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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  January 3, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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it's easier. people know what we mean, right? been wonderful to have senator schumer here, the new leader of the democrats in the senate and senator bernie sanders here. hoping to make a standing date with senator sanders in the months ahead. we will see you again tomorrow. now it is time for ""the last word with lawrence o'donnell." can't , standing date with senator sanders and rachel maddow. for republicans the real worst news of day one of the congress is not the ethics story. we will get to that.
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thees not the biggest problem. the biggest problem on the first real day of governing for republicans in congress has gone unnoticed until now. but it will ruin donald trump's first year as president. on day one of the new congress, house republicans think twice and throw out their plan to overhaul an ethics watch dog. >> president-elect trump says there are so many other things of far greater importance. >> why is in the most important thing for congress to be focused on? >> it isn't. that's the whole thing. it's not. >> don't they realize what the election was about, americans are sick and tired of what goes on in washington. this should not have been the
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first thing that people hear about. >> the amendment adopted last night was by unanimous -- >> the republican-led congress is not wasting time on their promise to repeal obamacare. >> president signed the bill. >> there's no question that there will be different health insurance coverage in this country under president-elect trump. >> remember the pottery barn rule -- you break it you own it. republicans will own everything that comes with health care. in the history of american presidential campaigning no winning candidate has made more impossible promises to his voters than donald trump did. some of those trump promises were silly, unconstitutional or harmful. to donald trump's supporters but they didn't care. they cheered for all of them. >> we're going to build the ball, but who, who, who is going to pay for the wall? 100%.
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donald trump is calling for a shut down of muslims entering the united states. immediately repealing an replacing obamacare. [ cheers and applause ] >> from day one i have been saying repeal and replace obamacare. real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing obamacare. >> today is the day that professional republicans have been dreading. by professional republicans, i'm referring to those that draw a salary in government or politic and are professional enough to comprehend the demands of governing professionalism. so that leaves out some republican senators and most republican members of the house. it includes most of the committee chairs in both the house and senate and definitely up cloud the leadership teams in pott the house and senate. all of those people understand legislative reality. the governing professionals in both parties always understand legislative reality better much
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better than new presidents do. not since johnson have we had a presidential with real legislative experience and never with any less than donald trump. none of the republican pros in the congress thought donald trump was going to win. so they weren't worried they would ever have to do what they did today -- face the reality of dealing with donald trump's campaign promises. some of donald trump's promises will just fade away, and not be missed by anyone, including his supporters, but no one in the congress, and no trump voter can forget the promise that donald trump made during the campaign that was -- the promise that virtually every republican congressman has been making for years. >> obamacare was a failure. surely we can do better for the american people.
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>> the biggest threat to medicare is obamacare. we are going to get rid of this by repealing obamacare. >> we will terminate obamacare and replace it, believe me, with something good. >> and today was day one of dealing with the reality of that promise and it was a very bad day for republicans, but luckily for the republicans, the media has been distracted by the dust up over the ethics process in the heeg house of representatives. and no one has noticed how bad of a day was for the republicans whose job it is to make donald trump's obamacare repeal a legislative reality temperature it could not have been more of a disaster. reuters carried the headline, u.s. republican senator introduces obamacare repeal resolution. i hate to pick on head lean writers but in reality, that's is not exactly what happened
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today. reuters wasn't the only one to report that republicans whathood a budget resolution ready to go on day one that repeals obamacare. here is that budget resolution. 54 passengers long. obamacare is not mentioned in this resolution. this is simply an outline of what republicans hope will be the basic shape of the federal budget for the next ten years, after they repeal obamacare and implement donald trump's giant tax cut, which is really just a version of the giant tax cut previously proposed by paul ryan. you have to get all the way to the first line, on page 3, of this resolution, to see the first piece of the disaster that this resolution represents for the republicans. it says "the federal government's revenue next year will be $2,682,08,00. that is big money. it would be okay for the republicans, a big win, raising less revenue, cutting taxes, republican thing to do. on the next lean on the page shows, the spending the
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republicans are proposing for 2017 is 3 trillion. if you make it to page you will see it means that donald trump's first year as president the republicans will produce a deficit of $582 billion and spending will go up every year under the republican budget. so tn years from now the deficit will be over a trillion dollars a year. the republicans are going to ask their members in the house and senate to vote for a budget that encreases the deficit every year and gets us to a trillion dollar deficit ten years from now and the deficit keeps going up after that. is anyone -- is anyone going to hate that more than donald trump?
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>> we're going to have $20 trillion in debt. obama-clinton policies have doubled the national debt. it took more than 230 years for the united states to accumulate its first $10 trillion in debt. it took president obama less than eight years to add another $10 trillion. we are $20 trillion, doubled under obama and we haven't done anything. >> in his first year in office, donald trump is going to increase the national debt. according to the budget outlined by republicans today. he will continue to encrease the national debt every year and so if he runs for re-election four years from now, you won't hear a fwrord donald trump about the national debt.
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ten years from now the national debt will be, thanks to donald trump an the republicans, $10 trillion higher than it is now. that is written right in to the budget resolution that they introduced today that's been ignored. they will have turned a $19 trillion national debt in to a $29 trillion national debt and that is against everything that donald trump and the republicans say they stand for. that is the legislative and political disaster that donald trump and the republicans face by being forced to do the math today for the first time. on donald trump's promises and actually put that in writing, in here, in this budget resolution. donald trump an the republicans like to say the first thing they are going to do is repeal obamacare, but if it is the first thing they are going to do, it's going to take them a long time for them to do that very first thing. this budget resolution will have to be voted on by the house and senate.
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but because there is nothing in this thing, except numbers, nothing about obamacare, nothing about spending money on infrastructure, nothing on spending money on building a wall with mexico. they have to write those details in to another bill about how they will reduce revenue, how they will spend that government revenue, exactly what taxes they will cut, exactly what programs will they increase or cut spending. repeal of obamacare will have to be written in to a completely separate piece of legislation, commonly referred to as a reconciliation bill which will then reconcile the numbers in this resolution, reconcile them with the actual legislative changes that achieve these promised numbers. tax cuts that match the total amount of reduced revenu -- spending increases in programs that match the increases outlined in this resolution will have to bp legislated.
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budget resolutions like this, they don't do anything. they are simply promises that congress will do something. republicans now in the house and senate do not know how to pass a reconciliation bill that fully delivers on the promises of a complex budget resolution like this one, because they never have. they passed a functionally fake reconciliation bill in 2016, that president obama vetoed three days later. some like mitch mcconnell have been around long enough to know how to pass a real reconciliation bill but never done it as a senate leader. most members of congress have not seen it done and have no idea how difficult it is. when it is done, it take most of the year to do it and during every minute of the year the republicans are trying to repeal obamacare and enact a giant tax cut, they will be exposed to the political liability revealed here that they are voting to encrease the national debt by $10 trillion. in other words, they will be
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voting against what used to be their principles. and unfortunately for the republicans, before they are close to figuring out how to deliver on the promises in this budget resolution, they will be forced to vote to increase the debt ceiling on what will be the first st. patrick's day of donald trump's life. st. patrick's day is bad enough for trump already, enless stream of paraders logging up in front of his door on fifth avenue, but this year it will be the day, or maybe the day after, that he has signed his first increase in this debt ceiling, voted on by republicans in congress. the current debt ceiling expires at 12:01 a.m. on march 16th. so the first major crisis of the trump presidency is officially
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scheduled for march 16th. day 55 of donald trump's presidency. he will do on that day what every president before him has done, when necessary, and raise the debt ceiling. and when he does it, he will not be able to make any even vaguely realistic promises to his voters that the national debt will have go down. ever. because when he signs the increase in the debt ceiling, donald trump and the republicans in congress will be trying to pass this resolution, this stunning increase in the national debt. by that time, the news media will have caught up with what's in this resolution. so donald trump supporters will know, by then, what is in this resolution. by that time, the mechanisms for repealing obamacare will probably not yet be written, but the budgetary outline for the fiscal and political disaster of increasing the national debt by
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a trillion dollars a year will be right there, in print, for professional republicans in washington, the weight of the trump prompts landed on them today. and despite their smiles for the camera when taking their oates of office, today was the worst day of their legislative lives. and it only gets worse from here. coming up, what will happen if the republicans do manage to repeal obamacare? steven bril who wrote the definitive book on obamacare joins us. what are you doing? getting your quarter back. fountains don't earn interest, david. you know i work at ally. i was being romantic. you know what i find romantic? a robust annual percentage yield that's what i find romantic. this is literally throwing your money away.
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plan. your child has cancer they can't deny you insurance. women have to be treated the same, planned parenthood, a you will of these are popular. they keep those but get rid of aca. they can't. they have nothing to replace. >> joining us is steven brill journalist and author of "america's bitter pill." talk about money politics and background deals. the year we have coming on putting together this budget reconciliation bill, in which the obamacare bill will live or die, that's going to be one of these years of back room deals. >> it is but i don't think the deals will happen. i think we will get to 2020 with the replacement still not there and maybe they'll extend the time to get the replacement. you know, it's sort of amazing. you and i talked about this, that the law passed in 2010. from the moment it passed, they said it should be repealed or replaced. they still don't have their replacement and i'll bet you right here that ten years after
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the law passed they will not have a replacement. the reason they won't have a replacement is that obamacare is the republican health reform plan. the democrats tried all of their plans. they have tried single payer. they have been trying plans since the truman administration. the clinton administration tried it and obama finally gave up and said, all right, let's do mitt romney's heritage society's republican plan. that's why they don't have an alternative plan because obamacare is their plan. >> kellyanne conway, which is ris can i to mention her. we know she doesn't speak for donald trump. no one does. but she said today on "morning joe" we don't want anyone who currently has insurance to not have insurance. so not one person currently covered under obamacare can lose their insurance and the only way to do that is to preserve obamacare. >> here's the problem, you are
10:19 pm
taking her literally as well as taking her seriously. >> i'm taking her as saying something they are saying and will not be able to live up to. >> like you said about the debt, i guarantee you that donald trump runs for president, for re-election saying he reduced the debt. >> when it will have gone up by 4 trillion. >> that's the real fake news we live in, which is the false equivalency of someone saying actual live the debt went up a little bit. they will say that everybody is getting the same health insurance. they will say that medicaid hasn't been cut or medicare hasn't been cut, but it's up to the press, really, to dig in. >> i so what you are saying. he would say medicaid hasn't been cult, we put it back to the
10:20 pm
way it was before obamacare. >> or the states an the states can improve it and they know how to do it. we are not cutting it. >> you expect donald trump to lie around the negative outcomes. what about the members of congress? >> i think they will say everybody has the opportunity to get the same or better insurance, but if the states didn't deliver on it or if charitable organizations didn't deliver on it, or if these high-risk plans we set up didn't deliver on it, well, we are still working on it. that's not our fault. >> the thing with republican senators who will be approached by the big hospitals, especially research hospitals in their states, that they care about, and that they know they will spend some time in themselves, at some point in their lives, which is why they care about them a lot. i have seen the way hospitals lobby in washington and they are effective. they are going to come and say what you are going to do is
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going to kill us and those people will not come up with the spin that donald trump does. >> that's right. >> people have to vote on this. >> remember, obamacare passed because it pleased the hospital lobby, the medical device lobby, the drug and insurance lobby. all of those interests are not going to let it be repealed easily. it's not going to be repealed. it will be repealed on paper but i predict to you there will not be anything different until least after the congressional elections and they will probably punt until after the presidential -- >> you bet the best version will be repeal it with an effective date way down on the line in the future. >> and we're working on this plan and don't worry it's going to be great. >> but then, the republican voters who wanted this repeal will they really fall for the card trick? we repeal it today but it will not take effect for several years? >> the danger is the democratic party instead of having a meeting in washington tomorrow or to meet in kentucky and ohio and see the people i met when i was doing my book, who are trump
10:22 pm
voters and really scared of this now, because they didn't quite take him seriously and now they keep reading in the newspapers that this thing has been repealed. they lose on this. they lose big time. i bet you that more people helped buy obamacare voted for trump than clinton. >> the advantage of it being in a reconciliation bill is you only need 50 votes, the difference is reconciliation bill has so many things in it, defense spending there are a lot of reasons to object to it than just obamacare. it is not a stand-alone bill. we have to cut it there or we will be talking about it all year. coming up, the gangster, the
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10:25 pm
there was no senate ethics committee. the house ethics committee was invent three years after the nixon hearings and the senate a year after that. all of the giants of the house of representatives an the senate throughout history that you have read about through john adams in the house of representatives to daniel with ebbster, lyndon johnson, everett dirkson, they all lived in an ethics free zone. since the ethics committees were invented we have become more and more concerned with congressional ethics. in 2008 when the democrats controlled the house of representatives they created another layer, the office of congressional ethics an yesterday republicans tried to turn back the clock to 2007. they were smart enough to not get caught reducing it sbirly but reduced its powers and relevance in a secret vote conducted with the doors closed. paul ryan and others in leadership were opposed, but the chairman of the km committee
10:26 pm
pushed for a vote and won with a vote of 119-74. today republicans unanimously changed their minds and realized it was a very bad idea after hearing from outraged public constituents and this tweet from donald trump. with all the congress has to work on, do they really have to make the weakening of the ethics watch dog as fair as it may be, their number one act and priority, focus on tax reform, health care and so many other things of far greater importance. there is a possibility that republicans are going to reverse themselves on this without the trump tweet but the trump tweet removes all doubt about it. the good news for ryan's leadership in this story after allowing the rebels to have their way last night, the rebels an their leader last night were hue mil milluated today. and the next time they try to challenge the leadership of ryan
10:27 pm
they will remember what happened this time. joining us now is leo wise, the first staff director and chief counsel of the office of congressional ethics when it was first established. leo, tell us what you feel the congressional -- why this new layer of policing of congressional ethics was necessary in 2008? what was inadequate at that point or considered inadequate about the house ethics committee? >> i think two things. there was a sense that with the scandals related to jack abramoff and members of congress that ensnared with him the house wasn't acting and the stories were playing out in the press and sometimes the courts and it wasn't clear if members were held accountable in institution where they served.
10:28 pm
the office of congressionalettes were set up to open a window through which the public could see whether the institution was investigating these allegations an then making decisions about the facts once they were presented. >> what's the record of it so far? how many cases has it covered and reported on? >> it's covered and reported on dozens of cases in a nonpartisan and professional way. it declines to pursue cases more often than it pursues them. it weeds out unfounded accusations and puts together robust fact records that are presented to the ethics committee and ultimately to the public when these reports become public so citizens can make their own judgments about their own elected official and how the institution is holding them accountable.
10:29 pm
>> one of the weaknesses of the congressional, of ethics committee system in the house and senate is the inside secret that no one wants to be on the ethics committee temperature i have never known a member that wanted to be on the ethics committee and wanted the job of investigating his or her colleagues it's the most undesirable task in the building. you would think the 2008 move, which in a certain sense, relieved the ethics committee in a certain way. you can look it relieves the committee of certain pressures, puts them in a place outside of member influence and maybe that would be a better life for the people on the ethics committee, who actually don't want this burden. >> you would think that would be the point of view of most members, including most of the members who do engage ethically. >> most of them do, absolutely. >> most do but several don't
10:30 pm
like this idea of an independent agency monitoring them on ethics issues. i think leo is right. it wasn't just a jack abramoff issue but in the abramoff we had 21 officials convicted of bribery and charges an the ethics committee sat on the sidelines during the process. it was a big embarrassment to the committee. to underscore leo's point, any inspector the general has to have three things, the ability to compel testimony, independence, independence in terms of when to initie an investigation, refer and other tools like whistle-blowers. the office of congressional ethics doesn't have the most important of those tools, it doesn't have the abelt to compel congressional testimony or
10:31 pm
documents. what the republicans tried to do yesterday was they tried to get rid of the other two essential things the office of congressional ethics has, the independence, the independence in terms of when to initiate investigation and when, if they find something that might be criminally or ethically wrong, when they can refer you to congress or a criminal prosecutor. so they don't have the first, the ability to compel. the congressional republicans tried to take away the second, which is the independence and they tried to take away the third tool, which is the ability to use tools like whistle-blowers. it was an effective neutering of this agency and the republicans have poked this hornets nest of ethics a found there is a huge grassroots movement in famp of draining the swamp, and this will have big spillover effects for donald trump who has a bigger mess of ethics issues as we discussed last week on the show or two weeks ago on the
10:32 pm
show. he is getting payments from china and russia entanglement, accused of promoting his daughter's apparel business with the japanese, issues with india and turkey go on down the line. this has had -- this has been a very revealing thing that will have effects for donald trump. >> before we go, were you aware of a ground swell among republicans of this complaint they wanted to weaken it? >> when i was there, there wasn't anything like that. you know, the office did its job. it did it professionally in a nonpartisan way. there were surgeon members unhappy their conduct was questioned but at the end of the day, facts are facts. what this attempted to do was make those facts not known. didn't change anybody's conduct but to take away the ability to see what people were doing and hold them accountable.
10:33 pm
>> leo wise and julian epstein, thank you for joining us. appreciate i. >> thank you. coming up, breaking news, donald trump tweeted about an intelligence briefing on the and immediately intelligence officials said that the donald trump tweet is not true. before fibromyalgia, i was active. i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain and improve function, so i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision.
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tonight's breaking news, donald trump stweeted this earlier tonight, the intelligence briefing on so-called russian haking was delayed until friday.
10:37 pm
perhaps more time needed to build a case. very strange." . nbc's ken denin laney is reporting that a senior official said the briefing with cia, nsa and fbi heads has always been scheduled for friday. chiefs wer scheduled to be in new york city on wednesday. the senior intelligence official called trump's tweets disturbing and adversarial. he added he is calling out the intelligence community like he did boelg but these are public servants. donald trump will learn more about russia hacking from the mccain hearing scheduled for thursday. also the confirmation hearing for rex tillerson as secretary of state was set for january 11th, where he will face questions about his ties with vladimir putin, foreign
10:38 pm
relations chairman bob corker says tillerson does not have to turn over his tax returns as the foreign relations committee does not get tax returns from secretary of state nominees. to the breaking news of the night, donald trump, first of all, apparently getting it wrong there ever was a wednesday scheduled meeting, but then using the fact this this meeting is now friday tries to use that to attack the integrity of the intelligence services that will be reporting to him. >> he's going to war with our intelligence agencies and i think it is really disturbing. i think if he has problems with their analysis, if he wants to go in and approach the organization with skepticism that is his agenda but he should do it behind closed doors. any problems he had doesn't need
10:39 pm
to be aired to the world. it hurts our spy craft and it is irreonsible and puts our women and men abroad in question. it is troubling the way it has been unfolding. >> it is the phrase we get used to, we've never seen anything like it. what is fascinating about it, he puts himself in a direct, unnecessary battle with the head of the fbi, cia, nsa, no reason to have this battle. >> well, one of your great producers on the show just said to me, it's amazing, isn't it? and i saz at this point it is not amazing. i think we have to get used to the fact that donald trump says things and tweets things that are more often false than not. that show he is impulsive. he could have easily checked with his scheduler and said, was it wednesday, friday? why did it move but he attributes the darkest motives to it when he had no reason to.
10:40 pm
we know he is sort of -- has a liking for conspiracy theories and just like yesterday, or the day before, where he said, i know something about hacking that you don't know and i'm going to tell you on tuesday, maybe wednesday. you know what? that's not going to happen either. so you have a guy who's a serial fabricator who is adversarials to everything, but mostly the truth. >> elise, what he doesn't seem to understand and apparently no one who has any influence over his tweeting understands is how confirmation hearings work. everything is relevant in confirmation hearing. when tillerson has his hears for secretary of state he will be asked, as i suggested on twitter this weekend, did you advise donald trump on this tweet when he said "great move on delay by v. putin. i always knew he was very smart." can we get that tweet on the screen?
10:41 pm
that one. that went up on new year's week. did you advise donald trump on that trump will be question one, question two, when he says no which he better say, do you agree with that tweet, it will be impossible for donald trump's secretary of state to agree with that tweet or what he tweeted tonight. >> that's why what he is doing now makes no sense. he is making it more complicated for his nominees that he wants to sail through their confirmation hearings. right now the situation is so politicized. there needs to be evidence, if the charges are as serious as what the intelligence community has suggested, i think it might be a time that we reveal some of our sources that we actually show evidence and make the case, if it is what they say. if not, it has been overpoliticized and donald trump is partially to blame for that because of his posture toward putin. he needs to stop acting so juvenile over twitter and saying -- he previously said he wanted to be best friends with putin.
10:42 pm
recently he was calling him "very smart." it is unnecessary and while we need a strong relationship with russia we need to project strength and not what he is showing is weakness. >> rex tillerson should be asked on january 11th, do you believe donald trump or do you believe the director of the fbi, cia that they were not scheduled for wednesday, they were scheduled for friday? and do you believe the implied corruption about their agencies in donald trump's tweet? >> do you take at face value the intelligence of establishment judgment that russia hacked, meddled in our elections? do you believe that or not? or do you believe what donald trump and his supporters are saying that it is trumped up and made up? that question should be put to mike pompeo who will be head of the cia.
10:43 pm
elise is 100% right. this is causing trouble for trump and his nominees. it gets to the basic problem here, the guy is impulsive. he doesn't think before he tweets. he doesn't check. as we've seen time and time again, his aides have no idea what he is doing. as a guy who will be in charge of the nuclear arsenal in a dangerous world in which things can go wrong really quickly, this is probably the most worrisome thing about the trump presidency. >> if senate staffers on the confirmation committees still know what they are doing and how to do this, they should be writing questions tonight using donald trump's tweets. elise jordan and david corn, thank you for joining us tonight. appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up, donald trump says he will hold a press conference next week. it's the same press conference he promised to have last month. how about this for a first question, why did he spend new year's eve with a known felon and mob snoesht .
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donald trump promised a press conference for next week which does not mean he will have one but if he does he should be asked to explain what he was doing with joey no socks on new year's eve. the felon and mob associate standing next to him right there. that's next. companies in the country. after expanding our fiber network coast to coast. these are the places we call home. we are centurylink. we believe in the power of the digital world. the power to connect. and that's what drives us everyday.
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and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. if you're still just managing your symptoms, talk with your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. donald trump once again rescheduled his long awaited news conference on how he will avoid conflicts of interest with his businesses. tweeting tonight, he said i will be having a general news conference on january 11th in nyc. thank you. this will be one day after his address. among the questions he may have to answer is why he spent his new year's eve with this guy -- joseph -- known as joey no socks, a convicted felon with mob ties. he runs the academy of
10:51 pm
hospitality sciences that gives out star diamond awards in hospitality an has given multiple awards to trump's hotels and conference centers and golf courses. one year later, when the associated press asked donald trump about his ties to joey no socks, donald trump denied knowing him well, saying if a guy is going to give you an award, you take it you don't tend to look up his whole life story. joining us now, prize winning journalist who founded d.c., and has looked up donald trump's life story and joey no socks story. tell us what we need to know about this guy. >> joey no socks decided to change his life a bit and go in to the business of selling awards with donald trump on his board at one time and his board
10:52 pm
at a majority of trump family members or retainers after a hit on him failed. >> whoa, you mean an attempted murder of joey no socks? >> oh, yeah. >> so that's what got joey no socks to think i should be in a less dangerous line of work? >> exactly. so art thievery and selling clothing out of central park south apartment and when he decided to hang out with muffet and biff, he decided to take up loafers without socks. but he is one of a number of mob-connected people. donald was posing a week ago with don king, who stomped to death one of his employees over a $600 dispute in the '60s. he was pardoned later but the fact is he killed the man. we don't know what other connections donald has.
10:53 pm
in this case, it was so brazen, joey no socks has been coming to the mar-a-lago christmas party every year for a decade. donald trump doesn't know who he is. he was with him in scotland. he doesn't know who he is. of course donald knows who he is. unlike everybody else he doesn't do background checks when he doesn't want to know about him. that's how the son of the refute td russian mob boss in new york ends up working closely with donald and traveling all over with him an then donald said wouldn't know if he was in the same room. he makes the stuff up and journalists are not holding him accountable. >> we will be back with david on why donald trump kicked someone off of his golf course last week. someone donald trump knows very well. when my doctor told me i have age-related macular degeneration, amd, he told me to look at this grid every day. and we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression, including preservision areds 2.
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10:56 pm
said, congratulations, sir. i tipped my hat. i extended my hand. we shook hands and then he went in to an expletive-filled die ya tribe about the content of my book. he then said he thought it was inappropriate for me to be playing at the golf course and he asked me to leave and i said that i would. up next, kevin k. johnson will tell us what donald trump hates about harry hurt. why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance...
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10:58 pm
enjoy the relief. david, why did donald trump kick harry hurt off of his golf course this weekend? he wrote a book about donald trump and i guess donald trump doesn't like most of the books you people have written about him and i guest you would run the same risk if he saw you on a trump golf course. >> trump was cordial to harry when they ran in to each other at the same course just before he was elected but he doesn't like his book because harry in his careful reporting revealed that ivana trump said that her husband roughed her up and raped her. donald trump said you can't rape your wife in new york. that's not true. we have marital rape in new york. he dug up unsavory facts from the public record he has gone through and donald doesn't want you to know about that. he doesn't want you to know that he had a fight with marla where
10:59 pm
the doors were knocked off the hinges of their hotel suite and other things that harry documented thoroughly, carefully and accurately. >> i understand why trump would go after him but what surprises me is he had a pleasant encounter with trump at the beginning of the campaign. >> back then, donald needed to start his calm and hide his vin vindictiveness. he said he gets pleasure from destroying the lives of other people. you refuse a favor for him he will go out of his way to destroy your life. say something on daytime television like rosie o'donnell did and he will attack you in forum after forum. he is petty and vindictive. this is a good example and we will see more of this. >> thank you for joining us. appreciate.
11:00 pm
msnbc's live coverage continues into the 11th hour. that's next. msnbc's live coverage continues into the 11th hour. that's next. >> tonight, the rescue mission. president obama heads to capitol hill in the morning to save his legacy. after, the tweeter in chief taking aim at his own party and winning. can he lead the free world to the twitter account? we'll ask the current communications director to weigh in. and the transition no one predicted. we'll find out how it is really going from one of the president's closest advisers. "the 11th hour" begins now. good evening. i'm nicole wallace. brian has the night off. we're joined by the person who has the very same job i once held a long, long time ago at the white house. someone who spends the vast majority of her time behind the scenes helping craft the message. just 16 days before the


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