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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  January 3, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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if you thought the rose bowl was exciting to watch, you can watch tilman tonight. coming up more with halle jackson. >> hey, good morning, everyone. i'm halle jackson. a bold move to defang the ethics watch dog and a new care on obama care. turkish police close to naming the suspect of the massacre. >> plus tornado outbreak. more than a dozen twisters touched down in the south. more than four people dead with this threat of severe weather not over yet. and offing the oversight, the enough congress set to get sworn in just two hours from now and already facing fire from democratic members. house republicans voting secretly and overwhelmingly to gut the independent congress an
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watch dog and proposes of putting the office of washington ethics under the very lawmakers it is supposed to oversee. gop leadership like speak are paul ryan didn't want to do it but new this morning at least one of them wants to do it. >> this keeps the same goal that we have that the public has an entity to go to. the name change helps the public know where to go to. it speeds the process up if there's something up on a timeline just to get it done. that's the reason why the end of the day i'll support it. >> democrats not happy. nancy pelosi saying ethics are the first casualty of the new republican-led congress. let's get right to msnbc political correspondent kasie hunt here on capitol hill not too far from where we are now. talk us through with these ethics changes, these proposals are all about. >> well, the office of
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congressional ethics is an independent watch dog that was created after some of those scandals back in the early 2000s, you might remember jack abramoff, that's part of what prompted democrats, nancy pelosi, when she was campaigning on draining the swamp. that's because they were not happy with how the house ethics committee was going about handling these cases. they thought they needed another watch dog. over time a lot of lawmakers have got i don't know really unhappy with the oce because it airs a lot of names in public and in some cases the allegations are never proven to be true. so you have members spending a lot of money to defend themselves, dealing with political problems and having it come to nothing. that said, they have also come to conclusions in one case, a speaker or a member trip to
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erijan that was funded and it was brought to light. they've made some major changes. now no anonymous allegations will be allowed under this new construction. you can't anonymously go and say i know there's wrong doing going on. they have to stop investigating in the committee orders them to stop investigating. the ethics committee can stop any of these investigates. they can't investigate anything that happened before 2011 and they also can't share information to law enforcement. if they find something out, they can't send it to the fbi for more information. the issue here for republicans is they are going to have to own this change completely. there are plenty of democrats who are really unhappy with the way the oce has conducted itself over the last ten years or so. but this is going to really fall on the republicans' shoulders. >> this is the headline emerging today but there's plenty of other stuff happening on capitol hill. if the ethics move is the first piece of the puzzle, the second one obviously repeali ing obama
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care from the republican congress. what about the timing and talk to us about roadblocks being put up by democrats. >> this is what the republicans congressand us to talk about, which they said is their first order of business in the congress, which is to repeal that health care law. as you know, the challenge here is to figure out how to repeal it and then replace it. they said they want to replace the law because there are 20 million people who rely on the law for their insurance. but right now it's a lot easier for them to them essentially to tear it apart. they can gut it with only 50 votes in the senate. here's a couple things about the law to pay attention to right now. remember it was passed with no republican suort. and that's a lesson in some ways potentially for this incoming congress. there were democrats at the time controlled the senate, the house and the white house. they had a filibuster-proof majority in the senate so they
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could do what they wanted without bipartisan support. you see that's generated some backlash. of course the supreme court upheld it in 2012. the 20 million americans who are covered by it and of course the congressional republicans have already voted 50 times to repeal it. this time, though, they actually have somebody who can sign it, h halle. >> that's exactly right. congressman, thank you for being here on a very busy news day. let's start with what's emerging, the big story of the day, the move on the office of congress congressional ethics. where did you fall on this? >> we got along without the oce for a long time. that was cooked up by nancy
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pelosi. we found out that the congress an black caucus has many objections to the charges that have been levied against them anonymously by different complaints. >> you support sort of taking the office and moving it under the very lawmakers it is supposed to oversee. >> i would repeal it completely -- >> you would get rid of the ethics office all together? >> i would. >> why? >> i haven't seen any good things come from them and i've seen many bad things come from them. >> if you accept anonymous charges and then you come up with charges, they don't have y subpoena power, they're leaking miswas information to t press and damaged careers
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unfairly. >> what is wrong with having an overzealous watch dog committee? and isn't getting rid of this office the kind of swampy stuff that republicans across america elected donald trump to get rid of? >> they're bringing anonymous charges and trying them in a public arena. a person targeted by that has to defend themselves after they've been attacked publicly when they don't have a right to face their accuser. that's a right that goes right back to jesus himself standing before the high priest. >> i'm going to read it off the screen here, with all that congress has to work on, do they really have to make the weakening of the independent ethics watchdog as unfair as it is? so the president-elect appears to be making the argument that you guys have a lot of other things on their plate. why make this the first move in secret the way it went down last night? >> i would have been happy to bring that to the floor and let
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democrats vote on that independently. i think you would have seen strong support among the congressional black caucus, in particular. so they brought this amendment to the rules package last night in the organizing conference, it's the appropriate way to do that but i would have preferred to bring that in the open. >> you would have prepared to have not voted last night and done it today? >> if it had not been brought up last night, it could have been brought as an amendment to the rule today and then there would have been a recorded vote on this. i think what would have been better. but we don't know whether all the democrats would have then locked up and said we are going to make republicans do this. >> i spoke with ethics lawyers on both sides of the aisle, that served under george w. burke and president obama. uniformly there is a sense that this is the foxes guarding the hen house. how do you reassure americans who have serious concern about congressional scandals and rightfully so, that there will
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be some sort of oversight when it sort of them taking your word for it, is it not? >> we've always had oversight in congress. it's always been the ethics commite that's balanced. i would assure constituents that if you have a complaint, have an objection, take it to your member of congress. if your objection is about your member of congress, take it to another member of congress. or you can file a public complaint with the office of congressional ethics but you can't hide behind -- you can't do it anonymously. and then the ethics committee will be doing oversight of the office of congressional ethics so they're folded in together and there are just some rules that take away the things they were doing that are unethical. it unethical to leak confidential information to the public. >> even having this conversation and you making this argument and defending the moves that you made, do you worry it going to make congress sound frankly a little bit tone deaf as they're kicking off this new session when what you want to focus on
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is not the question of ethics concerns but other issues? >> that's true. i'm worried about that. >> you worry about feeling tone deaf here. >> and that was a significant debate in the closed door session last night people are saying we don't need to take on this debate because we have important work to do. but the bottom line is what's going on is unjust, members have been unjustly targeted, has cost them individually millions to defend themselves against anonymous charges. no citizens would be subject to that outside the walls of congress. anybody want to bring a charge to me, put it in an operation that operates secretly and leaks out information and defend yourself from that. >> let's pull up the second part of the president-elect's tweet. do they really have to make it
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as unfair as it may be their number one act and priority. focus on tax reform, health care and so many other things of far greater importance. why bother? >> donald trump is an excellent businessman, and he takes the issues as they come. you don't get to y, well, we're going to pick this up later, six months or a year from now and deal with it. this is the time we right the rules for the congress, a two-period of time. it would be inappropriate to say we're going to write the rules at the end of the session and not the beginning of the session. they've spent millions of dollars, there's no positive oufrom the office of political ethics. they're in the business of destroying people's reputation and by acting on anonymous complaints, many of them, if not all of them, motivated politically. >> i want to ask you, speaking of tweets, one of your tweets
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from about 24 hours ago. you said russian hackers controlling our election? we know this because the cia and nsa leaked it, right? what does that mean? >> well, it's a little bit of a quotes in there, we know this because we're assuming as a society, i can see the narrative building -- >> do you doubt the cia and nsa? >> i doubt the reports i'm getting. >> the intelligence reports that you are getting you don't buy? >> i doubt the cia and the nsa. i will say that straight out because i sat -- a number of reasons. one is i sat in the briefings in 2003 that laid out the case for weapons of mass destruction. i saw more evidence of weapons of mass destruction in iraq than i have seen evidence that the russians hacked this as point one. and point number two, the director of national intelligence, james clapper, was sitting next to hillary clinton when she informed congress in a classified setting the same stories that we heard from susan rice about it was a video that began benghazi.
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so pardon me if i'm a little skeptical here but i say show me the evidence. >> but you are privy to the evidence that frankly me and the rest of the american public are not privy to. >> at this point i have not had an opportunity to sit in on a classified briefing but i would still be skeptical unless they showed me the hard evidence because this has all of the trappings to me of a narrative that's being created here and nobody's looking at the real evidence. they're just looking at opinions on evidence. so i want to see the evidence and then i want to challenge them on their train of thought. but it looks to me like this was not a hack, it's more likely a leak. and if it's a leak, where did it come from? the russians wouldn't have anything to leak if they hadn't hand. if there's no hack, the leaks are more likely to have come out of the cia or nsa or other intelligence committee. >> and if you do not trust american intelligence assessments and american intelligence agencies, how are the american people supposed to trust them and by extension the rest of government? >> i would say since i've just
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described clapper and hillary clinton where they were as pu purveyors of the message -- >> they're the same people. this administration is still commanded by barack obama. so i am skeptical. if this is going to be brought up, this topic, it should be brought up in the next administration with fresh faces that at least start with the presumption that they're honorable. if they say it was the video that started benghazi, then i'll say we have more to discuss. >> i appreciate you doing this on the first day of the new congress. >> coming up, the president-elect hitting everything from congress's move on that office of congressional investigations and ethics to the affordable care act to even one of the icons of the american car industry. we've got kristen welker in new york outside trump tower. you heard a bit of our conversation with congressman king on the affordable care act on the president-elect's new tweets as well.
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i want to sort of start there. what is your -- we heard kellyanne conway morning say president-elect trump would weigh in on this ethics move by congress if he felt the urge to. clearly he has felt the urge to, right? >> reporter: right. and i thought your point was the right one, halle. he's underscoring why is ts the first move that we're seeing from house republicans? significant that he is taking issue with the fact that they've made this their top priority. at the same time, he sort of walked a fine line in that tweet saying that he agrees with part of what congressman steve king was saying, which is that it isn't as effective as it could be. nonetheless, you heard him stress there, health care, tax reform, those are the issues that he wants to be focused on and, halle, he's tweeting today about obama care. let me read you his tweet. he tweeted people must remember that obama care just doesn't work and it's not affordable.
7:16 am
116% increases(arizona), bill clinton called it crazy. on the campaign trail former president bill clinton did call it crazy the fact that you're seeing some of the prices skyrocket, but he later walked back those comments stressing that he thinks there's a lot of good to be salvaged in the affordable care act. bottom line, donald trump is going to push republicans hard to appeal obama care. then the question comes what do you replace it with? kellyanne conway acknowledging at this point in time there is no real replacement. it could tack several years before they have a full replacement in place. the fight over obama care will likely be one of the first big battles of this new year and this new congressional session. >> we were just talking with congressman king about the russian interference in the u.s. election according to u.s. intelligence assessments. the congressman has his own
7:17 am
views on that. when it comes to donald trump, when is he going to get this intel briefing? do we have any better guidance he said he was looking to? any new word on this press conference he has promised sometimes in the next 17 days? >> first to the intel briefing. our sense is that it is going to happen at some point this week. kellyanne cl kellyanne conway said a little bit later on this week so possibly tomorrow. that may be when we learn a little bit more about what donald trump says he knows about those accusations of russian hacking. he says over the weekend that he has information that other people don't have. what specifically is that information? that's the key question that everyone is waiting to have answered. what we do know, halle, is that this is creating a real rift between the president-elect and some members of his own party, the more hawkish members of his party, senators john mccain and lindsay graham, senator mccain set to hold a hearing on thursday about the russian
7:18 am
hacking. he has been very insistent. he believes the u.s. intelligence and he is supportive of potentially moving to enact stiffer sanctions against russia. as for that press conference, we're hearing it could happen as early as next week, possibly on the 11th. that would of course be the day after president obama delivers his farewell address, but we want to stress, halle, they haven't nailed down an exact date yet. we're trying to get specific details on that before the end of the day as the president-elect holds more meetings here at trump tower today, halle. >> kristen, thank you. video now released of the turkey night club attack suspect on the run. police out with new evidence say confirms they're hunting for the right man. we're heading live to istanbul next. e. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila!
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police conducting more raids last night trying to track down the gunman who killed 39 people in the new year's day attack in turkey. police are also blasting out a selfie video taken by the suspect two days before the attack. police are hoping somebody will recognize him and alert them. that's the latest from istanbul. kelly cobiella, are they any closer to geing an i.d. on this
7:23 am
shooter? >> they have fingerprints, they have a very good description and they have all of this video that we've been seeing sort of come out in bits over the past couple of days, security camera, screen grabs, that selfie video, which you just mentioned, which is probably the clearest picture yet of the man please believe is the suspect in all this. and also this video, which has just come out recently, of a man exiting a taxi. apparently this man was getting out of the taxi after the shooting, in the hours after the shooting. police believe this is another picture of their suspect. but do they have a name yet? well, we don't know quite frankly. they haven't come forward with a name. there's been a lot of speculation in the local media, a lot of talk about where this alleged gunman might be from but no concrete information yet from the government or security services and no new press conferences today, halle. what we do know is thathey
7:24 am
are -- they have all of the borders on lookout for this particular person, including the airport, border patrol, et cetera. so they've cast the net but in terms of real concrete information, we're just not hearing anything, halle. >> and the hope of course is that will change later in the day. thank you. i want to bring in a former army intelligence officers and research director for the study of war. jessi jessica, walk us through this. why has it been so difficult for turkish officials to find this guy? >> because the isis network is so expansive and turkey is engaged on multiple front, fighting their own war againin
7:25 am
turkey. >> they have released more videos, more pictures of the suspect. i assume that means they're on the right track? >> yes, i suspect they will be successful in this manhunt. this is a lot of good press that isis is leveraging as well. isis is fighting not only through violence but through media. >> you mentioned idea is getting what you called good press, tongue in cheek, how do intelligence officials go back to look to see if isis really is linked to this, if isis did direct or orchestrate this in. >> this challenge is key to i isis's strategies to its attack. it has an appeal broadly for those willing to conduct attacks as individuals. that is a much harder attac
7:26 am
footprint to interdict. isis is doinghat deliberately. >> since sunday, turkey has pounded some hundred targets inside syria. do you see this attack leading to more serious attacks against isis? >> the challenge i see is turkey's mechanism for attacking isis inside sear were is to align more closely with al qaeda groups in syria. so really for the purposes of the united states and national security, isis and al qaeda really are equivalent. so turkey is attacking isis but they are not necessarily countering terrorism. >> jessica, i appreciate your perspective. >> a terrifying night in the south. tornadoes turning deadly. we'll have the latest on the high winds, the hail, the floods, that has folks from texas to florida trying to clean up. stay with us.
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welcome back to capitol hill where here today a new congress is starting a new year. the first order of business is swearing in those new and re-elected member. the senate has 7 new membs, the house 52. the republicans ntrol both houses of congress. they're raring to get going on their long and ambitious to do list. at the top, rolling back obama care. the swearing ins set to begin in just about 90 minutes from now. in south carolina, a judge ruled dylan roof is competent to represent himself and gave him an extra day to get ready for the case. he said he plans on calling no witnesses and presenting no evidence. he was found guilty last month
7:31 am
of killing nine black church-goers last year. >> deadly storms sweeping through the south. at least a dozen tornadoes touched down as the storm system moved through yesterday. a single tornado now being blamed for killing four people in alabama. bad thunderstorms are also leaving a trail of destruction all across the southeast. >> we started to run for cover in the back of the shop and before we could get back there, the window came in and we seen the awning flip up. >> the weather channel's mike seidel is in rehoboth, arizona. how common is it to see tornadoes in january? >> good morning, halle. tornadoes are unusual in january, especially an outbreak. yesterday reported 12 twisters touching down across the deep south, one of those hitting here and going towards the woods. there is a mobile home back there and a six foot in diameter oak tree came down over the
7:32 am
mobile home and split it in two. there were seven in the mobile home and four were killed. that would make it the deadliest tornado in the u.s. since december 26, 2016 if the weather service from tallahassee ces out and determine this is a twister. already out here on the kelly farm, they're trying to do some basic clean-up. you can see the corrugated aluminum the roof has been ripped to sheds. j.p. on the tractor told me the storm was loud out here. a county that has only had three twitters since 1970. the air mass is stable today. we'll see temperatures backing off to the 50s with rain arriving here by friday. >> mike seidel in alabama for us. to scary video now that shows something every parent worries about. utah twins caught on a nanny cam doing, look at this, what
7:33 am
2-year-old boys do, right, climbing on furniture. the dresser come down right on top of them. that is really tough to watch. one of the twins was luckily able to get himself out. the little boy working and ultimately able to help his brother. the boy's mother posted this really scary video to show the dangers of what happens when furniture is left loose like that. she is going to be talking to my colleague in the next hour about this terrifying experience. both of those boys doing just fine. also ahead, chaos at customs. a technical glitch leaves travelers lined up across the country on one of the biest travel days of the year. we'll have anupdate of where you'll still find backups this morning. stick with us. tech: this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there, so she didn't miss a single shot. i replaced her windshield giving her more time for what matters most.
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customs lines at airports all across the country are finally starting to move after the computer outage that led to big time delays overnight. the delay lasted for four hours. that meant major headaches for people trying to head home after that holiday week. >> the moment i got off the plane, i had no information whatsoever, i was just trying to get through customs. and there were just hundreds of people there. >> carrie sanders is at miami international airport where passengers on more than 30 international flights packed into terminals last night waiting and waiting and waiting to get their passports processed. how are things looking this morning?
7:38 am
better clearly from the view behind you, right? >> absolutely. much better. it's now working as it's supposed to. you got about 8,000 passengers here and thousands more at many other airports, international airports like newark,j.f.k., boston where passeers arrived and found themselves just dealing with a real nightmare and the nightmare sort of continues today because a lot of people when they come into like miami international airport, they're making a connection. because of those delays, they did not make connections and so they're nour trickling through the system to try to get through. the customs and border protection has an interesting term for the glitch that happened with their computers, they call it a technology disruption. it's a disruption they say they've cleared up. they did fall back to alternate systems but those were very slow and that's why people missed their flights. as we take a look now at what that means for folks trying to make connections, that means let's look at the misery map. when you look at the misery map, you can see there are folks here
7:39 am
now waiting to get flights and those flights in places like chicago and atlanta are delayed. we have 339 delays, 18 flights that have just outright been cancelled. those are for other issues. if you're a passenger making one of these long connections, it's miserable. hall e? >> kerry standers keeping an eye on it for all of us. coming up, the top priority list for the republicans in congress, get rid of the president's signature health care law and then put in something else, right? but what is that something else? we're going to talk about it with the 115th congress getting sworn in in less than 90 minutes. we are live on capitol hill. stay with us. anything else to talk about. but then i realized there was. so, i finally broke the silence with my doctor about what i was experiencing. he said humira is for people like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira
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we don't want anyone who currently has insurance not to have insurance. we are very aware that the public likes coverage for preexisting conditions. there are some pieces of merit in the current plan. some experts say it could take years to actually complete the process, but there's no question that there will be different health insurance coverage in this country under president trump. >> so that was senior adviser to donald trump, kellyanne conway on "morning joe" just a couple of hours ago acknowledging it could take years to replace the affordable care act. vice president pence says he will be headed here to capitol hill tomorrow to meet with republicans to start the
7:44 am
conversation about what that looks like, the repeal effort, et cetera. i want to bring in economist neil cristoff. kellyanne clonway said it could take years. >> there is no plan behind the replacement for the affordable care act. they're united this thinking they're awful. all the possible replacements might not be very effective or palatable for the public. so that's a tremendous incentive to appeal it and as the insurance industry falls apart,
7:45 am
to blame obama care for that. i'm april afraid they're going to yield it noneffective and not agree to a replacement until sometimes down the road. >> house leader mccarthy was asked about this this morning. >> one of the biggest problems of obama care, it was one-party rule all the way through. i think everybody should have their ideas at the table and we should find a system that actually works that empowers the american person to have a relationship with their doctor and lower the cost. >> there are gestures being made here to replace the affordable care act if repealed with something, right? you heard kevin mccarty are going to be more inclusive than republicans. how do you see this playing out politically? >> i must say the one advantage of republicans taking ownership is that it's conceivable that there will be fewer efforts to
7:46 am
undermine medicaid expansion around the states. as you know, around half the states around the country, republican states, have refused to expand medicaid simply because it is an obama program. you know, mike pence to his credit did expand it in indiana and save lives in indiana as a result and we have pretty good evidence about what is at stake when you havmore people in shu insured. you have lower mortality rates. insurance is a big deal. 22 million people have gained it. so, i mean, you know, look, journalists after 2016 should be really cautious about predicting political outcomes, but it sure seems to me it would not go over particularly well with the public if those 22 million people were evicted from health insurance. and it's hard to create a replacement structure without
7:47 am
all the bells and whistles that obama care included. >> that's the thing, right? so kellyanne conway, who by the way is having lunch with valerie jarrett tomorrow, did say they want to keep the popular parts, the coverage for preexisting conditions. donald trump has said that publicly. on the one hand that's got to be a silver lining to president obama. but on the other, how do you keep those pieces and pay for them. that seems to be the construction of the issue. >> it's like building a lego structure with only half the blocks. and the mandate is very unpopular. as you remember in 2008, barack obama, the candidate, didn't want to have a mandate and hillary clinton at that point insisted that you had to have one. well, she turned out to be right. and unless you have a mandate, then a lot of young, healthy people don't sign up for health insurance and so you need to have that mandate to make the rest of the provisions work. so it's very easy when you're in
7:48 am
opposition to denounce the mandate. if you're trying to construct a replacement, you can't really create a structure without it. >> thank you very much for joining us here on this first day congress getting back into session. appreciate it. on day o here of the republicans' new majority, do you think they've already overplayed their hand? we're going to talk about what could be signs of republican fracture. up next, the 115th congress gaveling into session right about an hour from now on capitol hill. we'll bring that to you live right here on msnbc. y car insur. i should take a closer look at geico... geico has a long history of great savings and great service. over seventy-five years. wait. seventy-five years? that is great. speaking of great, check out these hot riffs. you like smash mouth? uh, yeah i have an early day tomorrow so... wait. almost there. goodnight, bruce. gotta tune the "a." (humming) take a closer look at geico. great savings.
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we are back now live from capitol hill. speaker of the house paul ryan getting ready to gavel congress into session. at the same time he's defending a controversial move by members of his party to in essence gut the congressional independent watch dog. the speaker is just now releasing a statement saying i have made clear to the new chair of the house ethics committee that it is not to interfere with the office's investigators or prevent it from doing its job. all members of congress are required to earn the public's trust every single day and this house will hold member accountable to the people." earlier this hour, president-elect trump weighed in asking why this was the first
7:53 am
move of the congress, asking them to focus on tax reform and health care. >> this was a terrible destruction and the watch dog will have its teeth removed and its bark muzzled by these changes. >> with me now to talk about all of this, democratic strategist liz smith, the former spokeswoman for martin o'malley's campaign, along with republican steve cortez. this is a move, steve, to a lot of people it looks like defanging, taking the teeth out of the watch dog, the bark out of the muzzle. donald trump weighed in but he didn't criticize the move itself. he in fact called this independent ethics office unfair and seemed to have more of an objection to the timing more than anything else than the actual substance of this. does he need to be stronger given that this speaks directly to his pledge to drain the
7:54 am
swamp? doesn't that make you mad? you were a guy who wanted him to drain the swamp originally. >> not just originally. i still very much am. >> is this training the swamp, though, steve? >> no. when i saw this move, i saw was bone headed and i don't like the content of it. who cares what i think. the president-elect just weighed in against his own party with a couple of forceful tweets. accountability and transparency, those two aspects of our movement are so important and part of the reason that we won is that americans are sick of a crony system, a rigged system in washington, d.c. that exists for its own benefit and not the benefit of main street america. >> you said the president-elect clashing with his own party here but he seems to be more upset about the timing here. he still called this ethics
7:55 am
office potentially unfair. is that holding up to the values of accountability and transparency? >> timing matters, appearances matter. we have such important work to do and only, what, i guess 17 days now until inauguration. this is the last thing we should be focused on. i'm thkf, though, for the president-elect's tweets. i believe it will put this issue to bed. i believe this is going to be a one-day story because of his reaction. health care and growth should be the first priorities for this congress, not inside baseball, inside the beltway ethics skirting. >> liz, do you agree? you have a major fight brewing over the obama care act. >> i think we are going to spend time on this. voters might think government is too big. no voters are saying, wow, our
7:56 am
elected officials are too ethical. republicans are forgetting recent history. i remember in 2006 democrats came back from the political wilderness, won the speakership, won back the senate, won the majority of governor's races by running against a culture of corruption of the gop. we ran against all the ethical scandals with jack abramoff and it was in response to those scandals that democrats created the office of ethics. this is an electoral winner for democrats. >> liz, i would -- i would say left to their own devices, i wouldn't doubt that. but they won't be left to their own devices. i put a lot of the blame of what's happened in washington, d.c. on congressional republicans, absolutely. but that's one of the reasons that donald trump, an outsider came in and beat 16 republicans. >> but he's going along with
7:57 am
this. he's concerned with the timing, not with the actual action of this. >> guys, give me one second. i want to talk about a different tweet by the president-elect. he went after gm this morning. the president-elect tweeting about gm and gm responding, by the way, about this tweet about the chevy cruze saying that all are built in the assembly plant. . is this what you want to see the president elect doing? >> he's using the bully pulpit to put managers out there on notice. we're going to create an environment in america where you want to stay. wire going to make it profitable for you and your employees and shareholders to be here by lower taxes, sensible regulation.
7:58 am
on the other hand, it's carrot and stick. there are going to be consequences for companies who choose to do business outside of the united states in terms of access to our markets. the american citizens has not benefited over the dumb trade deals that we have erected over the past two administration, not just this one. i anticipate we'll see more of this. >> liz, i want to get to you very quickly before we wrap up for the last word. congressman king said to me he doubts when it comes to russian interference, he doubts the cia and he doubts the nsa. when you hear something look that, is it a concern to you? and what can democrats do about that kind of perception among their colleagues here in congress? >> sure. look, i think we should always approach these things with a dose of skepticism, and that's why we should follow the lead of john mccain, lindsay graham and a whole host of democrats saying that the intelligence agencies should make their findings more
7:59 am
public. frankly, if the republicans were smart, they would see that more and more democrats are holding on to this idea that this election is illegitimate and swayed by the russians. if they wanted to legitimatize donald trump, they would embrace more transparency in getting to the bottom of russian interference. it might have been democrats russians were messing with this year but in two years, it could be republicans. >> thanks for a spirited conversation. there's a senate doubleheader tonight on the rachel maddow show. bernie sanders and incoming democratic leader chuck schumer. a lot of news coming out at 9:00. don't miss it. thank you for watching this hour of msnbc live. and now more with my colleague stephanie ruhle. >> i'm back.
8:00 am
the house gap want to gut the independent ethics office. and trump taking on general motors on twitter of course. the president-elect calls out the chevy cruze for being made in mexico. gm fires back saying that's not true. and breaking right now ford announcing they're creating hundreds of jobs in the u.s. the question is did donald trump or his influence have anything to do with it? >> and a global manhunt overseas. the desperate search spreads as authorities say they're close to naming the suspect. we'll have a live report from istanbul. >> good morning, everybody. i'm stephanie ruhle back on air for you, in for tamron hall. right now we're talking house of representatives because they are gathering for the first time this year and already there is major controversy and


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