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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 6, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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history is going to take a jolt tomorrow when those mahogany boxes get carried into the house just before 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. that does it for us tonight. "first look" is up next. wicked weather is moving across the country burying cities in snow, and now several southern states are bracing for the storm. plus, president-elect donald trump is just hours away from a top secret briefing over russia's alleged hacking. already reports are trickling out. and chuck schumer hits back after being called head clown by the president-elect. hey, there, good morning,
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everyone. it is january 6, i'm alex witt alongside louis bergdorf. >> some areas of colorado have been hit with nearly to feet of snow leaving residents with no option to dig out this morning. now colorado state patrol posted this picture of crews cleaning up after an avalanche blocked off an entire area. some school doeses got stuck in the snow. when an elementary school posted students with sleeping bags, they waited for the roads to be cleared. the school bus escorted by police took students home. just 14 days until president-elect donald trump is scheduled to sit down with leaders of the u.s. intelligence
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agencies today. this for a high-level briefing on russian meddling and russian affairs. two top directors tell nbc news the report details cyber attacks on the democratic national committee as well as attacks on the federal government, but the white house joint chiefs of staff and american corporations have activity dating back to 2008. some of the hacks were successful say officials while others were thwarted. according to "the washington post," this involves the actors involved dealing with stolen e-mails to wikileaks and shows disparities in the amount of effort russian intelligence put into exploiting sensitive information stored on democratic versus republican campaign computer networks. u.s. spy agencies also intercepted communications of top russian officials celebrating the victory of trump, including according to "the post." the report does not speculate whether the hack affected the outcome of the presidential race.
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according to nbc sources, it does conclude the kremlin's motive, payback for the obama administration questioning the election of vladimir putin. later he commented on the importance of keeping politics out of intelligence matters. >> we can't make good decisions unless we have good intelligence. and it is important that the president is getting the very best non-politicized intelligence possible because our national security is at stake. so my hope was that when the president-elect receives his own briefings and is able to examine the intelligence as his team has put together and they see how professional and effective these agencies are, that some of those current tensions will be reduced. >> and president-elect trump reacted last night tweeting, how did nbc get an exclusive look
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into the top secret report he, obama,was presented? who gave them this report and why? politics. yesterday the senate armed services committee convened for a hearing on foreign cyber threats. this is a tough assignment for the president-elect. andrea mitchell has more. >> reporter: agreement between republicans and democrats, but many believe russia did it. john mccain even calling the hacking of the dnc an act of war. most of the senators supporting the tellen officials after trump's repeated attacks. >> who actually is the benefactor of someone who is about to become commander in chief trashing the intelligence community? >> i think there is an important distension here between healthy skepticism. i think there's a difference between skepticism and
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discouragement. >> reporter: james clapper retiring after 53 years in intelligence, serving every president since jfk, saying he's a-political, but preparing to brief a tough critic, the president-elect tomorrow about the russian hacking tomorrow face to face. >> you're going to be challenged tomorrow by the president-elect. are you okay with being challenged? >> absolutely. >> reporter: and just two hours before today's hearing, perhaps an olive branch from trump. backing off a tweet wednesday, seeming to support fugitive wikileaks founder julian assange over u.s. intelligence. trump tweeting, the dishonest media likes saying that i am in agreement with julian assange. wrong. the media lies to make it look like i am against intelligence when in fact i am a big fan. it could be awkward. also in the briefing, trump's national security adviser michael flynn who flapper fired as head of the defense intelligence. do you think some of this is personal between mike flynn and clapper who fired him?
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>> i have no idea. as to the intelligence briefing coming friday, i have never met anybody briefed that russia did this. >> that was andrea mitchell reporting from washington. house speaker ryan held his first news conference yesterday. at one point he was asked if he had faith in the u.s. intelligence committee. >> well, they d't always get everything right. we have seen thatclearly, but i do have faith that our men and women in the intelligence community are sacrificing for our country, but there's always room for improvement. russia clearly tried to meddle in our political system. no two ways about it. i think this is what the president-elect is legitimately upset about. there are intents on the left to legitimize this election. that's just bogus. russia didn't tell hillary clinton not to go to wisconsin or michigan. they didn't put the stuff on anthony weiner's laptop. he won the election fair and square clearly and convincingly, okay?
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now, having said that, do we ever condone any foreign actor or any outside interference from trying to mess with our elections? of course not. >> the trump transition team is pushing back against the report saying it wants to overhaul america's spying operations and cut back at the cia and the office of the director of national intelligence. but the incoming white house press secretary sean spicer says "the wall street journal" report is false describing the relations as tentative. >> the president-elect's top priority will be to ensure the safety of the american people and the security of the nation, and he is committed to finding the best and most effective ways to do it. but i want to reiterate, there is no truth to this idea of restructuring the intelligence community infrastructure. it is 100% false. >> less than two weeks away from his auguraon, yterday the president-elect sat for a deposition tied to a business deal gone sour at his new hotel. nbc's kristen welker reports.
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>> reporter: inside trump tower president-elect donald trump in the hot seat, deposed in a breach of contract suit that started two years ago in the high-powered celebrity clash between trump and famous chef jose andres. trump sued andres after the chef scrapped plans for a restaurant in trump's new washington, d.c. hotel, accusing him of making disparaging remarks about mexican immigrants while launching his campaign. >> they're bringing crime, they're rapists, and some, i assume are good people. >> reporter: in a statement trump's attorney said the deposition lasts for about an hour and reiterated trump's argument, andres breached his lease by walking out. andreis said, let's figure this out in a fair way. another chef broke ties with trump over his language about
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immigrants. >> via the restaurant it has been helped but not hurt. >> why do you think that? >> because i've tapped into something and i have tapped into illegal immigration. >> reporter: trump just paid out $25 million to settle three lawsuits against trump university and is still embroiled in several other lawsuits that could follow him to the white house. only a few sitting or incoming presidents have ever been deposed, grant, ford, carter and clinton. an exclusive club with one new member. democratic leaders are firing back at president-elect trump following his latest twitter tirades in the fight over obamacare. trump yesterday sent out a series of messages that read, quote, the democrats led by head clown chuck schumer know how bad obamacare is and what a mess they're in. senator shchumer responded erday. a >> just today he called the senate minority leader chuck schumer the head clown.
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last week he said, he said, doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory president statements and road blocks. thought it was going to be a smooth transition. not in all caps. >> grow up, donald. grow up. time to be an adult. you're president. you've got to do something. show us what you have. >> i say to the president-elect, this is serious, serious stuff. people's health is at stake. and people's lives are at stake. instead of calling names, president-elect should roll up his sleeves and show us a replacement plan that will cover the 20 million americans who gained coverage. i would say to the president-elect and the republicans that this is not a time for calling names. it's time for them to step up to the plate if they want to repeal and show us what they will
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replace it with. >> in a new interview with buzzfeed, senator schumer denies any relationship with president-elect trump who previously suggested he liked the democratic veteran and the gop leaders in congress. schumer says in part, quote, he started out saying i'm his friend and he likes me better than he likes the republicans. flattery won't get you very far if you are going to have bad positions and bad values. and democrats are asking the house office of congressional ethics to investigate congressman tom price tapped as secretary of the department of health and human services. the move comes after reports surfaced detailing medical staff transactions he made backing the health care industry >> we n't knof he broke the law, but there is certainly enough serious questions to warrant a serious investigation before any hearing is held on congressman price to become secretary of hhs. >> according to t"the wall stret
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journal," congressman price traded more than $300,000 in shares of health-related companies over the past four years while sponsoring and advocating for bills that could influence share prices. senate democrats are calling for a delay in his confirmation hearing until an investigation takes place. all right, louis. president-elect trump is looking to make good on his promise to build a wall along the mexican border, but american taxpayers could end up footing part of that bill. the administration's plan would rely on current legislation to authorize fencing and other technology along the border. congress would then be asked to make sure there's enough money set aside to take any new steps to build a wall without the need for a separate stand-alone bill. but a top trump transition bill tells nbc news the plan is still to have mexico pay for the wall and that they have been engaged in talks with lawmakers about asking congress to help jump-start the process of building the structure itself. still, congressional sources say there have been zero conversations about allocating
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american money for it. alex, secretary of state john kerry gave what could be his last news conference before president-elect trump takes office. but when asked about the policies of the incoming administration, kerry didn't have any answers. >> i think everybody here knows that nobody can predict what choices this administration is going to make. i don't know. i don't think you know. i think the question a lot of people ask is, do they know? >> president-elect donald trump will sit down with one of his long-time rivals, "vanity fair" author greg carter for a discussion this morning. there's no love lost between the two men for decades ever since carter dubbed the president-elect a short-fingered bulgarian in the pages of "spy" magazine for 30 years ago. more recently trump tweeted that carter had no talent, will be out and that his magazine is way down, big trouble, dead. "vanity fair" dubbed trump grill
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the worst restaurant in america. the media office will include new yorker edward david regneck along with other top editors. and we have our eye on a powerful storm moving across this country. bill karins will bring us the forecast. plus, how a group of teens come to an unexpected group of teens in distress. we'll have that story and a lot more. it's just a date.
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let's find out what is happening out there in the weather department. nbc meteorologist bill karins is here. >> what is not going on? >> i looked outside and snow was unexpected. >> what? i told you yesterday. >> i'm sorry, i was not paying attention. >> you're thinking about monmouth and the snow. >> i'm focused now. >> the snow alex is talking
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about did hit philadelphia and new york overnight. just a coating, a half inch to an inch. it's still coming down near long island, a little more than average there, two inches. a little bit of a coating, not enough to cause too many issues. treated roads and second tear roads, take it easy today. storm one exits quickly today. storm two is affecting oklahoma city. one to two inches on the ground. you will end up with two to three. it is snowing near little rock. the roads are covered near arkansas. this is the beginning of the southern snow. we already have the winter headlines, the advisories, warnings and watches. th they go from colorado to the south and the midatlantic. 31 states are looking at snow, sleet or ice over the next three days. 72 million people are under some type of winter headline. let's get into the snow forecast and what to expect out of this. the highest totals are still
2:19 am
expected to be in the areasf virginia and possibly north carolina. i mtioned oklahoma city, one to three incshe for you going throughout the early morning hours for you. little rock, one to two inches. as we go throughout the afternoon hours, that will end. and then we'll shift later on tonight into areas of the southeast. here's the snowball forecast, atlanta, still taking 2 to 4 inches. tonight we'll get the accumulating snow. charlotte, 4 to 6. raleigh, 4 to 6. there's a little bull's-eye near elizabeth city. richmond southward, there's a bull's-eye there. that's the best chance to get in the 6 to 10 inches of snow. very significant for that area. that will be the part that gets hit the worst. it will travel to the east. we were looking at a very close call for the northeast. things are going to look a little better now. boston, 1 to 3 inches. atlantic city, 2 to 4 inches. the biggest impact from the storm, alex, is going to be
2:20 am
south carolina, virginia, north carolina and northern portions of georgia later on today. >> i was paying attention, we got a dusting in hartford. we have 1 to 3 in oklahoma city. and we have a bull's-eye -- >> i think you got if your own personal briefing. i offer you that. >> okay. thank you, bill karins for that. in the denver area, a group of four teens had an unexpected encounter while shoveling snow. that group is going door to door. they are looking to make a few bucks. when they knocked on their final dor, they heard someone inside shoutingor help. >> my brother told me to gop to the door, i knocked on the door and heard somebody yelling. >> it's pretty shocking. i was in a lot of shock. >> we just called 911. >> we don't know how long he would have been there had they not knocked on the door. they had a huge part in getting him help. >> the first responders were able to get into the home to take the man to the hospital to be treated. still ahead, the hornets
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he's stopped by tyler parsons! the u.s. has done it. tyler parsons with the save! the americans are world junior hockey champions! >> welcome back, time for sports. team usa tops canada in a
2:24 am
shoot-out to earn the junior world championships. scoring in the third round of a shoot-out, tyler parsons turned away all five of canada's shots in a tie-breaker to give the usa a 5-4 victory. canada not happy about that one. in last night in the nhl, the blue jackets' win streak has been halted at 16 games. what a record. they were shut out on the roads against the capitals. the dallas cowboys can count out the defensive end randy gregory. he's been suspended for a year of the nfl's substance abuse policy. he began the 2016 season with a four-game suspension because of a failed test last year with the nfl tacking on another ten games after a second violation. he then returned to the field for the cowboys' last two games
2:25 am
before being punished for reportedly missing a scheduled drug test in november. the earliest he can apply is november 6 of this year. and the nba thunder adding to the arsenal for the mvp candidacy in houston last night. the rockets came away with the 118-116 win over okc, westbrook shined leading with 49 points including eight three-pointers. just incredible. he did not throw any balls at the referees in this one. and in detroit, the hornets trailing the pistons by a point with a half second left to play. take a look at this. >> out the window! did he get it off in time? >> marco va lrbalinelli shoots
2:26 am
didn't gut et off in time. >> all good but that hurts. >> yeah just by a split second. >> thank you, louis, for that. still ahead for all of you, one of the leading intelligence officials cuts ties with trump's transis team. plus the latest on the brutal attack involving four people in chicago now being charged with hate crimes. not back. it's looking up not down. it's feeling up thinking up living up. it's being in motion... in body in spirit in the now. boost. it's not just nutrition. it's intelligent nutrition. with 26 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. all in 3 delicious flavors. it's choosing to go in one direction... up. boost. be up for it.
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welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt alongside lou louisburg dofr. we'll get you the top stories. snow is everywhere from salt lake city to colorado. and the northeast is digging out after a pretty heavy snowfall there. butow it's thesoutheast's turn to prepare for a winte storm warning. snow already blanketing highways and places like amarillo, texas. the state of georgia has declared an emergency with inches expected to accumulate there. and the grocery shelves already bear, louis. and the funerals for carrie fisher and debbie reynolds are today. merrill streep, meg ryan, jamie lee kurtis and many others paid respects to the mother and daughter who died within one day of each other. and the four people accused of carrying out the torture of a young special needs man live on
2:31 am
facebook are set to appear in a chicago courtroom today after officially being charged with what police are calling a hate crime. we're learning more details about this brutal attack drawing condemnation from community leaders all the way to the white house. nbc east blake mccoy has more from chicago. >> reporter: the horrifying images have now been seen around the world. an 18-year-old with mental health challenges tortured. his head pushed into a toilet forced to drink the water. the accused four african-americans did not hide their faces in the video streamed live to facebook. taunting the white teen with racial and political expletives. [ bleep ] reaction from the white house. >> they do demonstrate a level of depravity that is an outrage. >> reporter: the victim's grandmother tell nbc news she's
2:32 am
too upset to watch the video. >> i don't want to watch him suffer. i know he did. >> reporter: investigators confirm the victim went to school with one of his assailants, jordan hill. the victim's parents dropped him in a suburban mcdonald's to meet hill for a sleepover last weekend. hill then allegedly drove him into the city in a stolen van. investigators say the 18-year-old was being held captive in one of these homes on chicago's west side. he was found tuesday afternoon wandering and disoriented about a block away. >> he is able to escape when a downstairs neighbor calls the police complaining of all the noise upstairs. >> reporter: among the charges announced against the two men and two women who are sisters, a hate crime, aggravated kidnapping, unlawful restraint and battery with a deadly weapon. american community leaders are appalled. >> the racial slurs, you see the
2:33 am
insults there and his disability, that's a hate crime all the way. >> i hope god speaks to them all. >> that was blake mccoy for that report. now all eyes were on washington yesterday as senator john mccain convened the armed services committee. the director of national intelligence james clapper was critical in discussing the tenacity of russia's attacks. >> whatever crack they can fisher or find in our tapestry, if you will, they would exploit it. and so all of these other moves, whether it was r.t., use of social media, fake news, they exercised all of those capabilities in addition to the hacking. the russians have a long history of interfering in elections.
2:34 am
theirs and other peoples. but i don't think we have encountered a more aggressive or direct campaign to interfere with our election process than we have seen in this case. >> there are so many more channels of disinformation today than in the past. one final point. >> that's exactly right. and that's a very key point about the, of course, cyber dimension and social media and all these other modes of communication that didn't exist in the cold war. >> clapper says a public version of their report will be released early next week, but in his questioning, senator jack reid seems to have revealed it found russia intentionally left a footprint behind. >> there is still much we do not know, but russia's involvement in these intrusions does not appear to be in any doubt. russia's best cyber operators are judged to be as elusive and hard to identify as any in the world. in this case, however, detection
2:35 am
and attribution were not so difficult. the implication being that putin may have wanted us to know what he had done seeking only a level of plausible liability and official rejection of c culpability. >> and president-elect donal trump s also a topic of discussion. >> you know, i have served in intelligence for every president since president kennedy. i have served as a political appointee in both the republican and democratic administrations. >> would you say -- >> i am a-political. >> who actually is the benefactor of someone whose about to become commander in chief trashing the intelligence community? >> i think there is an important distinction here between healthy
2:36 am
skepticism, which policymakers could include policymaker number one and should have for intelligence, but i think there's a difference between skepticism and disparagement. >> and president obama's already been briefed on the intel report which according to sources includes american spies picking up russian officials celebrating donald trump's win. hallie jackson reports. >> reporter: two top intelligence officials with direct knowledge of the report tell nbc news in details russian cyber attacks against not just the democratic national committee but the white house, the joint chiefs of staff, the state department, even american companies. some hacks successful, others thwarted. the report explains moscow's motives, partly to disrupt the democratic process and partly as payback the intelligence analysts conclude for the obama adminiration's questioning of vladimir putin's legitimacy as
2:37 am
president. it's not just last year's presidential campaign either. the report tracks russian cyber activity back to 2008 and 2012. and does not speculate whether russia's interference affected the outcome of 2016. while president obama says he has full faith in the conclusions of the report, president-elect trump will get the same briefing seeming skeptical of the intelligence community so far. >> when the president-elect receives his own briefings and is able to examine the intelligence as his team has put together and they see how professional and effective these agencies are, that some of the current tensions will be reduced. >> and that was hallie jackson. recently retired gop senator dan coats is set to be donald trump's lead for the office of director of national intelligence. a washington insider was sanctioned by the russian government in 2014. he and a number of other senators were banned from
2:38 am
entering the country for their efforts to punish russia over the annexation of crimea. while i'm disappointed that up won't be able to go on vacation with my family in siberia this summer, i'm honored to be a part of this list. he stepped down to say he's no longer actively involved with the president-elect's transition. >> i was not at the center of the advisory function, but i was pleased to be included. things had come to the point that i aught to make sure that nobody gets false impression. i didn't want to be claiming that i'm something i'm not. >> well, there are reports that he was unhappy with trump's reported plans to shake-up the intelligence community, which woolsey himself will explain coming up on "morning joe. james comey wrote in an internal memo to employees he was confident he made the right decisions. he mentioned the investigation of hillary clinton just once as reflected on the close of 2016.
2:39 am
he wrote in part, quote, people often ask me what we should do to respond to those who have questions or concerns about the fbi in the wake of a contentious election cycle. do great work is my answer. he continued, when you know you have made decisions thoughtfully and consistent with your values, it is freeing, in a way. members of the clinton campaign have accused comey's actions of screening the election to donald trump, in particular, that 11th hour letter to congress announcing the investigation of what appeared to be new e-mails. and louis, ohio governor john kasich is warning his own party against repealing the affordable care act without a replacement ready. >> we are now able to provide health insurance to 700,000 people. a big chunk of them have very serious healthish sh issuissues. now let's just say they got rid of it, didn't replace it with anything, what happens to those 700,000 people. what happens to drug treatment? what happens to mental health counseling? there's room for improvement, but to repeal and not to
2:40 am
replace, i just want to know what's going to happen to all those people who find themselves left out in the cold. >> governor kasich also credited the expansion of medicaid under the act for helping ohio tackle an increasingly dire opiod epidemic. meanile,ultiple outlets report that donald trump has been personally calling politicians in ohio in an effort to unseat the state republican party chair. matt borges said he's being challenged by james timpkin to support. one told the cleveland plain dealer, quote, at first i thought it was a fake phone call or i thought it was going to be a recorded phone call, then all of a sudden he's talking to me. the trump transition said the president-elect phoned around a dozen committee members. and the war of words between donald trump and the auto industry is still having market shockwaves today. this time the president-elect took aim at an announcement
2:41 am
toyota made two years ago to build corollas in mexico beginning in 2019 tweeting, toyota motor said they will build a new plant in baja, mexico. no way. the new york stock exchange is down after the close yesterday. toyota looks forward to collaborating with the trump administration to serve in the best interests of consumers and the automotive industry. even the japanese government got involved this morning after the nikkei took a hit with top ministers saying the japanese auto industry employs more than a million americans and there are no plans to move u.s. plants abroad. and now to the december jobs report due out later today with analysts forecasting around 180,000 jobs. cnbc's carolin roth is here.
2:42 am
what is the context of what we are looking at with the obama administration coming to a close here? >> good morning, everyone. yes, 183,000 is exactly what we're expecting for the month of december. as for the unemployment rate, that is actually expected to tick up slightly to 4.7% from previously 4.6% in the month of november. and that was a nine-year low. and you said it right, it is the last jobs report for president obama. and let's take a look at his legacy when it comes to jobs. now, actually, in the first year of his presidency, the jobless rate in the u.s. ticked up to a peak of 9.9% in the month of december. since then, it has been decreasing and falling steadily as the u.s. economy recovered from the financial crisis. let's also talk about retail. yesterday was not a very pretty picture for many of the retail stocks as sears and macy's announced the store closings. macy's down 13%. kohl's down 20%. and sears was down 4%. sticking with sears, they are
2:43 am
not just announcing store closings to save money. no, they are also selling its craftsman tools brand to stanley black & decker with a deal value expected at around $1 billion. and finally, remember joe corzine? yes, the former new jersey governor and head of the brokerage form mf global. a stunning collapse in 2011, now he's been ordered to pay a $5 million fine for the alleged misuse of $1 billion in customer refunds. back over to you, louis. >> carolin roth, thank you so much. coming up, bill karins is coming up to tell us how the south is preparing for a deep freeze. i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans...
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2:47 am
when you get two to four inches, they can cripple them. >> remember at lalantaatlanta? that was a mess. >> yeah. the good news is this happens after everyone is home today. they want everyone to be home. it will mostly be friday night and saturday morning. then everyone can clean it up, the kids can go out to play, that will be the brunt of it. it's mostly an overnight event. we'll talk about what happened overnight last night because this is the baby storm ahead of it. still snowing pretty good in southern new england. if you are driving through rhode island and cape cod, you'll have snow-packed roads. i'm sure they are treated, so most of them will be okay, but the secondary roads will be the problem. overnight we have had the snow. this is the beginning of our southern storm system. the snow has already broken out here in oklahoma and in areas of northern arkansas are getting some snow. now it's snowing in little rock, too. so again, these are areas that don't get a lot of snow. so we are under a winter weather advisory. even though it is one to two inches. the heavier stuff is later tonight with the winter storm warnings all the way from
2:48 am
southern portions of maryland downhrough central portions of alabama. the snow forecast, it's not a huge ordeal, only one to twin ches in arkansas and oklahoma. but going throughout the south, this is a bigger deal. atlanta, i have you near two to four inches. it is narrow brand. more sleet is mixing in north of atlanta. also, not going to get as much precipitation. so we're see an inch or two. the heavier bands start once we get to northern portions of greenville. also into charlotte and back towards winston, salem, greensboro and back to raleigh, the triangle area. 4 to 7 inches there. mostly from 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. and then overnight, we get the heavier stuff around the norfolk area. richmond, by the way, only 2 to 4 inches. south of you near norfolk, the heavier totals. it brushes southern new england going throughout saturday. boston, an additional one to three. but cod, a snow with i day for you, windy and cold.
2:49 am
big cities miss it in the northeast. most of your plans are good. >> we got spared here in new york, i'll take it. i was happy coming in, it was pretty clear this morning. that's a good thing. >> same thing this weekend. excellent. before we go to break, comedic geniuses have offered their final farewell to president obama. michael keegan and jordan peel resurrected their take on mr. obama and his anger on "the daily show" last night. take a look at this. >> good evening my fellow americans. you remember my anger translator luther. >> why, hello. >> since we last spoke, the country has voted for a new president. >> trump! >> here we go. >> we are going to make america hate again? this is how the hunger games starts. >> i have met with president-elect trump and have pledged my support in his
2:50 am
transition. >> he doesn't even want the job, y'all! i saw it in his eyes. the dude was shook. the only reason he ran is because his facry in china made too many red hats. >> that was pretty good. >> okay, that was really good. thank you very much, louis. when we return, a live report is in. we're back after this. if you're told you have cancer,
2:51 am
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welcome back. as president obama leaves office, history looks at how they see their work. vice president joe biden was defiant over how they handled the world's most dire humanitarian crises. >> no, no. it is not a failure. to be a failure, there was -- you would assume there was an alternative that could have been offered that would have benefited or been in the greater interest of the security of the united states. if you noticed, there wasn't anybody in either political party, when talking about putting troops on the ground. >> biden said nobody else put up a plan to build a viable coalition to run the country and oppose isis. and louis, arguments in the
2:54 am
impeachment trial began yesterday. speaking for the constitutional lawyers, he said the embattled president was a victim of mob justice. her presidency scandal involved a long-time confident. south korea voted to impeach park a month ago and they have until june to uphold the vote. and a corruption scandal is brewing in israel involving prime minister benjamin netanyahu. matt bradley is joining us now live from london. matt, there haven't been a lot of details about this. what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, good morning, louis. israel's prime minister clearly has a taste for the finer things in life. but does he take gifts in return for political favors? that's what israeli investigators are checking on now. they interviewed benjamin netanyahu for a second time in just one week last night. they spoke to him for five hours at his home.
2:55 am
the focus of this inquiry was weather netanyahu accepted expensive gifts from friends expecting favors. but ynetanyahu says many cooked up the charges to slander him. meantime, they are looking into pricey cigars, bottles of champagne for his wife and some $2500 spent on ice cream. but not all the accusations sound quite so much like a joke. he's also facing suspicion over the purchase of three submarines from a german company. yet an ya hu netanyahu's opponents are looking to make the charges stick. this is not the prime minister's first rodeo. here's a consummate polical survivor in the midst of his third consecutive term, his
2:56 am
fourth overall. but netanyahu's predecessor is serving a year and a half for bribery and obstruction of justice. >> we'll see how this all plays out. nbc's matt bradley live from london. thank you so much. when we come back, a look at the stories making headlines in the day ahead. so beautiful. what shall we call you? tom! name it tom! studies show that toms have the highest average earning potential over their professional lifetime. see? uh, it's a girl. congratulations! two of my girls are toms. i work for ally, finances are my thing. you know, i'm gonna go give birth real quick and then we'll talk, ok? nice baby. let's go. here comes tom #5! nothing, stops us from doing right by our customers. ally. do it right. whoo! look out.
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before we toss it over to "morning joe," here's a look at the stories for the day ahead. president-elect trump is expected to receive a high-level briefing on russia's meddling in the election. they are looking into whether russian operatives were behind the cyber attacks and the 2016 presidential race. meanwhile, members of congress are going to certify president-elect trump as president. the electoral college votes are going to be tallied. and defensivebabbie reynold carrie fisher will be buried
3:00 am
today side by side in hollywood hills. hbo tomorrow, "bright lights," is a fabulous show about the both of them. can. it's friday! that does it for us! "morning joe" is starting right now. >> because of the outrageous nature of the way in which the things that trump are saying, we nevegot to substance. you can't find me any of your viewers who can define for you what hillary's free tuition college plan was about. we never got to it. >> whose fault was that? >> well, i think it was multiple faults. i don't think that the campaign was clear enough. i don't think you guys were ready to cover it. there is hardly any coverage of a single issue of a substantive issue. >> you also said the campaign wasn't clear enough. >> well, i've been the odd man out here. i, you know, i didn't hear anybody talking about the play of that guy who works on the


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