at large. isis is claiming responsibility. i'm joined by msnbc terrorism
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analyst, malcolm nance. happy new year to you, malcolm. good morning. >> good morning. happy new year. >> so let's start with this claim of responsibility. the pr arm of isis put out a statement that says in part, loirk soldier of the caliphate who attacked the most famous nightclub where christians were celebrating their pagan feast, what's your sense of what happened here? >> well, very simply, isis is taking claim for this attack, and they're using some of the terminology that indicates the nature of the attack. using soldier of the caliphate, means that it was a person that was trained and directed and sent in by isis. when it's an inspired attack, they don't use that terminology. very interesting that they have arrested eight people. it appears there was some intelligence that an attack of this magnitude was going to take place and the reina nightclub
6:19 am
was the target of that attack. the turkish nightclub may be getting those people, but having trouble going after the gunman. >> we did hear from the turkish official -- from turkish officials who had said, almost immediately, that they believed that this was an isis attack. >> turkey probably believed it was an isis attack, because they may have had some advanced intelligence that an attack was going to occur. it's always difficult to interdict an attack when you don't have all the pieces. you could know where the weapons came from or went to, but the actual attacker himself and date and time of the attack may only be in the head of the terrorist himself. it's very difficult to do that. >> so there was some video we're getting -- i want to interrupt you for a second, because we're getting some of the first images we have seen, new stills in any case that turkish officials say, or turkish television says are from turkish police.
6:20 am
they say, this is the gunman. this is the man they're looking for, how helpful could this be? >> oh, it's incredibly helpful. they probably scoured all the surveillance video around the city, leading right up to that spot. and they probably may have even tracked them back into a known neighbhood or a knn safe house where isis operatives come from. what's fascinating about this attack, and not just in terms of the investigation, but its execution. this is an isis attack where they did not carry out a suicide bombing or stay until the death of an attacker. that's almost unheard of for isis. it's indicative that they're having a manpower problem, and that they may be ready to carry out more attacks, but can't afford to lose attackers. >> there was a quote in one of the newspaper stories today, that basically said, from somebo who was there, there's no life anymore in istanbul. i mean, it's been so much of a target and there's so much fear there and people felt that they
6:21 am
were safe there or insulated because of the mood there, because the people who went there. and i wonder, what is going on in turkey and what does the turkish government do about it? >> that's a broader question, because what's going on in turkey, which may have taken away some of that life is the environment that the government has put into place after the cou coup d'etat what happened earlier this year. they arrested hundreds of thousands of people who they thought were related to this coup or had ties the to the gulan organization that they believe is a strategic threat to erdogan's government. that has nothing to do with isis. and it appears every time a terrorist attack occurs, like at a turk airport or some of these
6:22 am
suicide bombings that happen around the country, the government uses those as reasons to further crack down on a population. so the place like a reina nightclub was a place where you could get out and be social, turks are very social, and go out and relieve yourself of some of this tension, and terrorism brings it right to one of the few places you can go to. it's hard. >> malcolm nance, always good to talk to you. thank you. >> it's my pleasure. president obama returns to washington today for the final three weeks of his administration. more on his meeting with congressional democrats this week, as he tries to cement his legacy and keep the affordable care act in tact. i really did save hundreds on my car insurance with geico. i should take a closer look at geico... geico has a long history of great savings
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welcome back. i'm chris jansing in for
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stephanie ruhle. time now for your morning primer, everything you need to know to start your day. we begin with new photos from the pushish police of the suspect in saturday night's terror attack in istanbul. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. north korea's leader says the country is close to testing an intercontinental ballistic missile. kim jong-un threatened to boost military capabilities unless the u.s. ends war games with rival south korea. he has conducted two nuclear tests in just the past year. the shooter convicted of killing nine people at a charleston, south carolina, church is back in church this hour. dylan roof says he plans to represent himself for the sentencing phase of the trial. his standby trial requested a competency hearing. that is underway right now. severe thunderstorms are threatening states acrs t state today, from texas to georgia, people could see damaging wind gusts, hail, even tornadoes. and playoff scenarios are set as the nfl's regular season comes to a close.
6:27 am
the dallas cowboys ended their season with a loss to the philadelphia eagles, but managed to hold on to their number one seed in the nfc. the new england patriots secured the number one spot in the afc with a win over the miami dolphins. president obama and the first family are on their way home right now from their holiday vacation in hawaii. he will return to his final 2 1/2 weeks in office and an effort to saveis legacy. and he'll be delivering a farewell address in his home city next wednesday in chicago. ron allen is live at the white house. we know only that the white house sent this e-mail, saying, here's the speech. what else do we know? >> well, we know it's going to be at the mccormack center in chicago, a hometown crowd for president obama. it's probably going to be a huge celebration and event and a huge outpouring of affection for the president, and a chance for him to perhaps for the last time talk directly to the american
6:28 am
people about what he thinks he's accomplished. we know he's a proud individual and a lot of what he's done is under direct threat from president-elect trump and the republican-controlled congress. we think he'll lay out how he thinks he's wrought the economy back from the brink of depression and recession, he'll talking about bringing the troops home from iraq and affection and capturing and killing osama bin laden and the obamacare act and how 20 million people have been given health care insurance for the first time if their lives. but the bottom line is all of this is so much under threat. during the next 18 days, the president will do everything he can trying to continue to seal his legacy with as he was before he went off to hawaii, when he issued those sanctions against russia. when secretary kerry made that strong statement against settlements and the mideast peace process. we expect more of that in the coming days, on issues like closing guantanamo issue. on issues like criminal justice reform. we may hear more come emutation
6:29 am
from the president and do evything he can to seal his legacy. >> and a critical part of that happens on wednesday he goes to capitol hill. what do we know about that? >> this is all about obamacare. we know the republican congress will be busy tomorrow. president obama will go up to the hill on wednesday to try to strategize about saving obamacare. the bottom line is they're going to try, i think, save what they can of it. this has been a huge target for the republicans. obamacare, repeal it, replace it. i think what the administration, what they're going to try to do is save what they can of it. issues and protections like having coverage for pre-existing conditions, like having no lifetime caps on health care coverage, like no discrimination clauss against women, like being able to keep your coverage until age 26 on your parent's -- those kinds of provisions of obamacare. but the bottom line is, there's a huge question as to what's going to happen to the 20 million people who now have coverage, who did not. much of that's subsidized. will the congressional
6:30 am
republicans try to cut that funding? what will happen to those people? the president-elect and congress have not given specific ideas about what they're going to do to replace obamacare. and replacement will take some time. there's going to be this limbo period. and in that period, in that void is where there's going to be a lot of fighting on the hill. and president obam former president obama will then step in to offer his ideas. but this is something that's going to divide the country and be a huge fight going forward when president trump takes office here in a few weeks. chris? >> ron allen at the white house for us. thank you, ron. up next, technological time warp, as evidence mounts about russia's role in hacking various government agencies, the president-elect suggests sensitive information should only be sent via courier. is his statement a clue about how the trump administration wionduct business in the age of modern technology. i wanted tm and where i came from. i did my ancestrydna and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american.
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new insight into how donald trump will govern when he takes over in 18 days. we know he has a complicated relationship with technology. some of his closest aides say they've never received an e-mail or text message from him. now, of course, he does lover twitter. here's what he said over the weekend. 33 >> you know, if you have something really important, write it out and have it delivered by courier the old-fashioned way. because i'll tell you what, no computer is safe. i don't care what they say, no computer is safe. >> i have a boy who's 10 years old. and he can do anything with a
6:35 am
computer. you want something to really go without detection. write it out and have it sent by courier. that's the way i feel. >> joining us now, christina and with me in new york, republican strategist and author of branding america, nicole nickpour. noelle -- sorry, she and i have known each other for only about ten years. i apologize for that. okay, you have a business with your name on it, as donald trump does. he can do what he wants, right? he doesn't have a computer in his office. if he does not want to e-mail people, he doesn't have to. there is also a difference. this is a government entity. the united states government employs like 3 million people. the trump organization has about 22,000 people on its payroll. what do you make of this, richard? is it ybe smart, given what we've seen and the amountf hacking that's going on, we're just going to go to old-fashioned couriers? >> you know, when donald trump said he was going to make
6:36 am
america great again, some people thought he was going back to the 1940s when women and non-whites didn't have the same rights they do today. it sounds like he wants took back to the 1840s. what he's going to do, to have some important me think go to california or ist by the pony express. he got those bandit problems that, you know, at least computers don't have. or what about sending a message to europe? is he going to go by steam ship, seriously? i don't know when the press will deal with him like a normal person and not normalize idiotic statements like this. it's a frightening ignorance about technology, which was exposed most radically this past year, when he famously asked an interviewer, if we have all of these nukes, why don't we use them? it's kind of frightening to think where this is going to end
6:37 am
up. >> noelle is laughing, by the way. noelle, do you completely disagree with him? >> here's one thing i've got to tell you. it's really funny how you can nd a tweet or say something to a reporter and it is news 24/7- you know, now we're talking about couriers and it's really funny. i think it was an off-the-cuff. i don't know, i'm not inside donald trump's head, but i think it was an off-the-cuff statement, because afterwards, as you'll know, he said, you know, my 10-year-old son's good with computers, he could probably get inside a computer or whatever. so i not really -- >> you think he doesn't mean it? >> i don't think he means, when he gets in the white house, everything he's going to be doing -- you know, everything is going to be by courier. but i will tell you, you know, he does have aertain point, you know, you cannot hack that. and he does, let's just say, go radical on us and he does have everything by courier, that's fine. but his aides are still going to use e-mail. >> but to richard's point.
6:38 am
his aides obviously are going to use e-mail, but to richard's point, is he going to do everything that's classified, write it out and what if it's going to a foreign leader? what if it's going to somebody in california? what if he's in new york, does he put nit a cit in a car with messenger and send it back to washington to the leadership? i mean -- >> i doubt it. i mean, physically, i don't see how you can do this with a country. i do not see how you can be a leader and do everything by courier. that's why i think it was just an off-the-cuff deal. and i'm sure he's having the last laugh, as now this is a headline -- >> but is that the problem, off-the-cuff deals? >> twitter is a problem. that's the main problem. that is the source of where donald trump has not given a press conference in a long time, so the press, all we have to go on right now is twitter and off-the-cuff comments. so now we're focusing news around that. i do not think he is going to do everything by courier. i think it's almost impossible. but i think he's probably
6:39 am
secretly laughing that we're all talking about it. >> let's talk about something else that a lot of americans are very concerned about, and that's the 20 million americans who have obamacare. richard, as you know, the new congress starts tomorrow. president obama will go to capitol hill. is he going to do anything to change the minds of americans, many of whom ran on repealing obamacare? >> it's fascinating, we've been hearing since the affordable care act was enacted in march of 2010 of these efforts to repeal and replace. and for anybody in the public policy arena to take seriously in 2017 the notion that now it's going to take a few years to come up with this replacement, we're just kidding ourselves. this is a big kind of game of kind of hide the pea or the potato. there is not going to be an effort -- look, i'm afraid that the 20 million people will have
6:40 am
their health care stripped from them. i think the theory among the president's opponents is these people don't vote, so to hell with them. if they don't have health care, they'll back to where they were before. but the suggestion that somehow or other they'll be able to keep pre-existing conditions and keep some other benefits that the public massively applauds and do away with the affordable care act, again, that's not thinking straight. that's giving the president's critics, you know, kind of credit for something that they, frankly, just don't deserve. >> noelle, is this a game that republicans are playing and 20 million people's health care is at stake here? >> no. and i'll tell you another thing. a lot of people who are on obamacare actually voted for the first time for donald trump. you know, voted for a republican. you've got to look at a lot of the coal miners and a lot of these coal miners in some of these states -- >> but they were voting on jobs, on obamacare, necessarily. >> right. but a lot of those recipients are the black lung recipients, where they have special obamacare provisionshat protect them with this black
6:41 am
lung disease. but for the first time, the repeal and replace of obamacare, for the first time, the head of hhs will be a doctor, tom price, who understands health care and health care policy, unlike kathleen sebelius. so we have a chance. and actually, tom price did write his version of how he would replace obamacare. so he does go a step further. and he did a revision in 2013 and another revision in 2015. if anyone wants to go look at tom price's revisions on how he would replace obamacare, he is going to be the head of hhs. and i think that would be a good idea to start -- >> can't you just say, we don't need to repeal it, what w need to do is what even the president himself has acknowledged, which is, noelle, that there are some fixes that need to be made. and they can do that. theyon need to talk about repeal. is that just pandering to those people? >> yes. well, i mean, yes and no.
6:42 am
the thing of this, we do need health insurance reform. i don't really think that we need health care -- we have some of the best health care in the world. we -- but we need health insurance reform. and i think some of these provisions you're going to look at are going to be mainly replacing how we deal with the insurance part of it. >> noelle, thanks. richard, thanks to you too. russian diplomats are being sent back home this morning, they were expelled as part of a new sanctions deal with russia. and the president-elect complimenting the russian president for not retaliating after the u.s. imposed those sanctions. reaction from a former deputy of state next. and did emotions get mariah carey all choked up saturday night? what was behind the diva's disastrous performance new year's eve? a little later. american express open cards can help you take on a new job,
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just hours ago, the 35 russian diplomats expelled by thobama administration arrived in russia. the expulsions were a rest of sanctions. russian president vladimir putin in a surprise move said russia would not retaliate and that brought this twitter response from president-elect trump. "great move on delay by v. putin. i always knew he was very smart." let's bring in joel ruben, president of the washington strategy group, also a former deputy assistant secretary of state under president obama. good morning, joel. >> good morning, chris.
6:47 am
>> so let me get your reaction. what do you think about the president-elect's praise of vladimir putin? >>, well, i served in national security positions in the last three administrations as a career official, as well as an appointee, and i have to say, our election should not be toyed with and it should be very clear, coming from president-elect trump that he doesn't stand for it either. and my fear is that these tweets have now boxed in president-elect trump. he book the bait, in essence, and now, vladimir putin is holding more cards over him. if trump decides to keep the sanctions that are ongoing, putin can blame him for starting off badly. if trump decides to pull back these sanctions, then he'll face a torrent of criticism here at home, and this justifies why he shouldn't be supporting penalties against russia. >> as you know, the president-elect and his advisers continue to question the obama administration's response against russia. the incoming press secretary, sean spicer, compared this incident to hack attacks from
6:48 am
china, back in 2015. let me play what he said. >> the chinese stole millions of personal documents, classified -- information on individuals who have and are serving in our government. and yet there was not a single statement from the white house then. so in this case, you have 35 people being expelled, 12 degrees of sanctions being imposed, two sites being happened. is this a political response or a diplomatic response? >> does he have a point? >> well, as someone who's suffered from that hack as well, i served in the government at the time that occurred. it is not as if that went silently in the night. but that is not part of this discussion. the discussion now is russia hacking into our elections. this is the core of our national security. if we think the select our national leaders with confidence, that undermines our security and undermines our decision making, and there's bipartisan believe on capitol hill that russia did this. so, they're not the same situations. it's not as if the obama
6:49 am
administration just let it go with china, either. but certainly, in this case, to not hav the president-elect clearly understanding what he is saying, regarding the intelligence, to argue about having different ideas, he's really out there on his own right now. it's not even clear if vice president-elect spence in support of that position. >> i'm curious what you think of his idea that we have nothing really that's safe from hacking. that our computers cannot be fail-safe. and so, he may write things out and send them by courier. given the fact that so many experts, indeed, say, it's nearly impossible to protect everything from everyone, is it maybe time to look at gold old-fashioned? you know how government works. you know how the process is. what do you think of that? >> if i had a courier for my own personal correspondence as well as for all my work e-mail, it would be a wonderful luxury. but most of america, most of the world doesn't have that luxury and it doesn't move at the right speed. but, it's true, at some level,
6:50 am
computers are all vulnerable. we audience that. but it's a question of managing risk we're all vulnerable of walking down the street of possibly getting hit by a car or someone wi a gun taking a shot. there are dangeshot. there are dangers inherent. to make a blanket statement that computers are insecure, now we're going to go back to some period that i don't even know if it fully existed in this way. it's an attempt to undermean what did occur. >> good to see you. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> new information released to the "palm beach daily news" of president-elect trump listing priorities of his administration. >> regulations are coming. we're going to get rid of obama
6:51 am
care because -- [ cheers ] >> we're going to have strong borders so that when people come into the country. >> you heard that big cheer for getting rid of obama care. we're going to have a lot more on that video that we just got in here coming up in our next hour. we'll be right back. zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance but the best place to start is in the forest.
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so this fierce back-and-forth blame game this morning after mariah carey's
6:55 am
incident last night. everything was fine and then took a bad turn after the star stopped lip syncing. then she began pacing the stage, saying she never had a mic check before inviting the audience to finish the lyrics for her. >> we'll just say we didn't have a check for this song so we'll just say you know the word and that was followed by "we belong together" th carey telling the crowd to sing to the album track. after that she left the stage and was visibly unhappy. >> it's not going to get any better. so then she later tweeted
6:56 am
"expletive happens." a rep is claiming sabotage, saying they set her up to fail. but dick clark productions say the company had no involvement in the challenges to the failure. i know you have the answers. >> it's a he said/she said that's going to go on for a while. we do know this is hugely embarrassing for her. i think we should all feel bad. leave mariah alone. it's a celebrity version of naked and afraid. >> twitter went crazy obviously. as you point out, not a lot of it was very complimentary but dick clark productions isn't happy saying to suggest that dcp
6:57 am
would do athing i frankly absurd." on the other hand, others are suggesting it was a publicity stunt because she has a new production coming up. >> i think her ear piece didn't work. live tv is a horrible, scary thing. we're both know we're doing that. anything can go wrong at any moment and we seem to have forgotten that in our age of everythieing perfect. >> a lot of people are questioning why she even tried to sing a song that has those high, high, high notes, which she can't hit anymore. that's not a knock on her. you and i were talking at the break. it's like an athlete. you lose certain abilities as you age, one of them is to hit those high, high, high notes. >> yeah. and she still sounds great. she sings her lower register very well. those whistle notes she can't
6:58 am
hit anymore. and michael jordan can't dunk anymore and we're not hitting her for that. to cut her slack would be nice. >>humiliated, do you think this might be a case of all publicity is good publicity? >> she had that other disastrous performance at christmas a few years ago. she's a diva, she'll move past this, too. >> succinctly put. thank you so much. 2017, it's got to get better for her her, right? >> i hope so. >> i'm chris jansing in for stephanie. thank you. >> good morning, everybody. we have breaking news out of turkey. isis taking responsibility for a new year's night club massacre in istanbul.
6:59 am
over the last hour turkish police releasing these new pictures of the suspect still on the loose. >> these crazy people came and shooting everything. >> at least 39 people have been killed, dozens more hurt. and this morning new arrests with rising fear of another attack. plus donald trump's agenda. new video now out showing the president-elect doubling down on repealing obama care and building a wall. listen. >> taxes are coming down, regulations are going off. we're going toet rid of obama care. >> trump's n year's eve message comes as he hints he's got intel about russia's alleged hacking that other people don't have. plus, white house countdown. with just 18 days left in office, president obama is getting back from his hawaiian vacation in just over hours from now. new details on now how he plans
7:00 am
to say good-bye but defend that health care law that president-elect trump was talking about. let's go live to istanbul. kelly, let's start with the news that eight people have been held. what can you tell us and what can you tell bus that new photograph, the enough pictures from police here of the suspect? >> reporter: well, let's start with those arrests. this is a report out of turkish media, not confirmed by nbc news. apeople have been detained, being questioned at this point. the gunman is not among them. they've put out these two photos, very grainy, difficult to make out these two photos of a man they say is the attacker. they've been releasing these two photos to members of the tur


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