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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 3, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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to do now. so, big night tomorrow night. chuck schumer and we think bernie sanders. we'll see you then. that does it for us tonight. see you again tomorrow.
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good morning, everybody. police have confirmed to nbc news that this selfie video shows the unnamed suspect walking around a book fair in the city apparently just days before the attack. and the american who survived the shooting is speaking out about the entire ordeal. richard engel reports from istanbul. >> reporter: a hunt is on for this man. turkish media broadst this selfie video he reportedly took days before he ran into a nightclub and unloaded into the crowds on new year's eve. 27 of the 39 people killed were foreign tourists from israel to lebanon, india and beyond. among the dozens injured was
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american jake raak. he told us thousands just welcomed in the new year when the gunman burst in. raak is recovering from a gunshot. >> i find myself very fortunate. i was with dying people, seven of us were shot. >> reporter: hiding under a bench pretending to be dead, raak suffered through the pain fearing any sound or move would betray him to the gunman. >> he was walking on a bench above my head where my head was underneath. when he shot me, i didn't move. i just let him shoot me. >> reporter: isis said the attacker was a soldier of the brave caliphate. the gunman was firing at victims inside the club for seven to ten minutes reloading multiple times and still managing to escape, even though there's a police station just up the street. isis appears set to be on the offensive in 2017. isis said it killed dozens in a
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bombing in baghdad. just last month, the deadly truck attack in berlin and now in istanbul. >> richard engel reporting there. 44 people are dead and more than 100 people in isis explosions in baghdad and iraq. five car bombs and five ieds hit various locations in the city, this comes after 30 people were killed in ten other bombings on saturday. in a few hours the 115th congress will be sworn in and ready for worse. after facing harsh odds, republicans defended their majority this election season with 241 republicans i the house and 94 democrats. there are 52 new members including 27 incoming republicans and 25 democrats. republicans have a much slimmer majority in the upper chamber, 52 republican senators to 48 in the democratic caucus with
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incoming vice president mike pence to break ties. joe biden will administer the oath to new officers, a tradition he has enjoyed. a majority of the incoming members of the u.s. senate are women, the total number reaches an all-time high of 21, 16 democrats and 5 republicans. the only new face in leadership is senate minority leader chuck schumer who wants to work with the president-elect. and some of schumer's congress would be working with the democratic caucus as ten are from states that trump won. meanwhile,he new york post says trump told schumer he likes him more than candidates because
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several others wanted him to lose. according to "the washington post," the company told them that this vermont utility company apparenis not a target of russian hacking. the report says the officials are continuing to investigate. meanwhile, kellyann conway is explaining his recen statement on russia's aims in the election saying he learned at meetings with intelligence officials they cannot be sure adding he knows things that other people don't know. >> is he referring to things he's learned in briefings? or things he just knows prior to even becoming president-elect? >> well, every president of the united states in this case, imminent president of the united states donald trump, aught to know many things that the rest of us do not know.
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and that is to what he's referring. >> will he actually announce what the information is tuesday or wednesday as he said he would? after being briefed? >> he didn't necessarily say he would announce it, what he's saying is that we'll find out, he'll find out, i think it is very contingent on what intelligence officials reveal in their briefing, anderson. everybody should be happy that the president-elect is open to receiving that briefing. >> well, president-elect donald trump is set to announce this morning his choice for lead negotiator on international trade deals. the senior transition official says trump will nominate robert lighthizer to become u.s. trade representative. lighthizer served as a deputy during the reagan administration and spent decades as a litigator on trade issues for large corporations. the appointment leaves three major cabinet positions remaining, secretary of veterans affairs, secretary of agriculture and the director of
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national intelligence. according to politico, sonny perdue is the leading candidate for ag secretary. and the field for veteran affairs secretary has narrowed down to two. we are told that luis has removed his name from the list. scott brown and pete hegseth are in the running still. and new video filmed by a guest and obtained by cnn shows trump speaking to the new year's party at his mar la-a-lago reso
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in florida. last night senior trump adviser kellyann conway rejected the claim that trump's private business is interfering with public office. >> i mind to be so ridiculous and specious. this man is allowed to have a new year's eve celebration with his business partners and acquaintances. the idea he's giving a speech recognizing his friend and beautiful wife and people are going to twist it around to be a business favor, we've got to get ahold of ourselves here. i think donald trump said it best when he said that, you know, if it were up to some people, he would never talk to his children again. it's not going to happen. one can disentangle his business interest. he's 100% committed to the president of the united states and yet still have a
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relationship with his children. >> just following up -- >> last month president-elect trump canceled a press conference to address how he would sever business ties. and now a new date is apparently set. >> i believe it was rescheduled for january 11th originally. and if the lawyers and compliance officers feel we're ready, we'll stick to that date. it is really up to them. >> tanuary 11th news conference date would have the president-elect speaki tohe media just after president obama's january 10th farewell address. well, president obama is set to head to capitol hill tomorrow to preserve one of the key pieces of his presidential legacy, obamacare. but he won't be the only visitor talking about the law. vice president-elect mike pence will meet with the full house republican conference tomorrow to discuss how to repeal the law. the republican lawmakers have vowed to make overturning obamacare one of the top priorities as the new congress
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begins today. but democrats have argued puicans should not repeal it and risk the health care of millions of americans until they have offered up a replacement plan. the republicans face hurdles in their bid to overturn the law beyond democratic opposition. senate procedural rules allow the gop to impart subsidies on the exchanges, but it would leave core pieces of obamacare in place including the illegal mandate. and president-elect trump has vowed to preserve other key parts of the law such as a ban on insurers denying coverage because of pre-existing conditions. and four-hour outage for u.s. customs and border created massive lines at airports across the country. technology disruptions began at 5:00 p.m. and were revolved around 9:00 p.m. at miami, boston, atlanta and more, travelers took to social media to share photos of the long lines. one person at miami international airport told local nbc affiliates that two people
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passed out while waiting. >> there were babies cries, littleriids were running around, older peop in wheelchairs were trying to get through and nobody was budging. the moment i knew this was a big panic, it got to like the top level, was when somebody passed out. and my dad is a doctor, so he ran to try to help them. >> can you imagine waiting that long and you pass out? officials say there's no indication the outage was malicious in nature. and president-elect trump is speaking out about north korean leader kim jong un's claim that his country is in the final stage for a test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile. in a tweet he said, north korea just stated that it is in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching the u.s. it won't happen. trump followed it up a short time later saying china did not help out on the crackdown of
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nuclear weapons. and officials say several victims were beheaded or dismembered me brazil. it started as a fight between large drug gangs. the prison holds more than 1200 inmates yet was built to hold less than half that. meanwhile, four inmates were killed at a different prison. investigators are trying to determine if there's a connection between the two incidents. still ahead, a major jewelry heist on new year's eve caught on camera. now police are looking for a trio of burglars. plus, we're taking a look at the damage caused by severe weather hitting several stes across the south. we'll bring in meteorologist bill karins for a check on the weather when we come right back.
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welcome back, everybody. a federal judge ruled that dylann roof can serve as his own attorney during the murder trial. this is the second time the judge said he's mentally competent to stand trial. the original phase was supposed to be held today but has been moved to wednesday. he was found guilty for 31 counts at the charleston ame church. and police are searching for three men who stole millions of dollars of gems from a jewelry store saturday night. as many focused on the new year's eve celebration in times square, the men stole $6 million in diamond rings, necklaces and bracelets from two safes located on the sixth floor. the suspects had been waiting inside the building since 10:00 p.m. and originally entered through a freight entrance. five deaths are blamed on severe weather across the south. four people were killed when a
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tornado touched down in southeast alabama. according to one newspaper, the individuals were killed when a tree crashed through a mobile home. a 70-year-old man in florida also died after drowning in the water off the florida panhandle. storm damage was reported in mississippi and louisiana. according to the national weather service, the storm system is expected to hang around until early wednesday over georgia and florida. let's get the latest on this, i want to bring in meteorologist bill karens. this is not the way to start out the new year. it is what we were afraid yesterday. we had 12 tornado reports. we started yesterday morning with storms over east texas and right through louisiana. all the blue dots here are wind damage reports. all the yellow dots are the tornado reports. we had a couple here in rehoboth and numerous along the border of florida, georgia and portions of alabama. where are we at now? the severe weather threat is over with but heavy rains are moving up the coast. there are thunderstorms in north
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florida. near the gainesville area and jacksonville, they are getting storms that are not severe, but there's lightning with those. and just a steady rain now pushing through ohio, west virginia and through the carolinas. if we get any isolated severe storms today, it would be out there for the outer banks near the virginia beach and norfolk area. nothing widespread. here's the timing of it at 8:00 a.m. steady rains over the top of washington, d.c. that will mean travel delays there. by the time we get to about the noon hour, the heavy rains arrive near new york city and philadelphia. 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. for you. boston, around 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. for you. and across new york state, there's not a lot of cold air in place. this is green, all rain. the snow in the mix is confined to canada, in the mountains of new hampshire and also northern portions of maine. you'll get a good deal of snow and ice mixed in areas of maine, especially away from the coast. that's the pretty rural section there where they like the snow and ice. the storm exits by mid-afternoon wednesday. and then we're done with this. then it will just get cooler.
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as far as travel delays, there's a lot of gray and a lot of low ceiling, almost like fog and drizzle out there ahead of the steady rains. so we are going to see airport delays continuing throughout the day. and then when it pours, it will get worse this afternoon. so i-95 corridor, only a half inch to an inch of rain. but it will be this time of the year for rain to cause travel delays, especially at the airport. then the next thing to track will be the cold throughout the middle part of the country coming down from the dakotas to spread tomorrow into areas of the great lakes. notice minneapolis, a high of 3. so that is the cold air that will move through the great lakes on wednesday. thursday and friday that spreads into the northeast. this is typical midwinter cold. no records set here. then all the attention is to the west coast. betty, we are still expecting the possibility of 10 to 20 feet of snow in the sierra mountains going throughout the next seven days. that's the highest elevations. and this will put an end to the drought in central california and northern california. it's a drought that has gone on for three to four years now.
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a good 10 to 20-foot snowstorm is exactly what they needed. >> i'm sure they don't want the storm but will take it. >> it's mostly unpopulated areas and ski resorts. bring it on. okay. still ahead, the college bowl continues with the granddaddy of them all. plus a shake-up on the alabama sideline one week before the national championship. we have it all covered next in sports. hey, searching for a great used car? yeah! you got it. just say show me millions of used cars for sale at the all new i don't want one that's had a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported pretty cool i like it that's the power of carfax® find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing start your used car search at
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welcome back. time for sports as the college football season rolls on. to new orleans, no. 14 auburn andeventh ranked oklahoma in the sugar bowl. white led the tigers to a touchdown in the first series, but the quarterback left last night's game many the second quarter with a broken right forearm. the sooners piled it on after that. heisman trophy finalist mayfield and danny westbrook tied up for a touchdown. heisman trophy winner billy sims became oklahoma's all-time rushing leader. the final score was 35-19, sooners. in pasadena, this game took 1/2 hours. the granddaddy of them all, no. 9 usc and penn state in the rose bowl. th lived up to be a
2:24 am
back-and-forth battle that totaled 101 points. the highest score in rose bowl history. penn state returned from the 21-7 deficit in the second quarter building a14-point lead in the third. the trojans stormed back tying the game with 1:30 left in the fourth quarter. the nittany lions take over with a game-winning drive with 38 seconds left on the clock. oh, no, that is not what you want when going for the game-winning drive. that picked off and returned 32 yards the other way. so this is it, usc kicker matt moore missed earlier. that one is good. 46-yarder as time expires. he waited 4 1/2 hours for a good ending, 52-49. the trojan qb had five passing touchdowns in the game, the most in rose bowl history as usc earns the title for the 25th time. well, meanwhile, some change in tuscaloosa as the crimson tide prepare to defend their national title against clemson
2:25 am
in the championship next week. alabama heads into the game without lane kiffin to focus on head coaching duties in atlanta. steve sarkisian will take over for the championship game. and other sports continue in the new year, nba's last night's action last night in chicago, jimmy butler with a second career 50-point outing dropping 52 on a way to a 118-108 win over the hornets. that matched the nba's single game record. and finally to busch stadium for the winter classic match-up between the blackhawks and the blues. the fifth time since 2009 that the blackhawks played a game while exposed to the elements. but all the outdoor experience doesn't help the hawks. a pair of goals for st. louis as
2:26 am
the blues made their home fans very happy beating the blackhawks 4-1. >> i am still trying to get over the rose bowl game. >> i watched for like two hours and didn't see half the ga. >> it was so fantastic. even down to the end. thank you, bill. still ahead, we're learning new details about president obama's final speech before he leaves office. plus, we continue to follow the latest on the manhunt for the istanbul shooting suspect. we'll have a live report coming up next. it's just a date. i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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welcome back, everybody, on this tuesday. i'm betty nguyen. let's start with the morning's top stories. authorities in turkey are still searching for this man identified as the gunman in last weekend's terror attack on a nightclub in istanbul. at least 39 people died in that shooting and police have confirmed to nbc news that this selfie video shows the unnamed suspect walking around a book fair in the city ape parentally just days before the attack. joining us now live from istanbul, nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engle. what is the latest on this manhunt? >> reporter: well, the latest is that police have identified him by name, identified him as a 28-year-old from kyrgyzstan. he's been described by police forces to us as an isis militant
2:31 am
who trained in syria who last entered turkey in november. we have quite a bit of video of him now, that selfie video you just aired. also cctv camera footage of him getting into and out of a the accident see, just after the attack. but the main question is, where is he now? a manhunt is still continuing now that police have released his name, that they have been putting out the pictures. there is hope in this country that someone will identify him and alert authorities. isis has claimed responsibility, says that the person who carried out the attack was one of its, quote, soldiers of the caliphate. so far, turkish police have arrested 12 people but don't have the main suspect, the gunman, in custody. >> that hunt is still ongoing, but you did report there is a police station right across from the nightclub. is there any indication that the gunman had help inside the club or perhaps co-conspirators
2:32 am
working in the police? >> reporter: well, that's a main point of the investigation. that's why they have detained and are still holding 12 people to see if there was a larger network in play if he was, in fact, as isis said, an isis militant. isis had a network. isis has roots in this country. as we have seen with isis attacks in europe, particularly in paris and brussels, they were large networks to support an attack of this kind of scale. so this is probably an investigation that will take several more days if not weeks. we also spoke to a witness in the club who was there and obviously he's not a forensic investigator and was under extreme duress at the time. but he believes that the gunman, as he was moving through the club shooting people, had help inside the club, that he was communicating with others inside. but that is just his
2:33 am
perspective. he can't be sure. but isis certainly is a network and has a network of operatives in this country. >> indeed. richard engel, thank you so much for bringing us up-to-date on that. meanwhile, isis is also claiming responsibility for a series of 20 bombings in baghdad, iraq, over the past several days. at least 44 people are dead and over 100 more wounded after five car bombs and five ieds exploded in various parts of the city yesterday. now this comes after at least 30 people died in separate attacks on saturday that included two suicide attacks on a market in the center of the city. back at home in just a few hours the 115th congress will be sworn in and ready for work. after facing harsh odds, republicans defended the maj majorities in congress this election cycle. a 47-vote advantage in the house with 241 republicans to 194 democrats. there are 52 new members including 27 republicans and 24
2:34 am
democrats. and a slimmer margin in the senate with 52 republicans and 48 in the democratic claucus. and house democrats decided to put an end to the oversilent. last night they put the office of congressional ethics, a watchdog created by the democrats, under the jurisdiction of the house ethics committee. now that move forces pitts investigators to watch the members they are monitori. the members who spoke out in favor of the decision said it would restore accountability and due process for members accused of wrongdoing. the new rules prohibit the caucus from considering anonymous allegations and say the investigation must stop if members of the ethics committee order it to, prohibits investigative activity before 2011 and cannot share information with law enforcement without the committee's approval. democrats in the upper chamber
2:35 am
responded. senator elizabeth warren saying, tell us, gop, who exactly thinks that the problem with washington is that we have too many rules requiring the gov to act ethically? and chuck schumer says, house gop votes to turn independent ethics office into an unread complaint box. why won't gop keep their party promise to drain the swamp? and a new year's eve toast has many questions the business ties of president-elect donald trump. new video filmed by a guest and obtained by cnn shows trump speaking to the party and singling out billionaire hussein sajwani. he is at work building a second golf course expected to open next year. last night kellyann conway rejected any possibility that this is interfering with donald trump's public office. >> i find that to be so
2:36 am
completely ridiculous and specious. this man is allowed to have a new year's eve celebration with his business friends and acquaintances. the idea he's giving a speech recognizing a friend and his beautiful wife and people are going to twist that around to somehow it's a business favo we have to get ahold of ourselves here. i think dond trump said it best when he said that, you know, if it were up to some people, he would never talk to his children again. that's not going to happen. some can disentangle their business interest from the fact he's 100% committed to his job as president of the united states and still have a relationship with his children. >> and just following up -- >> last night president-elect trump canceled a press conference to address how he would sever his business ties and now a new date is set. >> i believe it was rescheduled for january 11th originally, and if the lawyers and compliance officers feel we're ready, we'll stick to that date.
2:37 am
it is really up to them. >> that january 11th news conference date would have the president-elect speaking to the media just after president obama's january 10th farewell address. and the president will continue a tradition that stretches all the way back to george washington in 1796 when he gives the farewell address. from chicago next week, president obama announced his final speech before he leaves office. it will be on tuesday, january 10th, at the mccormick place, the same venue of the 2012 election night celebration. obama said in an e-mail to supporters he's just starting to write his remarking but quote, i'm thinking about them as a chance to say thank you for this amazing journey to celebrate the ways you have changed this country for the better these past eight years. and offer some thoughts on where we all go from here. now, many speculate the president will use the speech in part to make one last public appeal to preserve the signature achievements of his presidency like the affordable care act. >>and as donald trump prepares to take office, a new gallop poll finds amerins are less
2:38 am
confident in him than his predecessors. according to the numbers, less than half of americans are confident in trump's ability to use military force wisely. handle an international crisis or prevent a major scandal in his administration. the poll finds that at least 7 in 10 americans were confident in barack obama, george w. bush and bill clinton in these areas before they took office. americans expressed more competence in trump to work effectively with congress to handle the economy effectively, to defend u.s. interests abroad as president and to manage the executive branch effectively. well, with just 17 days until the inauguration, president-elect donald trump is facing fire from both sides of the aisle over russia's alleged interference in the election. kristin welker has those details. >> reporter: new fallout after the cryptic news statement by president-elect donald trump that he might have more information to reveal about the hacking allegations against russia. >> i also know things that other people don't know. and so they cannot be sure of
2:39 am
the situation. and i want them to be sure. >> reporter: the president-elect's team pressed for details about what mr. trump knows and whether he'll make it public for his midweek meeting with intelligence officials. >> what does he know, sean? >> you know, we'll wait until tuesday or wednesday. what we're really trying to figure out is how certain are they of the intelligence, number one, and number two, how proportional is the response to what happened? >> reporter: on sunday a plane carrying 35 expelled russian diplomats left the united states, part of president obama's retaliation against russia after he says the country hacked the e-mails of some top democrats. all of it setting up a potential showdown to be mr. trump who has cast doubt on russia's involvement and congress, including some members of the republican party. >> it is clear that russia has attacked the united states of america. all of our intelligence agencies will affirm that that is the case. >> reporter: president-elect trump wishes the russia issue would go away, but republican hogs on capitol hill like senator john mccain, they are
2:40 am
going to make sure it doesn't. >> reporter: the president-elect is also drawing battle lines in other areas making his intentions clear at a new year's eve party at his florida resort over the weekend. >> we're going to see regulations coming off, we are going to get rid of obamacare -- >> that was kristin welker reporting. all right. we'll turn now to business, overseas markets are getting a boost this morning as traders here in the u.s. are set to return for the first day of the new year following the holiday weekend. cnbc's nancy hungerford is joining us live from london. in addition to stocks, oil is on the rise. >> that's right. oil prices are climbing more than 1% in the first trade of the new year. this as the opec cuts officially took hold on sunday. elsewhere, we're seeing strength in global equities as well. right here in europe we're talking about the highest levels of more than a year. u.k. stocks continue to touch
2:41 am
fresh highs. and the futures point to a strong open for the dow industrial average, right now pointing to an open of 140 points to bring the blue chip index closer to the 20,000 market that investigators were disappointed they did not hit in time for christmas. but look for that to take hold today. elsewhere, investors are keeping an eye on tesla as elan musk tweeted updates to the autopilot software on newer tesla vehicles will start to kick in for a thousand vehicles. these are the newer models that had different software because the idea is the software they hold will eventually allow them to be fully autonomous self-driving cars. for now the updates include features such as traffic aware, cruise control and foreign collision warning. although we have not heard officially when the company will reveal what the features entail. and many americans were heading to the box office, not just ove the christmas period, but throughout the year because it was a record year for box
2:42 am
office figures. we're talking some $11.37 billion taken in for the north american box office. those are figures coming from comscore to show the improvement from $11.37 billion last year. and it was a stellar year for disney claiming four of the top five films including "finding dory" with $486 million. and number with, "rogue one a star wars story." and this one is expected to continue to take in revenue since it was just released in december. >> "star wars" seems no stopping to it. still ahead, bruce springsteen performed at a concert for hillary clinton just before the ex-will. and now the rocker is weighing in on donald trump's win. we'll have more on that story next.
2:43 am
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has swept across the south knocking out power and causing damage in several states. five deaths are being blamed on the storms. four in alabama and one in florida. storm damage has been reported in mississippi and louisiana. and nbc's jacob rascon has more. >> reporter: a messy start to the year across the country. the south pummeled by severe thunderstorms. a tornado touching down in mississippi. flash flood warnings in jackson, alabama. damage in marksville, louisiana. and a direct hit in houston, texas. kevin masterson says lightning caused a fire in his house while he was still inside. >> you would tell it was bad very quickly and we had to get out. further north across the great plains, another severe system dumping snow and ice. crews having trouble keeping up with the slick roads. typical weather this time of the year for the dakotas and minnesota, but in the pacific northwest, seattle saw its first subsntial ow on new year's
2:47 am
in five decades. from the west to the deep south, the not-so-warm welcome to 2017. >> ain't that the truth? that was jacob rascon reporting. bill karins, have you seen an improvement on the horizon? >> there's a lot of to people dealing with travel delays. today is the first full day back to school and work for everyone. there's a lot of fog issues and a lot of rain. and the south is still recovering from the severe weather. all the severe storms are over with, 135 reports of damage from winds and even tornadoes. we had 12 tornado reports. as far as the mississippi area went, we did get significant wind damage in mississippi. we didn't see a ton of horrible tornadoes. we didn't have any fatalities there, but you can see what the damage did. some of the barn structures, they just got destroyed and shredded. and they are going to be doing a lot of this during the day today all through the deep south. as far as the rain goes, it's just about over with. there's one little line now
2:48 am
around pensacola and there's steadier rains near raleigh. richmond is getting soaked and d.c., grab the umbrella. a good, steady rain for you all morning long. we'll time this out for you. next up after d.c. this morning at 8:00 a.m., it will be philadelphia. it looks like the rain is moving in around 10:00 a.m. or so. new york city, right around the lunch hour for the steadier rains. hartford and boston, probably late afternoon and a soaking rain during the evening commute. obviously, travel delays with that. the other big story after we get rid of the storm in the east is going to be out in california. we're already getting the snow in the high elevations of the central sierra. rain around san francisco. but the moisture stream will stay with us through the upcoming weekend to lead to epic snow totals in the mountains. and we'll also deal with flooding problems at the lower elevations, too. we are expecting the possibility over the next seven days, rainfall amounts in excess of 15 to 25 inches in the mountains. this is just through thursday when you notice the 7 inches of rain, if you do a ratio of 10 to
2:49 am
1 or 12 to 1, 1 inch of rain equa equals or 1 inch of snow equals 12 inches of rain. >> they need it, though. >> the drought in california could be over in the next week. we have been talking about this for five years. >> thank you so much. bruce springsteen spent time campaigning for hillary clinton before the 2016 election. and in an interview for the wtf podcast with mark maron, he spoke about why donald trump worries him. >> are you scared now? >> yeah, yeah, of course. how could you not be? >> right, have you felt this fear before? >> no. i've felt disgust before, but never the kind of fear that you feel now. >> right. >> and it's as simple as the
2:50 am
fear of, is someone simply competent enough to do this particular job? >> right. >> forget about where they are ideologically, do they simply have the pure competence to be put in a position as such, you know, of responsibility. >> and what is your biggest fear of it as we enter it? >> i suppose that a lot of the worst things, and the worst aspects of what he appealed to comes to fruition. you know? when you let that genie out of the bottle, bigotry, racism, when you let those things out of the bottle -- >> intolerance. >> yeah, intolerance. they don't go back in the bottle that easily. if they go back in at all. whether it's a rise in hate crimes, people feeling they have
2:51 am
license to speak and behave in ways that previously were considered un-american and are un-american. that's what he's appealing to. still ahead, two very different rescues, one involving a fiery crash in california. and the other involving 2-year-old twin boys. we have the must-see video coming up next. m raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered leg questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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welcome back. the new year means new laws in
2:54 am
effect. and in france, a new law is making it illegal for bosses to allow employees t respond after clocking out for the door. keir simmons explains. >> reporter: france has long been the land of love, leisurely lunches and napping. >> we are not living to work. >> reporter: adding the right disconnect to host of friendly licies. >> what we want to change is the habits. the professional habits to send e-mails outside normal working hours. >> reporter: in the film "the devil wears prada" ann hathaway's fashionista ends torment by throwing her phone into the nearest fountain.
2:55 am
some soon to follow suit. >> i hope it's part of a bigger trend. >> reporter: but going cold turkey could be harder than it seems. some have found checking e-mails twice a day does reduce stress, but just the anticipation of e-mails after hours leaves many employees drained. that could start a new fashion. >> i'm not going to lie, i like that law. that was keir simmons reporting. and a ban was trap in a burning suv. this happened around 3:30 on new year's day when a videographer came across a stalled suv on the 110 freeway in south los angeles. he was rolling when the truck was rear-ended by a speeding car and burst into flames. then he dropped his camera and flung into action. he managed to get the driver's door open, removed his seat belt and dragged him to safety as the
2:56 am
smoke and flames continued to engulf the suv. the driver was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive his injuries. the man was uninjured. wow, incredible there. and then there's this, a 2-year-old boy came to the rescue of his twin brother after a dresser toppled over. the entire incident was caught on camera. we do want to give you a warning here, some of it may be hard to watch. in the video, you see the two boys playing when the dresser then falls over. you'll see it come right here. there it goes, trapping the boy underneath. this is so frightening to watch. after 30 seconds, the one brother is able to push the dresser just enough to let the twin wiggle free. the boys are both fine and the dresser is now securely fastened to that wall. the boy's mother debated whether to release the video but decided to share it and raise awareness about safety. i think she did a good job of that because a lot of parents are looking at that saying, you know what? we need to fasten our dressers. when we come back, a look at
2:57 am
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before we toss it to "morning joe," we'll check on the stories you'll hear about in the day ahead. the 115th congress is set to get underway in just hours. they will vote on a speaker expected to go to paul ryan again. meanwhile presidential candidate jill stein and wisconsin chapter of green party will hold a rally for how the state votes. should only use paper ballots counted by hand or scanners. that's going to do it for me. i'm betty nguyen. now, "morning joe." >> i just think if you have a fight, a battle, you've got to do it on twitter. >> you have to respect your boss at some point. >> yeah, exactly. >> there's an element of that. >> you've got to know who the man is. you've got to know who the top dog is. you've got to


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