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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 5, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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having sexual relationship with monica lewinsky. once he in the white house as well he would join that exclusive club but now the first president-elect to be depossessed. we'll be back tomorrow. awry picks things up now. good evening. brand-new comments on president obama to save obamacare and message to donald trump. brand-new tonight fbi director speaking out about clinton e-mail letters before the election. meeting on capitol hill and intel about russian election hacking. and growing controversy
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julian assange what happened face-to-face with donald trump tomorr tomorrow. our top story on capitol hill today. why they conclude russia was behind the election related hacking. two officials heading new york tomorrow to meet with donald trump on what would be a routine private briefing which donald trump has turned into twitter controversy. today hearing was a preview he may not like what he hears. he res luteally stand by the evidence that russia hacked e-mail account october statement made before the election designed to hurt trump, he says was right. dni is strictly non-partisan he republicans protesting fake news
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to say putin russia got in on that game too. >> this was a multifas it campaign, the hacking was one part of it and it also entailed classical propaganda. this information, fake news. >> several u.s. senators asked clapper claims about wick leak founder assange, buffing remark and la meanting is already reverberating around the world. >> i have received many compressions of concern from foreign counter parts at about the sprarjment of the u.s.
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disparagement of the intelligence community. >> the hearing had nothing to do what side anyone would have been rooting for in the election but several senators concerned about that russia may beesslating a path to what they call a war with united states. >> in the broadest contest you respond differently to different acts of war. espionage is different of war but you don't go into war over it. it fit but it doesn't mean you start shooting. >> i strongly agree with senator mccain as i said repeatedly the fact of war need to be deterred by use of sanctions. >> the senate oversight, long awaited full classified report
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detailing how u.s. new russia was involved. they get that report tomorrow. >> president obama spoke about it in diplomatic terms. with time comes wisdom. that seem to be the theme president obama home he sfresed time and briefing president-elect turn down the tension. >> my hope is that when the president president-elect receives his own briefings able to examine as team put together and see how these agencies are, that some of those tensions will be reduced. >> joining me now, former chief of staff under president obama. he was cia director assange
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during the raid that killed osama bin laden. as well as nick kristof for the "new york times." nick, starting with you. the president saying, it looks bad, maybe it will get better overtime. >> yes, we'll see. the problem is that trump hasn't -- you mentioned he talk about skepticism about intelligence. he's gone beyond that. he suggesting that they had bizarre purpose in delaying -- >> they are out to get him. >> out to get him manipulating intelligence of the we want a president skeptical but we don't want a commander in chief who is
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disparaging those folks representing the cia. i think it's not just folks in the intelligence community, it's the folks at state through out justice department, throughout the government who see this as a test as whether commander in chief can accept but information and due that do that in a reasonable way. >> about the people he going to work with in washington, but it is extreme public and inappropriate the way he as persecuted those issues if you want to call them, he has prior to getting the job. he is not president yet. >> i really there was early tension between president obama and his team and the cia because
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on president obama first day in office he repealed interrogatory authorities and that caused some tension. the president came to relay on the intelligence community. he came out to languageley head kwauters and talk to the -- take down bin laden the president was receiving daily briefing which the cia was leading. i think now that the president is leaving office, having understood and understand -- he was citing job earlier and i would cite eclees assic back, he will find that he will each rely
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on our intelligence professionals, they will be his troops to fight. >> that's your call. >> i don't want to imply any scriptures. when a president comes into office, one of the first things he is going to say is the statute of nathan hale. the intelligence professional throughout entire community dedicate and only regret one life to lose for their country. we have lost many officers in the defense of this nation. donald trump has shown contempt for intelligence community. i personally don't kneel itfeel going to get better. his belief that he can reengineer to do his bidding
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will only weaken our defense and may lose lives of american citizens. >> strong words. this was the theme of the hearing asking him about what is going to go on in the meeting tomorrow. take a listen. >> you're going to be challenged tomorrow by the president-elect. are you okay with being challenged? >> absolutely. >> do you both welcome it? >> we do. >> do you think it's appropriate? >> we do. >> are you ready for the task? >> i think so. >> good. >> that goes to the heart of it there's almost a like ness to it. essentially they' going to be challenged in multiple guests in way that are not answerable, right. in particular if you can speak to your sense of the cia's view of the entire iraq attack.
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the way donald trump makes it sound the cia got it wrong when a lot of book written about that era donald trump cherry picking or misusing what was out there, at least in the reports i have read. >> that hassessment, 2002 was 1 years ago. i don't think we need to relitigate that. what is jim clapper's mission. number one is to say president-elect the fact are unassailable and plane for every one to see. russia was behind the attack. number two, we assess and we believe that putin ordered this. he was behind it.
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and give theory, maybe interfere with the election process or keep us off balance. that's decided by the more than people. number four, you need to rely on intelligence going forward. we encourage you to work with your dni des knee, senator coates and rely on those professionals. >> i think it's fair to point out the cia made mistakes. but it's fair to point out that other elements like inr got it right. we have not just ccia but all 1 within the community as well
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private sectors on cyber. it seems for trump to be challenge, not just challenge but disparaging the entire community. >> malcolm. >> i think he doesn't understand what it is it's depth, we are colle collectors who produce products. he consumes that information and makes policy and gets guidance from that. the cia does not tell the government what to do. he is going to have to make those decisions. if he does not believe the content of the material that is given to him, especially what he is truly read into the program to show the deep collection that
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we can do and some of that collection is amazing, i have done it, the proof will be in the putting. if he thinks infra-wars going to be -- >> thank you, both. have a good night. grand new comment on obamacare on what he hopes trump will do. julian assange a hot topic in that as well. charges filed in that horroric be horroric beating. the latest on that. stay with us. these are the places we call home. we are centurylink. we believe in the power of the digital world. the power to connect.
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. the notion that the elected leader of this country would put julian assange on a pedal stal compare to the men and women in the military deeply embedded in
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the intelligence community should bring about a cry that noter whether republican or democrat their should be howls. mark my word if the role were reversed it be howls from the either side of the aisle. >> thank you for that comment. >> the russian hack story larger than wikileaks assange is controversial figure em ba sa for every four year now. he is important because of what he publishes. he like the "new york times" for his past leaks of sensitive document. some are praising him because
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they like how the recent leaks may have heart hillary clinton. he sat with sean hannity. >> our thought is not a state party. the answer for our direction is no. his password was the word password. his own staff says this e-mail that you received is legitimate. so this is something a 14-year-old kid could have hacked. >> notice the answer address direct source not whether original material was stolen as the agencies say. trump's first kre dense to a
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fugitive combined judges of sworn to uphold american interest. back with me, nick kristof. jack, what do you think of this new embrace of julian assange? >> we are talking about 17 different organization within intelligence community. we have talking about issue this is where this is going this is how this happened, this is why it would have happened verse julian assange. it's extraordinary that you're finding some on the right saying -- before they were a lunch of lefty. this is not about politics, this is about country. we have decide to put country
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above politics. let's see if that's going to happen. >> i would add that there are millions reason to be skeptical. not just the fact this se a defendant in a criminal case, not the fact he sitting in ekwi dor. how do we know who his source is. to be romanian hackers were translating their messages using google translate from russia into romanian. aside from all the other reasons to not take julian assange, i don't think he is lying, i think he doesn't know. >> what do you think of the way he has become to embody
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wikileaks. yet what we're seeing is an embrace not just of the platform but the man behind it who has taken a bot of positionings here. when the "new york times" has an unanimous source you don't start playing elimination rounds. >> it's unfortunate in a couple of respects. i think a lot of am bif lent about wikileaks. it has vetted materials. it's become personalized, and it's become about assange. it become an outlet for russian intelligence and i think is unfortunate. >> jack, it's perplexing because
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it's unnecessary. there have been republican members of congress that have said what's so bad if all it did was reveal a lot of factual information, a lot of uncomfortable, but here the embrace goes much further than that unnecessarily so. >> i think you're right. let's add one thing to what nick is saying. assange is made clear they doesn't address the source of the information they receive. they receive it and say this seems like it's good, we're going to put it out. the idea of saying this isn't russian is absolutely inconsistent with what he himself have said. in we look at the republicanss they are embracing this. this is more than we like this information, it's great. they are rejecting the idea of
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digging deeper. whinformation into american society to manipulate elections. to sit back now say we don't need to worry about that because we like the results, is catastrophic. >> it's going to arise as all kinds of all issues come out. as the intelligence community offer some sense of the risk as it it looks at north korea and i think it's compounded by the fact trump is going to have a national adviser that job has been to listen and be a moderator for everybody in the foreign policy community. mike flynn has been opposite of
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welcome back. we turn to the story that beating streamed live on facebook. president obama spoke out about it calling it dispickble. four charged with hate crime, among others. the video is disturbing. he tied up, beaten and tortured. >> the actions in that video are reprehensible that along with racecism have no place in the
3:28 pm
city of chicago or anywhere else for that matter against anyone regardless of their race, gender, state of mental health or any other identifying factor. there was never a question whether or not this incident skaufd to be investigated as a hate crime. >> nbc blake mccoy has more on the store. here story from chicago. >> >> reporter: the video too difficult to watch. police has special needs bound, gajed and beaten by a group of african-americans. one attacker slashing his clothes and hair with a knife while spouting anti-trump rhetoric. >> it's sickening. it makes you wonder what would make individuals treat someone
3:29 pm
like that. >> they found him dison yented wondering the streets of chicago tuesday afternoon and were alerted to a nearby home where the attack was reported to have occurred. the victim went to consume with the attacker and may have gone with him willingly. >> they met out in the suburbs. the subjects stole a van out in the suburbs and can brought him into chicago. >> those four defendants are schedule to appear in court tomorrow. in in addition, brutality in that video, according to the authorities, we are told they were not calls to the police they release yet indicating how many hundreds of thousands watched on facebook, nobody called it in. today donald trump went
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under oath at trump tower. why? we'll explain that's ahead in our hour. coaching means making tough choices.
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jim! you're in! but when you have high blood pressure and need cold medicine that works fast, the choice is simple. coricidin hbp is the only brand that gives powerful cold symptom relief without raising your blood pressure. coricidin hbp. welcome back. president obama in a new interview defending obamacare. donald trump going under oath right inside trump tower. that happened today. our panel is ready for all of the topics.
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gentlemen, we start with the new interview, president obama speaking with colleague nbc chicago asking him what part of his legacy he wants to defend. he brought up obamacare. >> my hope is the incoming congress looks honestly at everything that's being accomplished. there's no doubt there are areas to improve it. to suddenly have 20 million people without i think would be going backwards rather than forward. >> governor dean, what do you think. >> i think the important part of the legacy is climate change work he's done. nonetheless he asked the right question. i was shock by tom cot top's
3:35 pm
quote today without having a back up plan two years for a backup plan. >> that was huge. he broke that tonight. >> that was shocking to me. >> that goes -- r and r is not just important in our lives that we have leisure, r and r is repeal zp replace. what do you think, brian. >> ran paul says you need to replace it with expanding accounts and freedoms from mandate. i think his mainstay of legacy the centerpiece of what he going to be repealed by republicans. it's going to be ripped uproot and branch and repliesed with something that resemble obama
3:36 pm
way but suspect obamacare. it's embarrassing. it's a law that's improving to be -- they have to pay high rates and increasing premium every year. >> there's a poll that showed 26% of the american people thought it ought to be repealed. i think he cares about the 20 million people. republicans have to figure out a way to do that. >> donald trump was tweeting he things schumer is a clown. take a listen. >> instead of calling names, president-elect should roll up his sleeves and show us a replacement plan. >> brian, you remember the campaign, this is not the rub
3:37 pm
yes approach. this is responding with poll. what do you think? >> senator chuck schumer has never been above name calling. i'm surprised he is prying to be abrof the fray. he already said he went to filibuster whoever donald trump sight unseen nominating to be supreme court. i think that's a bit clownish shs i don't think it's right for the senator on the democrat side to dig in and oppose everything trump propose when he has not yet to be sworn in. >> i appreciate you used clown as a agoive as opposed to a noun it's more dig fied that way.
3:38 pm
he sat for sworn deposition in trump tower this is over the lawsuit he started suing a chef tor over $10 million because he pull out of d.c. hotel. but it is interesting that he could have gotten out of this, he has the money he says but didn't want to. >> the other thing he is suing the two chefs. one is mexican american and quit after trump talked about the mexicans being rapist and god knows what else. but, le is a stubborn guy, let's see what happens. my guess is he will give up on
3:39 pm
the suit. >> brian, what do you make of it. >> i agree. >> at funny one because he really could drop it. although ten million sounds like a lot, lawyers will tell you he is not going to get anything like that. it's a weird use of his time. thank for being in our political panel today. >> thank you. we'll be back. we have a story on satire and an interview with chicago's former chief of police. so stay with us. that might help. show me the carfax. now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find. show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool.
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chicago is back in the news after that horrific beating was broadcast on facebook.
3:43 pm
762 murders in the year over 3,500 shootings. meanwhile the police force has been dogged by controversy over shootings and controversy on whether officers are underforcing the law. one man at the center is gary mccarthy who want the chicago police department for four years including the shooting of mckwaun mcdonald. >> the police are not the problem in this country. the irony is a movement to save "black lives." this is not talking blm but that movement because we are enboldening criminals.
3:44 pm
>> mayor removed him, charges brought 13 months after the shooting and after massive street protests. the city recommend ten officers be dismissed or the aftermath our guest today superintendent gary mccarthy. >> thanks for having me. >> what do you see in this horrific video. do you see a hate crime against this victim? >> absolutely. you played a clip about embodiening krims. the political landscape in this country is creating an environment where if the police cannot do their job. i want to address that. they are not pulling back. i'm putting this right at the feet of the department of
3:45 pm
justice. the presupreme court says we ca base people aboved terryv. ohio, 1966. drops off the radar stops no longer in existence in chicago. they are using a standard of population demographics. we have disproportionately stopping black people. >> you're referencing a fact probably kwaus for stops set by the supreme court and what i think you're saying is that the obama justice department in its oversight of clig chicago is raising that standard is that what you're saying? >> yes. the bottom line is if we went to the supreme court we using population demographics to
3:46 pm
determine who we were stopping, they would say it's unconstitutional. eng wood is 90% african-american we're supposed to stop 32% white house. it's proposous. >> they say protect against racial profiling it sets up a racial quota. we can put it up here, chicago stops, 604,000. new york 22,000, as you know there are police and experts in other city who say they can do this without as many stop and cut violent crime rate. what do you say to that? >> absolutely.
3:47 pm
the other part of this equation the political landscape that is enbodden the criminal while inhansing the police. >> when you say the political landscape what politics are you saying are enboldening criminals. >> the politicalizing the doj, they will tell you they opened -- that begs question are we more likely to violate civil rights -- the data says otherwise. community grops who protests against the police, if we didn't have police shooting in the city of chicago and 21 shootings we would have 4,300 shooting in the
3:48 pm
city of chicago. >> there's no question there's a crime problem. laquan mcdonald is ongoing because of the murder trial. police put out report that was false. it said he raised a knife, there was an attack, attempt toll kill van dike, he fired his gun at mcdonald. when you were running the department, the reports reflecting that were left out in the public record from over in the year. they turned out to be lies. do you regret leaving that false information for that long? >> time-out. i didn't have that information. you articulate what van dike's story is. >> we can show -- ill give awe chance to respond.
3:49 pm
i'm quoting police documents. the video before the shooting does not show lun lunging with a knife. >> so whatever story he put together, whatever story he put together is under attack. that's what happened in the criminal justice system. it's called perjury. the only step we can take was to strip him of his police authority by illinois state law was to put him on desk duty. >> when you look at the duty do you feel the police had a duty to correct it earlier. it was over a year. >> the protest was about fact video was not put out there. that's what the protest whereas about. the statements being under attack is being handled by the
3:50 pm
united states attorney. cpd does not investigate its own police shooting. it was not my investigation. not only was it not only my investigation i never read those reports because it was not my investigation and i'm not going to interfere with somebody else investigation. >> i appreciate you share your perspective with us. >> we have a lot more to talk about but thanks. >> i appreciate your time. when we come back we'll take a turn and look at satire and the trump --.
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welcome back. when donald trump doesn't like criticism he let's everybody know. since the election he tweeted 20 tweets. he responds to art from four different tweets about musical hamilton. and an entertainer become president. here trump cartoon that went viral a tough talking wolf because he tells it like it is. that's like new yorker who explain he dent see cartoon to
3:55 pm
impact politics but to stay sane. political artist say they want to impact politics. they depict trump as a bloated no matter what he does. in an interview about his work, he says politically dark times leave little room for satire. >> is it me or is it reality itself such an ha lugs nation have you to draw what's happening. >> is reality the new satire. does it mean the joke is on us. we have a funny friend of mine, and a funny friend of msnbc, chuck nice. is it rule reality? >> yeah, we're hat a stage where
3:56 pm
high peshly doesn't have time to keep up with reality. absurd and outlandish was to draw subtext about him talking about -- there was no way he would go to, so i'm going to draw it. seven week later, he goes. >> unwatchful, not funny, the baldwin cannot get worse. that means it's getting to him. >> that's sad, alec baldwin can have an effect on you. high per boly is what you need to be a good satirist.
3:57 pm
as a co median we don't. i don't have to write jokes. i have a joke writer and chief. i can go on stage and he said this. people won't believe it, and it will be funny. >> i have friends telling me all you do is slap a squat sticker on a cartoon and call it satire. an itty semenic means from neosa manic imagery but that's what it was. take a look. >> the media is even more biassed this year than ever.
3:58 pm
michelle obama gives a speech and everyone loves it. they think she is great. my wife melania gives the exact same speech, and people get on her case. >> is it harder to spoof him if he is in on the jokes? >> no, it's not. he makes that way. he it's not that he's an easy target, it's fact he makes it easy. that was a good joke. i saw that and i laughed. i thought it was a good joke. >> you have gone after the democrats. you say one of them e. coli bacteria. unmatched favorable on and on it
3:59 pm
goes. what are you getting at there. you're saying that democrats are pandering. >> yes. that's what everybody's fear is right now. one of my last comics i ready to work with dylann roof as homeland security adviser. >> you're worried about the era what does compromise like in this era. >> this time to be out in the streets, this is a time to shut it down. >> that's hilarious. >> i like what you did there. >> chuck, what do i think? >> i don't think my outlet is that dark but because i'm a stand up comic, i think it's going to be good time for us in
4:00 pm
the next four years. we'll have no shortage of material to work with. >> i don't agree with everything he said but i agree with your right to say it. >> we're out of time. it's over. "hardball" starts now. thank you to you for being here. if it you have a political cartoon, e-mail us. more importantly, "hardball" starts now. richard the second get ready for the second coming of nixon. let's play "hardball." good evening. richard nixon build up


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